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tv   News  Al Jazeera  July 20, 2022 10:00am-10:31am AST

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ah, with frank assessments, it sounds like you don't expect anything to change the problem in lebanon. it's actually structural lebanon needs, and you also contract in order for it to solve this problem. informed opinions, international communities on the goal is to create a government has no legitimacy in depth analysis of the data global headlines. this is going to be very hard to explain to the public that instead of pushing back, no, it's actually got 2 members inside story on al jazeera ah, the salon coast parliament votes for a new president in the midst of a political and economic crisis.
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ah, you're watching all your life from headquarters and hi daddy and also coming up a desperate bid to save homes and livestock firefighters in western europe, badly heat wave and strong winds as they tried to extinguish blazes in the u. s. a . texas wildfire is still growing, nearly a 3rd of all americans are being warned to stay out of the heath. and we're in to don blue now state where tribal fighting has left at least 80 people that ah hello vote. counting is underway right now and sure. link us parliament where members are choosing a new president. it comes a week after a former leader got to buy or bucks, a fled, and then resigned. there are 3 candidates in the running, including interim president, ronald wicker, i'm a single, he's a raj,
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packs or ally, but his deeply unpopular with protesters who brought down the government. sure lanka has seen months of anti government protest fueled by crippling economic crisis. now for an end, as joining us in the capital columbus. so how close are they to choosing a new president? we know well, it looks like they've all cast their vote and the counting by the secretary general of parliament ah, seems to have come to an end. there is a live feed out of the parliament chamber where still awaiting a final sort of an announcement on that count. because we went through a process where the 2nd general and his staff who are in charge of the ballot went through all the votes of incidentally, we had something like $219.00 valid votes. there were 2 members who abstained. there were something like 4 votes that were invalid, so we're looking at a total of $219.00 votes. the counting process has finished a. we had just
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a waiting that announcement and the results, the split in terms of the breakdown of numbers as to who voted for whom. and presumably people are keeping a close eye eye out on the situation in parliament. me. now how do we expect people to react who people are waiting to see with baited, bret, literally as to the outcome of what happens at that vote in the parliamentary chamber? a we've heard for the coming the recent weeks that people are not going to take kindly to their wishes being ignored, even as recent as yesterday. we had people marching in colombo, demanding that the parliamentarians who vote to day respect the wishes of the people and reflect the wishes of the people when they're casting that ballad. so that's why there's
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a lot of interest in that. and in terms of the content does the sort of 2 main contenders, acting present, run a video missing her and dallas, alabama, that former minister, a senior politician. so that's where the, the, the sort of to mean um contenders are. and people just waiting to hear which weights gone. yeah. and once again, so that is the life picture out of the sri lankan parliament for a vote. counting is underway right now. we will cross back to you me now and to the parliament. as soon as we get a results for the time being, thank you so much. michelle fernandez reporting from colombo will aid organizations in sri lanka, say 2 and a half 1000000 children don't have enough food on humanitarian crisis is coming. save the children has found half of all sir lincoln, families can't feed their children properly or put them through school stuff. fosten reports from the central city of candy, minnesota. you to my little carano up, you know what husky yogurt would have been for the past 4 years. they have barely see the inside of their schools 1st, it was cove it but now it's
