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tv   Al Jazeera Investigations The Cyprus Papers Undercover  Al Jazeera  July 26, 2022 3:00pm-4:01pm AST

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[000:00:00;00] ah say that mm hm. and then international anti corpse excellence award boot now for your hero, i bond vehicles harvesting every pick. you take every quick you make telling everything to all the waves. maza, a good time to watch the watch. we believe that on the deep sleep is to 1st civilian to stratosphere. again, we are created. we are act. oh, great, the new interview.
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ah hi there. i'm kevin allen, dough hall with the top stories on al jazeera. you members have reached a deal on making emergency gas cuts this winter. europe is facing an energy crisis as the russian and firm gas problem reduces supply from the north stream. one pipeline to 20 percent of capacity. moscow says that disruption is due to maintenance issues and sanctions. algae there is up to allow, shall, me, has more from brussels, the aims to store about 45000000000 cubes. a cubic meters of gas for this next winter. and at the same time that you has also given a exemptions to a member states, why not part of the european gas network. and indeed, at that point, they will not have to enforce the amandito gas costs if it has to come to it. so the u a has been able to kind of a come to midway between the countries that saw it. as you know, i'm not really possible to enforce that this kind of my duty caught at the same time,
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been able to secure what it says it needs for the next winter hotel had been held outside me in mars embassy in bangkok to condemn the execution of 4 pro democracy activists. all 4 were accused of helping a civilian resistance movement at his fort military since last he has qu, he executions have fought widespread condemnation. tony chang has more from bangkok . protests is her being out on the streets here in bangkok on tuesday, outside. mamma's embassy expressing their shock and horror, but the execution of full political prisoners over the weekend and condemnation. coming from the u. s. secretary of state un secretary general them peace all across europe. here in southeast asia, malaysia's foreign minister said this was a crime against humanity. we condemn d. action by the hunter to execute the 4 activities. we feel that
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deceased a crime against humanity. i believe, to foreign ministers when we meet in non pen. on the 3rd of august, we'll look into this little reaction from the military government inside gamma. their spokesman held a press conference that they were a failed to address the issue at all. although when asked by local media, he said the executions were not because the military had any particular case against the men involved. they'd been given every opportunity to prove their innocence in a court of law. many people would dispute that, given that these were charles that took place on the military rule by a military court. and in secret, there has been reaction on the streets of mamma with flash mobs expressing their anger and calling her revenge on the concern here. the opponents of the coo and the military both seemed deeply entrenched in the further along this conflict goes, the more bloody will get. israeli forces have raided the palestinian village of
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cairo at bonney half on the occupied westbank. they demolished the homes of 2 palestinians, had been charged with killing a guard in april, the illegal israeli sacramento, or else schools have reopened and sri lanka, of the government said it would provide fuel so children can get to classes. but lessons will be limited to 3 days a week. schools were nearly a sorry were shot nearly a month ago. busy because of widespread shortages caused by the worst economic crisis. in decades. 5 protesters have been killed during demonstrations at a un peacekeeping base in democratic republic of congo. it happened on the 2nd day of rising at acidity in the eastern city of gama. demonstrated, say peacekeepers have not protected them from violence in the region and want them to div 5 cruise in california. say they're starting to bring the state's largest wild far this year under control. extreme heat and low humidity of cause the oak fire to spread rapidly since it started on friday. after dropping 1400000 liters of
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water by 5 to say it's no longer threatening the nearby yosemite national park. 14 people have died in pakistan as heavy monsoon rains sweep across the country. the worst hit area was punjab. flood waters rose in several cities and in the countryside. strong winds also caused extensive damage. at least 27 people have been injured. those are the headlines one use here on al jazeera right after l g. their investigations by ah l g,
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there is investigative unit goes undercover in cyprus. we reveal how the specter of corruption hangs over the islands, passport by investment scheme, a lease with and we show how a convicted criminal might obtain a european passport for the right price. a people take us with our investigation leads to one of the highest offices of state, the president of the parliament. i see. busy in the port where i have to prepare my days, we show how a criminal with a golden passport could change his identity to evade justice was
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a consent form for a foreign is to invest of 2 and a half $1000000.00. often in luxury homes can obtain a separate passport under the cypress investment program. the holder of a cypress passport has the right to live and work across the european union. there is an island in the mediterranean, where prosperity is a way of life. cypress welcomes the world. the algae 0 is investigative unit, obtained a leak naming to now half 1000 people. he purchased a separate passport. we called it the cypress space,
