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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  August 9, 2022 9:00pm-10:00pm AST

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america and nato, it's very hard to say where the escalation stopped. is it a mistake to open up? is that a pandora's box? if you want to be ready for the next pandemic, you figure out this plan, the bottom line, your weekly take on the u. s. politics in society, the 1960 s, the decade of change across the middle east and north africa in the 2nd of a 3 part series al jazeera world explores the explosion of arts and culture of intellectuals. we're building new dreams and ideas because the revolutions of the 1960 s were not political, but of the mining from music to t v. the poetry of protest and revolutionary for making the sixty's in the arab world. culture on out, jazeera, unprompted, and uninterrupted discussions. from our london broadcast center on al jazeera. ah,
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this is al jazeera. ah, though i am carry johnston. this is the news our live from day coming up in the next 60 minutes. a morning and anger and occupied westbank after commander of the palestinian arms group. i'll axa martyrs brigades is killed by israeli forces the f b. i raids the home of former u. s. president. donald trump. he says it's an attack for the democrats who don't want him to run for president. vote counting begins in kenya's presidential election after campaign dominated by high inflation and rampant corruption. thus where live in cuba, where there are massive power blackouts after
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a fire destroyed parts of a fuel storage facility and in sport town is great. serena williams says the count down to her retirement is on and 23 time grand slam champion dropped a major hint that this month he was open. could be a final tournament. ah, there's anger and grief across the occupied westbank off to israeli forces killed a senior commander of alex, a martyrs brigades of palestinian arms, group resisting israeli occupation of thousands of mourners filled the streets of nobliss labour him out. novel seat was killed. some cities in the occupied west bank of called for a general strike, drawn home reports from nablus. these railey military adorned rate in the occupied west bank. they arrived in force in the city of nablus, looking for this man. he brought him on the boost, a senior figure in alex,
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a martyrs brigades. israel had tried to capture him before and got away. this time they succeeded, trapping him in this building the old city. these build, it holds a testament to a fire fight that continued through the early morning. this man says he found the booth se salon glenfield looked out. when i arrived, we saw smoke and far one of us, we used our teachers to cover our noses and entered the house. we found a body right here. a guy recognized him and said it was abraham. israeli forces also kill 2 of the members of the group and dozens of people were injured in the fighting in the crowded old town. thousands accompanied the funeral procession from these sayings, you can see how popular abraham on that will say was in the town of nablus. but these people, the resistance fighter for is really authorities. he was a terrorist who shot at soldiers and civilians. a threat that they had to really
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we are neither santa one, a teacher also on the march, what she thought as a sub thought that our love at the han, al, hey, when a young man opens his eyes to live and seize killings, terrorism, violations of people's rights and attacks on houses, then it's his right to defend his legitimate rights and to defend his home lamp. the israeli re king just 4 days after it targeted another arm grouped, the palestinian islamic jihad in garza. no more this including on tuesday afternoon, a 17 year old teenager killed by israeli forces during protest in hebron and all across the occupied west bank businesses shut and a general strike in place. john holman, out visitor, nablus occupied westbank. let's take a closer look at the palestine at resistance movement in the occupied territories. alexa brigades is an armed route that emerged during the 2nd intifada is splintered
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from fatter and at times operate alongside islamic jihad in nablus. and janine, there are numerous palestinian groups that are resisting israel's illegal occupation, palestinian liberation organization, known as a pillow, was formed in the sixty's and operates as an umbrella group. of several political factions, excludes group, such as hamas and islamic jihad. in garza, you have opposed all forms of negotiations with israel. am us is i'm actually had the, our exam martyrs brigades among others corporate militarily and agree that armed resistance to the occupation is the only way to end it and to achieve palestinian self determination. which amount as our is the spokesman for the fat movement and a member of the fat revolutionary council. he says, israel is motivated by its upcoming election. we see the closer we get to the israel elections. the bloody of that is only attacks get on the palestinians. it is because the israeli government is trying to compete with its predecessors trying to
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appear more violent against personal, hoping to gain more ground in these railey election. so they, in this, well, there is this thought which is well established, the more violent you are towards the palestinians. the closer you get to any connection, it appears that israel is coming closer to an all out war against the palestinian. this whole thing started in jerusalem when these really are a government allowed these really settlers performed there, like some mosque and the change, the, the, the status quo of the mosque. then it spread to janine, it's read to janine where the soil is continued to, to arrest more policy in an individual. then we saw the assault on garza, and now it has come to now with israel knows all to will that such targeted killings will, isn't the result in a reaction of the same type on the palestinian on the blessing and side is where it is trying to destroy all the efforts of the palestinian government to beat in jean or novice. you have the palestinian authority, trying to establish the rule of law,
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trying to maintain stability and call that is on the one hand. and on the other hand, you have the heavy arm. the heavy hand of the israeli army trying to work against the but a scene and efforts because they do not want bela seen, a president obama's and to succeed in doing what he wants to do. he wants to qualify palestine to become a democratic state, an independent state, and that is exactly what these really, governments do not want to see. best talk to artist here as a senior political analyst, my on the shower, he joins us on skype from paris. so how much of this is really about the upcoming is where the elections summers only some of us is. i think i need is really leader including the present prime minister, who does not how much of off medical records does not have much of any record. to be honest is more than happy to look like a he's a leader that during
