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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 7, 2022 2:00pm-2:31pm AST

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frank assessments, how much support is there if it's straight protest that we've seen in culture across the rest of the country, the street has been, has been very good. that's happening into the coal confound to people across the country, informed opinions, we will say more of it. what is happening is that climate change it making them work in depth analysis of the days global headlines draw. he is credited by some way where they were storing italy's credibility this critics would say he couldn't play the part of a politician. what do you think went wrong inside story? on al jazeera, new voice is teaching up the airway. lot of chinese listen, this is kimberly feel, but i really think in their own country shifting pal of a case, the rise of citizen journalism has changed everything. how do happen? it happened on social media and the undeniable impact of the mainstream narrative. australians went to the pole with those images front of mine is a war very much paying for it out in the media as well as on the battlefield. they're listening post. dissect the media on al jazeera
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o israeli strikes on gaza, kill a 2nd is lamb mc g. had commander, at least $31.00 palestinians, including 6 children have been confirmed dead is the operation enters its per day. ah, young sirens and explosions heard in waste, jerusalem after palestinian find his find a barrage of rockets into israel. ah, hello, i'm emily angry. this is al jazeera, alive from doha, also coming up the un atomic at watchdog warns of potential disaster as shelly intensifies around europe's largest and nuclear power plant in southern ukraine. and dozens, they injured and fight is $55.00 is a missing in cuba. as
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a blaze at an oil facility ranges out of control, ah, welcome to the program, israeli attacks on gods that began on friday have killed another islamic jihad command. colored months saw had headed the groups operations in the southern guns as strip. he was targeted a day after a commander was in the north was killed. there they are. among the $31.00 people confirmed dead so far including women and children. sirens and explosions have been heard in west jerusalem after a barrel of rockets was fired from the gaza strip. and a few hours ago, more than $1700.00 o trin nationalist is riley's into the alex and mosque compound in occupied east jerusalem to mark the annual 5 day of tissue above jewish israelis are allowed to enter the compound, been forbidden from prying them,
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una alice said begins coverage from garza, israeli war, plains power, the gaza strip. missiles have flattened several homes and apartment building. yeah . yeah. nadia sion mella who was having breakfast with her family of 10 when she heard neighbors calling for the evacuation at their home and others nearby. her home and 4 others were destroyed. now she and her family need to find somewhere else to take refuge. protected, had nowhere, and i ran away quickly. we all ran. we didn't take any clothes or belongings. i took my girls there ill and some people had to carry our old man on a stretch out of the house. quickly islamic jihad replied to the attacks wiring rockets to which israel the group called their operation fields of unity and say they targeted is really towns and military site. according to israel media,
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most who are intercepted by the iron doe, mis, i'll defense system, and no serious casualties were reported. israel says it is preparing for a week of operations. egypt and the united nations are trying to broo curry truth. but in the causes trip, the human toll remains severe. ease really, missiles targeted lilian car in the bait. her new refugee can lead a 73 year old who was preparing for her son's wedding was killed in the attack. health official say the numbers will only arise if the fighting continues. you don't know the 2nd civilians, 2nd parameters, areas, nobody knows what will happen in the coming few hours for that reason. this is an appeal effect to extend the helping hand immediately pricing as
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a sort of price. now, and, you know, of course the electricity liquidity is declared. now there will be only 4 hours a day and 12 hours of electricity, which means that we will live in the house, goes on in the 8th of july, because we consume like half a 1000000 liters every month. we do not have that right now. our skies, this is what we haven't got. nobody knows what would happen in the coming months. the last 4 has caused the widespread of devastation year in because this trip a year later, almost no reconstruction has been made. the isolated coastal territory is impoverished and the people are hardly recovery the fear of another round of escalation. you miss c l, she's the rock gods. the city and palestine fighters in garza had been firing rockets towards israel in response to its minute transformation. most of the missiles have been intercepted by israel's a defense system. john home and has moved from ash. cologne
