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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 14, 2022 3:00am-3:31am AST

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some more information go to w, w, w dot h t a dot q a slash e n. ah, the well copies coming to katara in just 3 months as the main event gets close. so we hear every step of the way. hello, i'm janet ezra with updates from teams and fans across the good things can expect some strong support here in castle with the spotlight now on europe. can france claim back to back? well, come victories. all will portugal, christiana, rinaldo finally get his hands on the trophy to well comp countdown on al jazeera. ah, more questions for former you as president donald trump is fresh revelations emerge a band classified documents found at his florida home by the f
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b i ah, hello, i am emily angry, this is al jazeera live from dough house are coming up. a man pleads not guilty to attempted murder of salman rushdie. the rider remains in a critical condition after he was stabbed on stage in new york state. an active defiance. 200 kilometers from the front lines. people in keep in safe. life must get back to normal and in an al jazeera, exclusive as senior taliban later reveals what he sees as the groups achievements and families in seizing power in afghanistan almost a year ago. ah,
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we begin 1st with banking news from occupied at east jerusalem, where at least 7 people have been injured in 2 shootings. it's believed a gunman targeted a bus and remains on the run. that's bringing natasha name, who joins me on the phone from occupied east jerusalem. natasha. what more do we know? well, the details are pretty fluid and nothing is confirmed at the. so it's very possible . things will continue to evolve as the day goes on. but what we know right now is that police have surrounded a home in occupied east jerusalem, where they believe a shooter is hold up a short time ago about i've been people on a bus carrying settlers were injured 3 of them seriously. after apparently, there was one possible to shootings of the bus. this happened near the western wall . and there it is possible,
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there may be more than one shooter. today is a day when non muslim and visit the compound is known to muslims of the compound. it's the 3rd holiest site in its lamb. you referred to it as the temple mount, and it is the holiest site in judaism. so although it's the visiting hours for non muslims don't begin for hours. that would explain why. there is a bus full of jewish people. you're the western wall. now these people are tend to be nationalists and far right. they are allowed to go to the compound. they cannot praise, but they can wander around the complex. this is coming a week after a cease fire was the go shaded between the really military and the armed group, the palestinian islamic jihad,
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or 3 days of air strikes last weekend that killed almost 50 people, a 3rd of them children. israel said that it was targeting the army group, it says that it. 5 wiped out most if not all of the senior leadership of the palestinian islamic jihad and that it went into bozza for the sole purpose of sporting what they say was an imminent attack on is re lease. however, after 3 days the fire was negotiated. i say that it's fragile because there has been ongoing back and forth between the armed group and israel, each contradicting one another. but the group has asked that 2 in their opinion, high profile prisoners, the beliefs one on a hunger strike, the other a senior member of the palestinian islamic jihad arrested in jeanine. 5 before the air strikes, again, this is sure to inflame tension, no doubt,
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because of the sensitivity. however, the one thing that has not happened at this point since the air strike, which was dug operation, breaking gone by israel had mass, has not gotten involved. and the thinking is that if a mass remains on the sidelines that this will not escalate into a bigger conflict, but there's no doubt that things are still quite tense. and when the visiting hours at the compound begin later this morning, i am sure that we can expect. 3 perhaps heavy police present and maybe even clashes between people inside the compound. alright natasha. thank you very much for that update and we'll cross back to you as more details come to hand. so just repeating what we heard from our correspondent there. and this breaking news from
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occupied east jerusalem, where at least 7 people have been aged into shootings is believed a gunman, or possibly more than one gunman, targeted a bus and remains on the run. there are some days housing natasha said about a potential government being hold up somewhere and surrounded by authorities. so once we get confirmation of that, we will bring you those statehouse. moving on now and donald trump is facing mounting pressure. fine reports. his lawyer signed a statement back in june, confirming all classified material at the far former president, florida home has been returned to the government. that's according to a report in the new york times. the statement would be at odds with this week. seizure of 11 sets of classified documents from marla, gar, ms. handling or sharing top secret information, critical to national security is a violation of the u. s. as espionage act trumpet says he had declassified all papers he took from the white house while in office to bring us up to speed. let's
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bring him high need your castro, who joins me from washington. they say, hello there, heidi, why is this development about the lloyd statement signal begins to go through the sequence of events. plumley, the significance of this sign statement, is that this may be the seed for why trump and his aids are being investigated. apparently not only for potentially violating the espionage act, but also for possibly obstruction. the context of this document is that, as we know, the department of justice back in the spring issued a subpoena to trump in his aids, to return all classified materials that had been moved to morrow lago, the press of the former president's private estate. and that was followed up in june by an in person visit from the department of justice as top counter intelligence official in the national security division, in which he not only met with, with trump during that meeting,
