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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 7, 2022 11:00am-11:31am AST

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al jazeera, we're bringing the needs and current of fast, but metal ah, counted era like everywhere, connectivity is paramount. and yet for infrastructure and dependence on foreign corporations means to many remain offline. now, a politician and tech activists are building a home grown solution. connect with the nations technological sovereignty. ah rebel geeks, the citizens network on audio ah award winning documentary from around the world. ah, now j 0 ah,
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the israeli strikes on garza kill a 2nd islamic jihad commander at least $29.00 palestinians, including 6 children, a dead as the operation enters the day the sirens and explosions are also heard in wes theresa, i must palestinian sizes a barrel of rockets and israel ah, clubs and rob and then you're watching our lives. my headquarters here in doha also coming up can years leading presidential candidates wrap up. campaigning. what's seen as a tight res, so the top spot and does the injured and firefighters are seeking key bertha, blaze, it's an oil facility rages out of control. ah,
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welcome to the program is really a tax on garza that began on friday have killed another islamic jihad commander collins who had headed the groups operations in the southern gaza strip. it was targeted a day after the groups commander in the north was killed there amongst $29.00 people confirmed at so far, including women and children, sirens and explosions have been heard in western slim after a barrage of rockets aside from the gaza strip. and a few hours ago, more than $1500.00 ultra nationalist israelis. and to the alex a most compound, you don't keep these jerusalem to mark the annual fast day of tisha. above jewish israelis are allowed to enter the cold power, but forbidden from praying that you. but i'll say begins are coverage from garza, israeli war, plains town. the gods this trip miss hills have flattened several homes at
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apartment building. yeah. darling, yeah, madison middle was having breakfast with her family of 10 when she, her neighbors calling for the evacuation at their home and others nearby her home and for others were destroyed. now she and her family need to find somewhere else to take refuge, protected, had nowhere or let her know. i ran away quickly, we all ran. we didn't take any clothes or belongings. i took my girls there ill and some people had to carry our old man on a stretch out of the house. quickly islamic jihad replied to the attacks wiring rockets to which israel, the group cold, their operation fills of unity, and say they targeted ease, really, towns and military sites. according to israel, the media most who are intercepted by the iron dough, miss sile defense system and no serious casualties were reported.
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israel says it is preparing for a week of operations. egypt and the united nations are crying to broo curry truth. but in the causes trip, the human toll remains severe. ease really, missiles targeted civilian car in the bait. her new refugee can only lead a 73 year old who was preparing for her son's wedding was killed in the attack. health officials say the numbers will only rise if the fighting continues. did oh no, they are thinking civilians. we are thinking premises. there isn't areas, nobody knows what would happen in the coming few hours for that reason. this is an appealing fact to extend the helping hand immediately to initial fingers, as for chrysler. and you know, of course, the electricity we have talked to christie. it's declared. now that will be only 4 hours a day. and 12 hours of electricity, which means that we would rely in the house, goes on and rapes jacobs,
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will consume, like half 1000000 liters every month. we do not have this feel right now. we've got all our skies. this is what we have and nobody knows what will happen in the coming months. the last word has caused a wide spread of devastation. urine, because this trip a year later, almost no reconstruction has been made. the isolated coastal territory is impoverished and the people are hardly recovery the fear of another round of escalation. the less joy you've been out in garza, you've been really a very nervous situation for the public at large across the gaza. strippers. this mission or military operation by the israelis continues. yes indeed, sir hale. so for the 3rd day in a row, these really air strikes are still are taking place across the goddess trip. the latest to was a targeting of a home in the jack ballier refugee count, a cor,
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according to local sources to people where killed in the attack instantly. and the number of injuries were taken to hospital. the mystery of health has still not updated at the latest casualty is also just a very short while ago. a group of the people were targeted by a drone, messed style in san eunice. and now the eastern, a con eunice in the southern gaza strip was, don't know, what are the casualties of that attack. the toll of stays are $29.00 killed, including 6 children and over $250.00 injured. ah, we also have sin islamic jihad, our rockets being blanched towards jerusalem, or in a gosh, done a particularly and also
