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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 14, 2022 12:00pm-12:31pm AST

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[000:00:00;00] ah say that mm hm. and then international anti corruption excellence award boat. now for your hero. ah ah 8 people injured as a gunman opens far on a bass, unoccupied, east. jerusalem,
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a suspect has turned himself in. ah, 11 o'clock, this is out 0 life and also coming up more questions for former you as president donald trump has revelations emerge about classified documents found this week is florida home. i'm bernard smith, in southwest france, where the country's longest drought in living memory is leaving rivers dangerously low and ambitious climate policy by the country rated most at risk. the pacific island nation, if i know are to commit to 100 percent renewable energy in electricity generation by 20 said ah, so a man suspected a carianne's, an attack, unoccupied east. jerusalem has hunted himself over to police. a people were injured
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in the shooting on sunday morning. it's believe the gunman targeted pedestrians and passengers on a bus. the police have not ruled out the possibility of another person being involved. natasha can name has more from occupied east tristram. police say that a suspect ambushed a bus, a bus pulled into the parking lot, and as people were boarding the bus, they say that they heard gunshots, people dropped to the ground, began bleeding. then there were screams and warnings that they were under attack. the bus driver says that he tried to pull away, but the wheelchair accessibility ramp was lowered to accommodate a passenger and he was unable to pull away the numbers. keep changing, but right now what we have are 8 people injured, 3 of them americans, 2 in critical condition. one of them includes a pregnant woman in her thirties. there are media reports that she had an emergency c section. her baby was 26 weeks old and the baby has died again. that has not been
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confirmed by the police. now after the shooting, there was a massive manhunt. it lasted about 6 hours. police fanned out into a palace to be a neighbourhood in east jerusalem called so won. they began rating houses. they've form checkpoints across jerusalem, searching cars and closed off the western wall entrance in areas near the old city . as they went on their man hunt. there is c c t v footage of the shooter, that no doubt aided police in their search. but then at about 7 38 o'clock this morning, police say a 24 year old man walked into a local police station and turned himself in police. they, they have confiscated the gun used. now there are media reports that this 24 year old man acted alone. that he is not tied to any groups armed groups that he has a criminal record, but was not on any kind of
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a security watch list. all that we've heard so far from the police though, is that this 24 year old man is a resident of east jerusalem. donald trump is under pressure fully reports his lawyer assigned to state june, confirming all classified material had been returned from the former years. president, florida home that's according to the new york times. the statement could be at odds with this week. seizure of 11 sets of classified documents from trumps, home mar, largo miss handling, or sharing and top secret information. critical to national security is a violation of america's espionage act. trump says he had declassified all papers he took from the white house while in office. i did you castro has more from washington dc. we know that not only as trump being investigated for potentially violating the espionage act, but he is also be investigated for possibly obstruction of justice. and that is what this key document speaks to. the context of this is the department of justice
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asked air subpoenaed trump and his aides back in the spring for all of the classified materials that he had improperly removed from the white house and brought to his private residence at mar logo. that was followed up by an in person visit from the top counter intelligence off official in the department of justice, the national security division who went to morrow lago again in person in june to try to get those materials back by the reporting from the new york times says that trump's attorneys did present some classified documents, then, and shortly after signed that written statement, saying that there was no longer any remaining classified documents at mar logo. that's what they said back then. but what we saw unfold on monday in that dramatic search are conducted by the f b i of mar lago, revealed that it was not the truth because there were 11 sets of classified
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materials that were so marked that was again removed after that search several of those materials were top secret, which is can only be held and read in a secure government building or that someone rusty is no longer an event later and is talking to being stamped 2 days ago. a man accused of attacking him has been identified as 24 year old had the matter. he's pleaded not guilty to attempted murder, or he was dad while speaking to literary event, to new york state on friday. the controversial award winning author face death threats fears after the publication of his novel, the satanic verses park is done, is marking 75 years of independence in karachi. a ceremony is being held at the memorial for the countries fonda. mohammed ali, gina, british colonial rule ended in 1947, the partition of india, and the formation of pakistan come hider is in little i crossed the convey, the more expensive, as you can see behind me,