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but also with 2 trumps attorneys. and walked away from our lago that day, reportedly with some of these classified materials. then around that same time as when the department of justice received this written declaration signed by one of trumps attorney saying that all of the classified materials had already been given up at that point that none remained at mar logo. well, as it turns out, we saw for monday's f, b, i search of mar logo. that was not the truth. in fact, 11 sets of classified documents were removed by f. b, i. agents that day, some of those sets were labeled top secret. and some of the highest level of clearance which are only a allow to be stored and viewed within secured government facilities. so given everything that you've just said, heidi what's next? him illegal process right. it's important to remember that there is no one has been charged with a crime here. and potentially they may not be. that is because the department of
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justice is not only weighing what evidence they have potentially against trump and his associates. but also deciding whether or not it would be in the public interest of the american people to charge a former u. s. president with a crime that has never happened before in u. s. history. and it's only further complicated by our knowledge that that trump likely will announce another run for the presidency in the 2024 year. if that is the case, then he would once again be a political candidate. and the department of justice does not want to be seen as charging a candidate because it could be seen as a election interference. so there are so many questions at stake here, and this is uncharted territory. you have plenty of moving parts. thank you very much for the update heidi ger castro in washington dc. the man suspected of attacking acclaimed ortho salman rushdie has pleaded not guilty to attempted murder and assault in the 2nd degree. police detain 24 year old haughty motta. immediately
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after the attack in new york state on friday, phelman rushed the remains in critical condition after being stabbed in the neck and stomach. this aspect ran onto the stage as the author was about to address a literary event that has faced years of death threats for his novel, the satanic verses. mike, hannah is following developments from washington d. c. a doctor who is on the scene of the attack, said that the injuries appeared non life threatening. salman rushdie remains in intensive care on that ventilator great concern still about his condition. now the alleged perpetrator of the attack hardy, my cause, has appeared in an upstate new york court in mabel new york. he's pleaded not guilty to the attempted murder and so charges. now police say that they are investigating the man's background, particularly in new jersey, which is where he comes from, the state,
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neighboring new york state. they are questioning people there to establish whether this was a attack carried out by the men on his own or whether there was some element of pending and some outside assistance in the attack. so rush the remains in a serious condition still on a ventilator police. continuing to investigate the alleged assailant and now formerly charged in a court, always been overwhelming reaction not just from within the literary world, but also among the society at general. some have described it as the ultimate sense to ship of the artists such an attack. his close friend and fellow writer in mature and also issued a statement saying that rusty has been an inspirational protector of those writers and journal who being persecuted around the world. this also being questions raised about securities at this latree event. how did the attacker get so close to rush de,
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who has been under threat for such a long period of time? there was a state trooper present, but some contending that the security shouldn't be much greater to you. cry now, which says he is fighting is continuing in the east and village of p. s. k. despite russia claiming full control over the area, russia says its forces took control of the sky in east and done yet. where on saturday, moscow has focused its efforts on seizing the dumbass region with the backing of pro russians separatists. meanwhile, ukrainian president vladimir lensky says his forces a targeting russian soldiers shooting and bizarre parisha nuclear power plant. they have been calls the dean militarization around the facility. russia and ukraine have tried to blame for recent shelling in the area. it's spot fees as a nuclear catastrophe. the occupiers are trying to intimidate people in an extremely cynical way, using this for region nuclear power plant. we actually hide behind
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a station. they make constant provocations with showing and tried to increase the number of troops there in order to continue blackmailing our country. and the entire free world of ocean are received in every russian soldier who either strikes the plant or shoots from its territory. must realize that he will become a special target for our intelligence, special services for our armies. and while there is a war raging on the eastern and southern france of ukraine at the capitol of cave, where ukrainian troops drove back the russian invasion, there is now a sense of what's being cold as the new normal. john hendrick has the story in key, there is a defiant celebration. residents are out unafraid and active. call it the new normal months ago, people hidden bomb shelters fearing the russian invasion,
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but ukraine's troops pushed them back. and now the battle lines are far away. to normalize slowly coming back to cave, we're open right now, much more restaurants cafe. it's her business coming back and this slowly starting to walk. but her, it's illusion. blue sky, sunshine, summer, and the we have never forget this couple congress come at us east of key if his hell is big bottle where our buttress defend our country. the cities famous opera house is open, but no one has forgotten that this is a country at war and not far off. we are not caregiver should be under shelling every day. we are not like you dunbar somewhere. so me yet? no, like we're not scared. not tourist,
