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tv   The Stream  Al Jazeera  August 8, 2022 10:30pm-11:01pm AST

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the core, as before, a ceiling to life, a simple and say, and safe life in their homeland. the secret secretary general stated in his report on children and on conflict on the coat. i am shocked by the number of children killed and maimed by israeli forces during hostilities in air strikes and densely populated areas and through the use of live m ammunition and by the persistent lack of accountability for these. while asians in the kitchen . only weeks after very poor it was issued. we are confronted with the same patterns of this regard for palestinian civilian life. and specifically, palestinian children's life fostered by the same and painting the secret that a gen on further stated under coat during the may 2021 escalation of hostilities
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. there were substantial airstrikes by the israeli on forces resulting in a significant increase in the number of cases of violence against children. should the situation repeat itself in 2022 without meaningful improvement, israel should be listed and of quotation. we believe the listing of visible is long overdue, and that the threshold set by the secret that he general himself has yet again been cross. thor, whence land explained to us a similar situation in a condensed period of time. 3 days in which one fare of the death were children. mister president,
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we express our deep gratitude to egypt for its relentless efforts to put an end to this aggression weak. we also express our appreciation to the u. n. and the special representative of the secretary general and to cut her and to all those who held in this violent, abhorrent aggression. but this situation is profoundly unsustainable. where do we go from here? we know the result of the current equation, us palestinians, more than anybody else. but another equation is possible. your actions need to be determined by the outcome you are seeking. the international community and this council have determined in no uncertain terms the outcome we aspire to. we have
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a global consensus on what the solution should look like, an outcome a m m embedded in countless, you and resolutions, including those adopted by this council. you are not by standards. praying for that outcome. you are actors who can decisively affect the outcome. you are the highest authority in the you and system for the maintenance of international peace and security. you are not an organization that make comments and express opinions. you are the body that can change things in force, things and decide that things should be done according to international law and to you. collective will reflected in your resolutions 15 children were killed in a few days and many more are traumatized and suffering. they deserve
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a better future. a future you can help bring into being. this meeting is for unloading them. they deserve to be honored. every child killed, innocent child anywhere deserve to be honored. in 3 days, we lost 15 children during his visit present by then the iterative that palestinians and israelis deserve equal nigel or freedom, security and prosperity. he certainly did not mean by that, that the israelis should in the enjoy, the abysmal level of freedom, security and prosperity that the palestinians are currently living under. we deserve the same. these wards should be applicable to us implemented
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regarding us in force that got regarding us. not only regarding the israeli side than on gods as faith is not to go from robin robin's, nor is palestine fate to remain under occupation the palestinian people. faith is to live in freedom, dignity, and security in their homeland. we need to shape collectively a political horizon that can take us away from the current reality and break the impasse. we are in the secretary general in his statement yesterday emphasized that point. all of you talk about political horizon, we need to move from saying that to implementing that, we should not wait until the next war or the next election. peace is never
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released by waiting. you need to seek it out with all your strength and determination. and the power that you have under the provisions of the charter, you are very powerful. you can make it, you can enforce it. and we want you to do that. act now, save lives. save piece. whatever the price piece must be achieved as the cause, the war will always be infinitely higher. we know our people are the ones enduring. most of that cost piece is in what is within reach. if the will of those seeking piece proves stronger than the will of those denying
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it, we appeal to you. our president all was say that not only one man, both of my hands are extended to you for peace. do we have undertakers from the other side? you should make it as a security council. enforceable. and you should not accept that until one party to decide that it is ready for peace. you decide when peace should be the case, and you should drag the 2 parties to the process obese to day before to morrow. this is our massive to you. the message of the victims, the message will speak on behalf of the 15 children that we lost. that we are adding unerring them to day in the session of the security council. and they thank you very much mister president. i thank when