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a time of war. but that's not his call, that was the call of the military establishment. and the american establishment in general. and israel has taken the decision already several months ago, and not only in palestine, but also towards the lawn, and syria and lebanon on so so forth. that they would be taking an aggressive pre emptive strike the g n eventing. any threat or perceived threat towards his road in the west bank and gaza. there is clearly a strategy in the drawer in this area establishment that is meant to divide that the various ballasting and factions that is meant to divide garza from the west bank and from jerusalem. and that is meant to impose an israeli solution on the, on the palestinians, bypassing the pedestrian authority. so there is
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a strategy, there is a security and medicare strategy that is aggressive pre emptive even preventive. if this strategy happens to help a politician as it did in the past, it's all to them area what and what i'm is really, but i minister having said that, i just want to underline and i think this is key because all of us keep discussing this but we don't stop for a 2nd and think, what does this mean that a politician or a number of politicians continuously use, war had arising an entire population for political ambition. that is not politics. that is criminal, immoral in you mean, to say the least. and could that aggressive preemptive action that you mentioned that result in an all out war?
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this is a very good question. it, we could have her anticipated something like that. for example, if it continued in garza that could have led to the right participation or the entry of hamas that bigger, more important, more powerful and a single faction. and that could have led to wider war, as we've seen previously said, 2021 or 2014. but i think more importantly, or i'm not said more importantly, i think more realistically. and i know you and i have spoken up on this and i've been saying that a number of times the last few days and best when it's going to backfire. busy friday is rated need of it's when another in defy that breaks in the west bank. and to be honest, the scenes from the west bank the last couple of days from ala, not bro, so, so, so forth. it is as if the beginning of something, and i said that not because i am studying the images and may conclude conclusions.
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i'm saying that because for a number of weeks and months now, we're seeing that everything's closing down in terms of the political process that diplomatic process in terms of any sort of hope or optimism about a breakthrough, diplomatic or otherwise, about any answer coming from washington to levine, brussel, or any out of capital for that matter. nothing is coming. the policy has been isolated. does this prorated blockading imprisoned with no hope? and i think that is a recipe for an uprising for an upheaval. and what we could see today is the beginning of that, and if that does happen a wider uprising, then i think every israeli leader should be careful what he or she wishes for. how does this affect internal palestinian politics? does it actually galvanize palestinian is going forward?
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what, what you would expect? what some palestinians with hope is that they would unify because if they re, the strategy is to the right, then what is going after each and every one of them separately? you would expect them then for them to unite and with her today earlier today and get yesterday with our ard, also, of declarations and commitments about the need and desire to unite in order to have a unified strategy of. so my theory is that hamas control garza and the fact that controlled westbank do not seem to understand, been read for that and why they both are going to become relevant. if they do not unite the possibility for later to be convinced of. so to be enticed to be nudged to be pushed to be pressured, is coming from the street. because while the leadership is paralyzed incapable of
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having that kind of a natural maturity to see what the challenge is, like, i think the street or the public opinion in the west bank, gaza is journalism. and even among the palestinians in israel itself, like we've seen it last year, it's coming to guy at kings behind the street and behind another upheaval. if the, if the palestine enters into a 3rd uprising, i promise you brussel washington, abu dhabi and even bay gene is going to be attention senior high school analyst among the sour. thank you again for that analysis or former us president donald trump says the f b i has searched his florida home is believed to be part of investigation to whether he took classified records from the white house to his private residence. will trump criticized the raid, calling it a weapon, a zation of the justice system,
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by 100 reports from washington. the former president was staying at his apartment in manhattan when the raid took place, and was seeing leaving trump tower, and walking towards waiting cars. according to the former president, his home in mario lago, florida, was rated by a large group of f. b. i. agents who he alleges also opened the safe in his home. his statement says, after working and cooperating with a relevant government agencies, this unannounced rate on my home was not necessary or appropriate. the justice department has declined to comment on the matter, including about whether attorney general mary garland had personally authorized to search. previously the national archives and records administration had referred the discovery of 15 boxes of classified information at maro lago to the justice department for investigation. no former president has faced additional
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determination that it is likely that they have committed a crime. judges do not sign off on warrants or anyone lightly. they always believe that there is likely that a crime has been committed and that it has been committed at this specific location . so this is genuinely an unprecedented event. the house general you 6 committee which is investigating the invasion of the capital on that day had also heard evidence about the removal of classified documents. when trump left office. there will also claims that when trump was president, he had repeatedly shredded or disposed of classified material. after reading it, the destruction or removal of classified documents to an unauthorized location is a federal offense. mckenna, audi 0 washington. earlier i spoke to dave owenberg,
