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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  July 31, 2022 4:00pm-5:01pm AST

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we must think 4000 in the media as well as on the battlefield. the listening post. dissect the media on al jazeera bowles journalism. please violently. this person crisis with these are some of good tens of thousands of people try to flee. gobble, inspired to program, making. welcome to generation chains, unrivalled broadcasting. white people did not want black children in their schools . we have to apply for it and al jazeera english proud recipient of the new york festivals broadcaster the year award for the 6 year running. ah, this is al jazeera ah,
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hello, i'm adrian for again. this is that he is, are live from doha. coming up in the next 60 minutes. followers of the rocky politician mater outside of stage a sit in parliament against the nomination of a new prime minister. a show of strength at home. russia marks its annual navy day and promises a new hypersonic messiah a parliamentary election, senegal, but opposite. the opposition says that the key candidates have been disqualified at hot and windy conditions cause wildfires in the us state of california to spread rapidly on sort of hide it with sports. we look ahead to the women 0 final is the tournaments most successful team germany take on hyphenation, england, wembley stadium. ah. supporters of iraq's powerful she a leader mock ta ta al serra still camped inside parliament on saturday. thousands
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of people stormed the building in baghdad for the 2nd time in a week. they vowed to stay put until their demands a met, sort of supporters reject the nomination of muhammad shire. i'll see donny as primary us up. it's been 10 months now since the election, but a deadlock remains over the formation of a new government. al jazeera, muffled up, the warheads, reports now from inside parliament in baghdad, screens or they'd go to of iraq's parliament is in limbo. that is, since the supporters of the iraq's, she a clinic and influential political leader looked at us other hayville keel pied hate quarter. and they are now in an open sit in since saturday. they say they will knobs this headquarters until their demands are met. they want the parliament did, he checked how much he asked to, danny was been nominated for prya,
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minnesota by that through iran, parliamentary block known as the coordination. great framework. now these protested had been sitting here sleeping, praying, chanting, against the coordination framework and chanting against naughty and magic whom they accuse of corruption and mismanagement. they say she asked who danny is at applica of northern medicaid. you have been praying here. you have been sleeping more protested as have been joining from other provinces, encouraged by the success their colleagues achieved on saturday when they saw them with the green zone and headquarters of the parliament. now, despite despite cold for come from local and international institutions, these protested it seemed to be determined to continue their sit in until their demands are met. now, this is it, it has led to
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a hold of operation in the green zone. that's where the parliament is located. host of abrasion in all the state in institutions. in degrees of the game zone is home to government offices and also international diplomatic missions. walked totter. asada is the founder of a populace sheer movement. his block 174 seats in october's election, making it the largest faction in parliament. but last month, seller ordered all $74.00 m. p 's to withdraw because of a failure. as a former government solder was the leader of a powerful militia group. the mac, the army, which was founded in 2003 in response to the u. s. invasion. he's a populist who enjoys strong support among poorer sheer communities. sada poses phenomena asian of mohammed al ser danny for prime minister saying he's too close to tact. ron up at rusty is that president of
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a house of iraqi expertise foundation. he joins us now live at from baghdad. quarterly with us sir. how long can the protest as stay in parliament in baghdad? while i do any depends, it depends on the demands of the of the mocked. other said that if we will declare demands or, or not, this is a very important issue to say if they will stay or not because declaring demands. that means there will be a, with a draw. that means that the starting of negotiations about his demands about the points that he should be declared or they will, would draw without demands would show you that if you want to nominate another one, we will not accept that. so it depends. it depends on the, on the suggests and, and what they're going to show and in the, in the next hour. so what is it that the service wants? what is their end game here? well, the end game, i think see main points, number one, keeping card the me as
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a prime minister, numbered to keeping the committee of the electoral committee and number 3, keeping the law of elections because the 3, the 3, a zones, or let's say that the angles of the trying god very important a to get more than one to not 100 seat in the next and next in actions, which also the sub to the said it can be happen in about, let's say 3 to 6 months. so it show you that how much they are anxious to reach the early elections with a powerful tools prime minister committee and the law. busy of elections is public opinion in iraq on their side. a people generally supportive of what they're doing here. well, people generally supportive of any kind of attempts to smash or hit the whole political process because the iraqis, ordinary iraqis were already boy caught the former elections. the previous
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elections that happened in october 2021. they don't want to actually this political process in a way or another. so we are speaking about more than 60 percent or that's what have been declared by that time. it's may be more than that. oh, boy, quoting the, the, the elections that's happening in october. so it show you that how much that the political process now is targeted already targeted by, by the people, by the political blogs. and eventually, eventually, if there is the, the science of this political process, only corruption and that is no, then that is unemployment. and that is nor services for iraq is so why should iraq his keep this political process? this is the whole issue. the process has been largely peaceful thus far. what a $125.00 or so injury some tear gas fire fired. does this have the potential low to descend into violence?