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the permanent observer of the observer state of palestine for his statement. now i keep sore to them affinity for israel. thank you mister president. the debate that we are holding to day has the opportunity to go in one of 2 directions . it can either mark a clear win for the international community against the forces that seek our collective destruction. or it can be a stain on the history of this council. this debate must focus on defects a terror gonna zation attempted to murder israeli civilians murdering innocent palestinians civilians along the way. and due to the terrorist, clear and present threat against our citizens,
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israel defended itself. there is no room for false narrative. the fact are clear. mr. president, the palestinian islamic jihad deliberately fired 1100 rockets at these railey civilians with roughly 200 landing inside the gaza strip, killing innocent palestinians and among them young children. this is, this is not an assessment. this is the hard truth. and israel has all the proof just this morning. i shared proof at the media take out clearly showing up a thing any slamming jihad rocket falling in, jack ballier, jubilee. a refugee camp, killed the palestinian civilians among them children. we have video footage rather ray. there evidence and mission logs proving that the tragic deaths of the
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children in jubilee were clearly the result of a police thing on the stomach jihad rocket. yet no matter how much hard evidence israel has to show that palestinians always fall back on their lies. it's disgraceful and pathetic. if any council member is interested in receiving and reviewing our in re refutable evidence, i will happily share it with you myself. i will sadly share it with you myself. the enemy that israelis facing is one that is willing to murder its own children while attempting to murder israeli civilians and children. this is the reason, as even the secretary general pointed out that the palestine, any stomach jihad, the p, i, j. deploy there rockets and terror infrastructure among civilian populations. the p
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i. j was preparing and attempting an eminent and credible attack on these rarely civilians near the border of gaza. forcing is ready to close down roads and civilian activity in the proximity of the gaza strip. essentially paralyzing tens of thousands of israeli citizens for 3 days. last friday, shortly before the terrorist attack, israel had to defend itself. we took action solely to protect our civilians and defend our country. any other claim is a flat out lie. for those who still are not familiar with the put a thing and the slamming judd, allow me to give some background the put a sing, any stomach jihad is a radical target. i. zation, armed, funded and trained by a run. in fact, while the slamming jihad was indiscriminately firing rockets at these railey civilians, its lead their z i the is the i didn't,
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the holly was meeting with the he's ayatollah puppet musters in to hill on and getting orders from them. you could all see that you can all see the photos using proxies to further the ambition of establishing a radical she. i had. yamani is iran modus operandi over the course of 2 and a half days. that by thing on the stomach, a some e jihad rained about 1100 missiles down upon his railey towns and cities. israel was forced to carry out precision and surgical strikes against the commanders, launch pads or operatives and terror infrastructure of this fanatic organization to prevent them from targeting israelis. israel is a law abiding democracy and always aims to set an example. this is why israel carried out this operation with astounding accuracy and extreme precision. taking
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pre, could precautions hardly ever seen in areas of conflict around the world. this morning, i also shared footage of showing how is read does everything possible to minimize civilian casualties? due to these extensive and documented precautions, there is no other military. i reiterate no other military that has such a low collateral damage rate, despite the absurd lies heard here to date, this operation aimed at target. think p i. j. terrorists, and nobody else. in fact, most of the casualties were the result of p. i. j. rocket fire. even before neutralizing colored men soule, a senior islamic jihad commander with much israeli blood on his hands. these railey air force aborted, aborted the mission 3 times 3 times due to the present presence of children in the
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area. is there any other military in the world in the entire world that goes to such lengths? mister president, the p i. j has only one goal to annihilate israel and replace it with an islamist state. does that remind you of isis or al qaeda? of course he does. these groups are no different. they share the same horrifying and distorted vision. the way they that they attempt to advance their twisted goal of destroying the state of israel is by firing rockets at these railey civilians while using guns as human shields. this distinguished council members is a double war crime. yet as i mentioned earlier, not all of the rockets launched make it make it out of the gaza strip. in the process of trying to murder innocent israelis nearly 20 percent of the p,
