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tv   Witness Judges Under Pressure  Al Jazeera  July 22, 2022 4:00am-5:01am AST

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i think there were discussions of reinforcement coming, but again, it was just just young, obviously committed serving but what, what prompted you to put it into an entry as it stays there. so that could be of options and they're getting nervous. it sounds like that we came very close to their service happened to use legal options or, or worse at that point i don't know is the b b compromise and the details. i don't know that we didn't have this ability, but it doesn't. if they're screaming and saying things like, take about a family i can afford, you know, this is going to, on a whole nother level. soon as this next video shows the rioters anger was pho focused primarily and vice president mike pence. this woman came up to the side of us and she says pent folded so it was kind of
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like, okay, well, in my mind i was thinking, well that's it. you know, when my son in law looks at me and he says, i want to go and what percentage of the crowd has gone to the capital 100 percent? that is, it is spread like wildfire that can't says the trade us and everybody's margin on the capital. all 1000000 of us. it's insane. oh. i the people here angry as you were, walk into the capital. yeah. a lot of people, a lot of people, she might,
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they are very upset eloquent. i think they were saying if you recall, oh, there was, she was saying all time people are screaming all types of stuff. so they're mad that, ah, ah, vice president pants was gonna accept the electoral was, i mean is, i mean there's a lot you can, if you can think it up that you are hearing it. i believe the vice president pants was going to certify the electoral votes and are not certified them. i just, i just changed. correct. and it's very big disappointment. i think there's several 100000 people here that are very disappointed president trump did not try to calm his thousands of disappointed supporters. instead, it almost the same moment. violence was getting completely out of hand. donald trump sent his to 24 tweet. the president said, mike pence didn't have the courage to do what should have been done to protect our
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country and our constitution. despite knowing the capital had been breached and the mob was in the building. president trump called mike pence, a coward, and placed all the blame on him for not stopping the certification. he put a target on his own vice president back. mister potter and miss matthews. when we ask about your reaction to seeing the 224 tweet in real time, you both use the same imagery to describe it. president trump, with adding fuel to the fire. mister potter, you made the decision to resign after seeing this tweet. can you please tell us why? yes. so that was a pretty soon after i did, or shortly before i'd gotten back to the white house, i'd come from off site. i began to see for the 1st time those images on tv of the chaos that was unfolding at the capital. one of my aides handed me
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a sheet of paper that contained the tweet that you just read. i read it and it was quite disturbed by it. i was disturbed and worried to see that the president was attacking vice president pence for doing his constitutional duty. so the tweet looked to me like the opposite of what, what we really needed that moment, which was a d escalation. and that's why, like i had said earlier that it looked like fuel beam port on the fire. so that was the moment that i decided that i was going to resign, that that would be my last day at the white house. i simply didn't want to be associated with the events that were unfolding on the capital. thank you, i miss not his. what was your reaction to the president tweet about by president pen? so it was obvious, sad, the situation at the capital was violent and escalating quickly. and so i thought
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that the tweet about the vice president was the last thing that was needed in that moment. and i, i remember thinking that this was going to be bad for him to tweet that because it was essentially him giving the green light to these people, telling them that what they were doing at the sets of the capital and turning the capital was okay. that they were justified in their anger. and he shouldn't have been doing that. he should have been telling these people to go home and to leave and to condemn the violence that we're seeing. and i'm someone who has worked with him. you know, i worked on the campaign, traveled all around the country, going to a countless rallies with him. and i've seen the impact that his words have on his supporters. he, they truly latch on to every word, every tweet that he says. and so i think that in that moment for him to tweet out the message about mike pence, it was him pouring gasoline on the fire and making it much worse. thank you both
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and let's watch what others also told us about their reactions to this to be it. i don't remember where exactly i heard about that tweet, but my reaction to is that age and disagreed with the server. and i thought was wrong. well, he reaction, we saw the tree extremely unhelpful because it wasn't the message that we needed at. at the time it was a going to the scenes of the u. s. capital were only getting worse at that point. this was not going to help her to get into worse. certainly, miss hutchinson. what was your reaction when you saw this tweet, as
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a staffer that works, to always represent the administration, the best of my ability and to showcase the good things that he had done for the country. i remember feeling frustrated, disappointed, and really it felt personal i, it was really sad. and as an american, i was disgusted. it was unpatriotic. it was an american that we were watching the capital building got to faced over a lie as you will see at $226.00, the vice president had to be evacuated to safety a 2nd time and came within 40 feet of the rioters. the attack escalated quickly,
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right after the tweed. ah ah ah . during this chaos, what did president trump do with that point? he went back to calling senators to try to further delay the electoral coun. while the vice president was being evacuated from the senate, president trump called sen. tommy topper bell, one of his strongest supporters in the senate senator tub, though later recall yet the end the call so that he could evacuate the senate chamber himself. let's listen. a call didn't call my phone call somebody else in
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the way handed to me and i basically told mr. miss brilliant we're, we're not doing much work. you're right now because i just took a vice president out and matter fact i'm what hang up on. you know, i've got a leave senator josh holly also had to flee earlier that afternoon before the joint session started, he walked across the east front of the capitol. as you can see in this photo, he raised his fist and solidarity with the protesters already amassing at the security gates. we spoke with a capital police officer who was out there at the time. she told us that senator just sent her holly's jester. riled up the crown and it bothered her greatly because he was doing it in a safe space, protected by the officers and the barriers. later that day, senator holly fled after those protesters. he helped to rile up storm the capital.
