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tv   News  Al Jazeera  July 30, 2022 12:00pm-12:31pm AST

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solutions to come back dress to our planet on al jazeera, when a hands on journalist working in asia and africa, there'd be days where i'd be choosing and editing my iron stories in a refugee camp with no electricity. and right now where confronting some of the greatest challenges that humanities ever faced. and i really believe that the only way we can do that is with compassion and generosity and compromise. because that's the only way we can try to solve any of these problem is together. that's why it's so important we make those connections. ah. supports is of shia cleric no todd or else soda occupy bag dads, green said to protest against the nomination of a new prime minister ah
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pro carry johnston. this is al 0 live from dough. also coming up the u. s. secretary of state on the russian foreign minister disgust ukraine, that taiwan and the prisoner exchange in the 1st phone call. since the war and you crate began regional lea, this coal for a coordinate with climate response as a horn of africa face is a humanitarian disaster caused by drought. every like, every thing is good. no love is google and search and rescue efforts underway in kentucky where torrential rains have swept away homes. at least 25 odette ah ha. has been fined that protest is near baghdad. heavily fortified green zone close
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to the iraqi parliament. some injuries have been reported. supporters of shia cleric and the feather are continuing demonstrations of storming time on wednesday . they're opposed to nominator of $100.00 dani as prime minister saturday session, which the donnie was expected to be formally name has been canceled. my food on the wall head is in baghdad. with more, these protections are angry at the parliament. they want to put pressure on the parliament. and although not to hold a session to elect than in many of their arrival political block, namely their pro iranian parliamentary block, known as the coordination framework. his name is for how much he i sued any, he was nominated to be for the prime minister. they say that it was continue protesting here, chanting against that nomination. they also say that the reason why that he's and
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why that gathering here today, i'm did add emma, that you want to reach the degrees when again threatening to storm it again is that they don't trust the part department has already, and i was it a hold of sessions this, the session that was dedicated to up elect to a new president of the state today. and that new president of the state would assign the newly nominated prime ministers to form a government. that session has been postpone, has been halted by the parliament because of when his days protested. but yet these professors say that they do not trust the parliament because that, that the fact that the parliament has halted that session does not mean that that vote he can go behind, closed those that what they say the sale. so that the want to send a message to the high or the supreme judiciary council that they blame for this tale mates. that is it taking
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a heavy toll on all the political factions right now. the u. s. secretary of state and russia. foreign minister have spoken for the 1st time since invasion of ukraine in february, anthony lincoln said, he told so the law from the world expects moscow to honor its pledge to let the grain shipment safely leave. ukrainian ports. friendships are currently loaded with grain and ready to depart from the desk of robots, the sanctions on russia party responsible for the global food crisis, stonehenge and has more from the port city of a desa. well, there's a high sensitive expectation that, that those grand ships will begin leaving today. now we also thought that yesterday, that was after the president of ukraine volota mirrors. lensky came out to the port of odessa end, spoke about the need to get those grain ships out. there are 10 ships loaded up and we are expecting them to go through these newly safe travel land. but this is after
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all, a war zone. there have been attacks, including on the board of a desk by russian forces. there's a dispute as to whether that was a legitimate military target or not. the deputy mayor who i spoke to yesterday of odessa says that was not the case, but russia says it has the right to strike a legitimate military target. so whoever side you believe this is a war zone, and it is perilous for those ships to go through and that's why every precaution is being taken to make sure that they are safe when they travel. nevertheless, the expectation is that those ships will lead soon. whether that's today or not, we don't know at this point. when. meanwhile, ukraine and russia have accused each shot out of attacking a prison. the town of the new come in the separatist held dumbass region. the strike killed at least, 40 prisoners of war. most of them were from the, as of the town in which defended the city of marable, before it fell to russia table. dorothy, this is
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a deliberate war crime by the russian, a deliberate mass, murder of ukrainian prisoners of war, occupied shape as agreeing to everyone who abuses ukrainian to tortures and kills, should know that there will be punishment for this if some of the russian killers hope that they will not be brought to justice. they will hide somewhere and let them know they will be held accountable. russian foreign minister. so he live, rob says western arm supplies to ukraine, prolonging the war that followed his call with us secretary of state anthony blank and former special assistant to president bill clinton. toby got, he says, despite the cold between moscow and washington, russia is not interested in negotiations. on many issues after 20 years have more or less open russia. we now have arrested. it's closing that's becoming much more totalitarian in its treatment of its own people and sees the west as an enemy. and