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is really a strike. some garza that continued from friday across the weekend, killing more than a dozen, including a commander of islamic jihad, and a 5 year old girl. israel. it struck without being attacked 1st. it's prime minister said it was to remove a threat hanging over the country from islamic jihad following his rails detention of its leader in the occupy westbank. on monday. israel carried out the precise counter therapy ration against an immediate threat. our fight is not, was the people of gossip is lambing jihad is in iranian proxy, that wants to destroy the state of israel and kill innocent israelis. is ronald thrice the use of reservists, a mobilized combat battalions and artillery units. meanwhile, islamic jihad hip back launching barrages of rockets, we just seem rocket streaming overhead coming from garza into israel. and there's
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been schools and schools of them since the star of this, but they haven't really had much impact. a lot of them have been stopped by the i don't, which is israel's, and see rocket system. a lot of them have landed within garza or have gone into unpopulated areas. so it's a real sign of the unevenness of this struggle really between these railey strikes . and what is lamb jihad is able to use to hit back? is really towns around garza was still on red alert, and people wound not together in large numbers. no ghost lives in cahoots. meth i'll sing in a house. the bomb shelter required by israeli law, a sign of how entrenched and cyclical this conflict has become. so this is the entrance to my to they say from naga wants peace, but also supported israel. striking 1st, i loved it the 1st time since ever that israel is taking the
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initiative. israel is the one that actually saying what will happen and not the hama for the jihad. israel leaders to say that they're taking control, but they also know it's election season. many analysts have said that this is all about the acting prime minister in defense minister showing the tough insecurity in a country where that wins votes. others aren't so sure. this is the 1st time that i've been preemptive strike in many years. and when you try to connect that the decision to do a cramped extract election may be there is the linkage there. we definitely don't know that for sure. it's, you know, basically relieved through rec, security threats all the time. and then apparently really pro election cycles all the time. so the link is not that clear to me. now everyone's waiting to see if this escalates that could depend on if i'm us,
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the real ruling powering gaza joined despite john home. and i'll just say to ask alone to other world news. now informal congress ships have found out of ukrainian ports in the black, sane they left, and shawn elmore skin, jo desa, loaded out with more than $160000.00 tons of food exports have resumed under an agreement between russia and ukraine, negotiated by turkey and the un, 2 of the ship to carrying corn to turkey. one is taking maine's meal to china, and the 4th is heading to easily with sunflower oil on board. the head of the un atomic watchdog says shelling of this apparition plan to in ukraine could cause a nuclear disaster where fail. grossey has called on all parties to show restraint around the factoring cave and moscow are accusing each other of firing at europe's largest in nuclear power station. it's occupied by russia. it's still operated by
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ukrainian employees. cave states nuclear power company says a worker was wounded by russian shelling on saturday. a short time ago, i spoke with to rick ralph, who was in nuclear arms control specialist who previously worked at the i. he says, it doesn't make sense for either side to show the power plant russia occupied and captured those that are easy, a nuclear power plant, i think, to provide electricity to the eastern parts of ukraine. the russia has occupied and captured during this aggression against ukraine. but we really do not know what the situation is. that's the ratio of nuclear power plant. why would the ukrainian shell it when they have their own people there? and then similarly, why was the russian shell it when they have their soldiers and technical experts there? so i really need to be given the permission, then facilitated to send the technical team to find out really what the facts are on the ground. i was looking at the state national regulatory inspectorate of
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ukraine. s. and are you that is the official regulator or licenser of ukrainian nuclear facilities? and the latest report on its website is from the 26th of july. they do not have any information on the current accusations being created. however, in the stress tests that were done in ukraine following fukushima, s m, i u reports that there are 4 independent, high voltage power lines coming into that. or if you have our plant there are 20 backup diesel generators that are 3 generators per reactor plus 2 extra. we just efficient for 250 hours of backup power in this hour was lost completely to the side. so again, the director general has talked about the 7 pillars of nuclear safety. however, on the website, it does say the latest update from yesterday that 2 of the 6 power plants are
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working. it's apple ratio and there is no immediate threat of radiation leak. taiwan transport industry says slides through, it's a space, have resumed, as china held military exercises around the island for a full day. the drills were in response to a visit to taiwan by us houses. bacon nancy pelosi, china deployed warships fight a jet and drones over the island, which by jin claims as its own. taiwan has accused the chinese army of simulating an attack. the us has called the exercises and escalation, ivory coast president has pad and his predecessor lu, wrong bank for a theft conviction that would have seen him jailed for 20 years. back bo was born in president for 2 from 2000 to 2011 in 2010. he refused to can see the election to current. later allison a what tara, the do street spiked
