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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 6, 2022 3:00am-3:31am AST

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well, showcase is the best documentary from the cluster. nicholas including a new 3 part series, the sixty's in the arab world. as protests continue following the swearing in the new president could sri lanka, economic and political crisis lead to humanitarian 1 august, which is iraq. did the young virtuosos, racing concert halls, and domination international competition? one o, one, ace made south korea's musical prodigies on out to 0. talk to al jazeera, we ask, so the rebound you speak off is clearly come, get a high cost for airlines and the industry. what's going wrong? we listen, you were heart of the, i'm struggling in the 19 seventy's if you have any regrets. no, we meet with global news makers. i'm talk about the stories that matter. on al jazeera, a fears
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of a full scale garza conflict as israel attacks with air strikes and palestinian fighters respond with rockets. ah madison. this is all new life from doha. also coming up a 5 year old palestinian girl is among 10 people killed and gaza. dozens, moore, or injured the palestinian islamic jihad group and gaza says it's far more than $100.00 rockets into israel. and china continues military drills are on taiwan and warns of more action against the us. beijing is still angry about how speaker nancy pelosi is island visit. ah,
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we're going to be getting gaza or israel's carried out a wave of air strikes and armed fighters have responded to provoking fears of a full scale conflict. palestinian islamic jihad says it's fired. a 100 rockets said is really cities including tel aviv. israel says it's iron door missiles system has intercepted them, air raid sirens have been heard in southern and central israel. the 1st is really air strikes, hit a high rise tower in garza city. one of those killed was tessie had also body commanded of the alt codes brigades. it's the military on august lamb of jihad, at least 10 others have also died, including a 5 year old girl. dozens of other people who bill injured. the grand father of the girl has been killed, said she didn't deserve such a fate. what did this chance hold? she was dreaming of going to kindergarten in asked her father for school's back and clothes. what has he done wrong? this innocent child is who's caretaker? prime minister yell appeared to gave his reasons for the attack on gaza. israel
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carried out the precise counter terror peroration against an immediate threat. our fight is not, was the people of gus islamic jihad is in iranian proxy, that wants to destroy the state of israel and kill innocent israelis. the head of his lamp jihad is in an ether haron. as we speak, we will do whatever it takes to defend our people, has a hama and is a member of the hamas political bureau. he says the on group which runs garza will defend the palestinian people. look, i think commerce, our wasn't very clear. this is alicia. go to speak will i think we will not keep silent and we will not get close our eyes for this. it proved an occurrence and i think you, we her the decision and go over to different on people and to stop the solution. i think we have the ability to do that and we have the decision to do that and to solve the situation. and i think that we have
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a good coordination with all policy infection another to see what we can do and what is the best option for the policy people and policy, the distance faction in this time. you're now st reports from garza. so until now we're still witnessing israeli raids on different areas of because it's stripped, the latest of which was a targeting of a home in jamalia that's in the north and gaza strip. and local sources say that 6 people were injured from that targeting. the ministry of health has not yet to a day to the number of injuries or people killed in these targets. it has been left until 10 people killed, including a 5 year old child. and over 75 have been injured in different areas. the rates are very much tense in this cell,
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then called the strip as well in high units and run off of those 2 govern net with witness to lot of raids, violent trades lately. in addition to the last raid, which was on the home in jamalia around chabad is an author, an activist who lives in the neighbourhood. for the strikes happened. i heard about 45 loud bangs of the sleep, but i'll just tell myself licking up running, wondering what happened and it took a few minutes for me to follow up on the news because we didn't know whether it was rockets or shelling and there was panic in the area of people running, you can imagine this very large apartment building, which is about 13 floors and each floor consist of at least 5 apartments. and you can imagine the amount of horror that this caused to all the people living in the building. there were children playing because you know,
