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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  August 6, 2022 12:00am-1:01am AST

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ah ah, the shake hammered a ward for translation and international understanding is accepting nominations for the year 2022 from february 15th until august, 15th this year. for more information go to w, w, w dot h t a dot q a slash e m. ah. on kathy, the cost the widening mortgage boy caught in china could from the fact that grumbled as columbia and venezuela agree, the man ties businesses, i afraid revival bloss russia wants to pull out of the international space station wants next in all, vic,
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counting the cost on al jazeera ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello lauren taylor. this is the out here and use our live from london. coming up israel's on dome system into sets rockets. fine garza launched in response to israeli air strikes. israel's operation targeted the islamic jihad grew. a 5 year old is among 10 people killed. china defends its military drills in the skies and sees around town on the u. s. brands, the exercise is a significant escalation and feeding the heat. farmers in the u. k. run short of water after a spell of record summer temperatures. aah!
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begin and gaza, whether a fears of full scale conflict after israel launched a wave of air strikes and rockets were fired from the strip in response. athenian group is i met you had says it's fine, $100.00 rockets and total aimed at israeli cities including tel aviv, israel's, and miss our system has been deployed to intercept them. and rates arns have been heard in southern and central israel. all this follows and is really operation. earlier in the day, a high rise tower and gaza city was hit in a loud explosion which led smoke pouring from the building. at least 10 people, including a 5 year old girl, were killed and dozens more injured. israel says the strikes, talk to these limits, you had group, a commander was killed in one of the strife is really prime minister. your la feed says israel will do whatever it takes to defend itself. he's ro carried out the precise come to terror peroration against an immediate threat. our fight is not,
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was the people, gaza islamic jihad is in the uranium proxy that wants to destroy the state of israel and kill innocent israelis, the head of islamic jihad, into iran. as we speak, we will do whatever it takes to defend up the anna chavez, an offer, and activist who lives in the neighborhood where these really strikes happened. she spoke to elders here about what she experienced. i heard about $45.00 loud bangs of the sleep, and i'll just tell myself looking up, running, wondering what happened and it took a few minutes for me to follow up on the news because we didn't know whether it was rockets or shelling and there was panic in the area of people running, you can imagine this very large apartment building which is about 13 floors and
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each floor was just the but least 5 apartments. and you can imagine the amount of horror that this caused to all the people living in the building. there were children playing because you know, it's a friday so we can and fridays are usually peaceful of families get together. children play play outside. so this is really something that was totally unpredictable for us. and to be honest, as a mother, as the ordinary citizen here, you just, you know, think of what happened before. i mean, when it happened today, like my kids were staring at me and we'll just get each other. they're grown up now they're teenagers, but like they were looking at me. we think what's happening again, we know what's going to happen. we know the whole scenario of you know, running from one place to another, not finding safety. i think the children here, there are the ones that they're the brunt of these wars because as a mother, like for example,
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my children and other children here have witnessed for major wars on got strict and other escalations on un office relations. and during every war it's always, it's always the same, you know, we're, we were trying to find safety. they ask questions and he trying to find as a mother trying to find answers to the questions and, and you feel so helpless other parents because you don't have any answers to their questions. so it's like the whole scenario keeps running through our heads and like so we don't what's gonna happen if this eclipse into all our cale wore. it's going to be like the other words, if not worse, and there's going to be trauma to, to trauma for us and our kids. and i think this is something that many people ignore. they just talk about casualties and people being killed. but the ones who survive, they also suffer because because it's not something they can easily forget or you
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can just, you know, wake up the next day of percent. nothing happening then go back to your ordinary life. so it's, i hope it doesn't play because it's not going to be good for, for me, for my kids, for anybody in place, for home and doing live that from occupied east jerusalem. and tell us what's been going on there and what they, what it is going to say, where israel continues with, with what it calls this operation. and on the other side is let me continues to rockets into through. the israeli military says that now there's 120 rock has been launched into the country so far. we're not him rid of any reports of injuries. on the israeli side. a lot of those rockets being stopped by the iron dough, which is the israeli system against rockets to stop them even in the air. and
