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tv   The Listening Post  Al Jazeera  August 7, 2022 5:30am-6:01am AST

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as calcutta is order will also forced out. both moves were criticized by the vatican, but some priests and human rights activists are calling on pope frances to speak out himself on the latest crackdown in all ceiling. you'll be galle in, in the calico the pope has maintaining an inexplicable silence. we don't understand what's happening. is he trying to dialogue secretly with vice president murray, you'll and while he silent, it feels as if nicaragua, catholic church has been cut off by the pope. right. now, oh, so far the pope has not commented upon seeing these images, vice president moody your repeated charges that some priests are, quote, servants of the devil and yankee invaders until yankee enough. neither she nor her husband, the president has offered any proof. to see a newman, al jazeera lightning struck a crude oil storage facility in western cuba sparkling a huge blaze that's injured, at least 80 people and left 17 firefighters missing. authorities say one body has
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been recovered so far. emergency crews have been trying to extinguish the flames of the mountains. a super tank obeisance friday. at least 2 oil tanks have been said, a light, a smoke spread, a 100 kilometers west to the capitol. havana. it's not clear how much oil has been burned to the facility, which stores fuel to produce electricity. she was currently struggling with fuel shortages. ah. this is our disease. these are the top stories, at least 24 people have been killed and more than 200. have been wounded after a 2nd here was really air strikes on garza apartment blocks homes and a refugee camp have been destroyed. israel says is targeting the palestinian group atlantic jihad the p i. j is. it's known as far as hundreds of rockets across the border into israel. most of been intercepted and no casualties have been reported.
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egypt cutter and the united nations are trying to initiate talks to deescalate the violence. the palestinian health ministry says the targeting of civilian areas has increased, the number of casualties come up with nothing elected alice little york is is riley aggression and attacks are focused on residential areas. this leads to more injuries among civilians. some of them are extremely critical injuries as a result of the continued siege of garza by israeli courses, which now runs to 15 years. we have a 40 percent shortage in basic medical supplies. the former u. s. president donald trump's given the closing the speech to the conservative political action conference in texas. it's the largest and most influential annual gathering of american conservatives. trump hasn't yet confirmed of he plans to run again for president columbia's 1st leftist president elect, former gorilla fighter. gustavo petro has held a symbolic, swearing in ceremony with indigenous groups,
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is due to be officially sworn into office on sunday. kenya's leading presidential candidates have been making their final appeals to voters ahead of elections on tuesday or dingo is making his 5th attempt for the country's top job as rival, as deputy president william brutal ivory coast as president has pardoned. as predecessor la home bug bowl for a theft conviction that would have seen him jailed for 1220 years. bagwell was president of ivory coast from 202011. there was a headlines coming up next on al jazeera. it's the listening post go by. ah diets define who we are, but who are we? if we don't know what we're eating in a disturbing investigation into globalized food fraud, people in power reveals long hidden, scandalous practices that have infiltrated international wholesale markets and supermarket chains and asks, what's really on our plates. food inglorious food pot one on al
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jazeera ah, the media are typically seen as makers of consensus in harmony and concord and all of that. but india is actually a spectacular case of the opposite happening. the hindus were the majority of being positioned as the victims of historic injustice. and it's the minority that are being presented as they're aggressive. the hindu public is constantly being made to feel beleaguered. they're presented with this external threats muslims, against which they're supposed to unite. and in the process, the viewing public is actually led to
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a sense to whatever the political lead saying ah don't look down, but india is on a precipice. the voices of hindus for hindu supremacy are ascended, as is in tolerance, hate speech. it has worked its way through the body politic, like a slow acting poison. the effect on the muslims targeted has proven toxic at times deadly. hate speech proposes violence as a solution. and in india, it is pumped out night after night. the country has hundreds of news channels, many of which have monetized conflict. they trade in hyper hindu nationalist, xena phobia name calling usually or in support of india's ruling party. the b j. p
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. and prime minister no rent remotely. because i think you know why, why it's like it's now due to the fight evening of on evening with all it's a didn't and cruelty and the banality of hypnotic entertainment. i think sunday morning in the way you conduct yourself on television. and there's also this, this is joy that people find in the collective fleeing of ideas that are contrary and to stablish meant, or the fling of individual or community is a dash or met mother. so got a come, but you don't have that upon your he got to kind of have the problem really late
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in the something called reading news make. the game becomes one of viewership. and he was just trying to grab eyeball on to see what was written out. journalist got gumaro. you anything good be in then that be of the battle for rating has made the television more and more to some extent, even irresponsible yet not to have any senior panelist. describe them as benches because because of the madman which they do with this. i think really and this kind of dramatized tv that seems to work because already insecure down and out middle class likes to put a face towards insecurities. while it fears to all its anger,
