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tv   The Bottom Line  Al Jazeera  August 5, 2022 11:00pm-11:31pm AST

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ah, safe going home and then international anti corruption excellence award, boot now for your hero it's a simple act, applying a flag. but in the occupied westbank reading, the palestinian flag could get you shocked or arrested after the also ports of the $900.00 ninety's between the palestine liberation organization and israel bound on the palestinian flag was put on the ground. it's becoming much harder to express any type of support for the palestinian called one day. there are no palestinian flag. then next mysteries are filled with it's a b, y t your net by young men who are not even born with these railey government, for the delay or the palestinian flag in ah
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israel's, on don't system into sets rockets find from gaza launched in response to israeli strikes as well as operation target disease. i mean, she had group a 5 year old is among 10 to a 100 times this is al jazeera life and london also coming up, china defend its military drills and the sizes sees around taiwan. the u. s. brands the exercise is a significant escalation and dozens of opposition for the patients are detained in india during the purchased about the rising cost of food and field ah,
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begin and gaza whether a fee is a full scale conflict. after israel launched a wave of ass strikes and rockets were fired from the strip in response colors and is ready operation earlier in the day, at least 10 people, including a 5 year old girl, were killed and dozens more injured. when israeli s trice targeted sees that you had group, a commander was killed in one of the strikes. understanding groups have been launching rockets into israel, in retaliation for the strikes on gaza. is i mean she had says it's $5100.00 rockets in total aimed at israeli cities including tel aviv, israel's, on don't miss. our system has been deployed to intercept the air. raid sirens have been heard in southern and central israel homan towards his line from occupied east jerusalem to talk more about those rockets and the effect that it had on the grounds. as far as we're hearing so far, those rockets have had very little effect on the ground you were speaking. then
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learn about the ion, don't and see rocket system. the israel has him for those people that have been watching our coverage across the last few hours. they've seen those rockets come up against it and sort of them there being some bangs, as they haven't hit the ground of the few. the of managed to hit the ground so far . we hearing that the haven't been any people injured within israel as a result of the obviously the rockets are still being fired and going the other way, the israeli what they call the operation in because it is also continuing, as far as we know at the moment that's what the israeli military have come out and saying, obviously they've been saying that they've been doing concentrated attack, some targets from islamic jihad, but they've also been civilians including a child that have been killed during those attacks. yes,
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it's more about the you mentioned the target sam passing what, what it was a israel saying about what exactly that targeting they say they've been targeting obviously the leadership of islamic jihad, they've also been targeting, they say storage for weapons. and they also said that they'd hit a rocket launcher, they've been used to rockets against tanks. but what they said earlier on in the day it seemed a long few hours now, is that they actually launched this attack because they believed that there was a serious threat to israel and that they needed to remove that threat. now that's obviously the line of the israeli military and the line of the israeli government prime minister. and his defense minister also came out to speak about this. and they said that they didn't want war, but they were ready for it. so at the moment we're coming out to elections in
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israel, that's going to happen in a couple of months time in november. but there has been a lot of talk about whether this is a moment when his rose leaders coming up to those elections. want to be seen a strong there is talk as well about the same for islamic jihad, wherever this is a moment when obviously they will be, they will want to be seen is not backing, not backing down, especially in the wake of this attack. hence the rockets coming back into a row. now what comes next? in this process, we are hearing media reports and the gyptian delegation is heading to israel to try mediate. that's something that they actually tried been trying to do this week in the run up to the last few hours to try and stop this boiling over those mediations before world timidly. obviously unsuccessful. those talks, mediations didn't lead 20 think they're hoping that they can bring a stop to this and come the situation down to home. and thank you very much indeed
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for now. when it's bringing the you know, side for live from gaza. tell us what's happening then. now, you know, yes, so just right now, more are rockets were launched from because it's stretched out. we can still also here are explosions. these explosions are the are iron dome, a system intercepting these rockets that have just been launched a minute to go from? because a strip ah raids, the addict were carried out like a half an hour ago. when i mentioned i caused more casualties, more injuries where are taken to a shipper hospital. the total number now is 10 killed, including a 5 year old child and a woman. and 75 injuries until this moment. so
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as we go on with the night, more rockets are being launched into the cities of israel in more rates are being carried in different areas of the cars, this trip. and what are you hearing from your sources about to the likelihood of other on group? so joining in the retaliation, what, what it was, what are you hearing? you know, i think we may also sound to, you know, not sure if you can still hear me. you know, can you still hear me? nope. i think we should have lost her sound. are there from a, you know, see if we can get her back. ok, live pictures there of garza where earlier. as you heard a passing groups have been watching rockets into israel. in net retaliation for those are strikes are by israel on gone. so let's hear what are the is ready? prime minister. yay lockheed. as i said earlier on israel carried out the precise