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i don't think so because that i don't see the prime minister will go forward to use such a brutal procedures against the demonstrators in a way, in another they have any there. he can speak to him about how many miles in the demonstrations or at least with a draw from the, from the parliament and from the greens on just to make the institution the governmental institutions. work a probably for a probably for, for the people because it's already giving services to the people. so i don't think eventually there will be some so there are a forcing demonstrates as look outside the greens out in a way or another. so what do you think is going to happen next? is this going to be a, an ongoing process where protests withdraw and then in a few weeks or days time, they'll be back again. what, what so many lessons actually have been good now is that you cannot keep people
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outside the greens on they can do that. they can a do that best to be inside the green zone. this is 1st, the 2nd thing is which is also very important issue. the political blocks should sit down and talk to each other. this is the most important thing and there is so many messages now that are out of some sort of a compromise, a road maps to get outside this crisis. busy or to finished it's crisis, anyone at a but it, we didn't see anything on the ground. it's always media talks and i eventually, i think eventually some sort of a compromise should happen. if not, i think there will be another road map which is more or less be brutal for the for iraq future. really good talk to so many thanks indeed, that sir, our met rusty that in baghdad.
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president vladimir putin as he used rushes annual show of naval strength to promise a new hypersonic missile whose and attended the navy de ceremony in saint petersburg, where warships, submarines of weaponry are on display. sailors are honored on the holiday this year . around 3500 personnel are participating. click your way. it was more than let's do. my key thing here is the capability of the naval forces. our navy can respond with lightning speed to all of those who infringe on our sovereignty and freedom honorably fulfils strategic tasks on the border of the country and in any part of the ocean in the world, has high readiness for active operations of its coastal surface air and submarine forces and it is constantly improving. like with the latest zircon hypersonic missile systems, which have no counter types in the world, and no barriers. dear comrades, their delivery to the russian armed forces will begin in the coming months. and it's all leven is
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a senior research fellow at the quincy institute of responsible state croft. he joins us now live from windham in the u. k. good to have with us just how good is russia's navy compared to say the us britain, china? well, it's very much smaller for one thing. the, the russian navy surface navy, at least is number 4 to one by europe's nate, nate as european members alone. and of course, by far more than that by the american navy. so in terms of numbers, there is really no contest where, of course, russia is. the quote of the united states is in nuclear weapons, which is why president putin, you know, repeatedly emphasizes russia's missile technology. because this is the one area in which russia is still a super tough in terms of competence. professionalism,
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how does russia navy compare with its army? and we've, we've all heard of, of problems that russians army has been having in its special military operations war and ukraine. well, it's difficult to say because of course, the, unlike the army, the navy has not fought an equal, but we do know that it suffered heavy losses in the, in the black sea in the ukraine war. that may well simply illustrate the power of american weaponry which has been supplied to the ukrainians. the russian navy has always been considered to have had comparatively high morale and good commanders. but it cannot realistically fight native play and navy is inexpensive. distant sea, we've had a president putin promising a new hyper sonic missile,
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but which sanctions in force against moscow, by the west for how much longer will russia be able to afford to keep its, its navy in fighting shape? i think it will have to be naval cuts, especially since the area where the navy is actually in action is in the black sea and russia kind of reinforce the, the navy in the backseat. so it's not really clear what the rest of the surface navy is. that, of course, the submarine navy is there to threaten american the west with nuclear weapons. so what do you make of the parade, like we saw today, this, this 70 and in st. petersburg. and so it's all about it all for show. it's all, it's all blustering was not just bluster. i mean, it's also coast opposed to russian patriotism. it's to honor the navy, which has suffered heavy casualties in the black sea. and it is, of course,
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to remind the west, especially through this talk of the hypersonic massaro and that russia does retain the ability to destroy the west, but of course in the process to destroy itself. so how far this is a serious threat, but of course, you know, given the experience of the cold war, the risk of unintended escalation and nuclear brinkman ship is something that we still have to take seriously. really get to talk to so many thanks so much for being with us. and us leave him that. and when the in the u. k. will all grain ships and ukraine's black seaports wait for the all clear to sale. that's not a blow to the falling industry is growing next seasons crop. the founder and owner of one of the largest agricultural companies in kit has been killed along with his wife in a rush and strike him nikolai of region alexi. but it was key,
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was one of ukraine's richest businessmen nearby along the farm specializes in the production of export of wheat, bali, and corn. john henry reports now from the talker. in southwestern ukraine, a turkish presidential spokesman said those ships might leave the ports on monday. at least the 1st ship we would expect there would be a number of ships and we spoke to a captain of one of those ships. these are the port of tournament. he told us that he was told to be prepared to leave tomorrow to follow a pilot ship and to follow it to its timbo. after that 2 destinations unknown. he was not told where the next destination would be, so it does appear that if everything goes right and all the paperwork is done there, they're doing the bill of lading, which lists everything that is going to be in the ships as we speak. if all of that happens, the ships could leave tomorrow we, it could be delayed if there are other issues because the dangers for those ships
