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tv   Inside Story  Al Jazeera  August 5, 2022 8:30pm-9:01pm AST

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and god will now speak to the line and he was a political science professor and a senior fellow at the arab center, washington dc. he's joining us from their live, thanks for being with us on our desert, particularly on that point about the egyptian role. first of all, what do you understand to be right now and do you think egyptian mediation is currently ongoing or has it sold? yes, that's exactly, you know, trying to, to deescalate this division. we have heard the news that you find that are trying to do their best in order to prevent this from didn't get into fits what happened in may 2021. but this would depend on the action of both sides. these are your site as well as inside puts down. we don't see find this, can, these can be at the moment. at least you should have something to offer. some of you have not to the can you to the current offense on gas up. so we need to wait a little bit to see the either the movement or some that you have with my ticket,
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the 8th grade. and then we can see because you can succeed and make some sort of ceasefire or bring this into the finish. right? but is there anything that egypt can offer, or the palestinian factions at this point to, to not retaliate after the is really air strikes on the gaza strip? one of the key demands of the sum of jazz is to release of best. some isabella's been arrested last monday is one of the key mass cad movement. so if you could secure this release, this might be silly. i'd like to prevent this from derrick integrative, full of fidget, what i've said before. so this would depend on is that you decide what extent would be to sponsor and pull except to release a some started as well as the stub. it's read that's going on now on, i guess that so you should have something to offer was that you had in order to prevent it from affiliating to the current offense on guessing. right. and if you just think back to what happened in 2021, egypt did to mediate
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a cease fire at the time between the palestinian factions and in garza including hamas and islamic jihad. and israel m. how likely is i now, i know we're going into getting into the realm of speculation here, and we actually don't know what's going to happen, but i will likely is that each of to will will succeed. this time i think it will succeed. it has strong cards. to play, it has a very good relationship with both sides business as well as i think to me and get it started in the past. not only 2021 since the beginning of the scandal. waters 2008 of them 1450. and now i think that will succeed, but this again, that the price of this capital role is very high for any. and so, and then this happens, we might see another victims, i don't the casualties. other people will be died from this war or from this offense. so, but i think it would succeed, but again, this will depend on what extent both parties are willing to basically the current
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cycle of violence which came from israel actually is better surprising, even for addictions, who have been mediating with the last couple of months. know that to make some sort of long term goals between both sites. so this is very critical time for you to play a role and bring this down into the escalation. but from what you're perhaps hearing from the ground and seeing a news reports, i'm sure how willing is israel. busy how willing is israel right now to, to deescalate tensions because we're, we heard just about an hour ago or so that in fact, it's calling up 25000 reservists. fortunately, there is no guarantee that it will be split right now. there are many factors that play now. first of all, as this is as we always hear a gamble, action again, if you had a 2nd election coming in the lumber and as we saw in the last different was either
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trying to rally, keep in mind them in order to get my support at the expense of policy and it will also extend if they are in that regard. so we have different factors in that regard that might either lead through division would be solution becoming a few days i would, but i'd like to also i something that we just love to queue as they get from when to an order better against. and she and to agree on a long term between us and we don't know what extent this might as well or not because how much money for it to be in order to him. besides what extent did you have movement right now? so this might all end didn't stop what they are doing right now and get what more can you tell us about this attempt to push for a longer term reconciliation process by egypt? because egypt has, in fact, attempted this in the past before elana on and without, without much long term success. in fact. so any reason to believe that this time it
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could have been different? well, again, it is immediate at the end of the day. it's not one of the, it's not one of the both sites. so this depends on what i mean to succeed. it's so it just depends on other parties on friday as well as cost in so far we can see some sort of pragmatism. and if it's a bit on the palestinian site, but you don't see this from design the site, it always has the upper hand. all was at tech without any reasons. so this cycle of violence, we didn't know why it's happened now despite the fact that we with some sort of and truest and sci fi over the last year. so there's a big question. white is right now, is doing this right now. is it been the reasons for the election? is it for some sort of intelligence reports that were there was some sort of plan against them? so i don't know yet, so in order for you to succeed, will depend mainly on both parties. so we shouldn't we shouldn't give it more than it. yeah. it can. it deserves this industry guard. ok. we'll leave it there. thank you so much, honey lining for speaking to us from washington
