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tv   News  Al Jazeera  July 20, 2022 10:00pm-10:31pm AST

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ah, safer than he'd been humming and then he international anti corruption excellence award boat. now for your hero. ah. on the brink of collapse, italy's government looks likely to fall with 3 coalition parties refusing to back mario druggie. ah,
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hello i marianna mozy in london. you're watching al jazeera, also coming up on the program. a continent of blaze raised to control fires as the deadly heat wave makes its way across europe. ha, angering column mo, where a new president is chosen immediately promises to crack down. troublemakers are still at easter or as johnson bid farewell to parliament as his party names, the final 2 contenders to succeed him. ah, welcome to the program. italy's prime minister is one
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a conference vote in the senate, but the move which was meant to restore unity in his government, could instead see it collapse. mario draggy called the motion to try to and divisions with his, his within his governing coalition. but the 3 main coalition partners refused to take part in the votes. druggie tried to step down last week, but the president rejected his resignation, urging him to try and revive his administration. salazar is adarine. he's been following all these developments. he joins us now from the capital, rome, and so how imminent is drowsy? drug is resignation then. well, if it comes, it will most likely come miriam on friday morning, thursday morning. that is, he's expected to travel to the quitting alley. that's the hill not far from here to the presidential palace. we don't know yet what he is going to say, but usually in the circumstances, the prime minister just resigned. it's not clear this time the president said that
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i would accept it most likely he would because what happened here on wednesday just showed that this national unity government is anything but unified. although, as you mentioned, doggy one, a majority of the votes that were cast in the senate behind me earlier on wednesday . many dozens in fact have senators just refused to vote. they weren't even in the chamber, some of them. so it showed that they were turning their back on my, the, that i get wasn't just this 5 star movement that had sparked the crisis last week when they wouldn't vote in the previous confidence. these other parties that are actually opposed to this 5 star movement party, refused to vote, saying they don't want to be in a government with the 5 start with any more. so what we're seeing is a lot of squabbling with harking back to the days of your in italy, when they weren't led by such a renown statesman as mighty that argue. but it shows that no matter how pop you are in europe, it doesn't mean your government continues here in italy, and it comes in a difficult time over here, there is the, the warn you crying,
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and this is affected. italy's economy and inflationary pressures. as we've seen in other countries around the world, what does that mean? what does it mean to have a political crisis in italy at this time? well, what it does me, i mean, introduces a lot of uncertainty when italians like most of the rest of your parents, are looking for more certainty this, this war raging and ukraine farming crisis, a drought that hasn't been seen in 70 years, a level drop that is in northern italy, a lot of people are concerned about their future. there's inflation, yours is across most of the world right now. and a lot of people came out and actually protested in plaza across italy, over the past few days, saying they wanted drag you to stay. they saw him with a secure hand. there were some 2000 mayors who signed a supporting pledge of but are you saying, please don't go, we need you to make sure we can get budget past the national level this year. we need you to help pass reforms that will allow tens of billions of years from the c
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u recovery fun to be injected into the china economy. now that said, opponents of money that you say they can do that just as well as he can. i just spoke recently before we started speaking just now with a senator from the brothers of italy for kelly, the italian, if anyone is benefiting from this crisis, it's that party because they're pulling at a higher level than any other major parties in italy right now. and what they're gunning for, they hope that they can somehow, when a snap collection of it's called at least when the majority the most it's not the majority but the most of any other party. and what they would hope in a perfect world is that their liter, georgia, maloney, would be elevated to prime minister. this is all a bit of, you know, reading the tea leaves. we don't know if this will happen in the coming days, but they're the one party that came out of the vote just a little more than an hour ago. jumping for joy, literally we spoke to one senator from that party and it was hard to refrain the joys he was speaking to us here. all right, thank you. adam rainy and ron ah,