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a political and economic crisis keeping school shot. most of the time. i get a history teacher, but that money can travel to 120 kilometers to colombo last week to protest against a country's leaders. he was injured when police tried to disperse. protests was with tear gas and water cannons le mind. i won't students to be educated as a good sir, isn't father and teacher. i won't school system to be improved, but that's why i took the st hema that he uses a classroom inside his house to prepare students for the exam. so despite school closures, but it's hard to study if there's not enough to eat sense and economic crisis, prices have gone through the mail. you can only use one or 2 meals a day, a doesn't say from say many children lately and the be nourished. only one of you funny pride, the bus 3 daughters is receiving an education. the single mother owns one mobile phone. so eldest uses it for online classes. her to youngers were forced to drop
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out of school. giovanni, earn money by making containers for paint to get picked up because of the economic crisis. it's very difficult for us. we only eat twice a day. a can't feed my daughter's breakfast because i don't have enough money to buy food. i also can't afford to stock up on food and have to see what i can buy on a daily basis. it's very difficult living with 3 children now. her eldest daughter stream to become an accountant aid organization's fear. one 4th of all 3 lumpkins are at the brink of malnutrition that already and that we are assuming it's about $6000000.00 people already in that that crisis level. and what will happen, $6000000.00 is almost one port of the population. so that is a huge worry for us. what will happen to sri lanka and this large population in the
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next 2 to 6 months with a concern she had by be di monica was ready to go back to colombo to protest if a new president and his government do not improve the situation quickly, fastened al jazeera in ken a punishing european heat wave is continuing to fuel wildfires and stretch emergency services. the u. k. record it's highest ever temperature on tuesday passing 40 degrees celsius for the 1st time. at least 34 locations have now exceeded the previous national record. nearly 1700 firefighters are battling to contain 2 massive blazes. in the south west of france, authority say a man's been arrested suspected of deliberately starting fires, and more than 30 fires continued to burn in spain, which is nearly 10 days into its heat wave. most of the country is on high alert for wildfires. zane bus raphi isn't spain's northwestern zamora province where dozens of villages have been evacuated through the sound of salvation in the
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skies over northwest spain. right now, every drop of water from these hilltops, it is clear, the situation below is dark on the ground. things are much worse. tamara is on fire. panic residents look for any help they can find. as the flames near the with these wildfires comes chaos. desperation all the animals she says are still inside the ship, trying to save their homes, their livestock, their livelihoods,
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every 2nd. in the town of tomorrow's. a key strategic location, command and control center based here is coordinating air and ground operations throughout the casteel in your province. precious little rest for teams working around the clock to keep pace with wildfires in real time. this is my 25 year. has it ever been this bad? and no, of course. absolutely. you know, came up, change his very person. i'm, there's a question is related with, redid, wrote, these fires, have a pause. the most danger firefighters say, is the late afternoon. the hardest part of the day when the sun is highest and the winds are strongest. this fire is happening all across this part of
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spain, but these flames represent the kind of change in the profile of these wildfires. the fires are moving from the hill country down. they've burned up all the fuel they could find in the hills and now they're looking for more fuel moving downwards towards more populated areas. as they put out one fire more come alive. climate change experts say has altered the behavior of wildfires. they now burn faster, hotter and longer for people living here, say everything can't aspire, and you cannot trust the ground. zane basra, of the audience here. thousands of people in greece have had to leave their homes as wildfires burned near athens firefighters have been battling the flames on the slopes of mound pensively, which are being found by strong winds. at least 15 aircraft and 9 helicopters are trying to put out the fire as 25 kilometers northeast of the greek capital. dorothy jabari is there and sent this update. the town behind me is called draft me. it is