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that the monument dedicated to budget on known and death may not repugnant dawn or the minute rate. edward at this location that in 1940 on brady tired, marge, the all india on which lim leg foster law, whole red deluge in red jawed for a separate date for the much limit of the top continent of god. and that brought monumental development in 1947, the gun p became an independent nation 75 years. it's quite a long time the country are celebrating the diamond jibley. and this is a country where the majority population under 30 it, i think storms get dr. big ward, my dad has it made resilient, and i've got everybody across budget donna using the day before junior j. m to forget their political and out there, different days. i had their mog independence day. monday monks
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a year since the taliban took control of afghanistan comes as concerns of security growing earlier this week. and i so suicide bomber assassinated him major taliban figure, and a u. s. drone strike in kabul last month. killed al kite, anita. i am and i was over here, be in an exclusive interview is i'm have been job aide, spoke to senior taliban, nita and us a connie about the since the signing of the agreement, we have been honoring all obligations. we dare anybody to give a single example or a single occasion where our territories were used to undermine other countries. security. a statement made by the islamic emerett explaining its position was very clear, hasn't we are committed to the doe? it clearly such healthy obligations when i place on us as well as the u. s. if any violation was committed, it was the u. s. who entered our territories without permission, even without notifying us. this was a clear violation on the part of the u. s. theirs is a malicious propaganda aimed at smearing the image of the islamic emerett. we
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reject and refute these false claims. and i reiterate, we have not violated any of our obligations under the doha agreement. we are committed to honoring our obligations while wished to see the other party honoring affairs and live up to their responsibilities tray in which levin france is enduring. it's dry a summer since records began. most of the country is now facing water restrictions crops, a withering nuclear power plants are operating a reduce capacity in rivers of running dry. let's cross over to ben smith used any by for us in to lose in southwest, in france. so been a, any sign of any rain monic the certainly hoping for rainy habit in the forecast today, but obviously it's just the some cloud cover not taking off the worst of the heat that there's been hair over the last month or so, but no sign of rain has been pushed back until later into the week. and one of the phase is that if that rain comes in enormous storms, which is what is predicted,
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it's going to just bounce off this bone dry ground. i'm standing on the bed of the river got on and ordinarily of course i shouldn't be able to do this, but excuse me, but without the rain, while these rivers are running dry and crops a dying before the farmers are able to harvest them, i was always and is, i'm, is, is i've never seen the river as low as this is stephane, marty tells me he's a fisheries officer in a normal year. the level of the garon here would be above our heads. the river cuts through to lose. it's the cities life blood providing drinking water, irrigating farmland, and cooling a nuclear plant. stefan has had to take fish out of the river and put them into special tanks because the water is too warm, thick on to give us unfair to put it here. where they are, it's complicated. everything is connected. there will be less snow in the mountains . the glaciers will melt sooner. this year there has been much less snow, so less water in the mountain lakes. so pumping of the lakes is lower to keep the
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water longer. over 3 weeks, 40 percent of the water held in reserve in hydro electric dams, in the pyrenees mountains has been released into the garron to keep it flowing just heat waves in europe are increasing at a faster rate than almost anywhere else on the planet and global warming increases the likelihood of drought drying out soils and vegetation. laven firewall ha minimum. so sometimes you make up a local company. so after muscle, we need 60 millimeters of rainfall to be able to replant the soil. crystal carpentier tells me, the forecast is for 3 millimeters this week. it's not enough. no. the corn harvest across france is expected to be 18 and a half percent lower this year than last. there's already a global shortage because of the war in ukraine. even the sunflower of turned away from the scorching sun, where there is access to water, there isn't enough to go around. crystal says she'll lose more than 30 percent of