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he's the state attorney for palm beach county. he thinks donald trump will likely use the re to encourage his principal bass. we've never had this situation before, which is why the f b, i probably had layers and layers of review, and then they had to go to a judge to get a warrant sign, which requires probable cause that a crime has been committed and that mar logo contains evidence of that crime and you know, because this is so impressive dented that the judge probably was extremely meticulous because this has never been brought before any judge in american history. so legally, what happens from here then? what's the process? well, now that the search warrant has been executed, the documents that are collected be taken to the f. b i headquarters and they will be route at any time. his lawyers, if he has a copy of that search warrant, which will, most likely does, he could release that search warrant if he thinks that the search warrant is so corrupt. he could also fight it in court,
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but i don't expect you'll see either of those things happen instead. trouble wage this war in the court of public opinion. he is planning to run for president again and will use this to be a martyr. because after all, why run on ideas when you can run on grievances and after he was supposed to be let out, he gets sent back to prison because he was writing a book on donald trump. meanwhile, donald trump's close friend paul manor ford is former campaign manager, was allowed to go home. so it is the pot calling the kettle black to say that this is the weapon that is ation of the justice department that's just projecting by the folks in trump world. i mean, what would they actually have been looking for that? what kind of documents, what are we talking about? it's a serious crime to remove or mutilate, or throw out confidential documents, classified documents, especially when it evolves national security. and i have to believe that there is
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no way that a former president at home would have been searched if it was just trinkets or love letters to be confiscated from kim john own. it had to be something that was very sensitive that perhaps pertain to national security and it had to be that the person involved trump here would have acted wilfully. we won't know until much later what the search warrant says, but this is not something that is a small matter. the only way that the department of justice would have approved this and a judge would have approve. this is that it implicates a very serious thing to morehead on. the needs are including we meet families of children killed during israel. the latest assault on garza, the sport band tomorrow, dances, auto desktop,
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one of brazil's most beloved martial arts ah, counting has begun in kenya's presidential and parliamentary elections election commission that say they expect of voter turnout of around 60 percent. the to presidential front runners are former prime minister dinner and the current deputy president william router, the race to replace outgoing leader who can yetta is expected to be close. voters will also costing pallets for parliament and county governors. catherine saw reports from that to do in the central k. voters arrived early to cast their ballots. technical and logistical problems were reported at some pulling stations. where does will come out well, as expected and every 100 who to increase. but overall voting went smoothly.
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members of the messiah community wore their traditional clothing as they waited patiently line. i'm expecting that is i, there is going to be peace that people are gonna are going to let the leaders of their choice. they lead us that they know they are going to eventually the economy of this country. deputy president william router voted in his home county in the rift valley. he's one of the front runners for the presidency. i feel very good that after so many months of campaigning and like leaking to the people of kenya and failing our agenda. and our manifesto and having discussions across the country this morning. it's d d. he's rival opposition leader. i low dingo voted at appalling station in nairobi, accompanied by scores of supporters,
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outgoing president who kenyatta voted in central, kenya. after falling out with his deputy kenyatta has back to dingo to succeed him . leave your selection will be free and it is every, every canyon's hope that that is the way it shall be. do you also? absolutely. ah, some analysts say canyon's want politicians to focus on issues like the economy. most of the people we have spoken to share the same concerns. the cost of living is very high. people have no jobs. they're worried about corruption. they hope they're new leadership will make things better. kenya has a history of election violence this year. voters say they hope the outcome of the paul's reflect the true will of the people. catherine saw aldi's era nairobi facing is moving so fast in kenya that the price of summer food items has risen more than 40 percent in the past. year alone made that sour has gone up 14 percent
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. cooking oil has increased by 41 percent, and wheat flour has risen by 24 percent. many kenyans are struggling under simply fed up, hurting us, joins us and i've in the l direct. so what, just, how big an issue has the cost of living been for that? well, this election was all about the economy and both right. are doing. and william say they're going to improve the lives are poor kenyans. and they say they're going to do this by producing social welfare packages and subsidies, but people are asking, where's the money going to come from king is a country that's heavily and dates the dublin bowed a lot of money to build mainly infrastructure projects across the country. but that money now has to be paid back to countries, got china and other people they borrowed the money from. the question now is way. is the government going to get the cash and some quarter with saying if cayden
