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tv   Inside Story  Al Jazeera  August 4, 2022 10:30am-11:01am AST

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nice spreading the problematic social media content, but both say the other side could be doing it. business for social media companies is looming in kenya. so right group say they're not doing nearly enough to monitor and remove dangerous content. the government agency responsible for preventing interethnic conflict has said facebook could be suspended in kenya if it doesn't tagged by them. we're pulling out of specific entities because repeatedly, they're not abiding by what they're supposed to abide by. they have the capacity, they have the means to do it and the capacity to do it. that's all the work of the wheel to do. so we have given them what evasion like it was supposed to. the government has since said, facebook won't be suspended. it's owner matter says it's taken extensive steps to remove hate speech, including automatic detection and content monitoring teams for rights groups. so these measures don't go far enough. malcolm web al, to 0, nairobi, kenya,
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ah, what you'll do there with me. so rom, the reminder of all top stories. the chinese military is conducting live ammunition drills in the taiwan strait a day after us house because once you place the ended her controversial visit to time pe, taiwan says chinese naval ships and military aircraft have made incursions into several tory waters trying to foreign ministry spokes person says, policies visit was a provocation, shifting washington, county inclusion, jim pink, who that so what we are taking and we will be taking our necessary and timely response and contra measures which have been fully thought through and seriously assessed. and that they are aimed at protecting our sovereignty and the security. they are in line with international law and domestic laws. they are a warning to the provocative us and also aimed at protecting regional stability and
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the piece in the taiwan strait. tony chang is tracking the chinese military exercise from bangkok. they'll be gone, going to sunday, possibly even monday, say the chinese navy. and today, there have been several instances where they have encroached very close to talk what taiwan regards is, its own independent territory, which of course, the taiwanese regard as their own territory. 10 naval ships briefly crossed what's called the median line, which is the, the area dividing taiwan and mainland china. and we understand that time when he's the time when he's therefore been tracking some sort of object that has been fired off its eastern coast for ministers from the 10 in the us in blog kind of the regional powers. the holding talks in cambodia, capital tension center on taiwan and violence, and nema, a both on the agenda that's been renewed fighting between armenian and as the by
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johnny forces in the disputed. nicola caraballo region armenian says at last, 2 fighters, one of the by johnny soldier, was also killed the 1st screen cargo ship to leave the crane since the russian invasion sale through taking both restraints on its way to lebanon. the ship has been monitored by a joint coordination central, assemble, the ship left the ukrainian port of odessa on monday. the holiday stories on a website down there, a dot coms, updated throughout the day. i'll be back with more news in half an hour. but next on al jazeera, it's inside story to stay with us. on the 9th of august, kenyans will head to the post. the country is graceful, a closely contested general election that will determine its future presidents, a growing political and economic pension, who will be an out the widow and can vote his expect a free and fair election join us for special coverage on al jazeera, standing with taiwan in defiance of china,
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us how speak at nancy pelosi has ended her controversial visit to the self ruled island. it's triggered an angry response from beijing and how will tie pay and washington deal with the full mouth. this is inside story. ah. po, welcome to the program. i'm can vanelle. nancy pelosi has become the most senior us politician to visit taiwan in 25 years. us how speakers spend less than a day on the cellphone island, but china, which claims taiwan as part of its territory called the trip a direct challenge to its sovereignty. aging had issued threats and warnings before pelosi even touched down. but america's 3rd most powerful politician was undeterred, saying washington was committed to preserving taiwan to democracy. china is
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responding with live 5 military drills and an import band on time when he's products. we'll bring in our guests in a moment, 1st this report from homages june for us. how speaker nancy pelosi, a high profile trip to taiwan. fraught with both complications and contradictions. america's 3rd most powerful politician, repeating washington's commitment to protect democracy on the self governed island . while also respecting beijing so called one china policy to day the world say settlers between democracy and autocracy. america's determination to preserve democracy here in taiwan and around the world. we may, iron clad, taiwanese president sy, in when, who gave pelosi, one of the highest civilian honors, promised to defend the island from beijing's threats. mingled helen aggression against democratic taiwan would have a tremendous impact on the security of the entire in the pacific. the men facing
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deliberately heightened to military threats ta one will not back down. we will firmly up hold our nation sovereignty and continue to hold the line of defense for democracy. china, which considers taiwan a part of its territory, has said it once a peaceful reunification and views pelosi is visit as a direct provocation with honda tie one sighing wayne and her ilk a clinging to the us and turning their backs on national justice. these behaviors that go against the trend of times co will not change the international consensus of one china and will not change the historic trend that tie one will inevitably return to the motherland. those who play with fire will not come to a good end. and those who offend china will be punished. even during policies visit china's reaction was fast and furious. suspending imports and exports of several goods to and from taiwan,