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a we have witnessed the last night's very violent raids on the gods. a strip that great number of civilians where dead and were killed and injured in those rates are according also to the power plant and company hearing godsa. it says that it has talked operating the soul power, planting garza for generating electricity to the strip because of the closure of the borders and the lack of fuel that is available in the strip. so this is another crisis that adds to the more crisis off the strikes and are the, the burdens on the of the album is really our assault or attack on because the stroke, you know, said gaza, thanks very much. and because i was in abraham,
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who's lived for us in ramallah, in the occupied west bank a need to any these bailey's happy making mass arrest. so the last few days is not continuing. really. what are you hearing about that situation where you are just this morning, 20 to palestinians with arrested by israeli forces including 2 leaders, office climate you had, and one female over the past few weeks, we've been seen those arrests intensifying in the occupied us bank. but this time they're being focus and targeted slamming. she had members now from our. * coverage lately we've been seeing a growing support for the palestinian islamic jihad in the occupied to us bank a part of the armed men in the janine refugee camp, which are estimated that in the lower 100 belonged to this law makes you had. so what is happening in gaza now is being seen here in the west bank as an attempt by israel to collab down on a flat makes you had to try also and drive
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a wedge between the different palestinian fraction to kind of isolate the slum and to have as a separate a faction fighting for itself why itself and we've we cannot forget that last year. around in may, there was also a war by israel guards up i'm. we've seen them, i sense of unity all across the palestinian territory and inside israel, palestinians in the occupied west, back in occupied the jerusalem in the b. c. got the palestinians in israel were all fighting together. were all protesting. let's put this more accurately against the israeli occupation. many here say that this situation did not appeal to israel. it doesn't like it. so it's trying now to drive a wedge between the different kind of city in fractions, by isolating slamming you had on its own. the green forest. everybody. thank you.
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well, john holmes has the latest from that kim junction that's on the israel garza border sirens, going off in jerusalem. that's not something that's her commonly, which is why we're talking about it. usually that happens more in the border region . the cities in the towns around at the gaza strip and also into television. so the fact that those are being heard in jerusalem marks another point of tension in what's happening here between islamic j. d had and the israeli government. now let's get on and talk about what's happening in the alexa compound. so at the moment is more than $1000.00 ot nationalist jews that have gone into the compound. those numbers are according to jordan, which is the official custodian of the alex and mosque in the alex a compound. now they're going in to for a special day which marks the combination of morning of the destruction of the
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jewish temple, which is believed to have been built on the same site. obviously juice, cool that temple mount the size of the alex a mosque in the alex to compound. so that's why they're entering at this point. inevitably, that cause his pension with muslims, many of whom believe that they shouldn't be going there, especially in those numbers. what we're hearing so far is israeli police saying that already 3 palestinians have been arrested rules. so hearing from journalists that are actually on the ground there in the camp compound saying the israeli forces have prevented a muslims away under the age of 50, from going in twilight. so while this happens, so we're now, so of course hearing that it's hot and that a member of the jewish israeli kinessa has also gone in and he sorts of championing this event. this going into the alex earth compound. to celebrate this day,
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he's called it to martin, then give it. so he's also heading in there at the moment. so i'm one of the right now. we're not seeing too many, too much fighting, actually within the compound. but this is a tense environment that could or that could become more volatile until the knees now and more than. more for more cargo ships have left you quite in ports of the black sea. they left your troubles, desa legs up with more than a 160000 tons of food. exports have resumed under the agreement between russia and ukraine, negotiated by turkey and the un to the ships, a carrying called to turkey. what is taking mays meal to china? the 4th is heading to italy with some flower oil on board. the nuclear watchdog has condemned. shall he get the chaper richer plant? ukraine say it could cause a nuclear disaster. he even moscow have accused each other of firing on europe's largest nuclear power station is occupied by russia,
