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around the world, including the middle east and north africa, lynette and we dreamed of the fair and democratic society which we and of a revolution. the 1st of a 3 part series out as they were world, explores the regional events, people and forces that shake the decade on one of our dreams were many we started with. great dreams are jammed up with sad set by the 60s in the arab world. politics on al jazeera like everywhere, connectivity for infrastructure and dependence on foreign corporation means too many remain offline. now publication and tech activists are building whole grow the solution and secure the nation's technological sovereignty. rebels geeks, the ship is in network. you ah,
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3 days soon at least 40 for palestinians killed in a gyptian broker, cease fire holes between israel and islamic jihad. ah, you're watching all just like for my headquarters and hi daddy and obligate the also coming up charge transitional military council signed a peace agreement with several art groups in the country. capital dough from the us senate signed off on hundreds of billions of dollars on a new bill to fight climate change on boost healthcare services. i'm john henry in northern ukraine and coming up, i'll show you what a clean up rate looks like. ah, hello, a fragile cease fire and gaza appears to be holding egypt mediated the deal between
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israel and the palestinian group of slamming jihad. the you went and katara were also involved in brokering that truce at least 40 for palestinians. mostly civilians were killed in the conflict which began on friday. 15 of them were children. the israeli government says they were targeting members of the group islamic jihad to a 5th. senior leaders were killed during the offense. the armed group responded by firing hundreds of rockets into israel, most were intercepted by israel's iron dough miss all system. and the is really strikes mostly hit 3 areas. several people, including children and an elderly women were killed in the job value. refugee camp in northern garza is really strikes targeted and agricultural area. and con eunice in the south also hits were site rafa along the border with egypt. those strikes killed palestinian islamic leader to had a palestinian islamic jihad leader. excuse me, solid months? sure. we have to correspondence covering the latest developments. john holeman is
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joining us from west or islam in a moment. but 1st let's bring in human. say you had to talk to us about the situation and doesn't tell us what we're hearing about the the conditions of the cease fire even yes, darian, so as we are in a very cautious ceasefire, after a security, it needs really security assessment last night. and today, early in the morning, ah, they have partially opened the crossings, the kid him up with salam crossings, and at the areas crossing border to allow unitary, an aide, food supply, medical supply, and fuel to enter the gaza strip. just a very short while ago, the 1st tracks of fuel where allowed into the gaza strip and heading towards the solar power plant that stopped working since sunday yesterday, after the lack of fuel in it. so we are now witnessed that witnessing the entrance
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of the these trucks of the you fuel trucks and other humanitarian trucks that are waiting to enter the strip. also, the erisa checkpoint has been opened and fried of people to enter a u. r. delegation is on the way to the gaza strip, a shortly to arrive. journalists are also allowed to enter and a critical a pitch patient, sorry with critical conditions, but that already have the permit, are allowed to leave the gaza strip. ah, mainly this is the 1st ah, the 1st involvement that we have after this cautious cease fire that we have witness to read the goddess strip after the late late strikes between uh huh. and between, sorry, islamic jihad and israel. okay, thank you so much room. now you mercedes reporting for us from garzo over to john
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holland. joining us from western, russo learned so how was this playing out from where you are, john? what we're hearing at the moment is an influential israeli journalist who was invited to a press briefing with israeli officials is just started sharing what he learned from that. that's a way that news often percolates out in this side is ready. officials like to talk to, to trusted journalistic sources and then it goes from there. we're just trying to confirm this at the moment with the prime minister's office, who have yet to get back to us. but what the journalist in that briefing have been told is that this, that israel at the moment is just agreed to facilitate dialogue in terms of the islamic jihad, prisoners, that israel has that were part of the demand from islamic jihad that those prisoners be returned to them, the israel hasn't agreed to anything in terms of giving them back yet. we've also
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heard that separately from israeli minister, talking to a national radio station earlier on today. so as far as that goes, that's where that's at. and the egyptians, obviously as human to say we're also involved in that. we're also hearing as well by that brief. this might be a political opportunity, israeli official site for some sort of prisoners. what but not necessarily with islamic g, have what we were just talking about. but actually with mass that they noted mass, which is the real ruling powering, does not islamic jihad stayed out of this round of fighting yesterday. that was what we were talking about through the day. if i'm asked to go with it, then things were sure to escalate the mass, decided not to do that. and he's alarming officials a telling these trust journalists for them, that this might be a political opportunity. diplomatic opportunity with thomas at least as far as prisoners walked and things like that are involved and they do want to move things
