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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 8, 2022 10:00pm-10:30pm AST

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solutions to save the world's most precious resource. in the next episode of ath right, we look at what is being done december once or twice on al jazeera. august on out is era. a year after the taliban took over a special coverage of the current situation in afghanistan. the listening post examines and dissects the wealth media how they operate, the stories they cover. 5 years on since mia mars muslim minority were forced from the country. we look at the plight of the rocking. i'll just say we're well showcase is the best documentary from across the network, including a new 3 part series, the sixty's in the arab world. as protest continue following the swearing in the new president could sri lanka, economic and political crisis, lead to humanitarian 1 august on which is iraq. ah,
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after days of destruction and with 45 people killed a cease far between israel and islamic jihad holds in garza. ah, hello, i'm joel. this is al jazeera live from london, also coming up international alarm over the shelling of europe's largest nuclear plant, while ukrainian and russian forces battle for control. a path to peace in one of africa's most volatile countries. chance military government signs a deal with dozens of rebel groups. and china defies. calls to dial down tensions over taiwan that extends its largest ever military drills around the r ah
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palestinian families of morning. the victims of days of deadly bombardment by israeli jets. in garza, a cease fire deal between israel and the palestinian group is lamp jihad is still holding after it was established by egyptian negotiators. on sunday, his ready strikes destroyed homes and buildings across garza, while islamic to had fighters fired hundreds of rockets into israel. it was the worst escalation and violence since last year's war. una l sired begins are coverage. oh, family thing, guys that are morning. this funeral is for yesterday in the been he, in his 3 children, mohammed dahlia and met were killed empathy. hannah and home by an israeli airstrike. not far away. other palestinians are surveying the damage somehow
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set up temporary shelters. either their try to salvage their possessions. in this nino, accepting the federal 3 years, 3 wars, and we suffer every time they bombed the house from a different side once from the east, once from the west, once from the north and every time they ask us to leave. and every time we suffered, great fear because israel says hunt for leaders of the policy in islamic to had israel and its allies, cold and curious. but the relatively small armed resistance group enjoy support among palestinians the fact heavy aerial and are truly attacks on neighborhoods in god's up and retail. yeah, terese rocket flyer into israel, egypt mediated the cease fire between israel and islamic jihad with support from
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the u. n. a cutter islamic jihad has told us that is part of the deal. it has been assured the senior members held in israeli jail will be really something that israel denied medical decision that without leaving me there will be most useful agreement that will be a pretty or agreement from that is 55. we continue her gall since living under decades of illegal occupation in an open air present. the latest cease fire is just that a brief pause until the next attacks. you may see had al jazeera garza, dozens of palestinians are being treated in hospital following the latest israeli bombardment. most facilities in gaza are experiencing a medicine shortage because of the blockade. al jazeera natasha go. name has more.
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i'm standing at the largest of the 14 government run hospital serving more than 2000000 palestinians in gaza. i spoke to a doctor with the palestinian health ministry. he says the real emergency wasn't treating the 360 or so palestinians injured during 3 days of fighting. sadly he says they're used to attending to a much larger influx of injured fuel has arrived in gaza and the borders have re opened. but when fuel shipment to the full power plant was halted last week, hospitals were told they needed to rely on generators. the problem is they didn't have enough fuel to keep these generators operating. the real health emergency in gaza is the severe shortage of medicine. medical equipment and lab supplies. the palestinian health ministry says this is the result of a 15 year israeli and egyptian imposed blockade. and the challenge is palestinian
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space getting permission from israel to leave gaza for better medical treatment. hospitals don't have 40 percent of the medicine. they need or 60 percent of the lab supplies due to the blockade. israel won't allow in 24 types of medical equipment, such as mobile x rays. the hope is in the coming days, palestinians will be able to leave garza for treatment. the doctor i spoke to at the palestinian health ministry says, until the blockade ends until israel allows in the needed supplies and there's ease of movement for palestinians. the health sector in garza will continue operating in crisis mode on the israeli side of the border. meanwhile, there is an uneasy sense of calm john holeman is following developments from west drew slowly and sent us this report. the border crossing from israel into garza opened for the 1st time in 6 days. much needed medical supplies, food and fuel