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counter terror peroration against an immediate threat. i will fight is not, was the people as gus islamic jihad is in the arabian proxy, the taunts to destroy the state of israel, and kill innocent israelis. the head of islamic jihad is in and eat the harem. as we speak, we will do whatever it takes to defend the people with what has told out as air it supports israel's right to self defense and we call an old parties to avoid escalation. let's go to rosen, jordan alive for us in washington dc. tell us more about their response from the white house. well, we're hearing both from a john kirby who is a spokes person for the national security council, as well as now from the u. s. ambassador to israel thomas nights. both are saying that to the u. s. is calling on all sides to exercise restraint that they are
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engaging with various parties to try to bring an end to this outbreak of violence inside garza and does a now inside southern israel. and they say that the strongly defend israel's right to self defense. this is, of course, not a message that we have not heard before from the biden administration or from previous us administrations. but given that they're also very much concerned with the situation or between china and taiwan, the by debt ministration is i'm making a point of underscoring the need for calm between israel and gaza. right now. it has been more about the relationship with san biden and israel and, and that regions was not, not long since he had a trip to the region. it, it that's right. of the u. s. president joe biden recently visited
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israel as well as the occupied west bank for meetings, not just with the israeli prime minister, mr. la pete, but also to meet with with the president of the palestinian authority mahmoud abbas. and he underscored the need for raw, for restraint, for raw cooperation. he indicated that while the us still envisioned a 2 state solution to end the tensions between the palestinians and the israelis, he did note that tug conditions on the ground are ready for that kind of intense negotiation to establish a separate palestinian state of the u. s. is also a very keen to isolate those groups that it believes are not acting just as a threats to israel, but also are acting as security threats on behalf of iran. so there is, this is interest, us still in israel and the occupied territories,
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but there's also what the administration is calling a pragmatic realization that it's some time a before you can see renewed piece talks between the israelis and the palestinians . rosen, jordan, thank you very much. indeed, and we've got to you nice hand back can live from gaza and you know, i was asking you what the, the response from other on groups is not to be in israel in this case as it was tommy, nice islamic. and she had well ahead of you. sorry, we think we would assign from that with you not but to we'll move on now and to listen to run a shoe bay who's in also an activist who lives in the neighborhood where he is really astride happen. she told out there earlier what she experienced. i heard about 4 to 5 loud bangs of the sleep, but i'll just tell myself looking up, running, wondering what happened. and it took a few minutes for me to follow up on the news because we didn't know whether it was rockets or showing and there was panic in the area of people running.
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you can imagine this very large apartment building, which is about 13 floors and each floor consist of at least 5 apartments. and you can imagine the amount of horror that this caused to all the people living in the building. there were children playing because you know, it's friday, the weekends and fridays are usually peaceful. families get together, children play play outside. so this was really something that was totally unpredictable for us. and to be honest, as a mother, as the ordinary citizen here. you just, you know, think of what happened before. i mean, when it happened today, like my kids were staring at me and were just there. good each other. they're grown up now they're teenagers, but like they were looking at me in a way pain. so it's happening again, we know what's going to happen. we know the whole scenario of you know, running from one place to another, not finding safety. i think children here,
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there are the ones that bear the brunt of these wars because as a mother, like for example, my children and other children here have 4 major wars on gaza strip and other escalations on and off escalations. and during every war, it's always, it's always the same, you know, we're, we were trying to find safety. they ask questions and he trying to fight as a mother trying to find answers to the questions and, and you feel so helpless other parents because you don't have any answers to their questions. so it's like the whole scenario keeps running through our heads and like so we don't what's gonna happen if this into all our cale war. it's going to be like the other words, if not worse. and there's going to be trauma due to, to trauma for us and our kids. and i think this is something that many people
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ignore. they just talk about casualties and people being killed. but the ones who survive, they also suffer because because it's not something they can easily forget or you can just, you know, wake up the next day of percent, nothing happening and go back to your ordinary life. so it's, i hope it doesn't place because it's not going to be good for, for me, for my kids, for anybody in place under their senior political analyst among the showers live in paris for us. so we heard that the fears of people that this might escalate. what, what is that? the likelihood that this turns into something a lot bigger? well, certainly started with a mystery operation against a senior leader. and within hours it turned into a military campaign. against various parts of garza, the attacks continued to bombard men,