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food in that way. apart from that, the moment the see far is just about the few, the medicine, the food. it's not the moment about work is that hiding from god's into israel. this 14000 work is in god's about have permits to work into israel. and that's a huge thing for the economy and gaza, obviously to the families and extended families of these people to 1000000 people, obviously living in gaza. a lot of them in a bad economical situation. what israel has said about that is if the situation remains calm, they haven't put a time on this. but if the situation remains calm, then the crossings will be opened up as well to those workers we have to see when and if that happens going forward. john holeman reported from western william john, thank you. is early forces, meanwhile, have demolished palestinian homes during a raid in the northern occupied west bank. bulldozers accompanied by israeli forces
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destroyed 2 houses in the village for the men in your jeanine. one belong to the grandfather of a 20 year old palace finney and man who was accused by israel of killing 3 israelis in early may. in other news, child's transitional military council has signed an agreement to start peace talked with several armed groups and the cuts are recapitalized. oh, how the deal comes. after 5 months of negotiations, it also paved the way for elections and returned to civilian rule. as mohammed vol reports, the peace agreements could and decades of instability. the talks got off to a difficult start in march. some factions walked out demanding greater presentation . they assisted members of the transitional, military council, or t. m. c. not run for office. there is a commitment from the government. so what if you look at the rebuild side? the issues of that is a way to begin to get very complicated because you have new demand going to like
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mama, debbie shouldn't stand for reelection or a ton of assets. you have to reconcile the competition, right? we even between the, the opposition i ribbon, we were because why the might be for me. and if i position you have about for you in, in the process into the draft agreement is meant to pave the way for a national dialogue later this month. and the new constitution, chad has been locked in internal conflict for city decades. edris debbie came to power in 1991 in a military coup and served as president until his death last year. fighting among alms group has hundreds of thousands of people from their homes. when his father died, 37 year old mohammed debbie took over as president and heads the 15 member transition military council with his creditors with bringing rifle militia to the negotiation table. but the absence of some of the main opposition figures from the signing on
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monday rekindles doubts about the sustainability of the deal. chad is one of the poorest countries in the side and with decades of drought and armed conflict, it is an urgent need of stability. there is an air of her happiness and optimism here among the delegates with me here is fuddled. hussein he's going to, he's from the national council for reform. he's one of the 42 organizations or groups that have signed this agreement. and he says he's happy. why are you happy? what's different about this agreement? because this piece agreement, there is a lot of international committed involved to observe all to, to quinn, to, to continue to see where the piecing chart so thus wise, a lot of delegation is yesterday. i 1st of all, the united nation african unions and countries around the child, the all the came here today to see the peace or agreement. that's why today we are
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very happy where it was domestic and then for the uh huh. did use debbie. he's will came over he, he came here already, to see all the political, her movement hears to, to say, to appreciate them to sign the piece agreement. seems not, not all chaldeans are ready for peace because some of them have not attended this ceremony today. and they have not signed one of them is one of the most active groups in shot military. yeah, the peace agreement is still open and none is still open for everybody to conjoin in the peace agreement in the future. so we urge and then today i urge everybody to did inside. and then because this is a sure agreement for the child in, so anybody he did his eye and he will continue to sign the or the, or the, the disagreement is open. so for aren't you consent? not one of the main factions, an armed function, very active in the country, has not attended and has him