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in fact, is preparing its population for long war and for a reduced standard of living are all in the name of the glory of the russian state . but russia is expecting isolation and is preparing for it. and i think that the war in ukraine is a perfect example of that. where their view is, they have certain goals and they would like to achieve those goals. and they're really not interested in whether we accept their definition of what ukraine should look like or whether it should exist at all. so it's a really difficult situation because each side is suspicious of the other side. doesn't believe that there is on any point in negotiating on some of these issues. i mean, this is amazing if you think about of our secretary state and the russian foreign minister have not spoken since the beginning of the crane war because they don't
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think there's any point. and there probably isn't because the fighting is going to go on. it'll go on all summer, all autumn, and in the winter. that's when probably negotiations will start. russian energy produce a gas problem says it had stopped supplying neighboring latvia with gas. the company accused lack violating conditions for gus withdrawal, but didn't specify which conditions move comes off to day. latvia, energy firm said it would pay gas from a euro's rod, the roubles. russell, so cut off supplies to poland, buck area, finland, the netherlands, and denmark. when they refuse to pay in roubles, now millions of people could be affected by the worst drought in $4.00 decades in parts of the horn of africa, aid agencies of warning of a humanitarian disaster as crops fail and entire villages go hungry. leaders are calling for a coordinated regional response ahead of the you and climate conference in november,
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katherine sawyer reports. now this is a new comp for internally displaced people in the somali capital mortgage issue. most of these families are from lewis sher belly, which is on the brink of a famine. muhammad hussein is worried about his son. the little boy doesn't have anything to eat. and some of the other children have missiles been her. we are not going to make them, but we left our home and lived in hard conditions. just the other day. my daughter died of missiles and why my son is sick and is getting worse. we lost everything of the drought. for rainy seasons, half filled in the horn of africa, humanitarian groups estimate more than 18000000 people are going hungry in somalia, a few p a g booty, and kenya. a combination of armed conflicts, rising global food and fuel prices has was in the impact of the extreme weather on
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poor communities. so what is the on the front line or the j con market? the 2nd was honorable county, in terms of leaders from the region our meeting to coordinate i had of a broader un climate summit in november, government from the region one to bring this to the attention of the negotiators. a crop 27, the climate negotiations happening in china. and today they adopted a historic figuration to that effect, but will be brought to, to the negotiators. barker the comp mohammad does not need to be reminded about the devastating effects of climate change. he's less concerned about the decisions leaders make at their summits and more worried by where his next meal will come from. catherine, sorry, i'll jazeera we're more now on our top story. that of the protests in iraq. my
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supporters of shia cleric, montana al serra, my hood unto what had joined us again live from baghdad or what's going on. now vaxatone what harry, i would have been reports about with casualties in from tear gas canisters that were shot at the protested by security forces. that watch media office of the prime minister most of all causing me, has just issued a statement reiterating and causing his instructions to security forces to keep older and maintain it, maintain that security and safety of the institutions. now these processes do not seem to be back off despite the fact that there have been injuries from up tear gas canisters. and they said that they will, they will continue to move and gone towards the green zone until death parliament
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to respond to their demands at these protectors have come from civil iraqi said, is there may be supporters of the shack, let it go up to the and they do not want to the parliament to accept or how much he i so that he as prime minister nominated by the coordination framework, the korean. but it's a problem. it's a block that is all backed by iran. now with these protests that is also said that they do not trust the judiciary. their protest today is not only against the parliament, they say you do not trust the parliament because they say that the parliament could hold a session behind closed doors. so they want to put pressure on the parliament to hold or not to hold that session dedicated for electing get your president the state and naming and you prime minister. the also say that did blaming the supreme
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judiciary council for the stalemate. the country has been suffering from over the past few months. that's because this him forced air, give the parliament the right to hold or postpone choosing a new prison. a new prime minister informing the government, namely at the southwest a block in the parliament were not able to hold a session to name a prime minister from a government. that is because they never had a quorum, reach it in the parliament due to the absence of their court nation framework, though makers. so again, now there are protesting in front of their heavy fortified green zone. and they say they seem to escalate, they want to escalate it. they want to prepare probably to hear instructions from
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their lead at monticello to again once again told them. busy the green zone, like as they did on wednesday when the storm of also the headquarters of the apartments and mac moved with everything going on around you, where you are and with the parliamentary session. cancel. what's likely to happen next a will that have been talks about mediation, said the hold now is on the mediations the on to the table negotiations between the rival political affections that had been mediations from iraq and also from region a la named it from my, from from iraq that had been reports about a smile funny the commander, they come on that day right in the but of lucian, we got to puts force at that have the reports about it talks and mediations by his