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it's resentment. it's hate me to my gaze. i've got that. oh, does this have the battlefield or what do you like, lisa? and these people give them that, that face the face of the most of them, ah, who to understand how india got here and how exceptional and dangerous a moment. this is in its history. one has to go back in time ago with destiny. and now the time come when we shall be off in 1947 after almost a century under british colonial rule in south asia. the country want its independence out of the fires of partition. india forged a constitutional commitment to secularism and multiculturalism hindus were the
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majority. but all of india citizens were to be treated equally under the law. a bit by bit decade by decade the b j. p has sold more and more hindus on the idea that their way of life is under siege. that muslims pose a threat and the news media which have been transformed and effectively weaponized have been crucial to the messaging the founding fathers of in gad, this vision of the nation, which was quite different from pakistan escape find biden. and they wanted in get to be a state for all its citizens. but i think somewhere along the line secularism, or even the idea of democracy in general buckley duncan, everyone in india to point. but today, these concepts perhaps only resonate with an elite and the b b and it's in the plan . it will have been pushing this issue. this graces of hindu identity for
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a very long time. what's happened simultaneously that remarkable shift in television news on the content that you see on the news to me. ah, this is there were dashing news good evening and welcome to the news coach for a very long time has been stayed and boring. so the idea that you could actually be educated by what these voices on the air are saying is very new. but funnily enough, it's actually welcomed. you have a hindu community that the media doing their very best to try and unite. how do they do that? well firstly, by positioning the sense of an external enemy, right? against whom, then you are all supposed to be united. most importantly, you don't have to look inside and ask, what actually unites all of us induced together. so here you have these anchors telling people what they should think whom they should approve of and whom they should disapprove of. and
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a kind of works of all the willoughby india next friday when it's done with describe themselves as low as the number. one thing himself with re keen since to be he begin to power is that you have anchors who've taken quite committed hypo partisan positions. they've decided essentially to ship for the government and damaged any other view. was anti national spirit savagery up asked about i bought it, but that you never did by muslims. today, we're going to get a believe it or the address who they fall in love with all if there's a problem or can be a potential problem or a crime. and so for muslim use consumers, it's a pretty big scenario. you would want to june out or disengage in some ways if the news outlets that it disengaged from the stories that are hitting
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people, the hardest indian agricultural sector, responsible for roughly 20 percent of its g. d. p is in turmoil. its health care sector, exposed by covert 19, is in critical condition and the unemployment rate is approaching 8 percent. that's more than 100000000 people without work. yet when the online outlet news laundry analyzed, debates across 7 major news channels earlier this year, it found that the number of programs, tackling economic problems were minimal, communal issues. hindu versus muslim debate controversies dominate the output and certain terms get thrown in like jihad and then applied to whatever grievances indians may have. there is this whole discourse of jihad which loosely references the global war on terror. yup. but it was
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a big god. love job gives you so much. trouble was going to make sure he loved you, had references taking off hindu women and this whole sense of honor because every communities honor seems to rest in their women, something like that. it was never going to me. but the gotta, you have plenty of, it was a lot of land. so attacks the idea that most things should be buying land almost and should be building houses. this is the kind of discuss about this ecosystem proliferates the government. the executive with the help of the cheerleaders has marked out not just muslims, but dilates the tribals and people who are generally dissenters and their labors that describe them. there's little that this hidden, those anti national slogans, their middle b and b, that the nationalism your to support the break up will wind up with these terms.
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they attached themselves to people's imaginations very easily. many of these anchors often use the term illegal immigrants are. it's kind of like a short handful muslims. and you saw this very recently when there was a fate of losing all muslims and shops. i happen to cause i thought out. and you had prominent anchors claim on top of the bulldozer in a sort of a macabre roman spectacle was what i had to put it in. got you? yeah. get that. i got what i got. good night guys letting me go down godaddy and it was, there's no proof of them being illegal. some of them, even in fact have documents which show that they have benefited from the prime minister's housing scheme. but because you can just lever these people as illegal are called an enterprise eager. and because it's such a spectator sport, the audience is almost numbed into thinking that these people must deserve it. the listening post repeatedly requested interviews with a half dozen of india's most prominent news anchors. none wanted to speak with us.