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those that have landed seem to have done so in areas where they haven't been able to to her, anyone will say something else is going on. it's quite movie account that we were hearing from someone living in gaza in the macro level. there are other countries weighing in on this and other organizations. united states is one of the earliest a tweet from the ambassador's israel, saying that the united states firmly believes the israel has a right to protect itself. we're engaging with different sides for come. so that was seen as quite firmly citing with the, with the israel in this, the jordanian foreign minister. the country obviously just to the east took a different tone calling for an end to the condemned israeli aggression against the gaza strip. and the un also the special coordinator for the middle east peace process. also waited and said that he was deeply concerned. and
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by the targeting killing, among other things of the islamic jihad leader and the fact the least 10 to policies were killed by israeli strikes. you so caused code for an end to the launching of rockets. so different, different take here, but definitely one of those situations in which countries as they have been doing in the past, whenever they sort of escalate here, different countries get involved, especially egypt to various media is saying that there is a delegation from egypt that has come or is coming to israel to try and to try mediate between the israeli government and islamic jihad and try and stop this before it escalates. still further down. in the meantime, israel announcing the cooling off of reservists to go through that get the defense minister of israel has said that he's basically given permission to
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eat fries up to 25000 reserve. is to head to the southern command gods or is to the south of israel. and so there's also been a battalion. we've heard of troops that are heading to the south. so we're really is the thing up on it some buddha. and that's something that hasn't just happened, that's something that seems to have been prepared action by israel, the road towards cause a was close for various days before the strike. and there will be sleep to happening between not between but mediated by egypt who is trying to sort of calm down the tensions between israel and the islamic g have before, before this, this is obviously been simmering for some time. israel preparing faction, even the defense minister, going to visit communities on the, on the 7 border and the south of israel before this,
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before the strikes occurred this evening. now it's happened and i think everyone's looking to see, will this escalate further? will this just be an occasion in which both sides israel on its own side before an election in this november lead to showing their strength these let me j d had group responding to that wherever it's going to be something that will snowball as things sometimes do here, townhome, thank you very much data as you how mad is a member of the mass political bureau? speaking to you earlier, he said there was no reason for israel's attack. it is no justification. that is nobody's on gonzalez. the situation goes, i was a quiet child did is no. busy any of these on for the dish or escalation, i think maybe you know, in order to get us or people stay to for crimes,
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does it matter because it's both between. busy badges in order to kill our people, and to create are people was more sanction of people. it's not something is tragical declaration, but i think most people are some right that did it long see the don't getting happened in the very short time. and this was the vacation that was preparing. busy for this little time and then misguided, the people i think from us our was medically new people. i think we will not keep silent and we will not close our eyes for this to prove that it comes. and i think we have that decision and those are 2 different people. and to stop the segregation, i think we have the ability to do that. and we have the decision to do that. and
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we had joins us live from gaza. now tell us what's happening right now. you know, if you can hear me as long as you do, if you could bring it up to date with the very latest, you know you live? yes, i can hear you now. yes. ok, so until now we're still witnessing israeli raids on different areas of because it's stripped, the latest of which was a targeting of a home in jubilee that's in the north, in gaza strip. and i, i local sources say that 6 people where injured from that targeting, the ministry of health has not yet updated the number of injuries, or are people killed in these targets. it has been left until 10 people killed,
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including a 5 year old child. and over 75 have been injured in different areas. the rates are very much tense in the south, in gaza strip as well in high newness and rough off how those 2 govern. net with witness to lots of raids, violent trades lately. ah, in addition to the last raid which was on the home in javala, thank you very much. indeed. you are not as hired and we'll come back to you if anything else happens shortly. thank you. what's good for her son jordan? i live in washington dc. so tell us, what are the white house has been saying about all this? well, the bind administration is very much aware of what has been happening between the gaza strip and southern israel on friday. the message coming up from a various officials, including the n a c spokes person, a john kirby,
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that the administration wants to see. call. the administration says that it is engaging with parties on both the israeli and palestinian sides. we have heard of the same message repeated by the u. s. ambassador tom nights, who as i said, that he and his team in jerusalem are reaching out to relevant parties again to try to calm the situation. this is a something that tom, perhaps some would argue the biden administration doesn't need right now because it's trying to deal with increasingly a tense. a situation with bay jane about the speaker of the house is recent visit to taiwan. but that said the biden administration is very much concerned about what's happening there. also now unconfirmed reports that the defense secretary lloyd austin may have spoken to his is railey counterpart benny gant about the situation in the gaza strip version. jordan,
