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makes them even humming as then international in tie, corpse in excellence award, vote now for your hero. the rupa hotel is the o tell that i've ever stated, and i think the biggest box you have ever seen had explode, would have taken out the hotel. this was germany, we loved it when it was built and we loved it even when it was bombed. a major target of the conflict in northern ireland in the late 20th century belfast europa war hotels on al jazeera. i think us parliament likes prime minister rental with from a single president of the country faces its worst political and economic crisis. the the result of working outraged and colombo would professor,
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gathering on the steps of the country parliament. ah, you're watching all your life from headquarters in delphi and getting obligated also coming up firefighters and western europe, battling wave and strong winds as they tried to extinguish wildfires and were in su, john blue nile state where a tribal fighting has left at least 80 people dead ah hello sir lincoln, parliament is elected, ran over from a single, the new president a week after go to pirate packs of fled the country and resigned. wicker missing go with serving as interim president after mass protest force roger pox out to step down. the 6 time prime minister will finish the remaining 2 years of his
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predecessors term. but he is unpopular, was the testers who see him as partly responsible for us or lank as economic crisis elementary. and it is not necessary to say how hard the country's economic condition is. we have to embark on a new program to go forward and we have to work together to do that. and i'm thankful to the other 2 candidates. invite them to work with me for the development of the country and with our being you will get an update from an offer. and this is joining us from the capital columbus. so what's been the reaction among people to this new president and there's a sense of sort of disbelief. but at the same time, a sort of a realization that does this was something that was bound to happen. most of those mos protests were motivated by the fact that they had no confidence in ron novick
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promising her. they saw him as a sort of a proxy of the raj, a box of family. they said that he had come in, he was brought in to protect the roger boxes. now, having been elected by the parliamentarians, a short while ago with a majority of votes of people aren't happy at all. as i said, the key pointing to the fact that he has no credibility given he was thrown out of parliament by the people at the loft and elections. so i believe that odd discussions taking place at the moment, people are grouping together to kind of come out and show that anger and frustration at this vote. however, they are dealing with a few restrictions that is a state of emergency in the country brought in by run over grimacing her on sunday purely for this reason. as a huge of this is security presence, we saw that outside parliament and just within the last hour or so, we also have the magistrate who covers this area, the court,
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who has issued an order banding protesters anywhere within a 50 meter radius of a statue of a former prime minister, that statue is just down the road this way, a little over a 100 meters. it actually borders b go to go whom village, which came up around the protest that you know has been there for 3 months. so protest is also sort of been prevented by a court order, so they are taking stock to decide how, where and when they will come together. okay, thank you so much. marino fernandez, reporting from colombo halon cutter gum. r is a political economist and senior lecture at the university of jeff. now he says the political class is protecting itself. once again. this is, i think, one of the fears of most of the protesters here given that the roger boxes and they are talking to
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a majority and memory. embodiment is like the mom, even though the president had to run away. and all of these need to move that streaming to protect themselves, interest and prevailed now with all the time members in told him wanting to ensure the interest, the self interest and the interests of the roger family and running. because the thing is why the seem to have me deal with 2 months of the president, both of my rather self appointed him. and that is why 2 weeks ago in the very top in this country, the protest as demanded president mister
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money from his journey should resign. because had already given a chance that should have been given back 2 months ago on may 12 when he was appointed prime minister that has not made any difference. 2 to the country, he also does not have the credibility to the people in the worst economic crisis since the 19 thirteen's and what the country needs is a credible leadership. a punishing european heat wave is continuing to fuel wild fires and stretch emergency services. the u. k. record at its highest, ever a temperature on tuesday passing 40 degrees celsius for the 1st time. at least 34 locations have now exceeded the previous national records. nearly 1700 firefighters are battling to contain 2 massive blazes. in the south west of france. authority say a man has been arrested on suspicion of deliberately starting the fires. blazes have