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a heading across it. the latter, the gods is only power plant shots in saturday. masculine on these railey side of the buddha, people have headed out for the 1st time since islamic jihad and his ro declared a truce. many a relief and triumphant. the bumpers. uh huh. it's the 1st time we've entered a cease fire and we feel very good after we destroyed them. we can sleep peacefully at sea. i don't think his lamp jay had will do anything again in the next 3 or 4 years. but some are already looking ahead to the next round of violence. no, much any question. we do not trust them. they promised they promised, but they always attack again. except that this time it was israel that attacked 1st . launching. would it termed as a preemptive strike into gaza? dozens of people were killed in the resulting escalation among them to islamic jihad leaders. ah, in israel there were no dis,
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the line don't defend system. still, most of the rockets that made it across the buddha. on monday that was seen as a win for the interim prime minister and defense minister just as election season warms up. think it would both guns, they're dead, their defense minister and prime minister le speed in a good a point a where they are experienced. ok. they behave, they behaved well, they can't be they, they kept it short. and so i think it will work for in their favor. to what extent i don't know exactly islamic jihad wanted something out via gyptian bro, could sees fall to release of prisoners. but israel see more focused on a more powerful force in gaza. israeli officials, briefing national media seem more interested in focusing on her mass, the group that controls garza rather than islamic jihad. and that's because her
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mass, this time around is what we're breaking enough to take you live to the un security council holding an emergency session on the escalation of violence in gaza. let's this 1100. it's more to seem to ease from menu which landed the entire is really territory. during the escalation, already 6 palestinians were killed. 300 with 60 in good and hundreds of residential housing units with damaged or destroyed. and all, with all the civilian infrastructure, seventies, where it is where in use with damaged with then all the civilian spoke years last night in the heart. and these were the prime minister's office announced in separate statements that the seas had been agreed and would call me back at 11 30 pm on the 7th or 7th of august the ceasefire. remain in place as i speak.
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i went through this agreement and i'm grateful to egypt for it's who's your role in securing the cease fire and all the side the un, and appreciate the very important support provided by a part of the us, your policy, and your notary in orders to de escalate the situation together, these efforts combine how to prevent the outbreak of a scale of war. and as of this morning, as all for the delivery of butch needed to relieve to the people of the un remains in close contact with all parties to solidify disease fire and ensure that the significant with made was using restrictions which we have seen since the end of the escalation last may, can be safe, guarded, and ultimately expanded. mister president, the most recent escalation, how did you see in deep attend hughes with have been rising for months across the
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occupied palestinian territory pension spice to cross the west bank in march and april of this year, particularly after 530 the facts, the deadliest, the years place inside these following these attacks, israeli authorities increased military operations inside your west bank with a significant number of these operations taking place in g. focused on in, in militant groups operating in the area on the 1st of august is ready to do for his arrest. and saudi a senior leader of palestinian design. you have in your confide with, along with his son in law, a 17 year old palestinian who p k claimed as 58 was killed during the operation p j. meet you to declare a state of alert and raised the level readiness of their militants in response to
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the threats. these were enclosed crosses between these where they got the speed of the 2nd august and implemented methodist restricting the civilian movement in the so called garza and the low tension mounted highly inflammatory rhetoric by post indian militant groups the u. n. u and all this again, intensive radiation efforts to a word, an escalation on 5 august is ready for his carry though to strike a series of strikes against reported military targets, including against the gate commander in gulf. i was kinda in the back ars later in the land of the vincent factions launch more than 100 indiscriminate rockets, another project from which in civilian neighborhoods inside goth speak to what civilian population populate in centers in these well,
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including the central israel and the golf envelope. over the following days, israeli air and i did a respite against the targets in gaza. and the rocket launched by palestinian militants into israel continued intensively with the press that the escalation took us to via all the civilian population. i repeat the figures we are presenting. our initial and verification is on going from 5 to 7 august 46. palestinians were killed including 20 civilians, 15 children and 4 women. according to israeli, official sources described kill 21 operatives, mainly affiliated with b. i. j. the ministry of health and also reported $360.00, published in in years including at least $151.00 children and $58.00 women.