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a planet. so that is the hesitation for the fact. so because they stay here for 5 months through to negotiate with the child elements that i have the optimistic they are welcome in the future, to signs with peace agreement of the joints is this agreement. so that's why you know, like all the chad in government is still the half or the demand for everybody and outside the country will come and then to join the piece. like you so much father seen from the national council for reform. so basically, the 42, a groups that have signed, disagreement they, they say they are very optimistic, they said this is the biggest, the biggest gathering and the biggest deal of its kind of chat has seen chad has signed dozens of similar deals in the past. but they said this is the greatest and they said it's time in charge. everybody in chad is titled of war is cited of conflict. and they believe that with the help of cut out on other countries and the u. n. and the, and that the african union,
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and because the chaldeans are ready for peace now and tired of war, they think this agreement will last still ahead on al jazeera leave the image that most people assume he left leg is april. columbia's 1st lester's president is sworn in before thousands of cheering supporters in bogota. ah, the journey has begun the fee for world copies on its way to the castle book. your travel package to day. hello, temperatures are gonna be ramping up once again across western and north western parts of europe. over the next couple of days, we have high pressure in charge, and we are going to see those temperatures getting up into the low, maybe to the mid thirties into northwestern. partnerships and not the heat that we had in july, but still plenty warm enough. the reason for the temperatures not getting quite as
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high is because we have the source high pushing through. we're not drawing up that heat from spain and portugal hot sunshine placed guys over the north west there, and that will if the temperature is plenty high enough. so we're looking at temperatures for monday, getting up to around $29.00 celsius in london. and in paris that we are into the mid to high thirty's, across the good parts of france, down towards spain and portugal. and those temperatures do edge up further which go on through the week, getting up into the thirty's there. by the time we come to a thursday, the 2030 celsius in london that he won left for paris. no attempt is edging up much as we had towards the we can. meanwhile, we have got some wet weather across scotland. that'll push his way toward sir, norway. live you, panda, showers just around the paradise over the high ground stretching across the alps. central southern parts of italy, but see some wet weather too. just around the bulk is in to where you crane at eastern side of europe. and that continues to pop by tuesday. katha airways
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issue an line of the journey in a post colonial world. the scars of european imperialism run deep. nowhere more so than in the democratic republic of congo, where a history still shapes the presence of visceral, yet intimate insight through the eyes of a whistleblower and a patriotic military commander. witness presents this is congo. honor, jesse ego. ah the hello again. the top stories on al jazeera, the sour, a fragile seas fire in gaza,
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appears to be holding egypt mediated the deal between israel and the palestinian group islam of jihad, the un, and kept her were also involved in brokering the truth. meanwhile, is really forced to demolish to palestinian home during a raid near janine, in the occupied west, bank one belong to the family of a 20 year old palestinian man, who is one of 2 men accused by israel, of murdering 3 israelis. in may. chad transitional military council who signed the peace agreements with several armed groups and the cuts are re capital. the deal comes after 5 months of negotiations and pays the way for elections under return to civilian rule. most of ukraine's money is going to fund its war effort against russia, leaving little to rebuild destroyed homes. that's where a group of young ukrainians are stepping in with shovels and music. john 100 went to meet some of them in the village of veronica in northern ukraine. i.
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this is the sound of a new generation of ukrainians unbound by war resurrecting what's been lost each weekend. hundreds of young volunteers from across ukraine and as far away as london donate their own money raise more through crowd funding and higher coaches to carry them 2 hours north from keith to get here. then they go to work. they call it a clean up res. we cannot all be on the front line ah, shooting a struggling for our country, but we can do something useful here and staying at our home, said our country as so someone destroys our country. and so once a, someone needs to rebuild russian rocket strikes turned the house from this into this with no hope of saving it. the workers clear the way for reconstruction, but it will the spirit and the pin for dot com find out around. and it's,
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it's really touching on march 5th, this man, his pregnant wife and his brother were in the basement when rocket struck somehow every one survived. for a couple of holidays and also to so many people how come together every grateful of that. we'll try to adopt a beale and move forward to victory through pouring rain searing heat and summer sun. they work until the site is clear. these volunteers came here to listen to the music have a good time and rebuild their country. brick by brick. it when it's done, int on po yaks. father in law, who owns the home? says thank you ah, there reward a free concert from ukrainian electro folks t r o nuka, who says she takes inspiration from the youth of ukraine. and it's defiance in the face of an ongoing war. i to feel it in their eyes.