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oh, there is no larger religious minority group in any country than indian muslims. 20 percent of the population. more than 220000000 people, communal tensions, and violence. there have a long history. and given the sheer number of people involved, what is being said on the airways and echoed across social media, tolerated by the moody government and arguably, even stoked by it. our producer put this question to the senior advisor to india's ministry of information and broadcasting. when you consider how large india's muslim minority it's, are you concerned about the incessant dehumanizing coverage of that community? does the government have a responsibility to deal with this kind of hate speech? hello of what you call hate speech is also it can be called
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a click beat speak. i would not necessarily link it to something director at muslims in india. and as you rightly said, it's not a small minority, i'm in the word might not be away. you basically means that the lesson and numbers, but they're not a living on the margins. it's not only a comment on my, on the muslims or a comment on the minorities, some awful stuff is said to won't kimble's to i would not sort of get on worked up about it. what it is, what is self worrisome, but not worth getting worked up about that kind of thinking alarm as experts in the history of genocide like gregory stanton, 5 years before through wanda's genocide of 1994, he warned the authorities there that their country was in a dangerous place,
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stanton was ignored. the rhetoric kept coming from the government's side and some hateful voices in their will want and need one radio station in particular that broadcast calls for murder. hundreds of thousands were then slaughtered. stanton stresses that acts of genocide don't come out of nowhere. they don't just happy. they are the catastrophic culmination of a process. and what india is going through right now, according to stanton, fits with the pattern. a media play a huge role in creating the polarization in a society that is necessary for genocide. they do this through dehumanizing the targeted group, accusing them of being a cancer in the society, or are a danger to the society trade is to the society. what are you?
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good. okay. well i'm of it about the like to renew your role. in rwanda, you had the hate radio and television and newspapers claiming that the tutsis were cockroaches for example. so this kind of dehumanization is something you find very frequently before genocide happens. this mit got off the st. john it did. so with that beam up, he's got a dog. good. that's got bobby said, we have the indian home minister for instance. shot using words like termites. well, doesn't that sound familiar? when you study the rwandan genocide, every genocide depends on 2 forces. it depends on popular beliefs that include prejudices against certain groups. and then it also requires leadership
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leadership that profits from that hatred. and that uses it to build up its own power. we see both in india today, ah, as hate in division have spread. prime minister modi has stayed mostly signed, showing the kind of discipline, some of his officials clearly law. and a ragged tucker was a junior minister in 2020. when he spoke at this b j. p election rally i. 6 that got him borrowed from campaigning by india's electoral commission for a total of 3 days or one year later, the prime minister actually promoted tact. he's now in the minister of information and broadcast when asked why a report if his speech that day helped set off the inter communal violence that followed in new delhi. this was his response. he obligated good. well, today met that he got don't get media. good. john gotti. tiffany: hey, giovanni,
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and well, let me john karima will give you the video of that speech is still online there for all to see if you go back and look at the an edited footage, the minister was actually asking people to not leave such a slow no food dates, no evidence exists, of the minister raising that slogan. but just because some mention of it came into media that became the truth. and that true god for the amplified. it's true that rock taco didn't see issued the treatments. but he was basically leading a john, so i wouldn't read that as him trying to stop the crowd. 6 you could see he was
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egging them on and even if the media soccer up as to did something and completely put it out of context. the election commission of india, they would have seen the review and they would have found something wrong with it to take that action that the take against him. we asked for an interview with an iraq, but got no response. recently, belatedly, the government has had a refill and tack or has reportedly met with media owners and tv anchors urging them to turn it down. but that will have little effect on the poisonous material spreading online where so many indians go to keep informed by people like you actually nothing, conduct a right wing hinder. last year he helped organize a 3 day religious gathering in how to do where hindus called openly for the killing of muslims. i
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knew that video trended for days. all any indian has to do to take part in a celebratory culture of violence is go on youtube or what's app. they'll find content far more explicit and disturbing than anything they'll see on tv. so now we have live streaming violence, live action, news, and so forth. that's coming via social media. recently we had a policeman beating muslim suspects and custody of this case. the policeman was suspended, but almost always individual acts of violence. simply go unpunished. many news aren't actually going to katy for the news in factories enjoy. report showed that audiences are going to you to primarily fallen by and you have all kinds of stock
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disinformation being shed on those platforms. we have people, supposedly really just figures who say some really shopping for a doctor, but then they're not even new plans to this game. who kind of impersonate news anchors. you know, they feed you all kinds of nonsense from a sort of a new studio set up. you know what you meant in a lot of game bought. he bought another and got a bad ogden. he got better, but the law got a bad gone on go up near hot. we live in on a hill. don't buy hemlock. i've been and this stuff gets forwarded and people have no idea what the source of news is. we find many instances of violence against former untouchables against muslims who may actually be blameless. and what it suggests is that violence is actually popular. oh my god, why a now they may be a narrative that rationalizes, as you know,
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administration of justice. never mind due process, never mind the lack of evidence that there is a shocking truth underneath all of this. that violence against minorities is actually popular and that's, that's difficult to digest. ah, lorenz ramadi is not care. michelle, hardly a day goes by without his p r. team pumping out another video of the prime minister amongst his supporters. but mowdy has failed to condemn the toxicity online or in the media, which for many indians makes him an accessory to the hate crimes that follow. this is a prime minister who has crafted his image and his message carefully. and his frequent participation in hindu religious rituals is usually made for teasing.
