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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 6, 2022 1:00am-1:30am AST

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ah, safe going home and then international anti corruption excellence award boat. now for your hero a simple act of flying a flag. but in the occupied west bank reading, the palestinian flag could get you shot or arrested after the also ports of the $900.00 ninety's between the palestine liberation organization and israel. the bound on the palestinian flag was listed, but on the ground it's becoming much harder to express. any type of support for the palestinian call. one day there are no palestinian flag the neck that's the rates are filled with them that they need y t. your net boy young men were not even born with these railey government for the cleared the palestinian flag in awe.
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israel's on dome system into set rocket spots from gaza launched in response to his ready air strikes. israel's operation targeted the islamic jihad group. a 5 year old is among 10 people killed. ah. under warranty, this is our 0. my from london. also coming up. china defends its military drills and the skies and sees around taiwan. the u. s. brands, the exercises a significant escalation, and 3 more shipments of grain leave ukrainian port easing concerns over an escalating global crude crisis. ah, i know begin in gaza whether a phase of full scale conflict. after israel launched
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a wave of ass, trikes and rockets were fired from the strip in response. as to any group, islamic jihad says it's $500.00 rockets in total aimed at is ready cities including tel aviv, israel's, on miss, our system has been deployed to intercept them. air raid sirens have been heard in southern and central israel all as follows and is really operation. earlier in the day, a high rise towering garza city was hit in a loud explosion, which they have to smoke pouring from the building. at least 10 people, including a 5 year old girl, were killed and dozens more injured. israel says the airstrikes targeted islamic jihad, a commander was killed in one of the strikes israeli prime minister, yale appeal, says israel will do whatever it takes to defend itself. israel carried out the precise come to therapy aeration, against an immediate threat. our fight is not, was the people of gaza islamic jihad is in the arabian proxy. the taunts to destroy
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the state of israel and kill innocent israelis. the head of his lamp jihad is in it . the harem. as we speak, we will do whatever it takes to defend our p. ronna chavez, an author and activist who lives in the neighbourhood. where these really strikes happened. she spoke to al jazeera about what she experienced. i heard about 4 to 5 loud bangs of the sleep, but i'll just tell myself licking up running, wondering what happened and it took a few minutes for me to follow up on the news because we didn't know whether it was rockets or shelling and there was panic in the area of people running, you can imagine this very large apartment building, which is about 13 floors and each floor with just about least 5 apartments. and you can imagine the amount of horror that this caused to all the people living in the
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building. there were children playing because you know, it's a friday, the weekends and fridays are usually peaceful of families get together. children play play outside. so this is really something that was totally unpredictable for and to be honest. as a mother, as the ordinary citizen here, you just, you know, think of what happened before. i mean, when it happened today, like my kids were staring at me and we were just there, good each other. they're grown up now they're teenagers, but like they were looking at me no way. thank. so what's happening again, we know what's going to happen. we know the whole scenario of you know, running from one place to another, not finding safety. i think the children here, there are the ones that bear the brunt of these wars because as a mother, like for example, my children and other children here have witnessed for major wars on gaza strip and other escalations on and off it's relations. and during every war, it's always,
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it's always the same, you know, we're, we, we're trying to find safety. they ask questions and trying to find as a mother trying to find answers to their questions and, and you feel so helpless of the parents because you don't have any answers to their questions. so it's like the whole scenario keeps running through our heads and like so we don't what's going to happen if this into all our cale war. it's going to be like the other words, if not worse. and there's going to be trauma due to, to trauma for us and our kids. and i think this is something that many people ignore. they just talk about casualties and people being killed. but the ones who survive, they also suffer because because it's not something they can easily forget or you can just, you know, wake up the next day of percent. nothing happening then go back to your ordinary
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life. so it's, i hope it doesn't play because it's not going to be good for, for me, for my kids, for anybody in place. and he's really oppression is still ongoing with overnight raids, seen across gaza. you know, i had is foreign developments. so until now we're still witnessing israeli raids on different areas of because a strip, the latest of which was a targeting of a home in jubilee that's in the north, in gaza strip. and i, i local sources say that 6 people where injured from that targeting, the ministry of health has not yet updated the number of injuries, or are people killed in these targets. it has been left until 10 people killed, including a 5 year old child. and over 75 have been injured in different areas. the rates are very much tense in the south,
