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of the denial paper now william root over school days made subsidies as agriculture minister. he's promising to fight corruption. 8 he's been deputy president for the last 9 years during which activists say corruption, has balloon as have borrowing to funded china and the money to build a new highway. one of several costly infrastructure projects built by the government of router and outgoing president who can yetta when the present an institutionalized was electric for every $100.00 of tax collections. debt financing was 20 d. it's close to $56.00. and now that can continue forever, because then it means that they didn't sufficient money. luckily, pay for the public's services or more bordering. he's going to talk to dick lists. meanwhile, candidates a promising to tackle this flooring cost of living that things may get worse before they get better. the i m f ones can to end food and fuel subsidies to prevent upset
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crisis. officials in the incoming government will expect their share of patronage. kenya, this is a massive economic challenge. whatever the next leader does, kenyans will likely pay the price. malcolm web al jazeera nairobi kenyatta. ah, this is al jazeera, these are the top stories. the 1st stars were fragile seas. foreign garza appear to be holding up to the last minute. rockets were so being launched, it's hoped it was going to end the deadliest escalation and violence. cecile every day. warren 2021. this is far between israel and the on group known as palestinian islamic jihad was mediated by egypt with help from the united nations and cotton. since his war began its attack on friday, 44 palestinians, including 15 children, have been killed. the israeli government said it was targeting members of islamic
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jihad bots. palestinian officials say at least a 3rd of those who died have been civilians to senior leaders of the armed group were killed. suffered, a hulu has more from gaza. this cease fire is still holding. now, even local governmental offices, or public offices, also announced that they will re open their doors for public universities also announced that they will open a re open their doors that they closed earlier. because because of the escalation for force, they will open their lords for students. also, the municipality of garza and other municipalities are also the announced that they will deploy on send their equipment to remove the rabble on try to do the initial assessment for the destruction. the u. s. senate has passed president or biden's $430000000000.00 package, and climate tax and health care is being seen as
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a major victory for joe biden. the vote was split down, the middle was democrat, vice president, common harris, casting her ballot to secure the wind calabi as 1st ever leftist president has been sworn into office in front of thousands of supporters in bogota. gustavo petro promised to reshape the deeply polarized country with a long list of social and economic reforms. those are the headlines. the news is going to continue here on al jazeera, after the stream scene 25 minutes by frank assessments. how much support is there at st. protests that we've seen in hotel across the rest of the country. the street has been, has been very good. that's happening into the core concerns of people across the country. informed opinions, we will say more of what is happening is that climate change it making them work in depth analysis of the days global headlines, druggie is credited by some way where they were storing italy's credibility. this
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critics would say he couldn't play the part of a politician. what do you think went wrong inside story on al jazeera? there is no channel that covers world news like we do, we revisit places, mistake, i'll deserve really invest in that. and that's a privilege as a journalist with hi anthony ok, and you're in the stream to day is women's football in africa at a turning point. we have an all star lineup and we'll be talking about growing the sport in popularity. make a place money and increasing participation on the international state by some of the applicants. i nice football players martha mccully and i'm a father of africa limits with both because it's exceptional. there's a lot of talent as little skill, and i watch it because that is how i show up. i want to contribute towards the development of the group of women's football. and i feel like we at that stage in
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africa where the girls have it. and that's how i show them as starting line out to day. janine usher 10 the deseret. what an all star cast of players. thank you so much. janine, please introduce yourself to our global audience. hello everyone. i'm did he not been yami broadcast that i'm fond of ladies, man, that does everything africa, man, football. i'm happy to be a spot in data here on industry. oh, to say hello. i show welcome to the stream. introduce yourself. thank you so much for having me. pay me my name is ashley co alicia. i have an african go expert, even though i cover football across the world. fantastic. hello tandy, congratulations, yada yada. please introduce yourself. you said you're off to all of that. i'm bet you are. mutate a mute yourself can be one more time guy. i live in atlanta and i'm an african 10
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pm. oh my goodness, the coach with the most hello dads arrive. welcome to the stream. tell everybody who you are, what you do. good evening, everyone. i my name is dave alice, i'm the head coach of banana banana. and i'm also an african champion. i. congratulations. alright. we are talking about the state of women's football on the african continent. you can be in that conversation as well. what do you want to know about african football from a women's perspective. how is the sport doing comment section right here. be part of today show. i'm going to show you a picture of deseret working quite recently at the women's african cup of nations. deseret. what were you doing here? what was going through your head? that is a moment when i'm not happy. when i'm not happy and i'm just looking and seeing where i can contribute. you know tim is laughing because she knows exactly what, what that picture looks like. 10 b,