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a civil war that led to the killing of 3000 painful court later convicted bank bo, of stealing funds from the central bank. cuba has appealed for international help to fight a fire burning out of control and an oil depot. the blaze at the storage facility in the city of my towns. this was caused by lightning strike. one body has been recovered from the side and more than 100. 20 people have been injured. 17 fire fighters and missing mexico and venezuela have sent support close to complex situation and experienced says that the tank must use up all the fuel inside. we are making every effort with international assistance to shorten the time, but we can't know when the fire will stop. still ahead on al jazeera expectations are high is columbia is 1st left as president prepared to take office. we look at the many challenges. gustavo petro will face, and nigeria is old oil refineries may be getting
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a new lease on life after billions of dollars is lost to corruption and bad management. ah, he has begun the full world copies on its way to the cattle kill travel package to the hello there. let's look to east asia and it is still a story of intense heat for much of china, not just central and eastern areas, but also in the south and the north. but cities like she ang will hang, and shanghai seem temperatures continue to climb. nearly touching 40 degrees this week. now up in the north, we are going to see some heat of the day. thunderstorms knock temperatures down in beijing, and that's thanks to a system of severe storms. that's our king. it's way up towards the korean peninsula, through northern areas of japan as well. we have seen some devastating flooding effect eastern areas of japan, but the heaviest rain can be found in the north through to choose day. it's going
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to get wet or was well for southern areas of china, thanks to a system pulling itself closer to places like hong kong, very hot and humid here through to the mid week. now as we move to south asia, the monsoon rains are at their peak causing scenes like this flooding scenes across much of india. this is the scene in odessa and the rain is going to for heaviest, here and across central areas, but also the west coast on monday through to choose a paces like my roster karnataka as well as careless things some heavier falls as well as the southern areas of pakistan, it is much clearer. however, up in the north, i saw a visual airline of the journey. the 19th sixty's was a period of change around the world, including the middle east and north africa. we dreamed of the fair and democratic society, which means revolution. the 1st of a 3 part series out as they were world, explores the regional events, people,
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and forces that shaped the decade on one of our dreams were many, we started with great dreams. o'denza dealt with sad set. the sixty's in the powerpoint politics on al jazeera. ah ah, hell are you watching al jazeera, i'm emily ang, when he's a reminder of the latest developments in garza and is round, at least 31 people have been killed in more than 200 injured. as israeli attacks into a 3rd day, it's round says the operations will last one, wait. a 2nd commander from the islamic jihad groove, which israel says it's targeting has been killed. his funeral is underway in garza
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but civilians including women and children, are among those date sirens. and explosions have been heard in west jerusalem as palestinian 5 is launched rockets towards israel. and more than $1700.00 own trin nationalist is rallies who entered the l at some loss of compound and occupied east. jerusalem had left that mocking and annual fasting dang, jewish. his rallies are allowed to enter the common ground, but after bin it from prying name canyon's head to the poles on tuesday devoting a closely for the presidential election. the 2 front runners at rylon dingum and william root ho promising to tackle widespread corruption. but critics say their roles in previous governments hit by scandals cast down on the credibility malcolm web reports from robi. this new highway running through nairobi is the most expensive road per kilometer ever built in kenya. it's initial cost of nearly
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$600000000.00 rose by about a 3rd with little explanation given by the government. anti corruption activists say just the latest overpriced infrastructure project, enriching corrupt politicians. most road uses a still stuck in traffic on the old road, unable to afford the tov and motorbike taxi drivers like duncan, a callo aren't allowed to use it as well. all getting out of very much what up, what up the problem kenyan did you to vote in general elections on tuesday? the empty graft commission recommended 241 candidate be disqualified from running because of corruption. but almost all of them have been allowed to run and it has been always questions about where he got his wealth. corruption scandals have been the subject of many of patrick dishonors. political cartoons is often drawn both of