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in gaza strip as well in high newness and rough off how those 2 govern. net with witness to lots of raids, violent trades lately. ah, in addition to the last raid, which was on the home in wor, townhome, and is in about his jerusalem and has more on international reaction to the attacks who israel continues with, with what it calls this operation. and on the other side, islamic jihad continues to rockets into israel. these really military says that now there's 120 rockets been launched into the country so far, we're not him. of any reports of injuries. on the israeli side, a lot of those rockets being stopped by the iron dough, which is the israeli system against rockets to stop them even in the air. and those that have landed seem to have done so in areas where they haven't been able
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to, to hurt anyone. say something else is going on. it's quite movie account that we were hearing from someone living in gaza. in the macro level. there are other countries weighing in on this and other organizations. united states is one of the earliest a tweet from the ambassador's israel, saying that the united states firmly believes the israel has a right to protect itself. we're engaging with different sides for come. so that was seen as quite firmly citing with the, with the israel in the jordanian foreign minister, the country always li, just to the east took a different tone calling for an end to the condemned israeli aggression against the gaza strip. and the un also the special coordinator for the middle east peace process. also waited and said that he was deeply concerned. egypt who various media is saying that there is a delegation from egypt that has come or is coming to israel to try and to try
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mediate between the israeli government and islamic jihad and try and stop this before escalates. still further. let's go to jordan live in washington, d. c. and tell us about the white house in response to this. the bind administration's response is pretty much what you would expect. it is as standing by israel's right to defend itself from attacks, from aggressors. but it also has been calling on all sides to exercise restraint to exercise calm, to stop the violence, to avoid escalations. and we have heard not just from the national security council spokesperson john kirby, but also from the u. s. ambassador to israel tom knights, that they are reaching out to us all interested parties, although we would presume that they are not talking to anyone from islamic jihad or
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from hamas, which is in control of the gaza strip. because the u. s. considers those organizations to be terrorists groups, but this is a situation that does concern the biden administration. they don't believe that the time is right to start new piece talks. but they had been trying to encourage both the israelis and the palestinians to basically take god trust building steps in order to maintain calm and to build confidence in order to get to an eventual negotiation for 2 states existing side by side. and it does come up and no, no, no, no, no, for the long time after a visit from biden to, to the region, tennessee. what that achieved, and whether there was any kind of dialogue about to the future of the region. well the topic did come up during us president joe biden's visit to israel and to the occupied west bank. but he made it very plain that even though he wants to see
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a separate independent palestinian state, he said that he had to be pragmatic. and he recognized that because of political changes and, and in the past few years that neither the israelis nor the palestinians were in a place to realistically, incredibly negotiate with each other. and so he stressed during his recent visit that the goal was to try to improve ties, particularly economic ties, as well as a do some low level confidence building measures between the 2 parties in order to one day get back to full peace negotiations a. but certainly to have that happen, not long after jo biden's visit to the region owed simply shows just how difficult it's going to be to get to eventual piece talks version. jordan, thank you very much. indeed. within hours of the attacks, the un special coordinator for the middle east versus quotient besides christians,
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new me sent this update from the un headquarters in new york. there can be no justification for attacks on civilians. those are the words of middle east coordinator toward venice land in response to the recent attacks in gaza. he noted that a 5 year old child is among the dead and express concern that this escalation between palestinian militants and israel. and what he described as the target in killing of the palestinian islamic jihad leader could further exacerbate tensions in the region intentions, which have been growing and brewing not only in gaza, but also across the west bank. and of course, it's the united nations that gets called in to pick up the pieces after conflicts like this in the occupied territories. and he express concerned that civilians will ultimately be the ones who pay the worst price at a time when international support and international funding to help in situations
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like this is stretched very thin. so a word of caution from the middle east coordinator words released on twitter and in statements to the media, calling on both sides to tone down their response and protect civilians still to come on out a 0 supporters of iraq's and she, i need it. whatever asada hold friday, pres, across iraq, the week off to bring the country's status fusions to a standstill. and weeks after the election of philippines, president ferdinand macos junior, to very different films released about his infamous father. ah, it's the weekend, here's your forecast and we're going to pick this one up in se asia. hi everyone.