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home to about 3500 people. and as of a few hours ago this afternoon, the local officials have evacuated the entire population saying it is too dangerous for them to stay behind. you can see the fires that are really gaining more momentum, as the winds are very strong in this area. this is a very mountainous area. we're about 30 kilometers north east of the center of capital athens. and since we arrived here a few hours ago, this fire, we could see from the airports as well. this is of course, something the local people here are very much used to this time of year. and the local officials have said that they are trying their best to fight these wildfires that have started since the summer season began. but it's ongoing the fight. it will continue and they're hoping that they will be able to manage the situation
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before it gets out of control. or heat alerts have been issued in more than 20 states in the us. more than a 100000000 people have been urged to prepare. that's nearly a 3rd of the population. wildfires in texas and also forrest hundreds out of their homes. officials expect the fires to continue growing because of the high temperature is an dry conditions. ukraine's president to dismiss the deputy head of the domestic security service while others lansky made the announcement just 2 days after suspending the head of the organization as well as the prosecutor general. the president says they failed to root out a legit collaborators working for moscow. and ukraine's firstly the line as alan scott will address the u. s. congress. later on wednesday, she's been meeting with us president joe biden, and the 1st lady at the white house. jill biden made a surprise visit to ukraine in may, where she visited a school sheltering displays. people. the u. s. has accused russia of moving ahead
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reply to an ex, further ukrainian territory. russia is laying the groundwork to an ex ukrainian territory that controls indirect violation of ukraine. sovereignty. we're seeing ample evidence in the intelligence and in the public domain at russian tends to try to an ex additional ukrainian territory. russia is beginning to roll out a version of what you could call an an annexation playbook. very similar to the one we saw in 2014, already russia's installing illegitimate proxy. officials in the areas of ukraine are under its control. who are taking about to your line because we are getting breaking news from the parliament. we were showing you just about 10 minutes or so the the feed from the parliament. that is a live picture right now where the president, the next president has in fact been elected. and we understand that the parliament times voted to elect run ill wicker, him a single as the next president. he's in fact,
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a 6 time prime minister, and he has now been elected as president this of horace, coming after the political and economic turmoil that the country has been witnessing. we are going to bring in our correspondence before me. now for an end is let's listen into what's taking place in parliament right now. that everybody knows which model are going to be collecting a $1000.00. and it is not misery to say that how hard the condition of the trees going to be going to be in a b, i look like that because you know, we, how do i don't know the burnett, neil gro, grab go forward, and they demolish him. so we had to get together to embark on that program and kind of a dallas after measurement that unlike the sonic a mac mac market on his tooth,
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you, i'm doing now. man dallas are up in monterey. they're not a feel for mckayla. i look for movie the i can do it. i'm dan cleared, dan portal on the other 2 again today mr. dell is a lot better man based on romano design. now go convention done with me that i didn't wait for those 2 candidates also to get together with me aside, your payment data may tomorrow that yes, even to not give me what the development of the learned happy make. i think a to a laugh. yeah. looks camire that but again, i was i also, you know, mr. side, you'd pay mendoza to i'm danny, get together and i look for a new way forward. i pay a phone number. i'm montezuma bigness or in mental marketing with a lien corral to clean up your clinical trial tequila haven. and i also would like to request the demolition. alonzo ne, mr. with new children and mr. po number also may to maggie who come forward. dan
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join with me who am barnaby forward within the city that you might do by the cdc, a lead mancha. i also extend the same request to bad about one of the former president of mr. my due balance in our night, who is also present b a 2 and a half at jack. i'm taking them on cameras. here with you that in are some of the miss alca jack got down to mcknight. i now am requesting everybody by monday, the to join, holiday me together. me to discuss city then what i will forward me city. thank you dennis. i'll have to grow up at night too many mister dela pena hon. speaker a p. and i'm ok with mike. so any d as a group?