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it's friday the weekend and fridays are usually peaceful of families get together. children play play outside. so this was really something that was totally unpredictable for us. and to be honest, as a mother, as the ordinary citizen here, you just, you know, think of what happened before. i mean, when it happened today, like my kids were staring at me and were just there, get each other. they're grown up now they're teenagers. but like they were looking at, you know, a pain. so it's happening again. we know what's going to happen. we know the whole scenario of you know, running from one place to another, not finding safety. i think children here, there are the ones that bear the brunt of these wars because as a mother, like for example, my children and other children here have witnessed 4 major wars on gaza strip and other escalations on un office relations. and during every war, it's all,
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it's always the same, you know, we're, we were trying to find safety. they ask questions and he trying to fight as a mother trying to find answers to the questions and, and you feel so helpless of the parents because you don't have any answers to their questions. so it's like the whole scenario keeps running through our heads and like so we don't what's gonna happen if this click into all our cale war. it's going to be like the other words, if not worse, and there's going to be trauma due to, to trauma for us and our kids. and i think this is something that many people ignore. they just talk about casualties and people being killed. but the ones who survive, they also suffer because because it's not something they can easily forget or you can just, you know, wake up the next day of percent, nothing happening and go back to your ordinary life. so it's, i hope it doesn't place because it's not going to be good for, for me, for my kids,
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for anybody in place to correspond need. abraham covers the occupied wife's bank for us and she says tension. there has been high since it's really forces arrested deleted of islamic jihad blossom on saturday. in jeanine, on monday, the palestinian presidency has condemned the installation calling a dangerous calling upon the international community to intervene. to stop what they called. it is rainy escalation. also we heard from the palestinian prime minister. how much are you talking about the escalation thing? it's israel that started this week. people also and drama, le go out in the, throughout the proto calling for unity calling for retaliation. we've also seen a 10 situation engineering in the north will be occupied with bank. this is we're excited to senior plumbing. she had neither was arrested from engineering itself.
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has been the epicenter of our coverage and has been the center of attention in the past few months as the radio would have been conducted almost nightly and daily. we to the outskirts of the refugee camp fear. we know that there are armed men in the camps there estimated at the lower hundreds. they used to be fight and engaged in armed compensations would be ready forces when they twice who enter the refugee camp and arrest people are. and we've also seen those armed men yesterday going and showing a 4th in the camp holding weapons. because as we know, ever since israel has arrested the sam beside the from janine on monday. the limit you have has reached its level of alert, has told it's all members to be ready to europe, to basically make israel page, which is the terminology that they've been using for arresting senior planning to
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had with them saturday from june and john holmes, unoccupied east jerusalem, and he's got more on the international reaction where israel continues with, with what it calls this operation. and on the other side is let me continue sim rockets into a row. these really military says that now there's 120 rockets been launched into the country so far. we're not him. of any reports of injuries. on the israeli side . a lot of those rockets being stopped by the iron dough, which is the israeli system against rocket to stop them even in the air. and those that have landed seem to have done so in areas where they haven't been able to to hurt anyone. will say something else is going on, it's quite movie account that we were hearing from someone living in gaza. in the macro level. there are other countries weighing in on this and other organizations . the united states is one of the earliest, a tweak from the ambassador's ro,
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saying that the united states firmly believes the israel has a right to protect itself. we're engaging with different sides for come. so that was seen as quite firmly citing with the, with israel in the jordanian foreign minister. the country obviously just to the east took a different tone calling for an end to the condemned israeli aggression against the gaza strip. and the un also the special coordinator for the middle east peace process. also waited and said that he was deeply concerned. egypt who various media is saying that there is a delegation from egypt that has come or is coming to israel to try and to try mediate between the israeli government and islamic jihad and try and stop this before escalates. still further the us national security spokesman john kirby says israel has the full support of the united states before or like to defend itself