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taxpayer is going to end up paying the money back? kenyans already struggling with a high cost of living helped me do a job. they need a job. the high cost of living is something that truly change inside your job. that's team that didn't have any income from them on the economy plus the tall and even fraud. we needed those things those that when might we be expecting the results? we can expect the results within 7 days. what's going to happen is that the results would be from various parts of the country and eventually seats the capital directly for verification. then an announcement is going to be made by realistically, people think, maybe by wednesday evening, thursday morning,
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will get some indication of where the votes with how people voted, who they chose to be the next leader. the concern was the kenyans is to have a history of defeated elections in 2017. that led to with a court ordered a read while we continued to go and vote all over again. very frustrating for me. mccain years. and in that 2nd, in the, in that reader and some people didn't even bother to vote because they just felt just illusions about the whole process. what some alice is saying that if we believe in the selection, feel that it was incredible. if they find it disputed, they could also go to the court and challenge the result as supreme court. in algebra for us there, thank you. ah. several explosions have been heard from the direction of a military air base in russian control. crimea. local authorities say one person was killed and 5 injured in the blast. for the russian defense ministry has denied
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an attack. took place. he says, explosion was caused by the detonation of aviation. i mean ukrainians, living in areas which were once under russian occupation are still coping with the trauma of murder and abuse of civilians. in the town of butcher several, unidentified bodies are now being buried on hanjin, attended one of the funerals of ukraine's unknown debt. yet oh yes. yeah. these are the forgotten victims of boucher 15 civilian bodies had gone unclaimed since a battle that ended march 31st. all of them civilians, some of them shot with a single bullet in their head. their crime authority say was that they were civilians of fighting age. all men and ukrainian authorities say what happened here was a war crime. we are waiting for the trial for every killer haw was shut in, in civil lands on the territory of which community and for every person in kremlin
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in moscow who gave the order. because we see the scale of these skillen. and of course, those soldiers and officers who were st. he'll during the month, they had this order to kill civilians. al jazeera visited the victims once before about a month ago, but since then, no one has claimed them. it remained in a refrigerated truck and identified their dna not matched. and now you're being buried not with a name, but with a number. with people here say, while their identities might be lost. no one will forget what happened here. still ahead on al jazeera members of bangladesh is indigenous community valley indica. demanding an end to government censorship. and in sports, the party in birmingham comes to an end details coming up later in the f.
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ah ha i there we have more writing the forecast for southern parts of the arabian peninsula over the next couple of days and went to weather, to sliding outs of the southeast part of pakistan. little disturbance in the arabian sea. i think it's going through the weekend me might just see some wet weather just creeping back towards our mom shall continue. meanwhile, across serve after western side of yemen, farther north, across saudi arabia and kata dry hot light duster, said your possibility from time to time is all about the temperatures getting up around 50 degrees celsius. once again, into back that and into q 8. there's a where to where a creeping towards i mon, by thursday, whether they're just lingering around the southern end of the red sea. joining up with the heavy showers across sea central belts of africa or big downpours just
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pulsing the way further west was on the easterly ways to see some heavier showers, just spinning out to south sudan southern parts of chad. right across west africa, between a paso scenes, maybe samples, along with molly easing over towards the west coast. so sierra leone. seeing some heavy showers over the next few days, could see some showers over the next few days. just about to sort of africa. we need the rain here, eastern parts of kenya could see some welcome rainfall, not as heavy as with like water got a little bit of wet weather for the western cape of south africa. ah, the important thing if you are walking around in beirut was noticed to be in the line of fire from the holiday fall off. we heard gunshots. i was the 1st one to flee. the hot at the battle lasted 3 days and 3 nights and there were no prisoners at the in control the holiday inn and you controllers the region around. and that's
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why it was such a bloody battle. an icon of conflict at the heart of the lebanese civil war, beirut holiday in war house on al jazeera when the news breaks here wrong here, more intense wildfires that the best case scenario is this when people need to be heard and the story told it was exciting to have this icon of the line be shown to everyone with exclusive interviews, an in depth through the operations, awful damage the environment. al jazeera, has teens on the ground to when you more award winning documentaries and lives. hulu. ah,
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you're watching al jazeera reminder of our main stores is ready, forces have killed a senior command out of the masses. brigade palace tinian armed group resisting israeli occupation. thousands of mourners fill the streets of nobliss waiting for him out in the boot seat was killed at some office brigades, say their response will fit the crime. former u. s. president donald trump says the f b i searched his florida home, is believed to be part of investigation into whether he took classified records from the white house to his private residence. counting has begun in at kenya's presidential and parliamentary elections. election commission say they expected them to turn out of around 60 percent to presidential front runners of former prime minister, another vendor and the current deputy president would in one
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3rd of the palestinians killed in garza during 3 days of fighting with children. none of the 16 children that lived in the jamalia refugee camp. the tasha name went to the camp to speak to witnesses and families under warning view as may find some images in this report. distressing. ah, at just 4 years old jameel had already experienced war. his 16 year old cousin had lived through 4 of them. they didn't survive a visit to their grandfather's grave. 5 children were killed in the cemetery in jack ballier refugee camp on day all. but one of them from the same family, had unlock mala, thought that on desert the symmetry. these relish hit is like a pock for our children in our religion. we considered as our final resting place. there is no security for our children. i asked the international community to push a israel to stop killing our children. this witness says he saw the explosion,
