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ah safe going home and then international anti corruption excellence award boat. now for your hero. ah, italy's prime minister mario drug, he resigns after his main allies boycott a confidence but ah,
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hello, i'm darn jordan. this is out of the or a lie you from dela also coming up, but sure lanka has a new president. run a wicker, i'm a single sworn in despite protest as opposing his election. turkey denies carrying out an artillery bombardment of killed 8 people and the kurdish region of northern iraq and extreme drought in no one. mexico is worsening. a water crisis in the city of montana. ah, italy's prime minister has resigned. mario drago told italian presidents sergio montela. he was stepping down, the president says he ost roggette to stay on as a k. i take a lead if a now the prime minister, one a confidence vote on wednesday. but 3 political parties in his coalition refused to participate while adam rainy joined us. live now from adams, so another day of political high drama with mario drago resigning twice in the
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space of just a week. remind us how we got here at him. well darren, what we had last week when the doggie 1st off her resignation to the present here at the presidential palace was a confidence vote. that really angered and upset one of the coalition partners that was the 5 star movement, which holds a lot of seats and parliament that but doesn't command a lot of power anymore because they're declining the poles and the leader in the senate, decepticon se couldn't come to an agreement with rocky at that time and drug he said he wanted his support, use a key member of the government. he couldn't see continuing the government without that 5 star movement when the 5 start movement boycotted that earlier confidence vote, which but he actually won a majority of in that boat last week. but i came up here to offer his resignation. it was rejected. the president asked him to go back to parliament on wednesday and say what he would need to continue. well, he gave a very strong speech wednesday morning here in rome,
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not far from where i'm standing in the senate. and he said that an outpouring of support from italians across the nation supported government showed him that they should continue, but that they should continue all of them in this unity government several rival parties. but throughout the day and all these back room negotiations, the parties just wouldn't get on board with what he was asking for. the unit limits of one voice of a government and it fractured. basically, you had 3 party thing. we don't want to continue 2 of those, so they wouldn't continue with the 5 star movement. so even if the 5 start movement had gotten on board, it would have been a big mess that wouldn't been able to continue. so many came just a brief while ago to the president for power and offered his resignation. this time the president method accepted it and only asked them to stay on the care of the caretaker until early elections. could you tell them what happens next to me looking at the election that yeah,
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we don't know exactly when some reports are saying it could be as early as september, october, but the president is going to be meeting political leaders and just a few hours here at the palace and they're probably going to hash out some timeline for early elections if they do come in the fall is what looks likely. it would be the 1st time since world war 2 that the times have voted at the time. because usually in the fall, parliament passes a budget, and this year facing so many crises, many or talents, are worried that if everyone's focus on the political crisis and electing a new government, many projects that many problems that need to be address won't be because they won't have a budget approval, so it's how italy like many countries, it's basically a problem in placing their focus on the war and ukraine mart your drug has been a big supporter of ukraine. it's questionable the next government that takes power after alexis will support the premise much, and they're also facing a drought. they haven't seen the lights in 7 decades. so italy has a lot to do in the selection. threatens to distract the country in its leaders from
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addressing those problems as they head to the polls earlier sooner rather than later. they're all right to adam regular for stay in room adam. thank you. no ronna, we're from a finger has been sworn in a sri lankan president. he was elected by impedes, despite widespread public protests. many shoreline can say he's partially responsible for the current economic crisis. we come, a singer says he's going to be tough and what he calls undemocratic demonstrators. he will complete the term i've got to buy a raja baxa, a resigned off a fling to single last week. well, the political and economic instabilities pushing many to consider, leaving the country steadfast mass more from outside the passport office in the capitol. well, when mad, i need to become a thing. i was a sworn in as the 8 executive president in sri lanka. these people here was standing in a very long queue and they all want to leave the country day. told me i've spoken to some of them that they don't have any confidence that there will be any change
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any time soon. and their situation has become so dire, people have told me they only eat once a day. they have really cut down on their nutrition. they have seen their salary said go down, the prices have gone up so they don't see any future, at least not for the coming years here in this country. so they're all trying to get a passport. that's why they've been doing some of them have been in the queue for 3 days. as you can see, they've been sleeping here. i've been eating here. they're basically been living here for 3 days to get a passport and with them like hundreds of others. so this feel here symbolizes the real sheer desperation. sri lankan are in right now. iraq is holding a day of morning off to an attack on a tourist town in the kurdish region killed 8 people, and wounded 23 tillery bombardment happened in the mountain of tourist zacko in the north. turkey rejects allegations that it carried out the strike thing. it was a tele, i'm going to most off to me as worn down credit bank that reserves the right to
