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tv   The Stream  Al Jazeera  August 2, 2022 5:30pm-6:01pm AST

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to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and moved toward clean energy. but senate republicans including their leader, mitch mcconnell, part of whose own state of kentucky is under water, oppose the climate legislation. for those affected by the back to back disasters sweeping the country. the legislation is far too little, too late. rob reynolds al jazeera fire services in western canada. i have 2 people to leave their homes because of an out of control wildfire. several planes and helicopters have been dispatched to tackle the crimea house creek fire and british columbia. people living in 25 homes in the area have been told to leave a more than 350 of them put on alert. record temperatures and dry conditions have fueled fires in the province. new cove at 19 infections have risen sharply and south korea with more than 100000 recorded on tuesday. that's an increase of 60000 cases from the day before. health officials say the highly contagious over con
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variant is behind the surge. it's driven up the number of hospital admissions with serious cases reaching the highest levels in nearly 3 months. ah, it is good to have you with this. hello, adrian said, going here in so all the headlines on al jazeera tension is escalating between china of the united states because of a possible visit to taiwan by the u. s. how speak and nancy pelosi online flight tracker show a military plane which took her to malaysia is approaching taipei, beijing as ward of serious consequences. if the visit goes ahead. the united states says that its killed the leader of al qaeda in a drone strike in the african capital cobble president. joe biden says that intelligence officials tracked i'm an hour is our hearing to a home in the center of the city. from heidi the coordinated al qaeda's branches
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and are all around the world, including setting priorities. we're providing operational guidance at call for inspired attacks against us targets. he made videos including the recent weeks calling for as follows, to attack the united states and our allies. now, justice has been delivered and this terrorist leader is no more. there are reports that influential iraqi shaleeko mach tata. asada has told us supporters to withdraw from parliament in baghdad. they took over the building on saturday, but have occupied it since dorsey jibari reports now from baghdad. the protesters have been asked to leave this building within the next 72 hours. a certainly being here today this afternoon. the numbers are much less than we have seen over the past few days. now, the statement that was issued by the 8th, and we've had all center says that these demonstrators should evacuate this building specifically at the students and see the demonstrations in, in, around as a compound that belongs to the current government. the feeling here is that there
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are a negotiations going on behind the scenes and certainly the senses that this demonstration should be wrapping up in the next few hours. and at least the next 24 hours. first chip, transporting ukrainian grain under an internationally broke a deal is heading for istan bull. after leaving the port of odessa on monday, the vessels being mores at by the joint coordination sent up in the turkish city. it's expected to stop there for an inspection on wednesday before going on to its final destination. i tripoli, in love with him. those were headlines that he was continuously on al jazeera after the stream. coming up next. russell burton, southern england, where 2 farmers turn safari park pioneers, a bits the tractors and put nature in the driving seat. i was just absolutely astonishing the life that poured back even the very 1st summer. and i'm again, sophia, cynthia taylor. when one by year end companies revolutionizing with using funds and
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artificial intelligence. hearing side, you have science, you have the knology, both fries, oh no jazeera, have hi anthony. ok, and you're in the stream to day is women's football in africa at a turning point. we have an all star lineup and we'll be talking about growing the sport in popularity. make applies money and increasing participation on the international state by some of the app because i nice football players my son and i'm a part of africa mintz with both because his exceptional, there's a lot of talent as little skill and i watch it because that is how i show up, i want to contribute towards the development of the google women's football. and i snore like we at that stage in africa where the girls have it booked. and that's
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how i show up as starting line out today, janine usher 10 the desert. right. what an all star cast of players. thank you so much. janine, please introduce yourself to our global audience. hello everyone. i'm jenny and i've been yeah, me broadcast that i'm fond of ladies master though. everything africa with mental but i'm happy to be a spartan doctor here on the district. oh say hello. i shall welcome to the stream . introduce yourself. thank you so much for having me. say me, my name is ashley, co dish or i have been offered. james with boy expert, even boy cover football across the world. fantastic. hello tandy, congratulations. may yada, yada. please introduce yourself. you'll new say, if you're after all of that, i'm bet you undertake a mute yourself to be one more time guy. a china and i'm an african tempe. oh my goodness, the coach with the most hello dads arrive. welcome to the stream. tell everybody