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as the boy sat around the grave site. la la la, just a few seconds after they passed me, i heard the sound of an arm drone hit, the children. it was quiet. it was nothing going on in the cemetery. it was safe, then i looked up and found the children dead mobile the previous day, 4 children in the camp were killed som, as they went to bye treats from a market, barely an adult and an only child. colleen abu commodore was hoping to marry sue and give his parents grand children shaddon of english, and he, we could all be martyrs. almost every year we have war a massacres. one helene was born. i had a feeling, he wouldn't live long, but i never expected. he would die this way. witnesses a, the damage to these cars and the force of the explosion are consistent with israeli air strikes over the years. the israeli military says 200 of the rockets fired by
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palestinian islamic. he had misfired, and some civilians were killed. it is the, is it a valley a cemetery is still being investigated. the 1st incident which killed 4 children, was the result of an errant rocket fired by the armed group. no one here believes that messiah. it's not true. i saw with my own eyes these riley rocket from the roof of my home. the israelis must cut my son. there is no doubt that palestinian groups are not responsible. the java layer refugee camp last 9 boys in this latest round of violence with israel. during their short lives, they experienced the terror and loss of boar after war. with no chance of a peaceful childhood, natasha named al jazeera, gaza. day after china announced it was extending its biggest military drills. taiwan is carried out its own live fi exercises to assimilate,
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defending the island against the possible attack. well, tension has escalated since us how speak nancy lindsey visited type pay last week and move basing called a publication famous robbie has more beijing's one china policy could make conflict about the future if taiwan inevitable. and this is what it might look like . on tuesday, taiwan began life fire drills to showcase the self proclaimed island nations defensive power. days after some of the largest military exercises china has ever conducted shiloh used the drilled. it is military play work to prepare for the invasion of pie one. it is contacting large scale military exercises and missile launches as well. cyber attacks. this is what mation campaign and common core isn't him to we can public more real in taiwan type. he says it won't be intimidated even
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as china breeches the unofficial median line down the taiwan strait. the we need to counter the blockade imposed by the chinese military. and today's exercise, it's a let china know that we are prepared. i hope both sides can exercise or strength fighting. a war is not good for the ordinary people. just send me the top officials from both sides. her odds were just ordinary people and there's nothing we can do. if anything happens in the future, we can't do anything either. the latest flexing of muscles follows you as how speaker nancy pelosi, his visit to taipei, a show of support for taiwanese independence. the china says directly contravenes beijing's historical claim to the island. no. the u. s. position china is using the diplomatic visit to pick a fight clearly or the p r c is trying to course taiwan. clearly they're trying to course the international community. and all i say is i'm, we're not going to take the bait and it's not gonna work. ah, so it's
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a manufactured crisis that, that doesn't mean we have to play into that. i think it would only play to beijing's advantage. what we'll do instead is to continue to fly to sale and to operate wherever international law allows us to do so. and that includes in the taiwan strait and we will continue to stand by our allies and partners in, in the region. the war games have disrupted shipping and air traffic in a region crucial to global trade. more worrying. perhaps beijing in taipei are turning up the heat on another brewing global conflict. as in basra, avi al jazeera benjamin husk of it is a research fellow at the australian national university. he thinks beijing's military drills there was much a warning for the rest of the world. are they off a taiwan activities? all of this nature is going to be effective means for the delay and for the broader
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chinese system to test out its ability to project force and to demonstrate the capabilities that it has on hand. so it says to function, i don't think this is a preparatory phase for a full scale, and cbs conveyed no tie one because that would be incredibly risky for the chinese government and incredibly costly for china. given the united states, having single its determination to defend taiwan in various different way, bought, it is a powerful mean for trying to register the content test. it's for to and also send a really strong signal to the rest of the world that they should not get involved in this fight because of the, in the 5 how that asian can bring to that. certainly the balance of power has gifted the p l. a. has incredible capabilities that it can bring to bear in a fight under the see all the stuff the see in the viral branch of the military and the united states still remain the minimal fighting force. but of course the power relativity are shifting in bathing favor. however,
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i think that in this particular instance, the united states hasn't responded with more of a show of military force. probably because all of the internal disagreement in washington, it was the house big decision to visit type, hey, i defend a really strong signal to bathing about us support for taiwan. but that was not a decision endorsed by president biden. and the by the registration had ultimately decisions with respect to military matters. showing us the force would be a decision for president body itself. and the bottom registration wants to give basing a certain amount of space to express a dang up, but does not want to escalate. we the strong us show for this particular point in time. japan has mounted 77 years since in a sarky atomic bombing with a bell tolling at the exact time. the city was head. ah, us dropped the bomb at 11 o 2 am doing world war $23.00 days after launching the world's 1st euclid attack.
