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of the fly, the shell, to every one. with exclusive interviews, an in depth through the operation of awful damage being brought al jazeera, has teens on the ground to bring you more reward. will you, documentaries, and live our diets, define who we are. but who are we, if we don't know what we're eating in a disturbing investigation into globalized food fraud, people and power reveals long hidden scandalous practices. the def, infiltrated international wholesale markets, and supermarket chains. and asks, what's really on our plates. food in glorious food pond to on out just sierra from the for villas of correct us. so the battle fields around most of our job is to get to the truth and empower people through knowledge. ah,
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agent says israel and the palestinian armed group, his stomach, you had, have agreed to a seas. foreign garza, the conflict is in its 3rd day at least $31.00 palestinians, including 6 children, are confirmed that ah, i'm sammy's a dan. this is al jazeera alive from dell hall, so coming up ukraine's president's accused is moscow of nuclear tara, off to shelling at the plant in russian held territory and columbia prepared to welcome its 1st left. this present. gustavo, petro will be sworn in to office in the coming hours. ah,
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we begin this news out in garza whether our ports as sees fly between israel and the palestinian islamic jihad is imminent. and egyptian delegation is now in garza trying to negotiate it all. it's official say both sides have agreed to a truce, but there's been no firm confirmation of that from either the palestinians or the israelis themselves. earlier islamic jihad fighters launched a barrage of around a 100 missiles towards southern israel in response to the killing by israel. of one of its leaders had estonian prime minister mohammed should dea has condemned the israeli strikes. he's calling on the un security council to intervene now. wheat, what we call on this institution to take more steps than just verbal denunciations . we called for an end to the double standers and dealing with the question of human rights and international conflicts. while i, you can, we can never accept the continued crimes against our people, our children, women and civilians, families that have lost their children and children that have lost their parents
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and families that have been deprived of their homes. and a few hours ago, more than $1700.00 ultra nationalist israelis added to attentions by entering the alex. so mos compound and occupy these jerusalem on their annual fasting day. we've got to correspondence covering the latest development natasha. her name is in west jerusalem and let's go 1st to suffer them. capaluto joins us from garza. so suffolk was the word now on the cease fire will just now new barrage of rocker to launch by the policy. none fighting groups are broke. the sire one hour of tri lunde's. ah, we could she just the more refer her being fired from brother to work for them as little one on and there were 2 and you as really, as sites also in the last hour one had a residential house and she j, a neighborhood on the other one ah ah, oh rated on i am to agriculture,
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a land on for in garden city. the scent of the fire is still increasing in the last hour. meanwhile, there are talks about gyptian magician for reaching these fire, which is neither, which is not confirmed, neither by islamic jihad or by, nor by thy israel is dead. the people in here hearing garza are still watching a close lead the news on the new details about the declared or the broker. egyptian sees fire, which has the, which are people expect to come into effect and they're coming out of underground. although that, that the garza crossings errors for individual, for an unfathomable asylum and the roads for goods are closed. $4.00 to $6.00 days
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now, which means that garza is about to go to run out of the basic essential foods, including the food, her cooking, oil and petrol. and other essential elements for needed for the daily life. sa, fun, you mentioned that this been continuing as strikes and then a palestinian rocket fi. where's this leaving daily life and the conditions of life of palestinians? there ah, look alike. the streets of garza are almost empty here except from unbalances, that here are he had some times moving in the gods assist every time there is an exclusion. also, there is a serious shortage of power in garza, the power station. the only power station chain turned off yesterday, leaving the gallons of the people in gather with only 4 hours of electricity. i
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also let's recall that the gardens at that could become conditions in ga. gov are very critical. as people, as the unemployment is 50 percent, tearing ga. gov. 70 percent of the population of gaga depend on food aid. a dr. humanitarian at the national and local humanitarian organization distribute. so in general, even before the late of the new escalations, the people are still suffering from loss. here are skill escalation. the minister of housing said that it managed to build, rebuild only 10 percent of the houses that were destroyed. and the last year escalation, or there is another now a new, fresh on you or a new era. but algebra kids fired from god with