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thank you very much. it in the visa journalist and commentator harris said he joined just now from tennessee. thank you very much for being with us. how significant would you say the timing of this is in terms of israel in terms of his or at any time? is it broker who it goes? are you just need the excuse in don't with unity? if you want to be very cynical. so we had like 45 vague campaigns for elections in the recent 2 or 3 years. and before each lecture, there was then a take over garza, but i wouldn't say that this is exclusive. israel is looking for any opportunities for their garza and then it's unbelievable how it repeats itself for the same ritual year of the year leading to nowhere solving nothing. and here we are again until alien again. but what,
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what are the dangers that this goes beyond as a tit for tat? which in the past sometimes they've, they've escalate into to bigger things. and israel's been announcing a calling up reservists 25000. and what do you make of that move? it seats might deteriorate very quickly because it's enough that one of their jihad re rockets really, really target se civilians or soldiers. it's enough lids this hamas, we'll join. and then we have an over or war. i mean it's really touch and go and say whatever we look for the excuse one should remember this time that this all started before the islamic jihad even shot one bullet or one rocket. this time it's very clear who started tell me about it, who stands to gain or lose in terms of and these only government mini,
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how popular would it be for, for this kind of thing to be going on as you say that it's happening again what, what is the israeli public make of this? though these are a public is quite brainwashed, and knows very little about what's going on. full days we were told that the 1000 settlements over the board of his garza must be under a co fool because there is a danger. nobody knew what is the danger. exactly. and then all of a sudden laughter through 4 days. israel claim that this is unbearable. i mean garza can be 16 years on the siege and this is bearable. but some towns in the south of israel cannot spend full days of over look down. so here it happens. i am very suspicious the test to do with the elections. any prime
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minister needs to prove himself, especially if he comes from the center left in israel. and we have a new prime minister. and he wants to show that he's a much or like, or the former prime ministers, or those are very poor excuses to go for another circle in garza, what options are there for any kind of mediation that might resolve this before it turns into anything bigger? the key question is would come asked join arnold if hamas we'd be clever enough not to join. and if israel will not provoke from asking join. so grant, there is a good chance of that for a few days. this will be over because the slimy jihad is quite a small organization with more limited capabilities. but once hamas were joy and then the skies, the limits, you know, we have in the north is by law. we have iran as a shadow. and,
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you know, did the distance between beast full times and terrible war in israel, a very, very vague, there, the differences didn't leave you. thank you very much. did her talking to san angelo? thank you. thank you. and i was for hat is i retired at lebanese, which i know, he joins us live from pe writ by skype just wants to pick up on the, on that point about and the likelihood of a nice joining in what he will take on that and where this case next if serv, then they formed a joint part creation room. so this operation of all diffraction members, including hamas. now as she had fired about $100.00 buckets towards israel
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and get the most stuff from the popular front as well, a fired to the. busy surroundings of that and the, the, and we have to tell i had been as well, which means that this operation center is working and is organized so far, how much the uptake part. but i think that if this conflict last longer, how much will take the, the, this is what the, some of the, the declared today. so what i mean, what you're thinking now, do you think this is likely to be something that escalates into a bigger comfort? a yes. busy this conflict a lot longer than expected until now because you know, know that the killing of mr. they see it a job body, which is neither of you had in the north. so i got the trip and well known for
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other affection and the actions and the response of all the but it's tina infection to sympathize with that and to call for the vet. again, that means that we are expecting more more fight looks like the recent recent around in 15212021 which resulted more than 260 people killed and 1000 injured the section of monday when things got other places. and now so far, the egyptian mediation did not conclude the any positive result that can
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reach the fire. the 3. busy both sides, the better for the lab so far israel and on this occasion has said that it was talking weapons production and storage areas and so on. and when these confrontations happen, israel often says it's trying to reduce the kind of arsenal that groups in the past . on might have watched what's your assessment of how powerful groups oh now i mean they seem to be able to re on each time and be able to hit back at israel. what's your estimation of how powerful the on groups in gaza are nowadays in every fish, the trip and gas people have nothing to do but only to train and the train and organize themselves for the complex or other complex other complex. this is how they lived. and got that so i don't throw out
