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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 12, 2022 2:00am-2:31am AST

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with brand new restaurants, like zoom a and billionaire joining no boot nasir at chefs allen jackass and guest on a curio and make an ot in spy beach club mammals. i could typhon and alma islands do all of that while enjoying out warm hospitality. when it comes to shopping, you'll find everything from local craft, to world class shopping malls. and for the adventurous take part in our adrenalin fueled exclusive experiences, then relax or tranquil beeches counter has everything you would want in a destination. in fact, it's the obvious choice for the faithful will cut 2022. so why go anywhere else? ah, a un security council meeting on the shelling of this operation, nuclear plants and ukraine as the u. s. calls for a demilitarized zone around the facility.
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ah, low on money inside this is out. is there life, doha or so coming on, head of october, presidential election, brazilians take to the streets of a theatre. they president won't accept the poll results west has yet to come more rain expected and see donna's thousands of homes are destroyed. i flushed monies viva has given the green light to start this. he has cast a well cup a day earlier. ah . the u. n's, nuclear watchdog says military action around this upper region, nuclear plant must stop immediately. russia and ukraine or blaming each other for the shelling of the plant,
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europe's largest atomic power complex. the united nations security councils held a meeting of those nuclear fears. this map shows the areas of ukraine that are currently controlled by russia, and it's separate us allies can see those and read the russians control the zachary's your plant. it is one of 4 nuclear power facilities in operation in ukraine. ukraine says it's ready for a possible evacuation in the event of a nuclear catastrophe. i mean, but he said about last week maybe maybe getting action g o, but i will say he will not stop me. get these need reactions. we are calling because we are such a large group, lead barely serious because caisson salamis at the united nations. with more
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on that security council meeting, the head of the international atomic energy agency told the security council that the only way for him to assess the damages to this operation, nuclear plant and insurance security is to allow his team access to it, to look at it to see it for himself, he stressed that his role is to provide technical, not political assistance and said that he'd been in contact with both ukraine and russia to gain that access. he went on to say that he sees no immediate threat from recent shelling of the plant, but he cautioned that that could change at any moment. russia and ukraine accused each other of getting in the way of the visit. you got, you got on the players because there are no guarantees that the triple take place that we can currently provide hard for us to judge what is currently being cooked up by the ukrainian leadership. which for several days in a row has been launching strikes on the nuclear power plant, even though the un secretary general described any attacks on nuclear facilities as
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suicide. the occupiers have resulted to manipulation, an unjustified conditions on the missions visit, as well as shelling oh, these ad county be and, and there godard, thus making the visit impossible. so fall raphael. marianna grossi pointed out that the one thing you crane russia and security council members agreed upon, was the need for the i a to visit zapper asia. and he promised to redouble his efforts in the coming days to make that happen. or ukraine is already home to the site for where welds west nuclear disaster. the 1986 to noble meltdown killed hundreds of people and spread radioactive contamination of much of europe. those who survived are edging extreme caution around the separation site. john 100 reports from chicago. the past to the chernobyl power plant is
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barren, overgrown, and lonesome. this amusement park near by was due to open 5 days after the 1986 nuclear meltdown whose name is now synonymous with disaster. it never did. 36 years later, radiation levels are still well above normal. in some places that's high. the silica the silica the reading is about 16 times normal inside explosion. ravage reactor number 4, now shrouded by a large container. radiation levels remain high. vladimir forbid sky still it, your noble engineer, rush to the plant, the day of the meltdown. yeah, the, the little again, mass damper, when i got there i was expecting to see how the reactor mom was i saw, was the crate to live at by the explosion than yoletta yuk, that onion with this apparition, nuclear plant taking fire repeatedly in frontline fighting and southern ukraine, local say it could pose in even greater danger. jo, port obisky, give sure no b,
