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tv   Rebel Geeks The Citizens Network  Al Jazeera  August 11, 2022 8:30am-9:01am AST

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slide westbank in may, members of the international community have condemned her killing and continue to call for accountability. a barclay was without a 0 of a 25 years. she was known as the voice of palestine. north korea's leader kim jong, whom suffered with a high fever during the country's battle with kobe 19 that's according to his sister. she's also blame the outbreak on propaganda. leaflets drop by south korea soul has dismissed those claims. as groundless. on thursday, kim declared victory in the country's battle with corona virus. the skies have cleared of a south korea's capital sol off the 2 days of record rain that triggered flash flooding homes and businesses were damaged. at least 9 people died. some of them drowned in their own houses after sol was hit, with the heaviest damper in a 115 years. i ha, i live in a half basement flat. i have to throw away all my belongings, computer even dishes them. i can't do anything about it. it happened because the
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poor people live here and we don't have much money. oh, you will to what is the 1st time experiencing something like this? i'm so flustered. i need to pump water out of our carry. okay. but i can reach the district office community center or the rescue center quickly. oh, what type of picture of the headlines here on al jazeera, the u. s. justice department says it's charged a man with a plotting to kill former national security adviser, john bolton. it describes him as a member of iran's revolutionary guard. iran says the accusations a baseless my camera is more from washington dc. well, the justice department has outlined an elaborate and lengthy murder for hire plot, which began some 18 months ago. when sharon per se allegedly contacted somebody within the united states and persuaded him to act as a centrally a murder for hire,
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promising some $300000.00. should he kill john bolton? now unknown to put sophie was the fact that this individual was an f. b, i, informant. so he informed the authorities. the authorities were abreast of the plot as a developed ukraine is warning that russia is preparing to connect power from the zappa region nuclear plant to crimea, which moscow annexed in 2014. the plans come under attack several times over the past week. and some european countries are setting power consumption caps as they cut back on russian energy sources. e u countries stopped importing russian cold from wednesday and summer warning. they may face blackouts, sierra leone as imposed a nation wide curfew in response to anti government. protests. officials say several people had been killed, including members of the security forces protested or angry over the rising cost of living. former years president donald trump has refused to answer questions under
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oath in new york, he appeared at the attorney general's office as part of a long running investigation looking into his real estate, business dealings and inflation. in the u. s. could be cooling the consumer price index climbed 8.5 percent in the year through july compared with 9 point one percent in june. and use gave wall street a boost with stocks funding on wednesday. those were the headlines. the news continues here now to 0 after rebel geeks searching thanks for watching bye for now . unbelievable. it sounds like an agreement between criminal justice is slight trading in stolen goods that have been taken by the place. if anyone ever comes to ask the question, they just throw their hands up in the air and say, i don't know, i was just nominee director, were doing a, an investigation into a ukraine. could you? i bribes, you've been corrupt. i've been caught up. i did just put it in c, al jazeera investigations, the oligarchs, digital technology,
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of his thomas intimacy, amusement, and even a longer life. with the ability to gps of calculations in our pockets. it seems we discovered dimension in which everything in our lives can be improved and tracked and intended to money. which is convenience, profit, and surveillance, the only use for these new power. now new generation geeks are using their skills to challenge the tech giant and the name or a different technological future. one where people are not the product being being and he says is let me
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see. yeah, they're good though. i see a lot of yeah, most of it did that with
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the i is a lou that a on those look at a little girl down the thought you could either corbin this no se, almost abandoned them are they less obeyed and yet they know law. he car. oh so this, saddam no garcia, blah by in bolivia, they paid no look. yes, no garcia, blah blah. they call monica. you both get their most inward throw? said lou lavish less. applica c on sporting imp local, more wasa to eat, did in less comp without order says that exit at a war gather up like i see on paddock axis, takia less babbled bagger, not authors get almost gadgianno esto by gamers, northrop cripple, damaged the several yet thing last, they know loki, us a yeah. no, it's almost neither let they know here carrabas bags. no one though said by oberon san implement their so okay. oh ah
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ah . then they'll come pull up in this business with today's what the one's a little. yeah m p s up that i have. yeah. up with it by sat in black though. both the law got ye, not a apple. indeed with them being in there. my name guster, alyssa, obey has i left you bus 11 up with the avalanche. he gets his place that i'm in the lamp. the lamp, the last one passed by lavish little out on the thing will probably muscle to him see. i mean, that's all one of those me you're with all is please admirable my, your placidly uncle. my. you're going to be that ah,