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who you are. what you do a good evening everyone. i my name is dave ellis. i'm the head coach of banana banana. and i'm also an african champion. i congratulations. all right. we are talking about the state of women's football on the african continent. you can be in that conversation as well. what are you want to know about african football from a women's perspective. how is the sport doing comment section right here. be part of today's show. i'm going to show you a picture of deseret working quite recently at the women's african cup of nations. deseret. what were you doing here? what was going through your head? that is a moment when i'm not happy. when i'm not happy and i'm just looking and seeing where i can contribute. you know tim is laughing because she knows exactly what what that picture looks like. 10
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b tempe. when your coach looks like this, what, what is she yelling out at the players? it depends, it depends on what we have done, but i think it would be a moment to a should be expecting us to be, you know, screen or in a moment where we're supposed to not be getting a call again. so i know that look, and it's not a really good look. yeah. so we, can we go from serious desert a very serious here to this desert? articulate that small. those thoughts got energy. it was, it was a moment that i very difficult to describe when you have just become an applicant champion. we so many things are going your mind where you actually showing people back home and thanking them for the support. thank you everyone that the support that you and i still have
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a very big smile. i can't stop smiling. i sometimes people with my middle right next to me and i want to pinch myself. you know, is this really true? it's something that we have worked for for the last 4 years and it's finally to come through. so yeah, something that you, you almost tell someone pinch me, pinch me. so i am thinking usher and jenny. this moment here where there was so much pride from south africans that their national female football team came out as champions. what does that mean? is that a big meaning to where is on the african continent for women? usher youth start? well, honestly, when you think about the investment that south africa as a country has put into women's football over the years, and especially in the last 30 years, it only be fitting that the one this year's westcan. it's a story that replicates. and that shows that there are no shortcuts to success for very long time. so africa was the almost team, you know. but finally,
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they turned on that switch. and you know, you could feel even at halftime busier and know you could feel that, you know, that africa have an edge of moral grade that final. and i'm so happy for everyone that has contributed to that journey. it's just a clear message. you know out there that you have to invest and when you invest in women's football you'll get the results. it's just as simple as that jenny, i'm just wondering about who the best female football teams on the african continent. can you do 1234 for us please. up the pad, who bought things on the continent, nigeria, south africa, queen. at the moment, moral, co and edge in that as well. zombie i come our own funds will not like what i say. oh ok. so in the last few years, that has been real strategy, real efforts to improve african football for winning tempe. what if you seeing what difference is it now as a player on the african continent?
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because i can be what come back to you. we need to do some playing around with your headphones. it may come right back to you. and let me just pass that along to your coach, deseret. what's changed in the last few years, i think has been a campaign, a strategy from the confederation of african football to really ruin up the state of women's football on the african continent. what have you seen? why i think it started with a capital wins champions league coming on board. i think that was a huge shift. was a huge change. you can see the shifting the club now. everyone wanting to win that league to go out and testing solve with regards to westcan. it was an amazing westcan ra organized. i mean, if you look at the, the stadium that was packed out for the final morocco organize the really fantastic tournament. i also looked at, you know, all the new club,
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new countries that have come on board. and none of them went any way. you know, the schools were, were not that big. so everybody has gone and done the work. a lot of investment has been done by morocco and they wouldn't, they would that, that they're not in the final by chance. you know, they put in a locked in basement. you look at the, they use teams also going to the, to the walk up the main seems going to the woke up and that, that's when you put in the investments you look, molly was not, they were total guinea was not day and you had, you had 4 different towns and you know, way where they out of placing the competition either. so they putting it while i says it's come on board, improve even as a female debris going to the means we'll cup and i think she was fantastic in the final as well. the organization is been talking about the development of the game in africa for women's football. this is barbara talking. he's. he's as ambient, whether it's barbara talking to years ago and then denise,