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and i think that if we have such powerful young generations, so impressive. so encouraged and i him know his attention that ukraine one step with this then they party is only their generation can oh, celebrating in a torrential downpour in a cultural center gutted by shelling in the region where the ukranian army drove out russian forces. john henderson al jazeera yvonne, if good, northern ukraine. china has extended its military drills around taiwan in defiance of coals to end them. beijing, his anal and so will conduct more anti submarine on naval operations. on monday, the military exercises began when taiwan hosted us how speaker nancy pelosi last week and were due to and on sunday journalist patrick folk is in beijing with the latest which are never officially concerned than the end to the military drills.
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but it does seem to have wound down its exercises encircling taiwan. although state media did report that the military would now be conducting regular trills on the taiwan side of the median line. and also said that the historic task or re unification could now be realised. and the demonstration of military muscle seems to have been expanded to other parts within the region. china has begun lie firing drills in the yellow sea, which will last the 10 days and waters between china and south korea. it's also set to begin live drills in the bo high sea, which will last for an entire month at near u. s. military bases in japan seen as critical to defending ty, one in the event of an attack by china, set per diem efforts to frame the events of recent days. according to china's perspective, continue foreign ministry spokesperson watching, posted a tweet, saying that china will never forget its nationals, shame
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a never allow bandits to bully and plunder china again. that was a reference to china's 100 years of humiliation and portrays china as a victim. even as regional neighbors, in particular, have expressed serious concern about china's military actions and assertiveness. police a new mexico are investigating whether the killings are for a muslim man. in a 9 months span are connected, the latest victim was shot by an unknown attacker in albuquerque. on friday, in 3 previous murders, the victims were ambushed and shot without warning, authority suspect, the men were targeted because of their race and religion. police have asked members of the muslim community to remain vigilance. the u. s. senate has passed a sweeping package worth $430000000000.00 covering climate tax and health care. most of it will go towards climate projects, making it the largest investment to fight global warming and us history. democrats,
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it's a big victory for president joe biden. rosalyn jordan reports after round the clock to beat on saturday and sunday. the u. s. senate passed the last major economic bill of jo biden's agenda, the inflation reduction act. on this vote. the age of 50, the nase of 50, the senate being equally divided. the vice president votes in the affirmative and the bill as amended is passed. the bill will raise $430000000000.00 for a wide range of priority, improving health care coverage, tackling climate change by investing in electric cars and renewable energy, imposing a mandatory 15 percent income tax on corporations, and cutting the deficit. this bill will kick start the era of affordable clean energy in america. it's a game changer. it's a turning point, and it's been
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a long time in coming. the bill had been considered dead until democratic leaders negotiated a compromise name with senators jo, mansion and kiersten cinema that guaranteed their support. senate republicans offered amendment after amendment in hopes of destroying the democrats unity. they blocked a plan to require private health insurers to charge no more than $35.00 a month for insulin, but that wasn't enough to derail the overall bill. after the vote, senate republicans issued a statement calling the bill a disaster. earlier on sunday and just out of cobit isolation, president joe biden signal to reporters, he thought the bill would pass. now it's up to the house of representatives to approve the bill before biden consigned it into law. that vote is tentatively set for friday. rosalind jordan, l. jazeera washington,
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nigeria is speeding up the construction of a pipeline that can deliver and gas across the nation. it will be used to generate electricity and boost exports, whether the race or pours from port harcourt. ah, these a tough time. so nigerian manufacturer's power outages have become common. the diesel to park there, luke of generators has becomes cause inexpensive electricity shortages are forced nigeria businesses to either cut production or shut down completely. the government says its domestic gas expansion program will turn things around. the scheme is 60 percent complete and will deliver guests through our network of pipes to factories . and olds did cool idea behind that project is to create it. it corridor. it development corridor across nigeria. because we know that without