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now from spain and france through italy and into greece, forest fires continued to thrice and lives and homes in europe. soaring temperatures and drought conditions have dried out vegetation lying flames to ravage great swathes of the continent that ye wave is already thought to have contributed to the deaths of more than a 1000 people in spain and portugal. the fire of lighter mass evacuation orders in spain. there are 5 burning fought there are fires, burning in 5 different legions right now. same basra, the begins our coverage from the more a province when the inferno came, farmers in some ora became firefighters with oh my god, he says, i'm all alone. in remote areas like this,
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there is no time to wait for a rescue. you have to save yourself, the wind whips up the flames in every direction. it is easy to find yourself. surround came out of nowhere. oh, go. in the sky. days later, maddie well hills towards soil putting out any remaining embers. em austin, you are you there. we had help from other farmers in the area with doris. the local government didn't help us at all, but it is very nice to come after the fire and see we will pay for all of this. but the time to help us is when the fire is here in the blaze burned crops, destroyed infrastructure and left behind. economic uncertainty,
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fires in this part of the country may be under control for now, but there is still smoke hanging in the air. you can see it obscuring the landscape . you can even smell it for the people living here. and for those fire rescue teams that are based here in tomorrow. these are ever present reminders of the wild, far season is far from over. oh, you're my for 3 generations, yolanda my. oh, julians family has lived and worked on this when you mom. she watched their bar and go up in flames in minutes. oh. taking stock. she says they don't know how they'll be able to recover. and ya know, gary, arizona, on bonham, i've never seen anything like this before. the fire came very quickly with a lot of wind. it was just relentless. we could do absolutely nothing. it's still going. it still has a lot of power. it just,
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there used to be hundreds of animals here, most removed, but yolanda family could not save the hay. the livestock deeds even before the wildfires changed this landscape, life here was hard. families struggling just to make a living are now scrambling to keep their future from turning to ash. zane basra, the old 0 tara spain. thousands of people increase have had to leave their homes as fires by near the capital offense. crews are on the slopes of mount antelli battling flames which are being fanned by strong winds. some people try to protect arms using shovels and hoses, or to bombing aircraft, and helicopters also being used to try and control the blaze. several buildings and homes have also been damaged. also, jabari has worn out from the town of drafty. according to officials who we spoke to
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from the fire department, the main concern and the challenges they face overnight was the high winds and the changing direction of the wind, which was helping the fires continue. and this now spread to the region. just about 10 minutes drive north of here behind the mountains, behind me of the delhi region. and those flames continue as we speak because they have affecting nearly 30000 residents in that area. in this town, about 3500 residents were evacuated on tuesday afternoon. and as you can see, as there is very little activity going on right now, because it is still very much off limits to most of the residents, we have to ask for special permission to enter here. see what is the pause, what is the fire, the damage cause we also saw a number of homes that have been burned in this town. now they are nearly 500 firefighters and about 125 trucks that are in working in
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this area, trying to control the situation. this is of course, one of the many fires that have been ongoing since the start of the fire season, according to the governments that is as of may 1st until july 14th, they've recorded new 2500 wildfires in greece. and of course, the hardest weeks have not even approached that that is in august. so there is certainly a concern about what is to come yet. well, the french president has met 5 fighters in the south west of the country as blazes spread across the region. a manual microns in your own, that region where nearly $200.00 square can on which is a forest land have been destroyed, strong winds and droughts being blamed for this. the french emergency service is also battling fires in brittany in the northwest, where hundreds of people have had to leave their homes. the salesman can somewhat on view the changes we are experiencing, not only effect france,
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it affects the entire mediterranean region and even beyond several countries that would not experience and great fires are living through an acceleration of dorit consequences of climate change. and so all of this will require us to make critical decisions upon the disease. you as president joe biden has just announced 2300000000 dollars in funding to help communities deal with climate change. it will turn out executive actions to combat the climb emergency in the coming days. so we have to act extreme whether it is drug supplied. jays caused delays and shortages for consumers and businesses. climate change is literally an existential threat to our nation and to the world. so my message today is this, since congress is not active as it should. and these guys here are, but we're not get many republican votes. this is an emergency o mike had joins his life in white house in might. we've just been looking at to extreme weather events