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i'm going to come back if you and, and just wondering if things have got even better since barbara said this, he, she is most of the african players, women now playing and blood. everyone wants to work hard and play proficient way. think now it's no people coming to know that. okay. and what was the other level? so i think it's up to us as we move to me though us of whatever we want to confidence fair. but all the players ready to go on to a bigger stage that goes outside of the african content. if you're truly honest, janine what else is needed? what is needed is improving our speech in africa. i mean, my just had one that 9 times up until the last few years been my g o. m, as primarily at this point in time,
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is one of the oldest women lead for bowling in the world. so are we will come back to jenny because we've just lost her. she just froze in there. so i'm going to just cut for that question. acosta. asha or to help me pick up here. what else is needed to improve the sport? not just in one part of the content but all over so that we've got a continent wide game for women that is really worth watching and spectacular and brings up the young people as well. it's interesting you asked this question 4 years ago in 2018 in marcus marco i was very honored to be thought of walking group that was at the cashed women football symposium. the very fast of its kind and in this worship that had all you know, administrators and everyone was very passionate about women's football from the african continent came together to put up a strategy. and this strategy, one of the 1st things that indeed was to have
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a women's football department at the concentration of africa, football in egypt. and in this department you have people work up every day to think about women's football. that means creating programs for fema referees creating programs for you know, female coaching and then walking together with the regional association. then when i say regional and for example, south africa is in the core suffer region which is in the southern part of, of africa. and you talking about, you know, stuffy coaches, sick alpha, one for which is west african region is a and beach. and then you have, you know, which is north africa and unified, which is central africa. so when you have consistently tournament, you know, for on the 17 and the 20 girls and you have a yellow competition for the senior national teams, these, you know, brings together players and they continue to get these exposure that then can be transformed into the national team. at the end of the day, and that has played a huge role in getting, you know,
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teams to understand what the are going to bring you some breaking news. now us how speak nancy pelosi has just arrived in taiwan. now these are live pictures coming from a song, sion airports where we believe close his train has landed. now of course, china has warned the u. s. of serious consequences. if the visit does go ahead and believe this is the plane. this comes, of course, after she cancel the plan, visit to the sales company, ireland, which china claims as his own territory, back in april. and she is, of course, 3rd in line to the us presidency after joe biden, and vice president, kamala harris. so the highest ranking us official to travel to the island since 1997 and her reports on this trip have
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earned low forceful rebukes from beijing. ah, the foreign minister there had to earlier said that the us will bear all the consequences if the visit goes ahead. we're going to cross to dea gahlan, international editorial taiwan plus. she joins us on skype from taipei, thanks for joining us. so what is the consequences of this going to be that is the $1000000.00 question, isn't it? look, we've been waiting for days now, will she your won't you, you? well nancy pelosi comes to taiwan or not. the u. s. had had its own opinions on it . in fact, joe biden, at some point even said that the u. s. military said there was a bad idea for polos you to come, but could not tell her what to do. china, meanwhile, has had very strong words and certain aggressive actions with incursions to the era
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depend zone. in fact, we're hearing that more of those in incursions asked nancy pelosi lambs. they've sent warships to that media line that separates taiwan and china. you know, i, so there has been so much speculation over those strong words back and forth. and here he is said here he is about to land on taiwanese soil. i want the government as still yet to confirm that she is coming, but of course, local media has run rampant with it saying that even giving her a schedule for the sport to morrow, saying that she's going to meet the president of taiwan tomorrow morning. if you then is good to go to legislature, she's good to give a press conference even visited human rights museum before he sets off again. so there has been so much talk and so much speculation about nancy pelosi visit. and here she is now and now the question is, what's going to happen next? as you say, is china go to make good on what it says it's actions against taiwan or, and what is the us going to do in that case?