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see for yourself, think about what we've seen undeniable violence at the capital. the vice president being evacuated to safety by the secret service senators running through the hallways of the senate to get away from the mob. as the commander in chief president, trump was oath and duty bound to protect the capital. his senior staff understood that do you believe jared, that the president has an obligation to ensure a peaceful transfer power? yes. and do you think the president has an obligation to defend ah,
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all 3 branches of our government. oh, i believe so. and i assume you also would agree the president has a particular obligation to take care that the laws be faithfully executed. that is one of the person, so it's curved. i mean, i ask what his duty is. well, i mean there's a very constitutional duty of what he has used command on tree. now was lawyers really, that was my biggest issue with him is national security advisor. rather than uphold his duty to the constitution, president trump allowed the mob to achieve the delay that he hoped would keep him in power. i reserve a gentleman reserves i requested those in the hearing room remain seated until the capitol police have escorted members and witnesses from the room. i now declare the committee in recess for a period of approximately 10 minutes. you're watching the 8th hearing of the
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us house select committee, investigating the january 6 right on capitol hill in washington d. c. they're taking a short break. the hearings being held in us prime time and it's heard from 2 whitehouse aids who quit off the rides. the events looking into van donald present donald trump's actions and the 3 hours between his speech urging the crowd to fight like help and the final release of the video urging the writers to go home. during that time, trump support groups the capital and fought with police. now it began with very strong words or from betty thompson, the chair. he said 3 sentences that were key. donald trump wanted to overturn an election. he wanted to summon a mob and he wanted to recklessly, blaze a path to do those things. a 187 minutes kept being mentioned, that's the time frame. they're talking about. during this
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a hearing that we've heard so far, we're almost getting a blow by blow that every single minute almost is being accounted for. it's forensic in its detailed list. cheney then set out the case or she was 1st to speak, and she introduced to key witnesses. matthew pot, inger, who's a former deputy national sec error, says charity advisor and sarah matthews, who is a trump aid. elaine maria then spokes his congress on she said trump refused to act . and his selfish desire to stay in pow several committees. interviews were also presented her and they all told by the urge people telling posters to stop and to lead patch. bologna issued a very strong statement, he's the former white house council sank. he told donald trump to stop the rioters . cassie hutchinson, another witness, came on, provided even more detail, particularly about her trying to stop the mob from attacking via mike pence,
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the vice president there was some extraordinary video being shown of mike pens, basically, security detail panicking to try and get out. and i'm going to bring in bruce fine, he is a former us associate deputy attorney general and constitutional lawyer is worked on the impeachment of richard nixon and bill clinton. he joins us live from washington, dc via skype. bruce, extraordinary detail, almost every single minute being accounted for that. what do you make of this but a couple of preliminary observations. one, ah, i was surprised that the committee so quickly accepted mister sip alone statement that there were some kind of executive privilege that he couldn't describe how trump responded to his plea, that something had to be done. let us, i work the nixon impeachment, nixon impeachment, without john dean. john dean was the white house counsel. if you recall, you know,
