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jimmy, when he was a student activist and it worked with him after his release from prison. now he's trying to bring a criminal case against the gender in the turkish judicial system. so the gender can run, but they can't hide. there will be accountability against them just as there was against the war criminals in the balkans. it took years and years from a loss of which and character managed to end up in the hague, but they did up and they did end up in the hague. we imap house accountability cases, criminal cases against the john to all around the world at the international court of justice in the hague man. mars already in the door. in late july, the court dismissed objections saying that a case brought by the gambia for genocide against the ringer, ethnic minority can proceed. although the trial may take years, the wheels of justice are in motion. tony chang al jazeera. ah,
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this is al jazeera and these are the top stories. 8 people have been injured by gunfire an occupied east. jerusalem is believed. a gunman targeted passengers on a boston and a car as well as pedestrians. police haven't rolled out the possibility of more than one shoot him. natasha can i'm has the lightest from occupied east jerusalem. according to media reports, at least one person ambushed a bus as it arrived at the western wall in the old city on sunday morning. witnesses say that as people were boarding the bus and it was packed, they heard gunshots screams shouting and warning that this was a terror attack. police flooded the area cordoned off the area near the western wall. and since then, have been reading several homes in a palestinian neighbourhood in occupied east jerusalem called still one. donald trump's lawyer signed the statements and june saying classified material that
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trump's florida home had been returned. that's according to the new york times. this statement would be at odds with this week seizure of 11 sets of classified documents from mar locker. will the author, salman rushdie, has been taken off a vin to lighter and has regained the ability to speak one day after he was stabbed to new york. the men arrested for attacking rusty has appeared in court and pleaded not guilty to attempted murder and assault on the 2nd degree police to time 24 year old, haughty matter after the attack on friday. will ukraine's president has warned that his forces will target russian soldiers who shoot ad or from this upper region nuclear power station. they have been called for an in to fighting around the facility purchased on the market. 55 years of independence with celebrations across the country. in karachi, a ceremony is being held at the memorial for pucca sounds. founder mohammed ali, gina, british colonial rule ended in 1947 with partition and the formation of india and
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pakistan. and the you in sicily. 77 people have died during storms and flesh flooding and given in the past 2 weeks. around 35000 families have been affected. most of them had already been displaced by civil war, lasting 8 years. well, those are the headlines. the news continues here, after the stirring up next talk to al jazeera, we ask, so the rebound you speak of is clearly coming at a high cost of airlines and the industry. what's going wrong? we listen, you were part of the, i'm struggling in the 19 seventy's if you have any regrets. no, we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on al jazeera, i hi, anthony ok. on august the 12th for approximately 1030 p and east africa time canyons are waiting for election results. i want you to join ad results watch party
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. let's see what we've got to discuss in a tight e for election. what is next? the can you condense, went to the polls on 9th august, to elect a new president to tacoma from president of hulu, canada, the christians kenneth's want to address, ah, who between mr. william router of the u. da. and mr. ray loading of the as the meal coalition can be trusted to fix our economy, to fight corruption and to unite the country after vague to receive elections. but we expect couple of would there be more jobs for that comes on even go up canyons out of important for the results for the good expectations hoping that they will. yeah. new beginning, more like the country when we caught our independence or when we is wrote the post independence. but it did come out of power quint. he has
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a girl who waiting in our watch marcy, leaving our conversation. she co been right. so nice to have you on the stream again, she co, welcome to the stream, welcome back to mr. telephony, who you are, what you do. thank you for letting me share from the court county, kenya. i work with young people a try bless you, a muscle. so should justice and rights defender get tathina. i know it's this yourself, the audience around the world. i hello, my name is a be now my center for executive director, but the africa i call to be politically engagement of grass, retreatment organizing and chalmers and the young women. let's have a look at the for presidential candidates. ladies. tell me how nervous each one of them is likely to be right now. so let's start with violet. dingo. is he feeling confident? she co i think he's very nervous at this moment,
