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tv   News  Al Jazeera  July 24, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm AST

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we listen, ask the people of cuba in the street. if there is a difference between donald trump enjoy bite for them. if we meet with global news makers, i'm talk about the store restock matter on al jazeera. in just under a year's time catalyst al bait stadium will house. the opening match of the 2022 world cup. the official opening of the stadium came on day one of the arab cup, but many friends were already counting down to the big kickoff. next november, c, u r. o 1022. as this tournament unfolds over the coming days, it will play a key role. but organize is getting ready to host the middle east. biggest ever sporting event next year. and for the castle, national teams, they get used to playing in front of expected home crowds. they'll be hoping to convince both the fans and themselves. so they really all ready to take on the world. ah,
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russia admits targeting the ukrainian port modesta of to well, they this condemned, this strikes jeopardize and it rained export deal. ah, i'm can been out. this is our life from dell ha. also coming up. volcano rocks in southern japan, prompting the governments to put the surrounding area on its highest and that level . oh, hundreds of palestinians, more than 2 young men killed by israeli forces and a military operation. in the occupant of westbank. the devastating wildfire picks up speed in california wishing local authorities to declare a state of emergency. ah, russia has admitted to carrying out an attack on the ukrainian port of odessa on
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saturday. the foreign ministry says high precision missiles were used to destroy a naval vessel. it came just as after russia and ukraine, find it agreement to allow essential grain shipments to leave the port. normally the missiles were flying, we saw one that was shot down. then the next once flew, we were very scared. we ran to the bomb shelter. we don't usually do this, but on this day we did. it was unpleasant. it was loud, noisy, what can i say? scary, ukrainian foreign ministry called the attack, a quote spit in the face of turkey. and the united nations, which had helped broker the grain export agreement, president blossom as lensky condemned russia for failing to keep his word. it said that the young george this after turkey and the un said yesterday that they know how to negotiate with russia and insure security. a green corridor for the export of ukrainian green, and not even 24 hours had passed before the green terminals. the territory of wood desa and the ports were struck. john henry joins us now live from the ukrainian
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capital keys. john, what else did president the lansky have to say about the attack in odessa, and how was russia justifying it? was a lensky called it an active barbarism. and he said it proves that there's no justification for any kind of negotiation between russia and ukraine, because he says, russia simply can't be trusted to be, to carry out that agreement. if it's good public relations, he seems to be suggesting for russia to say it will help resolve an impending food crisis by allowing that wheat to leave 3 black seaports. one of them being odessa, but he says, russia really isn't committed to doing that. the russians for their part say whatever the timing of this and they were perfectly justified, a defense ministry spokesman said that what they struck was a warship and a warehouse that was holding american made harpoon missiles. and that those were
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both perfectly legitimate targets the ukrainians, by the way, say that they were actually for missiles fired to them, were shot down on the way. but lensky is suggesting there's really no reason to negotiate with the russians, because they simply, in his words, can't be trusted. and john president, the landscape also spoke about some progress being made in her, som, what's the latest fair? that's right, that is a strategic point for the ukrainian military forces is between the korean peninsula and that port at odessa and the ukrainians would very much like to take it back. it was taken early on by russian forces without a lot of resistance, and as ukrainians left, they failed to knock out the bridges that connected it over the over the river. so that allowed russians to come right in ukrainian forces are now targeting those very same bridges, trying to cut off the russians from their supplies. and de lensky says,
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step by step, they will retake that region. and independent analysis suggests that there have been gains made by ukrainian forces there john henry, that force in q. thank you. volcano has erupt. it in southern japan, korea. jima is on the island of que shoe. it started spewing out just after a p. m. local time. on sunday, the japanese meet her logical agency issued the highest level, but like i said, it's not expecting any major eruptions. some rocks were blown, 2 and a half kilometers from the volcano robin george andrews, a vulcan ologist. he says this ok now is particularly active people in kind of shima and in the surrounding area like very well versed and what to do in the event that occur. gina kind of gets a little bit more violent. there are regular drills or regular evacuation protocols . you know, schools are often going through what to do with the people's,