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to solution. of course we remain committed to the station president strip. busy to jerusalem and. busy we still want to wanted to learn. jordan has more on the reaction in washington dc. abundant ministration is also reaching out of what it calls the relevant parties, asking them to try to calm the situation, to not aggravate attention and to try to was stop of the violence that has been erupt in, in is in southern israel and in the gaza strip. a all day on friday and into the overnight. the bite administration of course, is a very much committed to
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a 2 state solution, but it has also been a very clear and we saw this when the u. s. president joe biden was in israel and occupied west bank recently that he knows that the situation is not at a place where the parties couldn't negotiate in good faith on trying to achieve a separate palestinian state. it's not just that of the biden administration isn't going to engage with hamas, or with as long as law mc jihad that has been the policy of previous a u. s. administration. but the usaa government under joe biden has been rather explicit in its view that these organizations are proxies for iran. you're just not going to see you as officials engaging with hamas, or with islamic jihad. what you are going to seeing is engagement with the palestinian authority and its president mahmoud abbas. you're going to see an engagement, of course, with the israeli government. and you're going to see engagement with other parties
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in the region with egypt with jordan, with other countries that may be able to bring indirect influence upon hamas and islamic jihad. but you're not going to see the americans doing it themselves. that's just a nonstarter. united nations middle east coordinators called for the d escalation of the fighting. kristen saloon is good more from the u. n. a new york. there can be no justification for attacks on civilians. those are the words of middle east coordinator toward venice land in response to the recent attacks in gaza. he noted that a 5 year old child is among the dead and express concern that this escalation between palestinian militants and israel. and what he described as the targeted killing of the palestinian islamic jihad leader could further exacerbate tensions in the region intentions, which have been growing and brewing not only in gaza, but also across the west bank. and of course,
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it's the united nations that gets called in to pick up the pieces after conflicts like this in the occupied territories. and he express concerned that civilians will ultimately be the ones who pay the worst price at a time when international support and international funding to help in situations like this is stretched very thin. so a word of caution from the middle east coordinator or words released on twitter and in statements to the media calling on both sides to tone down their response and protect civilians. didn't leave you as a journalistic commentator at holiday newspaper. he says is really politics are to blame. these are a public is quite brainwashed and knows very little about what's going on. full days we were told that there 1000 settlements over the both of these guys are,
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must be under a co fool because there is a danger. nobody knew what is the danger. exactly. and then all of a sudden after through 4 days, israel claim that this is unbearable. i mean garza can be 16 years under siege and this is bearable. but some towns in the south of israel cannot spend full days of over look down. so here it happens. i am very suspicious. the test will do with the elections. any prime minister needs to prove himself, especially if he comes from the center list in israel. and we have a new prime minister. and he wants to show that he's a much or like, or the former prime minister, or those are very poor excuses to role for another circle in garza, the key question is woocommerce join on. if hamas we'd be clever enough not to join
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. and if israel we look provoke from us to join, so then there is a good chance of the few days. this will be over because the slimy jihad is quite a small organization with more limited capabilities. but once hamas with joy and then the skies, the limits still had it all, does it record heat and a prolonged dry smell raises views over the future. water supplies of british farmers and fertilize mottoes, juniors been president of philippines for just a few weeks. but his infamous father is grabbing the headlight with 2 rubies, telling very different stories. ah, he has begun the, the full world copies on its way to catherine book your travel package today.