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a crop this year. soon, apostrophes are mangled. if we don't get enough water in this region, there will be no viable agriculture. even today, the cattle farmers here have no grass on their fields. to day we own a land where it's crucial to develop irrigation. if only to be able to achieve minimum profitability. frances worse drought since records began in 1958 has affected so many aspects of how people live here. and i think we, we, we reward or not, we, we love train don't cake. and we reward because there is not enough waterfall for the foot. in july rainfall across france was down 84 percent compared to normal. according to the french weather service. the summer isn't over yet. now, every part of france is under some sort of water restrictions. and 2 thirds of all
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departments are at the peak crisis level. and one of the concerns is that on the ground water tables are also running. unusually low because they are being replenished with rain water. so they really need it to rain. nick, that rain that we needed right across europe and thanks for that spread reporting as still had here on out 0. 0, la mammals protest is demand more than fine words from the internet community to risk their lives to oppose military genta. the daily cost of living increases sincerely own rampant inflation, pushing families into extreme poverty. ah hello again. time for your worlds weather update. we're going to begin in australia
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and you know, within blasts it was some powerful winds for tasmania state. gus, pretty close to about a 100 kilometers per hour. they'll back off a bit on monday, but still that legacy of showers. let's put this a day forward. want to get you up to speed with the forecasts for w a. we've got this weather maker swoop in and that's gonna generate some showers and wind as well back to the here and now we've got quite a mess. moving across the tasman sees are all ready for new zealand, south island, we've got heavy rainfall watches in play. as this system is incoming over the next 24 hours. se asia, waves of rain across southern sumatra, west java pulling in to borneo as well. but i got to get you to china because those storms that we saw around beijing now finding their way into the korean peninsula as so that is certainly not good news for sole. and we had that tropical storm that's raced away from tokyo. so we're back into the sunshine there a show the 3 day forecast back into the sun means those temperatures will climb.
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louis 36 degrees tuesday and wednesday. that means that will be your 16th and 17th day so far this year above $35.00 degrees. so you're further solidifying that record if this forecasts holds seo later. ah, pro democracy activists risking their lives fighting autocracy. i know that i might go to prison so i will join the ra democracy may be exposed. the struggle of those who believe democracy is worth dying for we never know when an opening is going to come. when a fruit vendor is going to emily himself and say enough is enough. my life a democracy on how to 0. ah,
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blue ah. hello daniel, watching out 0 mind about top stories. i saw the man suspected of opening fire on people in vehicles and occupied his jerusalem as handed himself into police. 8 people were injured in the attack on sunday morning. man is believed to have shot up pedestrians and passengers on a bus. and in a car, donald trump facing prussia aust reports his lawyers, signed a statement in june, confirming all classified material had been returned. that would be at odds with this week. seizure of 11 sets of classified documents from his mar, logo home, or for some nurse to is no longer on a ventilator and talking to being stub 2 days ago. at the man accused of attacking him is us born, hide the matter? his pleaded not guilty to attempted murder. protested ma'am, i want the military jones to be held accountable under international law for
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executing political activists 3 weeks ago. the called commerce democratically elected former leader ang santucci, is expected to testify in court this week in a series of corruption and election fraud cases. tony cheng as this. oh, another flash mob, protesting against the recent executions on the streets of young gun and mas biggest city with caught a risk being jailed a was the demonstrate to say the executions had made their opposition to military rule even stronger. and one day the general's will face justice blow your mind and then it's a gaunt, should hold the spot or turn to leaders and a military accountable for what they have done. no exception for anything. that's what people strongly belief now. for the families of the executed men, the anguish continues. these pro military protest has came to denounce german, you known as co,
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jimmy outside his house. after his execution. his wife seen with him in his family video and fled the home. but she told l. desert from a hidden location for the international community must do more than just condemning the execution. i'd like to emphasize the importance of impact in diplomacy. not just talking about a topic in diplomacy, condemnation, and urging do not work, especially in the case of our country mamma. while there was much condemnation of the executions at a recent meeting of southeast asian foreign ministers, there was little talk of measures against mere mars military. others are taking a more proactive approach. i will chris gunner's new co jimmy when he was a student activist. and it worked with him after his release from prison. now he's trying to bring a criminal case against the gender in the turkish judicial system. so the gender can run, but they can't hide. there will be accountability against them just as there was against the war criminals in the balkans. it took years and years from