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e. butch, was she who i worked at so noble and i witnessed the tragic consequences of the explosion. supervisor could be 234 times bigger, mentionable. and i'm very worried about which believe it or not, this is the center of the town of griffin. that's the cultural building behind me. on the day after the mel dana cher noble, all 50000 residents were evacuated and not a soul has lived here since. now nature his reclaim the landscape on which prep it was built. the president of the company that owns as apparition plant says russian forces have placed trucks and explosives inside turbine holds near the reactor and are firing from the plants grounds. russia blames ukraine for the strikes on the plant. is a martel newsletter as unzip continued this way. unlike chernobyl. vladimir forbids . he says, zap arissa is europe's biggest nuclear plant in it lies in
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a heavily populated region with us and would assume would possess to buddhism. this won't happen in russia, the west will feel the consequences, bulgaria, romania, moldova, and poland. he hopes both russia and ukraine have learned the lessons of chernobyl . so the land that surrounds apparitions doesn't also become a nuclear waste land for decades to come. john henderson al jazeera, the chernobyl exclusion zone. ukraine or newly released satellite images appear to show destroyed russian warplanes as an ant bass and crimea. something russia has strongly denied. ukraine says 9 russian warplanes were destroyed by string of explosions. earlier this week, the satellite image shows at least 7 fighter jets blown up. russian officials have said the blast might have been caused by a careless smoker. rushes military appears to have hit a block of flats in ukraine with vacuum bombs, a weapon band under
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a un convention rush media head these pictures showing the buildings in the done yet screech and being destroyed a vacuum, a thermo barrick bombs is so powerful they can disintegrate a large part of the surrounding area. so clear of these buildings in the village of pesky well occupied. thousands of brazilians have taken part in nationwide rallies to show support for demo democratic institutions. it's in response to president variables. now as criticism, countries electronic voting system. so it's been calling into question. the supreme court is concerned, wilson are, it won't recognize the result of october. presidential election is currently trailing former president louis de silva in opinion polls. one again, keith has moved from a demonstration in re edition error, where we are here in rio de janeiro in port key, which is the catholic university. this is just one event mirroring. the main event
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in the city of san followed there are 20 events all over brazil. and in so far know it's a very symbolic act. you're reading to manifesto defending democracy. this is, i have the last time this happened was in some fall with 1977 during the dictatorship . and why are they doing this? why are they reading now manifesto would resign by businessman. lawyers are intellectual teacher, social organizations, and 8 of the presidential candidates whole. they're doing this now because the president valuable for not, or has been attacking the voting results voting system. he has been crying out that there may be fraud in the october 2nd presidential election. and he's trailing behind the pole are behind the former president. reason not to let us to what. so people who are worried that vocal nato is following the script are,
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but that was written by former u. s. president. donald trump, who did not accept the results of the elections when he was defeated and people here prayed that in brazil. 2 the same thing may happen, that's why they're coming ahead and, and reading this manifesto. and the important thing here is at this so nice people that are not always on the same side like businessman lawyers, the left the right. it's people saying we want democracy in order limbs, a senior political risk analyst at control risk seasons, our palo and with me life good to speak to you. you've described brazil as highly polarized in a way. it's not been before. what did you mean by that? so president politics has been extremely polarized over the past few years, especially due to present variables, tomatoes, statements against democracy and against political opponents. and it
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also, it highlights something new that has been happening in the queue and elections, which is new in comparison with the previous elections over the past 30 years. which is an election that is divided between political forces that are, that align with the mob to see, and political forces that are, that are accused of disregarding democracy. and also the real reliability of the electro system is something that is new in this, in this, in the, in don't go in actual cycle. do you think those narrow will contest the election results? if he doesn't win? bush auto is likely she legally contest are the result. however, he's unlikely. she managed to overturn the results legally or, or by force doesn't likely to happen. we are hearing some observers saying that if
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he does contest the results, it could lead to an even more violent version of the january 6. capitol writes that we saw, do you think there's a possibility of that? there is a possibility of, of spots of political violence across the country. however, we do not expect widespread political violence in the country in fissions, their liquid she, she to, to work. and to prevent that from happening. the military, for example, isn't likely to join any, any at them. she to return the result and they're likely to align with institutions to contain any riots that may happen. little to silver is currently leading in the presidential polls, but they are, of course, to months to go till the elections are presumably anything could change. how do you see the next few weeks going le,
