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tv   News  Al Jazeera  July 20, 2022 7:00am-7:31am AST

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ah ah ah ah shoreline cuz parliament chooses the next president as the island reals with economic and political turmoil. ah,
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i'm all about this in this is sonya 0 alive from dough hop. also coming up, houses burn on the edge of london as the european heat wave heads north on britain records its highest average temperature in the u. s. is texas. wong far is still growing. nearly a 3rd of all americans are be want to stay out of the heat and award winning iranian filmmaker shop up anaki is ordered to serve a 6 year prison sentence is the 3rd movie director to be jailed this month. critic say it's a crack down on artists. ah shlang as part of that is to vote on who's going to lead the country a week off to mass protests over a crumbling economy. forced former president gotta buy a raj, epoxy to fleet. there are 3 candidates and the bonnie, the top contender acting president ronald wicks. i'm a singer, is a raj,
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epoxy favorite, but many voters said they don't want him. michelle fernandez has more from colombo . on wednesday, parliamentarians will choose a successor to go tobey roger boxer who fled the country and resigned amid massive public protests as the vote approaches. the deal making is intense guttural, dallas, alabama, with the opposition leader pulled out of the race and proposed former government minister, dallas, alabama, among the chairman of the raj boxes, s o p, p party, 2nd, the name probably luke graham, singer myrtle margaret nama oswick, long physical another senior sir, p. p. member, proposed donald grimacing for the post. and then the 2nd thing was this man who had been a voice for a critic, vicar missing her, has been premier 6 times and he's now the acting president. he's a familiar figure, but not a popular one seen as a protector of the roger boxers, he is likely to have their support. this man is his main challenger, dallas,
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alabama, a senior politician, sidelined by the roger pucks of brothers, he 1st entered parliament in 1994. a few years later he said he was disheartened and disgusted. but after a break from politics, he's back in the field. the 3rd candidate is under a komodo dis, annika law. the li did of the national peepers force his party, mobilized tens of thousands of people from across sri lanka, to march against the raj, parks, the government and vicar missing her. the outcry over the possibility of running a vicar missing her being elected is getting louder. university students join trade unions to voice their position on monday. right now i'll is doing our bill politics . re not, don't need bill politics really what it is, readable it, it least go home, runny done. it all again, some all over the how can someone fully rejected by the people be chosen as the president of the country?
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and that's why we are told to the opposed to this megan, of in a state of emergency, was declared by the acting president on sunday, giving police and military why deposed to arrest, detain, and hall protested ban gatherings and crack down on descent. but protested, say they won't be intimidated when our finances joining us now from the capital columbia manella. it certainly seems as though the people of sher lanka have very little influence from who is going to eventually be their president. how are people reacting to this whole process? with a lot of frustration and anger, as you saw in those protests that we had yesterday, are people basically insisting that their wishes be respected. they have been having a series of small demonstrations, even bigger marches like that. we saw, but basically highlighting the fact to these members of parliament that will be voting in parliament to day. that they need to reflect the will of the people. ah,
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and, and basically that it's not their own decisions that need to hold sway for their own political gain, but that it is necessary that they listen to the pulse of the people. and they reflect that when costing that by lit up basically when that secret of vote happens in parliament to day. so you, you saw the reasons why they said i just looking at history of the candidates and what they're known for. this is some of the reasons that has come up for that. public anger, the roger hucks of family has had a grip on shoreline co for many years. how concerned are people there? but the raja boxes influence is still going to be maintained in a, in the way that the country has run. almost irrespective of who becomes bryant president, that is again, one of the key concerns,
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even when we saw all of the negotiations going on behind the scenes. the moment this election was on the cards. one of the concerns for the public, for observers, was that the raj, a boxer, juno, machinations if you like. as one analyst described it to me are still at play. i spoke to a sort of a moderate member of the raj epoxy party last evening just to find out, you know, how things are going. and he put it this way. he said this election is about is, is a battle between money and conscience. i mean that is basically pointing to the roger boxes ability and indeed the implication was that they had been throwing lots of money to try and push the election the way they wanted it. and the way they wanted . obviously the candidate they are pushing is the acting president, runner, v, grimacing, or who they brought in as prime minister and is generally across the boards here in