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a cypress papers, make global headlines, a l. d that wants you to show that maple importance just you don't have to be a bit far away. the site will my last name and i will sign papers commission has frequently raised its concerns about invest a citizen scheme. i think it was a last week. you know, nothing about, i'll just here is investigation revealed that many new citizens should not have received passports if they are linked to crime. wanted suspected convicted cyprus, this minister of interior dismissed al jazeera is evidence double gun euro josina. then in the i haven't even was sure what up here. i love to buy guns. i got the ski blue the revelation spot anger in the european union. the
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european commission should put cypress before the european court of justice. european justice commissioner says he'll consider legal action to stop cyprus from selling to citizens. and i think if it's needed to introduce an intrusion proceeding all to, to problem was and they said that the separate government says it always acts in good faith. and that it's tightened. rules on who can obtain citizenship in future or not. they want to put us about input on it is the me board least on a dish. you on lose lose on that get a video to people who have been the what i'm others that minister claim cypress. never knowing the allowed convicted criminals to obtain european passports got enough to here, then you can do with them that are more the only going to be going to get you on as well. yes, i like it seem to important. now al jazeera is investigative unit brings further revelations that go to the of the separate states. ah,
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we begin in london who undercover reporters, persuade a former british policeman. 10, fix it that they are, rich, klein needs one of cyprus, his golden passports. the investigative unit creates a nameless, fictional applicant who will call mister x. ah, they told a former policeman that the applicant was chinese, very rich, that he fled from china with his illegally obtained wealth. and that he received a 7 year prison sentence in absent here. for bribery and money laundering. ah, the investigation moves to cyprus. ah. the 1st stage for a criminal to receive a european passport is a meeting with
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a right property agents, a former policeman. now an enabler, arranges for our undercover reported to meet his contacts with denise k and her husband own the sold on cyprus estate agency. you said 5 a south thout on friday because we can't lose our undercover reporters are advised to move to a more private location. we'll have a chat. when we go to denise and husband tony kate help those who invest in their property to get separate passports. we live in love the island
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with whose with our undercover reported billy says he represents our made up applicant. mr. x my favorite, dirty job. what is the kind this is for people he called us on issues in china. we named our 2nd undercover reporter, angie. she's acting as billy's assistant ah, china's going lunch charged a huge fall probably, and a corruption. she was very well collected. and he go information, go to with all before who a police took action. so you, so that is news and as it's in china and the movie,
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the mommy fiddle michael casino g. now us, hong kong, i do call citizenship the chinese coleman's centers a hain for 7 years po. for those. if he does that, it returns to he will be sentenced to 7 years. he will be in manage jail because the same as was make other his absence. according to the rules of the cyprus investment program, a successful applicant needs a police certificate, confirming a clean criminal record. the person who we also now put in a sub was integration, has been moving hong kong for bow 2 years like i think which we use to years like this century. he's placed
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a quote from hong kong. oh sorry. the boy ran to the 2nd. yes. what a shy then? yeah. who's not going to hang on to the song of the independence as before, the chinese sudden with how huge in frost. i'm a short period called the low to so some movie vacation from the chinese, so he can for all the phone, call them to cyprus, freely mo, you and the leader, the cypress investment program. oh, golden passport scheme has brought over $8000000000.00 to the supreme economy. since 2013 most of that has gone into real estate. the case connect the island property business with its golden passport program. the cypress program came along, then it just exploded. is about getting sounded investments and producing the possible and getting it done quickly and efficiently. they're part of
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a specialized team of enablers. you're me to say the lawyers, the accountants, the says if you st. connelly arrive, we chaperone. we look off in tracy very, very well. when i leave here they'll be lot cypress and we will achieve whatever i need to achieve. tongue, how many pieces you off in the household? hundreds. and we have a 100 percent success, right. 100 percent. 100 percent, 100 percent because of the $130.00. she has a name that will crop up throughout our investigation and come on the pool person is chris harris. yeah, he's a member problem. he's actually very, very, very good. bad to know when he comes to doing what we're doing right now to stock. his giovanni has been a member of the separate house of representatives for 9 years. he also runs giovanni group,