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that they are very organized and very preferred. busy for a long round of fight between them and is rated because they have the other thing that the out of the feel that the life in and get the liquid on preparation for fire and draining. nothing else. and yes, thank you very much indeed for to do. thank you. ok. china has to dialogue with us over a number of issues, including cross border crime, drug trafficking, and the climate crisis as tensions ran pop over. how speaker nancy pelosi is trip to taiwan beijing without the island as part of its territory. tron is for misses,
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defended beijing's military drills in the seas around taiwan. why he warned us not to act rationally and create a big crisis. america's top diplomats as cool the drills, unjustified, disproportionate and provocative. anthony lincoln says the us will be provoked, the white house to summon the chinese ambassador to protest against the exercises. meanwhile, taiwanese president, sighing, one has promised the government can ensure people's safety. she also told her people in the video message taiwan will never be knocked down by challenges. attentions have dominated talks at the end for missed is meeting taking place in cambodia. florence louis as more from pen as the meetings entered on pen drew to a close. cambodia is foreign minister whose chair of the association of southeast asia nations acknowledged the difficulties that lay ahead. we know that every years we have our set of challenges, the address, but i had to say that never before,
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mob like these here have we been confronted with so many imperatives at the same time, tensions over the war in ukraine and u. s. how speaker nancy pelosi is visit to taiwan, have overshadowed events here. the divide between the u. s. and its allies on one hand and china and russia and the other appears to have deepened. china and russia's top diplomats walked out of the east asia summit when the japanese foreign minister was speaking, reportedly in protest against japan's criticism of beijing's military exercises around ty, one, u. s. secretary of state antony blinkin said there was no justification for china's actions. these provocative actions are a significant escalation. we've seen how beijing has attempted to change the status quan taiwan for some time. for example, more than doubling the number of aircraft flown over the center line that separates china and taiwan over the past 2 years. pursuing economic were political
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interference and cyber attacks against taiwan. now, they've taken dangerous acts to a new level. united states is conveyed to the p r c consistently and repeatedly that we do not seek and will not provo a crisis. it's unlikely china will back down. it's foreign minister has criticized the u. s. and defended beijing's action was dollar for the bottom to the losses space. it's her serious him but, but china so good at the seriously in their food, in our intellectual affairs. but he labored the promiscuous had made with china and seriously harm that they once threats relations. why? so it is only natural the chain is said or sure. our strong opposition, as in foreign ministers, had warned on thursday the risk of miscalculations in the taiwan strait could lead
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to confrontation among major powers. in cambodia, there's been no signs that the meeting of the last 2 days have helped ease tensions . florence lee al jazeera and on pen. japan has lodged a diplomatic protest with china for its missile drills, calling the incident unprecedented. that's as years house began, nancy pelosi visits tokyo as part of her tour of asia. speaking in japan's capital, pelosi defended her decision to visit ty, one after meeting prime minister, whom yorkie she'd opened. oh, she said, china won't be allowed to isolate the island. she also promised american solidarity with the entire region were surely. marty hoggard is a non resident fellow at the atlantic councils at global china hobbs joined us live now from washington. d. c. thank you very much for being with us on the program. i wonder you are you surprised by the the level of reaction. there's been 2 policies, was it? no, because the timing, the timing could not be worse for president. she because when we look at this,
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it's, it's, this is her, her visit happened to round p a late day, which is the anniversary of the founding of china's military, most of the 20th and p c, which is happening in the next couple of months. this, this event is the most important political vent on china's political calendar. so this is where they're going to do this, the side, the next rob leaders. so he cannot afford to look weak at all. he cannot, he has to ensure that he is showcasing his strength domestically so that he can realize his 3rd term. yes, the, the, the, um, the, the core, the coercion and the, the psychological manipulation, etc. it's, it's been ramped up, but very expected considering the circumstances. speaker pelosi is the 2nd speaker to visit taiwan since nuka gingrich, i believe in 9797 and she has
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a very decorated past very consistent past of challenging type of challenging the party since her 91 harden her 91 unfurling of the of her banner and beijing in response to gentlemen, the tenement massacre. so this, this seems, this is expected, this is expected. i believe a us expected as well. and more importantly, i was, i would say the taiwanese that are not surprised either. and historically, given the longstanding tension between china and taiwan, eat, how dangerous appointees this student i think that i think that we have some challenges here in terms of the level of danger. my impression, my impression taiwanese are the very, the very use to whoever used to the challenges that they face across the street.