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let's go with your weather update for asia head for one. thanks for joining in beginning in india and those mot soon rains are really due in a number on that west coast of india. some spots over the past 24 hours, 100150 millimeters of rain. and i think we can expect to see much of the same on saturday crusher, longer 2000 people have been force from their homes because of how intense the monsoon rains have been there, triggering some flooding over to pakistan now, and we're seeing the rain brit, terrible getting to some heavier bouts here for st province on saturday. want to take you to asia pacific. great. now some pretty intense rain is being steered into the philippines. so we'll pick up the story there, especially around the capitol region on lose on island dock of the color. the more intense the rain is and we do have some severe flood advisors in play. they're quite at soaking hong kong. got over the past 24 hours more than a 100 millimeters of rain. we had a tropical depression. that's dissipated, but still more rain to go on saturday and heat across the yangtze river valley. so
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we've got some weather alerts in place for shanghai seen a lot of rain for central and northern areas of honshu raising those river levels. but the good news is on saturday. still some showers in the forecast just not as intense as it has been a season. cats ha, airway issue, air line of the journey. ah, ah ah, you want you to see it a reminder of our told stories this hour. israel is carried out here, strikes in the gaza strip and armed fighters have responded provoking fears of a full scale conflict. palestinian islamic jihad says it's $500.00 rocker, said israeli cities. the 1st is really air strikes, had
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a high rise tower and got the city. one of those killed was t c at auto body, a commander of the all quotes for gays. if the military arm of palestinian islamic jihad, at least 10 others have also died, including a 5 year old go i'll just eat a senior political analyst. mama was shot. i says the attacks are part of a familiar pattern. it's so one of those so tragic daysia who all over again. right. we've seen that even if i remember correctly, you and i spoke about it. you just happened every every, every summer or so. but clearly most of the time there's a new radio escalation. clearly the attack on what israel deems an enemy target, but it is in a residential building and residential neighborhood as it is the case. most game guys are one of the most over populated areas in the world. it's
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a basically an open refugee camp. and hence we see already the last i look where 8 killed probably mostly civilians because as i say this as venture. and that's why it's again tragic. i think the israeli excuse is fin it's one of the same pre emptive attacks against that. but as soon as when it's clear to all of us that things are more or less comb with the exception of continued israeli raids in the occupied west bank that we've seen it happening ongoing since president by the visited the area speaking of president vitamin, he also comes to mind that because clearly. busy the, the, the horrific position of the united states telling the news that there is no end in sight for their occupation. there is no end in sight for the israeli practices.
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and that no matter what the united states would continue to support israel in its policies, which means this steves a free hand to do what it may in the occupy there is including and that including the killing of what it wants to kill. using the most sophisticated weapons, very much of that comes from the united states to other news. now, china says it's going to stop cooperating with the u. s. in a range of global issues as there are continues over the visit to taiwan by u. s. hospital, nancy pelosi, beijing regards the island as part of china and it's furious about her recent trip . china's not holding military drills using live ammunition close to taiwan territory. fornes louis has more from film pen for diplomats from the u. s. and china. i'd be meeting on the sidelines of the association of southeast asian nations conference as the meetings and can on pen drew to
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a close. cambodia is foreign minister who's chair of the association of southeast asia. nations acknowledged the difficulties that lay ahead. we know that every years we have our set of challenges, the address, but i had to say that never before, not like these here have we been confronted with so many parallels. at the same time. tensions over the war in ukraine and us. how speaker nancy pelosi is visit to tie one have overshadowed events here. the divide between the u. s. and its allies on one hand and china and russia and the other appears to deepen. china and russia top diplomats walked out of the east asia summit when the japanese foreign minister was speaking, reportedly in protest against japan's criticism of beijing's military exercises around ty, one, u. s. secretary of state antony blinkin said there was no justification for china's actions. these provocative actions are
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a significant escalation. we've seen how beijing is attempted to change the status quan, taiwan for some time. for example, more than doubling the number of aircraft flown over the center line that separates china and taiwan with the past 2 years. pursuing economic were political interference and cyber attacks against our now they've taken dangerous acts to a new level. united states is conveyed to the p r c consistently and repeatedly that we do not seek and will not provo a crisis. it's unlikely china will back down. it's foreign minister has criticized the u. s. and defended beijing's action from, sorry to bother you. but lucy's visits her serious him. but that chain a so good at the seriously interfered in our international affairs,
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violated the promise you had made we chain there and seriously harm that they once threats relations. so it is only natural that chain is said by show our strong opposition as in foreign ministers, had warned on thursday. the risk of miscalculations in the taiwan strait could lead to confrontation among major powers in cambodia has been no signs that the meeting of the last 2 days have helped ease tensions. florence li al jazeera and on pen took his prisoners, resumed tire bird ones, in the russian city of sultry, holding talks with president vladimir putin. the discussing turkey's role in the plan to resume gray neg sports from ukraine's ports on the black sea. the forest cargo ship carrying green from ukraine, passed through the boss for us near istanbul this week with 3 more on friday, add on, and putin are also discussing trade and energy rec, old high summer temperatures and prolonged dry weather in the u. k. o, putting enormous strain on farmers,
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but the government stopped short of declaring unofficial drought all brandon reports from the county of suffolk, the sandy soil, the suffolk, reckless, is perfect for root crops, like potatoes, and carrots and onions, these potatoes, dest, into one of britain's high, and supermarket, the irrigation required, especially on this soil, is on his mind boggling this summer. the youth an estate is using 22000000 gallons of water every week. that's enough to fill more than 40 olympic sized swimming pool . it's unprecedented. i'm incredibly worried. there's not only myself with a number of farmers in certainly in this area in east anglia that haven't seen conditions such as this ever before in there. you know their careers, the danger that people have run out of water to irrigate their crops is real. this is one of these states to reza was when it's full, it holds 18000000 gallons of water in practical terms, it's currently empty. the last 2 centimeters of water to shallow to be pumped out.
