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tv   News  Al Jazeera  July 31, 2022 8:00pm-8:30pm AST

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oh lord, god, one documentary is nice, i have more guy on out, is there no place. and so i gone with the press retreated of the car about a media hub and vital vantage point during the 1st truly televised war from the roof. we could see the vacation at the american embassy, where the most iconic images of the conflict and vietnam were transmitted to the world. this was the front row sheet to the final stages of the war, saigon, caravel war hotels. on all g 0 o target outside the doubles down on baghdad, protests and calls for a radical change of the political system in iraq.
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ah, on kerry talked to mrs. al jazeera, also coming up russia flex is its muscles on navy day and identifies the u. s. and nato was, it's 2 biggest threats. a low turnout for senate goals, elections as critic slammed the disqualification of popular opposition, candidates partial collapse. so beirut court saw those 2 years often explosion that kill more than 200 people. ah, iraq's, she, a politician, looked harder. outsider, is asking all iraqis to join protested who camped inside parliament on saturday. thousands of his support. a storm the building in baghdad. the 2nd time in a week. so there and his support is now demanding a complete change to the legal system and the constitution,
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they vowed to stay put until their demands are met. the supporters have rejected the nomination of mohammed. she are also donny, as prime minister. it's been 10 months since the country held elections, but a deadlock remains over the formation of a new government. mama rudolf had de la had reports from inside parliament in baghdad, screens or that quarter of iraq's parliament is in limbo. that is censor supporters of the iraq's, she a clinic and influential political leader looked at us other hayville keel pied hate quarter and they are now in an open sit in since saturday. they say they will not leave this headquarters until their demands are met. they want the parliament did eject. how much he asked to, danny was been nominated for prya, minnesota by that through iran,
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parliamentary block known as the coordination. great framework. now these protest that had been sitting here sleeping, praying, chanting against the coordination framework and chanting again as naughty, and mattie, whom they accuse of corruption and mismanagement. they say chaos. who danny is at applica of northern medicaid. they have been praying here. 5 they have been sleeping, more protested as have been joining from other provinces, encouraged by the success their colleagues achieved on saturday when they saw them with the green zone and headquarters of the parliament. now, despite despite cold for com, from local and international institutions, these protest has seemed to be determined to continue their sit in until their demands are met. now this is, it has led to
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a hold of operation in the green zone. that's where the parliament is located. halting corporation in all the state in institutions. in degrees of the games on his home till government offices, and also international diplomatic missions. arcada outsider, as the founder of popular sheer movement, is block one before seats. october's elections making it the largest faction in parliament for last month, souther ordered all 74 and peace to resign because of failure to form a government. he was the leader of a powerful militia group, the mahdi army, which is founded in 2003 in response to the us invasion. he's a populist who enjoys strong support among poorer shia communities and saw that opposes the nomination of mohammad. i'll see donny for prime minister saying he's too close to tyrone
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a president vladimir putin has signed a new naval strategy which designates us and it nato military infrastructure moving towards russia's border as its main challenges. hootin made the announcements during russia's naval day sermon in saint petersburg. he said russia would protect its maritime borders by all means necessary, including an arctic and black seas. he also said that the delivery of new hypersonic, cruise missiles, will happen with in months. please your worries easy. it was moore's missed you. i key thing here is the capability of the naval forces. our navy can respond with lightening speed to all of those who infringe on our sovereignty and freedom, yet honorably fulfilled strategic tasks on the border of the country. and in any part of the ocean in the world, it has high readiness for active operations of its coastal surface air and submarine forces. and it is constantly improving. like with the latest zircon hypersonic missile systems, which have no counter types in the world. yes. and no barriers, dear comrades,
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their delivery to the russian armed forces will begin in the coming months. he feels. let's take a closer look. now at that statement that identifies usaa, nato is russia's 2 biggest threats. the $55.00 page document says, washington is trying to dominate the wells oceans and that nato is moving towards russian borders. it outlines moscow's plans to broaden this exploration of the arctic of boosting. it's an ordinance pacific naval fleet, and it announces a comprehensive strengthening of russia's geopolitical position in the black and as of seas. tolliver now is a senior research fellow at the quincy institute, all that responsible state croft. he says the russian navy will face challenge is competing with the us and nato fleets, the russian navy, the surface navy, at least, is out numbered for to one by europe's nate. nature's european members alone. and of course, by far more than that by the american navy. so in terms of numbers, there is really no contact where, of course, russia is,
