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tv   War Hotels Saigon - Caravelle  Al Jazeera  August 5, 2022 7:30pm-8:01pm AST

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in years but in recent days, with the closer of the crossing, which allows any goods to enter or leave gaza. that hasn't been possible, hasn't recently. i'm not so how difficult has it been for people? so basically, the closure has affected all the sectors of life in gaza. we're talking about goods entering patience and in very severe conditions needing through the crossing and a fuel entering a fuel for what happened only with jim duncan, bear with me. okay. i'm sorry, i'm sorry. it was just like a layer just right fight as he can. sorry, smoky up there. he's in here. all right, but there go go ahead. yeah, go ahead. if you're safe, go ahead. otherwise we'll let you get to safe to. yes. no, no, it's okay, fine. so as you can see, more rates are happening now in different areas of because it's strep odd. this one seems to be a like a probably in the, nor in the central part of the gods. the strip. we don't know where exactly,
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but it rates are still going on. these really our reconnaissance planes and aircrafts are still in the air of our, the skies of the gaza strip. and, and this means that, ah, any raids could happen, or any attacks or targets could be happening at any moment. now. and there is another very frightening situation for the citizens. because even if presidents wants to want to go out to the streets to get whatever supplies they need because they, they do not know what is waiting for them or what they should be anticipating from a such an escalation. that is, ah hap, that has suddenly happened on the situation, stays or remains to be very frightening and very scary. people do not want to leave their homes because they know that they could be ha, like in
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a point of any targeting or any rate that could be happening around them or near them anywhere. and just a reminder for anyone joining us right now, you're looking at the live picture from the gaza strip, where as you can see, there has been renewed airstrikes in the gaza strip. a not sure exactly which area vis latest airstrike has taken place in. but i do have with us, you must say, and she's joining us. she's still with us from a gaza. so im not while you gather more information about this particular air strike. just worth reminding our viewers what happens in the past couple of hours. how many or strikes there have been and, and also the latest casualty figures out of the gaza strip. mm no yes. so this, this trade now has been reported to be in the eastern part of the gaza strip. so
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we don't have the complete number of grades as, as they are going on. so going on now. so we don't have the conclusion of the number of rates that have happened. but they have been happening in different areas across because districts so in the north and part of because the strip in god's the city where paul assigned tower was targeted to residential tower or residential apartment was targeted in bath tower and in different areas here in, in in the north then in the solvent and in the east turn got the strip until now the casualties are $55.00 injuries and up to 9 people reported to be killed including a 5 year old and a 23 year old female from the air strikes. not tell us about the it's not like jihad leader that was also,
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that was killed in one of the earlier strikes on gaza. what more do we know about him? i'm sorry, again, i'm asking you about the islamic jihad leader that was killed in the earlier air strikes on gaza. yes, yes, they see it a job that he was the one of the islamic jihad, north commander off the north. israel says the 1st said or claim that's see it. his job that he was the commander responsible for the anti tanks attacks towards the israelis tanks. and that's why they said that he was their main target is i'm had of course, has more in their leader and commander also joined the chamber. and there were statesmen began by morning,
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this leader and commander. and these are continuous or more attacks on the line she had the beginning of all the tension again started when you had the leader in janine the sat in the side, he was arrest said prior last week and he was detained. and it's like you had asked for his immediate release, and this is what's caused mainly the tension off of the situation between the blinding you had and these really side egyptian mitty. a through said that israel refuse their request of releasing the sound, is the idea. and they use really, court said that they would extend his detention for another a day. there were 2 conditions by his love. you had for the tension to de escalate. and for the thrust and for their sessions and threats and de
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escalation to happen in the recent past 4 days. that is the not just the release of the messiah, but all the release of honey law. who is and if you had detainee or prisoner who has been under administrative detention and is on hunger strike with a critical health condition. but israel has refused to both conditions. we know that many ations has been going on. and suddenly, these israeli attacks are rates that have happened in because the strip where in the middle of these medi ation that we're already going on after israel had closed the borders with god. stuff the past 4 years past. sorry for days preventing any kinds of goods or people to leave or, and period because restrict so you know,
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just one more for you while i have you with us. just tell us what the mood is like amongst people in gaza right now. those who have you, you've been speaking to what have they been telling you about if they're worried over this escalation and where it could lead to well, it's not an easy situation for the people of gods and knowing that they are under fire, they're subjected to any kind of injury or even death that could happen from these rates. they have just come out from a war which has the last war in may. the last 4 in may where 260 people at least were killed from because the strip and thousands were injured. the infrastructure was severely destroyed. roads and water pipes and electricity power in different areas was completely destroyed. and
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this has not the gaza strip and its people have not yet have not yet, you know, being able to pass or even feel that they have their basic rights to restore it after that. or they have still been living in the results of that work that devastating more. it was 11 days. but it was one of the bloodiest wars. and this springs that memory back. people here are definitely not ready for another escalation that could actually get into a lighter complication and get to the amount of war that could pay for days again. ok, you know, we'll let you go for now. thank you so much. you know, so you had for that reporting for us from gaza will cross over to john home and he's joining us for fridays or so for any information that you may have for us.