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the head of the u. k. environment agency is warning that the gap between the increased demand for water and the availability of it is closing fast. it's a scenario he's described as the jaws of death and without urgent action. the crossing point at which demand exceeds availability is just 20 years away. july's record heat wave has now abated, but the long term prognosis is alarming. official data projects that by 2050, some of britain's most vulnerable rivers could have up to 80 percent less water. and some a temperatures might be more than 7 degrees hotter than now. we know what climate change likely to bring to this country. we also know we've got a growing population and we've got demographic change. we say collectively, resulting in more demand for water. we can put in place mechanisms to manage those pressures the sooner we do it. the easier will be to push those choices back, but if we don't take action and that's definitely coming mechanism such as fitting
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thousands more domestic water meters and putting water efficiency ratings on household appliances. the national farmers union wants water to be regarded as a u. kate, strategic asset. so it might be that there's a lot of waterfalls in the east that has to be pumped into some of the reservoirs in the, in the west. it's, it's, it's the ability to do so, to think on our be light on our fee to move water around to the best effect or to make sure that we've got enough strategic supplies to meet all of our demands as we move forward. when it comes to the impact of water scarcity, the you case farmers alike the canary in the coal mine. and when they are as worried as they are now, it's a signal that the whole country needs to be concerned. poor brennan, al jazeera, suffolk. any film has been released about the late philippine leader fred, an unlock or senior who presided over widespread human rights abuses, is the father of the current president. barnaby law has more from manila. so my
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last, yes, finally, a movie depicting the 1986 people's uprising that toppled the government of ferdinand marcus inside the presidential palace. from the perspective of the marxist. the film is showing just months after the election of the former leader, son, president, ferdinand marcus junior. it is being promoted as a true story, but to store and say clothes that have been circulating online have not been consistent with the established truth. the scene shows then opposition leader corazon aquino, who lay to restore democracy as president launcelot leave playing mantel while the revolution was raging. crossing the line is really i it's, it's really hard to say. but the invention is very clear for me already. especially the same way back when i saw it latino just saying, you know, very, very closely get them out of the philippines and then both the b. i. but john table with the elder marcos ruled for 21 years. amassed an estimated $5.00 to
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$10000000000.00 worth of unexplained wealth and was responsible for tens of thousands of wrongful imprisonments, torture, and killings. according to human rights advocates, none of this was in the movie one another film about his administration. however, open on the same day, a tips is about student activism and how the marcus government then responded with brutality. i'll work more full series of lee to went through. the more important that we're here to educate people. and he's 3 something which is where forgotten already was the sport that and revise. so we really need to remind our young people about the importance of these booty, tips which was a musical before it went on. the big screen has been earning reviews and reaping awards. and hailed as being more accurate in its depiction of the senior, marcus's iron fist, cruel.


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