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one of the largest property developers in the country. an event of significant consequence began with a vision to create a reputable trustworthy organization. he unlocks the key chris background. he has a faith development company. he was from very humble background, but he feels very politically bouncing. i see for many years very hard respecting, very, very high respects him in cyprus, everybody will know him, respect him. he knows everyone on the boat, which is the paper. very nate, the board of the cypress investment program includes representatives from the interior and finance ministries. under government investment authority, there are some cards that we've health, food assistance to get parcels and some problem back to school. but we manage
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through chris's connectivity to break all the rows and in an unprecedented way, we got the past full issue. come very, very funny, that is cause a dream becomes a reality. after years of diligence is excellent. is a solution. find there is a solution always obviously the country doesn't want to have terrorists that want to have people. so the diligence is more about keeping these people out of the possible escape. but if you've got people, critical people with reasons for these problems to help them explain it to the very highest people and say this is position. what can we do? a lot of people want to, you know, use we can not so many get out there with tony and denise k. arrange for our undercover reporters to see the giovanni groups newest investment
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opportunity. welcome to our world of luxury setting. when a cyprus is most sought after areas, sun city is a landmark on its own is actually 2 phone calls for each b, like house is so busy, the private pool. yes. thought that one is what focal point. $8000000.00 a year or so, you're not going on with fear doris hagey. zachary ash is a property advisor for the giovanni group. they bought this one on his mother so he
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can get the bus both in case, but i, because his mother is buying another apartment. so another application of possible will come through the sun city is a 1st of a kind by star resort hotel combined with residence is that past is being late for mr. rex, convicted money laundering to invest in cyprus and obtain a passport they can buy and a from y c. how can then limited company a can have no money director so that his name is never shown. they can have a company with money in and you know how they play in front of that aspect of invest in office that will be attractive to these kinds of gentlemen where there are problems a cost more money to achieve these things. so what we will do is find out who has to be spoken to as prepay, what investment needs to be made. if there is a headache,
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we find out exactly what we find. if there's a solution, we can come to you and say, this is the solution. is this set to go? if is acceptable, then we proceed. he's absolutely the right person for what we're talking about. this is where it all began. a world of luxury and counter. what i'll do is, so during the course of your few days here, introduce you to a lawyer or the lawyer will give you the breakdown of every document the time, which includes police. frank hold. now is the police record comes back and it's not good. that's a problem, but you've explained to me the problem and there will be a solution to this whole thing so really nicely. so maybe thank you. i think there might be the next step is for our undercover reporters to meet with
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a lawyer a mr. i saw a situation in china 2 years ago. he was moving some business activities, reach a commission. andreas pathologist is a registered service provider for the cypress investment program, a cert interest that we use our shuttle probably a lot in order to issue a problem. however, we need to find ways to overcome baseball. no,
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i will take out everything. i say you can you kind of be glad to work that way around. but the solution is gonna look for solutions. the phone with our undercover reporters are again told that one man holds the key. should problems arise. a, b y r perform last year for the next year. yes, nice. see me. several work there. those people won't change or chase, and there is a head of their general never general margin, or there is
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a nice pay. jared, a with the ministry of interior approved golden passports. the general manager at the time was kick, prosecute, pre our new minister was constantino's per treatise to pre i knew was the civil servant who administered the program. kathy was go ages before starting to see the legal although over normally we are the t
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c issue with them today. and the service also wasn't over time to merger and i got very, very excited. so maybe the giovanni group has a specific investment in mind from mr. x 1000000000 and he had taken to the proposed site of a 2nd son city development. i want to show your face with antonio, antonio runs the giovanni group right . they'd wrestle with all of that us. we can think of the sale of the apartment
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until the year is seeking an investment much more than the 2 half $1000000.00 necessary for a superior passport. they said we're going to need it. people want to come in pipes that want to write the bid. this is, i'm going to want i order to sign up with audio. they want to run it as many of the short key audio they love. the idea is what i mean at 1st. audio. that's what tell you really we're gonna turn this into private b. i'm over here or the we're those grades to clear everything on it's really something amazing.