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the main contenders for president, former prime minister royal over dinner, and deputy president william retail. they've all been kind implicated. and i've been part of the system that has been looting from canyon for a long time. one of the reasons why can you develop sort of a calling pace, you know, when it would be running in lots of resources not spent on ourselves to spend on the crop and full efficient when riley dingo was prime minister. some of his family members were implicated in scandal of stolen a subsidy is supported. he's the one who can fight corrupt him to the main kinds of corruption. both of them. denial of william root over school, those made subsidies as agriculture minister. he's also promising to fight corruption. he's been deputy president for the last 9 years,
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during which activists say corruption has balloon as how borrowing to funded china and the money to build a new highway. one of several costly infrastructure projects built by the government of router and outgoing president who can yetta when the present an institutional was elected for every $100.00 of, of connection debt for everything was 20 d, it's close to $56.00. and now that can continue forever, because then it means that they didn't sufficient money. luckily, pay for the publics, but he says, or more bordering is going to talk to dick lists. meanwhile, candidates a promising to tackle this flooring. cost of living. things may get worse before they get better. the m f ones can to end food and fuel subsidies to preventive set crisis. officials in the incoming government will expect their share of patronage. kenya faces a massive economic challenge. whatever the next leader does,
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kenyans will likely pay the price. malcolm web al jazeera nairobi can, you know, jury's turning to the old abandoned refineries after the cost of importing fuel rows. $9000000000.00 and just 3 years, corruption and neglect have left africans biggest oil producer, unable to refine its crude and interest reports from port harcourt. rusty components of nigeria is old refinery. every moved to be pleased with new went its biggest repair project at this. paul, in 56 year old facility we are looking, i've been able to operate this vanity of at least, you know, more of 90 percent of this install capacity will really house of freedom and have some reduction in the petition of this product that went in to do for decade, the countries for the final result allowed to rot, as it import, refined product and subsidy regime. last year, cost nigerian nearly $4000000000.00,
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despite having the largest crude oil reserves in africa. after turning this plant around, it's expected to meet only a 3rd of domestic requirements of refined petroleum product. toward the refineries are located here in port taco, but even at full capacity, they can only process 210000 bottles of oil by day. so to make up for the shop for the nigerian government has bought shares in a private facility owned by africa's richest men, a liquid equity, which is due to come on stream. next year. head of nigeria is old company says reviving the facilities was overdue. as a subsidy program becomes increasingly costly, the combination of our own ability and capacity and also that only done we're deliver. i will we met nigeria. init is foot out over at william a produce that we did a stop at d as in or the number of what us one individuals that we had in small model larry
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primaries of $10.00 to $20000.00. but, but as i did of he should say, putting the defined risk to work will have concern foreign exchange currently being spent on important products of nigeria can refine with good management. nigeria or refineries may be on the path to revival of to solomon years. but only after hundreds of billions of dollars are lost to corrupt officials and government indecision. how many degrees al jazeera, poor target nigeria. columbia is 1st left as president to lank to gustavo petro has held a symbolic integration ceremony with indigenous groups. the former gorilla find a is due to be officially swooning to office later on. sunday is promising to reshape the deeply polarized country with a long list of reforms and social programs. alexandra ram pity affords. from the capital markets, long term social leader and beat up a teenage can hardly contain excitement for the star stubble. papers the government
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is come or lack returning to life, the possibility of change. not only for me, but for my entire community that needs so much. it fills me with high hopes that her cell for victim the fair military violence. she has volunteered during the campaign, convince him dozens of other victims to which politics hammers. we went home to hine and i would say that had no confidence in politicians, but i showed them the government's plan unhealthy. so the opportunity to finally get education, health job. and this gave them hope, and i voted for petro, be talked to well associate sky high ambitious program, promises to fight inequality for colombians like to arrest of reforms starting with taxing the rich to fund social programs. that many in the country are nervous, almost have a faith that will have to play a complicated balancing act. on the one hand, you will have to show that he can quickly deliver some relief to his constituency,