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affecting countries in europe, also in asia. and then they've been heat waves and wild fires ravaging parts of america as well. what did president biden have to say about this? well, president bryan's critics have insisted that he has not done enough to come to climate change and they've been asking, in particular why he does not use his executive powers to pass orders that would improve the battle against climate change. now, it seems that president biden is reluctant to do this, that he would prefer congress to pass legislation. but as you heard there, there's opposition in congress to passing legislation in the senate. there's even one of president biden's own party who's walked away from climate change negotiations. so there has not been anything tangible announced in this speech to day. as i said, he had been pressed by his critics to announce emergency legislation, which would make it easier for his administration to limit the activities of fossil
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fueled industries on federal lands. he did say, however, this executive orders may be coming in coming days, but this is something that the biden administration has been saying in recent weeks that they will be executive orders in recent incoming days, but not being as specific about what they are or indeed when they will be invoked. so the criticism, what president biden remains though, he trumpeted. the successes of his administration, which he contends has been evident over the years that his administration has been impala. and he has re established his commitment to fighting against a climate change. something that he has declared once again is a national emergency. it's a clear and present danger. all right, thank you very much. and his air is my can, are putting tests from the white house. in watching al jazeera live from london,
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much more still had for you on the program. allegations of extra judicial killings, arbitrary arrest and torture. life in afghanistan, almost a year after the taliban seized power and bangladesh takes the drastic action to conserve fuel and power during an escalating energy crisis. ah ah, the right, the heat waves been swept away, at least in the british isles, from a good part of france is being pushed in this general direction by well, a cold front so head is colder. it's not cold, just come down to average the forecast for london for 35 years, i think is a roundabout where it should be some cabinet sky. probably no showers. there are a moment for they could disappear. in fact, the may rain if it falls,
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it'll be significant. will be somewhere like the netherland maybe parts of germany down towards midwest, the side of austria and the outs. if you're lucky, it would be good stuff, but further south has nothing. nothing for southern france, spain, portugal, and it's the remains dry and hot. now the unusual heat is probably gonna be eastern poland, up through the baltic states and briefly in sweden that sweat 2 and stockholm spect and $25.00. let me get to friday, but i did say southern europe is a different story in seville attempt just to riding very high the records 466. we're not got them at the average is $36.00. we're well above that once again. and that goes for most of the mediterranean countries and beyond in towards turkey, which means the wildfires are spreading, you know, they're in spain, pasco, and france. and his, the latest one picture every night, just north of athens in greece. water can, i'm afraid. ah,
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oh i oh, where ever you go in the world? one airline goes to make it feel exceptional. katara always going places to go. lou. ah, ah, hello, come back. look at the main stories of following now and italy's prime minister, mario druggie, has won
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a confidence vote in the senate. but in move which is meant to restore unity and his government could instead c collapse. 3 main coalition partners refused to participate in the vote. it could pay the way for early elections. emergency crews are battling far as far as across large parts of southern europe and more mass evacuation orders have been issued in spain, fires of burning in 5 regions. onwards of people across the country of died from related issues. and in the u. s. president joe biden has announced $2300000000.00 in funding to help communities deal with climate change. he'll also announce executive actions to combat the climate emergency in the coming days. now running a look promising is going to be sworn in as flank as president on does day, despite his unpopularity with the public work, grimacing of faces the difficult task of leading the country out of aspiring economic crisis and restoring order off to months of mass protest michelle