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here, the exclusion is all there is really i am doing system trying to intercept that. our kids are being fired now from gather towards southern as well. i want to thank the people as a back to p in god. there are no shelters. there are no special places that where people can run and hide like in other places. so the only thing that people can do is just to stay home. i listen to the news and of course a bit of fear from this explosion that breaks the silence from time to time. all right, software catalog. thank you for that update. let's bring in natasha. of a name. joining us from west jerusalem. now as i'm sure you were listening there, as we're talking to suff, what more rockets going off? it doesn't seem like the cease fire is kicking in just yet. what are you hearing
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from israeli officials about about the cease fire? well, and yet the israeli media is widely reporting that a cease fire will go into effect at 8 pm local, which is in about an hour from now earlier today. interim prime minister. yeah. your lupita met with military and regional authorities in a city coast to gaza and he said there's no need to continue the operation. our goals have been met now with regard to the cease fire. the media in israel is also reporting that there is no part of that cease fire that agrees to releasing bassam l f i. e t. he is a senior level, is summit jihad member who is arrested in jeanine on thursday, is ahmed. she had has been calling for his release, according to his railey media, he will not be part of that cease fire. of course we have no official word on the
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israeli. and regarding what kind of see fire is being negotiated and when it may go into effect. but there have been indications all day that the israeli government is not interested in a protracted operation. they've done this operation breaking dawn and la pete had said from the beginning that this was a targeted attack or targeted operation against islamic jihad. it began according to la p in an attempt to fort an attack in israel. the concern was that if this operation continues that the death toll among palestinians that their misery will grow and that this may push hamas into the fray. right now. the thinking goes, this has been a success for le peed. and his coalition government that most, if not all of the senior leadership of is summit, you had has been neutered. and it's also created
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a kind of divide between islamic jihad and hamas who up until now, the only thing that it's fired is south of bombastic rhetoric and rockets since friday. obviously there is a concern that if hamas were to enter, this could be a protracted conflict. this is something that pete has said they do not want, though they have 0 tolerance for attacks. now israel facing international pressure to hold the airstrikes open up the crossings and allowed food, food, fuel, and humanitarian aid into besieged garza. you've just heard from my colleague about the misery that palestinians are enduring. i thanks so much and i sure will name they're not tie ones. defense ministry says it's detected dozens of warships and their craft in and around the strait. china has been holding military exercises near the island for a 4th day. the drills are in response to the visit to taiwan by
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u. s. house speaker nancy pelosi, china deployed warships fighter jets and drones over the territory, which paging claims as its own. taiwan is accused, the chinese army of simulating an attack. the u. s. has called the exercises an escalation for more cargo ships. so sailed out of ukrainian ports in the black sea . they left shorter mosque and odessa loaded up with more than a $160000.00 tons of food exports of resumed under an agreement between russia and ukraine. negotiated by turkey and the un, ukraine's president as accused moscow of nuclear terror of de shelling as a plant in russian occupied territory. the head of the you and the atomic watchdog was warned. damage to the zeros year plant could cause a nuclear disaster, or fail grossi is calling on all parties to show restraint around the factory. kia van moscow are accusing each other of firing at europe's largest nuclear power
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station. ukraine state nuclear power company says a worker was wounded by russian shelling on saturday. thought a growth is a nuclear arms control specialist who previously worked at the international atomic energy agency. he says it doesn't make sense very the side to shell, the nuclear power plant. russia occupied and captured those that are easier nuclear power plant, i think, to provide electricity to the eastern parts of ukraine that russia has occupied at capture during this aggression against ukraine. but we really do not know what the situation is. that's the ratio of nuclear power plant. why would the ukrainian shell it when they have their own people there? and then similarly, why was the russian shell it when they have best soldiers and technical experts? they're so i really need to be given the permission then facilitated to send the technical team to find out really what the facts are on the ground. i was looking
