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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  August 14, 2022 1:00pm-2:01pm AST

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oh, beneath which is seem rocky streaming overhead coming from garza to israel. and those bits, schools and schools have been the star with detailed coverage with pension high in water. so near the philippines, we'll be looking at today. that is states for every new commitment from around the world. the danish government can't make people leave areas like milner park in purely on the basis of ethnicity. ah, this is al jazeera ah,
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you're watching the news, our life from a headquarters in dow. hi, i'm debbie and abigail coming up in the next 60 minutes. so 8 people injured as a gunman, targets a bus and occupied east jerusalem. a suspect has turned himself in critical cargo get set to leave ukraine. a u. n. ship is being filled with rain bound for droughts effected east africa. i'm bernard smith in southwest france where the country's longest drought and living memory is leaving rivers dangerously low pakistan mark 75 years since partition myra and political deadlock. we've got plenty of sports coming up, including tennis, gulf and rugby and of course, lots of football action as manchester. nice at a left reeling, falling one of the most embarrassing losses. ah,
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welcome to the news our a man suspected of carrying out an attack and occupied east. jerusalem has handed himself over to police. 8 people were injured in the shooting on sunday morning. it's believe the gunmen targeted pedestrians and passengers on a bus. the police haven't ruled out the possibility of another person being involved will get an update from natasha. the name she's joining us lie from occupied is jerusalem. so tell us more about the, the attack and, and the suspect that has now been taken into custody. the calm of the old city at 1 30 in the morning quickly shifted to chaos. after police say, a shooter ambushed a bus in a parking lot near the western wall of the old city. people say they were boarding a bus, it was quite full when they began hearing gunshots, they heard screams, people dropped to the ground bleeding, and others began screaming warnings that they were under attack. police say 8
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people have been injured including 3 americans. 2 people have been critically injured that includes a pregnant woman in her thirties. the other is a man in his sixties. following the shooting, there was a massive manhunt. it went on for about 6 hours. police found out across the city including a palestinian neighbourhood in occupied east jerusalem. they conducted several raids across jerusalem. they set up checkpoints, and they cordoned off the area near the western wall. at about 8 o'clock this morning, police a 24 year old man, walked into a police station, turned himself in and confessed, and allegedly hand handed over the weapon that he used in the attack. the police are saying that this is a 24 year old man from east jerusalem. he's palestinian. he has a criminal record, but he was not an any kind of security watch list and the time. so this of course,
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all coming after a tense week between israel and gaza. what the reaction been to this attack for any official reaction hum us the group that controls the gaza strip as well as the armed group, palestinian islamic jihad are praising this attack, calling it heroic, and saying that it's the continuation of palestinian resistance to israeli occupation. the israeli interim prime minister. yeah. your la pete is saying that beginning this evening that around the jerusalem district security will be significantly reinforced. it's worth mentioning that a week ago, egypt was able to negotiate a ceasefire between the palestinian islamic jihad and israel after 3 days of fighting israel launched on august 5th, a 3 day operation. it said was to target islamic jihad and prevent an attack.