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in a have to look what would the nominator a i swim alonza can represent battles. just close blackboard. rita is only make, this is been your less than us espanol it's given. you don't have a great book. are they like alone? yeah, well only with some of the money now they give me one will give me animals and find you on is that
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it was on the 3 the most last book don't but i just noticed that will be made. yeah. believe yeah, yeah. be in it. and i'm more in with joy, i will let it just mom was on way of the city here. this came out of us. it is that because it but i'm very confusing. it is what i saw it
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in your last. yup. so there are companies, i think a lot where they're not lending that one look, wedding or legal but what i think of it without a video. i think you might look, you know, other than if you're not going to get a feel looking, i'm going to be from other former in the front of i'm in the some of the new south me. but if you, in just a few in this listing, if you're not the
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less they know. lafayette was a woman way. well, for my, the a call on he said the in that los bases and the liver, but to perform as they don't know for mother, don't me not look, pueblo wasn't really the magical monica seal. forgive me the and the mother comb castille most controller, not to be he long and not as a fuel market. bolivia, there is it in the india. so there are no and there must they, they know, look here the name oscar it out and with the appropriate, they know here, but i believe your phone will be on the but
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i use
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who gave you google has an already was listening to this. so she used it for me forever and the mom a legal internet is good. ok. i thought i saw the last one that you guys are forcing that has he done many that are margaret when i'm up all the time
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but it is better. oh okay. we finished for now until they go back to me, what's going on in the meantime, no internet. so a whole we can without being able to, to work this to that patients. that's why you need to believe you on these patients to survive. oh. and the situation of connectivity is really poor, is really i could say, even discriminating. i belong to this group that we're always fighting to get a better connectivity for all. well, if there's a universe i got cable coming from the corner. this is a neighbor's house. i'm asking for permission for the cable to proceed
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to my house. because if they had donated by public places will have taken such a long way by going around the streets. i would have to be a war about how to right now with if it's what i mean, 20 percent of your salary, they have kids have home, you have to pay rent, you have to pay the food, you have to, to pay you transport to go to work and all of that. the last thing you're gonna think of spending you 20 percent of your salary is maybe i need to make sure was very poor, very slow connection. i lived very near the center of the capital maddie outside the city or
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a little town all that money. yes, patricia. this is almost a little bit. she is in front of the government traffic. only vienna thought he got 30, he named believe it. they see nobody here, but i a little bit us by the local area they could pull that up. eco eve asked don um that has i'm medical thing miami are not in town. so, i mean,
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is it the book that allows lucy's hand to me? this one does not see them. another quality does it go yet, but i meant the last time i am so massive we have to have our own from activity into it from what connectivity right now. my distress thing i want for everyone is minimum wally t. access to the internet. our plan is to make basic internet services affordable, so everyone with the phone can join the knowledge economy. imagine a world where everyone could look up information to improve their property or consult with yet to help out with their homework. with our mission at facebook is
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to help connect everyone in the world. they're not bringing access to internet. they're bringing access to a number of services that they decide to bring esl now for them are they less emphasis? that's nasty unless it's in. their mother called me at least see at the i use thought all of food unites probably cause is them only gathers in c, a p on yours. but i me grab it though the lessons did with hilton's a leader,
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kathy, as the contents waddle ill plan, the me good i see on there will be an electronic or e commerce. them being a plan. they me good. i see on the thought were leverage yano boss and water a lesson l meaning steady, are they all grass public us either several. yeah. the yeah. i think when they quite throw applica on not one was this pamela? probably. i think the lawyer can read this. there will, here is he knows what was going to be most critical thing that when both of us will also serve. if indian give most of your mother's, if you must been in the study, come into a go, i'll go down here with your so i did come paula moorehead, campus ina anthem, has it been the look here? i see now the saddle. louise this own got button yet. are they they lap us?
