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with some of the world's largest, besides, the jap provides much at the uranium that fuels year it's nuclear power. but at what cost? people in power follows the uranium trail from the dead to the source of the mediterranean and investigates the devastating effects on the planets and all those who inhabit the industries power. the care of you alien hot tale on al jazeera, we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter what newton winton been using kind to force that matter to you, a it 00, james he and 8 pm in washington, dc. and the 8th hearing the u. s. house select committee investigating the january 6 right on. capitals getting underway. these are life pitchers. the primary event
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is expected to detail, then president donald trump's actions in the 3 hours between his speech urging the crowd to fight like hell. and the final release with video urging the writers to go home. during that time, trump supporters breached capital and fought with police to former white house aides, who quit after the right are due to testify. last week does she have returns? he who is live on capitol hill? so finally, the event is getting underway. one of the people watching this, i'm sure is going to be donald trump. ah, what are we expecting to see or hear? in the next coming hours? the committee is going to try and make a case. that's what we saw in that 187 minutes or the 187 minutes that are going to give us a blow by blow account off between. when donald trump finished his speech at the white as having summoned his supporters to washington on january the 6th and 3 hours and 7 minutes later that the video message he sent to his supporters to leave
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the capital. that what we saw in those, in those intervening minutes was a dereliction of duty because, of course, in those intervening minutes, members off the, the mob that it's, as it's described that was at the capital breach the capital's defenses stormed the capital and seemingly and attempted to stop the certification of the election. so we're going to get that granularity. we already know a broad strokes. he was sitting in the white house kitchen. he was watching tv. he was rather enjoying it, even as the crowd looked more and more threatening and those around them were telling him you've got to do something. instead he tweeted out a message talking about mike pence not having had the courage to do the right thing . and it was after that the crowd was, was even was actively looking for mike pence, the vice president. we know the board brush strokes are what we're going to get in the testimony of to live witnesses who were in the white house on that day. a former deputy national security adviser and a former deputy press secretary is,
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is an account of what those around him were saying and what trump himself was doing . and that's the case that the committee is trying to make. donald trump is unfit for office and he was derelict in his duty on that day. evenings here, let's begin now with the select committee hearing you now witness. over the last month and a half the select committee and told a story of a president who did everything in his power to overturn an election. he lat, a bully, he betrayed his old. he tried to destroy democratic institutions. he summon a mob to washington. after war on january 6th, when he knew that the assembled mob was heavily armed and angry, he commanded the mob to go to the calf. and he and fat ugly commanded the heavily
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mall to fight like hale. for the weeks between november election and january 6, down front was a force to be reckoned with. he throws off the fact, shall i didn't legality, correct? so by advice of his. * knowledgeable. * sensible advisors instead he recklessly blazed of hegel. * insensible advise us in stay, he recklessly blazed a pair of lawlessness and corruption, the cost to which democracy be damned. and then he sat for 187 minutes on january 6. this man of unbridled destructive energy could not be moved, not by his aids, not by l as not bad a valid chance, the writers or the desperate please of those facing down the right. and more tellingly,
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donald trump ignore and disregard it. the desperate please of his own family, including a vanka and don junior. even though he was the only person in the world who could call off the mob. he sent to the capital. he could not be moved to rise from his dining room table and walk the few steps down the white house hallway into the press briefing room, where cameras what anxiously and desperately waiting to tear his message to the armed and violent mob, fabulously beating and killing law enforcement offices revenging the capital and hunting down the vice president and various members of congress. he could not be moved this evening. my colleagues, mister king's anger, of illinois and miss luria of the junior would take you inside the white house
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during those 187 minutes. we also remind you of what was happening at the capital, minute by minute, as a foul, violent, tragic part of don't front scheme to clean to power unravel. while he ignored his advisors, stood by and watched it unfold on television. that we offer found thought about the select committees work so far. as we've made clear throughout these hearings, our investigation goals for what we continue to receive new information every day. we continue to hear from witnesses. we will reconvene in september to continue laying out our findings to the american people. but as at work goes fall, a number of facts are clear. there can be no doubt that there was a coordinated law to step effort. the overturn and election overseen and directed
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by donald trump. there could be no doubt that he commanded a mob. a mom, he knew was heavily on violence and angry to march on the capital to try to stop the peaceful transfer of power. and he made targets out of his own vice president and the law makers gathered to do the people's work. these facts have gone undisputed. and so there needs to be accountability, accountability on the law. accountability to the american people. accountability to every level from the local precincts and minute states. what don tomblin, who allies attacked election workers for just doing their jobs, all the way up to the oval office. when donald trump embraced a legal advice of insurrection, is that a federal judge has already, fe,