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during the course of those 3 days, 50 people were killed. 17 of the palestinian children. there have been concerns that this is a fragile fees fire. as islamic jihad has been pushing for the release of 2 prisoners at this moment, the prime minister le peed is saying that the arrest today is proof that they will quickly handle threats to israel. and he is promising to restore com to jerusalem. though, as we have seen, just how long the con, the last, no one can predict. all right, thank you so much and touch. my name is reporting for us from occupied east jerusalem. green is being loaded onto the 1st united nations chartered vessel in the port of denny in ukraine. this will be the 1st shipment of food aid for a drought effected east africa. since russia's invasion in february, more than 16 merchant vessels have less ukraine in the past 2 weeks after, a deal was brokered between kiva moscow. when more than $400000.00 tons of produce
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have left ukrainian ports since august, the 1st, the un food price index shows global prices dropped 8.6 percent between june and july. the un chartered ship will depart for djibouti in the coming days. it will transport more than $23000.00 tons of wheat. let's speak to denise brown, who's the united nations resident coordinator in ukraine. she's joining us live from the you're the ports in odessa, denise brown, welcome to al jazeera. can you just tell us the current status of the ship? the ship that it is being loaded. i was wanting to minister transport crane to colleagues to program. we believe it will leave tomorrow. it's the 1st shipment under the black sea green initiative. so it's an incredibly important evolution. implementation of this agreement. can you tell us how the destination was chosen? because so far, none of the 14 grain vessels that are under commercial contracts that have departed ukraine,
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had headed to countries actually facing food shortages. so how was this destination chosen? well, the u. n. w c has watched the country 5, which are close to family physicians in 20 real hotspots that are on the, on the watch with our watch. and so it's the parameter parameters that are used to evaluate which what goes where, when and what quantities, in this case, the severity of need. what's available in the brothers were speaking of the next step, is this going to be the 1st of more to come? what happens next? what's in the pipeline? the plan is this is the 1st of many more ships. so w b already has another ship lined up. again, it's not process, it's still very new. there are kinks to be worked out. the actors are working on the table and all these issues that come up during the course of this very
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complicated operation. so we are optimistic, this is 1st ship. so people around the world who really need monetary system when you describe it as a very complicated operation, what are the biggest challenges that you're facing when you pull the cars? so i think the fact that we've already moved over 400000 times. and today we're loading it should be whatever they have to work out for the see certainly one of the issues or the accusations rather, is that ukraine accuses russia of smuggling grain. so it was part of the un deal. what sort of mechanism can you put in place to ensure that there is no smuggling of grain? if indeed that is taking place the only the key we put in place again back to the joint team, the joint want to change joint preparations, joint implementation,
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arriving. i alright, we'll leave it there. thank you so much. denise brown, for speaking to us from odessa. thank you. meanwhile, the for the very 1st grain ship to depart, ukraine under that un broker deal is now approaching the syrian ports, have started to use the red zone. a set sail from odessa on august. the 1st, under the agreement between russia and ukraine, the cargo had been headed for lebanon, but the original buyer refused. delivery of the 26000 tons of corn. president volunteers, lensky says ukrainian forces are targeting russian soldiers shooting at or from a nuclear power station. russia and ukraine of traded blame for shelling around as upper rich, a plant it spark fears of a nuclear catastrophe. the occupiers are trying to intimidate people in an extremely cynical way, using this for region nuclear power plant. they actually hide behind the station.
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they may constant provocation with showing and try to increase the number of troops there in order to continue blackmailing our country. and the entire free world of ocean are received in every russian soldier who either strikes the plant or shoots from its territory. must realize that he will become a special target for our intelligence. special services for our armies. author said, man, rusty is no longer on a ventilator and is able to talk after being stopped 2 days ago. a man accused of attacking him has been identified as 24 year old. had the mater. he's pleaded not guilty to attempted murder. rusty was stabbed while speaking at a leery event in new york state on friday. the controversial award winning author his face death threats for years after the publication of his novel, the se, tonic verses my county has more from washington d. c. the alleged perpetrator of the attack had my task has appeared in an
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upstate new york court in mabel new york. he's pleaded not guilty to the attempted murder and so charges. now police say that they are investigating the man's background, particularly in new jersey, which is where he comes from, the state, neighboring new york state. they are questioning people there to establish whether this was a attack carried out by the men on his own or whether there was some element of pending and some outside assistance in the attack. while there's been overwhelming reaction not just from within the literary world, but also among the society at general, some have described it as the ultimate sense to ship of the artists such an attack . his close friend and fellow writer in mature and also issued a statement saying that rusty has been an inspirational protector of those writers and journalists who being persecuted around the world. this also being questions