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mild body for the past few days between a and i, val political factions and namely the shia re vela auctions to bring them to common ground. this is an attempt that from iran to probably he'll the rift between nasha up political focus because by political lot of the prime minister is isha says that the 2005 constitution by political norm, the prime minister, should be shya, the president of the state is coded and the speaker of the parliament is it so. so these protest i will say that they do not trust the part and they say they will continue protesting god and their planning. i told the green so and again, unless they have a guarantee they have it, they guarantee that the problem is not accepting how much he has to then he as nominated for a primary unlock mood. we understand there's
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a big security presence in back down at the moment. just how tense is the situation it is. it is very tense. it is very $0.10 sir, up wednesday, especially at the yesterday last night, at least with zillow that he started coming from civil us. it is a since last. and there have been a blocking of main roads leading to the main is square that is square here. but it was opened at the last moment. and also up there had been security, a security presence heavy security presence in the area deployment of security forces. and there are also a security vehicles upon request, and i put instructions also from prime minister most of our on call the me who instructed the security authorities to keep order and maintain security and safety of those states it in institutions that is specially following the when is day or
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what is the incident when these protested is storm a degrees own and also sort of dead quarter of the bottom. it seems that this tuition is likely remaining very tense until until these protest as get instructions from their leaders out. i will have to leave it for a 2nd. forgive me mark mood. i am going to have to leave it there for sac. martin won't forget me in baghdad, because we have a door srr jibari, who is elsewhere on the site actually door. so if you can hear us what's happening, where you are well, as you can see behind me, there is a portion of the wall that leads into the green zone behind it. and the demonstrators here broke down that section of the wall a few minutes ago, and they are now going into the green building area. use the concrete that
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is laying flat now on the ground. that was, was just a short while ago, part of the wall. we're going to try to move a little bit closer to where these demonstrators are going in the ones that you see, the crowds walking towards this area, those other protesters. i gather this morning from terror square. they are now making the way through this area and into a zone. the parliament is on this side, a few 100 meters away. there are hoping to reach that building. in the next few minutes. you understand the h. 2 mach federal center has said that there should be no bloodshed here, there are asking for the police and the demonstrators to respect each other and not to resort to any violence, but we've already heard of injuries and that have taken place. and we also know that tear gas has been used. we can still smell it or where we're standing. we're going to try to get a little bit closer. i'm going to ask my camera man,
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high dirt to walk with me as we move in and you see very riot police here are, are standing by not doing anything. they are allowing these protestors who have been preschool for the most part so far to walk in to the green zone area. they say that they are not happy with how the government has been handling their demand since the elections here which the place in october last year. this is a very similar as seen to what we witnessed as about 3 years ago in october of 2019. when that demonstrate is at that point took over a tech rear square and they occupied it for weeks on and now they're saying that they don't launch the nominees that have been put forward by the iranian backed political groups and parliament to be the next 5 minutes sir, they want a different system because this is what is left on that wall. i was talking about
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a short while ago. we're going to try to go over with the protesters. and this is for now you're looking into the green zone area a and do these hog dramatic pictures that we're seeing here with calls for no blood shed, no fall in. so what's the feeling you have of the move to the protests? is that a well, they seem to be very determined. i even had one of the demonstrators show me a casing of a canister. i was fired, adam, and the only thing he could convey to me didn't speak english with what iran sent
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to us from their country. certainly a very hostile environment to warn you. i have had to pull them on to now for quite some time. there is a sense that there's one demand that they've had for years now are falling on deaf ears. but this time, they have a very influential and powerful cleric and politician, mother and father who is very much behind them. this is as they're his home base, the borders that are here now demanding that they are not going to take part in the political system that they view to be very corrupt. and that has other countries involved in their political process. they want their country to be there's and there's only and they want to be the only ones that have a saying no political process and choose their own political leaders, including their prime minister and presidents as you say, very influence. so cleric there what, what's your sense of how long the protests is may stay there for and how determine
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sale a? well, i think these pictures will speak for themselves. they have been here since early this morning, and they are now walking towards an apartment building. they are not stopping and the police certainly are not getting in their way we've seen since this morning. it took us about 3 times of long to even get to our offices because of all the main roads in the city are long at all. there is a police present security presence with baghdad, and this is why graham, now they seem to be content to allow these demonstrators to voice their discontent . we've only heard of tear gas being fired at them. and these demonstrators, as you can see, most of the young men, they really just want their demands and it's very basic. they want to be able to earn a decent living. they want to be able to have a say in the political process of their country. they want their political leaders