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he was the star witness for 5 days. communicating direct conversations he had with mr. nicks and then the white house. and during the clinton impeachment to his lawyer, bruce lindsey also failed in his claim of privilege. the court of appeals here in the district of columbia circuit hill that a lawyer for the united states government is a lawyer for the constitution. not for the occupant of the white house and my view, they had no justification for pat simple loans, claim a privilege, say, i can't tell you what the president said. why not? what the president said is obviously very important to communicate his state of mind. and instead of challenging that, yes, well i will g claim privilege and they walked away. now, in my judgement, if you try to draw an analogy here to what their election of trump could be compared with, think of a fired she who's come to the scene of a huge conflict. grace and he refuses to permit and call any other
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members of the fire department. they come put out the blaze. he just watches and stand by. well, the whole building crumbles. that person is guilty as an accomplice to the arson if you will. because this aided and assisted in the bed in the commission of the crime there by darrell election and by what we would call non thiessen's rather malfeasance. but the gist of what president trump did is indistinguishable. he sees his reporters there violent and they have weapons. he sees the crimes, he's the one, the only one with the national security power. who can summon law enforcement to stay off the storming to stop the burning of the house if you will. and he does nothing. not only this, see do nothing. he becomes, even more than accomplished by urging them on. right. criticising might ingesting that by following the constitution needs a traitor to mr. trump, and that is a criminal offense under the constitution. and on the laws of the united states,
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he became an accomplice to the insurrection. now, bruce, i want him don't want to pick up on both of those points, but let's pick up from the patch of learning point 1st. do you think the january 6 committee then let him off? is that what you're saying? yes, i do believe that in there is another element here, the january 6th committee. and despite my plot it from much of that they've done is that they have refused to exercise. what the united states supreme court has held is an inherent contempt power to even imprison and sanction anybody who refuses to comply with a subpoena, even without going to court. again, this happened and under that in the teapot dome investigation and the 1920s. and there the, the congress didn't go to court said, all right, you won't want to comply and answer questions, you're in prison. and the supreme court said, yes, that's with the authority of congress. the inherent contempt power is equivalent to
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the inherent content power of course. and it's still built stunning to me, that the january 6th committee has been so pliant. my own suspicion is that they're worried. well, what happens if we lose the majority and the republicans get the power? we don't want to set a president will they come after us? well, that is not really a very good justification for a banding here. obligation, you know, to lead where the facts are. and the other element that i think is similar is why haven't they subpoenaed mike pence mean? pence is the one who has the smoking gun. he's, they're speaking with the present directly. they should be asking mr. pence under oath. how did you feel, with all the screams and yells, hang mike pence, knowing the president of the united states, not only then, but thereafter, never voiced any kind of sympathy or concern with his life. but bruce would like to have you brought up. and bruce will effect of the you're saying is that president donald trump was an accessory to any potential attack that could have taken place on the vp, mike pence. and that is a criminal offense,
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but we're not gonna see any criminal charges come from this. well, we know that congress doesn't have the authority to file a criminal charges. it's a legislative branch. there's a prohibition on bills of attainder. that means that congress doesn't get to impose punishments, but it does mean that this kind of information will surely be in the hands of the u . s. department of justice, which does have authority to charge mr. pence with crimes. and i would hope that they would do so and not as vengeance, but my gosh, if this doesn't justify no accountability, the threat, the greatest threat in the history of the united states, at least since the civil war 2 are democratic dispensation. then there isn't anything that president can do, including committing murder on the white house lawn that's going to cause you know that they accountability to click in. and so i am saying that although congress can't indict mr. trump the department of justice and a grand jury. can bruce stay there for a 2nd?