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retaliate. so if you readily carries out it strikes in northern iraq targeting members of the code is done workers party, which it classifies as a terrorist group. might what up, why does more now from that that will this probably based on no previous operation carried out by turkish forces in the areas near the borders with iraq, again is to p k k, the kurdistan workers parties, fighters, it seemed that many institutions here in iraq are still insisting on accusing turkey of or turkish forces of carrying out this attack. despite the fact that turkey has strongly deny dutch and accused the could this time the workers party fighters over carrying out the attack. now, today has been declared a morning day in iraq for the victims of the the artillery attack in zacko resort in northern iraq. and the prime minister must have
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a cause. the me says that he's tweeted that it's a violation of iraq's sovereignty. the many institutions he has specially political institutions are putting pressure on the government to take action by downsizing, diplomatic representation with turkey. and also some are calling for a closure of crossing terminals with turk and coffee organs. and it's done. but when the government says it's not responsible for the attack, since yesterday, turkish foreign ministry and military sources have been saying that this is a terror attack. this is not done by the turkish military and turkish foreign minister. 2, he repeated that he rejected the claims of turkish military target. the civilians, he said turkish military never target civilians anywhere in the world. and the world knows that and turkey claims that these operations in northern iraq against
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the outboard curtis, the workers party with the p k. k, is to defend itself against terrorism. and it is in line with international law. a turkish military has been conducting a counter p k cooperation in northern iraq for many years. and since last april, it has been a very intensive operation that targeted the p k. k elements and the camps in northern iraq, rural areas. and apparently, the village where the to billions were killed yesterday was very close to the area where the p k. k. camps were and where the turkish military has been actually shelling since the morning. i have been hearing from the kurdish local sources that the area is very close to the operation area. and the group was also guided by a tourism guide, and the locals are also curious why the civilians, the tourists who came from baghdad have been brought very close to the military
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operation area. the notary one gas pipeline is back up and running off a 10 days of routine maintenance. they have been fears. russia would completely cut gas flows in retaliation for sanctions. europe imposed for its invasion of ukraine on wednesday, the european commission urge members to reduce gas usage by 15 percent until next march, anticipation of a looming energy crisis. russia is black mailing us. russia is using energy as a weapon and therefore us, in any of that event, whether it's a partial major cut off of russian gas or total cut off of russia gas, europe needs to be ready. we are asking the member states to reduce fight 15 percent. the gas consumption. 15 percent why this is the equivalent to $45.00 bcm of gas. and with such a reduction, we can make it safely through this winter. in case of a complete disruption of lashley,
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gas rushes foreign minister says moscow's military goals in ukraine have widened beyond the eastern region of dumbass saga, elaborate told state media, but forces would target the regions of care sun and separation to stop all is lost at each gulch when there was a meeting in eastern bull, there was one geography and our willingness to accept the ukrainian proposal was based on that geography for the geography at the end of march 2022. now the geography is different, but this is not only the eleanor and the d, n r. this is also the curse and region and the sample regio region, and a number of other territories. this process continues and continues consistently and persistently. meanwhile, the u. s. as high mobility artillery rocket systems or high mars have been used successfully by ukraine. at a meeting on wednesday,
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washington and its allies agree to send more military aid us defense secretary lloyd austin, says rushes expansion plans come as no surprise. i'm sure that the ukrainian leadership will be i'm pleased to hear a lot of raw's confirmation of the effectiveness from not only that sister, but how they're using that system harm. as you know, russians are currently in a curse on and off from asia. so to russian forces, there are, there, there are now. so you have to wonder who he's talking to. lots more so to come here now to sierra including will be live in ne bangladesh where schools have reopened off the flooding. but many areas are still under water, plus a football is helping to distract pittman tenicia from the country's political and economic crisis. marla, stay with us with
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now there has been a bit of flooding once against and this brief build of large clarity was popular in the islands nearby. that's not a particularly wet area in the forecasts. the rain is turning heavy again in the philippines, but it's been especially heavy in being mom, thailand, easiest edging off now or easing off in cambodia and really were growing big a shout in boy. that line a sort of dagger down through sudden sumatran. catching jakarta in australia, it's building in the carl see now that cloud is producing a fair amount of rain, which she's going to hit in land in southern queens and says can be around brisbin with quite a strong wind. it doesn't make too much progress in land and it's not lasting too long. this will all be down the coast of new south wales with the sun's out in a warming melbourne at 17. and that rain has come to western australia, a few showers still let not be repeated from per south with
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a few more showers on their way. while it's how me get to saturday, the rains back into victoria. the coast is still dull, new south wells, but is improved in queensland. notice this rain circulation, the one that formed nicole say it's on its way to news even takes a while to get there. though it's windy for the next 24 hours, particularly in the south of south island with la shy, dry ah, with some of the world largest with me. yeah. provides much of the uranium that fuel year at nuclear power. but at what cost? people and power follows the uranium trail from the van to the source of the mediterranean and investigate the devastating effects on the planets and all those who inhabit the industries past. the care of you alien tail on al jazeera.