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john. well on the israeli side so far, what we're hearing is just more of the same that people are getting ready now for the retaliate retaliation that sure to come from within gauze or at least that's what these railey military is saying. that it there is sure to be a retaliation that comes back from that. so more people in central israel getting shelters ready in televi, people being towed to carry on as normal. but emergency shouts is already full them and 50 miles around. garza at towns are in an emergency situation at yahoo la peed be acting prime minister of israel, is meeting with the defense minister right now in tel aviv as well. to look at the situation. what we're hearing from is riley media. they're saying that military sources of telling them that this is not a sure action that it wasn't a one off that this is possibly at part of
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a longer action at by is dro. so possibly, and we've seen all this. he more than one strikes woods garza so far that this won't be ending any time soon. now i suppose the question that many people here in, in, in, in, in jerusalem and elsewhere are going to be asking themselves, especially in israel, is what we'll come off to this in terms of the strikes that assured to come from hamas and islamic jihad that say that they're going to strike back, is it just going to be rockets then israel? oh obviously also has the i and don't, which is an antique suit of rocket defense system at which does say that it shoots down the majority of the rockets that come into israel. or will it be something more like him may last year in which there was full so fighting within israel itself. so i think a lot of people of the see on both sides of this very tense as they tried to see what could come next. and we'll complete the outcome of this and john,
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what are you hearing from her and about our why the start and now will this didn't store obviously just to day what we've been seeing actually as well as hearing is israel is blocked, the roads leading off to gaza earlier in the week off the an arrest of a leader of his lamp jihad in the occupied at west bank. so that has already occurred earlier in the week a rule so, so just getting past information here. so just at the latest that defense minister at betty guidance is approved the draft order of up to $25000.00. so just in reserve duty. so israel, so obviously moving themselves. they've also moved the battalion south. so more indications here that more is expected rather than just this strike and then perhaps a couple of rockets and heading back. so the timing of the story going back to that
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this has been simmering for the week. we hearing reports as well in israeli media or of negotiations mediated by egypt between islamic jihad and the israeli government. that apparently fell through and came to nothing. and the stripes coming off to that. so this is something you will so that benny got sousa, israel's, a defense minister went to the south to visit communities around gaza, even before they started. what israel saying is that it's a detected a threat to itself, that it hot to remove. that's what's coming from these righty side. okay. john, i will let you go for now. thank you. john holeman reported from occupied easter. rosalind. mary, i'm but who it is a writer and researcher and she says that it's disturbing how israel is pushing it's retaliation narrative. there is negotiations and talks about electricity crisis that is happening and with as it is almost a population of 2000000, most of them are under the age of 18 that have been under siege for more than 15
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years. and i'm concerned in terms of how this course is on rivaling and what israel is doing. and is that going to place to focus in that it's trying to target leaders of you had in slammy and the assassination of tasty to shopping without any context . let's also recall how israel consistently reports on palestinians as though it has targeted and quote unquote neutralized terrors. and including looking at the numbers of the martyrs as of yet there's a 5 year old child that was killed. and this was preceded by bombing through israeli air force and drone strikes on visit just weeks before this comes at high end times when israel is army settlers in the west bank to shoot and kill palestinians and not have to speak under, you know,
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the chain of command of the military. so what we're seeing right now is an intensification of israel's military strategy of shock and awe. and right now it is not just, you know, the politicians. and let's keep in mind the israeli elections are coming up in november and there's been this trend of israeli leaders to use as a weapon to kind of rally the israeli settler population. so just a reminder, here is what's happening right now. one garza israel has launched air strikes on gaz, killing at least 9 people, including a senior member of islamic jihad. the military says it was targeting the palestinian group and has war. and the operation isn't over yet. and dozens of people were injured in those attacks which had several targets, around very densely populated, gaza strip islamic jihad has promised to retaliate. and his accused israel of starting a war and let's speak to, i'll just 0 senior political analyst, matawan b shot are joining us on sky from paris and just speaking to our correspondence and
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occupied in jerusalem, john holeman moments ago, one, he flagged up the news that israel is now calling up 25000 reservists. what does this tell you about where the situation is heading to? well, it certainly does us, that is right, is expecting escalation and probably it's expecting. or we should expect to continue with trades for those of us who thought that was simply targeting our one at a senior leader in the north of guys that turns out that targets are part of our many and that procedures are bombings, continue, despite the civilian casualties. which means that there is a strategic decision on the part of a israeli government to escalate the situation in gaza. a situation that was more or less quiet. i'm down to the formula of quiet for quiet meeting as long as the