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but also there's a little tension and i'm glad to. i let it. so i think also with the pressure that he's receiving from support as i believe is to bus whatever's at the moment. let's go back to william router bina. how do you think williams feeling right now? the margins between both presidential candidates are very small. currently, given the lust results that we were able to see as trimming in before they were brought down from the media stations. so pretty much, even for presidential candidates, william, brutal, he is pretty novice cherokee and the answers at the same time. we've also seen support us from both sides trying to claim victory already that i don't know why they even doing that. that's not possible. we'll get back to that in just a moment. right. georgia, korea is easy, easy out having a beer, relaxed because he's like, no chance she can. ella does he's
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a joke. i don't think his evade. he doesn't even care what it is hoping i will make jealous stood there. you've got to be unless period. but as a 1000000000 people, i think when you put a loading, so i just seeing, he's just, he's from field, he's mid 5 of a whole. they will credit to be, but he's been a good destruction. so yeah. ok, and, and then the leader of the a gone, no party been a you help us out with this final kind of they, i haven't heard much about and of course kenyans have a lot international audience. what do we need to know if he knows if he getting any results at all? i think he's rather disappointed because he read on morality, groaned and given the fact that we only see that in kenya and 80 percent of us actually christian. so to see the numbers below one percent and standing up, i mean, even this christians, i think that the point that you've been
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a member of those teen day was a painful, easy for you. what struck you from tuesday, your voting experiments. so what struck me, number one was the very short cues. i remember into the 17 and i went to vote. i took about 4 hours. i spent about 4 was a q, and this time around only spent about 15 minutes on q, and i observed according to the majority of the young people in q and especially young women. so that struck me or not. so i'm just thinking she can short case because it's good organizational short term because no one could be bothered to vote actually bus. i think this time val. and are they electoral what has been a beat or bitter or get it done before? so we saw that or the land, so our 1st movie that went out as stretched us other times. but also the what apathy we didn't, we saw it as that in most cases have 80 percent or reduced. what does appear have
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no head, their own 45 percent or so that means we had the higher number of people nodes coming out to what i am curious about the move in kenya right now from the people who didn't vote in the people who did vote i am going to go to back to you sheeka, but via 2 residents of nairobi, thinking about this space between election day and the results coming out. this is what they're thinking about right now. no, i do. out, even though there are not many people in town, i do see signs of peace. people vote peacefully returns to work and i see kenya moving forward. and that will be talking admin. i'm there. so for the so far, there's no fighting. i've not heard of any problems anywhere before, even though they have not announced the winter. i urged the youth to be calm that way and maintain order and a 0 problems. anyway, chicago,
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what he thank i right, it's been come. i only call it the season after christmas when you don't know what you're supposed to do before it's new. yes. oh, just that this i was full of anxiety. i just think kenyans have really these for us has struck us because i can see we can see how democracy has grown over time and being able to see people engaged and people make fun of each other site and good luck to the making would mean somebody selection i was looking for these actually i said clearing, send me means that are suitable for work because my work is broke up. and if i get some really good ones to alicia, i will share them to tell us about a few. the means that you've seen that have cracked you are. so we will actually head names of who would dislike, making fun of how one side will behave of their low on wings, and also dislike that tension. i think one of the common things that can use,
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i've been saying is that when that this time around was kenyans have used to live with us more than any other time in the world. so really been using our bathrooms because of that. but also the question of this something that was saying, but it's coming home. so we've been laughing and saying since that the media stations is showing different tallies depending on where they've started telling us who i've been saying, everybody has their 5th president. so depending on if you are a to switch to your best, it should say this is curious looking yes. how should i? this is really curious because there's a gap of information. so you can look online and you can see how the election results are coming in from the electoral body and, and about 70 percent results. right now the last time i looked, but that gap with information is being filled by misinformation been what have you seen? so personally, i have seen some supporters from a different side of the collisions actually claiming victory and some going as far