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that's why they're disinformation, they're disinformation models are so strong, similar to estonia because they're right by russia. and so i'm not saying that this is, there's no danger to consider at all, but i believe that the taiwanese leadership was very clear when they accepted. speaker policies invite for a rather her, her, her i trip to taiwan. so how, what do you see happening today? in terms of trying to de escalate this to, to avoid a wide, a conflict given the tensions between the us and china. right. i think we have to let this play out. i think that i think that china, like i said, for she, this is very, this is very bad timing for him. he does not want there to be any degree of military escalation. but i, but my sense of she, i, he's a very measured, very measured. he's not someone that's quick to react to anything. so i think he is
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very in. busy control of how he needs this to look so that he doesn't come off week . i think the united states also isn't what a military escalation. so. busy on this and a lot of folks have been quite concerned and i'm also concerned about the division initially before speaking. speaker pelosi went to taiwan. she the just a bit of division between the executive and legislative branch branches. and so we're now that we see her go and come back or rather she's in japan. now it seems that the administration is, is on the same in the same alignment with speaker pelosi now, but none of the sides. china, the u. s. i want no one wants a military conflict it's. it's just it's, it's just bad timing for everyone. not that we ever want it, but it is very, very, very bad timing. shutting marty august. thank you very much for talking to us. thank you. i me off on our 0, this news. our 3 more shipments have grain have left ukrainian ports under deal
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broken by the u. n. and turkey. supporters of iraq's, she a leader tedra sarah, hold friday. prayers across iraq. a week after bringing the country's state institution's to a standstill. ah richard and he has begun the faithful wald copies on its way to the castle group your travel package today. here's your forecast for a saturday august 6th for europe in africa. if one thanks for joining in. so 1st the heat was squashed out of germany. now we see it stomped out of the czech republic and austria, but still in the balkans. next in line we're going to see croatia lose some of that heat with these showers and storms rolling through. in fact, along the adriatic coast for croatia, we did have a heat wave warning in plate greece and turkey. there's little change in the weather here. plenty of sun mix of sun in cloud in is stumble and we've got some
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showers rolling across that black sea coast, but not the major here. l for portugal and spain also quiet. the suns out bit more cloud cover for coastal sections, madrid's up to a hot 30 degrees on saturdays we go further toward the north right now we can trace that line of storms through the baltic states coming through germany down into the balkans, just starting to arrive in the balkans and knockout, some of that heat up to africa, we go and storms rolling through bama co further toward the west finding their way into the gambia, which is not good news. we just saw huge amounts of rain in bondsville and toward the south. a lot of sunshine, but we may see some showers sneak into durbin. okay, i'm out of time. i'll catch up with you in a bit susan. i saw a visual airline of the john coveted beyond well taken without hesitation. bolton died for paula to find
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out. we live here, we make the rule, not them, they find an enemy, and then they try and scare the people with people in power. investigate, exploded and question. they used them to be of power around the globe on al jazeera. ah, ah, i with, [000:00:00;00]
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with a are top stories here now to 0. if he is of full scale conflict in garza, after israel launched a wave of air strikes, and rockets were fired from the strip in response to the roof is i'm a jihad says it's $100.00 rockets in total aimed at is ready cities including tel aviv, israel's on don't miss all system has been deployed to into set them all as follows and is really operation. earlier in the day, a high rise tower garza city was hit in a loud explosion which left smoke pouring from the building. at least 10 people, including a 5 year old girl, were killed and dozens more injured. israel says the air strikes targeted, the islamic jihad group. tony and how much does
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a writer and teacher who lives in gaza? she lost electricity off to the air strikes and spoke to us about her concern that the violence would escalate regularity and usually whenever there are there any kind of really bombardment of course there's already electricity shortage and the got the trip. and they also tend to double the in the electricity shortage. so, and some areas there is actually right now, 0 electricity in my house. there is electricity. sometimes we depend on a different way of electricity generators. i'm extremely worried, i'm extremely worried and i'm disappointed that it's happening again. i do have nephews and nieces in the family today is friday and you know that friday is the time call today. friday is also the family gathering day for most of the people today. we had the, it was my mom's birthday as well. so we had the gathering with nieces and nephews
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and probably you know, our happiness or your family. you got to just disappear, the twin can be in and now we're all worried i'm. i'm in the booth is a reference of the palestinian youth movement. he joined his line from houston, texas, thanks for being with us. just wanted to see if your, your reaction to event. so foreign garza, well, yeah, obviously were, were mourning the loss of 9 martyrs and the, the countless others injured. but this is a combination of continued aggression by the occupation against palestinians, including the killing of nearly 80 palestine since the beginning of this year. and these strikes come as a part of a policy to weaken the policy of resistance, occupation, and to silo the various fronts, especially with the continued raids on the west bank in the, in the growing tensions with the lebanese resistance around the gas fields off the coast of lebanon, israel 6 to basically divide the various fronts so that each one is preoccupied