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tell me when your coach looks like this, what, what is she yelling out at the place? it depends. it depends on what we have done. but i think it would be a moment to a should be expecting us to be, you know, screen or in a moment where we're supposed to not be getting a call again. so i know that look and it's not a really good look. yeah. so we, can we go from serious desert a very serious here to this desert? articulate that small, those thoughts, that energy. it was, it was a moment that it's very difficult to describe when you have just become an african champion. we so many things are going your mind where you actually showing people back home and thanking them for the support. thank you everyone that the support
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that you and i still have a very big smile. i can stop smiling. i sometimes people with my middle right next to me and i want to pinch myself, you know, is this really true? it's something that we have worked for for the last 4 years and it's finally come through. so yeah, something that you, you almost tell someone pinch me, pinch me. so i am thinking usher and jenny, this moment here where there was so much pride from south africans that their national female football team came out as champions. what does that mean? is that a big meaning to where football is on the african continent for women? usher, you start? well honestly, when you think about the investment that africa as a country has, you know, put into women's football over the years. and especially in the last 30 years, it only be fitting that the one. this is why one, it's a story that we play capes, and that shows that there are no shortcuts to success for very long time. so i
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forgot was the almost team, you know, but finally they turned on that switch and you know, you could feel even at halftime, you know, you could feel that, you know, i think i have an edge and moral going that final. and i'm so happy for everyone that has contributed to that journey. it's just a clear message. you know, out there that you have to invest. and when you invest in women's football, you'll get the results. it's just as simple as that to need. i'm just wondering about who the best female football teams all in the african continent. can you do 1234 for us please. bob teams on the continent. nigeria, south africa, queen. at the moment, morrow co, an edge in that as well. zombie i come our own funds will not like what i said. oh ok. so in the last few years that has been real strategy real efforts to improve african football for women. hamby, what have you seen? what difference is it now as
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a player on the african continent can be what come back to you. we need to do some playing around with your headphones. it may come right back to you. let me just pass along to your coach deseret. what change in the last few years has been a campaign, a strategy from the confederation of african football to really bring up the state of women's football on the african continent. what have you seen? why i think i started with a capital wins champions league coming on board. i think that was a huge shift. was a huge change. you can see the shifting the cloud now. everyone wanting to win that lead to go out and take things out with regards to westcan. it was an amazing westcan was organized. i mean, you look at the stadium that was packed out for the final morocco organize the really fantastic tournament. i also looked at, you know, all the new club,
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new countries that have come on board and none of them when any way you know the schools were, were not that big. so everybody has gone and done the work. a lot of investment has been done by morocco and they wouldn't, they would that, that they're not in the final by chance. you know, they put in a locked in base. when you look at the, they use teams also going to the, to the woke up the mean seems going to the woke up and that that's when you put in the basement. you look, molly was not they total guinea was not they, and you had you had for debbie don't you know way where they out of placing the competition either. so really putting it was a come on board, improved. we even have a female the pre going to the means will cup and i think she was fantastic in the final as well. the organization is been talking about the development of the game in africa for women's football. this
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is barbara talking fees as ambien for whether this is barbara talking to years ago and then denise, i'm going to come off the back if you and, and just wondering if things have got even better since barbara said this, hey, she has one of the african players, women is now playing blood. everyone wants to work hard and play proficient way. think now it's no people coming to know that. okay. and then the only other level. so i think it's up to us as we move to commit ourselves whatever we want to confidence fair. but all the players ready to go on to a bigger stage that goes outside of the african content. if you're truly honest, janine what else is needed? what is needed is improving our speech in africa. i mean, my daughter had one that 9 times up until the last few years been my g o. m. as