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traveling through a war zone are very real. the russians have already struck the port of a death. and here where i am in the ciocca, we are in a residential area, looking out at the bay as a token. and you can see what happened here when a series of russian missiles struck that is a child's bedroom up there. and if we walk with me here, you can see this enormous crater and that's just made by one of what appears to be several missiles that struck this area on tuesday. those 2 strikes have both come from russia during that 9 day period since an agreement was signed, allowing those drain ships to leave. so russia has argued that it has the right to hit legitimate targets even if they're at or near the ports, and the other strike was on the port of odessa itself. so that's why it's taking so long to get these ships out of those 3 black seat ports and to get that grain out
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to a world that is waiting and looking to avert a global food crisis. russia has stepped up. it's offensive in the east of ukraine, but keeps armies have been pushing to take land back. the areas in red, you're about to see on controlled right now by russia at its separatist allies, has been heavy fighting in these parts of the eastern front. in dawn nets, cute cranes president vladimir zalinski has ordered civilians to leave the province and in the south ukrainian forces pushing towards the city of cas song, which was taken by moscow early in the war. they've been targeting bridges to cut off russian supply routes. here that is out from out as they are still to come on, the program will explain why should is he has youth risking their lives to leave the country? new york state and san francisco declare a public health emergency of the hundreds of cases of monkey pox are detected at its sport. a morale boosting when for liverpool,
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out of the new english premier league season football action coming up little later . ah, no voting is underway in senegal when people are choosing politicians to represent them in parliament. the vote comes a month after opposition protests against the disqualification of some of that candidates that are concerns that if president lucky sauls party wins a majority, he, he may try to change the constitution and run for a 3rd tom out zeros that have been everybody has more from outside of polio station in dakota, we have more than 15000 center votes in the car, and older car. people started to vote from 8 am and they will keep voting until the 8 we have it be, and we have more than a 7000000 electors who will vote in 46 departments.
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this election is very important for the country. we have 8 coalitions who are competing to get the majority in the parliament, which is composed by 165 seats. the biggest, i'm coalitions in these 8 are the government coalition, supported by the actual president, mikey south, and a opposition coalition. when was months, uncle was the leader of the opposition and i believe was who is a former president and in synagogue what we are expecting? we cannot predict. until now we have the to wait more hours because the vote started the adjuster at 8 o'clock. so in 2 hours
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before, and we have to wait, but we can say that in the box, the base rates and the vote of the young electors were you. we know that the young people are like 50 percent of the population in that car. so these 2 items are very important to us, determined that there is it of the election and they really mean a lot for all these 8th coalition, south africa present 0 rom poser has promised to focus on helping the pool of the african national congress policy conference the parties been losing photo support or facing criticism for corruption and failing to help the poor leaders of a 3 day conference of discussed ways to end poverty, inequality and violence against women. this
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a service you pull off a angelo fake spoke to, well, i'll just arrows from it a mila earlier today, he says the a and c must make a huge effort to alleviate the challenges that many south africans are facing. so this is a 110 year old organization that has have control over the countries governance for the last 28 years. and it now faces the challenge of having to drag itself from the 20th into the 21st century. many of its leaders are really in the sort of sixty's and older their governing over country that has the majority of people under the age of 27. and so the challenge really is to not only fix their own errors, catch up on the legacy of colonialism and part of it. but also they have to now prepare themselves on the country for the new challenges of the century head,
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which includes the climate catastrophe, hunger and om. this is not going to be easy, given the corruption issues, given the maladministration issues. and this is part of what seizes them in these committees. and the, and see has been criticized significantly in recent years because of these issues like corruption. but you also touched on the use where we're facing air, a 2 thirds of young people in this country can't find jobs. issues around inequality and poverty are significant in south africa to what extent can be a and see specifically be blamed. so it must take a huge part of the responsibility. so guess there are massive global forces that have to be taken into account. but mal administration, poor management of the economy, particularly in the state. and enterprises are not doing what was actually indicated by in c governments in the late 19 ninety's around securing the energy sector, having a better education system at both basic, untouched level to ensure that people are employable and to transform social spaces well as the economy. so that more people find ownership in it to broaden the
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taxpayers. none of these things have been done. and the a and c in power since 1994 at one point with a 2 thirds majority able to really run its policies through parliament without opposition of any significant kind. none of that has happened. and so this is a party that must take some responsibility for the lay of the land in the country. at the moment. here, a secretary of state anthony blinkin has raised the killing of chagrin. abo are cleared during a coal with his rails to frenchman. the state department says lincoln told benny gans that there's a need for accountability in the killing of the veteran al serra journalist lincoln met with members of the of o. r. clay family in washington, dc on tuesday. sure, he was shot dead by his really forces one on assignment in the occupied westbank in may more tune as in. so making the perilous journey to europe in search of better opportunities. thus, rising unemployment and the coven 19 pandemic, has taken a toll on the economy. but leaving for europe could also be risking your life,