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fernandez reports now from colombo. ronnie. disclaimer, seeing her matter tomorrow, let be a ditch under sunk our it cassie at this. how about i ah, inside shall anchors most heavily guarded. building it's new president was chosen, aren't empties cost secret ballots to decide who would succeed. good harvey roger boxer. he fled in a military plane last week. after tens of thousands of protesters stormed his official residence. the prospect of running vicar missing a succeeding roger boxer. had caused an outcry from thousands who were demanding that he to step down. but more than half the parliamentarians ignored the protesters wishes that i'd then happy we do our value right after the time of being divided as over. we had 48 hours of division. now i'm asking everyone to get together to discuss so i'd like to start discussions with all of you from tomorrow . jacqueline oh, maisie lumpkins,
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a bingley that a man voted out of parliament in the last election as become president. he's the defender of our garage box or family, or the 2nd reason is he doesn't have a mandate to be a member of parliament at least. so we do not accept his assignment. ilia government, them a little, they will be limited of it, didn't the public opinion, as opposed to this we, the trade unions are opposed to it. the people are opposed to it. we are clearly opposed to renewals appointment. this is not the people's will, it's a distortion. one of the 1st things we grimacing had did was tank the armed forces and police, hundreds of security personnel secured the parliament complex to ensure wednesday's vote was not disrupted. and only say his immediate challenge will be to push shall anchor back from the brink of total disaster, a moderate parliament erin in de roger boxes, s l p. p. party told me the election was a battle between money and conscience protested as
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a given day. elected representative did not reflect the views when choosing the candidate. they will continue to oppose the presidency of the victim of thing. her fernandez, just 0, colombo. rashid soon act or less trusts will be persons next. prime minister, former charts are in foreign secretary on the final 2 candidates in the case, conservative party leadership contests. the window will be chosen in a run off vote 5 party members, and we'll place or as johnson, as prime minister in september, journal reports that richie lives for us will be the candidates going forward. the conservative party m p, 's have spoken. now grassroots members will decide where the former chancellor, pretty soon i call forum secretary liz trust should go on to be party leader. and britons next prime minister. both the divisive characters,
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both have the experience of high office trust promises, what fee calls a truly conservative economic agenda, tax cuts and a hike indifferent spending on the pass, and who can go into number 10. i can hit go, i'm running and i can get things done. soon acts as he'll stabilize the economy, ease the cost of living crisis and when the next election. the question now for our members, who is the best person to defeat film or in the labor policy of the next election? i believe on the only candidate who can do that. and there's a further distinction between the 2. while lease trust is seen as the candidate most likely to continue boris johnson's brand of populace politics, richie soon isn't popular in downing street where he's seen as having betrayed johnson, earning him the distrust of party members of poll. all those very party members who will elect the next prime minister suggests that list trust is far more likely to win than riches who not before the focus shifted to
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a very public some a leadership campaign, there was a time for parliament to say goodbye to boris johnson at his final session that the dispatch box in time is this questions. i do know the relationship between a prime minister and leader of the opposition is never easy. this one is prove no exception to the rule. but i would like to take this opportunity to wish him, his wife and his family, the best for the future. and johnson had this advice for his successor number once they co, 3 american pick up for the ukranian speak up of freedom and democracy everywhere. johnson's relatively short and near included, he said, restoring the use case, independence for europe and battling the pandemic. but then a string of scandals brought his office into disrepute. speaker, i was like everybody here and how some of the baby johnson
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exited the house of commons to rousing applause. the next prime minister will be named on september the 5th, jonah hall, l $20.00 london. the un mission in afghanistan as accused the taliban of hundreds of rights violation since it sees power last year. and you report documents allegations of extra judicial killings, arbitrary arrest and torture. it sites more than $200.00 instances of cruel punishments, including some targeting people accused of violating religious codes. the un says women and girls have been subjected to severe restrictions on their rights and excluded from public life. hundreds of casualties have also been linked attacks by a group known as ice. ok, a bits arrival of the taliban, which often targets ethnic and religious minorities. alley latifah has more on the reports. findings from campbell in the press conference announcing the report,