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what good the office lawyer andrea's potential explain the importance of presenting. mr. x is case favorably. dr. bob, this is the one of these guys, did you me one days who are there are some issues on tuesday weeks day. they are trying to compare puzzle asia and silly and convincing. know your client. ok. why you see document is essentially noted from mr. x to bring his funds to cyprus, he goes for the wanted of, i would say, i didn't know if you didn't do that by
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all the bus you show with them on the conference. i will see the 3rd so says nothing to do with his finances because of if we here i don't think it was for you a full 5 k j. yes, you have a dish. um okay, well you hosted be sufficient for me to suffer from it to suffer this one option is to use a shell or front company that's untainted by the applicant, criminal conviction, a vehicle and the foster parent from the same car. i said they can not do a criminal offense. she called me yesterday because the money was
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being maybe quite a company. we'll see both we had. they had science from a different. yes, because law all companies we have to please you have to go to pro for so this is not an easy case. if we're having to play with publish, no kind of us it will have a kind of left the clinical vision, but not to the issue is not believed to them on this is, this is, this is so this i'm so sorry. another way is for a family member to be seen to make the necessary investment. i decided to what was
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best of the quote that she's what i will say this was august. you so you cannot make progress is a control issue in part to our undercover report to meet the president to the cypriot parliament and g. damn us to see as they continue to seek a european passport for our fictional convicted criminal social for food from the world's most populated region in depth stories from across asia and the pacific with di plus coaches and conflicting politics. one 0, one east on al jazeera
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ah ah safe going home and then international anti corruption excellence award boat now for your hero, hulu
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. and kim vanelle in doha, with the top stories on al jazeera. you members have reached a deal making emergency gas can't this winter? europe is facing an energy crisis. as the russian own firm gas prom reduces supply from the north stream. one pipeline to just 20 percent of capacity. moscow says that disruption is due to maintenance issues and sanctions. i was there, isabella shawnee has more from brussels. the aims to a store about 45000000000 cubes. cubic meters of gas for this next winter. and at the same time that you has also given a exemptions to a member states who are not part of the european gas network. and indeed the, at that point, they will not have to enforce the amandito gas costs if it has to come to it. so the u a has been able to kind of a come to midway between the countries that saw it, as you know, not really possible to enforce that this kind of my duty caught at the same time
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been able to secure what it says it needs for the next winter protests have been held outside me in mars embassy in bangkok to condemn the execution of 4 par democracy activists. all 4 were accused of helping a civilian resistance movement that his fort medic treats insanity has coop. the executions have fought widespread condemnation. israeli forces have raided the palestinian village, has caught away bonnie house on the occupied west bank. they demolished the homes of 2 palestinians who had been charged with killing a guard in april and the illegal is ray. the settlement of arielle schools have reopened and shall anchor off the government said it would provide fuel so children can get to classes. lessons will be limited to 3 days a week. schools were shots nearly a month ago because if shortage is caused by the worst economic crisis in decades, 5 protesters have been killed during demonstrations at a un peacekeeping base and democratic republic of congo. it happened on the 2nd day
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of writing of the facility and the eastern city of gama. demonstrate to say peacekeepers have not protected them from violence in the region and want them to leave. fire crews in california say they're starting to bring the state's largest to wild fire this year under control. after dropping 1400000 liters of water firefighters, say it's no longer threatening the nearby yosemite national park. those are headlines. i'll have the news hour for you on al jazeera right after algae. there are investigations, i see shortly. bye bye. for now. in part, one hour under cover reporters were given legal advice on how a convicted money laundry could invest in cyprus and juice. now the lawyer practice describes how a successful applicant can ensure his wealth is never traced back to his criminal
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past. ross good changed when the present us did. we can change your name is with us can sure there's just little bit to see and will contribute. a lot of it locally. i in his name now is the name half or half of united states. but if you check his original name, you can look that even with that name. so we made an up to date type is change his name, change his passport because probably now with us book you name the with his great name, human brain view. pretty close on this before this is a oh is it possible this is jerry said gap in the type of sheet and we can change the name. we all the, the questions. how, how do we do this?