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as russell said, our report style from 10 tunis. at 1st glance, they seem to be resting under the shade of trees, but not because of hot summer sun. they are embarking on what could be the most dangerous journey of their lives? they quoted haga, it's the word, yankton is his use for clandestine crossing off the mediterranean to europe. abdulla is just 17 years old from caravan. a city in central tenisha for the past 3 months. he has been coming to this park to look out for containers as ships that he can't jump on to hitch a ride to europe. poorly. i have develop a thought. my father is out of work. my mother is old and sick. i have a sister studying. i studied up to grade 7, then dropped out to help my family. i tried to get training for a wood job, but i couldn't find one. i have to help him. i know it's risky. i don't have any other solution but to go abroad and get a job. why it's waiting. sometimes 4 months, they said they are often arrested, beaten, and even have dogs set on them by police several times. 19 years old
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a tiff shows the scars on his leg where he says put his dogs bip him. will the bath batler last year, my mother sold a land that she'd inherited to pay traffickers for me to cross to italy, off the coast guard round and sank our boat. i nearly drowned, even though i'm a strong swimmer to his. he has a beautiful country, but only for those who have money off i had some money. i'd start my own business here. we've lost everything. i can't afford the traffickers. i have to do harker. i just want to work and live with dignity. nearly 40 percent of tenicia youth are unemployed every year. many of them come to this park alongside the port of la goulet. every car dealership or laurie presents an opportunity off the days of watching and wait him under the coat of darkness. basic healed his walls and store bought one of the ships. and if they are lucky, they make it to the next port. but for many of them that journey and before it has even begun, these we do shows those who hid themselves in his eye, trucks being caught by police. however,
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these young men are undeterred and for now the patiently was de skyline. to catch the next right, christmas said that i'll just euro tunis, police have arrested an italian man on suspicion of killing a disabled nigerian st vendor. the attackers prompted widespread outrage and protests in italy. video shows in a sale of wrestling. ali got over true core to the ground and beating him with his crutch bystanders in the town on italy's, adriatic coast called police, but didn't intervene. victims wife, a members of the nigerian community, a calling for justice. and i wanted talk to my husband. i want just don't done, is it just these? so what did i give you? i want that, was it dead? it was that what i did, what i was a former president of the philippines. fidel ramos has died at the age of 94. he was the head of state between 1992 in 1998 ramos was one of the leaders of the 1986
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pro democracy uprising which toppled footed on marco's senior priyanka. gupta takes a look back at his life and legacy that they want to make. the objective of our individual and collective endeavors is to enrich. he was called the kingmaker because of his ability to endorse would be precedent. citizens, his own presidency, is seen as the most successful and stable in recent philippine history. fidel ramos was a graduate of the west spine military academy in the united states. upon his return, he joined the philippine army and served in the korean and vietnam war. ramos was a cousin of former precedent for the non marcos who appointed him as head of a joint police and military agency which was established during the marshal all years in the 1970s. the presidential election of 1986 was marred by allegations of large scale fraud. i came here to go. so far,
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ramos effected the opposition with 10 defense minister, one points, and really that led to the illusion of 986 a people power uprising that resulted in the downfall of the marquess leadership by word you of the followers rested in the during cody aquinos presidency ramos served as her secretary of national defense and military chief of staff. the romulus ran for pristine 992 and one in a bitterly contested election. joseph, he was a reluctant politician, but when he became one, he completely embraced it. including all the traditional ways that sometimes affected his own ambitions for the punch he encourage the filipino nation to look beyond its shores. his administration's main thrust was
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economic and friendly liberal democracy. he was known for his food pins, 2000 program, to turn the nation into a more industrialized country under administration, a peace agreement with the moral national liberation front. a muslim separatist movement was signed in 1996 and he pursued a comprehensive reform program which aimed to protect agricultural communities across the country. but he was widely criticized for his rinsed easement of the death penalty and his proposal to change the constitution to shift or parliamentary government. and in 1998 of the serving for 6 years ramos stepped on as president. i wrote the book, the administration said, came after him, face corruption scandals and military coups. he spent the last few years of his life writing and advocating for an independent foreign policy in the philippines for a country that seeing its share of instability and political upheaval for their ramos
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as time and offers will likely be remembered as a time of peace and prosperity let's go to whether update his editor, hello. we've got some very heavy rain in the forecast for the korean peninsula over the next couple of days and see this massive cloud just pushing up to tropical systems here. actually, song that, that's been making its way farther northward. so recently that's running up towards yellow sea and it will slide across the korean peninsula. then we got this next system which is going to be weakness having trouble developing into anything significant. but it war grassy, bring a little more rain into south korea as we go on through monday and tuesday song by that state. already pushing across the sea to pant was hawkeye. the legacy of showers just rolling in behind that and you see some wet weather coming in to where north korea as we go on through choose day for hunter, you generally drive 535 celsius here in tokyo, on the humid side. similar temperature to, to northern parts of china,
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southern areas of china, seeing some live the shower. now that 2nd system i was speaking about there that's enhancing the monsoon range that we have across the philippines. so expect to see some big now ports across central and northern parts of the philippines. as we go through the next few days, usual rush of showers across much of southeast asia, barrier showers across india particular to the south. we have got orange. one is in force here over the next couple of days with very heavy rain for a good part of corolla. and tom and i do everton many thanks to come here. all the news, i will explain why people in spain are chasing after baby flamingo, who's with sticks and will meet the entrepreneur who's become a driving force and efforts to keep within safe on the streets of mexico. and in sports, revenge for one of the biggest stars in mixed martial arts, vanstory and was coming up miss ah
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ah mm ah ah. safe going home and then international anti corruption excellence award boat. now for your hero, lou.