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conducting joint air and sea live ammunition drills near taiwan. and summoning the u. s. ambassador in beijing, policy's trip has come to an end, but with chinese american relations at such a low point, it's not clear yet what the long term repercussions of this visit will be. my homage m jerome, for inside story. well, let's look more closely at the u. s. relationship with taiwan. washington does not have formal diplomatic ties with the island, but maintains what it calls. a policy of strategic ambiguity recognizes the chinese government in beijing, but not china's territorial claim to taiwan. the u. s. does supply weapons to tie pay and it's 1979 taiwan relations act. the island is a major economic and technology ponder to the us. it's applies more than half of the world semiconductors, china seas, taiwan as a breakaway province. that will eventually be united and hasn't rolled out using force. ah,
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let's bring in our guests in taipei, vincent chow form a director of the political division at the time pe, economic and cultural representative office in the u. s. and a former chief of staff to both the taiwan national security council and foreign minister in miami, june 24 drayer, professor political science at the university of miami and editor of the book taiwan in the area of science. when changes and challenges. and in beijing, henry cleo, when founder and president of the center for china and globalization and director of the chinese peoples institute of foreign affairs variable and welcome to you. all i'd like to start with you in re we are wang in beijing with your thoughts on nancy pelosi visit and the reaction that we've seen so far to that visit. well, i think this is a really a bad move actually on the,
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on the close it because she, i came to you about a relation to the child. you as already have the lows on also the war is a face in and then and a face and you can rushing, i says, energy prices and mom, the other questions as well. so we just have a presentation person by the end of the last week, and we also have a 5 high level dialogue between senior officials between china us in the last 2 of us. so we, we don't want to see this happen truly for a nice closely personal games because she, she has been branded, has been really by her name, her know though and to china. busy and also really not, not in good relations with a lot of china. you as your age you so sure. she was really, i think all for me to go on to vision and for the domestic colleges. i think that
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she's really a, went to taiwan. maybe so i'm present so i think that the band and the not only the us, china really, but those bring the series a crisis to the cross street of taiwan. and so this is going to be really breaking a lot of the status quo. and i think there's going to be a lot of calls in the future that, that really good. we're seeing that the duration of the so the missions ok, i just want to pause you there and cross over to type pe, vincent child. what do you make of nancy pelosi reception in taiwan? what is her visit mean for taiwan or just to start henry's point about china, please really trying to say she's been pro democracy basically her whole life. if anything, i think she's pro china democracy and she wasn't young men. she showed support for democracy, both in china and taiwan in the past. and i think what it comes down to is this
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both is a great track record when it comes to supporting human rights and democracy around the world. and coming here to want to submit that. and when we look at it, there's no breaking the status. ringback new gingrich speaker that comes to 997, the chinese to not as bad fighter dads that at all that down by far exercise has been on engage in a comic sanctions. and so it becomes a bit disingenuous to say that hey, i mean time has not changed china hutchins, this is clearly what the president, this has been done before. the reaction design is far above and beyond what we saw last time around. and so clearly something within the c, b has changed and it's difficult to imagine a scenario where countries around the region and the u. s. are not gonna respond to them. june teufel dray, is there anything that you would add to that? yes, i believe the speaker from beijing. ers,
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when he said this is upsetting status quo, china has been upsetting the status quo and straight for quite some time now with a lot of docket actions and talks about time cables for unification or state persistence cohen reification. even though taiwan has never been part of the republic of china and i was a paul that the effort to my history here, quatro new who has the spokeswoman or the chinese foreign ministry saying that taiwan has always been a province of china. this is simply not true, it was declared a province in chief dynasty for less than 10 years, less than 10 years. one job japan took it over and made it a colony of japan. lying about the couch is not going to help to the situation. so i think pelosi visit was designed as
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was saying do as a show of support because against china is trying to change the status quo. what just before we move on, mr. what, why does taiwan medicine much to nancy pelosi and to the us. it matters for a number of reasons. one of the reasons nancy pelosi came and gave me that she has always been a strong supporter of democracy around the world. as the united states in general. which mediately puts it against china, which is defending authoritarianism. but a 2nd reason is strategic. pylon is strategically extremely important because it is a part of the 1st island chain of defense against aggression by the peoples abrasion, army, and it is chinese military standard,
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just have referred to taiwan. the buckle in the chain that keeps people's ration army bottled up behind the 1st island shane and breaking, taking over taiwan. we're getting access to a very important port caption and also an entryway. and they have specifically chad, an entryway to the blue pacific and guam guam is a u. s. territory. and of course, halfway toward hawaii. so that bothers americans strategic plan. of course, i'd love to go back to henri in beijing. china obviously, views this visit as a violation. what are the chances that you think china would go beyond live fire drills and actually take military action in taiwan?