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a loss of rich and character, managed to end up in the hague, but they did up and they did end up in the hague. we imap house accountability cases, criminal cases against the john to all around the world at the international court of justice in the hague man. mars already in the door. in late july, the court dismissed objections saying that a case brought by the gambia for genocide against the ringer, ethnic minority can proceed. although the trial may take years, the wheels of justice are in motion. tony chang al jazeera. now the pacific island, the vener 2, has launched one of the world's most ambitious climate policies is already carbon negative, meaning it absorbs more than it produces a vanity, is committed to 100 percent renewable energy in electricity generation by the a 2030. and it wants to establish a loss and damage finance facility to support vulnerable communities. the island is pushing the international court of justice to issue an advisory opinion on climate
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change hom, implementing these measures will cost nearly a $178000000.00 for the country that is rated most at risk of natural disasters by the united nations. so let's explore this further. we can speak to tegler cooper, whose director of climate change resilience at the secretariat of the pacific regional environment program joined us. now from samara, appear in summer, taylor savannah to his in fact, 2000 kilometers g or east. but all the pacific islands, including of course summer in clear and present danger before we get into this, just describe, 1st of all, why the situation is so serious and so imminent, where you are. thank you very much for this opportunity. it is, it is extremely serious. we got the most rollerball count trees, and we are most the most mongrel countries in the world. there are several our mazda. how, like at charles,
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we show only the highest point to start at 3 meters. if there is a, we are already affected by very sophia, with the events and the ability for pacific islands who are developing countries to absorb shock and build back better, is becoming more and more difficult. and this is why as a collective grouping, the pacific will not move away from the cultural 1.5 degrees. so what, okay, alive when it comes, action being required is not a question of tomorrow. it is, it is now is no. what is it here that, that venue i to has done that that should now make the world sit up and take notice o lun lactose one of 5 countries in the pacific to submit a submit their 2nd. ah, andy said, but what on what to has done now is really put a spotlight on multiple countries taking the lead and really showing
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true leadership in the efforts to ah, in mitigation and adaptation. and when to walk to his special in that it is also calling for climate finance and loss of damage where the cupboard is bare basically for pacific island countries. so it's this leadership despite on watches, negligible emissions. betty is it is important. it's a court and proud model family to see that it's more pacific island countries. i doing this despite negligible emissions. then it's a quote for the global family, particularly developed countries to step up and submit in o n d c's ramirez, who wants hundreds of prepared to do the kids to commit to in order to reduce emissions run correct. it is the national determined contributions. what the
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country will do yet in order to reduce that, and you will scale your credit, you sent yourself, but a lot to as committed to ah, had no dependence of fossil fuels by l will to the 2030. it's that kind of leadership that's needed. now it's a kind of leadership that the pacific has been calling for it. every single opportunity market to engage in finance is also come up with a the precise amount of money that's required, a $100.00 and some j. a 1000000 by 2030 and, and thus that's groundbreaking as well. because a criticism of the rich countries has been that of the less wealthy countries have not been able to declare about what they require. he said, not think that that's actually, you know, in the easy way act to set to make that the argument at the developed i, you know, the developed world hasn't delivered on the $100000000000.00 per year that was committed. it's commit,
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certainly 2020. and now you see 11 two's costs and they're not just develop the plane if costs are displayed and that's significant because that will show that the commitments fall way below what is necessary. and that's just one country. oh, this has taken, it wasn't something the government developed over like it's taken a lot of an assessment. it's taken a lot of consultation it. hence it can, it's miss document. it really is a well structured, well analyzed, well articulated and a couch. okay. i'm glad to see which one, and i'm finally finding the financed it to fund climate. reparations are for those countries that we're not responsible for the climate crisis that we're now in the climate emergency. we're now it will of course be a big focus of debate at the upcoming climate summits in egypt in november. how