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nice to see you. so a lot of rain is being steered into the philippines. let's pick up the story there . we'll go in for a closer look. now keep in mind on this map, the darker the color, the more intense the rain is falling to look around the capital region on lose. on island. for manila, we're going to have to keep a close eye here on the marchina river, and there are severe fight advisors in play here. now across the pearl river valley, we've seen huge amounts of rain in china. still some more to go on saturday and then temperatures are climbing across the yang see in the pearl river valley. so from move han shanghai to young jo. temperatures ranging from about 38 to 40 degrees northern portions of japan, about 89 all time rein records. were broken, we had remnants leftovers of what was the tropical disturbance rolled through, central and northern areas of japan's main island upon shoot triggered land slides and force more than 300000 people from their homes, australian capital territory camera,
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picking up $44.00 millimeters of rain in 24 hours, it's weather stock is stay and 48 years and still a legacy of more showers to go. lot of rain and a lot of wind for new zealand, south side and ah, oncology recalls the wiping mortgage boy called in china cook properties, exit grumble as columbia and venezuela, grief and men ties businesses. i approve revival loss. russia wants to pull out of the international space station. what's next? in all the calvin costs on al jazeera, we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter how you take it will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you, lou ah,
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more to the top stories here, roger 0. there is a full scale conflict in gaza after israel launched a wave of asterix and rockets were fired from the strip. in response, our senior group islamic jihad says it's $500.00 rockets in total aimed at is ready cities including tel aviv. israel's on dome system has been deployed to intercept all this follows an israeli operation. earlier in the day, a high rise tower garza city was hit in a loud explosion, which there smoke pouring from the building. at these 10 people, including a 5 year old girl, were killed and dozens more injured. israel says the airstrikes targeted the islamic jihad group. china has halted dialogue with a u. s. over number of issues, including cross border crime, drug trafficking,
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and the climate crisis. as tensions ran pop over. how speaker nancy pelosi trip to taiwan beijing regards the island as part of its territory. china's foreign minister defended by military drills in the seas around taiwan. why he won't the us not to act rationally and create a big crisis. america talk to promote as called, the drills unjustified, disproportionate and provocative. anthony lincoln says, the u. s. won't be provoked at the white house of summoned the chinese ambassador to protest against the exercises. meanwhile, taiwanese president, sighing when has promised the government can ensure its people safety. she also told her people and the video message, the taiwan will never be knocked down by challenges. attentions have dominated talks at the us in foreign ministers meeting, taking place in cambodia. and louis has more forms known as the meetings infinite pen drew to a close. cambodian foreign minister,
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whose chair of the association of southeast asian nations acknowledged the difficulties that lay ahead. we know that every years we have our set of challenges to address, but i have to say that never before, mob like this year, have we been confronted with so many parent us at the same time. tensions of the war and ukraine and us how speak a nancy pelosi visit to taiwan, have overshadowed events here. the divide between the us and its allies on one hand, and china and russia and the other appears to have deepened. china and russia's top diplomat out of the east asia summit when the japanese foreign minister was speaking reportedly in protest against japan's criticism of aging military exercises around taiwan, us, secretary of state antony lincoln said there was no justification for china's actions. these provocative actions are a significant escalation. we've seen how beijing is attempted to change the status