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from the other parts of ukraine have returned to their capital. it might be a war zone, but it doesn't have to feel like one in that's the point. these people are out despite the occupation is difficult as it is the residence of keeps a life goes on and had to flee to other county because it was too scary to stay in ukraine. macau, i'm back and it's still okay every day when we have air res everson has changed, but we need to move forward and to leave for the youth. the key, the rave parties downtown, go on though they now start at 5 p. m. in order to end in time for curfew, ah, amid the fog of war, the celebration, the defiant insistence on living, something like normal life continues. john henderson, al jazeera keith,
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still ahead on al jazeera. we'll have more on a jean occupied east jerusalem. the breaking news is coming up. ah, the journey has begun. the faithful world camp is on its way to cattle. your travel package to day? hey there, good to see. let's go with your weather report beginning in pakistan. we've got a tropical cyclone spinning around the north sarabia and see that stumped a lot of rain in karachi. so over the past 48 hours a months worth of brain has fallen in that shield of rain is now pushing into baka stands baluchistan province, where we have dealt with flooding. as of late after india, we go and we've got this disturbance spinning around a bit, been gall. so that's whipping rain around entrepreneurs show dish or west bengal
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into central portions. and you know it's trouble when you see some of the yellows pop up on our map. certainly the risk of seen some flooding when you consider about a 100 to 200 millimeters of rain falling within a short period of time. the heat is still locked in across the yang see river valley. shanghai just said touch cooler at 39 degrees. and that tropical storm is racing away from tokyo. we did have some landside warnings in play there, but now we have concern over this cluster of storms. not too far away from beijing . we could get about a month's worth of rain here within 24 hours. we've got a red rainstorm warning, this batch of what weather will move in to the korean peninsula. it's going to soak sol over the next few days. i think the worst of it on monday and wendy with gus up to 60 kilometers per hour. that's it. i saw official airline of the journey. let's get to the bottom line. what does a new forever proxy war mean for america and nato? it's very hard to say we're the escalation. stop. is it a mistake to open up?
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is that a pandora's box? you want to be ready for the next pandemic. you figure out this 9, your weekly take on us politics and society. the us is always of interest to people around the world. people pay attention to work with on here. and it is very good that bringing the news to the world from here. ah, ah, ah, hello, you want to under 0? i'm emily angry. he's reminder of our tough stories this our donald trump's lawyer signed a statement back in june, saying classified material from florida home had been returned. that's according to the new york times. it would be at odds with this week. seizure of 11 sets of
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classified documents from mar lager, the man arrested for attacking acclaimed also. salman rushdie has pleaded not guilty to attempted murder and just felt in the 2nd degree place detained. 24 year old heidi matter after the test in new york stage on friday and more on our top story and breaking news from occupied east jerusalem, where at least 7 people have been injured in 2 shootings. it's believed a gunman, targeted a bus and remains on the run. for more on this story, let's bring in yoni bin mark him a senior middle aged analyst. he's in west jerusalem and joins me live. thanks so much for being on the program. johnny. what more do you know about what's happened there will do we know now is that there is a man, hon the bye to jerusalem. a police and others. you will be forcing focusing on the village offices, one and a with,
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if you want me to a place a currently they have information that in there is to carry that back, designing in one of the houses and trying to arrest him a. this was a surprise that back a joselyn was really quite in the last a few months. this is the 1st day in there after the is really on the operation does a street the palestinians. it is say that it might be connected to what happened the street, and now everything is being check, a already blessing. and this is
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a very alarming, i think that is a result of what happened in which these are the forces very seriously. there will be a reinforcement the forces police forces in all over is juice and then a to prevent the attacks. yeah, look of the see date has a still coming in. so we can't necessarily confirm that it has been a tara attack unique. can you talk us through the area where these events unfolded to people not familiar with jerusalem? this is a the wallet or east jerusalem, a very close to the willing wall, which is the most holy site for. did you say it right on the road would be in there that took place. there were
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a tax many years ago and the city of a village of seattle are, is very close to. it's a few 100 meters distance, even less a very close to the wall, to the woods of the old city. and this is an area where a lot of you can go through the c, it gave it to the willing wall, and then it's always a really cost. there is really buses. it potentially plays for an effect. can you talk us or obviously tensions has been high. you mentioned at the strikes on gas last week. what's in the atmosphere since that in okay. i don't know if it's connected directly might be some so usually the banks need to send
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them down the background of what is happening. you know, lock some was a but if things have been a why it is a the last few months and it might be connected to the a ill have to wait and see when the sit there is to capture the atmosphere at the engine air or forced radiation and for the palestinians of a 4th street for what happened in guy for them. it was at the feet over the ceiling, a stomach, just that b a g because it is well made. this success a successful operation, and in our, what is a sci fi but steel mentioned it is