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but still operated by ukrainian employees. the phrase, nuclear agencies says the nitrogen oxygen you this, the high voltage po, alive has hit the head of the 1st topic. energy agency has called all parties to show restraint around the plant. phil had here on out is there a protest is returned to the strengthens for lanka, about the end of but cracked out of the 7 plus the social leader murdered his lead. assess the lexia violence division facing colombia, vivita. ah, the journey has begun. the b for world copies on its way to catholic book. your travel package today. hello. they're ahead of another heat wave that's going to
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sweep the south west of europe. we've got a hot air mass clinging on to the south east and those hot and dry conditions are not helping wild fires burning in the south of serbia. not to give you an idea of the heat that's clinging on around the balkan area. the dar in croatia said an old time new hi record on saturdays, nearly touching 40 degrees. now on sunday. those high temperature warnings remain not just for italy, grease and eastern areas of turkey, but also for romania, bucharest. gonna continue to see the temperature climb. we have a look at the 3 day, however, there will be some relief coming in on wednesday. as the temperature starts to drop and the rain rolls then. now heat of the day, thunderstorms still continue for northern areas of italy. we've got a line of severe storms rolling across western areas of russia. that's going to not the temperature down in moscow, some showers as well for places like spain, but it's bone dry for france there. you can see the drought continued. we have got another hot spell on the horizon for the north, west britain,
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an island seeing lots of sunshine and clear skies, some showers up in the north, but we are going to see temperature climb. we have a look at the 3 day for paris is certainly going to be pushing up by wednesday. i saw airway official airlines. the john talked to al jazeera. we ask for the rebound you speak offers clearly come get a high cost for airlines and the industry. what's going wrong? we listen. you were part of the arm struggle in the 19 seventy's to have any regrets. no, we meet with global use maintenance. i'm talk about the story stuck on al jazeera. what we do, and i'll just theera is try to balance the story and leave the people along with into their lives, dignity, and humanity. lou, wow.
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the me like your what you out there with lisa who rather reminded law latest developments in garza israel. at least 29 people are being killed and more than 200 injured as this really attacks and a day israel. so the oppression last week. a 2nd come out of these, not the old group. israel says it's targeting has been killed, but civilians including the children are also above the dads. simons, i've explosions have been heard to west teresa as a palestinian funds of large rockets towards israel above the state on the sidelines. so far more than $1500.00 ultra nationalist israelis have entered the most compound. it occupies east teresa to compare the will fasting day time will transform with history. so flight through san space have received with
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china expected to end the biggest minute drinks sizes and i'll be on on sunday. the 4 days of chinese drills would respond to the visit by taiwan by the us house because the policy try to deploy war ships, fight against the trades over the island, which beijing claims as its own. taiwan has accused the chinese alby of simulating an attack, the u. s. s. cole. the exercise is an escalation, can be as leading presidential candidates of how the final term paid rallies before elections on tuesday. right. i think it is making his 5th bid for the top job. his rival is current deputy president william ruta conference, so he has will from the ruby ah, by loading essays. he is campaigning for change. it's his 5th run for president. this time he has the bottle of outgoing president who can yetta in a pat stadium. would dingo made his final pitch to kenyans,
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reminding his supporters about he struggled for democracy. and if i were in under michigan, if i don't and i will do it because i loved her more than i love, but i love, i'm oh no. oh, who's who turned up for this? riley said they trust him to one hour because i'm at about any guy. i believe things will change because rayleigh has done a lot for us. were william router, the other main presidential candidate, assembled, he supported in different parts of nairobi and central kenya. oh, router is the deputy president but has fallen out with his books. he says he wants to focus on what he calls that bottom up economy and empower kenyans financially. oh. on it. mm hm. about it. it. okay. yeah,
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there many things we are expecting and we know he will deliver the candidates. yes . similar policies both say they will you buy the economy and deal with food security, medicaid ever spoken to say the want a better life. they want good job. the worried about corruption and the huge public debt and they, they don't trust them with addition. but dinger, andrew to have attracted huge crowds. but they also know such gatherings do not necessarily translate to votes. katherine saw i'll jazeera nairobi, ivory coast president has pub, his predecessor lower bank beg for theft conviction that would have seated jail for 20 years. back bay was born in president of 2000 to 2011. in 2010, he refused to concede the election to the currently, the southern tata, the dispute, spotty civil war, the kill 3000 people court lay to convicted back. the ceiling funds for the central