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i want to bring and she had returned. see her, our correspondent who is live. capitol hill. she have you been following this? it's been a blow by blow almost a minute by minute account of those 187 minutes and we're still look through them all yet. but it's been pretty damning so far. what stood out for you i think that what you and bruce have been discussing is the key is does this change of discussion? because certainly up to this point, i am sure and still in many quarters there is the arguments. the donald trump is donald trump. he just acts as a chance, sir, and opportunity. he just acts in a way that suits him best at that particular moment. there's not necessarily ever any long drawn out seditious conspiracy that he could be the head off that he's marshal the paramilitary right to wake movements. he's called them to, to, to, to washington on january 6th. precisely to do what the mob finally did. doesn't
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regular doubt that the among says, you know, donald trump, that, that could possibly be the case. what bruce there is talking about there is all right. but he does see what's happening and he sees where it's going and it's obvious to everyone around him. what is happening and where this is going. and the secret service details you mentioned around mike pensa, fearing for their lives, which is faster because of the load question about the secret service is ro little of this, whether they were trying to get like pencil perhaps where alteri the motors. but this really seems like no, they really felt this was terribly dangerous. at what point than does whether, you know, does donald trump become an accomplice? i guess is what, what bruce and you were discussing. and i think i'm still so very, i'm unclear because franklin and bruce eagles is the constitutional expert. but it's very little to charge someone for not doing something as far as i understand the she have say that, but let's also question shuttles my clue into bruce. i say less and less and less
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bring bruce back in. bruce, how difficult is it to charge somebody for not doing something? well, it's not something that happens every day. but when you have a legal obligation to act and do not add, you can be charged with a crime. let me give you another instance where i think it's clear on you have a duty as a social worker to report child to beeps. you see a child having all earmarks of being abused by parents and do and say nothing. you can be charged with criminal activity for failing to report that. and surely when you are the one, as mr. trump was with the obligation and duty to faithfully execute the laws and seen the laws being flouted and encouraging the law to be flowed becoming accomplice. ah, even though being an accomplice means not actually going to the capital,
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but using words to in it and borrow from mister passenger then. and the deputy press secretary words that were the equivalent of point oil on a fire. that clearly is criminally actionable misconduct dare election without it without a shadow of a doubt. and i say this is not unique to the president. there are others who have obligations to report and to take action when they see abuses and to fail to do so . is criminal, now, is this going to be then the talking point in the next few days is certainly some of the most explosive, a allegations of come out so far that he may well be person, donald trump, they will be a accomplice to a potential crime that could have taken place against his own vice president. this is going to be shocking to be american people, particularly as we haven't read. we have seen some of that security detail video before, but certainly not within this context. everybody's got to be talking about this solar. surely, well i agree that and then i think that some of the,
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the most dramatic presentations were those conversations that the secret service was having. now talking to their family as though no, it was like 911 in some of these desperate conversation with people on those planes talking to the family, saying we were going to die. and that is that the last words, i mean that is dramatic stock. and what is mr. trump do in response to that, you know, saying we need to do more, you go get my pants and you're saying the hang of. yeah, it's the right thing to do. and you recall earlier testimony was that when mr. trump was told that they're saying, you know, hang mike pence, his response was, well, that's probably that was that what's wrong with that? he deserves it. and if that doesn't show it complicity and being an accomplice, you know, did this effort to assassinate the vice president? i don't know what does, and we know what the motive was. mr. trump is all about power and about himself.
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this is one of the clearest taste of a corrupt motive that you're ever going to find in the history of law enforcement. now bruce, i want to talk about the 2 key witnesses that have just been introduced to us in this hearing. matthew passenger, the former deputy national security advisor, and sarah matthews, who's the trump a. what do you think of their performance so full? well, i think they're convincing because they are very strong truck supporters. and yet we're truly appalled at his inaction and unwillingness a, despite the ease with which he could do it. as you point out, he just walked down the hall and then and call the his mile saw bruce alina go back . now lose cheney has begun to talk the hearing. busy has come under way once more . we left it the recess just after president trump's to $24.00 tweet attacking the vice president. by this time the president had been in his dining room for an hour . i want you to just think of what you would have done if you were in his shoes and
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had the power to in the violence. you would have immediately and forcefully told the rioters to stop and leave, like stop and leaf done. as you heard, that's exactly what his senior staff had been urging him to do. but he resisted, and he kept resisting for another almost 2 hours. in the mean time, all the president did was post to tweets one at 238 and the other at 3131 said the quote stay peaceful. the other said quote, remain peaceful. but the president already knew that the mob was attacking the police and had invaded the capital. neither tweak condemned the violence or told the mob to leave the capital and disperse. to appreciate how obvious it was that president trump was not meeting this moment. it's helpful to look at the real time
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reactions of his own son, don junior, to the 1st. we captured in a series of text messages with mark meadows, a warn the audience that these messages contains some strong language. as you can see, don juniors for don junior 1st texted mr. meadows at $253.00. he wrote, he's got to condemn this shit, a s a p, a capital police tweet is not enough. mister meadows replied, i am pushing it hard. i agree, don junior responded, this is one you go to the mattresses on, they will try to fuck his entire legacy. if this on this, if it gets worse. here's what don junior told us. he meant by go to the mattresses . it's 58 when you say that he need them. mr. meadows needs to go to mattresses on this issue. when you say, go to the mattresses, what does that mean?