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ah ah, welcome back. a group of about about top stories here at this hour, italy's prime minister mario rod, he has resign president. sergio math at ela says he has asked roggette to stay on as a caretaker leader. he want a competence vote, but 3 parties in his coalition. government refused to participate for lanka has sworn in ronald wicker my fingers, the new president, despite opposition from the protest movement, but force his predecessor to step down. many shoreline can say he shares the blame for the ongoing economic crisis under, on foreign minister spending turkey for an attack in the kurdish region of northern iraq. on wednesday, 8 people were killed and 23 wounded. turkey rejects the allegations. now the
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speaker of the us house of representatives expect the deposit taiwan next month, and the moves been met with fierce criticism from china. nancy pelosi strip would make up one of the highest ranking american officials to visit the self. rhode island in decades. china has won the u. s. would bear the consequences of such a trip. beijing consider taiwan as its territory. when a thursday joe biden was asked by a reporter, if it was a good idea for policy to travel to taiwan. i think that noah cherry thinks is not a good idea right now. what? i don't know what the status of it is. what joining us from taipei is brian hugh. he's a political commentator and founder of new blue magazine. bryan. good, happy with this. i mean, i think it's worth pointing out, but nancy pelosi will be the 1st sitting speaker of the u. s. house. to visit taiwan in 25 years. how significant is this trip and why now do you think? right. and so it's, it's timing, but there has been increased international spotlight on taiwan as a result of,
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for example, covered ninety's, but also rising us transactions and so under the junk ministration. but then also on the bottom ministration. one has seen more attention paid to attempt to service a corporate talk, as included, for example, us centers of the things i want to make boxing donations. and so this would be another layer of installation having the us peak of a house, the visits i want. i instead timing the original timing of the chart, there was an entity in april, then pelosi contract to cover $900.00. it was unable to make it that would have been after the ukraine invasion. and so that would have been attempting to reassure . but now months later, i think that the timing has changed. so that is why i received these comments vital . and brian, there are already reports that china is extremely angry about pelosi, strict with official saying the u. s. will have to bear the consequences. is this just say by rattling from beijing or i would like to see i'm a worrying chinese response. do you think? so there has been a lot of cigarettes from aging in regards to politicians. one contain some time off,
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sometimes it takes place in the form of aaron curve and just how on air defense identification is own in which aeroplanes identified. and so there are fears and china potentially exploits offered up others discussion of china. ready and comparing it to actions and $990.00 s regarding the challenge price. personally, i think that is a little bit overblown is not to that point yet. it is possible, but then that same time one knows that there's a lot of things i'm trying to fight. there are outbreaks of 19 being to lock them. she didn't thing is sticking on president. the 3rd term out the 20th national congress later this year. but for stability in order for that to happen. yeah, i'm brian, as you point out, hello. these trip comes to the low points of us china relations. what are the americans hoping to get out of this trip and how to tie, pay, view it from where you sit there and tie $1.00 so obese, reassure taiwan, but also show china of other u. s. stake in the asia pacific. i think this law so quite infant calling the death of general ave, for example, are raising questions about regional power. i mean, he was not, i'm the sort of and in the form of i, mr. but after that, for example,
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one saw strength thing of relations between calendar and with vice president william ly, traveling to japan as the top government official and ears. and so i think it's re to reassure, but then at the same time with us, i mean there's also fashion with this impact, american election, mineral actions. and i think that's what ap biden's concerned about. but he's also scheduled to talk this evening within this month. and so raising up close each up, having that occur. now it as a shadow over the stocks. and so i think that's another reason why it's brian just a final thought to you. i mean this trip by pelosi comes, just as china, as you point out, is preparing for it's hugely important party congress and october. how much will china want to show its domestic audience? it won't allow us to undermine what it sees as its sovereignty and territorial integrity. so i think a thing that china wants to make a strong show for us and that as we say in recent times in the form of displaying us naval assets is of course new aircraft carriers and so forth. and so that may take place. i don't think c wanted office week or so that would be something that