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no, i don't get a bit of bucket on it, but been a tindall jay towel decided to but now we're going to have this election as a group. go with what come up we're going to make it not as the owner be auto as an, as a presidency job because what pops up ny a but okay. and other than the me they want to look up to the bins. we'll stop in but i gave forward. so run over kristen guy who was just speaking a moment ago in parliament has been elected and voted in as the next president of sir lanka. he will serve until 2024. this is according to the parliamentary vote that has taken place in the last few minutes or so in parliament. he was addressing the nation as well as parliamentarian saying that the countries in
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a very difficult situation and quote, we have big challenges ahead. let's bring in michelle fernandez, joining us from columbus. so he run, oh, look, i'm a senior. i was one of the contender as me now. was it expected that he would be the person to take on this top roll? man l can you hear us min l. just go ahead vicar, missing her winning that vote. yes, sorry. we seem to be having some technical problems with audio, but if you can hear me, her acting president now formalized as president of sri lanka, by members of parliament. in that parliament vote which concluded a little while ago in terms of the breakdown of those 219 votes. valid votes that were caused this morning in the house. 5 basically, ron novick promising her,
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securing 130 forwards to the 82 woods secured by dallas, alabama. but this was pretty much something that our analysts had expected because of all of the negotiations, the back room dealings that we were hearing about. obviously, the long arm of the roger pock says, a believe to still be very much at play here. so essentially, iranian victimizing her according to many of the protest says, and that's one of the reasons that they have such a lot of anger and frustration about how he has ascended to the highest position in the land. i mean, this is a man who no little over 2 years ago, lost his parliamentary seat. he was voted out of parliament by the people of sri lanka. he was unable to win a single seat for his party, the united national party, under his leadership at that general election. the only reason he is sitting in
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parliament is because a he sort of entered through the back door and won a seat for the nationalist for his party. and he secured that but see he was name to that seat. so a lot of frustration and anger, but in terms of the vote that has taken place this morning. the legislators have chosen obviously in favor of ra novick, promising her and obviously doors parliamentarians, representatives of the people, but not really listening to the people as mandate. so what to we expect the reaction to be from the street and from, from the people of sterling can because as you're saying we're from a singer is very much an ally of the raja packs us. absolutely. so in terms of the sort of a warnings or the indications from protest as i mean we heard it as, as recently as in yesterday's processions and brought us again this morning while
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people were waiting to see how the election would go up. that they would not take, they're sitting down. i mean, literally when this entire campaign against the government, you know, when that patients really snapped of the people are saying that it, it was initially focused on gotta be roger pox of the president a he brought in run over grimacing her as the replacement prime minister to his brother, my and the roger boxer who stepped down to try to appease those brought us that didn't happen. i mean, for the next few weeks of run over, grimacing has prime minister ship. people continued to protest it, it reached the head with, gotta be raj, a box of leave the country. but people say you're not there. they're not going to be fooled any longer. now there is a state of emergency, you can probably see the heavy security and police presence as a massive security cordon around the parliament today. 9 herb, you do have obviously a sort of a conciliatory note, struck by random vicar missing her. he has appealed to the other candidates who ran
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for the presidency in parliament today, as well as the opposition leader to all come together to sort of rebuild the country, particularly, which is at its knees with this massive, massive economic crisis. but the fact remains that this is coming from someone who the people themselves have spoken and said has no legitimacy. so he does have this remainder period of the term. but it's going to be a very uneasy term, particularly because the people of this country are unlikely to accept his leadership. men i'll talk us. so tell us more about a real crippling economic and financial crisis that has been facing stir lanka and the suffering of the people. i mean, this is what p a has really pushed people to the edge. ah, sure. lumpkins generally don't really get heavily involved in the day to day
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running of things. and as much as you know, we've had the roger fox as in power for over a decade. or we've had that to sort of cabal, if you like, i, which now people say you knew were corrupt. they mismanaged the country. there were a lot of deals being done with the roger pox and their allies being the main beneficiaries. but people took it up for a long time. yes. there were a few sort of, you know, sort of comments or the center junctions, but they didn't really stand up against it. but the moment it started affecting, you know, their day to day lives, the cost of living is soaring. there are most families, many families that are unable to put 3 square meals on the table. whatever food that does make it to the table is probably cheaper now, has less quality, so they're really struggling. the medical sector is facing an acute shortage. there are hospitals that doctors are running almost purely on, on, on donations,