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was a coup in search of a legal theory. our democracy was to the attack on january 6. if there is no accountability for january 6, for every part of this scheme, i fear that we will not overcome the old boring threat to our democracy. there must be still consequences for those responsible. now i'll turn things over to a vice chair. to start telling this story. thank you mister chairman. without objection, the presiding officer is authorized to declare the committee in recess at any point . pursuant to house deposition authority regulation 10, i announce that the committee has approved the release of the deposition material presented during today's hearing. and let me begin tonight by wishing chairman thompson a rapid recovery from coded. he has expertly led us through 8 hearing so far and he
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has brought us to the point we are today. in our initial hearing, the chairman and i described what ultimately became donald trump's 7 part plan to overturn the 2020 presidential election. a plan stretching from before election day through january 6th. at the close of today's hearing, our 9th, we will have addressed each element of that plan. but in the course of these hearings, we have received new evidence and new witnesses have bravely stepped forward. efforts to litigate and overcome immunity and executive privilege claims have been successful and those continue. doors have opened, new subpoenas had been issued and the damn has begun to break. and now, even as we conduct our 9 hearing, we have considerably more to do. we have far more evidence to share with the american people and more to gather. so our committee will spend august pursuing
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emerging information on multiple fronts. before convening further hearings, the september to day we know far more about the president's plans and actions to overturn the election. in almost all members of congress did when president trump was impeached on january 13th, 2021. or when he was tried by the senate, in february of that year, 57 of 100 senators voted to convict president trump at that time. and more than 20 others said they were voting against conviction because the president's term had already expired. at the time, the republican leader of the united states senate said this about donald trump, a law or the for altering the capital in here. no. is criminal court occurred live banner hanging here of law
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and screaming, we're loyal. good. oh, it was all me. or only broken trauma could oh no it was the only one leader mcconnell reached those conclusions based on what he knew then without any of them much more detailed evidence you will see today. lawlessness and violence began at the capital on january 6th, 2021 before 1 pm, and continued until well after darkness fell. what exactly was our commander in chief doing during the hours of violence? to day we addressed precisely that issue. everything you've heard in these hearings thus far will help you understand president trump's motives during the violence. you already know donald trump's goal to halt or delay congress is official
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proceedings to count certified electoral votes. you know that donald trump tried to pressure his vice president to illegally reject votes and delay the proceedings. you know, he tried to convince state officials and state legislators to flip their electoral votes from biden to trump. and you know, donald trump tried to corrupt our department of justice to aid his scheme, but by january 6th, none of that had worked. only one thing was succeeding on the afternoon of january 6th. only one thing was achieving president trump's goal. the angry armed mob president trump sent to the capital, broke through security, invaded the capital, and forced the vote. counting to stop that mob was violent and destructive and many came armed. as you will hear, secret service agents protecting the vice president were exceptionally concerned
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about his safety and their own. republican leader kevin mccarthy was scared as were others in congress. even those who themselves helped to provoke the violence. and as you will see to day, donald trump's own white house counsel his own white house staff, members of his own family, all implored him to immediately intervene to condemn the violence and instruct his supporters to stand down. leave the capital and disperse for multiple hours. he would not, donald trump would not get on the phone and order the military or law enforcement agencies to help. and for hours, donald trump chose not to answer the please from congress, from his own party and from all across our nation to do what his oath required. he refused to defend our nation and our constitution. he refused to do what every
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american president must. in the days after january 6th, almost no one of any political party would defend president trump's conduct, and no one should do so to day. thank you and i now recognized the gentlewoman from virginia. thank you madam vice chair. article 2 of our constitution requires that the president swear a very specific oath every 4 years. every president swears or affirms to faithfully execute the office of president of the united states and to the best of their ability preserve, protect, and defend the constitution of the united states. the president also assumes the constitutional duty to take care that our nation's laws be faithfully executed. and as the commander in chief of our military, r hearings have shown the many ways in which president trump tried to stop the
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peaceful transfer of power in the days leading up to january 6. with each step of his plan, he betrayed his oath of office. and was derelict in his duty to night, we will further examine president trump's actions on the day of the attack on the capital. early that afternoon, president tromp instructed tens of thousands of supporters at and near the ellipse rally. a number of whom he knew were armed with various types of weapons to march to the capitol. after telling the crowd to march multiple times, he promised he would be with them and finished his remarks at $110.00 p. m. like this, we're going to walked out and i'll be there with you. we're going to walk down. we're going to walk down any one you want, but i think right here we're going to walk down, do the job football. so let's walk down