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north and south of fester. so clearly israel has a planned mine clearly. israel's defense minister benny guns who was responsible for the previous wars either as the chief of staff of the army or as defense minister. he has a plan for guys and what he wants to do there. and clearly it's tragic as the previous wars where now the response or asian of the stomach, she had shows us that they are ready and they are willing to use their rockets against is right. and without ation stablish, some sort of i hate to quote it, but it is a balance of better just because that arises the families of gaza, that the policies are ready to be the same for israelis. with the exception. israel has a fundamental advanced military technology,
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while the policies are using the sort of garage, they primitives, rockets basically master them and now they are able to various israelis, at least in terms of our psychological effect, is drug sites tend to respond to those in a whitening the aggression against browser, then we might see how mass, the sort of the great data bigger, more capable faction and, and gaza stepping in. and that could lead to a whitening of the confrontation as received last year. or as we've seen in previous wars in 2014, 2000, well, 2008 and so on. so at the moment, i mean, tell us a bit more about it if you had and how it fits into the, the goals strips and scenarios. i mean, you mentioned that i'm us and i'm groups of a heavy weight. if you'd like,
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what is it that you had stand again in terms of its relations with the others at this stage? well secondly, they've been trying to reach something. accommodation with is rejection. over the past few days. clearly, israel has estimated against the activists in the occupied westbank, and that led them to escalate at least the retard, oakley, i guess, is right. but israel did not abide by the egyptian mediation and decided to act on their own preemptively where again that she had no. yeah, there's a small fraction in palestine. it's kind of larger in the more impoverished areas intellectual, gaza. and that's why it's fighters just in spite those are going to be some of the most dedicated some of the most loyal some of the most harden fighters,
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because they do come from the worst of the worst of the senior refugee camps. as in janine and the north of the west bank or as in gaza. so they are show harden by 50 years of occupation that they are under existing back occupation. they have received age, reportedly from various places including from syria, iran and others. but clearly, much of their capacity is home made as it were, meeting locally in under observation, and hence their capacity to influence events is not meagre, but they have remain in court and took a coordination with us. now for i want to national the problem of your names. don't mean very much, but all the,
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all what it is is that different kind of seeing infections carrying the same resistance act to different degrees depending on where they're coming from under occupation. some of them are from some of the most severe and most repressed areas some mile. and you mentioned in passing that age received from iran. and we've talked in the past the, to this about iran, a symmetric capabilities in naval to kind of ferment situations in different areas . how much would iran stand to gain by sponsoring unrest in gaza at this particular point? because obviously we talk about timing, how it affects how israel, what we've had by political events. what about what about around what it is standing to gain something, but i'm not sure how much it is because if guys are continues to be bombarded, that's not really much of, again for around no one else. but clearly, iran tries to expand into once in syria 11 on palestine, yen and other places,
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and it does find a way into the study she had. now having said, just to make things even more clear, once again our international viewers, i want to give you an example, since we are talking about par, paid as it's recognized by all international organizations. are paid in israel palestine the and see in south africa, mandela's and see in south africa received a military comic and otherwise from the likes of cut. darcy in libya and the soviet union at the time, at least where the sworn enemies of the united states. and yet, the united states decided at one point that must end parties in south africa. the west stood with the n. c. even though they received help from the lapse of duffy and british regime, a communist regime at the soviet union. because everyone understood it wasn't about
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getting help from the outside. as you said, the soviet union unproductive. what exploiting that but to end it, you have to end the heartbeat. so today for israel to end, the sort of attempt by iran to influence events. the best way to do it, the only way to do is to end a party in palestine to end the illegal occupation of the palestinians because the founder, stadiums desperate as they are trying to get help from whatever they did just as b a and c. and mandela goods in south africa because of the day they need to liberate the land, and if they can get help, they will get that help in order to maintain and continue with the resistance. now i'm sure thank you very much indeed. well, you know, i had joined us live now from gaza. tell us a little bit more about what you've established from the, from the various groups that about what they're,
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what they're planning to do next. yes . so until now, the last statement that was issued from the joint chamber for the policy and fighting groups who are in gaza. they said that they will be retaliated israeli crime towards the commander that this meeting of the commander and the aggression all the people. because this trip and after that, the retaliation that has been started from the district, the launching of rockets. and it shows that 1st the, these groups have a consensus reaction. they have all agreed on the amount of or the kind of retaliation or responds all these really raids. and this is a very clear that even though is not claimed in responsibility for any
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of the rockets that are being blanched from the district and islamic jihad has claimed for responsibility for them. until this moment. us continues to allow these lie to you had to launch this rockets, which means that it is agreeing on this kind of re suppose they said that any they said earlier, also that any kind of decision that will be made will be made by not only the all the policy instructions but with their military wings as well. so basically, also not just israel, but is israel and other armed groups. the see him as lowering this response, which means that it agrees on the retaliation process in this way. israel has said before that it holds, it always holds her match,