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as saying, you know what, state. com, we've won this, we're just waiting for the announcement. but also people sharing different statistics and percentages over which presidential candidate is leading, which is actually misinforming, their supporters, right. and at the same time, also not being able to see the electron management body i, b, c. moving so fast to counter that information. so they, but i do, yes, and i think we've also seen so many politicians declared themselves when as of in the process. so i think the politicians also played a key role in misinforming to support us. can you help us understand how that's possible, how that happens? how do you declare yourself when and knowing full? well, actually i'm sitting in america. i know can you style? how do you, how do you do that going through? well, the, you actually haven't won the election. so with this time,
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especially with the actual body opening does have us to public where we could see the from the d for a's that are coming from the telling station. so if we can, them could access them and you had the right to actually tell it by yourself. so everybody and it side had their own telling, telling sessions with a different politician say they have like a number of 10 young people who are doing tiling for them. so people collect their information or whatever they tallied, and what they see they deem right with them. and they will do that statistics to announce themselves in as we've seen candidates who i announce themselves when, as in social media. and then the electoral with the analysis of the, someone totally different of the winner, one. 04 aspect of these elections, of these campaigns. i've seen a number of women participating. women in politics been a can you talk to me about that? because i think that's going to be one of the milestones for this particular
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election and kenya is women on campaigns and women get results, lena? i thank you so much so flexible. i'm, i'm very proud to see women taking us tab, especially the highest electro positions in the country. i think we've seen women who reinforce, give an attorney to faith and we've actually seen some of them already been announced, as we know, i think, you know, in the close to region in, you know, not cru county. we've been wins, especially in that will be a terrier race. and also the fact that the, you know, like 3 presidential candidates have women as by, you know, vice president. so these that so in as much as i love to celebrate in this election, i think the progress is still low a little bit. and i want to back this up with the statistics because in this
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election we had 16100 candidates across all the positions from the presidential to the member of county assembly. and of that number, only 1962 while female candidates. i would love to hear about the crew county she cove because if something pretty historic that is about to happen, i don't, i don't, i don't wanna ging fit. but from a women perspective, tell us, it's amazing, right? i think i have been happy enough typed these all over because for the 1st time we have an entire top leadership, mid of women, we have a woman gover. now we have a woman's saying it's out of the women, of course is that we have been friends that we have a poodle, 5 elected m, p 's, who are women off. they live in a no constituencies, sorry. this has not happened before. so for me to send this in a pool of women,
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m c is also so for me for this to happen, it has given me hope that the future is actually bright for young women. what to, oh, who has fired to get there? but also not to forget that much. much echols county also has a top leadership of women. also, they have a woman govern. i woman said it's i, and of course the women rep awful me here. i me like we are making those steps and i feel like if there is nothing else to celebrate in this election, is that we've seen the women get to the top tire. see, they got miss out now that they can't mess up because they're than people that are, you know, you're just like the men. no. no, they have to be extremely high. rise. better than of being but i can an election is very pacheco. yeah, the sticks are very high for these women. my cancer, everybody is looking at when they miss up. how will they be? that is of course, a little or around. women cannot walk to give out. women will do you fight that will do. so the sticks are quite high for us,
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but this is the time we just stepping in, walk with them to make sure everything looks good and that they're delivering the best. and that, you know, and if i could just add the fact that we actually had to more women gender race to run for political office, it means actually in the next election that is actually going to encourage more. we meant to run for a better term. you did spend a tourist, it's, you know, i'll way from just being told to run for the women rips. it's because that is your space because that is also exactly what she was speaking to. half the time when you're running for office, you're always pushed aside and being told, or there's a seat for you there. so just thing we men are just out, but the empty position at the vice president position is going to encourage more women. and i can not wait to see this point of women actually in the coming election, including off of the show. no pressure ladies of and yeah, no pressure. all right, this is a canyon election results watch quality. 2022. and we have our community online who are watching as well. ladies, will you answer questions or react to the questions as much as you can?