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raised about securities at this latree event. how did the attacker get so close to rush the who has been under threat with such a long period of time? there was a state trooper present, but some contending that the security shouldn't be much greater. the party, if kenya's deputy president william router has won the governorship of the capital, nairobi johnson's codger, a former senator for the capital gain control of east africa, the wealthiest city. but the results of the race for the presidency have yet to be announced. veteran opposition? leader, right. loading and rich are neck and neck. donald trump is under pressure following reports. his lawyer assigned a statement in june, confirming all classified material had been returned from the former us president, florida home. that's according to the new york times. the statement could be at odds with this week. seizure of 11 sets of classified documents from our logo mishandling, or sharing top secret information. critical to national security is
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a violation of america's espionage act. trump says he had declassified all papers he took from the white house while in office hydro caster has more from washington d. c. we know that not only as trump being investigated for potentially violating the espionage act, but he is also be investigated for possibly obstruction of justice. and that is what this key document speaks to. the context of this is the department of justice asked air subpoenaed trump and his aides back in the spring for all of the classified materials that he had improperly removed from the white house and brought to his private residence at mar logo. that was followed up by an in person visit from the top counter intelligence off official in the department of justice, the national security division who went to morrow lago again in person in june to try to get those materials back by the reporting from the new york times says that
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trump's attorneys did present some classified documents, then, and shortly after signed that written statement, saying that there was no longer any remaining classified documents at mar logo. that's what they said back then. but what we saw unfold on monday in that dramatic search are conducted by the f b i of mar lago, revealed that it was not the truth because there were 11 sets of classified materials that were so marked that was again removed after that search several of those materials were top secret, which is can only be held and read in a secure government building center morehead on the algebra news hour, including why the pacific, the island nation of want to has committed to a 100 percent renewable energy and electricity generation. by the year 2030 families of 10 miners trumped in
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a flooded coal. mine and mexico made desperate pleased to offer warranties to do more to help them coming up and for a couple of career defining moments for a brazilian and a spaniard. all the detail later and then new dollar. ah, but 1st, frances enduring as dry as summer since records began. most of the country is now facing water restrictions. crops are withering. wildfires are raging and rivers are running dry. bernard smith is joining us from to lose in southwestern france. so bernard, any sign of rain at all during the certainly hoping for rain. it was in the forecast for today, but we've just really got sort of high cloud, but at least to keep taking the edge of the extreme heat that's been here for the last month or so. so that some sorts of really but little sign of ryan. it's been
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pushed back to later in the week and the problem is another fairs. if this rain comes in huge summer, thunderstorms are predicted. it's just going to bounce off this rock hard earth. i'm standing on the bed of the river. go on and of course, ordinarily i shouldn't be able to do this. but one of the concerns is that without the rain, of course the crops a dying and rivers like this are running dangerously low. i was always a sham is, is i've never seen the river as low as this is stephane. marty tells me he's a fisheries officer in a normal year. the level of the garon here would be above our heads, the river cuts through to lose. it's the cities life blood providing drinking water, irrigating farmland, and cooling a nuclear plant. stefan has had to take fish out of the river and put them into special tanks because the water is too warm, thick on, please give us an unfair to to video where they are. it's complicated. everything is connected. there will be less snow in the mountains. the glaciers will melt
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sooner. this year there has been much less snow, so less water in the mountain lakes. so pumping of the lakes is lower to keep the water longer. over 3 weeks, 40 percent of the water held in reserve in hydro electric dams, in the pyrenees mountains has been released into the garron to keep it flowing just heat waves in europe are increasing at a faster rate than almost anywhere else on the planet and global warming increases the likelihood of drought drying out soils and vegetation. laven firewall ha minimum. so suddenly you make up a flop hungry. so after muscle, we need 60 millimeters of rainfall to be able to replant the soil. crystal carpentier tells me, the forecast is for 3 millimeters this week. it's not enough. no. the corn harvest across france is expected to be 18 and a half percent lower this year than last. there's already a global shortage because of the war in ukraine. even the sunflower of turned away
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from the scorching sun where there is access to water, there isn't enough to go around. crystal says she'll lose more than 30 percent of a crop this year. soon. apostrophes among gold, if we don't get enough water in this region, there will be no viable agriculture. even today, the cattle farmers here have no grass on their fields to day. we own a land where it's crucial to develop irrigation. if only to be able to achieve minimum profitability, francis worst route since records began in 1958 has affected so many aspects of how people live here. and i, i think we really, we reward or not we, we love train, don't cake. and we reward because there is not in a photo for, for the foot. in july rainfall across france was down 84 percent compared to normal . according to the french weather service. the summer isn't over yet.