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if you know what kind of kind of acts up. so i suspect that the, you know, of c, it's one of the most monitored volcanoes in the country. and if it does stop acting up, i'm sure the warranties will be given the give us all city wide warnings to evacuate, and it will be very, wo run, i'm sure. so everyone's in good hands, but yeah, guess it's still a bit. you know, it's a bit unnerving when a lot of was raised to the highest level they've got, which is evacuated from the dangers which can change rages depending on the volcanoes. doing it's hard to tell. i mean, it's volcano is a kind of a quite individual the best you can do is kind of monitor them heavily and just to see what they're doing compared to what they usually do. i mean, this volcano certainly capable of very prolific eruptions. there's one in 1914 that changed sector gina, which was you would be an island into peninsula because iraq did so much material in creating a land bridge towards q. she the mainland. so it's
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a for very prolific options. but at the moment there's no sign, it's going to do that. i think the raising level is out of an abundance of caution . and hopefully things will calm down again. but at the moment it's one of those just wait and see situations. a funeral has been held for 2 palestinians killed in an israeli military occupation operating all that in the occupant. west bank and other 19 were wounded, 2 of them critically in the raid annapolis. general shaw has been called to mourn the victims. israel says its forces were on an arrest mission and exchanged fire with palestinians barricaded in house on home and has more from the this is the, the grave side of one of the young palestinian men who were killed in the israeli right here in the new of an occupied westbank city of nablus. oh, wasn't that his name?
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was abdul rockman sofa. we have a little bit of information about him that he was engaged to be married. he was in his twenties and his uncle was actually laid to rest in the same cemetery. he too, was killed by israeli forces back in 2009. now, up up to rockman soccer was a member as was another of the kill palestinians, of the military way of the fata, political movement. we spoke to one of his relatives here at the graveside. we talked about the lack of hope and security ready for many palestinians in the city, jani, the young men like these have few options. there are no jobs, no education. so the current circumstances push them to fight the acting is ready, prime minister after the right called the men terrorist and said that they were responsible for a series of shooting attacks. this was the street that is ready, forces came down to try and get them. we spoke to a local resident who said that it was
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a battle here. lemme of malcolm mach gotcha. got the, had the clip off, lay algio on when the exchange of fire was underway. i went out calling for help. i called the neighbors to bring water because the israeli army wouldn't allow the fire truck to come in. beth the outlet is ready for says then showed this house, you see it knocked down a will to hear. and after an exchange of gunfire, the 2 men were killed and also more than a dozen people were wounded. now, these raids afar from uncommon in the occupy westbank, but they become increasingly frequent and more severe. after a series of attacks in israel by palestinians that kill people in march and april. the pope is traveling to canada to apologize in person for the catholic church, his role in running indigenous residential schools. but frances is calling to visit a pilgrimage of penance. beginning in the 19th century, more than 150000 children were forcibly removed from their families and center
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schools, where many was starved, beacon and sexually abused mass graves were found near the school last year. one of the canadians organizing the post visit is an indigenous priest whose grandmother lived in a residential school. i am not doing this only in service to the holy father to the church. but for my own people. the people across this country i know, have born a wound across that they have suffered with in some cases 4 generations on egon sinclair is a professor of indigenous studies at the university of manitoba. he says canadians a hoping the pope will also offer financial restitution. the number of into just catholics that will have a great investment in this visit will be significant, significant enough that you'll notice it, but it is residential school survivors. those who are impacted by the schools run
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by the catholic church, funded by the canadian government, who are probably the most interested in this visit. there was a study that done our commission held over 6 years here in canada called the truth reconciliation commission. and it called for the pope, specifically to visit at canada and to apologize for the churches rolling the schools, the amount of public pressure on the pope. since the original call from the truth reconciliation commission. it's been 6 years or 6 years since that call has been made. and the original call called for the pope to come to canada within one year and had resisted to do so until the canadian catholic bishops, i had called upon the pope because of the loss of attendance, the loss of faith. and then generally the public criticism that was of the catholic church right here in canada. and so the reaction to this has a lot to do with that. but it also has a lot to do with the ongoing calls for the catholic church to pay restitution. where as they agreed to do way back in 2006 to the, to $30000000.00 room,