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i j's projectiles, misfired and resulted in the tragic killing of palestinians. these evil terrorists hide behind severely as to murder israeli civilians and end up murdering palestinian civilians along the way. there hate knows no boundaries distinguish council members. how would you react if terrorist threatened your citizens? how would no way react to radical islamist plotting to fire misses at civilians in oslo? how would ireland respond if jihad the rockets were raining down on dublin in an effort to wipe out the infidels? i think we all know the answer. just a week ago, a justified justified strike, neutralized al qaeda's leader. i mun eliza will hearing. before leaving al qaeda as though he was a top member of the
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e i. j. the egyptian islamic jihad sound familiar. the palestinian islamic jihad and egypt shandy ceramic jihad share more than just a similar name. they share the same values of annihilating the free and modern world that we living. that's precisely why. when, as though he was eliminating and eliminated this institution, as well as most of the world, gave its full support. this was one step closer to eradicating radical terror from the world. yet, when israel neutralizes such terrorists in order to prevent an imminent attack against our citizens, un officials suddenly issued deep concern. it's hard to explain such a double standards. mister president, i want to make one more thing clear. i want to remind everyone of the gosh strips
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history and the events that led up to the current situation that gazette in. the palestinians seemed to think that if you repeat the lie enough times, it becomes truth. but he doesn't know number of fabrications in libels. can change the facts on the ground. 17 years ago to this day, israel unilaterally withdrew from the gaza strip, dismantling dozens of his rarely villages, and uprooting thousands of our own citizens. israel hoped that this step would build trust and bring come. yet despite our good will we did not receive come. on the contrary, we received more terror. the palestinians chose hum us and their terror ideologies over progress and prosperity. hamas quickly to cover the strip throwing the palestinian authority representatives off of roof tops. literally. that's why
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they're not there and spend most of their efforts and resources that seemed then on expanding their terror infrastructure in gaza. they built rocket factories next to hospitals, weapons storage sites inside schools. and doug cross border terror tunnels, underneath jewish towns. as many of you have seen in the fast hamas also is currently holding to a special needs is needs israelis, hostages in gaza. velma gustavo and he sham was sad as well as the bodies of to his rarely soldiers, hidalgo, dean and the one show old. and we are committed to doing everything to bring them back home. this choice of terror and violence over co existence and peace is the only reason. the only reason that garza is in the situation that it is now in there is no other explanation. the only remedy for the governance is that their leaders stop trying to annihilate israel and stop investing their resources in
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terror infrastructure. there is no economy cure, old for gaza, only the choice of co existence over violence, just as we saw with the abram accords. yet despite all of the rockets, threats and attacks, israel steel does everything in its power to make life better for godson's. whether it's increasing the number of work permits, allowing gain daily supply of hundreds of trucks full of goods even in times of conflicts or supplying gaza with electricity, we still choose goodwill. over conflict. actions speak much louder than words and what israel does for gaza. eclipse as the lip service that they received from the policy arena authority at these debates. nevertheless, if israel is threatened, we are forced to take action. before i conclude,
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i would like to take this opportunity to thank president, assisi and other and the other senior egyptian officials were essential in restoring the calm. we deeply appreciate your efforts of restoring stability to our region. mister president, israel acted only against the terrorists of the palestinian islamic jihad, not against the people of gaza, not against hamas, and not against the palestinian authority only against the p i. j. sadly, this debate can only cause more harm than good, rather than making a bad situation worse. there he just one way to bring some good out of this debate to day each and every one of you has a critical responsibility. you can either choose to condemn a murderous terror organization, or you can make false and immoral comparisons between israel,
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a law abiding democracy and radical jihadists. if this come said truly wishes to improve the situation in gaza, there must be one outcome and one outcome only. the condemnation of the palestinian islamic jihad while holding the terry's fully accountable for the murder of innocent palestinians holding a security council. the bait on the palestinian islamic jihad and not using the opportunity to fully condemn them for their war crimes will only motivate them to continue in their destructive ways. by not placing the full accountability on this shoulders of the radical, this debate will only strengthen them. i truly hope this council does the right thing. thank you. okay, i think the representative of israel and i'll give the floor to the reps replenish of each it. so thank you mister president.