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every part of france is under some sort of water restriction, and 2 thirds of all departments are at the top crisis level. and another pecan particular concern is these on the ground water reservoirs, these aquifers that are also running low on water because there hasn't been enough rain or enough snow melts earlier on in the year. they really needed to rein ansuka during thank you so much for and it's worth reporting from to lose the pacific island of van wat to has launched one of the world's most ambitious climate policies. it's already carbon negative, meaning it absorbs more than it produces via water, has now committed to a 100 percent renewable energy from electricity generation. by the year 2030, it wants to establish a loss and damage finance facility to support vulnerable communities. the island is pushing the international court of justice to issue and advisory opinion on climate
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change harm implementing these measures will cost nearly a $178000000.00 for the country that's rated most at risk of natural disasters by the united nations. it's like a low, cooper is the director of climate change resilience at the secretariat of the pacific regional environment program. she says developed countries are obliged to take action. we call the most low level countries of we are amongst the most mobile countries in the world. there are several was, are low like assholes which from the highest point to stop the 3 meters. if there is, we are already affected by very severe with the 18th and the ability for pacific islands who are developing countries to absorb shock and build back better a's becoming more and more difficult. and this is why as a collective grouping, the pacific will not move away from the course for 1.5 degrees to stay
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alive like to it's one of 5 countries in the pacific to submit submit the ticket and the state what was to have done now was really put a spotlight on multiple countries taking the leads and really showing true leadership in their efforts to add in mitigation and adaptation. and we want to space that it is also calling for climate finance at most the damage where the company is there. basically for most of the other countries. so it's this leadership despite been watching negligible emission that is a, it is important that it's important for our global family to see that it's more difficult in countries i doing this despite negligible emissions. then it's
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a war for the global family, particularly developed countries to step up and submit the n d. c's. relatives of 10 miners trapped in a flooded coal. mine in mexico have urged authorities to do more to find them. rescue workers have pumped water out of the shaft, but haven't been able to enter victoria gate and be report. the 10 miners have been trapped under ground for almost 2 weeks. they were digging for colon co wheeler, in mexico, when a tunnel wall collapsed and the shaft was flooded. rescue workers have been pumping water out of the mine. families are frustrated at how long it's taking it out in the north and not a must work day and night. they shouldn't stop, but they do because the pumps get blocked. if the men are alive, they must be desperate. it's too much. that is why we're speaking out because we want help. more than 300 soldiers and other emergency services personnel including 6 military, scuba divers, have joined the effort. rescue work as
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a hopeful will to levels may soon be low enough to enter at least one of the flooded shafts. what a soil thicket the middle of the rescuers have assessed the conditions under ground . they have gone down a significant part of the shaft, but they have not reached the bottom yet. mexico's main co producing region has seen a series of fatal mining accidents over the years. the worst was impacted a conscious in 2006, killing 65 people. only 2 of the bodies were retrieved, human william over vicky. i won't leave here until my brother is found. i don't want the same thing to happen as in past the controllers. my cousin was trapped then they never got him out. so many accident like this happened in the mines and the government does nothing. hearing go. wheeler 5 mine is we're able to escape, but no contacts be made with the men left behind. all their families can do now is hope they're found alive. victoria, gate and be al jazeera results present enjoyable, so narrow has appealed for
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a strong backing from his evangelical christian supporters weeks before a presidential election. oh, the president and 1st lady, let a crowd and singing the country's national anthem at the end of a so called march for jesus and rio de janeiro boss. an arrow is trailing and opinion polls ahead of the vote on october the 2nd. but he, as backing from some of brazil's large protestant churches, protests to me and mark went the military gents has to be held accountable under international law for executing political activists. 3 weeks ago, the calls, commas democratically elected, former leader on santucci is expected to test the fine court this week, and a series of corruption and election fraud cases. tony chang reports the another flash of protesting against the recent executions on the streets of young gun mas biggest city. the court. they risk being jailed was
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demonstrated, say, the executions had made their opposition to military rule, even stronger. and one day, the generals will face justice. blow your mind anything, it's gone, we should hold the photo turned to leaders and military accountable for what they have done, no exception for anything. that's what people strongly belief now. for the families of the executed men, the anguish continues. these pro military protest as came to denounced german, you, known as co, jimmy outside his house. after his execution, his wife scene with him in this family video. his fled the home. but she told l dessert from a hidden location. the international community must do more than just condemning the execution center. i would like to emphasize the importance of impact in diplomacy. not just talking about a topic in diplomacy, condemnation,