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the of it's still failed to do so. to indigenous residential school. survivors still had a. now does there a searing heat wave in china takes its toll on frontline health workers. ah, hell i there. well, a big story across charter at the moment is that heat set reco breaking heat across southernmost parts. you can see lot the can a skies farther north, we have got some weather systems bringing some outbreaks of rain in across ne, in parts of china. somewhat to weather sliding across the yellow sea towards the in peninsula bits and pieces of sorry, right to, to come a for to pan or where to where the will pulses weigh a little further raised, which as we go through tuesday, some heavy rain coming through here still high temperatures,
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shanghai getting up to 36 degrees celsius. 32, therefore, pacing further south where that's where the real heat is and we're getting close to 40 degrees once again, because many southern air is certainly something to keep an eye on over the next few days. good scattering a shower. meanwhile, across or southeast asia, heaviest of which may be just running in across the philippines, central and southern parts of the philippines. just about anywhere will of course see those heated the day showers, lobby showers. they're coming to borne. oak borneo and also pushing across the march up towards the malay peninsula. plenty of showers to across sir south asia. plenty of whether there is a good part of india, some very heavy rain into pakistan over the next couple of days. and that is likely to lead to widespread flooding. ah, new voices heating up the airway. lot of chinese listeners. we can't really hear what i really think in your own country shifting power of a case,
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the rise of citizen journalism has changed everything. how do you happen? it happened on social media and the undeniable impact of the mainstream narrative. australians went to the pole with those images front of mine is a war that is very much being forced out in the media as well on the battlefield. they're listening page to dissect the media on al jazeera ah the coaching, algebra reminder on top stories this on russia has admitted carrying out an attack on the ukranian for the day. so saturday, the foreign ministry says it was targeting a naval vessel. well, it is condemned, the strikes jeopardizing the brain. if ordeal. volcano has wrought in southern
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japan must soften viewing ash just off the atm local time. on sunday, the japanese meteorological agency issued the highest level, but like i said, i'm not expecting any major funeral has been helpful to palestinians killed and writing military operation in the occupied with now the 19 mobile too, cricket creek in the right number campaigning is on the way in senegal, ahead of parliamentary elections next sunday follows a wave of protest by the opposition of its list of candidates was disqualified. there are concerns president mackey sol may try to change the constitution if he wins. majority and run for a 3rd term, because hawk has more now from the town of goods. why ne of dot car. so we will meet, i'll you know, solve, present, mikey sells a brother in the neighbourhood of get your wife. he's on a campaign to win hearts and minds. synagogue opposition accuses sullivan,
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embezzling billions of dollars in public funds for the president. but he says, he's not here to rob people, but to help them go fill up political if a dare to prefer results in politics. being the president's brother is good marketing. but as you can imagine, it's also inconvenient because i am cues of all sorts of things. with the recent discovery of oil and natural gas, the economy is booming, but only for the rich says shaken guy, who accuses the president of leaving the poor behind him loving greater threat. dixie. life is very difficult for us. at the moment people are going hungry. we can't buy as much as we could before. everything from rice to oil, no food is unaffordable. it has to stop. we're tired of this. you and i was among the thousands of people who took to the streets in june. they were protesting against the rising cost of living and a decision by the constitutional court to reject a list of opposition candidates for the parliamentary elections. opposition leader
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with men, sancho accuses president sol of clamping down on descent and using the justice system to eliminate rivals. doesn't democracy, uncle jim? it, these electrons are rate when we see in a democracy of president and the constitutional court conspire to get rid of the main opposition candidate. for me, it feels like this is a parody of an election. but with the absence of many well known opposition faces and jai says none of the candidates is a good fit for him. these parliamentary elections were supposed to take place in 2020, but they were delayed twice once because the govern didn't have enough money to organize these elections. and the 2nd time because of the coven 19 pandemic. now that they're taking place, it's become less about electing new members of parliament. more about a test of pop for larry t for president mike himself. his brother is running on the slogan, united. we can achieve victory leaving. enjoy wondering what will victory mean and