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primarily at this point in time, is one of the oldest women lead football league in the world. so are we will come back to jenny because we've just lost her. she just froze in there. so i'm going to just cup for that question. acosta. asha or to help me pick up here. what else is needed to improve the sport? not just in one part of the content but all over so that we've got a continent wide game for women that is really worth watching and spectacular and brings up the young people as well. it's interesting you asked this question 4 years ago in 2018 in marcus marco i was very honored to be thought of working group that was at the cashed women's football symposium. the very fast of its kind . and in this walk ship that had all you know, administrators and everyone was very passionate about women's football from the african continent came together to put up a strategy. and this strategy,
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one of the 1st things that a deed was to have a women's football department at the concentration of african football in egypt. and in this department you have people look up every day to think about women's football. that means creating programs for fema referees creating programs for you know, female coaches and then walking together with the regional association. then when i say regional and for example, south africa is in the course of the region which is in the southern parts of, of africa. and you're talking about, you know, stuffing which is sick. alpha one for which is west african region is a and beach and then you have, you know, which is north africa and unified, which is central africa. so when you have consistently tournament, you know, for on the 17 and the 20 goes and you have a yellow competition for the senior national teams, these, you know, brings together players and they continue to get these exposure that then can be transformed into the national team. at the end of the day, and that has played
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a huge role in getting, you know, teams to understand what it means to compete at the highest level. we can talk about cor, suffolk, to be very specific with africa and banana, banana, our end in this region. it's not by mistake. the 2 teams from cor safa medi to the semifinals center, africa, and via and also books, i know who were playing for the very 1st time. got to the course of finance, you know, so this kind of set up helps everyone holistically and specifically focus after web insisted for the past couple of years that for you to come to the course after turn i meant you have to have a female head coach and that sort of brings perspective to the whole development program. i've got some new 2 questions here. i see you nodding, so i'm just going to pick up with some of the questions from our audience. says divider says that today's topic is really essential, especially after watching the u. a for women's league attendance wasn't impressive
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until the finals football fans in africa have to patronize the women's games. deseret. thoughts on that look, it was only morocco that had peptide stadiums for the rest of the competition. it was really peck taught. and i think if we talking about supporting, we also need to support in this 10. you know, people are passionate, but they need to support in the stand because it's not just on the field where the game needs to grow in the field where the game needs to grow as well. but i think also this westcan, i think they'll be more fans in the stadium. one other thing that i wanted to add as well is if we need to improve on the african continent. i think kathy needs to make sure that all inmates structured leaks, and then the next step after that is to professionalize the sport because we can only compete with the rest of the world if we are doing similar things to the rest
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of the world. and at the moment, most of the leagues in africa is played on an amateur basis. we play as work and train off to work with teams, maybe practice twice as well. i got back into the conversation. jenny, i've got you chief question, which i know that you will be out to answer here. a k says, improve the officiating. i stop watching. well, that is a shame, but it's the officiating so bright on some games that the women have to play on the african continent that people would start watching. jenny people always need to have reasons and improve the quality of football. then their dream, like fantastic formations are quite clear that does re and the likes do. and then there's one more complete and you are never going to win when it comes to funds and wanting that. what is a valid concern? that should not be the reason why tens of thousands of young girls in africa will not get the opportunity to show kids exactly what they have an investment that put into them because of a handful of people. and that's what companies to improve,
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what it does need to improve is not make the biggest stage of women's football or women spots on the continent, the learning curve for mistakes to be done. if that has been cool when funds like i'm the commenter on youtube and many more, but there is a step and that can be improved for sure. let me just share this with you tempe. this is these are your, your, your 40 mates here. and i love this video, okay, this is a celebration video of you and your teammates here and the dance is on fire. i am wondering though, when you are in the locker rooms and you're talking about certain issues, just pay parity. come up to me because i not been yona has i'm better than the font of the font, which is the males football team. you put glory back to south africa. extraordinary football players, but you don't get paid the same amount thoughts. the 1st question i have right now with anyone in this interview or this panel discussion. what else should woman
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footballers do in order to get mission? again ancient and the crowns are women's team in africa. and the state of women's football in nigeria hasn't even reached what the nation or tim represents. now we have seen sort of because we just have been launched hollywood bit. but still that doesn't represent what the mission ought to play. and what we did know what then with, with banana bringing up, come back. so there's one questionnaire. is that what morse woman to the woman for bullets have to do in order to be taken seriously? and this goes out to federation is to sponsor to even family because and all in other countries, girls are not allowed to play. football. girls are not allowed to sit in sport. what else are we supposed to do? why are we being put in this box or what we can do and what we can do? it's amazing can be there in 2022,