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the quality united states is in nuclear weapons, which is why president putin, you know, repeatedly emphasizes rushes missile technology. because this is the one area in which russia is still a super unlike the army, the navy has not for an equal, but we do know that he suffered heavy losses in the black sea in the ukraine war. that may well simply illustrate the power of american weaponry which has been supplied to the ukrainian or russian navy has always been considered to have had comparatively high morale and good commanders. but it cannot realistically fight nature. the only area where the navy is actually in
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action is in the black sea. and russia cannot reinforce the navy in the black sea. so it's not really clear what the rest of the surface navy is. therefore, of course, the submarine navy is there to threaten american the west with nuclear weapons. a while grain ships, new cranes, black see ports wait for the all clear to sail. there's been a blow to the farming industry growing at next season's crop. the owner of one of the largest agriculture companies in cuba has been killed along with his wife in our russian strike mc alive. lexi on tusky was one of ukraine's richest, isn't people, is that nibble on that firm specializes in the production export of wheat, barley, and corn. russian ukraine of both agreed the grange ships. it will be free to depart from 3 ports on the black sea, including odessa vessels will be monitored to make sure they don't transport weapons. the black sea coast is still mind, so commercial boats will be guided out of the area by ukrainian naval ships. in
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istanbul, personnel from turkey, ukraine, russia, and the un will operate a joint coordination sent to where ships will be tracked and inspected as they enter the boss. for a straight was on, hendern has more not from odessa. those ships carrying ukrainian grain might leave as soon as monday, turkish presidential spokesman says, if all is well, if there are no logistical problems and if there are no security issues, those ships are expected to sail to morrow. he says there's a high likelihood that that will happen. we'd al jazeera talk to one of the captains of a boat at church mores loaded with grain. he said he was told to get ready to leave on monday to follow a pilot ship to assemble and then to places unknown. he said he has not been told that grain ultimately will go. but there could be security problems. and one reason for that is there was a loud boom audible from near the port in odessa,
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where we're standing right now. and that could signify a russian strike. if that is the case, it's possible that those shipments could again be postponed in just to give you an idea of how dangerous the situation is. right now. in michel, i have a town that the russians have struck multiple times. the head of a major grain concern called alexi about a tour sky of a company called nebulas was killed along with his wife in one of this strikes there. in another instance of farmer in eastern ukraine drove a combine over an explosive and was injured. so from the harvesting to the port, it's a dangerous mission and then going through those newly safe channels that were brokered in an agreement with the united nations and turkey is also perilous because the waters in the black sea have been mine. so the effort here is to try to get those ships to their destination and to make sure that their grain can get out to the world at a time when there's a threatened global food shortage. meanwhile,
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the red cross says it still waiting for russia to granted access to a prison in eastern ukraine, which came under a russian that missile attack on friday. rushes at defense ministry says it has invited the international committee of the red cross to investigate the facility in dumbass. at least 50 prisons of war were killed on thursday when the when and if cut detention count was bombed. now the 70 were wounded. russia and ukraine are accusing each other of attacking the facility. unofficial numbers in center goals parliamentary elections suggest that few people made their way to the ballot box. local media indicating the voter turnout was just 8 percent. or post polling stations i should say, are still open. opposition parties are angry, as some of their most popular candidates were disqualified from running and worried that if a present mackie souls party wins a majority, he may try to change the constitution and run for a 3rd term. at
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a zero's it's never been a re been has more from outside the polling station in deka, we have more than 15000 center votes in the car. in all the car. people started to vote from the 8 a. m. and they will keep voting until the 8 we have, it's be and we have more than a 7000000 electors who will vote in 46 departments. this election is very important for the country. we have aids coalitions who are competing to get the majority in the parliament, which is composed by 165 seats. the biggest i coalitions in these 8 are the government coalition, supported by the actual president like yourself and a opposition coalition?