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confused to be the favorites for the elections. and this comes on the back of the, of the heightened, social calling issues. the country has been experiencing. inflation is increasing and is something that is a major challenge for president both. so nato and rulers, social focus, these course is likely seem to prevail over any over over both scenarios. arguments that the left shouldn't, shouldn't return to the country due to corruption. so, over the campaign is going to be very polarized. but to do that, continues to be the favorite candidates in other lim, really get to talk to senior political risk on the control rest. speaking to a staff and still ahead on al jazeera, an armed man takes bank employees hostage in lebanon, in a desperate attempt to withdraw his own money,
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making aunt out at the devastation. now everyone thinks these installations are in good take ah, here's her headlines for the americas. hi there. thanks for joining in. we'll begin in south america. so we had some pretty powerful winds in rio de janeiro on thursday. i think by friday they'll back off just a bit, but you're still going to feel it. temperature is coming down a bit in santiago with the high of 13 degrees and toward the top end of south america, anywhere from kito right through to k m. we've got bursts of rain falling in that zone there. central america looks like this persistent rain for that pacific coast really top to bottom here, right across central america. we've got rein just stuck, stalled over the u. s. called states over the next few days. so certainly the risk
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of seeing some flooding versa, brain around south carolina reading to georgia on friday. now for the u. s. southwest monsoon, all moister here is going to pick up so flood alerts in play watches for eastern portions of nevada. pushing into utah. storms have broken the heat across the east coast of the us. so new york for the 1st time and more than a week, your daytime temperature is below 30 degrees d. c. you've got a height 28, and we'll end this weather report in western canada the pacific north. what was the sun's out? few clouds, portland at $28.00 degrees calgary. you've got to have 20 degrees as well on friday . that's a snapshot of your weather bye for now. ah, we, i generation of scared people, but very ambitious, very united, very puts it and i'm very good that you might be comfortable right
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now, but it's known for long. you will soon feel the same here. we feel every day from today, hong kong and uganda, 3 women grapple with the impact of the front line activists fear future children on a j 0 lou. ah, welcome back to watching out. as a reminder, our top story is the south. the un sneakily watchdog says military action around this operation, nuclear plant must stop immediately. russia and ukraine blaming each other for the shelling of the plans. europe's largest potomac power complex. the u. s. attorney general says he personally made the decision to such the home of former president
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donald trump mart gone confirmed f. b i. agents had such trumps florida. stay on monday. thousands of brazilians have taken part in nationwide raney's to show support for democratic institutions. there is concern that president, jaya bolton are, won't recognize the results. my voc time is presidential election. now ohio police have shot dead, a man who threatened people at an f. b. i field office in cincinnati. officials say the man was flashing and a all 15 star rifle and fight and nail gun into the building. the suspect fled and led police on a highway chase before engaging in the standoff with offices. now the us attorney general says he made the decision to such the home a format president donald trump, mary gall and confirmed f. b i. agents had such trumps florida. stay to investigate whether he illegally removed records from the white house. department of justice is
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now asked a federal court to unseal the warrant for the such calling. it's a matter of public interest. i personally approve the decision to seek a search warrant in this matter. second, the department does not take such a decision lightly where possible in a standard practice to seek less intrusive means as an alternative to a search and to narrowly scope, any search that is undertaken. 3rd, let me address recent unfounded attacks on the professionalism of the f, b i and justice department agents and prosecutors. i will not stand by silently when their integrity is unfairly attacked. the men and women of the f. b. i and the justice department are dedicated, patriotic public servants, ice house, corresponding kidney hawk. it has more us attorney general merit garland announcing