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so many people are just thankful. no violence been a quick thought that so just coming, you know, when we reflect about 2007 and the lives we lost and the impact of that on the economy. and again, the pockets of violence in 2013 in 2017. and then now we're talking about corporate $910.00, which affected our economy. so just to see and witness the fence or calmness currenty in the country. it's encouraging because that means after we've announced the presidential results. and if we still maintain the theme, then people will go back to work because also, i think one thing i do is it's taking time to actually open up their businesses. you know, currently i don't know, but i know county but in a row be just, you know, just moving around, feel very anxious because i want to go and it's only opening up but quite slowly. yeah. and you know,
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the project starting with the results will be announced to morrow on sundays. so as much as i received within the mandate of the 7 days, because i don't know exactly what it's going to be tomorrow or sunday. ok. more questions i hope for this election, this is on youtube is a crack down on the cove, rob xico. wow. i'm not sure how hopeful it can be about that. i want to be whole. i want to not be significant in but looking at the both sides of the device, no one is better. and this is also informed by a little bit literal in justices that we've seen before from the political but you know, relations to where we are right now. and the question is, was likely to fight for option at this point. we are not sure who the much who can speak for and grateful is that our economy is not too harsh or not for the next 5 years. calvin kamani is watching right now. kevin, thank you so much. this is what calvin country contributes to our discussion, the cost of living and can you, it's very high, no jobs. low wages,
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the list is endless. who will be our savior? we off, irene earlier. what are the priorities that kenya's electorate? this is what she told us, the most placing issues who can use and most king, and now that you expect to then mix a new titian to address is access to basic human needs and networking about food. what the different hosing. dissent job's the highest at any will health care standards, access to education entitled to a dignified life as our constitution clearly sees in that 43. and as for the new lesson, collaboration of human rights, which our country is about to do. but she co tamra selection address, those very basic needs. every kenyon has also said me because i
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will send a manifesto to read the book manifesto from the 2 presidential and i will just pick up the 2 presidential candidates because of the numbers that missing right now. so we've read that many festivals and that all speaking about the economy, that all speaking about providing an easy life. okay. the question is how that will happen. we also know that we are very, we are country full of debts at the moment. so is the question of, are they able to do this within the next 5 years, we've been able to match up our budget, the budget that was sent up set for 2 didn't to, to industry into 3. so if we're able to much up that then we may be able to create an is in life or canyons, but that sounds far fetched for now we just pray that we have a president of care and, and one to listen to what can and certainly need i, i'm just going to compliments about on the painter is on an excuse me, think about one second. the made it on you she, she says, i love the devaney says i love the introduction of voting process for persons with
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disabilities. i think others can learn from canyons. i just had to thought for a moment because i think that's really nice to hear of of initiatives that coming out of this current election process. been a go ahead. sorry. i think, i think i wanted to say that, you know, like currently 62 percent of our revenue collection goes into somebody saying what that we're talking about food insecurity. but just talking about a drug crisis, actually during the 19 and just listening to the, you know, to the presidential, the beat to the deputy president, the be just the, even that the government attorney to be. but we have had just the lack of a solid plan in terms of how we are going to touch the economy around. because candidates seem to understand the problem we have, right. and the challenges that we have and we're struggling with the nation. most people want to hear the solution if i just want to hear about their problems because they didn't know their problems. we know our time,
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it gives you no problems. go on to here. where are you even going to get the resources to find? now these plans that you are talking about what are going to be your priority areas . so i am hopeful but also be worried and i think it's a sign up for 20 people to step up as the accountability champions. right. to ensure that we are pushing them when it comes to public service delivery, to, you know, to attend the public forums at the set up to ensure that if they come up with a budget, we understand what are their priority areas. you know, i'll actually begin to voting because sometimes i know, i think of as we feel like, oh, now i have to to have to each one of the 5. no one just to be got. i want to pick up a couple of memorable moments from this election campaign. i guess i'm going to ask you in a moment, but 1st i want to use go to the very final campaign rally for the 2 top candidates, right. i think i know the candidate, william root ho,
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this is what they were doing almost a week ago to today. oh, [000:00:00;00] a behind that kid with ring off a crowd for sure. all right, so a couple of people in you cheaper actually asking who's the most favorite candidate to win the election?