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the science one book and nobody can find out you can do this document for us. we'll review it. you will have been jewels and psalms. i hope. do you think that 20 co, with a meeting with a politician christopher his giovanni is the next stage in the plan laid out by tony k as for many years,
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very helpful key with the main guest had not yet arrived. i see that he's very close with last. i'll probably giovanni works with many foreign investors to sort of try a simple process turbo, both in a move in on the ai with actual about this issue
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on the upstairs. however, this is going to be and i felt angry status with ramos which are blue. i live with us with stories giovanni's right hand man. antonio antonio joins the table with a i will send you out with and to new ways here to advise on the next move. the 1st thing would be always to start the the 5. yeah. cuz you, i work with
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a sister. he reiterates what the lawyer said, produce a persuasive, know your client document to satisfy the banks. are going to want r i k y c. for the money. what i would define together through the bumps, we kind of what they don't want to hear and say, let's say that the money i've been approved for the investment part then would have just a 5 year. and we will advise you would be ways are still possible for 70 deposition a spiritualized
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with the main concern is whether information on the applicant crimes could be discovered is his class at least a loose. are they in any way that it is negative publicity or? oh, things we need to know enough on a well, it was very quite, i want to go with the things on the money to return
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a pay reassures our report is there will be a solution for the right price where i will explain to you and you can find out how to solve frankly, what the cost of self with at the giovanni group all face are under cover report is briefed on the lucrative investment opportunities. we are open for here 65, b, b a here with more than what
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we want. the 1st because it says market after viewing more, giovanni group properties are under cover report has went with guide had she's actually re us to a lunch with kate and the lawyer pitai juice a little bit with i a my
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with each a separate i would say that's why we always, for someone like with the lack of fees because from value but we already know the reason i say our property advisor had g zachary asked says, but in the passport business, it's who you know, that matters also how i side because i want to see i was to my little to parliament, you know, souls being up going to to something he got this much easier. he just
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a handle that and i mean hello. my name is basically a subrogation on what's going on on them. i take it from the other, the problem for them to talk with you. we are told there is a 2 track application system, the official route. i don't know that way. more money is required. a different shot and written shall treat with even so people i think the government see stuff look biting off with those over to them over with
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you can look see these any book regulations. but if i go and say these are the other guys that i will respond with, so if you don't mind holding, why let's see. okay. i mean, you know, 7 or 6 it will say ok guys is this i think is not something retail officially. i, by the way, no my, they actually my help with everyone in the hospital to us. all right. all right. the higher, the better to new york tells us more about the, to track application system. the address in lafayette. what her schemes
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with applicants of the site, per se, investment program are required to donate to specific organizations. antonio explains how cash payments might also have to be made by an applicant who, like mister x, has a criminal record. you get to pick complicated if there's an extra piece that we cannot. yes. let's we see the price. if we can do, for example, we need to pay $50000.00 donation to some are actually cost or no money. we can put them in the contract and take this money from the contact for these people. we can take them in cash, whatever the amount depends on the difficulties presented in the applicant file. i
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cannot tell you would have to pay 50 or hundreds of 200002 get this done unless we should have higher because even higher this good. then we don't need to do it. if there are issues, then we start, there's a should one by one. you know, this one with potential explains that a major investment will bring with it many more opportunities for passports. so that's why we should still be there a chance. if i make this 100 meter you, when you're committed, us will get the possible size. if only investor in front of the public can make the investment and then divide it 25 possible place. if he has more. why is
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it appears that mr. x can even set up his own passport, selling business with us in the us, both for go on for other players who made the joint venture fi that built in us for apartments or a button. and it was silly, either slices of the most of the company or other people went to billy, learns that your stock is giovanni's political influence, reaches the highest levels of the state ah, the house. and the 2nd one was an employee of july was your back and forth or his table. so very good with the speaker was he said it was the middle of his or
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medically or so that are you thinking the cable as well as soon as he came, it's because the house he got these were speaking with the pay was he was having like his if you didn't share with i know you because i is, i was wanting to possibly do the floors in the book. is a good little bit more the next step is to meet the speaker of the house of representatives, also known as the president of the supreme parliament. from our under cover, reporters are invited to meet him at lunch in chris dock, his giovanni's house. a angie with the estate agent. tony k was invited. antonio antonio is also,
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there was working with us to see a union. china will know calendar problem and school 28 law should i am the prisoner of the parlor. and from the because with demetrius delores holds the 2nd highest office of state in cypress billy tells him about the applicant trio. so good. there was a call. so he wasn't over the more confused reading we'll collect in china. you know, so he got tipped by the code on a 2nd so he wanted to spend with us like that. yeah,