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in order to install their power, you might want to make a strong demonstration there. brian, who really good to get your thoughts. thank you very much. dba talking to out there . thank you. bye, thanks much you as president joe biden threatening to take executive action if congress doesn't pass legislation to tackle climate change. he's announced $2300000000.00 in funding for building infrastructure. the can hold up against extreme weather and natural disasters. my kind of ripples. the presidents being taking the heat from fellow democrats who insist he's not doing an up to combat climate change. and they were disappointed with no announcement of a climate emergency or executive action. only a repetition of the threat that he'll take action if congress doesn't. this is an emergency, an emergency, and i will, i will look at it that way. i said last week, say it again loud and clear as president. i'll use my executive power to combat climate, the climate crisis in the absence or congressional action. the problem in congress
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essentially lies in the senate, in particular, one of the president's own party, jo mansion who's pulled out of negotiations over climate legislation. given the senate 5050 split, this means unless some republicans break party ranks. any legislation will simply not pass because of, you know, one senator in particular, joe mentioned who get more money from the oil and gas industry than virtually any other senator. by didn't, he is blocking biden's legislation in the senate, so that fight and cannot enact his climate agenda there. the site of the president's speech was carefully chosen. the brighton point paula station was labelled one of the full fi, 5 industrial polluters in the past. but the coal fired plant was decommissioned 5 years ago and it's now set to become part of a massive, offshore wind power project that could generate a significant amount of green energy. and the president listed what he views as his
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administration successors, including the most recent. today, we began the process to develop wind power in the gulf of mexico as well from the 1st time, a real opportunity to power millions of additional homes from when. but this will not be enough for the precedence protects to continue to call for stronger executive action. president biden has the power to declare a climate emergency which could assist his administration in limiting the activities of fossil fuel industries on federal lands. but this in turn could lead to the administration being involved in long drawn our battles in the courts. and the president has confirmed his administration's message, that executive action remains on the table. but while the delay in execution continues, there's a real danger that this could become another proceed to biden failure. that voters
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would note at the midterm poles. my canner al jazeera washington schools every opened in northeastern bangladesh after the worst floods in a century. tens of thousands of pupils haven't been to class for weeks. tundra charger ports from the salon region. most children in the flood effect of sil, at region, returned to class on july the 19. but for some getting to school isn't easy for xanax. her and her schoolmates have to take a boat on their fast, their back and as he can take her c. today's the 1st day we are going to school as our homes were damaged and partly submerged by the flooding. it's still difficult because of the remaining water in the area crystal, the you and estimates nearly 20000 people, including 3000 children, are still living in temporary shelters for oh, the school was used as a shelter aside from people. livestock was also kept here. so we had to clean up
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the entire place before re opening. only around 30 to 40 percent of students have returned to the school. the government say they've already made plans to provide new boats and educational materials, terribly vulgar. tacitus would be physical discipline, else look a little more than $400.00 educational institutions, the region we use, a shelter that have it, since the flood waters receded. have we been able to reopen when most of the schools this week? some people have returned home and are trying to repair the damage. water points on letter needs to be repaired and communication is still very difficult as flood water in many places have not totally received that yet. a lot louisa cotton and her family are rice farmers. they're worried about their future as they have no other source of income. little denise, this so much stuff i had all washed away. i barely survived. my husband had to break the wall to rescue me from inside the house,
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which was completely flooded. rummy's as a 2 year old daughter, fanny is anxious to return to school. my children's education is told because mr. water around the home, the road, somebody full of slides, we don't have a boat, a government climate action policy due to be launched ahead of the c o. p 27 conference in november. suggest any new developments to be built using water assistant construction materials. but for the families, we have lost everything. it will take months if not years to rebuild their homes. and they need all their system. they can get 10 v chaudhry al jazeera, solid bangladesh law climate change, at least partly to blame for a massive a swarm of jenny fish off the coast of israel footage from israel's parks and nature authority show, the jellyfish ne haifa, the swimming as part of an annual migration, but this year the population has exploded due to pollution and climate factors. a water crisis reach critical levels in mexico's wealthier city out as areas. manuel