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critical is it that some, some real resolution comes out of that? we always talk about it and nothing ever seems to arrive as far as finance is concerned for the poor countries. well, you know, how critical it is time. a lot of people as think time is running out for out of the garlands on the front, on the front line. if, if we could sit at that time, has already probably run out. but and mrs. white saw imported for a global collective action to reduce emissions to 1.5 before we even carry on doing any kind of discussion. an 8, it's critical to know a lot in the ne, jumped it up and that was critical last year and glasgow was critical of every call . but now it's becoming even more and more urgent and pacific allen countries are really um, ah, what's the answer collected very strong in its ambition and move as one group because we share this big osha,
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the largest ocean in the world. and that this is our home, so they see this as a a family, i suppose, appear a moving this ambition for whit silvan. what to quote brach relations to the phenomenal job that they've done, which is really child blazing. taylor appreciate that, that's taken o. cooper, genius from up yet in summer. thank you. thank you very much. relatives of 10 mine is trapped in a flooded coal mine in mexico. virgil thought he should do more to find them. rescue workers have pumped water out of the shaft, but haven't been able to enter target businesses. the 10 miners have been trapped under ground for almost 2 weeks. they were digging for colon co wheeler in mexico, when a tunnel wall collapsed and the shaft was flooded. rescue workers have been pumping water out of the mine. families are frustrated at how long it's taking get there
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can be a norfolk enough, but a must work day and night. they shouldn't stop, but they do because the pumps get blocked. if the men are alive, they must be desperate. it's too much. that is why we're speaking out because we want help. more than 300 soldiers and other emergency services personnel including 6 military, scuba divers, have joined the effort. rescue work as a hopeful will to levels may soon be low enough to enter at least one of the flooded shafts horizontally. pick up, the middle of the rescuers have assessed the conditions under ground. they have gone down a significant part of the shaft, but they have not reached the bottom yet. mexico's main co producing region has seen a series of fatal mining accidents over the years. the worst was impass did a conscious in 2006, killing 65 people. only 2 of the bodies were retrieved. yeoman, william, where vicky. i won't leave here until my brother is found. i don't want the same thing to happen as him passed other controls. my cousin was trapped there and then never got him out. so many accident like this happened in the mines and the
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government does nothing. hearing go wheeler, 5 minors were able to escape, but no contacts be made with the men left behind. all their families can do now is hope they're found alive, victoria gate and be al jazeera, arising, inflation, sierra leone is pushing many families into extreme poverty and onto the streets. last week, protests against government turned violence, leading to the death of 27 people. i would address reports now from frito. business is slowly picking up a pre towns me market. on wednesday the country was rocked by the worst violence as the end of its beloved useable. in response to the government announced a reduction in the price of petrol. the 3rd in less than a month. but for shop was like maria, my general fuel wasn't the only issue. and the demonstrations did nothing to bring down the cost of food. just now i went to my peppered room. i say it's 10000 units
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. i couldn't buy it because i lived the better like 3 days ago. it's 1000 us least 10000. so i don't know what the problem people here say, the prizes, especially of food aqua higher than most people can afford. just 6 months ago, this couple price was print to $0.01. now, it's 50 percent more worth renters and buyers news. as a result, making it harder for small traders like i wanted. oh, don't like to go on. i did it by. then i've been sitting here since morning. no one came to buy. that means there is no money for me and the orphans in my care. the government says it's working to stabilize prices in north goblins has settled on a censure. goes on pharmacist committee. i'm headed by the chief minister horse. basic responsibility is to monitor all the price, monitor availability, and the prices of various essential commodities. the houses in the food basket,
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but for the inflation isn't the only problem people have to contend with. transport and rent have also gone up with inflation exceeding 25 percent. senate unions may have to brace themselves for more price increases. it's not clear if the governments latest measures will be enough to prevent a repeat of this is violet protest. ahmed grease al jazeera free town saturday or brazil's president joy, boston, our has appealed for strong banking from his evangelical christian supporters. week before presidential elections. oh, the president and 1st lady led the crowd in singing the country's national anthem at the end of a so called march, would jesus erodes janera awesome our is trailing and opinion polls ahead of the vote on october the 2nd, but he has a backing from some of brazil's large protestant churches


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