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and urging do not work, especially in the case of our country mamma. while there was much condemnation of the executions at a recent meeting of southeast asian foreign ministers, there was little talk of measures against me and mas, military. others are taking a more proactive approach. i will chris gunner's new co jimmy when he was a student activist. and it worked with him after his release from prison. now he's trying to bring a criminal case against a genta in the turkish judicial system. so the johns can run, but they can't hide. there will be accountability against them just as there was against the war criminals in the balkans. it's what years and years from a loss, a bitch and carriage managed to end up in the hay, but they did up and they did end up in the hague. we imap house accountability cases, criminal cases against the john to all around the world at the international court of justice in the hague man. mars already in the door. in late july, the court dismissed objections saying that a case brought by the gambia for genocide against the ringer,
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ethnic minority can proceed. although the trial may take years, the wheels of justice are in motion. tony chang al jazeera stella had on the al jazeera news hour. we have an exclusive interview with senior taliban leader and us have connie. he tells us about the groups achievements and failures, and seizing power in afghanistan. the cost of living increases in sierra leone, rampant inflation as pushing families into extreme poverty. and, and sport some hair raising action from the cliff, diving series in norway. the, me ah, they're sweating it out in western europe. hi, everyone. thanks for joining in. here's the proof for the 2nd day,
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the republic of ireland set a national temperature record for the month of august. so never before has the temperature hit 32 point one degrees except for yesterday. so still another day of intense heat to go. here's the forecastle london 34 degrees for you on sunday, but this will all come crashing down on monday. we've got some thunder. downpours for the islands of ireland and britain that will last through tuesday as well. so midway through the week, london, a big change in those temperatures also black it with heat through spain. so the valley, eric, the visa hitting a new all time temperature record at $41.00 degrees. but already your temperatures have fallen off. 34, look at valencia 35 just to the south of that the other day we had an extreme warning for high temperatures. they're still showers in storms whose balkans, that energy is moving eastward toward the black sea. so we'll pick up this story there because thunderstorms will eventually rumble into its stumble on monday. that's going to drag down your temperature. africa looks like this doubts with rain for northern and southern portions of nigeria and weather maker that was in the
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western cape, moved to the eastern cape. and we'll see those waves off shore getting up to about 5 meters high. that's a snapshot of your weather bye for now. ah! ah. ah.
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safe then he'd been home and then international anti corruption excellence award boat now for your hero. oh. a hello again. the top stories on the l. just renew our. a man suspected of opening fire on people and vehicles and occupied east jerusalem has handed himself over to police. 8 people were injured in the attack on sunday morning. demand is believed to have shot as pedestrians and passengers on a bus and in a car. grain is being loaded onto the 1st united nations chartered vessel in the
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port of any ukraine. this will be the 1st humanitarian food aid cargo bound for a drought effective east africa since russia invasion. in february, donald trump is facing pressure off to report his lawyer assigned a statement in june, confirming all classified material had been returned. that will be at odds with this week. seizure of 11 sets of classified documents from his maryland home pockets on his marking 75 years of independence in karachi, a ceremony is being held at the memorial for the countries founder of the british colonial rule and did in 1947 with the partition of india and the formation of pakistan. come on. hi, there is joining us or la horace to tell us about the celebration taken place there . couple indeed people have turned out to a very large number. behind me, you get a minute
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a decade made that same budget on the independent god is our country which our drug live job lived under military rule. get to get to government government and go in. catastrophe was but this is a nation. richard predominantly young. most of the majority of the under the age of 30 and that god gives whole for the future of the country. despite the fact that did the leadership crisis that gun vh dell has some ways to go. as far as maturing democracy is concerned about people across the country take this day very seriously, and they come out across the country, united and of god. so would patriotic foe. yeah. but those celebrations come all to come amid stop political turmoil that you're referring to. and particularly after a day of mass protests by the supporters of the former prime minister in wrong