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also broken out in italy and near the greek capital athens. more than 30 fires continued to burn in spain, which is nearly 10 days into its heat wave. most of the country is on high alert for wild fires. same bas ravi is in spain's northwestern's, m or a province where a dozens of villages have been evacuated. the sound of salvation in the sky over northwest spain. right now, every drop of water math from these hilltops, it is clear the situation globe is dark on the ground. things are much worse. tabatha is on fire, panic residents look for any help we can find. as the flames near
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with these wildfires comes chaos. desperation the animals she says are still inside the ship. i'm trying to sell their homes, their livestock, their livelihoods, every 2nd campus. you know the town of tomorrow's a key strategic location with the command and control center based here is coordinating air and ground operations throughout the kasteel in your province. precious little rest for teams working around the clock to keep pace with wildfires in real time. this is my 25 year. has it ever been this bad? and no, of course. absolutely. no. there came a change is very person. i'm very question is related with the repair. drove
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these fires, have a pulse the most danger firefighters say is the late afternoon. the hardest part of the day when the sun is highest and the winds are strongest. this fires happening all across this part of spain. but these flames represent the kind of change in the profile of these wildfires. the fires are moving from the hill country down. they've burnt up all the fuel, they get fine in the hills and now they're looking for more fuel moving downwards towards more populated areas. as they put out one fire more come alive, climate change experts say has altered the behavior of wildfires. they now burn faster, hotter and longer. people living here say everything can't aspire and you cannot trust the ground. they, in basra, of the old jazz here about thousands of people in greece have had to flee their
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homes as wildfires burned near athens, firefighters have been battling the flames on the slopes of mount pen tele, which are being found by strong winds. at least 15 aircraft and 9 helicopters are trying to put out the fires 25 kilometers north, east of the greek capital source in jabari is there incent this update. the town behind me is called draft me. it is home to about 3500 people. and as of a few hours ago this afternoon, the local officials have evacuated the entire population saying it is too dangerous for them to stay behind. you can see the fires that are really gaining more momentum, as the winds are very strong in this area. this is a very mountainous area. we're about 30 kilometers north east of the center of capital athens. and since we arrived here a few hours ago, this fire, we could see from the airport as well. this is of course,
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something the local people here are very much used to this time of year. and the local officials have said that they are trying their best to fight these wildfires that have started since the summer season began. but it's ongoing the fight. it will continue and they're hoping that they will be able to manage the situation before it gets out of control. heat alerts have been issued in more than 20 states in the us. more than 100000000 people have been urged to prepare. thus, nearly a 3rd of the population wildfires in texas civil so forth hundreds out of their homes. officials expect the fires to continue growing because of the high temperatures and dry conditions still had on al jazeera, italy's prime minister tries to salvage his coalition government after it was pushed to the brink of collapse, a playground for dreams. how singles aspiring champions are turning roof tops and
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beeches into a football ah right. the rains looking quite heavy now. all over in the china, really from cambodia, back to thailand, to me. and bob was taken, taking some of the risk away from the philippines. but it's also brought that shower is back over borneo. so once again for come on tan. and i would think even up in brunei risk of flooding, he says, returned once more. goodbye jarvis, fairly dry. you'll notice and silly ways he's run to the dry. now north australia as well, but there is creeping up the east coast, increasing amounts of cloud and offshore. it looks really quite wet. this comes from that rain comes into the quiz and coast the flood risk returns, not a great one, but this is persistent,
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rang once more south of that. the sun's out melbourne is at 15, is rather dismal in sidney at 17 and on shore breeze. and help for rain is running into western australia the next day or so across the whole of the state. whilst it's, it's the coast layer of queens and new south wales with wet and windy as funny zealand . what do you think? pretty poor recently. not look in that good on says type tick. if you're in christ church, but the day does improve, the wind stronger, welton wind has a store, has been a story recently. so friday is a welcome change. ah, ah, ah, ah