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want i want for some time, for example, more than doubling the number of aircraft flown over the center line that separates china and taiwan with the past 2 years. pursuing economic work, political interference and cyber attacks against i want. now, they've taken dangerous acts to a new level. united states is conveyed to with the r c consistently and repeatedly that we do not seek and will not provoke a crisis. it's unlikely china will back down. it's foreign minister has criticized the u. s. and defended beijing's action was $1.02 bottom below species her serious him, but that china so but at the seriously interfered in our international affairs violated the promiscuous had made we china and seriously harm that they once
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threats relations. so it is only natural the chinese side by show our strong opposition ozzie and foreign ministers had warned on thursday. the risk of miscalculations in the taiwan strait could lead to confrontation among major powers . in cambodia, there's been no signs that the meeting of the last 2 days have helped ease tensions . florence li al jazeera and on pen, japan has lodged a diplomatic protest with china for its missile drills, calling the incident unprecedented. that says you asked how speaker nancy pelosi visits tokyo as part of her tour of asia speaking japan's capital. hello. she defended her decision to visit taiwan after meeting prime minister of whom jo casita. flo. she said to china won't be allowed to isolate the island. she also promised american solidarity with the entire region. a jury in the u. s. has ordered conspiracy theorist and broadcaster annex jones to pay more than
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$45000000.00 in punitive damages to the parents of a boy killed in the 2012 sandy hook school massacre. the decision comes a day after he was ordered to pay $4000000.00 in compensate for damages to the parents of 6 year old jesse louis 20 young children and 6 adults lost their lives and the shooting which jones repeatedly called a hoax. he hosted the far right website info was, and jesse's parents sued him for defamation. they said they received death threats because of james's claims. 3 more shipments of grain of left ukrainian ports under deal broken by the u. n and turkey. the condo ships loaded with nearly 60000 tons of corn, departed from mosque and odessa on friday morning. one is headed to ireland, another to the u. k. and the 3rd to turkey. the 1st inbound congo vessel is also making its way to ukraine. 5, a black sea to be loaded in cranes economy minutes. this is the deal should now be
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extended to cover more crops. ukraine's president has hit back at amnesty international author accused his forces of endangering civilians, human rights groups as ukrainian troops setup bases in 19 residential areas, putting civilians at risk of amusement cases. amnesty is blaming the victim instead of the aggressor, the head of the seas. ukraine office also disagrees with the report and says their office wasn't consulted. nemiah's emotional mood. he, there is no condition even hypothetically under which any russians strike on your crime becomes justified aggression against our state is unprovoked, invasive, and terrorist union. if someone makes a report in which the victim and the aggressor are supposedly equalized in some way . some dates are about, the victim is analyzed and the aggressive actions at the same time are ignored. then this cannot be tolerated. supporters of iraq's, she, i lead and looked at our souther. i've held mass friday prayers in several cities,
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as others urged his supporters to continue the sit in front of parliament until those he calls corrupt politicians are removed from office for a week. now his supporters have occupied parliament holding operations in state institutions. w. i had reports from back that sounds like his to an out in the green zone for a friday me as prayer and protest, mostly supporters of influential say a leader more to the southern, some in the crowd. call it a revision. that done a theory you went to the iraq has been controlled by corrupt politicians, through consecutive governments. the quite system resulted in the deterioration of the health care system, education and security. poverty is on the rise, but corrupt officials getting richer every day. drugs and weapons are spread everywhere because of those authoritarian parties affiliated to foreign powers.