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first of all, i would like to congratulate you for your assumption of the presidency of the security council for this month of august. and i would like to thank you for holding this important open debate. and i would like also to thank mister tore vince lun to the special coordinator for the middle east peace process or mr. president, we have witnessed during the last few days, a lot of what egypt has recurrently a warrant against in gaza strip. as we worried that the situation might spiral into a new vicious cycle of violence at any moment, given the deteriorating situation on the ground, gaza strip has a witness to an abrupt escalation between israel and one of the pet athenian groups that claimed the lives of 43 martyrs, including women and children, and injured about 311 persons in addition to the destruction of
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a large number of it. but as tina houses and residential units said, this latest escalation that happened when the gaza strip was yet to recover from last year's escalation, which caused this trip to sustain major damage. and at the same time, for the simple israel allowed a number of settlers under the protection of the israeli police suited to incur the courtyards of the hud, michelle e for the oxide, moscow air which comes as a desecration of it. the moscow propagation of the feelings of the muslims and a violation of the legal and historical position of the holy aside. given the escalation after the latest military attack of egypt took the initiative. yet another time to mediate between israel and palestine. unit groups in the gaza strip aiming for immediate hire and protection of civilians in
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the strip which bore. well, the device of that emergency session of the un security council. talking about the weekends violence in gaza, the egyptian representative. they're setting out the destruction wrought in garza by israel's bombardment. we heard earlier from the un middle east envoy toll wenzel, and who welcomed sunday cease by saying it had prevented a much wider confrontation. he called for an immediate return to meaningful negotiations towards a viable 2 state solution. the israeli representative talked about a terror organisation attempting to murder israeli civilians. there was no room, he said for false narratives. those with facts and the facts are clear. and the palestinian representative as speaking in the state of palestine, observe a status to the un,
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talking about an unprovoked and unjustified aggression by israel. you are not bystanders. he told the council you can help to live a piece. now save lives, save peace. and we can go now to christian salumi, our correspondent at the united nations christian unsurprising. there are very stock difference of opinion between israel and the state of palestine. quite hard to see what all of this can possibly achieve. yes, as we're accustomed to hearing at the united nations 2 very different narrative is very emotional narratives, each coming from the palestinian ambassador riyadh mon store, and the israeli ambassador, go lod, air don, the palestinians, as you noted, called in and provoked unjustified aggression pointing out that a 3rd of the 45 palestinians who were killed were children. the bass at her said it was clearly just meant to appeal to extreme us in israel
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ahead of the elections. whereas the israeli ambassador called it a preemptive attack against the palestinian islamic jihad. he said that that israel had been over backwards to protect civilians and he actually blamed the islamic jihad for many of the civilian casualties of their rockets, falling back into garzon territory. so we look to the united nations in these highly polarized situations to offer some middle ground or some independent analysis of the situation that's happened here. and so we had a briefing from tor, venice law, the a special coordinator for the middle east. and he pointed out that tensions had been rising for months in the region, including israel's military actions in the west bank had ratcheted up tensions as well as attacks on israelis by palestinians that had resulted in dason. he
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recognized israel's what he called legitimate security concerns. but again, pointed out that there cannot be targeting of civilians, particularly children in any circumstances. and so here we go again with another conflict. as the special coordinator pointed out, the garza area had yet to recover from a similar escalation of tensions that lasted 11 days. last year, the good news, he said, is that this cease fire is coming in. just as things were getting really to the breaking point for garza and i, he noted that supply chain issues, whether it's food or medicine. i had been a struggle even before this attack, but we're at coming to the breaking point. power supplies have been cut off to just about 4 hours a day that's coming back. he said as a result of the ceasefire,
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but still a very tenuous situation. and he, i warned about the tense and underlying issues not being addressed for this part of the part of the world. christian salumi live at the united nations in new york. thanks for that. under reminder, you were listening there to the emergency session of the un security council, the palestinian representative, talking about an unprovoked and unjustified aggression by israel. over the course of the last 3 or 4 days or so aimed at appeasing and appealing to israeli extremists. he said ahead of an election. we'll be back in a few moments. ah ah
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ah. ah.
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