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that's what we'll can learn long, much as you think. thanks with all the lines in. sometimes i hear the his family you could have done with him on luckily school doesn't matter to trick as to how do did you just have a case in europe, paul with as he considers the options, the president of the separate parliament office, other solutions, a push in later will kind of work. i love it with a home that you're not
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with a social will be a you know, on the presidential problem is with talking about sri, the law. i mean, i know we're a little bit a just are sure i'm here to be sure to hear news doesn't change is mike, i a show that with giovanni i should see lori's and to new and billy into a private room for the rest of him. he need from still to the business in the chest for the money all from china
3:52 pm
to my comp truck is up since he was convinced it was convenient for bribery. and i wanted to know who had on the side push hosting share for to grace ivy with here in support for new trying to check the information. supposed to be there with me how to do if they should progress. we're going to still top on and we will have the sunroof it was didn't keep it. so if you show me with chip ros refers to kick cross to pre i knew the director general permanent secretary at the interior ministry. so i will call
3:53 pm
denise credit by your office. the term of the secretary of denise ok. currently office with you said to me to make a share show to them. yes. but without the name. so you don't need a name normally mo, infomercials. but i was told that they did to look for k. okay. what about? she's right. his okay. the way, the way that he can bring him in as a customer was seller is once billy to give a message to our fictitious criminal applicant, we compare. you got through her without mission my name or any were here for support of like
3:54 pm
a very live political economy consortia, just to find the should be. yeah. okay. so we, and to neo even sees an opportunity to sell more passports to billy's wealthy clients, children every time you have any other prospects, people interest to put us work. let's meet them. if she's in the service and there are a lot they, they won't even the campus she been set as it is for the very business with us. it will show for bloom and though we, we definitely have you suppose for these if you will ship those and you have with confidence ness because of the house. okay. this is
3:55 pm
a kind of shit help with the single machines. you know what i see there any given time sheet of stitching periods issue here they were sir, the house to prevent movement. my name is room as to our report is left cypress. the government announced that $26.00 golden passports should not have been issued and would be revoked. a report by the reuters news agency at highlighted abuses of the scheme in a text message, billy voice concerns. pettus, reassured him, but nothing had changed. the announcement was simply to quell media criticism.
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andreas potentia said he understood from the outset that what was proposed involved, money laundering and criminal activities and that everything he did thereafter amounted to fishing for more details. he also indicated that a few days after our journalists had left cyprus without providing him a copy of mister x's, passport, he made a report to cyprus, his anti money laundering unit. tony and denise k of sold on cyprus, said that they had also been suspicious of 1000000000 angie and had always made it clear that cypriot law would have to be obeyed in relation to any money that was transferred or to a passport application. chris doc, his giovanni and toners antonio and fear doris had she's a her yes of giovanni group told us that they had shared their suspicions regarding mister x with a lawyer, andrea's pretentious,
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they relied on the fact that he had reported our approach to the anti money laundering unit, after our journalists had left the island, they said that they had always made it clear that they would have to be satisfied as to the legitimacy of the investor and his sources of fund before any application could be processed. they added that references to cash donations were actually to mandatory payments required under the cypress investment program. they said their ongoing dealings with our undercover gentleness were intended to gather information, to support a report to the authorities without tipping them off. kip ross kit prion knew, told us that he knew nothing at all about the case. a week after the release of the cypress papers, he pre, i knew left the interior ministry and became permanent secretary at the ministry of education culture in sport. demetrius hillary said he had provided no services to mister x and again,
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relied upon the anti money laundering report subsequently made by pretentious. there is no suggestion that marriott hotel had any knowledge of matters revealed by our investigation. ah ah i
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me i the journey has begun the fee for world copies on its way to catherine book. your travel package to day. hello, it is still extremely hot across central parts of south america. laws be clear skies there. so we have got system record breaking heat on the cancer parts of bolivia, power. why? down towards the southeast of brazil, warm enough in a water, sorry, said around $23.00 celsius around 5 or 6 celsius above the seasonal average. misses as usual for santiago, about 15 degrees and cool enough to the south that we've got some proper wintry weather. santiago on wednesday, around 12 degrees celsius. notice from where to weather just around the river plate . that is wet weather up towards north as per usual, some heavy showers up across the venezuela columbia, pushing through panama and on into our nicaragua,
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pockets of very wet weather across c, a western side of the caribbean. not too bad, though full for the most part, more the west sunshine than showers. listen live, he shout coming to cuba. maybe in to, to make roswell yucatan peninsula. seeing some pretty wet weather over the next few days with a good part of mexico where we use it. some thundershowers breaking out foundry showers recently just around the central place to the us, easing over towards the appalachians, towards the eastern seaboard. somewhat weather, just around the desert southwest, no sign of any rain where we need it though, into a good part of california. this week. cats are airway official airline of the journey. we don't simply focus on the politics of the conflict, is the human suffering that we report? i, we brave bullet bomb and we always include the views from our sites. ah


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