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access to energy, nothin can grow. this in turn will support nigeria plans to export its natural gas . is facility will now make it possible for us to deliver gus to all parts of the country in a very sustainable manner. and would potential to extend his 5 line across the sahara into our jerry, i'll probably add that into, into europe. manufacturers in parts of the country. what gases currently deliver, say, industrial output and opportunities are growing gradually. in this small workshop, hundreds of petrol and diesel engines have been converted to is compressed natural gas. the company wants to expand its operations across nigeria, but the challenge is funding, and the lack of infrastructure. if i'm a coral guy, is a lead engineer here. what does this massive increase and people now want to have gas generator wasn't just for their facility? these are generated, it's not easy to celine, to present condition in nature. the company also supplies compressed natural gas to
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factors, and generates electricity, photo operations on a neighboring community. now juris domestic gas usage is federal compatriots. huge reserves. many say the project holds great promise, but only if government sees is true. aahama degrees al jazeera, pawtucket nigeria. columbia is 1st left us present. gustavo petro has been sworn into office, a former rebel fighter, promised to reshape the deeply polarized country, with a long list of social and economic reforms. alessandro pity reports from bogota, yet where local local and you, aaron colombian, politics as began. udo, you'll see. i swear to god and promised to the people to faithfully comply with the constitution and laws of columbia. it is former rebel fighter of the em 90 movement . gustavo paid through swore in as the country's 1st left his president in a ceremony filled with symbolism and promise of change. general, it still is
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a thought, i want to say to all the colombians who are listening to me in the boulevard plaza and in all of columbia and abroad, that today, our 2nd opportunity begins. it's the hour of change. our future has not been written. william, we have felt the columbia of what's possible starts to day. we are here against all predictions and against a story that said, we would never govern against those who didn't want to let go of power, but we did to visit and former housemaid france jamarkis also swore in as calmly as 1st black lice president calling our ancestors for protection, some being horton, i also sway before my ancestors until dignity becomes customary. neither. tens of thousands of supporters flooded the streets of downtown bo gotta making it look more like a carnival than a political event. as though yankee, but what i like the app. i'm, he is the joy to celebrate what we've been waiting for for a long time. conrad i love back. if petra can achieve peace and he will make good
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to colombians, dignifying the life of farmers workers and the victims of this country a lot better received the presidential sash from a visibly moved young senator, daughter of a former em 19 presidential candidate assassinated during the country. civil war and his 1st order as president came right after taking the oath of office. he called for this word of simone believer hero of the wars of independence to be brought to the ceremony from the presidential palace. reversing a band by his predecessor, it carried special symbolism. the em 19. sold a sword in 1974 from a museum, only returning it after disarming. but he better joins a new wave of lefties governments in latin america. his plans are probably the most ambitious aiming to lower poverty and hunger, ending the war on drugs developing the long, neglected countryside and transitioning from oil and coal to fight climate change.
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the moment of truth, thus confir, gustavo, veteran, his government, starting on monday, we'll have to demonstrate that indeed, as administration will be able to transform into reality is, is many promises. and the hope, a majority of colombians have placed in him. allison that i'm dead, the i'll just eat, i border a large fire at a cuban oil depot is gradually being brought under control. the facility is located in the city and my tons, our son was hit by lightning. at least one person has died and more than a 120 people have been injured. 16 firefighters are missing. mexico and venezuela have sent support crews. but kansas is just east that the cuban capital havana. and augustan has more from coast to the scene of that fire, as you can see right behind me, there's a huge plume of smoke coming out from one of the tanks that still burnings. there are 8 that called super time because each of which has approximately $50000.00
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killer metric tons of petroleum to avoid exploded. the 17 firefighters one has been confirmed at the other 16 a missing. i think it's safe to say the expectation is very low, that they are alive because they will just meet away from one of those times trying to dance it with water to stop it exploding. when it exploded. so these people will have been incinerated, the president of cuban met today with family members. and those are still not confront that missing cuba. aust, if you want to starry night, this is a very proud country. this is a country that does ask for a dismiss. it really, really needs it, boy, does it need it? they low on the tech, new technology and also experience in dealing with this. mostly this is a bigger.


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