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ah elegant adrian funny with you here in doha with the news out from out 0, the headlines, a supporters of iraq's powerful she, a leader mac todd of sata, are still inside parliament. saturday. thousands of people still in the building in baghdad. for the 2nd time in a week, they've got to stay put until their demands at president vladimir putin is used russia's annual show of naval strength to promise a new hypersonic missile. who's in attended the navy day ceremony in st. petersburg well worshipped submarines and weaponry. wrong display voting underwent senegal and a parliamentary election, it comes off the opposition protests against the disqualification of some
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opposition candidates, the concerns that if president mac yourselves, parson wins a majority. he may try to change the constitution and run for afoot town. wildfires in the u. s state of california have grown in size due to hosted windy conditions overnight. the fast moving mckinney fire, the scorched 160 square kilometers of land and bond, at least a 1000 homes. governor gavin newsome decay the state of emergency on saturday in response. let's make the stuff on dora, who is a professor for wildfire science. it's once a university, he specializes it while far trends that impacts and he joins us out by from swansea in the u. k. could have you with us a professor on this latest far in california. why have a spread so rapidly in such a short space of time? here the landscape is already pre condition to read is with the stream fi behavior because we've now had
4:35 pm
a very long season with below ever rain ever and rainfall. that means the alignment and vegetation is very powerful on top of this. now we have a very strong wind, perhaps the most important ingredient in moving this fi and very rapidly across the landscape. we also have a lot of fuel in this landscape. it hasn't been for quite some time. and we have steep terrain in places, all of which enhance the rapid growth of file. so we'll come parts of the world like california who seem to be experiencing many more wild fires, or at least on a, on a bigger scale. they used to walk, can they do to ensure that as the climate changes, this sort of thing doesn't happen as frequently as it currently does. well, essentially, the way the conditions that promote wildfire has become more extreme around the world. we now have 50 percent more days around the world with extreme fire weather, and this is particularly so in the western united states. so we will see more extreme conditions. however, we can at least mitigate,
4:36 pm
at to some degree these extreme fires, one of which is that caused by a party resources. california is already very well resource, but undoubtedly now this such a be called on those resources from different fires that more resources will be useful. but there are other things that we can do, for example, not building in areas that are taking fire chrome, where we have buildings and fi prone areas to make sure that these are low, far enough away from the family vegetation. they will be affected. and also very effective ever creation, for example, which is carried out at the moment and also kind of phone places like the u. k. even seeing a wildfire zone on a, on a much bigger scale than we have done in the last few years. if you're basically saying that that we're going to have to learn to live with far as the climate change is that right? that's actually correct the way the conditions will get worse. we have to do everything we can to reduce further climate change, but we locked into at least some degree of further warming and therefore the more extreme our weather here in the you. k,
4:37 pm
we've seen the hot temperatures are recorded and we've had nice 60 structures destroyed in pious. this is completely unprecedented from a u. k perspective. does that mean that the laws might have to change in countries like the u. k. in other places for the north that are not as used to seeing wildfires as places perhaps in, in southern europe. yes, absolutely. it's not only the lowest, but it's also the public understanding of the race. so the pricing, u. k, for example, most of those that affected buildings are called fine because of the surrounding meditation which was grass. this could be very easily removed, that's done in other areas of the world is simply that we as population have to learn much more how we can actually prevent those fires reaching out buildings. as far as if we circle back to the western united states than that, that, that, that western see board. how do you go about tackling a fire? that is, it's a wildfire. ok, so it's unpredictable by it's very nature,
4:38 pm
as you said, there's a lot of fuel but, but is as is as ferocious as this one is due to the weather conditions. yeah, it's very, very difficult to tackle a fire of the size of these ferocity. now that's fine, for example, has generated its own cloud system. pyro clouds that can generate lightning that drop, that dr. erratic fine behavior. and it could also drive on burning embers way across the landscape. so in terms of tackling it, it speaks very, very difficult. what is normally done is essentially an indirect attack. that means that the fuel ahead of the fi is being removed. this is very easy in the crossfire you pay, for example, much more difficult in complex drain, where you basically have to cut big 5 breaks into the forest, which if the font behavior is extreme, can then be basically john by burning embers all eat by very high flames. so very often these very extreme and modifiers,