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on thursday that he has filed a motion in florida court to unseal the warrant pain, to search for president donald trump morrow. lago mansion, this is the raid that occurred on monday that resulted in the seizure of numerous boxes believe to have been containing the materials that the president may have allegedly brought with him from the white house that may have been even classified in nature. now, per the presidential records act of $978.00, all materials belonging to a president, weiss and office belong to the national archive are owned by the public. it's not clear what was seized by the f b i. but in obtaining and unsealing of this war in this way, the 1st time the public will have a look at what potential primes the f, b i and the justice department believe the president may have committed. now,
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since this re, there has been outraged, particularly by trump support and even a rise in the tax on federal law enforcement. the attorney general speaking to that spike in attacks on the f b i thing and defending the actions of the f b. i also noting that he personally authorized the warrant to search former president donald trump's whole now man, and held employees hostage at a bank in the lebanese capital surrendered. he wanted to withdraw money from his own account 11 on has imposed restrictions on how much county people can take counts as the economy. wesson's and holder was from beirut. a peaceful end to an hours long hostage crisis in the heart of the lebanese capital. but sam hassan laid down his gun and left the bank, escorted by security forces after
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a deal that gave him back some of his money. like millions of lebanese hassan has not been able to access his account. since lebanon's financial crisis took hold nearly 3 years ago. what is more like, what is my money? i worked, i'm many, many, many millions of lebanese people. they worked abroad. they worked until about music on, i mean, they saved the money, they put them in the bank. the legal they are not with us. the politics is not with us. the bank does not live outside his relatives, friends and depositors gathered to show support to a man they say has been driven to the brink and had no other choice witness to say . the armed men visited the bank several times in recent days, demanding $5000.00 from his account to pay for his father's hospital bill. the bank refused to give him the money i. banks imposed limits on withdrawals in dollars and withdrawals in the local currency or at the rate of far below the market price
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. a significant cut in the original value of deposits. thursday stand off is not the 1st of its kind. in january, a depositor withdrew $50000.00 from his account. after holding bank staff hostage, he spent a few weeks in jail, many field they are paying the price for the financial collapse. i have some money, i don't have all the full. sometimes a but i didn't get with banks have been major lenders to the government for decades. they say they are not at fault. blaming politicians firmly managing the economy. but people know, many politicians are bankers, and they have been protecting themselves. instead of taking action to reverse the economic collapse. then another alger cedar failed his ears. he says it's ground. the ego pin renaissance damn,
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has started generating additional electricity off to more if it's rest of was were filled up. this could add to the existing tension with see john in egypt who fear the dumb could affect water levels. is located on the nile. one of the wells longest rivers, most of it comes from ethiopia and flows north, south to north brianca get reports africa, the largest hydropower project steeped and decades of dispute has reached a new milestone. general source thing this year, the 3rd filling guaranteed 22000000000 square meters of water to be utilized and a turbine operated from the down to generate electric power. the mobilization did not harm the downstream countries or their water share. during the mobilization process, the water did not stop for one day and was flowing and going to our brothers and your pass code to benefit from it resources to achieve development, providing electricity to our people without harming others. the, for if you appear harnessing the blue eyes waters to generate affordable
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electricity, is essential to lift millions of its people out of poverty. but for those living downstream in sudan, near therapy us border, it's meant quite the opposite light and i kind of look sharp mean would used to come from the highlands and we'd fish it out of the nile had. but since the start of the filling of the race on stay on the other side of the border, another very few logs come downstream and south. and instead we have to buy wood from elsewhere. farm was like momma and would see the scene changes the surrounding environment as well. by normally this time of year water levels are high and they irrigate our farms. but they've been dropping lower and lower for the past 3 years . and the amount of 1st or sole deposits in the water has reduced. i've lost a lot of my trees this year because of that, sudan, egypt, and a few people have long tried to reach an agreement on the operation of the damn. by negotiations i faltered, and