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shalanda at the moment considered a safe barrow hans where the roger foxes are concerned. because obviously it is their sort of political survival they are looking at and also sort of safety from prosecution and things like that. so that is some of the concerns. and even now the fact that the roger fuck supported the s l p p is backing the candidates of run. a vicar missing a is appointed to the fact that they obviously want him to make it and be elected as president for the remainder of this current presidential teneo. now thank you very much. indeed. michelle fernandez talking to us from columbus in europe. the heat waves continues to feel wild fires and stretch emergency services, as well as smash temperature records. the u. k. recorded its highest ever temperature and tuesday getting above 40 degrees celsius for the 1st time. at least 34 places of exceeded the previous national record. london, mere city con,
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has asked people not to have barbecues, because there's been a surgeon far as across the british capital, nearly 1700 firefighters a battling to contain 2 massive blazes in the south west of france. authority say, a man's been arrested in suspicion of arson, for as far as have also broken out in italy and the of the greek capital athens. more than 30 fires continued to burn in spain, which is nearly 10 days into its heat wave. almost the entire country is on high alert for wildfires, despite a slight drop in temperatures. ball rece reports from the u. k. we're health warnings are in place, but not everyone can escape the heat. flames and gulf homes near london. shortly after the u. k. reco temperature was smashed, the london fiber gate declared a major incident with blazes breaking out across the capital and across the u. k. or the london barbara guide in particular, is dealing with a number of large sky which stood it spread right across the capital and assisting partners in the home counties as well. so all of the emergency services back in
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london and our home counties are under significant pressure in my book by a ravaged trees along this road in kent. the danger though it was not just from the flames. health warnings were issued to protect vulnerable groups such as the elderly and young children at risk from dehydration, heat, exhaustion, and heat stroke. but with temperature is likely to peak more frequently. emergency dr. caveat cooler subaru. nathan says it is the poor who will bear the brunt of a hot britain. this is a public health emergency. and so, so this climate crisis that we're talking about isn't this abstract thing in the future. if you live in poor quality housing, you know, the housing stock that we have in the case to cold in the winter, it's too hot in the summer. it's those who live in poor quality housing, working class, and racialize communities that are most likely to suffer overheating within the houses. these, the people in the shop end of the climate crisis is the economic crisis, and least responsible for those 2 things as well. in the london district of
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bermondsey 72 year old francis stone was trying to keep cool on her balcony, a respite from the heat inside her council flats. i'm not mad a girl. you should fail it now and care and regard to put somebody in a we don't get that sunday we often, but what you got now is to hey, it'll get every time. it's actually great mankey. if i not to stand it be a blessing. elsewhere youngsters enjoyed the weather, the light aside of a worrying picture for a country that was once wet and cold. the reco temperatures in the u. k. have brought with them a host of problems from wildfires to pressures on the transport system and on the health of a population. not used to these conditions with climate scientists saying that the worst is yet to come. the country may have to learn to adapt as quickly as possible . poll reese, al jazeera, london firefighters in western spain,
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a baffling forest fires threatening lives in the homes and northwestern some mortal province. dozens of villages have been evacuated, and at least 2 people have died. same best harvey has more from tba the sound of salvation in the sky over north west spain. right now every drop of water math from these hilltops, it is clear. the situation below is dark. on the ground, things are much worse. tabatha is on fire. panic residents look for any help they can find. as the flames near with these wildfires comes chaos. desperation
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the animals she says are still inside the ship. i'm trying to sell their homes, their livestock, their livelihoods, every 2nd campus. in the town of tomorrow's a key strategic location. the command and control center based here is coordinating air and ground operations throughout the castilian young province. precious little rest for teams working around the clock to keep pace with wild fires in real time. this is my 25 year. has it ever been this bad? no. of course. absolutely. no. came up change. his very person question is related with the re wrote these fires have a pulse the most danger firefighters say, is the late afternoon. the hardest part of the day when the sun is highest and the
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winds are strongest. this fires happening all across this part of spain, but these flames represent the kind of change in the profile of these wildfires. the fires are moving from the hill country down. they've burnt up all the fuel they could find in the hills and now they're looking for more fuel moving downwards towards more populated areas. as they put out one fire more come alive. climate change experts say has altered the behavior of wildfires. they now burn faster, hotter and longer. people living here say everything can't aspire. and you cannot trust the ground. zane basra, the urgency, or tomorrow, for is north of the greek capital. athens have been evacuated. his flames have swept across them. hundreds of people have been told to leave their homes after a large forest fire was found by high winds. at least 15 aircraft,