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they're often actually put out by the weather. whereas the fight is all from didi with evacuations. and i'm saying structures really interesting. it's great. talk to you professor many thanks to date, stephan. thousands of people have died in flooding in the southeastern u. s. state of kentucky. the numbers expected to rise to search for survivors continues. flash floods have destroyed roads, bridges, and disrupted cell phone service, hampering rescue efforts. and one of the poorest parts of the country al jazeera zane bus robbie reports torrential, rains and flash floods sweeping away homes, up routing trees, tearing families apart. at least 4 children are among the dozens killed in the u. s . state of kentucky. siblings, the oldest 8, the youngest, just to mother nature's fury has left behind little more than debris and destruction. my own ross,
4:40 pm
i even say no, no. vanessa, weather forecasting models that governments have used for decades are obsolete in an ever warming world. this is what the rainy season is going to look with each flood. it keeps getting harder with each flood. we hope that's the biggest one and it never seems to n s. people try to come to terms with what they've lost, grim predictions and more warnings from the governor. i'm worried that we're going to be, we're going to find a bodies for weeks to come. as people in these areas are looking at the next couple days. make a plan for sunday afternoon through monday when the storms leave. make sure you are in a safe place. i don't want to lose one more person. we care about you. it's not fair
4:41 pm
. this going to rain again, but it is a search and rescue operations continue repairing infrastructure remains a problem for another day. thousands of people don't have power, shelter or clean water. the appalachian region is home to some of the poorest communities in america. extreme rain has wreaked havoc on their doorsteps. people who didn't have much to begin with have lost everything. is in basra, v of desert. so what's causing this extreme weather? let's bring in weather present her car like hopes. hopefully she can tell us. it's being called the worst flood disaster to hit the region in decades. and from the satellite image behind me, you can see the front that's responsible for this. now usually the front sweep from west to east rather quickly, but we've got a convergence of high pressure and that stopped it being able to move on. so we've had to wrench rain for, for days and days. and of course that's caused this catastrophic flash flooding.
4:42 pm
and the kentucky governor who filmed this video of the damage says he hasn't seen this in his lifetime. now if we roll that satellite image back to wednesday, you can see that rash of intense storms breaking out, affecting eastern areas of it's very dry mountainous region. when that rain falls at gushes down into the valley is causing this flooding and we had intense amounts of really exceptional. $200.00 millimeters fell in 24 hours in areas and those flood were worries on to over yet. we have got warnings out for south eastern areas and you can see those storms rushing out into neighboring states by tuesday there's likely to be some relief. but we still have a legacy of showers remaining. so the flood worries on over yet. car, many thanks, errands. president has visited areas hit by flooding and land slides in which at least $69.00 people died. abraham lacy and iranian red crescent officers went to the city of pharaoh's car, east of terran,
4:43 pm
heavy rain as course havoc and dozens of provinces or the last week. dozens of people are missing. 20000 homes have been damaged or destroyed. the protestant hong kong 3 years ago weren't just about demands for political change. people were also angry about the gap between rich and poor, especially a lack of affordable housing. now and you outbreak of coven 19 is exposing that inequality isn't as here as adrian brown reports. hong kong real estate is consistently ranked as the world's most expensive. it also ranks high for something else. inequality, the cities just recorded. it's hottest week on record. so imagine what it's like to live here, a windowless cubicle measuring just over 2 square meters. how long have you been here? other about it yet? for $270.00 a month. david lough rent a space just big enough for a bed and his few belongings. it's on the 6th floor of
4:44 pm
a dilapidated apartment block, one of 14 partitions spaces that are created when normal apartments are divided into miniscule ones. and where hygiene is a daily struggle. if i, if am i spoke with her, and i think our guide is local social workers, eli shown here helping to distribute marks and cobit 19 test kits. her organization says that more than 220000 people, i'm now living this way. having i lost reported on this problem 13 years ago. what you're looking at are cages. noth animal, but people back then. missy had already spent more than a decade campaigning against so called cage homes. she's is not much has changed since we last spoke. that's why we also request that that one that increases the price and then we'll get you and they pay comments. have been no longer home. well, the reason why so many people live in these squalid and often dangerous conditions
4:45 pm
is as was the case, 13 years ago because of hong kong, acute public housing shortage. it's a short is that means the waiting time for such a home can be up to 10 years. ready ah, during a recent visit to hong kong, china's president teaching ping, urge the territories new reader to make the issue of affordable housing a priority. the local government has pledged to build more than 300000 homes in the next decade. something the z says should have happened a long time ago. it's a shame the hong kong lang will. hopefully we can put it as soon as possible and even that sent it back. my cousin, i'm on a housing harvey but addressing the poverty hidden behind the skyline will be a challenge. and one that former governments have failed to resolve. adrian brown, al jazeera hong kong. spain has reported its 2nd monkey pox rates of death in