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just a reference for going all in and it's a godfather reference sean hannity agreed and he also turned to mark meadows for help. after the president's 2nd tweet. as you can see mister handled, he texted at 331 to say tromp needed to deliver a statement to the nation, telling the rioters to leave the capital. mister meadows responded that he was quote on it. don junior and sean hannity were not the only ones who implored mister meadows to get the president to speak to the nation and tell the mob to leave, to go home, go all throughout the attack, mister meadows received tax from republican members of congress from current and former trump administration officials from media personalities and from friends like president trump staff. they knew president trump had to speak publicly to get the mob to stop. let's look at just a few of these text messages. fox news port personality. laura ingram said,
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the president needs to tell the people in the capital to go home or more chief of staff mc malvina, urged mark. he needs to stop this. now. fox news personality brian kill me and said, please get him on t. v. destroying everything that you guys have accomplished. when we interviewed white house council, pat, said bologna, he told us that he knew the presidents to tweets were not enough. let's listen to what he said. i need the question. could you believe tweets were? how can you think about it, your advice to you? i believe more needed to be done. i believe it was stated when you talk about others on the staff thinking more should be done or thinking that the president needed to tell people to go home. who
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would you put in that category? well, i will put her as to earth hirschman. overall . more meadows. ah, it vodka? once jared got fear, jared, young, gentle jawed. probably the sick. so c, kaylee i think was, was there, but i know they ask of enough and ill, and the staff did not want people to leave the capital on the staff in the white house about i can't think of anybody
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else on that day who did want people to get out of the shackles. ready even triple was a violent start now. i mean what about the president? yeah. she said the staff. so i should now i said in the white house, oh, i'm sorry, i apologize of those who are, who was on so i am actually in communications, but obviously a big yeah . let's pause on that last statement. although
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patsy baloney has been careful about executive privilege. there really is no ambiguity about what he said. almost everybody wanted president trump, to instruct the mob to disperse. president trump refused to understand how inadequate the president's tweets were. let's examine as to 38 tweet in more detail for context. here's what was happening at that time. ah, boards barricade people wanted the whole with the way out. we were just told that there has been here. yes. in the honda to each of us. yeah. we went from
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a peaceful protests and this is a very dangerous situation. right now that there are, i'm being told these protestors on the inside or around both chambers and there is now tear gas inside the capitol rotunda. in fact, members locked in the house or being structed to put on masks. miss matthews, after president trump's tweet about vice president pence, you told us you spoke to us immediately. you spoke to kaylee mcinerney, what did you tell her? and where did she go afterwards? after the tweet about the vice president, i found kaylee and told her that i thought the president needed to immediately send out a tweet that condemned the violence that we're seeing. and that there needed to be a call to action. to tell these people to leave the capital, and she agreed and walked over to the oval dining room to find the president. we
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interviewed miss mcinerney and others who were in the dining room with the president urging them to put out a statement. miss matthews was back and he told us she came right back to the press office after meeting with the president about this particular tweet. what did she tell you about what happened in that dining room? when she got back, she told me that a tweet had been sent out, and i told her that i thought the to eat did not go far enough. i thought there needed to be a call to action and he needed to condemn the violence. and we are in a room full of people by people weren't paying attention. and so she looked directly at me and in a husky tone, shared with me that the president did not want to include any sort of mention of piece and that tweet. and that it took some convincing on their part, those who were in the room. and she said that there was a back and forth, i'm going over different phrases to find something that he was comfortable with. and it wasn't until a vanka trump suggested the phrase stay peaceful. that he finally agreed to include
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it. the president resisted writing stay peaceful in a tweet. he told mart meadows that the rioters were doing what they should be doing, and the rioters understood they were doing what president trump wanted them to do. president trump's message was heard clearly by stop the steel organizer alley alexander. at $238.00, he told another organizer, quote, potus is not ignorant of what his words would do. rioters storm in the capital also heard president trump's message. in this video, you'll see surveillance footage from the rotunda that shows a group of both keepers, including jessica watkins, who's been charged with seditious conspiracy. you'll hear her walkie talkie communications with others as they share intelligence and communicate about president trump's to 38 tweet in real time. again, we warn the audience at this clip also contains strong language.