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there still sexism involved in women's sport and particularly in football. how do you combat that? how do you tackle that? was it a little difficult question, but i think from where i'm standing, we just need to perform. we just need to be in a self and eventually, you know, the world can not no. as long time we look at the change, the leak or the european matches with the best long story on the field. not even men could fill up just again. so someone has to, you know, take charge and, and be able to say no, we, it's time. we need to support women from well as it's time we need to bring a lot of opportunities for when for us and is the same in africa. we saw everywhere the upcoming is being held stadiums being cool. did mention that in morocco, some make sure that we're doing people watching, but only when the home too much clean. so how do we make programs way?
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either teams can go to different countries to support because it's not only, you know, finances that have to stop. i mean king can not do the sponsors in the country building. i an area a way that people can be able to clean and fund so that when it's time for big tournaments you have support team tools. they have support, then we don't have to rely on local, you know, friends to legal support. you shall guess. i feel that there's at the moment with a cast, the confederation of african football. that there is a carrot in a stick approach. ok, so the current approach is the for qualifiers from the women's african combinations . they get to go to the well cup boom, they're there. and then the stick approach is if you don't have a female football team, you can enter their competitions as a male football team. that is intense and bold, and we bring in another idea for how there can be more coaches, more women in the game of football on the african continent. and this is from
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a coach cord easy. and she coaches a s k golly, here she is in february of this year. when, when of jobs i am i able to foresee what motivated me to become a coach was the government's policy of encouraging women to take an interest in sports, especially soccer. the women who were high up in the government were leading by example on the field and we were following. so i became a coke young ability. well, while you were there's a range of, it's almost like a 2 point approach to how you get the game of football for women on the african continent up to a certain standard. how to keep it growing. have you seen that idea of the government helping fund in the women's game? is that helpful? think that, you know, you need to put your saw that the by the biggest thing is being given the
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opportunity. i remember i'll go ahead a female coach. i'm not going to mail coach uganda at a female coach. you know, so it's been giving that opportunity and trusting them. and that is what software does. well they implement that the, that the female coach might not the head coach must be a female. even if you have a mo coach assisting and in that way the coach is getting expedient, but it's been given that opportunity that track. and i think not me if we are doing that. and i think it's important because when you look on the continent, the quality female coaches, but they're not being given an opportunity. and i'll see the ration took a bold step to, you know, give opportunities to, to all our national teams. are you? 17 is coach by a former captain. some people do, do you 20 coach by a former player job, a little boy, and we sort of interact all the time, but it's being given that opportunity. but i think when i look at the narrative is
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changing, there's a competition in cape town called the coca cola cup. and before you've got the under 18 boys, you've got senior women and senior men and the senior woman's prize money was less than the you. 18 boys, but all of a sudden the prize money has jumped and it's not the same price money as the team. so we don't realize the magnitude of our victory. all things change and all things are going to change. i also, you the, you, you, you nice are university of south africa has now given birth to all 23 plays that qualified, you know, that one though the westcan. so slowly but surely things are changing, but i agree with tim b. i don't know what more we've been there to do. what more we have to do to get the sponsors coming on board. and maybe somebody worked in sponsorship regularly, goes out and mix what sponsorship for winning sport can tell us what is missing. jenny, let me put this, i all right, go 1st and then jenny and you go 2nd, make it,
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make it brief lady. all right, go ahead. okay, i'll go 1st. so for me, i never really get to understand the issue about the difference in pay because here's the thing. if a player and the coach and then entire team is representing a country, the sus of fun is the government because you're wearing, in this case for example, you're wearing the south african flag, you're wearing the flag. so why is it that the women, i'm not getting the same amount as the men? i sent you a question and don't just ask that question. you can call every, sorry, it's a return chris and i'm next. next question. all right, there you go. janine, you knew the answer to that finish? go ahead. no, i was going to tell pen, be that women don't need to do anything on the work. do not interested anything. you're not the one that the 5 you meet the millions of dollars every other week.