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with its continued aggression. on that will tell us more about that. and that aim that you say that israel has to try and divide that the groups give us some examples of what they've been doing and how that works in practice. so obviously in the last few months there have been countless raids into the janine refugee camp and the novelist in nablus as well targeting palestinian resistance forces there. this is also against the backdrop, as i mentioned, of escalating tension between lebanon, including us, or specifically, has below around the gas fields off the coast of lebanon. there's been negotiations between the lebanese state and the israeli state around access to those gas fields and has a lot of leader in the federal law, specifically as issued warnings that if a resolution is not recently there will be, they will, they will be move is made by the lebanese resistance, and so the targeting of palestinian resistance in gaza and in the west bank and
12:39 am
obviously against this backdrop of lebanon, is an attempt to divide up these different forces and preoccupied them with, with israeli aggressions. and lastly, what i will say also is the, this is also against the backdrop of internal division and failures within the israeli government, self ahead of upcoming elections here in november. and so these are all calculated political attacks meant to weaken the policy and resistance to preoccupy them with this aggression and to ultimately advance their aims of reducing any form of resistance against the occupation. you mentioned the divisions within israel. what about the divisions between the palestinian groups? how much does that make a difference in terms of how they respond to this particular situation? now? well, the actual resistance movement is as unified and in fact, i believe the joint operations room was joint command room was
12:40 am
actually brought live by the resistance in gaza. and so the various policy and resistance factions are actually operational right now. and in considering not responding because this attack was ultimately against the leader of a slam she had, but her message has explained that this is not an attack on it's not because she had this is an attack on the past, the people 1st and foremost, and on the past, the resistance, and so on the policy, the resistance side of things, they're unified and there will be from what we, what we've heard from them, a unified response and relationship to this. that sets aside obviously the house to the story which is not involved in any of this. they've largely been quiet and that said nothing in response to this aggression. and so it's really on the palestinian resistance to, to, to demonstrate that unity winnable c. thank you very much, dawn to a thank you. i appreciate you. thank you so much. ok
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. 3 more shipments of grain have left ukrainian ports under deal broken by the un and turkey. the congress ships loaded with any 60000 tons of corn, departed from china mosque and odessa on friday morning, one is headed to on and another to the u. k. and the 3rd to turkey. the 1st inbound congo vessel is also making its way to ukraine by the black sea to load it koreans economy. minnesota says the deal should not be extended to cover more crops. current president has hit backward, amnesty international author excused his forces of endangering civilians. the human rights group says ukrainian troops setup faces in 19 residential areas, putting civilians at risk remitted in cases amnesty is blaming the victim instead of the aggressive head of the seas. ukraine office also disagrees with a report and says their office wasn't consulted. the new, my muslim will do, maybe there is no condition even hypothetically under which any russian strike on
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your crime becomes justified aggression against our state is unprovoked, invasive and terrorist union. if someone makes a report in which the victim and the aggressor are supposedly equalized in some way, some dates are about the victim is analyzed and the aggressive actions at the same time are ignored. then this cannot be tolerated. supporters of iraq's sheer lead and looked at her sadder have held last friday. prayers in several cities. has urged his supporters to continue the sitting in front of parliament until those he calls corrupt politicians are removed from office for a week. now his supporters is occupied parliament holding operations in state institutions. i went up to the head reports from baghdad, thousands of iraqis to an out in the green zone for a friday mess, prayer and protest. the mostly supporters of influential leader for the southern
12:43 am
summit, the crowd call it a rover lucian, that i had a theory picard thought to be. iraq has been controlled by corrupt politicians, through consecutive governments. the court system resulted in the deterioration of the health care system, education and security. poverty is on the rise, but corrupt officials get richer every day. drugs and weapons are spread everywhere because of those authoritarian parties affiliated to foreign powers. what many have travelled here from different parts of iraq in the hopes of getting their voices heard? iraq has had only a case ticket government for the last 9 months. and many basic services have been interrupted, shabby. it's just a lot more harder. god cut, we've come here from richard cabella had cut and bubble sheet, sunny curds. christians, anybody's at all to say no to the constitution drafted by the americans. why we will not leave until parliament dissolved one to ha,
12:44 am
these protesters highlight the months of political estate me to form a government since last october's general elections. so that his supporters have been occupying parliament in protest in a televised statements other urging his supporters to continue their sitton as suggested dissolving parliament and holding early elections as a solution to the political deadlock. oh, the prayers coincide with southern supporters leaving the parliament building after one weeks it in. but they have been instructed to stay on the ground the surrounding parliament with out of no letters on mister wall. we are planning to continue here until we toppled the re jame no matter what it takes. we have nothing to lose more than what we have already lost. our country is in ruins. the you are an especial representative to iraq. disney plus hart has met marked at a souther in. now jeff,