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at hiroshima, the bomb in like a saki instantly killed more than 70000. you wasn't hurt when you were e gunny cossack. although it is steep and difficult, our country is treading the path towards a world without nuclear weapons. to that end, japan is sticking to its 3 principles of di, nuclear radiation and or make an effort to connect the reality of our current challenging security environments. to our ideal world without nuclear arms, members of indigenous communities in bangladesh are protesting against the government decree. they say denies their existence media have in order to avoid using the word indigenous to in coverage of the u ends international day of the world indigenous peoples. the government has been trying to censor the word for years existing. there are no such groups in the country, about 3000000 people in bangladesh, claim status. so that tachi has more from it not to put in bangladesh.
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bangladesh is home to more than 54 indigenous peoples. the speak more than 35 languages and have distinct cultural identities. yet they referred to collectively as are the marshes. i tundra dahl block teaches young people about their cultural heritage to ensure it is passed on to future generations. i mean, using of a shared dimension when equity. i don't know, of course i consider myself as indigenous. our ancestors, including my forefathers, have been living here for centuries and to birthright. i am a native indigenous person with a neo indigenous groups represented nearly 2 percent of the population of 168000000 . bangladesh to this day has not adopted the 2007 you and declaration on the rights of indigenous peoples and the land rights of the indigenous communities in this country. still remain one of the most contentious and unresolved issues. the un
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declaration obligates the government to restore ancestor land and protect minority groups from oppression and discrimination either as to the cannabis oil. it is unfortunate that our state still refuses to recognize the identity of our people as indigenous for more than a decade now, which is wrong. if indigenous people are recognized as per the un mandate, it could also serve the nation's interest by accepting the cultural and ethnic diversity of all concerned. some school textbook have been published in indigenous languages, but most are gathering dust. even though some school books have been published in native languages, so far, the government has not given us formal permission to teach those in schools in 2011 bangladesh and acted a law that classifies none bingley tribe as ethnic minorities, rather than as indigenous groups. right groups and analysts thing that formal recognition of indigenous peoples would mean the return of lands and protection of
9:42 pm
fundamental rights. which is why the government is reluctant to adopt the un resolution. i'll just it i had hoped to get some clarity from the information minister. however, our request for an interview went unanswered. sandwich audrey al jazeera mother per bangladesh. flooding has killed at least 9 people in south korea's capital. so after some of the heaviest rain in nearly 70 years, 7 more people are missing the affluent gangnam district was hit hard for mcbride report. these rains have been expected with forecast, is predicting around 300 millimeters of rainfall spread over the best part of a week. now, many places have already experienced that in the soul area in these past 2 days. and it is still raining, one place, recording $381.00 millimeters of rainfall on monday alone. now that's the heaviest rainfall in a 115 years. but considering that's when records 1st began,
9:43 pm
it's pretty unprecedented. one of the worst effected areas has been the low lying gangnam district south of the han river. that's also home to the country's president. you took yell, who found himself stranded in his apartment. these rains have mostly been affecting south korea with the rain bands. now moving further south down the korean peninsula, but north korea has also been recording heavy rainfall with the north, suspected of releasing large amounts of water into the river system, shared by the 2 careers without informing the south 1st. because the 2 are talking at the moment, the korean peninsula usually gets annual reigns in june with the return of the reins in september. but it seems that with changing weather patterns, this year, the rains have returned earlier and heavier than usual. there been massive power blackouts in cuba after a fire destroyed part of the nation's main fuel storage facility officials are
9:44 pm
describing it as the worst fire in cooper's history. it started when lightning struck a fuel tank on friday, especially to cruise upon mexico and venezuela helping to fight fight the fight. now the muslim community in the u. s. city of albuquerque, new mexico is on high alert for men were killed there in the past 9 months, 3 of them in the past 2 weeks, heretical haine has latest name. hussein had attended the funerals of to muslim and murdered in the last 2 weeks in albuquerque. new mexico on friday that night police say he was ambushed, his family says his friends found him shot to death in his car. the friends that saw the body, this was a head shot. so i don't know if it was a single shot of his multiple shots. now police are investigating if the 3 murders are linked to the murder of another muslim man mohammed amadi last november and are asking the public to help find the driver of this car,