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time. indeed m ron conway, able to get 100 or tens of thousands of people do edges rally after day by day. also made it a point to say that despite the political issue that out of town, the important thing age for budget on need to celebrate that day. i'm sorry, it was also not just a broader rally bartold, so god put, celebrating buggers dawns of diamond jubilee show. indeed, i did hope and expectation that this young country ward get a kind of leader of the link relation. god says i demand that it does not want to hold only elections, emron, cons, party of god, saying that door election should be held on dime. so that the government at the frenchman day and began take the country out of it. it's crazy. all right, thank you so much. come on. hi don. reporting for us from the hor,
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on pakistan marking 75 years of independence and to continue this conversation. let's bring in session. so la dee and he's the director of the center for regional and global connectivity. at the think tank a tobacco lob he's joining us from islamabad. welcome to al jazeera sir. so when you think about 75 years of independence, what stands out for you 75 years is indeed a very long time and body is a very resilient nation. i think the things that stand out for me is bad, as kamala said, there are plenty of things for us to celebrate. there are a lot of positive, there's more empowerment. there's tremendous digitalization that has happened, especially in the last decade, even though the pace of it has slowed down a little bit. increase metrically, life expectancy, people are more aware of their rights. they're challenging the status quo. there's new power centers in the form of the parliament, privately own media, and form of the newly empowered judiciary. entrepreneurship has skyrocketed, especially in the last 3 years, a bunch of capitalists coming into the country and wild. there is plenty of reason
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to celebrate. and, you know, people should be on the streets cheering and jubilant. i think for me personally, this is also very much a time for introspection, for august and especially for the ruling political and military elite. and sort of asked ourselves why is that after 75 years boxed on still remains very squarely. meyers and multi faceted economic, political, social, existential crises. let me put that question to you when it comes and when it comes to the domestic political situation. i mean, why does it remain this way and the political fear these days deeply polarized, to what extent does this political instability also dump in the spirit of celebration and independence? i think the spirit of celebration and independence is not mired in this as much as one would think, despite the fact that there have been several political rallies, protests, very bombastic, statements made on television, but independence day has always remained and activity. and an incident where people
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do come out on the streets and irrespective everything else is happening to do celebrate. however, i would say that the political polar, i vision of the country is at an all time high. we have a government in the center that does not have the mandate of the province. we have a political party that has emerged within the last few years that has really tapped into the massive youth budge. something like 20 a 120000000 pocket studies are below the age of 23. the median age is $23.00. the ruling political lead is not able to tap into that potential. and that's part of the reason that be new power. mr. brown kind of the p b, i has been able to not only tap into it, but spinnet to his advantage and create the sort of very charged very polarized atmosphere, but not only leads to political, but i would argue, actually even economic and societal instability speak to us about the current status of relations with india because ever since partition india and pockets on
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for 3 wars and the fact is, relations do remain tend to the stay. yes, and i don't foresee bad falling any time. so we've. busy almost always for 75 years of our history have have this almost always hostile neighbor and a lot of domestic policies have also centered around countering mitigating and working against india and a lot of different ways to be perfectly blunt. if we were to sort of strip all of this away and really look at it from an economic perspective, india, pakistan really should be the ideal trade park. it's a massive market. but with the situation where it stands right now, the global geo political shift, the us strategy in the, in the pacific as well as the current power center in india. that is very hard line on certain issues as well as the political instability and the inability for a little actors and bug refund become any kind of reconciliation. right?
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talks with in buying the relations in the going to be extremely just one more for you. we have about 30 seconds left remaining. i mean, what should be the focus over the next 25 years? we're focused on, we've looked back at 75 years ahead for sure. for 25 years. i would argue that our dependence on debt should be something that we should very clearly carefully consider. climate change is another major thing that we should be looking at. and the 3rd thing that we should really be capitalizing on is that youth that i spoke about, we have rote learning, and schools ideologically charged, regular degree printing institutions, and oversaturated dot mark job market. and these explicit thought lines, instead of giving hope to our youth instead of giving them concerts, if there is all right, so i would say that we're going to the final change and youth are the areas we focus on in the next 25. thank you. so much sean hello dean for joining us from is lama. bye bye. give me some breaking news now. and the reuters news