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ah, cnn. joe said that they evacuated all members of congress into a safety room. there is no safe place in the united states for these motherfuckers right now, because i think they understand that we are not joking around. now, military, principally, one o 5 military principal, one o 5 cave means grave trunk just tweeted, please support our capital police. they are on our side. do not harm them. that's saying a lot. but what he didn't say didn't say not to do anything to the congress. what? well, he did not ask him to stand down. he just said, stand by the capitol police. they are on our side and they are good people. so it's getting real down there. i got it on t v and it's a, it's looking pretty friggin radical to me. see. and then said the trump has ag
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this on that he is egging that on. and then he is watching the country burn 2 weeks before he leaves office. he is not leave an office. i don't give a shit what they say. and we are, and we are in the main don't right now we are rocking at the throng or different people. people were in here. b j b say god bless and god speed, keep go and get a just do your shit. this is what we fucking lived up for everything we fucking trying board. oh ran like yeah, we've now seen our president trump supporters reacted to his tweets. mr. ponder you told us that you consider the tweets sent to this point to be quote, wholly inadequate, given the urgency of the crisis, what in your view would have been needed?
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yeah, i it was insufficient. i think what you could count me among those who was hoping to see an unequivocal, strong statement clearing out the capital telling people to stand down, leave go home. oh, i think that's what we were hoping for. some didn't a lot more kind of definitive and not ambiguous. yes, he has the power over his folks. ms. matthews, you told us about a colleague who said during the attack of the presentation not condemned the violence. can you please tell us about how the about that moment in your reaction? yes, so a conversation started in the press office after the president sent out those to tweet side i deemed or insufficient. and a colleague suggested that the president shouldn't condemn the violence because they thought it would be quote, handing
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a win to the media if you were to condemn his supporters and i disagreed. i thought that we should condemn the violence and condemn it unequivocally. and i thought that he needed to include a call to action and to tell these people to go home and a debate ensued over it, and i became visibly frustrated. and my colleagues were well aware of that. and i couldn't believe that we were arguing over this in the middle of the west swing, talking about the politics of a tweet being concerned with handing the media when, when we had just watched all of that, violence unfolded the capital. and so i motioned up at the tv and i said, do you think it looks like we're a thing winning? because i don't think it does. and i again reiterated that i thought that the president needed to condemn the violence because it didn't matter if it was coming from the left or the right that you should condemn violence. a 100 percent of the time we've. we've heard this evening how every one in the president were a bit was pushing them to do more to tell the mob to leave the capital one of these
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people, one of those people was republican leader, kevin mccarthy. he managed to get the president on the phone and told him to call off his supporters. as you will hear, the president refused, and so leader mccarthy reached out for help to veronica trump, who was at the white house in jeered cushion or who that afternoon had just arrived back on a flight from the middle east. so at some point in the afternoon, mister adams mccarthy ad placed a phone call to mr. scott vito's desk line and it was transferred to the president . is that correct? that's generally where they were. you involved in making that transfer a neck off? i mean yes. okay, where was the president at the time that he took back off? he was in the dining room. would you personally reach out to the president for more support?
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i've already talked to the candidate. i called them and i think we need to make a statement. um make sure. ready if we can calm individuals down, did mister mccarthy indicate that he had been in touch with the president trump? he indicated he had had some conversation. i don't recall whether with the president or somebody at the white house, but i think he'd expressed frustration that not kick in the circumstances. seriously. as they showed that moment, i asked kevin mccarthy, who's the republican leader about this. and he said she call this donald. she finally got through to donald trump and he said, you have got to get on tv. you've got to get on twitter. you've got to call these people off. you know what the president said to him? this is as it's happening. he said, well, kevin, these are my people, you know, these are, these are and, and kevin responded and said, no, they're your people. they literally just came through my office window and my staff are running for cover. i mean, they're running for their lives. you need to call them off. and the president's
4:42 am
response to kevin, to me was chilling. she said, well, kevin, i guess they're just more upset about the election stuff than you are. and that's, you know, you've seen widespread reports of kevin mccarty and the president having a, basically a swearing conversation up on the swearing. that's because the president was basically saying, no, i, i'm ok with that later, mccarthy posey nodded. states has a briefing room steps from the oval office. it is. the cameras are hot, 247. as you know, why hasn't he walked down and said that now? can they do the president? what i think is best to do, and i'm hopeful the president will do and you've spoken with his chief of staff. i've spoken to the president, i've spoken to other people in there and do the white house. there's one who else reached out to miss trump that you know of that afternoon about the attack on the capital. i believe at one wade mccarthy did.