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so, as it varies, has been so mart swirling around this and, you know, the people of taiwan here are just waiting with baited breath and watching. what's gonna happen once nancy pelosi steps off that claim. okay, well if it's that for now, we're going to cross to, she had its hands, he joins us live from washington, d. c. so she had given an overview reminders, why is this so controversial? well, no one wants to do it. frankly, the least not in the biden administration says you, don't you, why is controversial here. we've had these rather measured statements for a number of number of weeks. now actually saying that this is not a decision. this is from the, the by did ministration is entirely police. he's decision where separate branches of power. we have no right to tell and see what she can do. having said that, especially in the last few days, we had finance and he blink in the secretary of state. and john kirby, the lead, the national security council spokesperson. com, i would say, look,
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we have nothing to do with this. but if she does go, there's absolutely no reason to escalate. that was what we've been can said of us on, on monday. and then it was interesting quite from john kirby, a national security council, which is pretty explicit. he said nothing has changed. nothing has changed. we oppose any unilateral changes to the status quo from either side. we've said that we do not support thailand's independence. there's no drama to talk to the certainly no reason for this to come to blaze. that's very, very, very concerned. but what's clear is they don't have any control over place. yeah, that's what i've pleading with trying to to see things that way, which is, which is fascinating. with this mike, there was a greater diplomatic language about pelosi and a decision to go to taiwan down bust on monday with an edit with op ads in the new york times by thomas friedman, which is widely being seen here in washington as the biden position. and its headlines why policies visit to taiwan is awfully reckless. and it's pretty clear
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from this article that he has source his information from members of the administration, and they are united against this. and that's suggesting police. he doesn't even know what he's doing. what the thomas friedman recounts in this article is that they're also backed by panel negotiations underway to try and prevent china from getting more involved in the ukraine war by, for example, republishing rushes, stock pile of drones. for example, in that 2 and a half hour conversation, but then i will to our 17 minute conversation with biden had with president t last week, a period that was a major focus of biking, telling she not to get more involved in, in the ukraine conflict. not to supply russia with more arms, and as far as the administration was concerned, they were succeeding. but, but the implication is politically is, is playing required to court presidency. she doesn't know what she's doing, there's all sorts of stuff going on. she's not aware of ambient ministration is in
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sense, and in fact, it is one line and here where it says it's a measure of our political dysfunction with a democratic president can not deter a democratic house speaker from engaging in a diplomatic maneuver that his entire national security team from the cia director to the chairman of the joint chiefs deems on wise this is horace gating stuff against pelosi in the voice of thomas friedman, but very clearly source from the administration directly. okay, well let says we continue to look at these pictures of the plane on the runway of time pay song. shine apple going to cost back to the via golf land near international editor taiwan plaza. we understand we've had some report so, but chinese jets activity. what would you make that right, so you know, this kind of activity, if it is china, just sending warplanes into what you call the air defense identification zone,
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d a d i a z. so that's an airspace that taiwan monitors is quite predictable. china does that every time it feels like taiwan has displeased it, and often that displeasure comes from delegations or in delegations visiting or ty want, exerting itself on the international stage, or tie one at any point exerting its sovereignty and making it clear that he doesn't believe it is part of china. now the question is, will those planes go further into that a d i z and hawks that 80 air defense identification zone into bona fide, tie one air space, then that will set a precedent that that will very clearly send a message. i mean, there are questions about whether they would even dare as fly over a taiwan soil and that's the case then that's definitely rocking up tensions and may be leading to some kind of conflict. because every time china sends those planes over it, even if it isn't on taiwan, aerospace, tiny ones, military scrambled their fighter jets to try and monitor the activity if not trying
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just await china from going any further. so, you know, that kind of activity is being very closely watch militarily. in fact, taiwan sat said to increase its level of military alertness and defending itself, not only in its air space in its waters on land. and it is taking those visits with much caution, especially given china's very angry rhetoric and aggressive threats to words i want . until here we can see these laws, pictures of signet trees and a welcome party, only tom on going towards the plane and we see the steps of the plane there. china will be absolutely furious over this weather. oh, definitely. and specifically, instead, china is already pure, curious on a low level, official or dignitary comes and visits. taiwan from anywhere are pretty much,