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and 9 helicopters have been deployed to help extinguish the blaze. stella had an al jazeera. we're going to tell you why the leaders of russia iran in turkey. i've been talking about grain in toronto. and nigeria, state oil company goes commercial, but many fear that's going to be the end of the sheet fuel, a leader of petrol, their company costs $0.43. ah, the journey has begun. the 34 world camp is on its way to cat hook your cattle package today. while i was still at some writing the forecast for a man over the next day or so, if anybody cloud showing up on the satellite pitch, they're pushing into southern parts of the way. so you might just catch a spot. so to of rain coming through here, some live the shares wanted to show as to just around the southern end of the
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a red sea here ago, our temperatures struggling to get around 37 celsius in on shore brace is going to be a little more humid i will the next day or so, but temperature should pick up to around 43 degrees once again as we go through thursday, 50 celsius in baghdad has plenty hot enough temperatures around 30 degrees theft. beirut had also for jerusalem, largely dry across at east side of the mediterranean lodge. dry to southern parts of the mediterranean, right into north africa. settled in sunny, easily ways pumping some good showers across the equatorial bouts of africa. pushing up into the sun elson, where to weather coming into southern parts of molly, i see some lively showers could call some localized flooding here. that wet weather, making its way all the way up towards the gambia. even so some lively downpours here. not too many showers called southern parts of africa, where we will see some on shore showers just coming in to at times. and they're welcome showers that into kenya on a 2 showers to the far north and south africa,
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casa, airway official airline of the journey life and robust debates. a lot of folks when they hear the word refugee think stranger, they think other la latrice stuck in these camps. it's regardless of your range. the way you're coming from. you said give everybody safety from global issues to those that need to be heard. human rights and land defenders and brazil, they live in a circumstance of permanent violence and intimidation. the st. claire a global audience becomes a global community on al jazeera. ah ah, watching, i'll just eat a reminder of our top stories. this our shall anchors parliaments,
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expected to vote soon on who's going to become the next president for the 3 candidates in the morning, the include interim leader and former prime minister. my meal wicker, missing fives, have been breaking out across london as the u. k. recorded its highest temperature getting more than 40 degrees celsius for the 1st time. london mayor said he can and has said the fire brigade is under immense pressure. wildfires are also burning across europe as the continent struggles, records, temperatures in spain, dozens of villages, a bit evacuated and at least 2 people have died in some more province. heat alerts have been issued in more than 20 states in the us. more than a 100000000 people have been urged to keep cool. that's daily. a 3rd of the population wildfire and texas a force hundreds of people out of their homes. officials expect the fives to continue growing because of the high temperatures and the dry conditions. or president joe binds, expected to speak about climate change later. shebra tans. he's got the latest from
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washington dc. it was such an interesting microcosm of everything we've come to expect from the bite and ministration. we'd been hearing conflicting reports throughout the day that he would declare a climate emergency. he would use a visit to what was once a co 5 plan which, which has now been turned into some sort of offshore wind facility to make, make a declaration and the, the u. s. face of the climate emergency. and this is a sort of bureaucratic thing but, but it's also a very dramatic thing. it's something that allows the president to move to expedite to cut red tape in various areas to increase funding to various areas that will help combat climate change. but as the day wore on, we had, i'm finally got to confirm the precedent that he won't be actually declaring a climate emergency all through. he may, may talk about some, some other executive actions that, that he might take in the meantime. the temperatures keep going up and the u. s. is nowhere near to meeting any of the, the promises biden made about its international climate obligations. i think maybe
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that that may be maybe 25 percent on track of, of the climate obligations will be met if by and keeps on like this. that even that's probably generous. the greatest president has continued his cleanup of security service by dismissing the deputy head of the organization. let me, as you made the announcement about the domestic security service. just 2 days after suspended its head, the prosecutor general, the president claims they failed to rudolph spies working for vladimir putin. the government and russian forces have launched missile strikes at target's across ukraine, including one of the last cities in the don't boss region controlled by keith. at least one person was killed in the eastern city of comma task and several were injured. then yes, region governor says the russian attack called this via a residential apartment log train in official 6. i'm a toss because become a main target for russia. and they're expecting more selling. signed in maliah.