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pennsylvania review. by this time, the vice president was in the capitol, the joint session of congress to certified jo biden's victory was underway and the proud boys and other rioters had stormed through the 1st barriers and begun the attack radio communications from law enforcement informed secret service. and those in the white house situation room of these developments in real time, at the direction of president trump thousands more rioters march from the ellipse to the capital. and they joined the attack. as you will see in great detail to night, president trump was being advised by nearly every one to immediately instruct his supporters to leave the capital disperse and halt the violence. virtually every one told president trump to condemn the violence and clear and unmistakable terms. and
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those on capitol hill and across the nation, begged president trump to help. but the former president chose not to do what all of those people begged. he refused to tell the mom to leave until 417. when he tweeted out, a video statement filmed in the rose garden ending with this. so go home. we love you, you're very special. you've seen what happens, you see the way others are treated that are so bad and so evil. i know how you feel . but go home and go home. it piece by that time to pipe bombs had been found at locations near the capital, including where the vice president elect was conducting a meeting, hours of hand to hand combat. it seriously entered scores of law enforcement officers. the capital had been invaded, the electoral count had been halted as members were evacuated,
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rioters took the floor of the senate, they rifled through desks and broken to offices, and then nearly caught up to vice president pence. guns were drawn on the house floor and a riot or was shot, attempting to infiltrate the chamber. we know that a number of rioters intended acts of physical violence against specific elected officials. we know virtually all the rioters were motivated by president trump's rhetoric that the election had been stolen and they felt they needed to take their country back. is hearing as principally about what happened inside of the white house that afternoon. from the time when president trump in did his speech until the moment when he finally told the mob to go home, a span of a 187 minutes more than 3 hours. what you will learn is that president trump sat in his dining room and watched the attack on television while his senior, most staff closest advisors and family members,
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begged him to do what is expected of any american president. i said proudly for 20 years as an officer in the united states, navy veterans of our armed forces no 1st hand. the leadership that's worked wired in a time of crisis. urgent and decisive action that puts duty and country 1st. but on january 6th, when lives and our democracy hung in the balance, president trump refused to act because it is selfish desire to stay in power. and i yield to the gentleman from illinois, mister kensington. thank you. thank you, miss loria. one week after the attack, republican leader kevin mccarthy, acknowledged the simple truth. president trump should have acted immediately to stop the violence or in our investigation. general mark milly, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, also remarked on the president's failure to act. let's hear what they had to say.
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the president bears responsibility for wednesday's attack on congress by mob rioters. he should have immediately denounced the mob when he saw what was unfolding. these facts require immediate action. a president trump a soul on the capital of the united states remark local to like my colleagues in virginia, i'm a veteran. i served in the air force and i serve currently in the air national guard. i can tell you that general milly's reaction of president trump's conduct is 100 percent correct? and so was leader mccarthy's. what explains president trump's behavior? why did he not take immediate action in the time of crisis? because president trump's plan for january 6th was the halt or delay congress was
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official proceeding to count the votes. the mob attacked the capital quick, the the mob attacking the capital quickly caused the evacuation of both the house and the senate. the count ground to an absolute hall and was ultimately delayed for hours. the mob was accomplishing president trump's purpose. so of course he didn't intervene. here's what will be clear by the end of this hearing. president trump did not fail to act during the 187 minutes between leaving the ellipse and telling the mob to go home. he chose not to act, but there were hundreds that day who honored their oaths and put their lives on the line to protect the people inside the capital and to safeguard our democracy. many of them are here to night with us, and many more are watching from home. as you already know, that we'll see again to night. their service and sacrifice shines
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a bright light on president. trump's dis honor and dereliction of duty. i yield to the vice chair and you very much mister kensington. i'd like to begin by welcoming our witnesses this evening. tonight were joined by mister matthew passenger. mister passenger is a decorated former marine intelligence officer who served this nation on tours of duty in afghanistan and iraq. he served in the trump white house from the 1st day of the administration through the early morning hours of january 7th, 2021. the last role in which he served in the white house was his deputy national security adviser to the president of the united states were also joined by sara matthews. miss matthews started her career in communications working on capitol hill, serving on the republican staffs of several house committees. she then worked as deputy press secretary for president trump's reelection campaign before joining the
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trump white house in june of 2020. she served there as deputy press secretary and special assistance to the president until the evening of january 6th, 2021. i will now swear in our witnesses. the witnesses will please stand and raise their right hands. do you swear or affirm under penalty of perjury that the testimony you are about to give is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. so help you, god thank you. you may be seated and let the record reflect that the witnesses answered in the affirmative. thank you both again for being here to night. mister passenger, thank you for your service to the nation as well as as for join us this evening. can you please briefly explain what your responsibilities were as deputy national security adviser to the president? a thank you madam vice chair. and when i started the white house, i was