4:46 pm
today's they're the 1st confirmed deaths from the virus in europe spans monkey pox . case numbers are the highest in the ear almost 4300. that been more than 21000 cases in daily 80 countries since may in the us, san francisco in the state of new york have declared a public health emergency as monkey box cases rise. new york accounts for one and for american affairs infections with 1300 cases reported that california has recorded 800 infections more than a quarter of which are in san francisco. arbor of women, killed or missing in northern mexico, has risen by almost 40 percent from the past 5 years. now, one entrepreneur, the city of monterey, has decided to do something by launching a taxi service exclusively for women and girls. this is her story. nobody has no somebody a coupled one, silas, but that i said most i give my name is due to my dea, comfortable, sandy's founder of girls taxi, monterey,
4:47 pm
a family owned enterprise. we'll for transport services for girls and women and guarantee they get to their destination safely. if the amendment is at my, not our 1st week and we started trending, and we were shared more than 42000 times, that made me very happy. but at the same time, it got us thinking why such a reaction. it means that there's a vacuum in our community that women are scared in. ha, ha, look eligible. that's what made us start this service, or the fear of how unprotected we women of any age are in our community. and i was the name of napoleon, we have more than $3000.00 clients and what's happening credit, our other social network account to also fool that we can't handle any more requests, less money than less than to seek us, get us aware that many girls tell us why they chose us, some were harassed, mistreated even sexually abused by a driver when they are terrified of using any service with male drivers. i looked
4:48 pm
up open some of those we thing that whatever a girl is doing on the street, she shouldn't feel threatened or in danger. oh yeah, my use, thanks to them and then the business is called girls taxi and i me. but it will always remind me of due to solicit my daughter, i founded it for her. i went, the female driven cabin every corner of the world when it so she can feel safe. every year, tens of thousands of flamingoes migrate to a reserve in southern spain to breed. but the warming climate is starting to threaten their natural habitat as our 0 julian wolf reports. an hour's drive north of the spanish city of malaga lies this lagoon home to one of the largest flamingo colonies in europe. it's been a protected area for nearly 4 decades and the birthplace for more than 200000 chicks. 0100. the volunteers flocked to the front. it appeared that a lagoon every year to help tak the birds is the at you that boy, after the 2 year biological holds, we had because of cove it. of course people came with
4:49 pm
a lot of hope to participate. they have been happy to repeat the tagging after 3 years. flamingoes are born gray and develop their signature color from the plants and algae they eat. the chicks are guided into a pen, them carefully fitted with a ring before the release to rejoin their colony. the tags enable conservationists to monitor their movements around the world. i only thanks to this kind of begging we know whether these animals are eating in finance, libya, morocco, or here in spain with the little baba. it also provides vital information about the birds mating habits m lifespan. but climate change is having a negative impact on their natural habitats. salt water lakes are drying up and during a drought bird struggle to build their nests, which are made of mud, making them less likely to mate with after a very dry past few years. the lagoon is started to show its layer of salt with no
4:50 pm
water. thankfully, there are spots handled by the nature reserves, water supplies, which allows the flamingo colony and other birds to survive. the warming temperatures and reserves like these make survival of the fittest. all the more real giant wolf al jazeera. so come here all the news. i will live at wembley stadium in london ahead of the euro. 2020 to file the $45000000.00 psychos searching his fast fossil and the goal find on how he's getting on. it's just a few months. ah no place. and so i gone with say the press retreated with the car about a media hub and vital vantage point. during the 1st truly televised war from the roof. we could see the regulation at the american embassy,
4:51 pm
where the most iconic images of the conflict in vietnam were transmitted to the world. this was the front row sheet to the final stages of the war, saigon, caravel war hotels. on all g 0. it's time for a memorable holiday with pegasus. it's time for turkey. set sail for new discoveries. enjoy. have new experiences. hit the shops, make wonderful memories. travel to turkey with pegasus and with direct whites, to istanbul, and tribes zone book your ticket now for a memorable holiday. c y p g. s. for our best prices. lou. ah ah
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ah. you saw all of excitement coming out of england, especially as things and for it myself, but it's all happening at london, wembley stadium ahead of the women's european championship final, which happens in just a couple of hours. oh no. heis nation, england faced the tournaments most successful team, 8 time champions, germany histories against england. they've lost 21 out of 27. me things against the germans bots. if the lioness does succeed, they'll clench their 1st major trophy. as we begin with this one, it says epic tay, it's very exciting. it's brought the country together. it's just unbelievable. i mean, i never was in london before and never knew when blake so i'm surprised and yeah, i hope germany will when i think we can do this as long as we focus game right.