9:45 pm
which might be connected to the killings. we are also increasing our hair support. now that we have the information and had a vehicle of interest, that kind of supported is going to be crucial. but in albuquerque, the muslim community has been shaken by the murders. you walk out of the house, not knowing if you're going to be followed and target it. oh gosh. that is what is on the mind of every person leaving their home in albuquerque that happens to be honest. there is no sense of safety while police are not saying if men are being targeted because of their faith. he crimes against muslims are increasing in a judgment of the largest jurisdictions grew in california. new york city, chicago, anti muslim hate crimes rose from 84 to 122 or we 5 percent increase. and these data are usually predicted of
9:46 pm
trends for men from afghanistan and pakistan who emigrated to the u. s. gun down in their chosen hometown. the latest, no heem hussein received his citizenship just last month and was planning on bringing his wife in pakistan to live here. the dream was to buy their own home particle haine. al jazeera, a beluga whale stranded in france, could be moved to a tank as votes, a race against time to try and save its life. the whale now in the river sane is thousands of kilometers from its natural habitat in the arctic or sub arctic waters . burnett's miserables, it's a long way from home, and there is no easy way to get this beluga whale back to where he belongs. he strayed into the river sane and a swarm nearly half way to paris, 80 kilometer up river. now, officials have decided the best way of saving the huge mammal is to move it to a salt water tank. but it will be a challenge in operation. if i skip count on you who i need is some one among you
9:47 pm
has an idea how to transport a ballou go weighing 800 to 900 killer ssl and 4 meters long without putting in in danger. yet because danger is real, we are all very aware of it. there is a real risk in transporting it and we're doing everything to ensure that we've done in danger. it's life, not maybe one work, but at least we will have tried our best. bewail is being held in a lock basin where vets of administered vitamins and antibiotics he had been refusing to weeks. jack on observe some conductor, not equally on that we've been observing his behavior and noticed these a bit stressed. but what is reassuring is that he's managing his stress and has been relatively cold up. what did, he prefers the side of the locker where there is less noise city we are peaceably. the nearest beluga population is nearly 3000 kilometers away. north of norway, scientists hope that by building up his strength in a closely monitored tank, this whale will be better prepared for the very long swim hope. bernard smith,
9:48 pm
algebra said i had hair on al jazeera, 23 at time, grand slam champion. serena williams stuns the tennis. well. have those details coming for you shortly. ah ah. ah.
9:49 pm
safe going home and then international intake option excellence award bought now for your hero, lou ah. several sports news now. hey, carrie. thank you so much. serena williams at met sad after 2 decades and the sport she's prepared to hang up her tennis rackets. the 23 time grand slam champion says the count down to her retirement is on a 40 year old me the comments in an article published on tuesday and confesses, she's evolving away from the sport. williams also says she'll relish the next few weeks and what could be a major hand that shall bow out after this month. see what's open. and time is
9:50 pm
great. started her preparations for flushing meadows in toronto, where she claimed her 1st single victory in more than a year and her post match press conference. williams suggested retirement is indeed on the court. i guess there's just delighted. i know i'm getting closer to the light. oh, yeah, syllabus like lube as good. remember me can wait to get to that. like i know you're joking, but can you imagine? okay, so then explain to me what, what delighted to you. what the like represents rhythm. you know, i love playing nodes and it's like, it's amazing, but you know, it's like, i can't do this for ever. so it's just like sometimes you just wanna try your best to enjoy the moments. earlier i spoke to sports illustrated illustrated,
9:51 pm
tennis writer, john worth time. he told us what he believes. serena williams, legacy will be for tennis and beyond. i mean, it's funny he's, yeah, he's on the 41 years old. she hasn't won a match and a major in more than a year at some level. this was not at all surprising. and yet it's still sort of shocking to actually have it. haven't the reality. i mean, it's been more than a quarter century since there were no williams on the, on the women's tennis tour in this orbit. so i think you've left the door open a little bit, i think in all likelihood she will stick by it. and the us open will be her final tournament. and again, i mean it's just, it's sort of funny that somebody who's again at an age where she's, she's 10 years past the retirement age and the number one player in the world that party retired in her mid twenty's earlier this year. that was a surprise. this is somebody who is north of a 40 and yet everybody is still shocked by it because we've all sort of known was eventually going to happen is now seems to be
9:52 pm