4:43 am
i'm so my her my phone ringing. turn the shower off saw was leader mccarthy who had a good relationship with that he told me he was getting really ugly over at the capital and said please you know, anything you could do to help out appreciate it. i don't recall specific as just anything you could do. the again, i got the sense that you know, they were they were, they were scared. they meeting mr. mccarthy and people on the hill because of the violence that he was scared. yes. think about that leader mccarthy. who was one of the president's strongest supporters, was scared and begging for help. president trump turned him down. so he tried to call the president's children. republican house member mike gallagher also implored the president to call off the attack. mister president, you have got to stop this. you are the only person who can call this off,
4:44 am
call it off. the election is over, call it off. as an elect, joe biden also went live on t v to demand the president. trump tell the mob to leave. i'd call on president trump to go on national television now to fulfill his oath and defend the constitution and demand an end to this siege. there was a desperate scramble for every one to get president trump to do anything. all this occurred and the president still did not act. i yielded my friend from virginia. thank you mister kennedy, car accident trump finally relented to the please from his staff, his family and from capitol hill for him to do something more at for
4:45 am
1787 minutes more than 3 hours after his start speaking at the length actually stopped speaking to a mob that he had sent armed to the capital. that's when he tweeted a video telling the rioters to go home while also telling him then that they were special. and that he loved them. by that time, although the violence was far from over line, foresman had started to turn the tie, reinforcements were on the way, and elected officials were insecure locations. the writing was already on the wall, the rioters would not succeed. here's what was showing on fox news. the channel, the president was watching all afternoon back to brit bear with more information our brit. what do you have? your pentagon team, jen griffin lucas tomlinson, i confirm in the defense department has now mobilized the entire d. c. national guard 1800 troops. takes several hours as i was mentioning before,
4:46 am
to get them up and running the army secretary ron mccarthy's, setting up a headquarters at the f. b. i you just heard from david font that the f b i is also sending troops to the capitol. it's no coincidence then the president trump finally gave n and went out to the rose garden at 4 a 3. his staff prepared a script for him to read, but he refused to use it. as you can see on the screen, you can see the script, the stamp president, how seen the scripts that quote and asking you to leave the capital region now and go home in a peaceful way. the present, it was urged to stick to this script. but he spoke off the cuff, eric hirschman and nic luna went with the president to film the message in the rose garden. let's hear what they had to say and see the never before seen raw footage. the president recording is video message. ultimately these remarks that we're
4:47 am
looking at here and exhibit $25.00 for not the remarks the president delivered in the rose garden. do you know why the president decided not to use these? i don't know, sir. no, i know i do not know why. did a president use any written remarks to your knowledge, or did he just go off the cuff? to my knowledge? it was off the cancer. ah, already tell me when, when you're ready sir? was it was behind me. he's on, he's got for all clear now. i know your pain. i know you're hurt. we had
4:48 am
a election who say i know you pain. i know you're hurt. we had an election that was stolen from us. it was a landslide election and everyone knows it, especially the other side. but you have to go home now. we have to have peace. we have to have law daughter. we have to respect to our great people in law and order . we don't want anybody hurt. it's a very tough period of time. there's never been a time like this where such a thing happened where they could take it away from all of us, from me, from you, from our country. this was a fraudulent election, but we can't play into the hands of these people. we have to have peace. so go home. we love you, you're very special. you've seen what happens, you see the way others are treated that are so bad and so evil. i know how you feel,
4:49 am
but go home and go home at peace. when i got there, they said the president just had finished up filling the video. i think he was basically retiring for the day. was there any discussion about the president releasing a 2nd video or not that i recall when, when he finishes video, i think every was like days over, people were pretty grained. we're pretty well drained up, louise say hey, gay, over with the there were so people in the capitol at that point or there are, there were people in the capital. but i believe by this stage a law enforcement that have to go back and look. but i believe law enforcement was either there or moving in are going to say charged. i just hope people were emotionally drained. by the time the video tape was done,
4:50 am
emotionally drained at the white house. here's what was happening. at the same time, at the capital. we warn the audience with this clip also contains strong language and violence. oh, you can go over with
4:51 am
well, president trump refuse to even lift another finger to help other leaders honor their o's, an actor to clear the capital, and resume the joint session. for instance, here are never before seen photos and video of congressional leaders in action during the attack. the video as a portion of a call they had at approximately 445 with acting secretary of defense. miss miller with clear give us the okay. so we can go back and i miss the secretary center. sure. some people here in the capitol, police believe it will take several days to secure the building. do you agree with that analysis?
