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tv   Talk to Al Jazeera In the Field Cuba - A Deserted Revolution  Al Jazeera  July 25, 2022 5:30am-6:01am AST

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state was created, the center of the state was where we're standing now. when we did, there was a mom of the whole of the book store is currently collecting russian books. people turn them in, and at the end of august they will be sent to be pumped. any money raised will go to help the war effort. this women brought in 47 books. he could show that there to see not only do not want to read russian books, i want nothing more to do with russians. we have great ukrainian writers and beautiful great ukrainian literature, but it's all sold out at the moment. sort of summer bill, which there is an ideological question on one side, it's sad to let go of these book on board. this will also benefit our common victory. let me put in says that russia and ukraine are essentially one nation. that is not a view that is popular here. people believe the country is a war, not just for territory, but put a separate cultural identity. and many people know, finding that as a part of that, there is a history to be rediscovered and celebrated own fisher. i'll just either,
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keith ah, i could check the headlines here on al jazeera, russia has admitted launching and strike some ukrainian port city of odessa. moscow says the strikes hit military targets. the attack came just a day after russia and ukraine signed a deal to allow safe passage of grain shipments from ukraine's port or rural, as you would have to be that often. but of all roseburg va russian forces took action in a bolt of odessa, a dock ukrainian warship and a warehouse with us supplied missiles will destroyed many stores. russia used long raised naval messiah in odessa. c port on the territory of a ship prepare plan. more than a 1000 migrants and refugees rescued from the mediterranean have arrived in italy. 5 bodies have also been recovered. most of the migrants set off on boats from north
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africa. in the caribbean, at least 17 people including an infant of, died off the coast of the bahamas. after a boat carrying refugees, migrants and the haiti cap sized 25 people were rescued. but it's feared up to 60, may have been on board authority, say they're seeing an increase in the haitians. desperate to a free poverty and gang violence. me and mos mileage agenda is executed for prisoners among them as a former legislator from unsung suit, cheese party and a pro democracy activist. these are the 1st debt sentences carried out in decades. state media says that men were accused of helping to carry out what it called terror acts. agenda has sentenced dozens of anti coo activists to death. frances arrived in canada to apologize for the abuse, suffered by indigenous children in schools run by the church. more than a 150000 were forcibly removed from their families and sent to residential schools of a many decades. a federal going to hell for 2 palestinians killed during an israeli
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military operation and they occupied west bank another 19 were wounded. 2 of them critically. during the raid in nablus, a general strike has been called to mon, the victims. israel says its forces were on an arrest mission and exchanged fire with palestinians barricaded inside a house. so those were the headlines. the news continues here now to 0, after talked to al jazeera in the field, cuba statement that's about how and why did who become so obsessed. with this law, we were giving them a tool to hold corrupt individuals, human rights abusers accountable. they're gonna rip this deal apart if they take the white house of 2025. what is the world hearing what we're talking about by american today? we take on us politics and society, that's the bottom line. ah,
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cuba is witnessing an economic crisis since taken it back 30 years to the so called special period as then when subsidies from the former soviet union vanished, cubans are suffering hardships and acute shortages of everything from food to fuel . the difference is that to day many tell you that the worst shortage is of hope. ah, and so a new mass exodus of cubans is underway and largest and for decades. 63 years after the triumph of fidel castro's revolution, tens of thousands of cubans in search of a different life are fleeing the island. on this edition of talked to al jazeera in
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the field, we traveled to the cuban capital havana to meet with some of the people confronting the crisis. ah, this is old havana. among the old cars in crumbling buildings, we meet a shoemaker who's about to leave for argentina. who youngling salish is 76 years old. he's been making shoes by hand since he was 12, but he's never stepped foot outside of cuba. mm. mm. thought it was a bundle for them and below loving. don't you. mr. gonzalez has made these as a gift for an argentine friend who'll help him settle in his label is on every pair, maximum quality,
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100 percent. leather and bowed and made by him like his house is literally falling apart, held together just barely yet. that's not what's motivating him to leave during that can you go on without me by go to pay and swing your meal load on them. would your son? yes, i feel they say if i go knock on even a cell limping me, i did it gay. say by a me as they say, i want to roll and move my good mood is going to seattle. okay. me load. if only guy will say, i guess i assume he got the living the leg though us who then legally i feel i'm ya know, i emailed them got a little better and i will do so act. lucille will say,
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i only see him told me we probably only probably only know kelly. so how old were you in the cuban revolution? triumphed gut. don't say i, i think you support the cuban revolution, not by your m i o t i to button. now my audio look forward, but again, in cool, i see feel much of polling lang. somebody at a ball with your $1000000.00 le feler. have a florida move it does this? yeah, that device. and yet i understand that the cuban government actually put you in prison for making shoes. see, i get a tele move in to pay mom and have a problem she own about. i'll say are the noisy thea,