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who will be left behind? because hawk al jazeera. good you, i cynical, the brazilian president jaya both and not all is being officially nominated as his policies candidate for the election. and october a large crowd is gathering at the american football stadium in rio de janeiro for the campaign launch. the right wing leader has been president since 29 team opinion paul. so both the nato is trailing his main rival, the former president lewis, and i feel like the silvo, the world health organization has the trade, the monkey pox outbreak. a global health emergency designation currently used to describe only 2 other diseases, polio and covered 19 in the us, there is a shortage of monkey pox test kits and vaccine as reynold's will. in san francisco, people waited in line to get vaccinated from monkey pox. a virus that is spreading so rapidly, the world health organization has now declared it
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a global health emergency. we have an outbreak that has spread around the wood rapidly through new modest of transmission about which we understand truly to and which meets the criteria in the international health regulations. there have been about 3000 cases in the u. s. so far and many more in europe and dozens of other countries including india, russia, and brazil. mat ford battled the virus for more than 3 weeks. it was excruciating at times you know, and i had intense flu like symptoms. so fever, chills, sore throat, cause went into my sheets at night. and then you know, to tell, tell skin regions which i had from the get go, but more of them appeared throughout the infection. and towards the end, i counted more than $25.00 all over my body and they just appeared everywhere. women and children in the us have clot, monkey pox, but the us centers for disease control says 99 percent of the cases are seen among
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gay and bisexual men. the disease is spread by close skin, the skin body, contact muggy box vaccine, and testing kits are in short supply frustrating health experts. i think we kind of stumbled out of the blocks in a few ways, one of which is testing. i don't think there was enough testing available early enough. and then the 2nd thing is with the vaccines, we have vaccines available there, approve have em purchase. they are in a national stock pile and it's been getting them out of the stockpile. it's been really challenging and that's currently where the bottleneck is right now. the white house says the government has distributed 300000 doses of monkey pox vaccine and is tried to speed up the shipment of about 800000 more doses from denmark where they are manufactured. but that may be too little too late. rob reynolds al jazeera los angeles, a global health emergency is the w, i chose highest level for an outbreak. the world body can issue guidance,
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the governments to prevent the virus from spreading, but it can't force them to take specific action like implement vaccine mandates. the w a cho says there's a little chance that monkey box will disrupt travel right now, but it's wanting the virus could spread around the world. during general, tedra set on gabrielle says, says more than 70 countries have reported cases with more than 16000 people infected. that child was a former w h o, a system director general and carnegie mellon university. he's backing the agencies decision the w h. show convene to experts meetings to deliberate on the severity and the urgency responding to this crisis. and they developed a series of what i would call a epidemiological dashboard. and experts that can reasonably look at the data over the past month and think, well,
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there are some indicators that point rather than it's not as severe as one would think. however, the critical weakness of the data is that is often lags reality, that the virus may be ahead of the data. so it's in my judgement. dr. pedro's is airing on the side of taking pro action to mobilize governments and mobilize civil society. it's not only a medical response, it's a political response, and that is what is needed at all countries at all community levels in order to truncate the epidemic at the bud. so monkey pox can be very dangerous, particularly to pregnant women and or feed at their developing fetus. it can be very dangerous to the immunocompromised in certain circumstances that can cause brain and spinal cord infection. and even blindness. farm is in indonesia,
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dealing with an outbreak of foot and mouth disease. the 1st time it almost 40 use. the infectious viral disease effects, livestock and neighboring countries are concerned. it could soon reach nationals. jessica washington reports from bogo and west java. as foot and mouth disease spreads across indonesia. this has become a familiar exercise for farmers. this dairy cow is unable to walk or even stand farmers or taking her to an avatar. but yeah, it enable you to this disease is frightening and 1st it hits their mouths with clusters. then the roofs, some cannot even walk, they just fall to the ground. the highly contagious spyro disease causes fevers and painful blisters. infected animals lose their appetite, resulting in dramatic weight loss. some go lame and many di. yes, calabria, regarding them is it's infectious and spread through the air. if one cow is infected in a barn, the others will also be infected soon after. authorities are carrying out