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simians maintain security. and there's the same situation as quiet, but there is, there can be violated this. it's been violated in the west bank. and now while i get in gaza and then we're going to see more of that sort of escalation. yeah. and i think it's important to my apologies, go ahead, viewers around the world about yes, the most important think about because i heard you ask you, it's a very important question about right now. and i think it's important always 3, call the main idea at the center of the israeli military doctrine. and that is pre emption preemption preemption preemption is used up against the person who has it use it against upstate just against non out of state. so it's not always the reserves, the right for charles to act on whatever intelligence it has,
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whether it is real or false in order to act. and regardless of the price, the price for civilians. a price for international law, the price for its allies, embarrassment for its allies, such in this case, where the panacea or product, the or where the egyptian ah regime a. but his eyes acts, and again, it on under the pretext of preemption. and with the understanding that no other consideration is above like wonder, it's closer, gratian whizzer, security on the preemption. and hence, the immediate cause are for this could be couldn't be attributed to the idea of preemption. but it also be attributed to the idea of deterrence. i've another a concept, the reserve security doctor, which says that because it has been acting against it. stated she had that a student faction in the west bank that it expects then she had to act out of gaza
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. so it did to deter that. had a students from acting, it took this had, but he entered actually, now history tells us and we've spoken about that before. it tells us that this has not worked in the past, but the part of sydney is we're not deterred. and that is simply to want estimation more casualties. more insecurity. putting more of the is there any population under the old senior toleration? as it does, of course, the student population is really italian. right? well, why not contact? because everything context is everything when it comes to this because you can, you're talking to us about is really escalation and not escalation. we've often seen starts way before an incidence such as this one or an event such as this one that's a place in the gaza. strip today because if you look at what's happening the occupied west bank, you were talking about the west bank a moment ago since the start of this year alone, in fact,
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80 palestinians have been killed. 78 from them or one from the west bank. a 3rd of them from jeanine. in fact, including, of course, al jazeera was own journalist shooting block. absolutely, and this was, this takes us to, of course, of the 3rd level, which is right as an occupying force. and you know, when we continuously talk about that nation, i've gone through that issue with forget the most important the most important fact about this conflict is that it is there is more equivalency between israel and the palestinians. no more like what is your claim? so, but it makes its own argument. i think the national law disagrees with is read because he's really occupying power and the punishing is, are occupied people. i'm the senior guys. i'm particular, i'm not totally occupied. they are mostly refugees,
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from villages and towns that were evacuated by the israelis. and in times of war expelling the palestinians to guys are 2 parts of the west bank as well as to near better countries. so when we talk about gas versus what not simply talking about 2 adjacent sovereign entities at each others are going at each other. what we're talking about here is a situation of occupation double down with a part aid, any all of palestine, according to international human rights. organizations and the united nation human rights branch to all and all there is no record going to 7. what doesn't garza? it's doing done. occupied territories that controls what it's doing in the west bank, under the despicable term of mowing the lawn, which basically means total rising killing,
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which also means closures and punishment. which also means. 1 good at assess the nations of that of seniors. not all of it continues under the concept, again, despicable concept of morning below and in the occupied territories. and the 3rd level of all of this. and this is really important because we are talking to an international audience. is that without the blessing of the american administration, none of this wouldn't necessarily happen without the $40000000.00 over 10 years from the united states for the israeli occupation, as i would not be able to maintain that kind of so it's with it's jamie, with america blessing, i mean complicit, direct indirect. but certainly would president biden being there only a few weeks ago and telling the senior is not expect any get through my breakthrough alone. i mean, not, i need to pull up the process, but i don't. diplomatic breakthrough. and basically,
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praising is read for its policies in palestine and elsewhere. it tells us that israel seen, emboldened by an american administration, that basically allows it even subsidize it to do whatever it deems it wants to do using american ornaments against basically a civilian population on the rich occupation ok model. and thank you so much water on besought speaking to us from paris. we're now going to tell you about the islamic jihad group leader. the old she had who said that they will be responding to israel strikes, learn how to this is a declaration of all out war against the palestinian people. we will respond to that. this is a violation and disregard for all the efforts that have been made over the past days in order to restore comp,