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i believe was the only c p a and the robert grant appropriate or we i get really salute. maybe until a stove will not believe going. been going that big are only bully, are really fairly new and people look in all can wait a few or to hear what a little go normally domain matters will go out and if it's just a thought for good for how i go more got it. daughter for you, look at it on our no matter john. so when i read, what did you do in prison and i got it, sub sub blah, blah. know, vcr, this hello, who's yellow? a than many peddling video in less than 48 hours. you are going to be in a completely different country. you will have left this country for the 1st time in your life to huddle most in buying, selling and seeing bins. i live here on terry mooney. hey, sing beetle dial glass, saying dealer, or drive by the anthea yackino way us and been multiple get the yeah,
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let's see what students have one in my visit for our i'm pathologist to impose on patello son. use the run bed. those son you will under the same diagnosis seem but a lot any ang sell by you know, how the children, a mom all i know that i'm telling their mom also, but i will go look for lame a marine m. okay. not on there. so i feel that 2 of them are going to do car. yeah. give us a good buy. suck the name of up to lemme go get boss up in a moment or the rental car. yeah. get i saw i left for a month. so she, eli, lemme with on the go like while you get a, a dentist or whatever you read a letter. good. thanks. yes. in for someone one, when i go saw one will have a surplus. again, william, that giddiness the manager tested the dna to,
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to deny anybody the make. it was a document button on 2 things to look into it. dna led possible on linkedin linked to comparison. i'm going to look on say, but could ellwood and b, i use my lawyer, they don't move ahead. my cell level, i'm in the that's what gets in albany or j domingo. but i didn't even pull glitchy senior dna say that may or say i do isa. the gas into my little sick lung to sung us again. i'm a drama muscle. it will go on. yes. and the next day mister gonzales said good bye to his home and left for the airport hoping to make his shoes and to new life. 7000 kilometers south of cuba
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at a nearby park in front of the panamanian embassy. scores of others are struggling to go in the opposite direction, but needed transit visa to go through panama to nicaragua, and hopefully from there to the u. s. border. worse yet, many like i and yet katelyn has sent his wife, have lost everything after falling prey, to what appears to have been a bogus travel agency, to whom they paid $8000.00 for a non existent charter flight to nicaragua. now and yet says that they have no where to live and no money left but are still determined to my great import. done. they are on a got i wobbled a yes i off what i deal self. what i have what they they lost it. awesome. could either god when omega agi and to bite and tim e went on yo. busy alameda, they made our loan, they don't fall mountain ye and knew the rhythm. vocal monticello are all vocal
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mother. this our lawyer went in, e ha, if you want to get away and we gotta worry or cable to really aaliyah, seem a get all that all holiday got our own. or you mean it all, but all up on all the life you say the things are very difficult here. what we're it try to explain to me what it is like for a young couple to live in cuba under the current circumstances. i think i'll say that i'm bored. the lament i'm with if he said they will say a little they like all on. we're an order macola and know macola can say luckily, deli main to we move, watch across element, watch a coffee e and on mcculloch our say, else i want to go aboard the yellow, send me an nia dancer, caprino. is there anything that the cuban government could do? do you think to convince people to stay when we, when we 1st grow up on us? oh, okay. go more in the hurried up a stuff, a dollar more to like when you suffer down, which are new in the real,
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in self adult, which will say, ah, a homeless is done, you know, and it's upgrade to the who went to norway, nowhere iowa loose and moreover, iowa, long as upper and lower dewy input. so now ya can with alan saw went in the get on being on the feel you made out of the older place. if you spent a lot of money, i think a $1000.00 buying those tickets that now you couldn't use to leave the country. what are you going to do? you have any army gothic lowering the data when the lenient the hole in the world? no. the head came blocks of their into not wanting to simply put on the battle for me. i went up and so on and i was all alone enough, but i'm going to me
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why take them out? i just haven't cubans in a similar situation are beginning to resort to an old system and that is to leave this country in a raft or in a boat to cross the florida straits. would you do that? your maintain home, so it's up and move just because some people older can ya was with your pedal, munoz number. you can feel free to say them and they'll say ok, no audience will see m i c l. believe most people prefer to avoid talking about politics focusing instead on the economic reasons for their discontent. yeah. what the aftermath of an unprecedented don't brief, social uprising and july last year is also feeding the exodus people out of it don't get the thousands of cubans or wrapped it onto the streets,
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demanding not only normally, but also political change. many calling for an end to cuba, one party communist state police need mass arrests. so far some 400 people. most of them young men have been sentenced to between 5 and 25 years in prison for public disorder. and alleged subversion, but also one of the protests was roman catholic leonardo fernandez sent here addressing pope francis in 2015. his words angered the government broken off warning their selected ensemble, brutal garnview was put off on the spot. october didn't with care for adult siegel being st. gonna be in saying yes, thing on best thing with today from his small when can class apartment the 70 year old catholic actor?