4:53 pm
play the right talk to football, who smash it? well, let's go straight to london live when a dean barbara is falling to build up the game with him. how much of a bus is there over the final game? always huge. so i'm all over the media. there's a already way more than 2 hours before the game. there is a big crowd. you can probably see some of the funds arriving walking towards wembley stadium. and it's a really interesting crowd. lots and lots of families with children. plenty of women friends toting out, but also men including a lot of young men i've seen on shoveling in the as well. so i really mixed bunch, some german fines. inga given encouragement, i'm seeing too much or too much a bad attitude. maybe they'll be some banter along the way of caution for last year's men's final, there was some trouble here at wembley, the authorities have put in extra security measures, but so far
4:54 pm
a really nice atmosphere, everybody looking forward to a good game. but this is a new step that you are saying for women's football, they're estimating that already. attendance has gone over a half a 1000000 at the various stadiums around england more than double the last tournament. and i am just here, if it's full, i'm on sunday it will be the biggest crowd for a you knows, euros, final men or women. sarah, fire and female had a lot of people, including fanny's as you're saying. and who do you think are the favorites to lift the tri, athena sign? well, all of those statistics that you were just giving our viewers about their head to heads about germany's historic record would suggest germany had to be the favorite . if you ask people about this scenario, pre tournament, but then england went and beat norway 8, no,
4:55 pm
came back against spain to be that side, which is highly fancy to one and then thrash the 2nd. seated sweden site, which really did get people fired up and believing that england women can actually do what the england men just failed to do in last year is final. when they were beaten on penalties against italy and left the trophy, it's not going to be easy to of their bow teams have got a key weapon in the form of a striker going for the golden boot. for england, it's beth mead. and for germany, it's alexandra pop. they're both on 6 goals, hoping to add to that tally, obviously. so it's going to be a hard game. i don't think either of the managers are kidding themselves, but it's going to be straightforward. they will have to adjust their tactics. i don't know whether the home crowd will play a big role in it, but certainly the lion assays, hoping that they can count on massive support as well as ethnic got. they've got definitely a lot of support at home. but they bring to think
4:56 pm
a home victory would make up. for the disappointment, the english fans felt lossy, especially after the men's team lost in the raise of last year. here i final well, i think that's going to depend on who you talk to on what your perspective is, because there are a whole lot of new football fans in this country who of them who really got into watching the game since that euros final. so some people in the women's game reject comparisons, but they do that very, very young. infuse yes, stick about the renewed the increased interest in the new high profile that the england team now has. that is expected to lead to, for example, um sponsorship deals with big brands for the players. but not just that hopefully more investment into the grass roots game, which has been growing in the last couple of decades and feeding into the
4:57 pm
increasing quality of the sides, which obviously then feeds into the national team, contacting by the crowd behind you. it looks like it's going to be a very popular game today. thanks a lot. nadine. well, in full have started the new english football season with a trophy in the cabinet. taking the community shield against manchester 15. the read the 531. it became power stadium and lesta when they were available to have so much where the women 0 final of the being said, then also trench alexander on the food 1st to see flies through. i didn't find that because you've been over as but you're getting caught side read took the lead through him 100 sol, solved penalty rather. his annual season saw the previous campaigns, the winners against the f. a champions and men rotten thought, the victory when new boy went nunez to begin the clubs evolution of selling your money. now moving on presenting, i saw him on the nunez celebrating recapturing the usb band, some white title,
4:58 pm
the 34 year old beat venezuela is julianna. pin pena in dallas. it was re revenge from the ended noon as 5 year rain is champ in december. the sport for now, but i'll be more from the sports team later. so many sites did to battle just about to for this news out, they'll be another one up to $1500.00, gmc, i'll be back to update you with those top stories, but next ah, home counting the cost, the european central bank raises interest rates to rain in inflation, good wising borrowing costs and political turmoil was italy's depth of the you agrees to cup natural gas use in winter will that help to avert an energy crisis. calcium because on al jazeera,
4:59 pm
around one percent of electricity globally is consumed by data centers. many of which provide promote storage facilities or what is also known as the cloud. i'm in no way to see how one center is harnessing the entity of these fuel woods to stole our digital information without a heavy carbon footprint. i'm russell beard off the north coast of the u. k. where the global green energy revolution is picking on a new element. thrice ornell jazeera. mm. mm. shoot. jason is the best documentary films from across the network. on al jazeera, the highlands of bonnie have long attracted touring visitors come here for the cool climate and to see bonnie's famous rice fields. but these fields in france, i'm more than just a tourist attraction. they provided a lifeline for the thousands who lost their jobs when the travellers stopped coming
5:00 pm
because of coven 19. pandemic restrictions brought financial hardship to many here valley. now as the island reopens for international travelers, some say they want more than just to return it to the way things work before. community groups have helped form a tourism workers learn how to cut it used to be a cool guy. now he farms, cabbages, and at the mcdaniel, i don't want to go back to tourism. i want to continue to be a farmer as the island to prepare to welcome visitors again. many say the pandemic has taught them valuable lessons. never forget, ah, follow us of the rocky politician mac tada. i'll sought a stage, a city to parliament against the nomination of a new prime minister. ah.


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