4:52 am
so what is the earliest that we could say we resume our proceedings in a sam chambers earliest say resume a the vice president also work at the phones from his own secure evacuation location, including conversations with acting secretary of defense, miller and other military leaders. while past president trump's for 17 video, let's look at some never before seen photographs of the vice president during this critical time. and hear about the vice president's conversation with military leaders to secure the capital and sure everyone was safe. by present a recalls with vice president. he was very, yeah. and he issue very,
4:53 am
was it all very direct, unambiguous orders. there was no question about that anyways, and i can get you the exact quotes i guess from some of our records somewhere. but he was very animated, very direct, very firm, and to get the military to get the guard down here, put down this situation. as you heard earlier in the hearing, the president did not call the vice president or anyone in the military, federal, law enforcement or d. c. government. not a single person. but general milly did hear from mark meadows, the contrast between that call and his calls with vice president pen. tell you everything you need to know about president trump dereliction of duty. let's listen . he said this from memory
4:54 am
we have, we have to kill the narrative. the vice president is making all the decisions we need to establish the narrative that you know that the president is still in charge and things are steady or stable, which i immediately interpret that as politics, politics, politics, red flag for me personally, no action. but i remember distinctly and i don't do political narratives. so while president trump and his advisors were trained, other leaders up held their oath to do the right thing. maybe it was exhausting to get the president to put out that video. but think about the law enforcement officers who were attacked by the mob that day. and president trump had summoned them himself to washington. a lot about president trump,
4:55 am
he watched tv tweeted called senators to try to delay the count of electoral votes, called rudy giuliani and argued with his staff who were insinuating, who were insisting that he should call off the attack. miss matthews, what was your reaction to president trump's message to the mob? at 417 i was struck by the fact that he chose to begin the video by pushing the lie that there is a stolen election. and as the video went on, i fell a small sense of relief because he finally told these people to go home. but that was immediately followed up by him saying, we love you, you're very special. and that was disturbing to me because he didn't distinguish between those that peacefully attended his speech earlier that day. and those that we watch cause violence at the capital. instead, he told the people who we had just watched storm our nation's capital,
4:56 am
with the intent on over throwing our democracy violently, attack police officers and chant heinous. things like hang mike pence, we love you, you're very special. and as a spokesperson for him, i knew that i would be asked to defend that. and to me, his refusal to act and call off the mob that day and his refusal to condemn the violence was indefensible. and so i knew that i would be resigning that evening. and so i finished out the work day, went home and called my loved ones to tell them of my decision and resigned that evening. thank you indefensible. let's hear what some of your colleagues in the press office paused about their reaction to the same for 17 message. i feel like it was the absolute bare minimum of what could have been said at that point, or something on camera. what else you didn't shoes?
4:57 am
i so a more forceful, a more forceful dismissal of the violence, a more forceful command to go home, a more forceful respect for law enforcement. even a comparison to the respect that we have given law enforcement as it relates to what was done to them in the prior summer. and i thought it was important that an acknowledgment be given to the u. s. capital building itself. what it's a symbol of what it means. i'm not only to the people that work there, but to the american people generally and the work of congress that by law needed to
4:58 am
be conducted that day. do you wish, in hindsight that the president had asked the professors to leave the capital earlier than he ended up asking them to do that? of course i would love if the go home message would have happened earlier in the day. the president's words matter. we know that many of the rioters were listening to president trump. we heard from one last week, stephen, heiress. let's listen to what he had to say about the 417 message from the president, and see how rioters reacted to the president's message in real time. but when we were there, it says that come out, everybody started talking about it and at it seemed like it started to disperse. you know, some of the crowd a the
4:59 am
justice mr. air said police 1st offending off the last throes of the brutal assault . i yield to the gentleman from illinois, or everyone else was working in to get congress back in session. what in president trump do at 6 o one? just one minute after the city wide curfew went into effect. he posted his last tweet of the day after officers engaged in multiple hours of hand to hand combat with over a 100 of them sustaining injuries. president trump tweeted at 6 o one and justify the violence as a natural response to the election. he said, quote, these are the things and events that happen when a sacred landslide victory is so unceremoniously,
5:00 am
viciously stripped away from great patriots who have been badly unfairly treated for so long go home with love and peace. remember this day forever. he called the mob great patriots. he told people to remember the day for ever. he showed absolutely no remorse. a few minutes later, at $627.00, the president left the dining room and he went up to the white house residence for the night. on the screen is the last photograph of the president that night, as he went into the residence as who was gathering his things in the dining room to leave. president trump reflected on the day's events with a white house employee. this was the same employee who had met president trump in the oval office after he returned from the ellipse. president trump said nothing.


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