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a very high because the, the stunning just demands the release. so who police didn't prisons it prisoners. and so i don't know if it's still that it's only speculation would not know if it's the ricky connected, but the atmosphere is off tension. and for some reason, well we appreciate your in science jani. been a minute, and i seen him to least to analyze. thank you for your time. monday monks, one year since the taliban took control of afghanistan and comes as concerns grow about the security situation in the country. earlier this week and i saw suicide bomber assassinated, a cage, alabama figure, and a us drawing, striking car last month killed al qaeda's later i am and alice was hearing in an exclusive interview. some of in jane spoke to senior taliban. later on us economy, he asked him how the government would keep its promise not to let f kenneth's done be used by outside groups and organizations about the since the signing of the
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agreement, we have been honoring all obligations. we dare anybody to give a single example or a single occasion where our territories were to undermine other countries. security . the statement made by the lama camera explaining its position was very clear. we are committed to the doha. it clearly said to help the obligations later on, as well as us, if any violation was committed, it was the us who entered our territories without permission, even without notifying this was a clear violation on the part of the us. there's is a malicious propaganda aimed at smearing the image of the islamic emerald. we reject and refute these false claims. and i reiterate, we have not violated any of our obligations under the doha agreement. we are committed to honoring our obligations why wish to see the other party honoring affairs and live up to their responsibilities. a ma, dozens of women in afghanistan have held
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a rare protest in campbell just days before the 1st anniversary of the telephone's return to power. about 40 demonstrators notched on the education ministry champions, greater work and freedom cited fate. some of the women and fire in the air to break up the protest. despite the pledges made, when we took power, the taliban has limited afghan women's rights. thousands of supporters of pakistan's, former prime minister in ron con, have been rallying in the city of la hol, can address supporters as his party commemorate 75 years of pakistan's independence . the former prime minister has been campaigning for a political come back after losing a confidence version parliament back in april. the country is struggling with a plummeting economy marked by record inflation command. honda has moved from a rally in level. there's been a large turn out the budget on derek and soft rally and the city of law. the renew
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of going to hockey stadium, tens of thousands of people are gathering debt. emron, hon of god, delivering again, may say, he wants a general electron. as soon as possible, but also beyond dad m, ron hahn's party, had said that did his budget on 75th anniversary of independence, the diamond anniversary. and i'd be butcher dollars. you're celebrated dad and said it's kicking outside or the rest of the was that budget san remained united. he of course, had been struggling against a coalition government or sport of political parties who have different ideology or bitter enemies into bod. also noteworthy that 60 percent of the cabinet members are on bed and that is what the 4th diamond budget on that so many controversial
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people have been given. k ministry around con of god will be at be an injury. supporters that there's time for a re election. if god has been saying that the country grave economic crisis, and that the president government has failed to deliver, we're here to support him. don con, because what he's doing he's, he's doing something for pakistan. and we, we support him because there this morning. we don't see anybody else who can take pakistan. i'll just the problems, you know, we are into at the moment. we are here because we love our country. did not care for him. ron gone on one and beyond the sea ingram con, potentially leading us out of this situation. job got a message from him really be or general elections as soon as possible regarding only a government grid of freshman day will be in a board mission delivered to the people of budget on the perils of climate change
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featured prominently. this is fringe festival in edinburgh. comedy, papa, tree and dance have been years to warn, educate and inspire. here to go is jana home has more from the scottish capital. thank you for coming to the show. i am dr. mike wanting the most positive name and comedy to day. wedding by name. that's it, noah. there are so many shows focused on climate change in edinburgh this year. it's practically a jaundra in itself. from comedy to contemporary, dance to polystyrene sheets and globes of this and recyclable product, mainstay of ocean pollution. come alive in materia undress, others stories moving our object theater. i've got to have that you know help you in the universe. in space hippo, japanese shadow puppets retails the science fiction. tail of
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a dying earth. the only hope a hippo sent to discover new worlds in space or people more on, on the internet and friends of mine would be like, oh, nature to to it's climate change trick because a cool, but it's a good thing. is it been going to is a good thing? why don't people is no. i think the audiences are evolving more because more people are becoming aware of it as an issue. so the 1st year i talked about climate change was 2017. and nobody was talking about climate change. the u. k. summer of 2022, meanwhile, will be remembered as one of its hottest and dry. st. wildfires have devastated suburban homes and house pipe bands are in place to combat drought. it's no wonder the climate change has become more and more prominent in the arts and at ox festivals like edinburgh, as it becomes more and more prominent in each of our lives. the fine line that every artist must walk.


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