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while at the same time, acting with enough caution to appease his detractors who see him with deep unease. many who work in financial markets fear his plans to ban new oil developments could damage the economy and the country's military, which patron promising to transform all but the incoming president has managed to build abroad. congressional coalition and appointed mother it internationally recognize officials to key economic posts. that's fail. observers say none of it will be easy. you know, almost, we've been trying to pass these reforms for many years. now there's a real opportunity, but it's a very complicated moment. there are very little resources available. the outgoing government left nothing due to the pandemic. and there's an international economic crisis. i'm a believer when a patron closest allies, his, their supporters will need to be patient. but it is under hand it up. and i think
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that when you generate so much expectation, it is very easy to for, we need to teach people that we can't do things quickly, especially in a country with so many issues like columbia. there is a crisis at all levels, deficits at all levels, and that we must show the country in the 1st 100 days. that changes on the way. and one way will be to fully implement the 2016 piece deal and start negotiations with the remaining criminal group. no start up with our patron ready made history winning the election. the point you now is if you will be able to translate that victory in transforming the government of a country, longing for change. allison and jazz eatable werta. and elaine tick, mary, is a professor of political science at was area university. she says many people will be watching to see petra can build alliances or if in columbia and the region. i think the expectations are tremendously high following his election. i would be
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reluctant to confirm that he is going to be successful on all fronts. it's undeniable that there is some degree of concern amongst certain sectors of the military. i think it will be important to know who his military leadership is, which has not yet been and now, but in general, i'd like to point out that the military, traditionally in columbia, notwithstanding its important role, given the long standing arm conflict, lingering violence, is constitutional actor in the sense that it customarily obeys civilian authority. you know, based on what we know now, she is going to promote a shift towards stronger alliances with the countries of latin american in the caribbean. there's been a 1st high level meeting which is in itself very important promoted by the us government, which is keen to preserve, you know, friendly ties with the incoming government. but i think what we're going to see is,
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you know, lesser dependence on the united states and a greater diversification both with the region and beyond in the world to the us. now a former president, donald trump has hinted at a possible white house run in 2020 fall, but he stopped short of a formal announcement while delivering the keynote speech of the conservative political action conference in texas. she had her tansy reports from dallas. oh yes, it was like a coronation. donald trump had just want a straw poll of delegates by a landslide. he is the one the conservative base wants to leave the republican party into the presidential election of 2024. but even though he says he's made up his mind trumpet, still announcing his decision. however, throughout the speech, trump kept pledging the country would soon return to what he called greatness. i won twice and did much better. the 2nd time that i did the 1st getting millions and millions of more votes than in 2016. and likewise,
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getting more votes than any sitting president in the history of our country by far . and now we may have to do it again. we may have to do the speech was pretty much the same as the one he's been given around the country in recent months, but moaning the biting presidency for undoing what he says he achieved during his 4 years in the white house. this week however, he's injected a few sentences about nancy pelosi visit to taiwan. she played right into their hands because now they have an excuse to do whatever they're doing. and i will tell you it would have never ever happened in a 1000000 years. under trump, i can say he tried to steal the last election. a few days ago, former vice president dick cheney released a campaigner for his daughter, liz, warning republicans against supporting donald trump. cheney a scene of speaking for the republican party, old guard who may support the former president's domestic policies. but he feel
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trumps attempts of subverting the last presidential election with the last straw in our nations 246 year history. there is never been an individual who has a greater threat to our republic. and donald trump, it was clear that cheney had had no impact among delegates, not least because his daughter is one of 2 republicans on the january 6th commission in congress thing. it's dick cheney. what does that mean? they're usually a vice president people. so in the republican party, what's changed? is it that lives chinese father, please. the problem, dick cheney was a war guy. you know, he loved the war where this country may, you know, you know, made money. and i just wish that all of these politicians were just, they had their time, you know, they had, they're trying to make a difference on the country to shut up and what trump do, what it needs to do. as far as those here are concerned. the last presidential election was stolen and in fact trumps popularity has increased in the c pack straw po by 10 points.


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