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that they have elected and that are not under the influence either country. and i think the next few hours the few days will be critical because what will be happening is that will be discussions taking place between the different political parties and political leaders to try and bring an answer this deadlock for this is a deadlock. now 10 months going and whether not they'll be able to do that or needs to be seen. we know that that helps. others said he was withdrawing from the political process last month and $73.00 of his and pv also resigned in protest because they said that they were not going to take part in the system. so whether or not they were able to come to some kind of an agreement to, to get out of this deadlock, grab, well, know, in the next few days, hopefully those single showrooms must place it right now behind. and we also know
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that they know that this stability speaking on iraq is very much apparent in everyday life here, there are still no budgets for this year. the government has not had a budget for 2022. that means there is no accountability for where the money that this country makes is going. this is of course, one of the world's biggest producer of oil. and they are one of the wealthiest technically according to their own sales, but being in the city and talking to ordinary people, you certainly don't see any of that well being distributed among the population door. so we can, we can hear the chanting and we can see around to you there, the police, as you say, apparently not becoming in bold, but clearly they, they look like they are gearing up for a while to be prepared for the venture allergies. with yeah, i just have my camera and show you that i a police here that have lined up. they're
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moving in closer to the area where we were as standing. as you can see, there are quite a calm. they're not keen to have any kind of competition take place. and i think the general sense is after what happened in 2019 a number of over 600 people died in 2019 as a result of those demonstrations. there's certainly a feeling here that they don't want to repeat that there is a number of meetings that have taken place. my, the prime minister and the president over the past few days to try and bring them to some kind of a. 8 reconciliation, i think we're going to move out of here because the police are, let's move back to back. we're just going to move back to the right police can move in. i think there is a sense everybody involved, but they don't want this to delayed any further, but the longer this instability goes on the longer the possibility of that becomes
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a reality indeed. and give us a sense of how difficult the economic situation is, which was at least partly led to some of the frustrations that we're seeing. warning over behind you now. yeah, i say the last time i was here was about 2 years ago and unemployment was that all time high. and they also had course very difficult times with a pandemic. that was there. another factor that they unemployment rate is a double digits over well over 30 percent in iraq. most of the people that are educated are unemployed, or if they are employed, and their salaries are very, very low. i've spoken to doctors who during the pandemic were really hit hard. they were working around the clock and their salaries are a few $100.00 a month. this is a country that is not like certain places in the region where it's quite an expensive to live. it is still very expensive. properties to expensive renting is
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expensive home and their cost of daily life is also expensive. so there is a sense that people are not reaping the benefits of their own countries. natural resources, which is oil and gas. and they say this is because of the corruption that exists on all levels of government, not just one, not just 2, but across the board. and they blame a lot of that. not only on the us led invasion, which happened here in 2003, but also on the influence of the united states and iran, that to kill very much exists in this country. there's a pull to also within the government itself, they are minorities that also have issues with the central government in baghdad, their current, the kurdish population in north of iraq. they have to elect a president after the elections, which to place in october and they have still not been able to appoint a present who then is past appointing. that prime minister. there is
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a sense that their own divisions within that region is also creating instability. here, so it's a very, very complicated situation and i think we're seeing the results of that on called on the streets here today. okay. daughter jabari, thank you for that update from where you all where now going to cross back to my food bill while head are joining us, live elsewhere on this, sorry to give the interruption. very fluid situation, as you can understand what's happening now where you are a right, because there's a lot of noise around me now because we're, professors are coming again heading 40 degrees all this way. right behind me that a very close to the results that are people already around like me and zone being pushed back by security forces like mike league also to body has just mentioned,
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i have seen ambulances, ambulance is hitting the green zone and it sounds a . a says come from a cities across that you're out of the out of strongly affiliated to counties. here in the morning you have been panting again. is a res, i'm mainly the pro iran that thought nation problem and say, look, known as the code nation that for a more and despite, despite thick lashes with security forces, despite their tiered gas can, is certainly the viola by defenses of the green zone. but these were the a determined to move or on the say that he will not back up. he will not call
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altitude unless and until the parliament respond to that it demands. they say that they do not trust the parliament. and they say that the, the parliament could probably hold to that session that was postponed, but hold it behind behind her closed doors. and yet they say that they, but they say that we do not want to wait until they come up with them. uh huh. to yeah, so that he being nominated there or being a prime minister, they say that it will continue to do continue to put it on the government until the government responds to it that demands. it's a very toyota kid. it's a video to they have, they have whole dallan, old co creek whoa from on the way from their daddy to square in the city center on my left until until the land to la greens on, on my, on my right.


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