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o. a hello again. the top stories on al jazeera lancaster, parliament is elected rental work from a single of the new president. he was serving as interim leader, offer protests over an economic crisis. force. got a fire or parts of the fleet a country and resign. doesn't def wildfires are continuing to burn across from spain, italy on greece. thousands of people have been forced to flee their homes as a severe heat wave leads to storing temperature. italy's prime minister has told
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parliament he's prepared to stay on despite tendering his resignation last week, my drug, he says he will continue as leader if he's backed by the parties in his broad coalition. he moved to step down after a coalition partner, the populace 5 star movement pulled out if a confidence vote, but it's offered to resign was been rejected by the president, keeping across the development tourist out of marina. he's joining us from room. so will this speech an impact how the senate votes later on wednesday, adam? well, doreen were seen some positive signs that it might definitely impact the senate just tweeting a short while ago in rica left at the head of the p. d. one of the largest parties in the coalition government said if we weren't convinced and these few days between last week and now that we should re vote for and support him in a vote of confidence. his speech made clear that we should now that let that who
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has long supported back in the government. we're not hearing so far from the key party, the 5 star movement. but there's a lot of pressure on them to kind of get in line and support this government. it's unclear and the following hours now and later this evening here in rome, if they will also kind of, you know, joker in the mix is the lager, this right wing party led by saline in the senate. and he and his party also in the coalition as former prime minister. so we're going to are given signs that they don't want to be in a government where the 5 star movement, this wildcard movement is still allowed to take part. so we're seeing all these kind of leaks come out to the press, but that's typical in italy. it doesn't really mean much till the vote because we're all trying to re tea leaves that are almost illegible. but we are seeing, at least in the mainstream media, and here outside the senate, people coming out and saying they feel very good about this speech. again, these are allies of draggy, where you have to see what these more minority players are going to say. but the pressure is building for them to do something and to support this because the
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problems, the faces are really massive right now during break. so tell us about this overwhelming outpouring of support that dr. g alluded to in his speech. it is not pretty common . it's not common, we've had now 2000 mayor's perhaps more across the country say they want the rocky national unity government to continue this is pretty unheard of. and you also have doctors who say there's a spike encoded right now, here as across europe and north america, many other parts of the world saying things are too bad right now to change captain in the middle of this kind of rough seas. that's how they, they phrases some times. also you have millions of italian suffering amid high inflation and, and rising cost a drought that seems interminable here. you know, this record heat wave in europe and also the war and ukraine, all these huge problems. just one of them would be a massive thing to fix and all these people are coming out in the plots is across
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italy, public square saying we want to rocky, that is really not heard of. usually it's more parliament 3 game. so this is clearly going to have an impact also on the way people vote and the senate later this evening. it's not clear yet what that will be, but the pressure is building not just in government in the senate, but also in the street in italy. and that's really, i don't know if we caught a grass roots movement doreen, but it's a nationwide one by some of the political leaders and even the most smallest local level in this country. all right, i will check in with you later. thank you so much. i'm rainy, reporting from room conservative employees in the u. k will later narrow down the party's leadership race to the final 2 candidates. they will then enter, run all vote among party members. the former chancellor wishes to knock the foreign secretary this trust and trade minister pending more on are the 3 remaining candidates. a winner will replace boris johnson as prime minister in september. john hall has more from london. i think. while we're almost there really,
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by wednesday afternoon, we'll know who the final 2 candidates to go through to that vote by the membership of the conservative party. but for the moment the m p. still having their say, i'll just take you through the results, the re soon after the full with chancellor, he resigned just before barn or johnson himself. did he been the favorite of the peace throughout? he is still in the lead will be it only increasing his tale by 3218. just one vote short of the threshold required to guarantee his place in the final run off. although he's all but assured of getting that he will get there in the rather uncomfortable knowledge though, that this afternoon. a brand new opinion polls was released among conservative party members taken in the last 24 hours showing that richie sooner would lose in the run off to any one of the other candidates. kennedy, but not a big figure on the right of the party. as you say, has been knocked out, leaving lease trust the foreign secretary, the other big figure on the right of the party. this was