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agency is saying that 35 people have been killed and 45 injured in a fire inside a church in egypt. the blades was inside the booster fin church and jesus just outside, outside the capital, cairo, $500.00 worshippers were set to be inside at the time. this is a developing story, will bring you more on that as we get it. monday marks the one year since the taliban took control of i've gone to stun. the group says it's taken the country forward, but security remains a big issue. earlier this week and ice or suicide bomber killed a key, tyler bond figure. and just last month, the us drones strike, incurable killed all kind of leader osama bin job aid is joining us now. live from couple of some over to you. well, it has been a, an event for years to say the least here in cobbled, just a year ago. we were hair looking at the province after problems falling to the
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taliban. and that dramatic escaped by that. then i've gone president sharp gunny who insist that he fled the country with suitcases of books rather than money. and then he saw those scenes of chaos at the airport in cobbler where thousands of people gathered and tried to leave this country in the year. that's gone by the money that was flowing into a bonus on it tried to keep up an economy which was reliant on foreign aid, has all but dried up. there is desperation. there's hunger. people are in terrible condition and areas where we've been going to, especially the urban centers here in cobbler, missouri shreeve and elsewhere in the north. people are just desperate to find jobs desperate to find, put food on the table, desperate to put their children into school. and that is the overall situation here . and they've got a son, but he speak to the people who are in charge of, of understanding the factory government,
1:41 pm
which is not denied that he recognized which called itself the mac, eminent of a vine son. after the collapse of the democratic government. they say that the situation is under control and quote it going through teething problems as the economy is being set up on its own. for the 1st time, the 40 that dollar bond will tell you, its security and safety that they be able to provide that did not exist for the last 20 years in this country. and that is something that is come into question after attack after the attack that we've seen in the last few weeks, the leaders of the bug assigning taliban the ttp was killed in said that southeastern of land sun. we saw the drone strike, which killed the leader of a fire. and then just a few days ago, suicide bomber killed a very important clinic for the taliban as well. so the thought about it says that they've been able to provide security when i asked them whether they have been in breach of their agreement or the agreement where they promised that their soil is
1:42 pm
not going to be used against any other country. they say that they are standing by their agreement and accused the united states of violating the agreement. here is what effect connie doled out of there thought the since the signing of the agreement, we have been honoring all obligations. we dare anybody to give a single example or a single occasion where our territories were used to undermine other countries. security. a statement made by the islamic emerett explaining its position was very clear. we are committed to the doha already that it clearly sets out the obligations that lays on us as well as the u. s. if any violation was committed, it was the u. s. who entered our territories without permission, even without notifying us. this was a clear violation on the part of the us. there's is a malicious propaganda aimed at smearing the image of the islamic emerett. we reject and refute these false claims. and i reiterate, we have not violated any of our obligations under the doha agreement. either we are
1:43 pm
committed to honoring our obligations while wished to see the other party honoring theirs and live up to their responsibilities. trade with so apart from security, there are major challenges that defend pre faces. i touched upon hunger there and it's a besides the humanitarian crisis. the of the issue of rights that hundreds of thousands of girls between grade 7 and 12 are not able to go to school. human rights watch says there's been a crammed down on basic rights for people that have been the bill who've been rounded up, tortured some have been executed, the thought about on their part and says that that these reports are unfounded. they are trying to provide security and safety to the people. and they said the economic problems exist because of the international community, not recognizing them because the united states withholding their funds and all of the promises of aid and prosperity that they made to the people of, of i. nathan will eventually be realised once their economy is fixed, started and then relying on major export,
1:44 pm
such as minerals and fruits and agriculture to try and resurrect and economy which seems to be at its debt on his deathbed at the moment. thank you so much. a sama bon jovi reporting from kabul flights of resumes at cambra airport in australia's cap as well. after a shooting incident, one person has been arrested earlier. the airport was evacuated and locked down, leading to the suspension of flights. rising inflation in sierra leone, especially many families into extreme poverty, and on to the streets. last week, protests against the government turned violent leading to the deaths of 27 people. uh huh. degrees reports from free town business is slowly picking up at 3 towns main market. on wednesday, the country was rocked by the worst violence as the end of its 11 year civil war. in response to the government denounced a reduction in the price of federal. the 3rd in less than
1:45 pm