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a few p a began filling the town in 2020. the country's down stream are concerned about possible disruptions to the knives, water levels, which depend on cycles a frame in the northern european highlands. this year that he could be coming year will be a little bit easier to incidents so much it could be a little bit later in the 3rd year means the amount of water is enough to eat about media an acre. ready of land in egypt and so then in the country. and so then have a gap in insecurity. the rates are down as expected to be operational next year. why many europeans are eager to reap the benefits, communities down stream, fear the livelihoods could be affected. bronco the, i'll dizzier, flash flooding has killed at least 6 people and destroyed thousands of homes in
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sedans, river niles state. many families say they've lost all their possessions and fear things will only get worse with more rain expected in the coming days. hebert morgan reports from barbara county that's been devastated by the flooding machine. uh huh. it's still searching for it. he can salvage from his home. it collapsed on tuesday after flash floods in mccaleb in northern sedan server. now state, it's the result of days of heavy rains in the region and rainwater from the east of a flowing streams in the town. they. ready saw it, i shot the rain started in the morning. i dropped raining for hours and then while we were opening the slim of on wood to past about flogs hit us, i didn't stop till the next morning. of the rain was as usually just flow through the stream. as of this time the wind like blew no barrier or stream was able to stop it. but here's home was one of more than 1700 homes destroyed by the floods in mccain uptown alone. more than 3000 homes were damaged in barbara county. in what
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many hearsay has been the worst destruction if seen my hold up, the law shows us what remains of his once large family home, where rooms one stood, now only rubble remained, follow the order. in archie or there were 2 bedrooms, there another 2 on the other side. i'm a kitchen there that the water came. i'm in less them our, the houses collapsed. we didn't even have a chance to take out anything because we were busy making sure the people got out alive. i thought, oh, some have left their homes to seek shelter after losing nearly everything, but many others have stayed behind. the destruction has left families out in the open. many said they'll wait here until the end of the rainy season to rebuild their homes. but that may take some time because more rain is forecasting the coming days. and they are concerned about what's of on diseases. the rain and flood waters have damage sewage systems and it's hard to find drinking water in some parts of the town. we're live, we live, she, if there is no access to clean drinking water or to a health clinic. my daughter is now sick in a tent near by,
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by we'll try to salvage what we can buy, but there is no medical treatment available. at least 15 people have been killed as a result of heavy rains and flash floods around. so damn, those who survived say they're not sure how they'll be able to rebuild their lives . after losing so much. he been morgan onto 0, but of our county ribbon. allstate, a group of artists is turning ruins from the warn you crying into a contemporary aunt installation of set that brushes on burnt out cause in the city of a pin. but the idea to create beauty from tragedy hasn't been welcomed by every one . or many have warmed to the work. some local say it's grim, but the team insist no one was killed in these vehicles and the goal is to help a nation here. but if you ma'am, yes, there are people who don't understand us. they think we're dancing on the graves of those who died, but we're not keen to make a photo collection of happy pictures. we want to cherish the memory of those who
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died and show that life will go on. we will win and we can beat the enemy, whether it's with a paint brush or with weapons. a face given the green light to start the sea as well. cup a day earlier, the tournament was set to kick off on the 21st of november was synagogue facing benevolence, cass, i will now feature in the 1st match when they play ecuador. at the al bait stadium on the 20th that came will be the only fixture on the opening day if it says all match tickets a still valid despite the changes. now of course the welcome kicks off in around a 100 days. the la salle stadium will host host the final. and it's now staged, its 1st bit of action out there as p to stem it was that on the 18th of december, they will be $80000.00 fans packed into the stadium for the fif of will cut final on thursday, they were not quite as many and the reason for that is because tickets were only
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sold to the low at tia. however, there was still a little bit of history for use of him suck. need of allah bobby. as he became the 1st man to school, a goal in an official match at the stadium. and what does the future look like? post will cut? well, many of the seats in the talk to you will be taken down and they'll be done. they said towards other schools in projects, the venue itself is what is the precinct we read of it and they will be something of the community project that we'll see. so you can expect shops, cafes, schools, and the like. but before that, and before argentina and saudi arabia played other in the 1st world cup match at the stadium, they will be a 2nd straight taste. that's when the champions of saudi arabia played the champions of egypt. and what is known as the do sail supercop and that's coming up on the 9th of september. ah, this is al jazeera.


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