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well, was months on court with the leader of the opposition and i believe was for is a former president and in synagogue what we are expecting, we cannot predict until now we have the to wait more hours because the vote started the just at 8 o'clock. so in 2 hours before, and we have to wait, but we can say that in the box, the base rates and the votes of the young electors to you. we know that the young people are in like 50 percent of the population in that car. so these 2 items are very important to a little mind of the rest of the election, and they really mean a lot for all these 8 co, allison. so the head hair on al jazeera will explain why people in spain are
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chasing after baby flamingoes sticks. ah ha, there is still some right in the forecast across the middle east, hoping not as fly spread, not as heavy as it has been recently. you can see chain of showers there into a southern and western parts of iran, so one or 2 shouting to a man hearing cutter, i think we should stay large dry car will at the possibility of an old spot will to have right. but a line of showers they're coming across saudi arabia, down towards the south, west enhancing that wet weather, the flooding ways that we have seen recently into western parts of yemen. so still a chance of some wet to weather coming in here. as we go through the next few days farther north, it is generally dry, hot and sunny of 45 for baghdad, near the low thirty's rathermore grabel,
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31 celsius circus at east side of the mediterranean. we got to 312, therefore algiers lot of hot sunshine equals northern parts of africa. he pushing land. that's where the temperatures asked to up into the forty's. can you showers rolling off the ethiopian highlands through our south sedan sedan itself, pushing across southern parts of chad, even into southern areas of new jersey, a long way further north than we expected this time of year, where to weather also sliding over towards the gambia could see a chance to some wet weather to into and maybe over the next day or so, botswana seeing some showers. she, i was there for mozambie and some showers last parts of kenya. unbelievable. it sounds like an agreement between the criminal boasts is like trading in stolen goods that have been taken by the place. if anyone ever comes to ask the question, they just throw their hands up in the air and say, i don't know, i was just nominee director, were doing a, an investigation into
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a ukraine. could you? i bribes, you've been corrupt. i've been not caught up. i did just what is it and see? al jazeera investigations. the oligarchs. lou. ah, you're watching al jazeera reminder of what main stories now. iraq's, she, a politician, looked harder. outsider, is asking all iraqis to join protested. were camped inside parliament out there, and he supporters all demanding a complete change to the political system. under the constitution president vladimir putin has signed a new naval strategy, which designates
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u. s. a. nato military infrastructure. as its main challenges. he said that russia would protect its maritime was, by all means necessary, including the arctic and black seas. the founder and owner of one of the largest agriculture companies. and keith has been killed along with his wife in the russian strike. in the mc life reaches. lexi at tusky was one of ukraine's richest businessman is never log fem specialize. production export of wheat volume, and us how speak and nancy pelosi has begun a tour of asia. her office says she'll visit singapore, malaysia, south korea and japan to discuss trade, coven, 19. and climate change has been mentioned over trip to taiwan as part of her itinerary, china has warned against a visit to the self governing audit which it claims as part of its territory and has vowed to retake by force if necessary. can be huck it has more from washington . there has been no change to what's been called the
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o one china policy. in other words, there are no diplomatic relations between the united states and ty, wine, in terms of the, the 2 governments in there sort of ability to communicate diplomatically that is something that is still down between washington and beijing. however, what we do know is that there is under us law an obligation of the united states to help defend taiwan. and that's where things get complicated if and we know that right now circling the island to r u. s. ships, there are chinese ships and there also is the tie one's own military. and so if there is any sort of potential misunderstanding when the speaker potentially goes to visit the island, that's what there is concern about is that there could be some sort of a clash that is unintended. and this could lead to some sort of confrontation