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this says he continues to work for the church and supported the poor and the needy is one of them. i asked him why his pot plants are marked with state rolling tear. it is the old symbolize an interrogation, a fennel fs momentum going on. we all, but he said we're good because that's a wrong and i'm you know, the owner and why do you think so many people especially young people, are leaving tuba right now. alonzo. who you chose people who are wanting a cable. yeah. local. because then i'm in de leon, which was it from a look. i'm gonna and thought of friends that i would assume the thought for him the i like to receive on, on guy, for example, should either get that, whether to your pro that mean us it and called good call somebody locus to the office. can you talk this when i tell you that a can way down being than it was, and i want a bass professor saying i want to keep the go k can also the thing for me that
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you sort of are going on. this is now you have to handle much of the data sweeter. i've seen others we have in the sooner we can. but on our you can, which of, with the gussy attack and i wanted to come up with it. so natalie, you're going to them infinitely. that is a wonderful doodle than what i've been, i don't know familiar enough and added a almost to isn't the only country in the world that has severe economic problems. and yet the social uprising here stopped almost as quickly as it started. why didn't continue like in other countries, is the go, you not only for in several context, the total value value of this a lot, but as soon as we're familiar, it, we don't do that in the whole money. fair dantas at danbury, a. been us a 40 de la. i love him on the scene or for any time you have received money for
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santas, we could probably see it. and then i could then go getting water heater. but on the schoolmaster in this so you know me on hold on dana, but no sort of celebrity on it yet, but i can't believe he is so full. of course i came up for you. whatever maintenance. yeah. i mean a quarter internet a yoke it ok. come on, we can i use o, c, l, a c. and you know i see consulting group and one we see and the longer i get a cd on present, a young man. no, i can print them out in the bottom here. so you sort of what i'm really thought is and which of course, with my theory and see the list when i will put it right. and what kind of class that we need or, or you felt like mine, how eager all away was l. e. are they or yourself?
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no grammar. we put him into november for now and inter i thought you see me when i'm in the middle, which was send me some he was a will be so you you and i would see her got amy gus is a type, you know, boss, i will tell you those tell me how is it that you're still free to have this conversation with me? some of them, when i was doing, i know you're going to go for the brick or stuff. well guess i got the legal. he thing all the panel effect dealing when i do need to see i'm guessing that time and there's the longest stuff in the one of us. so either put this on blanco, one game entering his group on last him area he previously put what it was pretty late here even though you get a winner, but the member get. so you see on the local company want to see any,
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some legal guardians wondering him at the and i want to say i'm not going to tweeted communes and i wanted for him to come, which is you've been arrested several times. tell me a bit about that. the rest of the places were but it also were you wanting to see them? what did they ask you when they were interrogating? what did they want to know me to a don't. i'm going to in my, in my, on a, who knows, locked up on your leg. this for him, for looting. awesome. i mean, i so that's all, what does that mean? you have to go for going to try to get a bus. i don't a to us, i will look at why don't my point of a golf and i me so we can talk all associated but i will go you're going to shop on
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the he said, what is convenient tuttleton, you don't that of course not yet. see me and i can coordinate a job. so in my family or my total values went out to my other 2. i don't equal and he's not, he will a day will give for i need are going, which from you he'll say who you want to see me for just one day. when i know you don't get all big game been on the downward process for you all said, and he said, well, my son camino. well, you know that the government considers you a call. you a mercenary, an agent of us imperialism them, him defendant, and look at your look as he please. i would have done the kid coming on the kid. you see golden go cleric and get out a lot of new coca dale. so single garcia,
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neither rich, any kidda, forgot about that. he was missing, elaborate that he might have some kid on you totally removing the following monthly or not. it was informed that he could not continue his doctoral thesis at the university of havana. he says it was political punishment aimed at encouraging him like so many other dissidence to leave the country at the same time, tube as government is struggling to read night, plummeting faith in its revolution. you harsher economic sanctions imposed by former us president donald trump, have made life much harder here. ah, but after 2 years of pandemic, new effort was spared to me. this years may day parade, a resounding display of revolutionary fervour. it included the traditional chance of loyalty to deceased leader of fidel castro and against the u. s. government