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a john sonya and continuity candidate if you like. in 3rd place, she's up 15 votes showing, there is some momentum behind this trial, so the rather less well known quantity in 2nd place of penny morton, international trade minister sheet, perhaps the only change candidate in the race so far. the big question for wednesday's ballad is which of those 2 trust the board will make it through to face ratio sumac in the final and whether can be by knock, supporters on the right will fall in behind list trust pushing the foreign secretary over the line, ukraine's president dismissed the deputy head of the domestic security service for letters. lensky made the announcement just 2 days officers suspending the head of the organization as well as the prosecutor general. the president says they failed to root out a legit collaborators working for moscow and the u. s is accused russia of moving ahead with plans to an ex more ukrainian territory. washington says moscow is
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aiming to hold sham referendums in a number of regions, rushes, weighing the groundwork to annex ukrainian territory that controls indirect violation of ukraine. sovereignty were seeing ample evidence in the intelligence and in the public domain that russian tends to try to annex additional ukrainian territory. russia is beginning to roll out a version of what you could call and, and annexation playbook. very similar to the one we saw in 2014, already russia, installing illegitimate proxy officials in the areas of ukraine. they're under its control. the un mission enough, gone on, has documented allegations of rights abuses in its 1st report on the issues since the taliban swept to power. last year. it accuses the government of extra judicial killings, arbitrary arrests and torture. it says there were more than $200.00 instances of cruel punishments, including some targeting people accused of violating religious codes. and it says
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women and girls have been subjected to severe restrictions on their rights and excluded from public life. ali latifah has more on the reports. findings from trouble in the press conference announcing the report, the you hadn't made it clear and they kept reiterating that they have been consistently meeting with this lama camera and they have been showing them this for their findings ahead of time. but also that they have sent this report ahead of time and that they really want them to take it seriously. and they just kept saying that, you know, were in constant contact with them. and this is part of our mandate, and we're making sure that they are informed and that we're hoping that they can take this information and move forward and do something with it. ah, but again this leads to questions and that the, this was the question that was asked repeatedly by the other press. i in the press conference was that, well, what are concrete steps that the you, one has taken to show that or to put force and, and to, and to give an example that they are pressure has actually resulted in some kind of
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a change in the activity of the, of this law mc emory. ah, so you know, it's really important for people to see that these reports and that these instances, you know, the united nation, the, is a big organization. avalon, as far as the leading organization right now, it's in charge of a distribution. so people are hoping that this will be something that the islamic emerett really take seriously and leads them to take some kind of real action because over the last 10 months, you know, even if there have been talks between the united nations in this law, mich, emery the fact that this 40 something page report exists seems to show some kind of a disconnect or some kind of a shortfall between both groups. the banga, the government and bangladesh rather as closing fuel stations for one day a week. because if an ongoing energy price crisis, tanveer childs re reports from dhaka, none of those government on monday announced fresh measure to save oil and power consumption and made escalating energy prices in the global market. this means
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a suspension of power production using import. i did live the government also plans to reduce import of liquid natural gas. the plan also includes the shut down patrol pumps, all across the country for at least one day a week that i got a shuttle. so i got a high fuel price is a problem for public transport and car owners because the increase in fuel price will hit the me and the transport owner will end up charging higher speed. that will be also power cuts all across the country at different location and areas at different intervals, at least for one to 2 hours that day. under the new measure, the shopping malls and shops will have to shut down by 8 pm every day. essentially cutting down the business hours by one to 2 hours on again, customers will eventually get used to the new shopping time and the beginning there might be some confusion. they may start coming to the shop earlier. the government also plans to cut down office hours by at least one to 2 hours every day. all for