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bank transit military leader has arrived at doha to try and finalize the delay. that starting piece talks with about groups interest. debbie is meeting with category officials who bid the go shaping the agreement. some opposition groups in chad are opposed to the court. the peace talks have to pay the way for elections. cambodia is foreign minister says efforts to help restore peace of beer ball have been complicated after the execution of full political activists proc. so han made the comments of the assay and foreign ministers meeting a wall, but without future progress, the group could shift its position or be above the military. executed full pro debacle, sent to his last month for international condemnation. as yet, has bobby evolved from attending meetings until injured to take steps towards implementing a peace club? if and i see it clearly publicly. if war
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exec cushion are conducted, then things will have to be reconsider. our position will also have to be be considered to give the protesters ends for lanka have gathered. it defies are cracked up by security forces that agree about economic crisis and shake both sides of ending despite a change in government. but also that this has moved from club bo, they marched from different directions with one common demand, stopped the repression. ah, students, artists, trade unionists and ordinary shall lumpkins united against a government. the sea is stifling descent. why? yeah, they are interesting. these people will brought some kind of change. i mean, it is a piece where we protest of the young people. why? yeah, the arresting them for normally. these scenes are what protest as are angry about
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less than 24 hours after president running the crossing, who was sworn in. replacing co, toby, roger pucks who fled the country. military and police commandos cleared the protest site outside the presidential secretariat since then. the security forces have been hunting prominent figures from the 4 month campaign that out to drudge park. so i thought, well, i mean, i spoke out on behalf of the people. i also have a one and a half year old baby is protest i was arrested while trying to fly out of the country. the head of the teacher's union was arrested at his office a few days later. i bill milligan, i even many robes are not spared. this buddhist monk was arrested by plain clothes officers. a catholic priest is in hiding, speaking after securing bail for another prominent protest her manage. now now kara was clear, policy, thin jump is a dish of our lot of the police seems to be trying to fire legal action one by one
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for some political requirements. but this has been unsuccessful trying to repress the protesters by taking such action is futile. what must be done is finding solutions to the root causes of the protests, which is gland who is released on bail remains undeterred, quickly. have about gamma justice will prevail. so let's see. this is the 4th case so far. let's see how many more, but we won't give up the fight. this struggle is for a system change, and we will continue the fight. but at the protest, many told al jazeera, they won't let the crack down stop, then they me how to go nothing. i was anchor, i'm there, jag, behind him we will not give up the struggle. we won't stop till we when we're telling run, neil roger pucks are very clearly, we will not be scared by your repression. we will only get stronger and stronger in response to it. you are protest is they in government is dry news, islands them than they also see. it won't work if you're not having got rid of one
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president. this really won't be intimidated by his replacement law. live and, and as i'm out 0, colombo copy. cuba has appealed that international help to find a far better out of control at an oil depot. the blaze at the storage facility and the city of ben tells us, was caused by lightning strike while the body has been recovered from the side of all that a 120 people have been injured. 75 to the missing mexico. a bet is layla of cent support cruise, elect, many accounts, a complex situation experience says that the tank must use up all the fuel inside. we are making every effort with international assistance to shorten the time. we can't know when the fire will stop columbia 1st left as president elect. gustavo petro has held a symbolical duration ceremony with indigenous groups. the football gorilla fighter is due to be officially warded on sunday. he's promising to reshape the deeply polarized country with a long list of reforms and social programs on
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a sub dra pnc has bought from bunker top long term social leader and beat up bettina can hardly contain excitement for the star stubble. papers. the government is come on like returning to life, the possibility of change, not only for me, but for my entire community that need to so much it fills me with high hopes that her cell for victim the fair military violence. she has volunteered during the campaign. convince him dozens of other victims to which politics hammers. we went home to hine and i would say that had no confidence in politicians, but i showed them the government's plan and how the opportunity to finally get education health job. and this gave them hope, and i voted for petro well associate sky high ambitious program, promises to fight inequality for colombians, like a vida, to arrest of reforms. starting with taxing the rich to fund social programs. that