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decades long economic embargo against cuba. that's where we met any mix abigail with either because i am convinced that this is the country that i want to defend. that's why i'm here to support my leadership and my people. she agreed to meet her later to explain why she remains a true believer. and he reg, as you know, there are a lot of people in this country who are disillusioned, disillusioned with the revolution, they don't believe it any more. they want to leave this country. why is it that you feel exactly the opposite? made it your see are boy top for it. it is so selling alcohol. say it is so selim up. but it is something that look as if they're leaving and all that. i can't go. i will get a thumb or him process an hour. they're going to accept this as if them, the, him, it 123 of worth to lose door a, what am i to what is on, on both of them for me, vase. but at all
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a cl journal. go and sit. there might be the only thing you're going to get esick at those fair mile on this as if they were better now. but not august here, a local settlement on a cecilia. maya there, the audio here goes there. me to was. see they have me that are ala amy garza there having had did list guardian did that other dean. they're gone through in a salary or get in the mile under the order of tampa locked in for cambia lat lateral listener. thank upward on but his letter will loose when i am playing muddy the m b. he said it's all good assessor and k. i gay gala chad bad i guess and m o b n. so k, k c law had older c, r a, a 3rd one a the bagged easy. look at a limited the name on a little problem. i had gone army gulker, the name or law for
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a mass. they if they more we leave morgan martini the, their daughters, they would or that the more they they fight that they blew rally than lane then. then they sell and poke all my to lay down. they will know you as c, i been sammy. and as sarah kiss her meconium, i had to random debbie and so gay, gay, so no, so low emma and i then comma blogger put him the ban. so get some pro lamarche and shared the few c. s yes. at the ag, logan or get air seeder kill below go up like see the sag see thing you little dial evidence easy all at all those additional man jojo is located your being so if k as m orchard the ample k. so a marcus, and although i only that,
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he has a much of the ample, you'll get a ready i most i read about in the like, i mean at, and i, we lead as it did. i'm a, what are they gonna make? i mean that isabella problem, i forgot the name of school, nasa comma get com, will elaborate. a son i guessing will not be edna. so is gary, how is he will not be in no sort of them. okay. not, not, you know, i got almost there, but in the alley we had gone there. so do you believe that those people that were sentenced to up to 30 years in prison for throwing a rock or breaking a window? do you think that was fair to think it was justified? b as a j, a boy as heck on my bill tissue better nor nodding or love it. i see that these are those core. but as emitting ethic os amy about is again camera. hort yogurt ogre sawyers fair land go more now i better see it so so no film the about old sir. how good sir?
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good intellectual. what would you imagine the tubes of your dreams? what would it be when i, when the been the entering of id or an excel and gone base independent living in dondo not so drum may most firm capacity boil which had by landed in well now gore gain nor better me. they had aims here than the order of age. so does all that require a one party state, nor garcia, man the license, earl. lemme go in the morning, yoga. okay. care. see all off on soon? i camper horner. it'll see that if fossa ellamin legacy does the difference and ambien wayne yogurt, o, o l o, he was he, i have been some info that over to him,
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and none of weapons had the lemonade. he get thought time across a couple of them out. i love you. knoxville. i guess a bourbon to read on fame. hon. i leon building. callahan thing can no, no. hi, toya answered. you know how much i have a good. so look at them when i, when i get and get on the horn, you'll get to my home. okay. a little game played more tacos and like a foreigner said, focusing on all of that. but i don't have that in mind. get us as a family. you know, get away as, as them other plumbing is countries like china and via non had long embraced some form of capitalism. 2016 when former us president barack obama opened political ties with cuba and east sanctions. cubans began enjoying a new era of economic opportunities, but it was short lived
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and as generations of cubans go, tired of waiting for the promise of the revolution to deliver a better life. with less economic and political controls, more and more believe abandoning their country. however uncertain future is their only option. ah. control of the narrative shapes the landscape, australian point to the policy, good sized images front of mine says a war that is very much been fought out in the media as well as on the battle for your listening post. dissect the media on al jazeera. we don't currently focus on the politics of the conflict. it's the consequence of more,
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the human suffering that we report on. it is one of the most serious about the violence. in recent years, we brave bullets and bomb because we give voice to those demanding freedom the rule of law. and we always include the views from all sites, a sanctuary for journalists. it was a haven from the war and shelter for civilian refugees. were scattered into the garden during cambodia as bloody st. off flooring us to leave and suddenly we were turning the fax on the conveyor rouge had taken anything of value out of the hotel, cambodia. let them know a new episode of war hotels on all g 0. ah .


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