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a mass vaccination campaign, and that's our treating livestock with vitamins and antibiotics. all these cows are infected with foot and mouth disease. they are dairy cattle, but their milk production has dropped by more than 70 percent. so if they became ill, he's cows will likely be slaughtered in coming weeks because farmers here, so they cannot afford to keep caring for them. most of indonesia, cattle farmers are small holders with herds of fewer than a 100 animals. these farmers in milan, east java, said the outbreak has pushed them into financial ruin. hello, now, in my 25 years as a farmer, this is the biggest challenge i've ever faced. the government says it is trying to stop the disease from spreading both domestically and overseas. what indonesia? especially under to this area like valley, we have the bo security or restrictions where people in them out or have to be
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screen using the disinfectant. neighboring australia is on high alert, with estimates it's economy could lose more than $50000000000.00 over 10 years. if foot and mouth disease reaches its farms, arrive from indonesia have to undergo additional screenings in the hope that seems like this won't be repeated on their shores. jessica washington out 0 will go with the java. a state emergency has been declared in california. mariposa county is the largest active wildlife in the us, rapidly spreads the blaze has torn through more than 4 and a half 1000 hectic and just 24 hours pranks. go to reports, the ablaze too large to fears and moving too fast to contain b o. 5 started on friday and here the yosemite national park and within days, has grown into california,
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the largest active wildfire. it's so big that can be seen from space. i'm hoping that they're able to get it out before it damages anybody's home. but it's already ripping to residential areas in a county. thousands of hector's, a forest having destroyed the worst drought in decades, has turned the straight into a tinderbox. people have been told to get out of the path of the flames as soon as possible. they came by about 1520 minutes ago and told us that everybody's got to go about 4 o'clock. the power went out. and the fires been coming towards us faster, faster. california, the governor has declared a state of emergency evacuation. orders has been issued for more than 6000 people living in the sparsely populated area. if you have time, it's great to pack some essential items. so medication important documents,
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extra clothing and toiletries. hundreds of fighters are struggling to tame the frames. but it could be days before the blaze is contained. on 205 fighters from across europe have traveled to western sylvania to help fight unprecedented wildfires. the cross region, which is popular with high cuz has been badly have i'll just, there's gasper lou bay is there and sent this someplace. the 53, the biggest fine living and history continue for the a today. we are now at the helicopter base from where the intervention from the grounds. here the d here are the helicopter sauce proving an army and the police and also from the countries neighboring countries, italy, austria, hungary, and cray shop. there is also held from serbia and romania on the ground.
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$1500.00 fire workers fighting the fire now for already a day. so a lot of help from local locus and also from the people our lavinia. we expect that this far will continue for at least couple of days. for now, there were no casualties at all. there are some houses, one house that is being burned, but for now the one of the main problem is also the winds, which is complicating the situation. at least 21 people have died and flooding enough cornerstone and another 20 are injured part of the highway between cobble until abad has been washed away. the flooding is spread across 10 provinces. it follows unseasonal rain and flooding of this month. that killed 39 people. warnings of extreme heat have been issued in thousands of cities and regions in china is the
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country's wealth isn't soaring temperatures. the heat has been melting places and mountainous areas causing mud slides and flash floods. temperatures in some places are expected to exceed 40 degrees celsius. china has been experiencing unusually hot weather since last month. journalist patrick falk has more from beijing. well, a lot of people are simply staying in to try and beat the heat. but one thing they can't avoid doing is having to come at for that compulsory cove at 19 p. c r t s. at least once every 72 hours for them to come out and queue up often in snaking lines that are often much longer than the one you see behind me for long periods of time. but it's really the health work isn't hazmat, says the really suffering and there are reports of some of them suffering from heat stroke. and there are lots of video circulating chinese social media, showing health workers, vol meds, and even fainting in these hot working conditions. now searing temperatures in
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china around this time of the year ant unusual, but where the focus to say normally it can last around 30 days this year, they're expecting these temperatures, these extreme temperatures to last at least 40 days. and that's raising the risk of flooding. and landslides, in some parts of the country, particularly in shin jang province. remember it is a mountainous region and as concern about glacial melting impacts in crops and in particular cotton fields. remember sion jang is the world's largest producer of cotton accounting for about 20 percent of the global supplies right now. there are more than 80 places, cities and towns and so and so forth across the country that have issued red alert warnings, meaning forecast as expect temperatures to reach above 40 degrees celsius within the next 24 hours.


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