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militarily that nobody was. and so that's the concern here. in fact, there has even been a discouragement of this visit by the u. s. military. but given the fact that the members of congress are co equal branch of government, in other words, the white house and congress have the same amount of power at the white house can suggest what nancy pelosi does. but ultimately the decision is her own. south africa's presence room on a poser has promised to focus on helping the poor and his party's policy conference . the african national congress has been losing photo support or facing criticism for corruption and failing to address in quality. these is the 3 day conference have discussed ways of ending poverty, inequality and violence against women. angelo fake, who spoke to al jazeera correspondence from the miller earlier today, he says the n c must make a huge effort to alleviate the challenges. many south africans are facing. so this
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is a 110 year old organization that has have control over the countries covenants for the last 28 years. and it now faces the challenge of having to drag itself from the 20th into the 21st century. many of its leaders are really in the sort of sixty's and older their governing over country. that has the majority of people under the age of 27. and so the challenge really is to not only fix their own errors, catch up on the legacy of colonialism in apartheid. but also they have to now prepare themselves on the country for the new challenges of the century head, which includes the climate catastrophe, hunger and, and this is not going to be easy, given the corruption issues, given the maladministration issues. and this is part of what seizes them in these committees. now the agency has been criticized significantly in recent years because of these issues like corruption. but you also touched on the use where we're facing air, a 2 thirds of young people in this country can't find jobs. issues around inequality and poverty are significant in south africa to what extent can be a and see specifically be blamed. so it must take
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a huge part of the responsibility. so yes, there are massive global forces that have to be taken into account. but maladministration, poor management. the economy, particularly in the state, turned into prices are not doing what was actually indicated by in c governments in the late 90 ninety's, around securing the energy sector, having a better education system at both basic and tertiary level to ensure that people are employable and to transform social space as well as the economy, so that more people find ownership in it to broaden the taxpayers. none of these things have been done. and the a and c in power since 1994 at one point with a 2 thirds majority able to really run its policies through parliament without opposition of any significant kind. none of that has happened. and so this is a party that must take some responsibility for the lay of the land in the country at the moment. protest her as in sedans, capitol cartoon have returned to the streets, commanding that the countries army handover pow to a sicilian government. the military took power late last year. de rolling
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a 2 year transitional government that was formed off for power sharing agreement, signed in 2019 talks to form a new government of stalls. has some groups boycotted negotiations out as errors even more than reports from cotton. it's been more than 9 months in sedans, military took over power over throwing a transitional government that was meant to lead the country to democracy. and since that take over on october 25th last year, people have been taking to the streets to void their anger against the military and demand it hand over power to a civilian government. now on sunday and how to him once again, protest this took to the streets. they tried to make their way to the vicinity of the presidential palace to voice their anger against the military and demand a civilian government. they were met by tear gas by security forces, who tried to disperse them away from the vicinity of the presidential palace. now the army itself, in early july withdrew from talks between the military and political parties. thing that it wants the political parties themselves to reach an agreement to form
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a transitional government. but that has been the issue of political parties. incident have had their differences with some groups demanding the military takeover power last year, and others demanding the military handover power to civilian government. and the army itself had stated that the differences between the political parties was there was the reason they took over power in the 1st place. now, despite the fact that the military said it was withdrawing from talks to paper for political, for political parties to form a government, people here on the street are not buying that. they say that the army has simply withdrawn tactically and will continue to be incidents politics. and they've been demanding that they should be a complete civilian rule. more than a 100 protesters have been injured and anti military protest. hundreds of others have been injured, but people here on the streets they. they will continue to demonstrate, continue to voice their anger and continued to demand a civil in government until that happens. the northern part of beirut support silos have collapsed due to a grain fire. storage facilities were damaged in an explosion in august 2020.