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well, i think this is really, really a break in the pattern and the norm in the last 4 or 5 decades actually break to the status quo because in the, you know, 1970. and i, you know, the john k established by china, u. s. the john company k stipulates, you know, of course us coming tank culture and commercial ties was time well, but no official times, not to work liter state it. that's the prerequisite that you know, you start the diplomatic times, you s u. s. in china and also for $100.00 countries around the world. the child established of americans use a medic ties. this is just a visit from the house speaker. well this is the office that she's the 3rd husband of. if you knew that you thought sure. absolutely. sure. well, that's all for sure with that. that's, that's, that's a fact. i mean, also a part of china for over the long history. it's a, it's always
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a part of john. as 1st time for me to hear that time it's not part of china that's, that's really masters. so. so i think that, you know, she really a break that pattern and that's why i mean child is always response. i mean channel, do them provoke this, this is go by and as a closing, and also military, as you mentioned about around the time, a movie, really response, really a response, but of have to, you know, that. so there's, and here's the question law there's, there's a, there's a independence or trying to see. and then, and then of course you as a plane on car, it's really escalating the situation to show. i come back to my initial question, do you think that china would actually take military action in taiwan? why think much of channels already? you know, we, you know, there's a lot of flies over a, the street already last night and also from the, from the 3rd will 7 are going to be a minute or because of the wrong time. well,
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that's already bad and the last already. so so the absolute nurse or responses, those are action as taken. they are that that's very obvious so, so that is also part of the record there as well. you responded to the vision by and as the closing, vincent chow in taipei are every day time and people are concerned about the rationing up of tensions concerned about these live fire drills that are going to be happening. i think what's fortunate is the publications and military intimidation and gordon, and there's certainly great part and parcel of everyday life here in high bay. and we really seen a wrapping up of pensions from the military jets flying across our air defense. i didn't asian zone economic corps of actions including most recently the batting of the products and so for them, so it's become really a part of routine life and you know, that has it, it falls on its own,
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but it's also unfortunate consequence of the relationship or the lack of when we see today, but i do have to emphasize one point. if we take this idea of china meeting, the people's republic of china on has never been part of the and this is a historical, there is no, there's never been a people's liberation army soldier in taiwan did. and every one has never said, but i want and so it becomes very disingenuous to say that has become, it is part of china for a very, very long time. and so that's partially what i want to respond to. but secondly, on the i want relation back and take me nowhere within any of these documents doesn't mention that those speaker to visit taiwan, the members of the legislative branch in business or no members of the executive for that matter. this is just not part of what's written literature within the tree communication, ordered home relations, or 6 assurances for that matter. and so we have to be very clear, right? because we don't want to stumble in the next crisis based on hearsay. and we don't
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want to do next crisis based on word of mouth. so we have to be very clear what in the text and keeping with the status quo. and when we have a visit by speaker of the house that has taken place 25 years ago, it becomes very, very difficult for us in 2020 to say that this is completely school just not sure. ok, i want to talk about us policy toward taiwan. but we just wanna take a moment because president joe biden cause control the c back in may when he publicly stated that the where it would defend taiwan. if paging were to attack, you didn't want to get involved in the ukraine conflict militarily. for obvious reasons. are you willing to get involved militarily to defend taiwan if it comes to that? yes, you are. that's a commitment we made as you can, we may, we are not look, here's the situation. we agree with the one china policy you signed onto it and all
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the attendance agreements made from there. but the idea that it can be taken by force just taken by force, is just not just not appropriate to dislocate the entire region and be another action similar to what happened in, in your, in ukraine. the white house quickly insisted that washington's policy had not, in fact changed june. teufel drayer has the bite in administration, been confused about his policy? it was that just a gaffe on, on the passes of president biden. i, well, it's been a gas, but in fact, what china has been doing is insisting on if definition of a one china policy, which is that there is one china and its capital is in beijing. and taiwan is a part of that. that is not what united states signed on tier, the sean i communicate said very clearly that the united states acknowledge is that
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the chinese give it did not say it agreed with china. right? so china has been trying to shift what the united states meant in the shop. i can get a k. it has, in fact i'm trying to shift the status quo for many years. and there is always going to be push back. the 9 states public opinion is strongly supportive of taiwan ability to determine its own future. many of your top officials, pie one, we're educated with the and in the united states. and it is very important to us not to lead a democracy, which has been a good friend of the united states should come to the treatment that beijing has made it out in shin john and hong kong. ok, i'd like to cross over to you, henry,