a reality today. i think her big legacy is just that she took this path, no one had taken and she ran her career like no one had taken the fact that you still playing in her 40 is a 3rd. and i think one of her real legacy is apart from sort of the statistics and the number of majors. i think one of her real ret, legacies that she's proven there is no one way to get to the top of the sports mountain. and there is obviously a race element to this as a class element to this. we forget that her older sister was probably the 2nd most successful player of the last 25 years. i mean there's a lot going on here, but i think her pap, breaking to me is something that's really going to loom large get world is morning the death of one of the sports grey us on pires, rudy curts in south africa, died in a car crash 873 is 18. your international career saw him officiate 331 matches. the 2nd most in history is only one of 3 man's empire, and more than 100 test matches brazilian digit c star li angelo has been buried in
9:53 pm
sao paolo after being shot dead in a night club. on sunday, the 8 time world champion staff has caused a shock and outrage in the martial arts community. monica in our cat has more from rio. ah, this shocking video published on social media shows leon law being taken to the hospital on sunday night. the 33 year old brazilian jujitsu legend had just been shot in the head, in a nightclub in brazil's largest city, so follow referee moves. eugene should is tells us. leander was admired by fans and adversaries alike because of his unique style and care free personality. knife behind them was all equally. we lost an icon. lo had 18 international titles. one of them in the absolute division which is regarded as the ultimate proving ground in brazilian jujitsu tournament, wanting to see such
9:54 pm
a legend lose his life in such a cowardly fashion. it's sad and revolting. the crime shock, brazilians, and the international martial arts community on sunday, after law was taken to the hospital, a crowd surrounded a nearby police station, demanding justice. authorities have detained military police officer. he, he killed 5. your olivet of in laws for the crime. he's being accused of shooting the digits of champion in the head after an altercation. although the laws was off duty, he reportedly took his gun to the club. i'm back toward police officers should not be allowed to bring their weapons do night clubs when they are off duty. they should leave it at the door. it's a place where people are drinking and things can get out of control. listen to the laws killing also spark debate on social media about gun control. since prism shavelle sonata took off his almost 4 year to go. brazilian gun laws have been
9:55 pm
relaxed. monica cannot give all jazeera rio de janeiro. and the commonwealth games in england have come to a close and they did so in spectacular fashion. ah, british rocks, ozzy osborne, delighted his home crowd in birmingham with a performance. the games were a success for the house nation. england finished with their highest metal tally. ever, and we're 2nd in the table behind australia. okay. and that is all you sport for now. back to you carry far. thank you very much indeed. now, stars having paying tribute to olivia newton, john, who's died at the age of $73.00. she was one of the most popular recording artists, but was perhaps the best night, the heroic in the blockbuster film greece, the haunting expect on her life. oh andy. tell me about this is the role that shot olivia newton
9:56 pm
john to international stardom starring opposite john travolta as sandy in greece. ah, lou, the 1978 film became the biggest grossing musical of the 20th century. and was the pinnacle of the british born australian singers career, which had already seen her cell more than 100000000 records. i've never seen this before, but this is the collection of i said, most of my gold and platinum records over the years. newton john went on to win for grammy's after greece, including one for her work on this. oh, it's credited for starting this questionable fashion trend forever tied to the 80 ah newton. john's work stretched beyond music and the silver screen. she served as goodwill ambassador for the united nations before being diagnosed with breast
9:57 pm
cancer in 1992. she turned her 30 year battle with the disease into advocacy and philanthropy founding the olivia newton john cancer and wellness center in melbourne, australia. in 2020, she was recognized by the u. k. as queen elizabeth, who appointed her a dame. and what's the one memory that stands out the most from 40 years ago were meeting olivia throughout at all. she remained close with her grief costar, john travolta, from 40 years earlier. ah, yes, i think we had crushes on each other, but we both were seeing other people and. but i think that's what made the chemistry work. after her passing travolta riding on instagram, my dearest olivia, yours from the 1st moment i saw you and forever. your danny, you're john. ah. olivia newton john
9:58 pm
was 73. leah harding al jazeera et cetera for this news out of the whole, be here a few moments with more with days ah ah, and life and robust debates, a lot of folks when they hear the word refugee think stranger, they think other law literally stuck in these cam, it's regardless of your raise, the way you're coming from. you said give everybody safety from global issues to those that need to be heard. human rights and land defenders and brazil,
9:59 pm
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