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i mean, to the fact that this level of an official from the u. s. is visiting an on taiwanese soil. will really incense china and you know, they have again and again worn by it and of the consequences that warned the u. s. of the consequences of this happening. so of course china is going to be very angry . now the question is, will it go on? so far as risk, actual conflict or risk, you know, taking some kind of military action rather than these threats and incursions and kind of flexing its military muscles. or will it resort to another kind of punishment which you can very easily take against. i want china has time want to largest trading partner. and so i want gets a lot of money in its economy rely, said taiwan. and so china could very easily cut off a lot of those ties and punish taiwan. anti wants people to show them that this is not acceptable to them. you know, this is seen as legitimizing taiwan and international fade. and nothing anger is
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china, more than that than in fact, china already today have been about a 100 taiwanese firms who provide agricultural products then cell food to china, on what they say are good grounds of violating customs rules. but people here see it as this is china setting a warning saying that it can really hurt taiwan. and this is possibly one of the steps that we'll take. okay, david paul, international and it's of taiwan possibly leave it there. thank you way, not gonna cross to andy mark who is a senior research for they want the center for china and globalization. he joins us from that. beijing, thanks for being on the program. i mean, to what extent do you think china will feel it has to respond in some way to this visit? one think the rhetoric has been very clear that the child abuse this very, very seriously. and we can't look at this visit by house be below, see in a vow,
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back him. i think china's concerns around taiwan is the u. s. pursuing this quote unquote salami slicing strategy and closing landing. and taiwan is a slab, not a slice that i think that if china does not respond forcefully and decisively militarily and otherwise that this might embolden ah, further activities by the united states and other countries that will really oppose stumbling blocks to the, the unification of both sides of the taiwan straits. i think a china really has to respond in a very forceful way. and we can see these live pictures now alpha nancy pelosi on the at ta macand. pausing for photos and the like. and as we watched that tennis, how much real danger is there of a military escalation as the result of this one?
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i think we don't really know. but if we look at the a position of the chinese government, it has been that, ah, the cornerstone of china us relations is taiwan. and that this is the core, one of lead core mission's for the communist party of china to achieve the rejuvenation of the chinese nation, the chinese dream. so this is an existential issue for china. so to let this, ah, progress in a way that it seems to be heading, i think certainly is a very, very big challenge of for china us relations and the market like for sin mentioning thank you for that. and we're going to now cross to brian ho, he's a political commentator and founder of new blue magazine. he joins us from taipei
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in taiwan. thanks for being on the program. i mean, visits by us officials to taiwan are not uncommon, but is it the stature of this visitor that upsets china st? i think that is definitely part of it so, so there have been visits in recent memory. however, i think that this is part of it, it is that the visits is of greater stature. that glossy is next aligned in succession to the presidency after the vice president. but i also think part of it really had to do with that news of this broke much earlier after a scoop of financial types. if for example, pelosi had arrived in taiwan and it was announced only after she had gotten there, there are not be this window of opportunity for china to respond. i think also commentary on the dangers a potential dangers of the visit led at china to escalate its own actions as there has been more warning as of the possible consequences i now i think china is obligate to response in some forceful way. and so we will see something question is
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really, how far can they take it because they also have limits on the possible actions that can take and what kind of a tight right do you think could taiwan is, is taking here, accepting this visit, has it that is the question, because i think politically than how i have a position in which it cannot turn down any visit from the u. s. other, some reports, for example, that were in the very proud fine on china times. it's one of these outlets that has been reported on as accepting editorial directions from china's town affairs office, as well as funding from china by ellen such as the financial times and apple daily the report on the china times drinks. they reported that taiwan tried to say no to the policy visit, but that they were over ruled. and so they were that danger. i think taiwanda and to protect they gets isn't oh, isn't the danger of being caught between us politicians from both camps and their attempts to demonstrate their strong on china using taiwan play up support for taiwan as a way to really seem strong on china when your actual target audience is u. s.
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motors. let me ask you then, is there a demographic situation here in terms of young people in taiwan comport compared i should say to the older population. how do they, how do they see it? so young people in taiwan overwhelmingly identify were it's our rather than china and their concerns and recent years and about the possibility that i want to lose its democratic freedoms. similar to hong kong, for example, that was seen in the 2014 some firemen example, which i myself as a participant in i involving the protest of a trade deal at the then ruling party. wanted to sign with china that involved the month long occupational legislature. and so i think then, but many young people, welcoming, strengthening ties with the rest as a potential ally against china in the sense i think this is also true of japan. when raised in the fall, vice president william wyatt travels japan, for example, to warn should the recently a savage is abi, a former japanese i minister. okay. yeah. ron here if you can stay with us.


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