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what me while m many have travelled here from different parts of iraq in the hopes of getting their voices heard. iraq has had only a case ticket government for the last 9 months. and many basic services have been interrupted, shabby. it's just a lot more harder than god can. we've come here from the java. cabella had to cut and bubble sheet sunny curds christians, and it is all to say no to the constitution drafted by the americans. while we will not leave until probably dissolved one to ha, these protesters highlight the months of political estate, me to form a government. since last october's general elections, so that his supporters have been occupying parliament in protest in a televised statements other urges his supporters to continue their certain. i suggested dissolving parliament and holding early elections as a solution to the political deadlock. ha ha. the prayers
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coincide with southern supporters leaving the parliament building after one weeks it in. but they have been instructed to stay on the ground the surrounding parliament with out of no letters on mister mall. we are planning to continue here until we toppled the re jame. no matter what it takes, we say we have nothing to lose more than what we have already lost. our country is in ruins. the you and the special representative to iraq, jennine plus hart has met mark to the southern in. now jeff, she's been coated by local media as saying the meeting was productive. but some of said was rival politicians pause a challenge including former prime minister maria mckee and the head of the popular mobilization forces fell held for yard. both men insist holding early elections requires the formation of a new government. because iraq's case take
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a government doesn't have the legal right to hold another election. which means millions of iraqis may be facing many more days of uncertainty. without worried and dizzy. sparring inflation has prompted india's central bank to raise its key lending rate by half a percentage point. it's a 3rd increase in the past 4 months. and economists say it won't be the last this year afford, and the rupees value is making fuel food and medicine more expensive. the government says the war and ukraine is partly to blame. michel has more from new delhi. this is the latest effort to come ramp and inflation in india. what the r b i there is, a bank of india which is ingest, central bank is done. it has increase important lending rates, which basically means that the cost of borrowing money has gone up the home, loans person and lose education loan. all of those will now be impacted. inflation
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in india is at about 7 percent. if you focus on just in food inflation, it's even higher. and i know that has to do with what's happening globally. prices of food have risen internationally. the engine ruby has become more volatile. and the in the stock market as was, has become more volatile. now the i b, i admit that in the best case scenario, inflation will still be at about 6.7 percent for the rest of the. yeah. now, inflation is also a big political issue in india over the last 2 weeks in our position talking have things demanding a debate over price wise and latest lieu of taxes imposed by the government opposition parties have also been so testing inside the parliament as far as the common man, the ordinary cities and is concerned, they are really suffering. we have been covering the issue for many weeks and
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months now. and the moon on the seat is that incomes have stagnated. there is rampant unemployment in india, but expensive have gone up and especially basic necessities like food and fuel have become so expensive. many people aren't able to afford them. yes, 6, your state, antony blinkin has landed in the philippines ahead of talks with president fed in marcus junior. is it coincides with the release of a new film about his late father, formerly to fund it and had an end marker senior, who led a crackdown on human rights while in office is told from the perspective of the marcus his. but critics say it's part of a continuing campaign to whitewash history on below has more from manila to someone last year. we have finally, a movie depicting the 1986 people's uprising that top of the government of ferdinand marcus inside the presidential palace from the perspective of the
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marcus's, the film is showing just months after the election of the former leader, son, president, ferdinand marcus junior. it is being promoted as a true story, but historians say cliffs that have been circulating on line have not been consistent with the established truth. the scene shows that opposition leader corazon aquino, who later restored democracy as president launcelot lead playing majel. while a revolution was raging, crossing the line, it's really, it's, it's really hard to say. but the invention is very clear for me already. especially with the same way back when i saw it latino just saying, you know, very, very carelessly jacked them out of the philippines and then both would be ah, but junk they boil with the elder marcos ruled for 21 years. amassed an estimated $5.00 to $10000000000.00 worth of unexplained wealth and was responsible for tens of thousands of wrongful imprisonments, torture,
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and killings. according to human rights advocates, none of this was in the movie one another film about his administration. however, open on the same day, a tips is about student activism and how the marcus government then responded would brutality. i'll work more for a series of only to wednesday. the more important is that we are here to educate people. and that he is to be something which is for regarding already was the sport that and revise. so we really need to remind our young people about the importance of these booty. tapes, which was a musical before it went on. the big screen has been earning ray reviews and reaping awards, and hailed as being more accurate in its depiction of the senior marcus's iron fist, cruel critics afforded and marked the sooner. se whose victory in the election was a victory or dis information. now that this information has come to the movie theaters of.


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