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what development before the women ask a couple of every country that can women, couple of nations do not marketing within the country for people who will fly from the country to the stadium. to feel the, the fact that the people will lead the moral cool that needs to be done is just the phase and the countries need to do bed. so don't do anything. women sit down as queen do nothing. some interesting thoughts hear from you. chip guy is not impressed with women soccer guy. what century are you living in? and then we've got look, let's see. sponsors need to come to the party and support the ladies a manual manual untasted. yes, women's football is rapidly gaining momentum in africa. this is how you appreciative the african women and the african continent as a ho costas, whoever loves soccer knows very well. what african women with that sport can do. it can be profitable as well. they should have done it already. there's a thought here time be about what you want for the younger generation coming up. if
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you had to leave them with one piece of advice or inspiration, what would you tell them heavy my advice to the young ones will be to fresh look opportunities. if you don't have, would you go to school because women's football is growing? and if you where you're the school always be there. and i think it's one thing that in africa as a whole. yeah, we can read, you know, go, goes hand in hand with school. so you, you won't be able to be a person that goes well, you won't be able to develop that. okay. i can be and deseret, an usher and geneva talk about women's football and the african continent. i'm gonna leave you with 2 journalists who are very encouraged about where the sport is right now. i, sam and julie. my. so let's play and it's taken out. so the, my 1st and effects of clear mixing exception and game with the national cham morgan . i ting about her talents and her little play the surf to play in europe. i found
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the roman african curb shouldn't be a good living to make us very broad o continents. we me for both does change perceptions as tears of that are being here for. so long, you know, about all women can do, african women can do and what african girls going to do on what they can do. and so well only from what does best is show us it or when we can do almost anything, there won't be a mind to it'll the show has been produced by maya god, she is the senior producer of the stream. i don't normally tell you who produces the stream because it is a team effort like women's football. it takes a whole team, but there's always an m v p and that most valuable player is senior producer, my agog who's last show is to day. thank you, my a. garth, your spectacular. we wish you every success for where you go to next. good luck.
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ah a l. just serious correspondence, bring you the latest developments on the war in ukraine. we have to take cover. this is what's happening on a daily basis. the medics is a, he is incredibly lucky. those coming out across the line. a no, no man's land where one of the few to gain access to this embattled town. they take us to their basement, where we find others sheltering from the shelling. these evacuation place like 3 days journey devastated buildings cornell, a grim reminder that the russians were here, new voices heating up the airway. lot of chinese listeners with, kimberly here, but i really think in their own country shifting power of a case,
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the rise of citizen journalism has changed everything. how do you happen? it happened on social media and the undeniable impact of the mainstream narrative. australians went to the pole with those images front of mine is a war that it's very much came forth out in the media as well as on the battlefield . the listening post. dissect the media on al jazeera, both german news, and the police violently. the person protest this, these are some of good tens of thousands of people trying to play hobble inspire to program making welcome to generation chains, unrivalled with broadcasting. white people did not want black children in their schools. we have to apply for it and al jazeera indies, proud recipient of the new york festivals broadcast during the year award for the 6 year running. ah.


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