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another loss killed at least 215 people. earlier this month, grain in the saw, the court find due to hot weather and has been burning for the past 2 weeks. tatiana has rooted father worked at the bay report and was killed in the explosion 2 years ago. she says the government has done very little to ensure accountability . i blame, or the world leaders that now are winning switch in the parliament. i mean, everybody is not going to invest to the investigation and everybody is not executing the address lawrence to continue the investigation. i believe everybody who knew about the ammonium nitrate and didn't do anything about it. and today we tried to pass a law in the parliament to protect the silos and yet they did not agree on passing it. and now we can see that the silos are collapsing, and there's a chance that 2 others will collapse to. what i believe is that we need to know the
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truth. we need to know who did this to us and hold them accountable. once we, once someone accountable for this crime, nothing else will happen again. no more crimes will happen again like this because they had what they have been doing since the war escaping their crimes because they were never come to bid for what ever they did. so i need the people to stand by us on the 1st of august to come with us and just don't be scared to come with us to the states and protest. what they have been doing to us. it's very important because it's the only thing i have left. it says memory that i have that, and i want to achieve justice for him. and for all the lebanese people, because if this goes like everything went by, no one was held accountable. we can have another blast anytime soon, because whatever they do, they are innocent and no one is had accountable for their actions. women's european championship fond was underway at 20 stadium in london.
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c ost nation, england faced the tournaments most successful team, 8 time champions, germany, a street is against england. they've lost $21.00 out to $27.00 meetings against the gems. but if allowing us to succeed, they'll clinch their 1st major trophy. well, here's what some of the fans was saying before the batch. as we begin with this one, it says epic day. it's very exciting. it's brought the country together. it's just unbelievable. i mean, i never was in london before and never knew wembley. so i'm surprised and yeah, i hope germany, when i think we can do this as long as we focus our game right. play the right types of football. we're smash it when it goes off to london to where nadine bob has been following the build up to the game, which is in the 2nd half, not in the team england of scored. that's right. as
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things stand england, the go a set to for the 1st time or when a euro's final, you were just mentioning that germany have never lost a euro's final, serene of ego. the england manager has never lost a match as a manager at the euro's so beyond the statistics. thankfully, this has not been acadia fair. both teams really going for it. lots of chances on either side. in fact, germany, just a moment ago, i had a shot which was tipped onto the post by the english keeper, mary earl. she's had a really good game. so, and the, the, the home crowd obviously playing a role. it's a sell out here, of course, at wembley, the biggest attendance for an euros, final men or women attendance at all the matches over half a 1000000. that's double what it was at the last tournament. m lots and lots of people remarking on a how high quality the general play has been. not just from the lionesses, but also hoping that the renew the increased audiences and the increased indians
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are it's interest in the women's game will leads to a greater participation at grass roots level as well. of course, as a big ecosystem of schools are and teenage and participation. but the big problem is the money they're hoping now votes him with the boose in women's football that will bring investment, which will allow people at all levels of the game to actually earn a living from the game because they do not get anything like the salaries the men do and many, for example, still do have to rely on another job to get boy. okay, we'll see how that match finishes. eventually nadine baba in london, thank you. as a year, tens of thousands of the men goes my great tour reserve in southern spain. to breed for the warming quantities starting to threaten their natural habitat, should in wolf reports. an hour's drive north of the spanish city of malaga lies
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this lagoon home to one of the largest flamingo colonies in europe. it's been a protected area for nearly 4 decades and the birthplace for more than 200000 chicks. 0100. the volunteers flocked to the front. it appeared that a lagoon every year to help tag the birds is that you that way. after the 2 year biological halt we had because of cove it, of course people came with a lot of hope to participate. they had been happy to repeat the tagging after 3 years. flamingoes are born gray and develop their signature color from the plants and algae. they eat, the chicks are guided into a pen, them carefully fitted with a ring before the released to rejoin their colony, the tags, unable conservationists to monitor their movements around the world. i tell people, i definitely thanks to these kind of tagging. we know whether these animals are eating in finance, libya, morocco, out here in spain,
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the la copa. it also provides vital information about the birds mating habits m lifespan. but climate change is having a negative impact on their natural habitats. salt water lakes are drying up and during a drought bird struggle to build their nests, which are made of mud, making them less likely to mate with. after a very dry, past few years, the laguna started to show its layer of salt with no water. thankfully, there are spots handled by the nature reserves, water supplies, which allows the flamingo colony and other birds to survive. the warming temperatures and reserves like these mix survival of the fittest. all the more real joint wolf al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera, these are the top stories now iraq, so she a politician latasha elsa.


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