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gonna give me a name. oh, i think it's hard to it's holly tony is not a presidential candidate every day. or can you do it? it's ok to select who actually is going to win this particular election because i mean, even from the numbers that we are seeing, it's actually our neck to neck courage. so picking one candidate that's going to be a bit of a challenge. even looking at the, the current margins and the fact that both of them was appealing to different demographics and their agenda was different to no one is talking about integrity and reforms. the other one is actually focusing on hustler, buses, dynasty and leaving no one behind us. so it's, it's going to be a really long time to say, i do not know she co, are you going to say, i don't, you know, as well? no,
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i will say no that the 2 of them are not equal to best. ha. so we are doomed. if we go with right i, we don't. if you go with router but people say i list the list you or i don't know about that. maybe because he has he went problem and deputy how, who we know for the longest time has short injustices or has fought for the constitution. so maybe that made him look trivial, right. but for me with the, with the way things are, i think where do with eva i grew up seeing them campaign. so i don't know what different they could have done that they've not done in the 29 years that have been the lights. you come from she has voice of tend to some optimism from eunice who is actually in uganda, looking at the canyon elections as being important for east africa. he's what she taught us at the ne, august 2020 to can an election is important. ok. and cities, but also for africa as a region, why?
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because pinion is an economy and political powerhouse. so from see more with county governors and cities that's posted for democracy. what could we do more than this outcome also translate to better outcomes for as a whole. what should we do between now and the election results coming out be now what are you going a day trip is pray for peace. ok, that's good. i did that every day anyway. i mean out suggestions, considering misinformation online. good. that's. that's what i, what really should be doing counting automation, i think. but i think also we can add that out between this time and when that moment comes, i think it has just need to money expectations. just realized that if you have no rent for the end of this month, you will still have no rent, but the tim donald's mint is made. it's important for us to go back to what it's important for us to say. we went and did our beat. we went and cussed at the board,
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it's not our walk to tightly. it's all locked to wait for the electron, woody to not to study and announce that we know. so it's just time we just go back to walk in, go back to our normal lives. now, carol's been paralyzed while our since name can we don't have people in the street . oh, yeah, thank you. she can. thank you. been at this time here to look quickly at my laptop, so you can follow i to excellent guess. this is xico. this is bina, you can follow them for election results from kenya. and of course out, is there a dot com and out is there a link to watching? i see you next time. take everybody. ah ah, as country prepares to host an estimated 1000000 fans for the 1st world cup in the middle east. security is paramount. the c e o of the international center for
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support. security says katara has been preparing for more than a decade and has a track record a posting smaller tournaments such as the asian come the successfully, the man thought the strife of dog is that the, the war coughing got that. he's a part of a bigger vision. cut your husband's staging, stimulation, and conducting training exercises for security forces. a number of global safety indexes, right? cuts are at the top. last year, 200000 fans attended the arab fee for com. there's hope that perhaps this november's world cup will some day be a kind of dry rod for hosting the olympics abandoned by the state social collective, occupying spaces, among the people. a militant architect working on the edge of the law. in the
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1st episode of rebel architecture, some viagra see to have a ga, 0 into the realm of self fielding insane gorilla architect on a 0 new voice is keeping up the airway. lot of chinese listeners who can't really hear what i really think in their own country shifting paleface, the rise of citizen journalism, has changed everything. how do happen? it happened on social media and the undeniable impact of the mainstream narrative. australians went to the pole with those images front of mine is a war very much came forth out in the media as well as on the battlefield. their listening post. dissect the media on our ah for 8 people have been injured as a gunman,


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