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d. c. we're going to stay with washington d. c. and bring it phyllis bellis, who is a fellow at the institute for policy studies. welcome back to al jazeera, phyllis pennys and the country my guess, just just post. and in fact, that's something that i've been asking for the past few hours. why do you think that israel instigated this now? well, i think there's always a set of reasons, but one of them certainly is in response to president biden's visit, where he made very, very clear that the u. s. position is still to grant full impunity to israel for everything. it does full support for israel, the maintaining of israel's qualitative military edge, which is this guarantee of military capacity in israel without any human rights or any other a means of qualifying that support. he said that there would be more than the $3800000000.00 a year in tax money that already goes directly to the israeli military saying that
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there this year there will be even more than that. so the message was very clear that there was not not going to be anything from coming from the by the administration coming from the united states to hold israel accountable for anything it might do. so this is very much, at least partly israel's response to the biden visit. we also should note that there is talk now about the talks between the united states and iran. reconvening this coming week on monday. and if there is to be a new version, a new return to the or on nuclear deal, the jessie pos, in that circumstance, as we've seen before, every time that looks like even a possibility, the u. s. goes out of its way to make even clearer than ever it's absolute support for israel in, in any circumstances. and if there is to be a new version of the j. c. p. o, a returned to the iran nuclear deal, which is desperately needed. and hopefully we'll go through,
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i think we will see an even greater effort by us officials, both in the white house and in congress to play up the relationship with israel even more. because israel will claim that it is somehow endangered by a nuclear deal. right. and i suppose perhaps no surprise, felice bennett, that we haven't heard an official reaction from the united states about the unfolding events in gaza. i am reading and this is according to is really media. so i must caveat this. a u. s. national security council spokesperson has said that the u. s. is monitoring developments urging all sides for com, adding, however, that quote, we firmly believe that israel has the right to protect itself. not saying this is official reaction, but this is so far what's coming out of the u. s. it sounds very consistent with what we can expect from the u. s. if they haven't said it yet, they're going to say something like that very soon. i have no doubt there is this constant sense of yes,
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we call on both sides to tamp down. but we respect israel's right of self defense. which 1st of all is not even an issue here because there was no attack that israel was responding to. it was responding to what it said could have been an attack. we expected there might be an attack. and therefore, we have the right to do anything we want, including violations of international law, such as collective punishment. the failure to distinguish between civilian and military targets, among the, the 8 people at least, that have been killed so far. i was a 5 year old girl and a 23 year old woman. the others we don't know yet who they were. but this notion of protecting israel's rights to do whatever it chooses against the palestinians where the palestinians have no such rights. despite president biden's rhetoric on his trip where he said that his goal is a situation in which palestinians and israelis have equal access to security
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prosperity, et cetera. there is no action. the u. s. takes that treats them as equals. it treats the israelis as the only country with rights. ok, we'll leave it there. thank you so much, felice bennett, for speaking to us from washington d. c. thank you. less asi to al jazeera senior political analyst, one bush out of. he's joining us on slide from paris. so my one, your thoughts on the unfolding situation in gaza when since we 1st spoke earlier this evening, we could say that this has gone from an operation to campaign. this was a military operation targeting one kind of seen either. this has become a campaign against garza, against multiple targets within guys or north and south. and it's a serious estimation. which means that it clearly hadn't
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slimy, that impaction that is targeted will probably eventually retaliate. sooner or later. the question is, for all of us now, is whether it will be joined by the bigger senior system instruction. how must, which basically controls the gaza strip. the difference between the 2 is quite big and how much is certainly part more capable. although the be estimates is that you had to, clammy that's been targeted today does have thousands of rockets that it could shoot towards a my my, my estimate is looking at the israeli deployments. 25000 troops asking people to go to the shelters in the southern part of desert. is that, is there any expected escalation?