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positively with these efforts that the enemy was as usual, treacherous, and carried out this treacherous rate. well, now we clearly say that we will respond to this crime with all our might. let's, i bring a new to all day who is a political analyst? you joining us from drama that's in the occupied was back there. welcome back to elgin 0. what is your reaction to the unfolding events in gaza? well, i think it's safe to say that it was manufactured. this crisis been pushed for this escalation, very wilfully and very persistent. it carried out repeatedly into west bank cities and refugee camps assassinated several young activists and killed several children as well and civilians. and then the change a prominent political leader of the palestinian islamic jihad declaring a state of emergency almost in the southern section. and in the area close to the
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gods, the border and then assassinate the prominent leader of the pharmacy in gaza. all the while there was no response from it's not actually had there was no response from. 5 and so this was a premeditated escalation by the israeli government. and i think that it said that this has to be viewed in the context of the competition for the upcoming elections . and you're wanting to prove that he can be tough on palestinian. he can kill me in the. a even though he doesn't have a military or security background, what you're hearing about any response, if any, at all, from the palestinian authority officials in the occupied west bank where you are and, and with this, this unity between hamas obviously and garza and the palestinian authority in la and a lack of united front. this really doesn't bode well for the palestinians
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themselves, does it? well, it's the fact that the ongoing division persists is really the most important strategic point of weakness for the palestinian people, especially as they confront such an onslaught from a regional and super power military superpower like israel. that occupies the malay feature to them. 4 and i, i fear that this escalation might be more polarizing than bringing the parties together despite recent efforts. 4 independent palestinian personality, the present for an initiative, for unity that kind of takes a completely different path to the status quo. and to all the tried and failed formulas of the past, there has been widespread on the nation by all medical actors and by the palestinian authority. of course that is to be expected. i think it's,
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it's very early at this point to see what other actions might be taken, but given the, the way the international community and the way the biden administration specifically has treated if israel not just with kid gloves, but with praise and support and a really marketing it's a trade to. a as a military and economic power in the region, but the states, me to normalize and accept while completely forgetting and side stepping to tell us for the an issue by unfortunately don't see any significant international movement to stop and to stop this slot. and perhaps the continuation of this special treatment for israel, where it is kept in union for many accountability and where it's provided with cover and excuses for repeated aggressions. another, remember what happened now,
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what do you think is going to happen next? we are now hearing that israel is calling off 25000 revert reservists. we are also hearing from the factions in the gaza strip that they will be retaliated. and there is, there is, as i understand also fresh air strikes. we have to remind the viewers that guys have been under siege by israel, a seat that has been declared illegal name by all relevant international bodies. since the year 2006, the aggression on gaza has not stopped for a single minute. in the past 15 years, this is not a, a new acts of aggression against gaza. this is just an escalation in an ongoing onslaught against 2000000 palestinian living in the small, densely populated land, the majority of whom our children. and unfortunately,
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most of the children have already lived with a 4 or 5 war new or another escalations. we thank you so much in order for a speaking to us from what my law in the occupied was. thank just a reminder, here is what's happening in gaza right now. israel has launched a series of air strikes on gaza, killing at least 10 people, including a senior member of islamic jihad. the military says it was targeting the palestinian group and has warned that the operation isn't over yet. dozens of people also injured in the attacks which hit several targets around the very densely populated gaza strip. and as you've been hearing islamic jihad has promised to retaliate, it's accused israel of starting a war. we'll take a short break on al jazeera. we'll be back with much more news out of gaza animals . ah, the important thing if you are walking around and
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a root was not to be in the line of fire from the holiday fall off, we heard gunshots. i was the 1st one to flee. the whole battle lasted 3 days and 3 nights and there were no prisoners at the end control over the in and you control the region around. that's why this is a bloody battle, an icon of conflict at the heart of the lebanese civil war, beirut, holiday in war. how towels on al jazeera, ah and from the wells most populated region in depth stories from across asia and the pacific with diverse cultures. and conflicting politics, $1.00 0,
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$1.00 east on al jazeera, august on out is era. a year after the taliban took over a special coverage of the current situation in afghanistan. the listening post examines and dissects the wealth media. how they operate, the stories they cover up to 5 years on the since me, on mars, muslim minority were forced from the country. we look at the play of the rocking out as they were well showcases the best documentary from across the network including a new 3 part series, the sixty's in the arab world. as protest continue following the swearing in the new president could sri lanka, economic and political crisis lead to humanitarian 1 august, which is iraq, unprompted, and uninterrupted discussions. from our london broadcast center on al jazeera.


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