12:45 am
she's been coated by local media saying the meeting was productive. but some of said was rival politicians put a challenge, including former prime minister marie al malika, and the head of the popular mobilization forces fell hel. for yog, both men insist holding early elections requires the formation of a new government. because iraq's case take a government doesn't have the legal right to hold another election, which means millions of iraqis may be facing many more days of uncertainty. but i'm with the worried and dizzy police in india, detained dozens of opposition. politicians during a protest about the rising cost of food and few congress party leaders were trying to march on the residences of the prime minister and the president. they blamed taxes for major increases and the costs of stay full, such as rice and mills. please also detain hundreds if congress supporters to stop enjoining the protest. when was foreign,
12:46 am
inflation is prompted india central bank to raise its key lending rate by half. a percentage point is the 3rd increase in the past 4 months. and economists say it will be the last this year. before the repeat, the value is making few food and medicine more expensive. the government says the warn ukraine is partly to blame. indian government announced new emission targets to try to tackle climate change. it made the french more than a year after you and climate change talks in glasgow. india is now committed to a 45 percent reduction in emissions per unit of g d, p from 2005 levels. that's more ambitious than the previous target of around 33 percent. it also rooms to meet half of its energy demands with renewable sources. by 2030. the previous target was 40 percent. india is aiming for net 0 emissions by 2070. it's of the 3rd largest carbon pollution and 2nd in the world for coal consumption. when you are, joshua is
12:47 am
a senior associate at the climate change. think tank e 3 g. she explains how the goals can be met. i do think that be mr. not in jefferson opportunity do so does the iterate, does all that the band, mr. fort? ah, but hopefully the domestic actions are along those lines that will help in keeping the vision and hopefully exceeding it. to be honest, i think instead of focusing on the 2070 target for instance, 2070 is us spot ahead in the future as almost to at 970 is in the past from us right now. what i think needs to be done more crucially is action in this decade. and that is what is going to sort of set us on the bottom. it was a keep me honest. see you by 2070 or even sooner than the prime minister
12:48 am
announcement. oh boy, he said, 2070 aren't even sooner. it's not a hopefully you find a dog in the beach. there's thousands of people impacted by drought in some of kenya's. driest regions may be unable to take part in this year's election. up to 4000000 people who are struggling to survive and many have been displaced. they say they feel neglected in the middle of a competitive and expensive general election after so in put some give us a county a do up these lively who depends on livestock. but there is a drought after 4 failed rainy seasons, millions in our in areas have little to eat and the animals are dying. in a few days, voters will head to the polls. up d and his neighbor say they are more focused on staying alive than costing the pallets i'd. i'd like to have a quote on that. absolutely. about holiday options have come to look for votes, where they have not told us how they will resolve or problems. they just won't vote
12:49 am
. livestock was millions of dollars have died since october last year. conflict over resources, boundaries and bounded. she are not making things easier. many hard as have left their homes to look for food and water. they have gone to other areas to try and see the animals. but it also means thousands of them may not be able to votes. politicians will rub their campaigns on saturday. they're promising better living conditions that the parts of this country where, you know, nobody wants to know about it and, and you know, what, what goes on in that part of the. and unfortunately, the county governments also not been very useful because the county governments of, of resources to provide her assistance to drought victims. ah, what has happened is that this county, governments have not located enough money at to livestock related activities.
12:50 am
these community elders say their issues have not been prioritized i born here in my children's school in here. i don't have a job. my income generation is left. so whereas school, my daily food is coming from the level to see my life. so all has gone. my grandfather died. oh, my children, all that good. so example, i'm asking you if my generalise of income is left took and has gone wild drive for those vying for political positions in this region, have talked about ambitious plans to reduce poverty. but many people here say they want less talk and more action. catherine saw al jazeera gary sac county. the dish farmers have
12:51 am
a short window to irrigate and harvest the bulk of their crops. this year, water is scarce and a seller's prolonged heat wave has put enormous strain on the industry. and as for brandon reports from suffolk, the government has stopped short of declaring an official drought. the sandy soil of the suffolk rec lands is perfect for root crops, like potatoes and carrots and onions. these potatoes destined for one of britain's high and supermarkets. the irrigation required, especially on this soil, is almost mind boggling. this some other used an estate is using 22000000 gallons of water every week. that's enough to fill more than 40 olympic sized swimming pools. it's unprecedented. i'm an incredibly worried there's not only myself, but number of farmers in certainly in this area in east anglia that haven't seen conditions such as this ever before in there. you know their careers, the danger that people have run out of water to irrigate their crops. it is real,
12:52 am