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at the state national regulatory inspectorate of ukraine. s. and are you that is the official regulator or licenser of ukrainian nuclear facilities? and the latest report on its website is from the 26th of july. they do not have any information on the current accusations being created. however, in the stress tests that were done in ukraine following fukushima, s m, i u reports that there are 4 independent high voltage power lines coming into our plant. there are 20 backup diesel generators that are 3 generators per reactor, plus 2 extra. we just efficient for 250 hours of backup power in this hour was lost completely to the side. so again, the director general has talked about the 7 pillars of nuclear safety. however, on the i is website,
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it does say the latest update from yesterday that 2 of the 6 power plants are working. it's apple ratio, and there is no immediate threat of radiation leak. still ahead on al jazeera cuba calls for international health to $5.00 to $5.00. it's burning out of control. why election promises of a pass away from corruption of bringing hollow with some doses in kenya? ah, the journey has begun. the b for world copy is on its way to the castle book, your travel package today. hello there. the southwest monsoon range peaking across south asia. at the moment. it was heavy rains bringing scenes like this flooding across many areas of india, but in particular the east additions thing, some very heavy rain. and there's more of that to come thanks to an area of low pressure that's been deepening in the bay of bengal. that's going to chuck some
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heavy rain to places like me in my and bangladesh in the days ahead. but central areas of india getting a drenching as well and the rains continue to fall across the west and get stretching down towards the south. places like carola cannot occur. and my roster things in the heavy rains in the days ahead. for northern areas the north west of india will it is dry or with sinks and sunshine here on monday and tuesday is in missouri for northern areas of pakistan. much of the heavy rain falling in the south and it was we move it to east asia, going to see the rains pick up for the south here. this is like hong kong, remaining hot and humid with some severe thunderstorm rolling in thanks to a system to the south of china's coast. but also up in the north. this arc of storms set to push its way across the korean peninsula into northern areas of japan . a kind of like a disease, some very heavy rains, but across more central areas. while the heat continues to dominate, i saw official airlines of the journey dead. the young
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virtuoso grayson, concert bulls a dominating international competition. one o one a for me, south korea's musical prodigy. mm. one out to 0. ah, al jazeera, a witness with chapel. ah ah, we'll come back here watching al jazeera tom. tony kept the headlines. now there
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are reports of an eminent seas. foreign garza between israel and palestinian islamic jihad, egyptian mediators site. both sides have agreed to a truce, but there's been no confirmation of that from either the palestinians or his rabies themselves. short while ago is slimy to have launched a launch barrage of around $100.00 missiles towards southern israel. sirens and explosions have been heard in other cities. on saturday, a 2nd commander from his stomach. you have which israel says it was targeting, was killed, but civilians including women and children, are also among the 1st one killed and hundreds injured. and a few hours ago, more than $1700.00 ultra nationalist israelis added detentions by entering the locks the most compounded occupy beast, jerusalem, on the annual fostering day. sams omelettes is the palestinian ambassador to the united kingdom. he says they, sir, i will have to do much more than agrees with sees far. so i'm not sure if so how
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does that i term ending the israeli assault edition is the right term. and there has been a lot of efforts with the egypt and with regional powers. and of course, with international powers to end this unprovoked assault of this very murderous machine. and the security council is supposed to meet to morrow up on the request of the state of palestine and the support of key security council members and the members of the, of the council and the one. so we have no confirmation yet, except that the bottom line continues, the targeting of civilians continues the israeli trading of our blood blood, the palestinian blood. this is just the part of starting the election campaign heavily on on goes as, as happens all the time. politicians and israel compete who has more palestinian blood on their, on their hands. and therefore, this is an opportunity for, for all of us, the palestinian people to actually unite because this is not an issue with god only
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this is an issue with the policy and in people you have reported what happened today in jilson, in the storming, over like some most, the thousands, it was a legal settlers in our more secret sites. they occupied city of wilson. and this is an, or an all out edition by israel assault by israel, almost everywhere. whatever we are with the, with the bank with enjoy something goes or even if you, she's outside kenyans, head to the polls on tuesday to vote in a closely for presidential election. the 2 front runners, ry loading and william, brutal, promising to tackle widespread corruption. but critics say the roles in previous governments hit by scandals, cough doubt and they credibility. now come web reports from nairobi. this new highway running through nairobi is the most expensive road per kilometer ever built in kenya. it's initial cost of nearly $600000000.00. rose by about a 3rd with little explanation given by the government. anti corruption activists