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a senior director for asia on the national security council staff. so that was a job that in bold, helping coordinate the president's asia policy. i supported the president when he met or interacted with asian leaders later, 2019 i was promoted to the job of deputy national security advisor in that role. i was the chairman of the deputies committee. that's an s c, a meeting of all the deputy cabinet secretaries we would settle um, important matters of, of national policy related to, to our national security. and we would also t up options for the president and for his cabinet members of it was um, i felt then as i do now, that was a privilege to serve in the white house. and i'm also very proud of president trump's foreign policy accomplishments. we were able to finally compete with china
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. we were also able to broker piece agreements between israel and, and 3 or of states that those are some examples of the types of policies that i think made our country safer. ankin passenger and were you in the white house during the attack on the capital? on january 6, up for most of the day, i was in the white house, although when the president was speaking of the rally, i was actually off site at a scheduled meeting with india's ambassador to the united states. i at the national scale council staff was not involved in organizing the security for what was a domestic event, the rally, but i did return to the white house at roughly 2 30 pm. thank you and i know my colleagues will have additional questions for you about that afternoon and let me turn out to you ms. mathews. how did you come to join president trump's white house staff? thank you madam vice chair. as you outlined, i am
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a lifelong republican and i joined the trump reelection campaign in june of 2019, i was one of the 1st communication staffers actually on board for his re election campaign. and during that time, i travelled all around the country and met caly mcinerney, who was also working on his re election campaign. i worked there for a year and i formed a close relationship with miss mcinerney, and she moved over to the white house in april of 2020 to start as white house press secretary and she brought over a group of campaign staff with her. and so i joined her over at the white house in june of 2020 to start as her deputy. and were you ms. matthews at work in the white house on january 6? yes, i was working out of the west wing that day. thank you. and now i'd like to recognize a gentleman from virginia and the gentleman from illinois. thank you, matt. a vice chair. as you've seen in our prior hearings,
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president trump summon the mob to d. c. on january 6. before he went on stage, he knew some of them were armed and prepared for combat. during his speech, he implored them to march to the capitol as he had always planned to do. by the time he walked off the stage, his supporters had already breached the outer perimeter of the capital at the foot of capitol hill. since our last hearings, we've received new testimony from a security professional working in the white house complex. on january 6, with access to relevant information and responsibility to report to national security officials. this security official told us that the white house was aware of multiple reports of weapons in the crowd that morning. we as a committee, are cognizant of the fear of retribution expressed by certain national security witnesses. we've come forward to tell the truth. we therefore taken steps to
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protect this national security individuals identity. listen to this clip, probably a message from the people about this idea, the present to walk to the capital to be completely honest. the role and state of shock because why? because we just want to think of the actual physical usability of doing it. and then also, we all knew what that meant, that this was no longer rally, that this was going to move to something else with the physically walk to the capital. i don't know if you want to work instruction or whatever. we all knew that this wouldn't move from a normal democratic, you know, public event into something else. what was, what was driving that sentiment considering that this part of it, the actual capital hadn't happened yet. why would we along right, the president,
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one of the lead, tens of thousands of people to the capital. i think that was on the ground. even though he understood many of his supporters were armed, the president was still adamant to go to the capital when he got off the stage at the ellipse. but his secret service detail was equally determined to not let him go . that led to a heated argument with the detail, the delayed departure of the motorcade to the white house. we have evidence from multiple sources regarding an angry exchange in the presidential s u. v. including testimony we will disclose today from 2 witnesses who confirmed that a confrontation occurred. the 1st witness is a former white house employee with national security responsibilities. after seeing the initial violence at the capital on tv, the individual went to see tony or nato, the deputy chief of staff in his office. mister renada was there with bobby ingle, the president's lead secret service agent. this employee told us that mister or
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nato said that the president was quote, i rate when mister ingle refused to drive him to the capital. mister ingle did not refute what mister or nato said. the 2nd witness is retired. sergeant mark robinson of the d. c. police department who was assigned to the president's motorcade that day. he sat in the lead vehicle with a secret service agent responsible for the motorcade, also called the t s agent. here's how sergeant robinson remembered the exchange with her, any description of what of what was occurring in the car? no, only that all the only description i received was that the president was upset and was adamant about going to the capital. and there was a, a heated discussion about that and when you say she did, is that your word or is that the word.


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