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oh nozzle. no. lucy, do i body of amigos, gay louis and your son say the come on north processors. odessa, english blandness. your label, lab. but today they last proposed us gave me pro bonding angelina then phone system . so me, when i was company i'm going to martel arrow hearing go to lumber. there are the most advanced to right now in this thing we want to, to build, which is a citizen that or citizens net. org is the local version of the internet. the kind of digital library you said of a server. are we government, tenant, anyone within range of this antenna can access your server or you can change information. at the end of the antennas range,
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you set up another antenna do with the reach of your original server more and you can cover a whole city or without having to actually connect to the internet. like if we want to go with us, you want the product and it can go out and see some of the different then or think it's been a much less the question was whether or not that i sent you some plans because of the dentist bananas. i don't know what the me doing the thing with the feel of
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a threat. it is such that it is because i think that they look at the budget. let's put that for them up at the number one in the form of labels. good. look at them. or tell us, as i thought in my office, and not assume even google maps for them. what do you have? i mean, you said what was driving me. davis got to be in the internet . seeing that activity. i got nothing. i don't know if i get it in front of me. i think when i leave the cookie them
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a lot by amazon, that man most demo some on google for him with facebook now, why don't we lost a deal? i mean, i checked in my internet, they not live with me with
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it. it's reasonable. i noticed a lot of the boy there was the guy getting up along with my dog and i don't know the pin was another thing we went o d. as soon as i knew the go to the, and i know i still didn't, there was only my teeth. elaine and we can look in the get up until they get there or not. yes. okay, so if you thought i love you today to say thank you. sorry, i will just close this out. i'm a little here today. mostly a parking only. so because the vehicle here something yeah. when i said, you know what, i don't know. we have been one of the for the real part of
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a. got it at the moment. yes. i see that i'm okay. i get up is when i get it, you know, not the next week that i think when i see a by gimme gay ghetto. and one of the about like when we got him back, you had to get it. i just looking for what almost what but he was i was not so much if i, if i had to leave on on the market, the interim book or i forget some of them though, and i got that fatal cake one or since they are not going to do it up,
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i taking him to not have him or her mother, you know whose homes get him most common sense. they might need him to know him. boy, when they go, well, if you are the important the guess and they will never if i mean we important the party by whom that are nearly those very special case of politician especially considering herrera ruth, how she got into politics and all of that being
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how you have all the 2 choices either just accepted and go along with whatever you you're given or just move. try to find more people that, that i feel the same way. do some effort to change things any while who wants to push things. technology wise in bolivia should be really be appreciated in her work. if miss lamb is in your place, he then pay kitty both co legacy. now does he send about us? yes, bank gussie. up until the in prod, empty hands yet but out of buddies i know plaza bethia daniels. buttercup way that me good. i thought i last seems to do to him is probably the all. nope, i embrace piano said that quinn pac one pap in perhaps i ill pay mother thought me, but it is she my mother said was soon as he threw his eunice portal to notice his
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notice chris, in the acquittal breathalyzer soon got on the proportion of us element of amman, information like that, that went on in europe as you get up was a separate late interest as young englander. oh, before we end the year when i was so angel was a 1st time warner a political decision that then no, no he had no. so let me do this by land to see that in. but i'll come by see no, but i didn't but i did my they may be siena. ok so lieutenant and thought alice addis knows that i met them. let them know he had barely bear abner smo, salters. they is as impressed as that. i'm not sure malice, bailiff capitelli is more they'll know the better lisman nozzle thrust minimal for damage to this ever yet it been didn't so
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oh, abandoned by the state social collectives are occupying spaces among the people a militant architect working on the edge of the law in the 1st episode of rabble architecture, some viagra, fetal heather jord al jazeera into the realm of self building insane gorilla architect on al jazeera. as soon as the sun goes down, shannon wright is a very challenging place to work from. as a journalist, even though the authority of say you can't do it, it's not allowed to be a feel pushing. we're always putting a boundary part of the center of moscow under a loved people are being detained for be fully marked here for the fitness center. we are the while grabbing the extra mile where auto media don't go. we go there and we give them a time to tell their story. the 19th sixty's,
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the decade of change across the middle east and north africa. in the 2nd of a 3 part series al jazeera world explores the explosion of arts and culture of intellectuals were building new dreams and ideas. because the revolutions of the 1961, the political, but of the mine from music to tv, the poetry of protest and revolutionary from making the 60s in the arab world. culture. oh, now jazeera ah re, i'll g 0 with .


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