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many in the country are nervous, almost have a faith that will have to play a complicated balancing act. on the one hand, you will have to show that he can quickly deliver some relief to his constituency, while at the same time, acting with enough caution to appease his detractors who see him with deep unease. many who work in financial markets fear his plans to ban new oil developments could damage the economy and the country's military, which patron promising to transform. but the incoming president has managed to build a broad congressional coalition and appointed mother it internationally recognize officials to key economic posts. that's fail. observers say none of it will be easy . you know, almost i, we've been trying to pass these reforms for many years. now there's a real opportunity, but it's a very complicated moment. there are very little resources available. the outgoing government left nothing due to the pandemic. and there's an international economic
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crisis. senator gustavo believer, when a patron closest allies, his, their supporters will need to be patient. but it is only the other hand it up and that when you generate so much expectation, it is very easy to for, we need to teach people that we can't do things quickly, especially in a country with so many issues like columbia men. there's a crisis at all levels, deficits at all levels, but we must show the country in the 1st 100 days, that changes on the way. and one way will be to fully implement the 2016 piece deal and start negotiations with the remaining criminal group. you know, so with our better a ready made history winning the election, the question now is if you will be able to translate that victory in transforming the government of a country, longing for change allison and just eat with the that for me you as president donald trump has hinted a possible white house run in 2024,
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but he stopped short of a formal announcement while delivering the keynote speech. the conservative political action conference in texas shebra tansy reports now from dallas. oh yes, it was like a coronation. donald trump had just won a straw poll of delegates by a landslide. he is the one the conservative base, wants to leave the republican party into the presidential election of 2024. but even though he says he's made up his mind trumpet, still announcing his decision. however, throughout the speech, trump kept pledging the country would soon return to what he called greatness. they won twice and did much better. the 2nd time that i did the 1st getting millions and millions of more votes than in 2016. and likewise, getting more votes than any sitting president in the history of our country by far . and now we may have to do it
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again. we may have to do the speech was pretty much the same as the one he's been given around the country in recent months, but moaning the biting presidency for undoing what he says he achieved during his 4 years in the white house. this week however, he's injected a few sentences about nancy pelosi, his visit to taiwan. she played right into their hands because now they have an excuse to do whatever they're doing. and i will tell you it would have never ever happened in a 1000000 years. under trump, i can say he tried to steal the last election. a few days ago, former vice president dick cheney released a campaign at for his daughter liz, wanting republicans against supporting donald trump. cheney a scene of speaking for the republican party, old god, who may support the former president's domestic policies. but he feel trumps attempt such subverting the last presidential election with the last straw in our nations 246 year history. there is never been an individual who has a great, a threat to our republican. and donald trump. it was clear that cheney had had no
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impact among delegates, not least because his daughter is one of 2 republicans on the january 6th commission in congress saying it's dick cheney. what does that mean that he used to be a vice president, people supported in the republican party? what's changed? isn't that live chinese father please? the problem dick cheney was a war guy. you know, he loved or you know, where this country made, you know, you know, made money. and i just wish that all of these politicians were just, they had their time. they had their time to make a difference on the country to shut up and what trump do, what he needs to do. as far as those here are concerned, the last presidential election was stolen. and in fact, trumps popularity has increased in the c pack straw po by 10 points since the commission began its hearings. his status as a victim of an establishment conspiracy has been confirmed for those here. as far as the pack is concerned, the republican party is the trump party. now in addition, if trouble does run.


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