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say just the latest overpriced infrastructure project, enriching corrupt politicians. most road uses a still stuck in traffic on the old road, unable to afford the toes and motor by taxi drivers like duncan, a callo aren't allowed to use it as well. all getting out of very much bigger. what the problem kenyan did you to vote in general elections on tuesday? the anti graft commission recommended 241 candidates be disqualified from running because of corruption. but almost all of them have been allowed to run and it has been always questions about where he got his wealth corruption scandals of the subject to many of patrick as far as political cartoons is often drawn. both of the main contenders for president, former prime minister, royal or dingo, and deputy president william retail, they've all been kind implicated. and part of the system that has been looting
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from canyons for a long time. one of the reasons why can you develop sort of a calling pace, you know, and it could be running in lots of resources actually not spent on ourselves this spend on, on the crop and petition. when roy dingo was prime minister, some of his family members were implicated and scandalous, stolen a subsidy, do been telling is supported. he's the one who can play the main candidate of corruption and both of them. denial of 10 now william root over school day has made subsidies as agriculture minister. he's also promising to fight corruption. he's been deputy president to the last 9 years during which activists say corruption, has balloon as have borrowing to funded china and the money to build
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a new highway. one of several costly infrastructure projects built by the government of retail and outgoing president who can yetta when the president nutritional was elected for every $100.00 of tax collections. debt for everything was 20 d, it's close to $56.00. and now that can continue forever, because then it means that they didn't sufficient money. luckily, pay for the public's services or more bordering is going to talk to dick lists. meanwhile, candidates a promising to tackle this flooring cost of living that things may get worse before they get better. the m f ones kenya to end food and fuel subsidies to prevent upset crisis. officials in the incoming government will expect their share of patronage, kenya phases, a massive economic challenge. whatever the next leader does, kenyans will likely pay the price. malcolm web al jazeera nairobi, can you ivory coast president his pardons, his 3 de says, are on bag boat for
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a fest conviction that would have seen him. giles, for 20 years back. bo was. i've orient president from 2000 to 2011 in 2010. he refused to concede the election to current the data on that water. the dispute sponsor civil war that killed 3000 people, a court later convicted by both stealing funds from the central bank. the greek prime minister has apologized the leader of the opposition over wire tapping scandal. caviar co. smith's attack, he says, he didn't know the socialist party sheaf was put on the surveillance by grace's intelligence service, and would never have allowed it. nicole sounds like his and cnn journalist tenacity, crackers say they were spied on in 2021. greece's head of intelligence resigned on friday after the allegations were made around 80000 tourists locked down in a popular chinese beach resort city. due to a comb,
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with 19 outbreak of authorities reported 483 cases in san year on sunday alone, outbound flights have been canceled and trained ticket sales are on hold. anyone wanting to leave? the tourist spot has to test negative 5 times, 7 days. columbia is 1st ever left. his president is set to be sworn in. he's taking office with a promise to reshape the deeply polarized country with a long list of reforms in social programs. out of 100 reports from the capital ball, the long term social leader and beat up a teen. you can hardly container excitement for the star stubble. papers. the government is come all lock returning to life, the possibility of change, not only for me, but for my entire community that need to so much it fills me with high hopes that are so for victim the fair military violence she has volunteered during the campaign. convince him dozens of other victims, $2.32,
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which politics how most we went home to hine and i would say that i had no confidence in politicians, but i showed them the government's plan and how this was the opportunity to finally get education. health job. this gave them hope and i voted to petro, be well associated with sky high ambitious program promises to fight inequality for colombians like to arrest of reforms starting with taxing the rich to fund social programs that many in the country are nervous. august have a faith, it will have to play a complicated balancing act. on the one hand, you will have to show that he can quickly deliver some relief to his constituency, while at the same time, acting with enough caution to appease his detractors who see him with deep unease. many who work in financial markets fear his plans to ban new oil developments could damage the economy and the country's military,