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responsible for any rockets that are launched from because this trip still this moment we see that the rates that are happening are happening towards targets and military camps, off the islamic jihad. and of course, we know that all the military camp now in the state of escalation, like this are always empty. these are training counts, they're always empty. they're, they have been evacuated by all military person here in because the strip but again, more of the sites are targets that are being targeted by israeli raids happened to be in populated areas are densely populated areas. and that's why you see a very large number of casualties falling despite know civilians have been targeted on themselves. you know, the time being thank you very much. and watching live pictures from gaza when
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looked as though there was another explosion in that area. situation in garza has been come for a little while, but in the last few hours, rockets were fired into israel in response to an is ready operation and gaza at one in which has claimed the lives of 10 people is ready forces say they were targeting these i'm it g had group and that a commander was killed in one of the strikes in retaliation is that you had to fight 100 rockets and total aimed at is ready cities, including television, israel's, on don't miss our system has been deployed to intercept them. ah, the news now china's carrying out its biggest ever military exercise is in the seas around taiwan. it's in retaliation for years. how speaker nancy pelosi is visit to tie pay earlier this week. the u. s. as described china's actions as a significant escalation. while paging has one but washington against creating
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a bigger crisis, attentions of dominated talks at the assay on foreign ministers meeting, taking place in cambodia, florence louis as more from from pen as the meetings infinite pen drew to a close. cambodia is foreign minister whose chair of the association of southeast asia nations acknowledged the difficulties that lay ahead. we know that every years we have our set of challenges the address but i have to say that never before, mob like these. yeah. have you been confronted with so many imperatives at the same time, tensions over the war in ukraine and us? how speaker nancy pelosi is visit to tie one have overshadowed events here. the divide between the u. s. and its allies on one hand and china and russia and the other appears to have deepened. china and russia's top diplomats walked out of the east asia summit when the japanese foreign minister was speaking, reportedly in protest against japan's criticism of beijing's military exercises
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around ty, one, u. s. secretary of state antony blinkin said there was no justification for china's actions. these provocative actions are a significant escalation. we've seen how beijing has attempted to change the status quan taiwan for some time. for example, more than doubling the number of aircraft flown over the center line that separates china and taiwan with the past 2 years, pursuing economic work, political interference, cyber attacks. against our. now, they taken dangerous acts to a new level. united states is conveyed to the r c consistently and repeatedly that we do not seek and will not provoke a crisis. it's unlikely china will back down. it's foreign minister has criticized
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the u. s. and defended beijing's action was dollar to he bought into the losses, visits her serious him. but, but china, so good at the seriously interfered in our international affairs violated the promiscuous had made we china and seriously harm that they once threats relations. so it is only natural, the chinese said, we're sure our strong opposition as in foreign ministers, had warned on thursday the risk of miscalculations in the taiwan strait could lead to confrontation among major powers in cambodia. there's been no signs that the meeting of the last 2 days have helped ease tensions. florence li al jazeera and on pin 3 more shipments of grain have left ukrainian ports under deal broken by the u . n. and turkey. a cargo ships loaded with nearly 60000 tons of corn and departed on a mosque and odessa, on friday morning. one is headed to ireland, another to the u. k. and the 3rd to turkey. the 1st inbound congo vessel is also
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making its way to ukraine via the black sea to load. ukraine's economy minister says the deal should now be extended to cover more crops. crane's president has hit back at amnesty international. oxford accused his forces of endangering civilians. human rights group says ukrainian troops setup races and 19 residential areas, putting civilians at risk. let me ask you, says amnesty is blaming the victim instead of the aggressive head of embassies. ukraine office also disagrees with the report that says their office wasn't consulted. you know, my, you know, mobile do. maybe there is no condition even hypothetically under which any russian strike on your crime becomes justified aggression against our state is unprovoked, invasive and terrorists. you know, if someone makes a report in which the victim and the aggressor are supposedly equalized in some way, some dates are about, the victim is analyzed and the aggressive actions at the same time are ignored.
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then this cannot be tolerated. police in india have detained dozens of opposition. politicians during the protest about the rising cost of food and few congress party leaders were trying to march on the residences minister and the president. then taxes for major increases in the cost of staples, such as rice and milk. police also detained hundreds of congress supporters to stop in joining the protest. meanwhile, spiraling inflation is prompted in the central bank to raise its key lending rate by half a percentage point is the 3rd increase in the past 4 months. and economists say, wouldn't be the last this year for the rupees value is making few food and medicine more expensive. the government says the war and ukraine is partly to blame. peruse, congress says blocked president pedro castillo from trying to book a time for the inauguration of colombian. president elect, gustavo petro, in battle leaders facing several.


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