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at least 10 houses were completely disappointed. 48 severely damaged. and when the inhabitable, according to goth, us these over 600 housing units with damage displacing 80 for families. approximately 1100. welcome to malta were 5. i'd probably still need groups may be p. r could regain some 20 percent of these reported the fed up with the got the st causing damage. and at least 3 cases, potentially a large number of civilian casualties you had. monitoring of these incident is stated ongoing those that cross the border most ways deceptive by israeli are and don't. but some cost material damage is weighted source is reported. 70 injuries, including $92.00 i to them, the indiscriminate launching of rockets from highly populated residential
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neighborhoods in golfer into civilian populated said that the nice route which puts at risk for palestinian and israeli civilians and violet international humanitarian law. wide, fully recognizing its weight is legitimate security concerns. i will write that under international law or use of force must be proportionate that they call these steps to avoid civilian casualties. children in particular must never be target. the violence of would be suppressed against the backdrop of the golf escalation tends to remain high in the occupied westbank from the onset of the escalation post the demonstration in both the locations protesting. these were the striking gossip, the president of the palestinian authority above issue, the state condemning these re this price and reiterating at school for the
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international community to protect policy with the press them. in addition to the loss of life injuries and destruction of property complete culture of areas, karen yellow crossing for 6 days had severe. you really 30 and consequences for palestinians in the strip gulf. i was on the brink of a human dairy collapse last evening when the cease fire came into effect. as in all escalations, there are di, monitoring, consequences and the doping, break them all normal supply lines as essential services. basic food medical supplies, if you were unable to enter as a result on 6 august glasses, all the power plants, you're quoting rolling power goods of over 20 overs per day and severely impacting the delivery of basic essential services and facilities. so post the terms in
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clinic schools, what these are the nation distribution as well as waste water treatment, gulf of chronic shortage of essential medicines and equipment where excessive bases by the escalation and the closure of airs prevented the daily costing of some 50 patients requiring the special treatment in these well to close years. also worse than the already precarious food security situation in the gaza strip. reducing spokes of basic foods, particularly the wheat flour. the ceasefire announced last night as a low sumption of a sensitive movement. the goods and people in the mouth of god, including the delivery of humanitarian, the funeral for the gossip. our black eye wet companies, rarely alternatives kindly. the opening of areas in care of general crossing after the cease fire went into effect. the opening of the care of your home has been
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lowered for 23. the 1st few to enter into god's us pick today. and they believe the got the power to resume normal operation from 8 pm this evening. local park, my deputy president unitary coordinator in hastings. and to golf for this morning and he's leaving the us and you monitoring with us on the ground. your spend the day be think the us and you when you turn in agencies, family is affected by the escalation and secret society groups and assessing the damage at the the cost will be steep. miss depressed that the escalation of recent days came a little more than one year after the end of the made $21.00 escalation in golfer devastating impact for back complete still with us today in the month following the may 21 question but significant progress was made in opening golf for the
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movement of people and goods. these steps help is living conditions in the strip imperative that here is some of the measures that way places continue our efforts to expand the further. we are committed to supporting the full implementation of the ceasefire. ramen, here in the safety and security of the civilian population and following up on the policy here, the prisoners fight. mister president, yesterday, the secretary, when it comes to see fire announcement and call on all sides, bye bye did we? i co, the secretary of. ready go, i want to make counsel aware of the following. the ceasefire is fragile. any assumption of facilities will only have devastating consequences for post
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evenings and he's rarely and make any political progress or the key issues elusive. ultimately, the underlying drivers of this as previous escalations remain these items, the violence will only sees when which he, the political resolution of the conflict that brings and to the occupation and the realization of a 2 state solution. on the basis of the 67 lines in line with us with solution international law and previous agreements. i reiterate my quote to he's one of the palestinian leaders hip along with the international community to strengthen diplomatic efforts to return to meaningful negotiations. was a bible to state solution. thank you. if i sent mister when his land for his briefing
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with him, i now give the floor to the permanent observer of the observer and state of palestine. thank you mister president. mister president, i thank china for its ab leadership of the security council and it's convening of this emergency meeting to address latent violations of the charter and of this councils. resolutions. i also thank the united arab emirates, france, ireland, and norway, together with china for requesting upon our appeal. the convening of this briefing, mister president, israel claims for itself, right to security that would seemingly justify murdering imprisoning under pressing an entire nation. it claims the right to security,
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that would trump our right to life or right to self determination, our right to be safe in our homes. it claims right to security that supersedes the you and charter international humanitarian law and human rights law . it claims for itself everything that it denies us. israel claims it is always defending itself even when it keeps attacking the palestinian people. if you are against violence, do not excuse, excuse israeli violence, do not justify it. do not encourage it. really is so cold coat and co tried to secure if he has become a license to killed and it must be invoked in an international law based order.