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which patron promising to transform off. but the incoming president has managed to build abroad congressional coalition and appointed mother it internationally recognized officials to key economic post sale of service say none of it will be easy. you know, almost we've been trying to pass these reforms for many years. now there's a real opportunity, but it's a very complicated moment. there are very little resources available. the outgoing government left nothing due to the pandemic. and there's an international economic crisis. i don't have a believer when a patron closest allies because their supporters will need to be patient. but this is, i mean the other hand it up and i think that when you generate so much expectation, it is very easy to for, we need to teach people that we can't do things quickly, especially in a country with so many issues like columbia is a crisis at all levels, deficits at all levels, but we must show the country in the 1st 100 days. that changes on the way. and one
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way will be to fully implement the 2016 piece deal and stock negotiations with the remaining criminal group. you know, who was our better all ready made history winning the election? the question now is if you will be able to translate that victory in transforming the government of a country, longing for change. allison and disease with the cuba is appealing for international health to fight fathers bunny out of control as an oil depot. the place at the storage facility in the city of montana thus was caused by a lightning strike. at least one person has died more than a 120 people have been injured. 17 firefighters and missing mexico, venezuela offense, support cruise, elect. the complex situation experience says that the tank must use up all the fuel inside. we are making every effort with international assistance to shorten the time, but we can't know when the fire will stop. for me,
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u. s. president donald trump has hinted at a possible white house run in 2024, but he stopped short of a formal announcement while delivering the keynote speech. the conserves a political action conference in texas. she habitats, he reports from dallas. i. it was like a coronation. donald trump had just won a straw poll of delegates by a landslide. he is the one the conservative base wants to leave the republican party into the presidential election of 2024. but even though he says he's made up his mind trumpet, still not announcing his decision. however, throughout the speech, trump kept pledging that the country would soon return to what he called greatness . they won twice and did much better. the 2nd time that i did the 1st getting millions and millions of more votes than in 2016. and likewise, getting more votes than any sitting president in the history of our country by far . and now we may have to do it
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again. we may have to do the speech was pretty much the same as the one he's been given around the country in recent months, but moaning, the biting presidency for on doing what he says he achieved during his 4 years in the white house. this week. however, he's injected a few sentences about nancy pelosi, his visit to taiwan. she played right into their hands because now they have an excuse to do whatever they're doing. and i will tell you it would have never ever happened in a 1000000 years. under trump, i can say he tried to steal the last election use a few days ago, former vice president dick cheney released a campaigner for his daughter, liz, warning republicans against supporting donald trump. cheney a scene of speaking for the republican party, old guard who may support the former president's domestic policies. but he feel trumps attempts of subverting the last presidential election with the last straw in our nations 246 year history. there is never been an individual who has a greater threat to republican and donald trump, he,
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it was clear that cheney it had no impact among delegates, not least because his daughter is one of 2 republicans on the january 6th commission in congress thing. it's dick cheney. what does that mean though? you see a vice president of the people supported in the republican body. what's changed? is it that lives chinese father? please, the problem, dick cheney was a war guy. you know, he loved war. that's where his country made, you know, made money and i just wish that all of these politicians were just, they had their time. you know, they had their time to make a difference on this country to shut up and let trump do what he needs to do. as far as those here are concerned, the last presidential election was stolen. and in fact, trumps popularity has increased in the c pack straw pole by 10 points since the commission began its hearings. his status as a victim of a stablished conspiracy has been confirmed for those here. as far as c pack is concerned, the republican party is the trump.


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