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not to be good morning. important question. what sorts of an escalation? my son says i could be mistaken, of course. is that neither sides, once a law war, i don't think is read once a protracted war would have asked or would gotcha. i don't think these really economy during the summer before the action can afford one. and certainly how much i'm guys that paid a huge, heavy price last year as it did in 2014 does not want to be bombarded for days on end. and so i think there will be an escalation. and the question is what? there were to be limited in scope and time or not. and the context, of course we want to all of this is the gaza. is a city under blockades for 15 years, and it's under occupation for many,
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many decades. absolutely. well the thing about the city is that it's a small coastal city with only 2000 people. it's the gaza strip, which is basically one open refugee camp. and that started in the early 19 fifties . it's very similar to the operation, but it carries engine in refugee come to the situation of refugee camps. in garza, both of whom come refugees that come from or were expelled from towns and villages . and there is one in northern palestine and in southern they started palestine. today is their settlers. immigrants lived in the house and the house is homes, 1000 villages where it also just came from the southern part of his mother, part of his social work. and that's why i wanted to national viewers. it's always
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important to emphasize that this is not just a conflict between 2 people living and 2 separate sovereign independent entities. but that this is an occupation. this is not part of the regime, the logistics for decades on and it continues today. and that's why what we have this evening is a possible destination between ad resistance movement on the occupation occupying force. which is, is i want to stand by for a moment because we're going to play out some live pictures i believe from. yeah, they're life pictures right now. my one, we're looking at them out of my luck. that's in the occupied westbank where people have come out reportedly protesting against what's happening in gaza. what i wonder if you can just talk to us a little bit about the divisions and the disunity among palestinian officials in gaza with us versus the palestinian authority that affords rules the occupied was
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good. how about this unity? many people say is in fact quite best for a mental through the palestinian. yes, absolutely. i mean there's always been division has always been differences of opinion, kind of a green phone idea. ology. and they have been struggle little all over our. but i think it's the elections of 2006 that changed everything, but to see the confrontation between how much the main secular actions in, in palestine and clearly is and arguably the united states played one scene, infection against the other which led to publishing and being spelled fight, that was the news probably for the 1st time in a very, very long time. and that measure division between guys are controlled by us,
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mostly by and this division has continued for the last 6 years. and this is yes, as you said, the tremendous through for the student in unity and capacity to resist the occupation. what reserves doing now is trying to play also to some instruction garza as you had had no, i just want to say something about because you just mentioned something about switching over my law. because i think this is the next big thing. if it happens, and i say that of course with a lot of caution, because i'm more in the side to analysis and predictions. but i would say the following, based on political analysis, is that within the magic horizon being shut down by the american president and his last visit and with the world basically giving up for betraying most of which governments the palestinian cause and with the palestinian in drama la,
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a capable of doing anything for anything. it's up to galion president unable to do much and with mass and gaza in general, being under siege and melbourne bar. then i would say that we could, we could be up for some major movements in color. fine in the west bank that we could be up to have another uprising. i don't dictate that but face, but i would say all the conditions, the political, the security that you many theory and the regional, the israeli. all the conditions are now set for something to do something to explode, a popular approach and short because i cannot imagine how the stimuli people will continue to suffer under open ended occupation sanctioned by the united states with
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such horrific is re the repression that goes in open ended lee with giddings on closures and punishments, massive punishments of all of the people. so i think it's, this thing is going to continue in guzzle. if it isn't escalation of more, people are going to suffer. i would expect something must, must happen in the occupied prospect. okay, we'll leave it there for now with the middle of a shot. thank you so much. and i was speaking to us from paris and you were looking at the life picture for me, but i'm a lender occupied west bank where protesters have come out, ended on my la and they are seemingly processing again the as really talks on does that have taken place over the top couple of hours muddy, but hootie is a writer and researcher, she says that it's disturbing how israel is pushing it's retaliation narrative.
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there is negotiations and talks about electricity crisis that is happening. and as it is almost a population of 2000000, most of them are under the age of 18 that have been under siege for more than 15 years. and i'm concerned in terms of how this course is on rivaling and what israel is doing. and is that going to place to focus in that it's trying to target leaders of you had and it's not me and the assassination of tasty to shopping without any context. let's also recall how it's real, consistently reports on palestinians as though it has targeted and full and quote, neutralized terrors and including looking at the numbers of the martyrs. as of yet there's a 5 year old child that was killed. and this was preceded by bombing through israeli air force and drones strikes, honestly, just weeks before this comes at high end time. when israel is army
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settlers in the west bank to shoot and kill palestinians and not have to speak under, you know, the chain of command the military. so what we're seeing right now is an intensification of israel's military strategy of shock and awe. and right now it is not just, you know, the politicians and let's keep in mind the israeli elections are coming up in november. and there's been this trend of israeli leaders to use as a weapon to kind of rally israeli settlers population. but on a schubert is an author, an activist who lives in the neighborhood where the strikes happens. here's what she said. i heard about $4.00 to $5.00 loud bangs of sleep, but i just found myself looking up, running, wondering what happened. and it took a few minutes for me to follow up on the news because we wanted to know whether it was rockets or shelling and i, there was panic in the area of people running. you can imagine this very large