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rap on a resorts, a monterey, where residence having to rush on their wolf extreme drought conditions in northern mexico. this reservoir, in the outskirts of mon delay, is almost entirely dry. and many here worry the same will happen to the local economy. remember if i were over another week of this, things would only worsen boats are now stranded, a top the dry lake bed at la boca dan. it's been months since the region has seen any significant rainfall. experts have identified several factors that are contributing to the ongoing water crisis here in northern mexico. the most significant of which is a weather phenomenon known as la nina, which climate scientists say has been exacerbated by climate change leading to one of the worst droughts in the last 30 years. science is c linea has disrupted regular weather patterns in northern mexico. this means that rains that were
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supposed to begin in may still haven't arrived. and there is no telling when they will environmental activists say that despite the drought bottling companies like coca cola, heineken and others have continued large scale water extraction, making the situation even worse. or if somebody, even though when i get on chrome complex younger co, mazel, seattle, we're living a great contradiction in the city. we are a great deal to the big companies, but it's been at the cost of the well being of citizens. and that's the problem. we need to completely rethink the question of water usage. the water crisis in won't delay. a city of more than 5000000 people has reached a critical point. many now rely almost entirely on public water tanks. for some, they are the only source of water available. we'll discuss almost an hour, then we have no water, nothing comes out of the top and we have to carry it back home for cooking cleaning and even the bathroom. we buy our drinking water from the supermarket,
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mexico's president, his vowed to continue to support efforts to supply water to various cities in northern mexico. but experts say the strategy is not sustainable. adding that the only real solution is rein, manuel it up below al jazeera monterey columbia. new congress has been sworn in, and for the 1st time a leftist coalition holds the most cease. it's also the most diverse, when more indigenous black and female empties than ever before. the new congress were looked boss, president elect gustavo petra's policies, which include more funding for social programs, as well as pension and police report. the 2020 to see the world cup kicks off in, cut out exactly 4 months. chinese is one of 2 north african teams to qualify football fans their hope. the tournament will give them a brief respite from political and economic crises. oh vanderhoof repulse, tuna 0 is a country with deep political divisions,
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but there's one thing that still unites people clearly from a versa, a bit football brings people together and they sympathize with each other. when a game is on, it's all they think about it. they forget about politics and the things that are happening in the country and they forget about the problem again. but they're both good now, but we're all support denisia. all of us. we forget about the faction supporting the president and the other supporting a mother in politics is that we keep football at apollo. at the store. last rattled a president, chi said dissolved parliament and sect the government to rule by decree last year and moved. the opposition has called a qu, critics of labelled a new draft constitution as an attempt by said to expand his powers unlawfully. tennesseans have been frustrated by years of political argument and economic stagnation, but has her new toner, hey that he thought it. the world cup is the only thing that's left for us and to nicea, it's the way out. and the thing that brings everyone together, regardless of the differences we see in politics or economic problems in qatar
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2022 will be china's his 6th appearance at a world comp. they've never made it out of the group stage and of one just 2 games at the tournament. fans in china's hope the country's large expert community in doha will give the eagles of carthage and advantage this time round. as kabir lincoln messina, she hopefully are tennessee and community there will encourage the team the especially during the 1st matches are the received kicked out of the donors. hopefully we can get out of the groups treasure we've had enough of leaving early would achieving that won't be easy with group games against defending champions. france as well as denmark and australia pull worse al jazeera ah. type a question on the headlines here on al jazeera, italy's prime minister mario drug, he has resigned president sergio matter.


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