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who you are. one is a. do you have any response to that? what you just heard there? well, i think that a communique there was saying the people cost us time and straight over it. in my chinese, i mean there's, there's one child, i mean also we have these 92 consensus there, there was even between president and the former president. my in all the time eaters then, so definitely a little before the before the time and talk over millions of the mainland chinese to taiwan and also, you know, the people both places share the same college recent language, sin, food and average. so. so i think really it's want to try know you have a different version. ok, then i said, you know, i don't want to get stuck on the sticking points of, of history because obviously that we have, we have conflicting views here. i want to get into the analysis of this before i
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move on from you, henry here, you know, and is this, do you think just a, is this a bilateral spat between the us and china or what are the global implications of this? do you think? what so has termite does the impact on the go, you know, chinese, the stabilize of the global economy trying to contribute over a month or 2 ago, would you be gross? china actually is the larger the measure is $1.00 to $30.00 countries and china, you know, even that was that a trade war going on. china export to the u. s. is, is those input actually has increased the loss of years. so, so, you know, is a stable as no, we don't want, you know, the war now is that your experience that you can rushing prices and, and also that we have these pan down. he's doing more going on and the war need both us and child. they have more responsibility will see the war really go in the right direction. so we don't want to really be really play good about these
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a domestic politics, the china become a scapegoat. and also we see that, you know, 5 high level talks and beatrice in presence impressed them by them. they also one china policy. you don't want to have a cold war with all the content. china. ok, let's do the, do the deeds not, not just words. you know, that's really the problem child how has been played does a pretty good car against china, which is where i'm fort vincent county pay. and as we said earlier, china has responded with an input and on time, a nice products is taiwan able to withstand the economic price that it's now being forced to pay. well, it's a, it's a, it's a mortgage relationship. but economic and trade relationship that we have with china, and it's unfortunate back, but it's true that majority of trade does go through china and the town is a major center for how many businesses. and so that's an important part of the economy. and so it's, it's a bit disappointing when on both china and i want to members of the w t o. when we see arbitrary trade rules and course on tony's products with the process. when we
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see a trade in really played as an economy card against this relationship and, and, and frankly, does a lot of counties businesses and it's also something we of the city. but, you know, we do have to put it in this context. i mean, one is a industrial powerhouse, we're high tech society and you know, obviously trade on agricultural is important and cultural provides love jobs i want, but it's, it's, it's one aspect of the many, much multifaceted. ready relationship and let me know there's this trade dispute with china has really highlighted the need of why kids like clothes are so important because i don't need economically better than as a free market society. we need to provide incentives, preferably to be treated them. so this is something that we're looking very keenly, and we do hope that we can make progress on a payment with us future june teufel trail. we are coming to the end of the program, but i want to ask you sign when has posited herself as a defender of taiwanda,
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our integrity, what kind of position are they in now? i think that this can only enhance her popularity. now she is turns limited, she's in her 2nd term as president, but i predict with some certainty that her popularity ratings, which were already pretty good. because as you know, taiwan was a beacon for the world. countries in terms of dealing with co good outbreak, can. so popularity ratings were already very high. they are going to be higher as a result of this. do you think there is international concern? june? that's china. us tensions over taiwan may divert attention from ukraine. internationally. that's a very interesting question because initially it was rooted about that one of the
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reason she didn't pay me was being so aggressive toward taiwan, which by the way, prompted nancy pelosi is that i was losing and it was, it was dispirited by what was happening in ukraine and it thought that the united states would be so distracted by what was happening in ukraine, that it wouldn't do anything to counter act, the increasing chinese aggression against taiwan and visit shows that view was mistaken. or i, i, i think that is about all we have time for. there's obviously so much we could more we could talk about, but for time we will have to leave it there. big thank you to all of our guest vincent chow, june teufel, dreyer and henry we out one and thank you for watching. you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al jazeera dot com. and for further discussion, go to facebook page that facebook dot com forward slash
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