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the sake of saving energy. i'm barely recovered from the impact of kobe pandemic yet, it has been able to maintain study economic growth, but economic one high port prices, along with inflation and subsidy. while i land, along with heavy spending on mega projects, could pose a major challenge for the government. and coming months because of the increase in fuel prices and recent days, we've had to raise the bus there because of the passengers are getting upset and frequently get into fights and arguments with the international monetary farms volatility of the exchange rate. and the fear of doing ling due to the load on of the, globally me because of the ukraine. russia was put back on the main barrier for macro economic stability in the country. methanol may have caused the death of $21.00
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teenagers at a bar in the south african city of east london last month. test show, the toxic chemical was present in all their bodies. investigations are underway into whether the levels detected were enough to kill the students who were age between 13 and 17 methanol as a toxic form of alcohol and isn't fit for human consumption. thousands of sedans, house or people have been protesting across multiple cities, demanding justice for dozens of people killed in tribal violence in blue nile state . that these 80 people had been killed and nearly 200 wounded since fighting broke out last week between the bertie and how's the groups have a morgan reports from blue states were here in one of the residential districts and were serious locality. incidence blue now states and this area here was a scene of fighting between members of the house, a tribe, and a members of the font tribe. it's a coalition of various other tribes. now it's has thought had over land dispute
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with members of the french tribe, saying that the house of tribe had tried to take over land and claim it as bears. this has led to a curfew being declared in the state after at least 80 people were killed and more than 200 injured. as a result of the fighting houses and properties have been burned, including shops at the market, and members of the house, the community had to flee to the capital them as in or to neighboring harder to mm state. no, it has also led to a wave of protests in several other states, including the eastern states of godaddy and casala, where at least 3 people were killed and a curfew was announced, as well as the capital had a tomb. where on tuesday, hundreds of members from the house, the community protested in the capital, demanding the government take action against the latest round of violence. boon al state is no stranger to violence. it's been the scene of fighting between government forces and rebel forces for decades until a peace agreement was signed in 2020, and was hoped that that peace agreement will bring stability to the region. but the latest wave of clash as the tribal clash, as has shown that even with the peas,
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they'll find balloon out. state has a long way to go before permanent stability and security settles m. 5 african teams are heading to cutters for the fee for world cup in november. one of them is senegal who won this year as africa cup of nations on are the highest rank team on the continent, or correspond that nicholas hoc isn't a car to tell us about senegalese fans hopes for the tournament. welcome to senegal country between the lunatic ocean and the edge of the sal, this very little rainfall. and it's terribly hot. so it's when the sunset that people come to play football on the beach and it's in places like this, that champions are made. meet 13 year old jameel soap and his friends in downtown to car. there's no space for a football pitch. so this is how they train, it's become a trend, shared on social media in senegal,
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young players showing their skills away from the pitch, trying to stand out and get attention. mazacco. this are the money. my dream is to become sergio money order. my dream is to become a famous football player, the more and where the jersey of the national team, like money to live in the score. a lot of goals for the national to login and local de, one of the, one of the top scores in the english premier league during his time with liverpool buyer linux, new signing his synagogue hero. this is where money learn to play in the village of bumbling in southern synagogue. in june, he came back to play an exhibition match with former players of the national team. we st. j was part of the squad that beat france reaching the quarter final of the 2002 world country over. so i wanted to put more rasa. the fact that we don't have green football pitchers is actually an advantage because when you play in the sand, you learn a lot of technique,
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like how to control the ball to dribble and make accurate causes. it makes us better players, senegal are the reigning african champions. the fans are hoping cutter is a place where senegal make history and become the 1st african t one to reach a world cup final on nicholas hawk, al jazeera de car. while that report features in our 2nd world cup countdown show which this month focuses on africa, you can watch the show in full here on al jazeera at $1130.00 to m t on wednesday. ah hello, the headlines on al jazeera sher lancaster. parliament is elected renelle, what from a single as the new president, he was serving as interim leader after protest over an economic.


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