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international law is the measuring stick for anybody's actions. we are bound by its rules and remain ready to abide by them. what about the other party? can it keep rewriting the rules as it wishes? and can you accept such double standards that undermine the protection of the law everywhere? how many more times will is there a get to justify bombing our people in garza? until someone says enough is enough. are you ready to say enough? is enough as the highest authority responsible for the maintenance of international peace and security? how many more years does it get to impose it's in humane blockade and 2000000
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people, half of them children, until someone says enough is enough. how many more children do we have to bury? until someone says enough is enough. regardless of who is empowered in israel, there are 2 constant features of israeli policy, bombing garza and advancing colonial settlements. and the settlers agenda. these are undeniable facts. while it was bombing garza, this time around is really extremist where storming yet again, i'll had, i'm sharif, and violating the historic status. this was an unprovoked and unjustified aggression. it's real reason is barely veiled. the upcoming is really election and the desperation to appeal
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to and appease the extremist $44.00 and mr. todd wenzel and told us it's $4.00 to $6.00 and they are counting. palestinians killed 15 children in a morbid power play and display is ill kills our people because it can when will the wards show them? that they cannot? mr. president, doesn't this council have a clear position on protection of civilians? are our civilians? are our civilians lives less war the of protection than other civilians? are they somehow, with the exception to every rule? are they in as 0 in his own where the un charter and international law do not apply? or is the an identity of their aggressor somehow enough to
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justify blanket immunity for the perpetrators and no protection for the victims. the secretary general's recommendations presented 40 years ago and welcomed by the general assembly have yet to be implemented. and here i'm referring to protections. we need protection. our civilians are entitled to protection. our children deserve protection. a la carte, doom was a 5 years old. and i am sure that all of you have seen her pictures. innocent angel. do you know how hard it is to speak in the past tense of those who were yet to experience life? allah cut, doom was 5 years old. and she was already 3 wars old. she
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survived the 1st 2. not the 3rd one. did you hear about the parents who spent years trying to have a child? and finally had a son only to have to bury him. a few years later did you hear about an behind family? another name added to the long list of palestine and families who lost 4 or more of their members, including 3 children. do you know how it feels to be powerless to be unable to provide any protection to your child? to know there is no safe haven anywhere, no shelter anywhere to survive one war and wait for the next one onslaught.
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how can i convey these things? so people finally understand that those who really need your support to their security, other, these defenseless philistine m families, not the nuclear power, not the occupying power. how will is that i'll answer our colds for protection. by blaming the victim. is there l. beyond reproach? it kills palestinians because it has to and it always has to. if it is stealing our land, it is our fault. if it is killing our children, it is our fault. if it is occupying our country, it is our fault. if it is besieging our people, it is our fault, is that i want peace. that is why it builds israeli settlements and demolishes
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palestine and homes. is that once fees, and that is why it needs to expand and we need to live in enclaves. when do we say enough, is enough? should we wait for the next round or the one after the next aggression? the next settlement? the next force transfer of civilians? when do we finally domains straight to the palestinian people that there is a peaceful path that leads to freedom instead of doing everything to convince them . otherwise, mister president, if 15 years old child in garza has survived a blockade that is older than he or she is. and 6 wars. how many more orders does he or she needs to survive?
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because as before, a seething to life, a simple and say and safe life in their homeland. the secret secretary general stated in his report on children and on conflict and they quote, i am shocked by the number of children killed and maimed by israeli forces during hostilities in air strikes and densely populated areas and through the use of live m ammunition. and by the persistent lack of accountability for these violations and of caucasian only weeks after very poor it was issued. we are confronted with the same patterns of this regard for palestinian civilian life and specifically palestinian chill.


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