this is one of the estates to reservoirs when it's full. it holds 80000000 gallons of water in practical terms, it's currently empty. the last 2 centimeters of water to shallow to be pumped out. the head of the u. k. environment agency is warning that the gap between the increased demand for water and the availability of it is closing fast. it's a scenario he's described as the jaws of death and without urgent action. the crossing point at which demand exceeds availability is just 20 years away. july is record heat, wave has now abated, but the long term prognosis is alarming. official data projects that by 2050, some of britain's most vulnerable rivers could have up to 80 percent less water. and summer temperatures might be more than 7 degrees hotter than now. we know what climate change is likely to bring to this country. we also know we've got a growing population. we've got demographic change, which collectively are resulting in more demand for water. we can put in place
12:53 am
mechanisms to manage those pressures the sooner we do it. the easier it will be to push those joseph that back, but if we don't take action and definitely coming mechanism such as fitting thousands more domestic water meters and putting water efficiency ratings on household appliances. the national farmers union wants water to be regarded as a u. k strategic asset. so it might be that there's a lot of waterfalls in the east that has to be pumped into the some of the reservoirs in the, in the west. it's, it's, it's the ability to do so, to think on out the light on our fee to move water around to the best effect, to make sure that we've got enough strategic supplies to meet all of our demands as we move forwards. when it comes to the impact of water scarcity, the you case farmers alike the canary in the coal mine. and when they are as worried as they are now, it's a signal that the whole country needs to be consent, pull, brennan, al jazeera, suffolk, peruse. congress has blocked president pedro castillo from travelling to bogota for
12:54 am
the inauguration of colombian president elect. gustavo petro, the embattled leader is facing several criminal investigations, mostly over allegations of corruption, which he denies. under peruvian law, congress rules on whether the president can leave the country. asia opinion polls and chillies suggest voters are likely to reject a new constitution. a referendum is being held next month on the 4th of september at, but it appears that a disinformation campaign has been turning the public against the new laws. latin america editor new senior reports. yes. it's the final count down to a new draft constitution that was meant to unite chileans. ha ha. with a copy of the proposed magna carta in hand, his volunteers sing. let's go. we must win and vote approval or a proof in september decisive referendum. but those, you don't get a most of them. you know,
12:55 am
we won't change because like current constitution written under a dictatorship was bad. the smell will give us better health, education, pensions, and recognition from diginero nations. ah, yet the new constitution is seen by many as to radical and divisive even by some chileans on the center and central left. left joined together without hatred of you know, without fear. with hope to say it or not, this one, you know, even before the draft constitution was finished last month, it was the target of an unprecedented campaign of disinformation promoted by those who oppose. major proposed changes to chiles, political, any economy systems. the purpose is to actually make you believe something that is not true. i will say that probably there is an additional intent and it's to make you distrustful, not only of youth,
12:56 am
but about everything. disinformation fed on social and traditional media has spread fear that chileans will no longer own their own homes. that indigenous nations will have more rights than everyone else. and that the justice system will lose all its independence. even the independent electoral board has come under attack on social media, presumably by extreme right wing groups. he only rebel ago people they've invented all sorts of lies about the preliminary results and undocumented foreigners being able to vote. but many believe it. this is now chillies number one, best seller containing the nearly 400 articles of the proposed constitution. but it's not exactly easy reading and much of it is open to interpretation. all of which facilitates misinterpretation and confusion. add to this, the very credible reports that freight copies of this constitution are circulating on the streets in the mid to spread this information. and you have an issue that is
12:57 am
most explosive and polarizing. what are the televised campaigns, segments that give equal time to both sides may be crucial to the constitutions, passage or failure topic. they mumble some emotionally, everywhere in the world. an election campaign appeals to emotions. it will be the same with this official t v. campaign segment for this referendum, the b o emotion, effects and information over this information will likely be the deciding factors. chili's immediate and long term future. to see a newman al jazeera santiago, french authorities are tracking a beluga whale that strayed far from its arctic habitat into the river. sin drone put it shows it between paris and nobody. city of ho, tens of kilometers from the sea. it isn't expected to last long. and fresh water and their fears, it could starve. marine conservation group see shepherd, france has sent drones and
12:58 am
a boat to track the whale. conservationists suspect it may be confused by underwater noise emitted by passing ships and boats. south korea is one step closer to the moon after launching its 1st lunar orbiter. hurry to why not the open space x is welcome 9 roggette. it's journey to the moon's orbit will take 5 months as part of a year long mission lea orders observer mission involves testing space internet technology, including streaming the song dynamite by cape op group, b t. s. south korea im to land a probe on the moon by 2030. that's it for me. no and i would recommend that you were taking my snap. ah
12:59 am
ah ah
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ah. safe going home and then international anti corruption excellence award boat. now for your hero a simple act. applying a flag but in the occupied west bank reading, the palestinian flag could get you shot or arrested after the also ports of the $8900.00 ninety's between the palestine liberation organization and israel bound on the palestinian flag with on the ground. it's becoming much harder to express any type of support for the palestinian cause. one day there are no palestinian flag. the next best to reach are filled with it's a b, y t your net by young men who are not even born with these really government for the or the palestinian flag in need


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