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the un made it clear and they kept reiterating that they have been consistently meeting with the lama camera and they have been showing them the sort of their findings ahead of time. but also that they have sent this report ahead of time and that they really want them to take it seriously. and they just kept saying that, you know, we're in constant contact with them. and this is part of our mandate, and we're making sure that they are informed and that we're hoping that they can take this information and move forward and do something with it. but again, this leads to questions that the, this was a question that was asked repeatedly by the other press in the press conference was that, well, what are concrete steps that the one has taken to show that or to put forth and to, to give an example that their pressure has actually resulted in some kind of a change in activity of the law, mac, emery. so you know, it's really important for people to see that these reports and that be the instances. you know, the united nation is a big organization on the phone as the leading organization right now is in charge
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of a distribution. so people are hoping that this will be something that the mac emerett really take seriously and lead them to take some kind of real action because over the last 10 months, even if there have been talks between the united nations and the lama camera, the fact that this 40 something page report exist seems to show some kind of a disconnect or some kind of a shortfall between both groups. ukrainian forces of damaged, unimportant bridge, and the cell in harrison region, which russia has been using to deliver supplies to its troops. to be in ministration in the russian controlled regions. as ukraine struck, the pro river bridge with us supplied rockets. bridge is one of only 2 that russia can use to supply or withdraw forces in the area. the while ukraine's 1st ladies urged the u. s. congress to provide more weapons and assistance to help in the war effort. elaina zelinski appealed to members of congress during an emotional 50 minute address in washington. that ensco showed videos of children who
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had been killed or injured and spoke about reality on the ground inside the country . and the u. s. is provide $8000000000.00 in security assistance to ukraine. members of congress said they would be that they will ready to authorize more european union is i member say to con gas usage by 15 percent until march as fears grove, a possible cost off of the russian energy supply. an old stream, one pipeline which carries gas from russia to germany, is scheduled to come back on line off to maintenance on thursday. but there are concerns. it might not, in retaliation for european sanctions against russia. russia is black mailing us. russia is using energy as a weapon and therefore, in any event event, whether it's a partial major cut off of russian gas or total cut off of russia gas,
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europe needs to be ready. we are asking the member states to reduce fight 15 percent. the gas consumption. 15 percent, why this is the equivalent to $45.00 bcm of gas. and with such a reduction, we can make it safely through this winter in case of a complete disruption of russian us. oh, we thing energy supply shortages in countries around the world, a government in bangladesh is closing fuel stations for one day a week because of an ongoing energy price crisis. there talmadge, audrey reports from docker. one of those government on monday announced fresh measure to save oil and power consumption and made escalating energy prices in the global market. this name, the suspension of power production using imported dis alive. the government also plans to reduce import of liquid natural gas. the plan also include the shut down
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patrol pants all across the country for at least one day a week. and then i got a few price is a problem for public transport and car owners because the increase in you price will deem and the transport owner will end up charging higher phase. there will be also powered costs all across the country at different location and areas at different intel bells, at least for one to 2 hours a day. under the new measure, the shopping malls and shops will have to shut down by 8 pm every day. essentially cutting down the business hours by one to 2 hours as to what on again, customers will eventually get used to the new shopping time. in the beginning, there might be some confusion, but then they start coming to the shops earlier. the government also plans to cut down office hours by at least one to 2 hours every day. all for the sake of saving energy, bangladesh barely recovered from the impact of kobe pandemic. yet it has been able
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to maintain studies, economic growth, but economic learned that high port prices along with inflation and subsidy. while oil imports along with heavy spending on mega project could pose a major challenge for the government and coming months. ah, because of the increase in fuel prices in recent days, we've had to raise the bus fare because of the passengers you're getting upset and frequently get into fights and arguments with us. the international monetary farms village volatility of the exchange rate and the fears of export. dwindling due to the slowdown of the globally can me because of the ukraine, russia was caught become the main barrier for macro economic stability in the country. ah, main stories of.


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