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india is the 2nd or 3rd largest muslim country in the world. so it's absolutely crucial that the government be seen to be above religious differences. but what we have is actually the opposite. galloped towards and increasingly assertive into identity. so we have prime minister modi appearing on television and meditating in the cave, worshipping in hindu temples. when all this is really unprecedented, this is insistence on demonstrating that the government is a pious government, blessed by the st, carrying out the will of god, and anybody who opposes the government, who is critical of it, is india hater and foreign media? well, they are hating india to their against india, and of course modi's the chief hero and the story. ah,
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what's her international news outlets like how to sarah missing in their coverage of india right now? well, i would like to see i'm am does being very honest away. yeah, i would like to see algebra reporting, news or reporting events and not being an exclusive child on muslim issues in india. so you have to decide what you wish to be. you want to be amused. outlet on you want to be an outlet for only the muslims often via but even if you wish to be an outlet for only the muslims of india. i would really want you to go and meet the vast majority of muslims in india who'll oh fis and neither deprivation nor do them. thus and legally, once his conscience gupta said similar things about the new york times and the
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washington post that they also focus too much on muslim issues. but spend any time watching the channels feeding news to indians. and you'll realize, somebody's gotta do it, report on the frightening trajectory that this story is taken where it may lead. you may be wondering, why aren't we anchoring this broadcast from new delhi? we tried for months, we applied for visas and were questioned by indian officials in london. and we have yet to hear back. the motor government is clearly sensitive about foreign news coverage. but if it was just news outlets on the outside making trouble. why just a few weeks ago with the editor's guild of india, heads of newspapers and magazines, condemned domestic news channels for targeting vulnerable communities by stealing hatred. and they compared those news channels to that real want and radio station,
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the one that helped pave the way to genocide the, the goals for, for the boys got an extermination which are getting political currency and social gardens and which are being justified as, as just some kind of fee speech discourse that you must engage with. the just kind of hateful debate the in and out. it's extremely dramatic. because you're, you're forever trying to engage or make sense of, of the very depressive discourse. there's always been violence in india. there's always been violence against the leads against the tribal people against muslims, against women. but earlier it was seen as an aberration. now this kind of violence
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has moved center stage. it's not happening on the margins. it's in fact, constituting the new state. august on the out is there a year after the taliban took over special coverage of the current situation in afghanistan. the listening post examines and dissects the wealth media how they operate, the stories they cover. 5 years on since me, on mars, muslim minority were forced from the country. we look at the play of the rocking. i'll just say we're well, showcase is the best documentary from across the network, including a new 3 part series, the sixty's in the arab world. as protests continue following the swearing in the new president could sri lanka as economic and political crisis lead to humanitarian
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1 august, which is the route on canada because the winding mortgage boy caught in china good from the fact that grumbled as columbia and venezuela agree the men ties businesses, i afraid of revival loss. russia wants to pull out of the international space station wants next in all the county, the cost on al jazeera. the important thing if you are walking around in beirut was noticed to be in the line of fire from the holiday. paula, we heard gunshots. i was the 1st one to flee. the hot battle lasted 3 days and 3 nights and there were no prisoners at the controller holiday in and you controllers the region around. and that's why there's such a bloody battle. an icon of conflict at the heart of the lebanese civil war, beirut holiday in war. how towels on al jazeera ah.


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