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on well wishers. it shouldn't be this way or so what people think and see is that, yes, they do agree that there are problems there is, you know, very difficult times economically the pandemic, really up 8 into a lot of stability for people. but if the country hadn't been in such a shaky financial position, it would have been in a far better position to deal with this mess that we wouldn't be on our knees. we wouldn't have a problem or to the extent which that say ministers have to be dispatched to international capitals with a begging bowl. and this is what is making people angry when a few years ago, she lanka graduated from being a developing country to a middle income country. we were sort of projected to achieve certain development goals and keep building, but this has been completely wiped away. yes, it is a mixture of a certain amount of bad luck in terms of
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a real crash of tourism with the isa bombings in 20. 19. then, soon after the pandemic, which shut down the economy. obviously after that, you also had that, which was unsustainable, unsustainable for many, many years. the raj boxes had been warned about it. but again, with present gotta be roger pox, a coming in a number of sort of, some very questionable decisions. slashing the tax revenue, which many people to years ago warned would cause huge hardship for the people. so because of this, we're having a real, real crisis for the people and this is what has made them so angry and literally at the end of their patients. okay. now thank you so much for that. grinnell fernandez is reporting for us from colombo. we're going to bring in bonnie fonseca, who's a senior researcher at the center for policy alternatives. she's joining us from colombo as well. welcome to al jazeera. what is your reaction to renault? of acronyms single being voted in as new president he seems to have
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gotten quite a significant support by getting 134 awards. so the members of ali mans has decided that the next president should meet you, not in the promising they see going against the cause and the demands of the protesters and abruptly. so it will be very interesting to see how the 8 tracy dang lima to move forward when dad's real anger towards him. and i don't know how he's able to going to be, but mother and in such a contest. are you worried that the roger pox of family will still have some sort of influence over? houser lanka? will be governed and run, particularly with the election of the best prime minister, who of course served under the roger boxes. well, run you. the premise being has, sir, this find me said to go kind of a raj plants and was then appointed acting president by going to have
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a raj once there is no doubt that they the league to the route to fax and family. now den cedra iranian the chromosome, these are very see them really teach. and so we'll see how he is able to govern, but really try to remember in parliament, he only has one seating writing. then he will have to rely on the raj of puck, says political party that he says the b for any lead to split the reforms that he wants to push through finding men. so i says that there will be influence from the right to post a family. what we will have to see, what is the stand on that influence? talk to us about the, the actual numbers and parliament. because as you were saying a moment ago, we're come, we're single, was able to secure a 134 votes and, and under his main rival done us. allah! how per room a secured 80 to vote to me. what does this 134 tell us about the mandate that he's been given and how and how much support he has amongst the,
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the members of parliament at least well, he seems to have considerable support among the members of parliament in terms of getting these numbers today i'm and i'll pursue shine. now, the other candy did dallas i have been, i'm only guaranteed you to so he, he and at least at the election run your re, premise thing that has received on the support off a significant number of him. he's now with been translated to continuous support from them that members of parliament by his legislative agenda. that is to be seen because this is very, very uncertain times where a member of president will have to rely on ogden political party to get anything done. so we could see major pushback in terms of his own proposals, not getting the support of payment. and this might get to
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a steel made in highly meant that is one dimension we need to think about. but the other is where the instructor will be able to rally around the probably he's extremely unpopular and he's legitimacy has mean question. so can he actually govern as the 8 crazy domains to the theme or what does this all mean? now that you, you have a president, we obviously will wait to see the reaction from the people ensure a lanka, or mass of this president is someone that they accept. but a how do you think this is going to impact the, the deep economic and financial crisis that still lanka is going in? because because the longer the political crisis had been going on for then, the worse it is in terms of, it just didn't have a function and government to get the country out of this crisis. where exactly we
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are in an unprecedented crisis. now we have had elections as provided in the constitution, so we do have an elected president who will now form a government so he can decide who's going to be in his cabinet. we'll have to see all of that. but the, one of the biggest things he would have to do ronald's promising as president needs to reach out to a cross section of the public because he a, he's, as i mentioned before, he is not seen as alleged, are made of you leader. so this is going to be a challenge, and if there isn't stability, the current country where lighting to see further deepening of the crisis. so for sri lanka is o n a future war, we are able to get that stability but it's extremely tenuous times at the moment.
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