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apartment building, which is about 13 floors and each floor consist of at least 5 apartments. and you can imagine the amount of horror that this caused to all the people living in the building. there were children playing because you know, it's a friday, the weekends and fridays are usually peaceful. families get together, children play play outside. so this was really something that was totally unpredictable for us. and to be honest, as a mother, as the ordinary citizen here, you just, you know, think of what happened before. i mean, when it happened today, like my kids were staring at me and were just there, get each other. they're grown up now they're teenagers. but like they were looking at me in a way pain. so it's happening again. we know what's going to happen. we know the whole scenario of you know, running from one place to another, not finding safety. i think children here,
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there are the ones that bear the brunt of these wars because as a mother, like for example, my children and other children here have 4 major wars on gaza strip and other escalations on and off escalations. and during every war, it's all, it's always the same, you know, we're, we were trying to find safety. they ask questions and he trying to fight as a mother trying to find answers to their questions and, and you feel so helpless other parents because you don't have any answers to their questions. so it's like the whole scenario keeps running through our heads and like so we don't what's gonna happen if this into all our cale war. it's going to be like the other words, if not worse. and there's going to be trauma to, to trauma for us on our kids. and i think this is something that many people ignore . they just talk about casualties and people being killed,
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but the ones who survive. they also suffer because because it's not something they can easily forget or you can just, you know, wake up the next day of percent, nothing happening then go back to your ordinary life. so it's, i hope it doesn't place because it's not going to be good for, for me, for my kids, for anybody in place. well, we'll stick with a garza and bring in, you know, say, and she's a correspondent. she's joining us from there. so you know, what are you hearing about the situation right now? yes, until now we're still waiting to hear any other statements that are by the joint chamber for policy and fighting group theory, gaza. nothing has been restated. political cheaper. how much my penny has stated that they use relo patient bears responsibility and repercussion of
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their aggression towards the killing of the land commander, safety job, eddie, and the gression on the policy and people in god's also another is let me g, had official hearing. garza said that the occupation of forces thought that they would take the love and you had a loan on their aggression and, but the policy in your resistance has shown there a consensus agreement and participation in whatever is false. that is going to be a problem because this trip and this shows that or trying to show that there is an ongoing, an ongoing agreement of all the reaction that is going to be coming out from all the policy and fighting groups. and that is not only these,
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let me you have that is going to bear the repercussions of israeli, raised the killing of their commander here in god's done so basically we're waiting for any other moves or statements from any of the have nots or is you had or even the policy inspection until the moment nothing further has been made. and just remind us again about the number of the casualties and the number of people that have been killed. because we also know that israel, in $150.00 or a strike trails, a 5 year old child, along with the latest figures i have at least or at least 10 people. what are you hearing? yes until this moment 10 people have been reported to be killed in these different
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israel air strikes in different areas of because district including a 5 year old child, as you mentioned. and another 23 year old female over 55 people have been injured in these are different strikes in different areas of because a strip of palestine tower is a residential tower that was targeted. an appointment, sorry, in that tower, particularly was targeted to and a, it's sir, like israeli military claims that it, that targeting they were targeting or asset. it was the operation of assassinating . they see it a job, eddie, who is these lab jihad commander in the north. the person israel says it is responsible for the anti tank attacks on these really tanks at the borders of because district. so we have heard many other on
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strikes that have happened after that to another one. another one, when they say a rocket, there's a rocket lounge. this is the 1st palace senior rocket to be launched here tonight. as you can see, it's a long range rocket. we can see another one right there. it seems that the palestinian retaliation has begun. now, these are the 1st rockets to be launched here to night. there are many israeli, a war plains in reconnaissance plains and because the skies we can hear them just to bother heads. you know, we will obviously have to wait and see who takes it. who takes credit which
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palestinian factions come out and claim that they, in fact launched those rockets that we just saw moments ago. right here, live on al jazeera. so just the, just a reminder, once again, just a few moments ago while we were live. 2 era, we did see the 1st reaction that is that correct? we've just seen the 1st reaction on retaliation from garza rocky have been launched . give us the details. exactly. this is the 1st reaction this yes, this is the 1st reaction from the gaza strip to words. israel on via the response. * on their air raids, add on the killing of 10 palestinians and the injury of more than 55 palestinian civilians in gaza. as you can see now. oh, you can see now it seems like a barrier of rockets is being lanced right there.
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okay. okay, so no as, as you can see, these are the iron dome. these are the iron dome missiles that are intercepting the palestinian rockets that have been land that we just oh so it seems that now there is, ah, i retaliation that has just started from the gods district and we can here we can hear the explosions. now it appears that these are the mess aisles off the iron dome, intercepting those rockets that have been lanced from the gaza strip towards israeli towns or cities. yeah. okay. and just to reiterate, once again, as i said right here on your screen, a 5 joint handler,
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gaz factions and gaza, have now retaliated, as we're witnessing a number of rockets have been launched from gaza. and they are being intercepted by israel's iron. don't miss out system human up, please go ahead. yes, i was saying that as we heard or are from the statement that was stated by the joint chamber, which is for all the policy and fighting groups to bring garza, they said that their retaliation shall be from all the groups together in not just one faction. so they did not leave it to is lima g had to retaliate on this israeli attack alone, but they made it clear that a retaliation is going to be backed.


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