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farmers have helped firefighters closed down a burning wheat field. it grains millennial. ringback edges crops due for harvest have been destroyed by russians. shelling thieves repeatedly accused moscow of trying to provoke a global food crisis by hitting infrastructure and agricultural targets. president vladimir putin says he's willing to allow shipments of ukrainian grain, but he says he'll only do it if restrictions on russian grain are removed earlier put and how talks into iran with iran, as president able to came icy and turkish leadership, ty about one those discussions were meant to focus on syria, but they were overshadowed by the effects of the war and ukraine. russell said our reports from to run russian. president vladimir, put his 1st face to face, meeting with me to lee there. since rushes invasion of ukraine in february put in antony's president jeff taper. edwin were in iran's capital to rom to discuss a un back proposal to resume exports of ukrainian grain through the black sea to
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help ease the global foot crisis. if you have a problem that is the issue, you know, i want to thank you for your efforts in mediation providing a forum for negotiation on foot problems on the problem of grain export by the black sea was we moved forward under your mediation, not all the problems have been resolved yet, but it's already good that there is a movement on his 2nd international 3 since the start of the war in ukraine put in also mat iranian president, abraham bracy, who hosted the trilateral summit. both russia and iran are among the most sanctioned countries in the world. and the 2 nations are now seeking to boost economy corporation. he sat as an o at this level of business and trade between the 2 countries is definitely known of considering the existing capacities route. and it can go to a higher level. we think we can reach $30000000000.00, which is 3 times more than the current number on room just before put his visit. russian energy giant gasp room and iraq national oil company signed a memorandum of understanding worth $40000000000.00 to develop
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a gas field around kish island or in the gold was affiliate. so, mean at the summit is a part of our standard format and mechanism that was established 5 years ago between russia, turkey and iran, 2 and the 11, the war in syria with russia and iran are the main beckers of the syrian government, led by, by cheryl a said turkey has effectively supported the seat in opposition since 2016 took, as also launched 3 major military operations inside syria against kurdish arm group . why pg and isis and on chris's preparations are no on the way to conduct a 4th operation into syria to create a 30 kilometer deep securities on apolline that both russia and iran or pause. but the turkish president did not back down me legal and names accosted. we are determined to drive out the centres of evil from syria that threatened our national security gonna, as us, donna guarantors,
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our expectation from the russian federation and iran is to support turkey in despite holbrook. despite this, all 3 present said the austin of his process has been effective in setting up a foundation for peace in syria. russia has withdrawn most of his forces from syria after the war began in ukraine. now, syria is increasingly becoming a source of tension between turkey and iran, as they both have a significant military presence in the country. the next round of the trilateral summit under a standard format will be held in moscow. but the fragile balance between these 3 countries could possibly be disturbed in case of a military operation into syria august, they can find a diplomatic solution to the crisis. russell said that of jazeera to rock the award winning iranian fillmore herself up, and now he has been told by a court he must serve a 6 year jail sentence. originally handed to him in 2010. and now he had been accused of support. he anti government demonstrations. he was arrested last week
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after he went to the prosecutor's office to inquire about 2 filmmakers had been detained. mohammed rustled off and most of our allotment, but arrested. now after the use social media to condemn the government's response to protests. awesome rand is research director of the national iranian american council. and she says, these arrests are part of the government's cock down on people who are regarded as dissidence. it's the volume with which we're seeing it is actually even unusual for iran. of course you're on is an authoritarian state, it's a state in which the iranians themselves have been repressed in many different ways . but over the course of the last several years, as economic and domestic pressure have increased, you also see an increased crackdown coming from the top down from the iranian authorities and security forces. whether it be a protest that they meet with deadly force, which we saw in november of 2019, whether it be increased arrests of dissidence. one of the things to keep in mind is while artists have come under increased pressure and attacks this,
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these particular arrest coincided with that of most have a touch of inches in iranian political figures, some served under the hot time he read under the hot tammy administration so it's not, it's not one group, it's really a crackdown on any form of dissidence within the state. i certainly think that external pressure has something to do with what we're seeing happen. this is, in fact, you know, proponents of diplomacy, those who wanted iranian civil society to thrive, argued for years that these, the sanctions pressure, the pressure that externally being put on iran, namely ordinary iranians. not the iranian government will create this kind of pressure from within, which will then create a crackdown from above. that's what we've seen, not only in the case of iran, but really in any situation where you see domestic pressure. what the iranian authorities have shown is that their number one priority is not their citizens. it's not the people of the country. it is sustaining their own power and they are willing to take any measure to do so. that of to misers,
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largest opposition parties appeared in court, accused of money laundering washer galucci was the spirit of parliament until it was dissolved last year by president high side has been accused of a power grab a court hearing comes days before the controversial referendum on a new constitution, which would greatly expand the president's pose. she says he's been acquitted, and the allegations on a political point with hasha said, after 10 hours of investigation and examination, the judge has delivered the switches. the brilliant defense team has managed to refute all the allegations and have shown that all the allegations were empty. in order to incriminate the head of our movement, ahmed, the lawyers were able to refute them all. it was evident the court has achieved a huge level of independence system, and we are very proud of our judiciary, but not yet. data is thought, methanol may have caused the deaths of $21.00 teenagers at a bar and east london and south africa last month. test show, the toxic chemical was present in all their bodies. investigations continue into
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whether the levels of methanol detected was enough to kill the young people who were age between 13 and 17 methanol, as a toxic form of alcohol. and it's not fit for human consumption. after nearly half a century operating as a government monopoly nigeria state oil company is now officially a commercial company. but many nigerians feared the move is going to lead to higher fuel prices in a country that's benefited from some of the lowest in the world. i'll address reports from boucher it took nearly 20 years of parliamentary debates and concessions to commercialize nigeria. oil company. the government hopes, the new firm. we'll a truck, private investors, and cut waste and corruption. we are transforming our petroleum industry to strengthen its capacity and market, the relevance for the present and future global energy priorities. leading the
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transformation is an industry veteran. this company can make quick decisions, can invest quickly, can borrow quickly compare bach. last, when did do and also, but most importantly to be accountable to shareholders. the oil and gas sector reforms come with global attention, moved towards clean energy with proven reserves of $206.00 trillion cubic feet of gas. and hoping to grow that to 6 and retrieve the official expectations here are understandably high for your country. so blessed in gas like ours, we cannot be happier and more excited. but concerns remain. many here are worried that the, you know, of chip oil they're used to will soon be over in the absence of these, ah, walker refineries. we import this and if you imported
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eh, hiden and they are, to be honest, is a limit. i don't see, i don't see how government can continue with the subsidy. in ne julia at about $0.40 per liter nigeria pen less for petrol than almost anyone else in the world critic se subsidies. how stifled growth and bread corruption now with private investors coming in, nigerians may have to pay more for fuel. the new company wants to offer shares for sale as early as next year. it's hard to say whether this commercial venture will go the way previous privatized companies, which struggle with acid stripping and corruption all. what proved to be an exception. how many edris al jazeera, a boucher nigeria, conservative politicians in britain are edging closer to choosing their next leader who also be the next prime minister again about on widens name on the final 2 candidates. you call it his minister can be, barna has been eliminated from the contest. hallman chancellor, she cynex,
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frankly on top after the latest round of voting twitter is one the 1st round and it's legal battle against ilan mosque. the social media platform was to force the billionaire to complete a $44000000000.00 bio deal after he walked away from his bed earlier this month. lawyers who must have been pushing to have the trial delayed until february next year. but a judge agreed to fast track the process with proceeding set to start in october. the video streaming service, netflix, it says its lost nearly a 1000000 subscribers between april and june. that a lot fewer than the 2000000 they had thought they might lose, but it still the largest quarterly loss of subscribers in the company's 25 year history. competition from other streaming services and soaring inflation not being blamed. ah.


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