a month. but for shot was like my yeah, my jello fuel wasn't the only issue on the demonstrations did nothing to bring down the cost of food just now i want to buy pin was it is $10000.00 units. i couldn't buy it because i lived the better like 3 days ago. it's 1000 on sundays 10000. so i don't know what the problem people here say, the prizes, especially of food aqua higher than most people can afford just 6 months ago this couple price was print to $0.01. now it's 50 percent more worth friends and buyers news. as a result, making it harder for small traders like i wanted. oh, don't nice ago and i didn't buy. i've been sitting here since morning. no one came to buy. that means there is no money for me and the orphans in my care. the government says it's looking to stabilize prices. north goblins house, that's all on a censure. goes on top of this committee. i'm headed by the chief minister horse
1:46 pm
basic responsible. that is the one. it's all the primary monitor availability enterprises of video st shall commodities. the houses in the food basket, but for the inflation isn't the only problem people have to contend with. transport and rent have also gone up. with inflation exceeding 25 percent set of unions may have to brace themselves for more price increases. it's not clear if the governments latest measures will be enough to prevent a repeat of the 6 violet protest. ahmed degrees al jazeera, free town, saturday, or authorities in poland and germany are trying to find out what's behind the death of tons of fish in the odor river, which runs through the 2 countries. they suspect chemical contamination. but the substance hasn't been identified, hama val has more mysterious and unprecedented. his how authorities have described what's happening here. since late july,
1:47 pm
tons of dead fish have been removed from the river order, which flows through poland and germany garcia. i have never seen such an ecology disaster before. this is probably the worst catastrophic in the history of our district. i don't think the order has been anything of the scale before. what's happening if a tragedy, the cause of the must die off is unknown. german authorities say they found toxic chemical substances as well as high levels of mercury in water samples in poland. however, test results well consistent, only trace amounts of the poisonous metal wet detected. but i'm the mom and we're probably dealing with an influx of an external substance that must have polluted this river. when i'm notable, the fish seemed to be drifting down river and that they aren't from here. they've come from somewhere else and they have been dead for at least a day by says the volunteers and anglers had collected more than 11 tons of dead fish from a 200 kilometer sets of the 4 or down. environmentalists have accused authorities
1:48 pm
of not responding quickly enough, but poland says it has issues, health warnings listed. so bodies with vice residents and tourist thing in the vicinity of the river, not into the water, not to swim and not all the dollars in europe has caused rivers to recede by a largest say, low water levels may have aggravated the contamination and with hot, dry conditions expected to continue that are fears, more ecological disasters. unlike mohammed one algebra, we're taking you back to our breaking news now and live to egypt, where a fire inside a caustic church has killed dozens of people. these are the live pictures right now . officials are saying, at least 41 people were killed at the church right there in about 15 in the capital cairo, at least 50 others have been injured so far. what we understand is that there were $5000.00 worshippers who were set to be inside at the time,
1:49 pm
and it's reported that the outbreak off the fire vent spark the stamp speeds. officials are blaming and electrical falls for the fire. once again, these are the life pictures from, from kyra where you can see the injured being carried out on stretchers into ambulances, where the latest reports coming through to us are telling us that 41 people have been killed as a result of that fire. this is a developing story, will bring you more on. it's as, as when we get it right here at al jazeera. but we'll take a short break. and i next is the sports news, including argentina's historic when over australia, in the rugby championship, gemma will be here in just a moment with all the details today. ah ah
1:50 pm
ah safe going home and then the international anti corruption excellence award boat. now for your hero lou.
1:51 pm
aah! time for the sports news here is gemma. thank you, serene. we start with one of the biggest upsets in the history of the premier league. manchester united. cit. bottom of the table, offer a foreigner away. defeated. branford david stakes has the action on that left hand if manchester united were under pressure after the reckoning day defeat to brighten the nav really and the prussia now to to get. 7 away to breakfast there when a go down 10 minutes in after shocking mistake from debbie to heya gifting josh to silver the out. no, it was another era from the head. let's brentford 2nd. the go keep with a least passed this time, pounced on by mateus. he ensign redford's 3rd goal, came from a corner. united defense failed to clear, and it was been me who turned the ball into the net. and after just 35 minutes,
1:52 pm
the game was wrapped up brentford clearing from there. i am booked to ivan tony, who delivered a fantastic 1st time bull to set up bryan and boy mo, phone ill, the final school. united starting lineup cost more than $495000000.00 compared to brentford at $66000000.00. but she noted he find themselves bottom at the table for the 1st time since 1992. i think they, they follow my instructions and the other day make better decisions. and that does is for both as a food as a game of mistakes. and we could furnished, we are in a really difficult situation clear, and we have to stick together and we have to find the sources. and then we have to find solutions. it's been nearly a decade since she noted when the league and the ceramics ferguson, david noise, not even how jokes, marino and ali gonna so sketch have all tried and failed to return them to their former glories. 10 house took over after leaving i action
1:53 pm
a summer. for the dutchman is the 1st united manager to lose his 1st 2 games in charge. and john chapman in 1921. that was awful in all sentence. and i think there's a lot of homework for him and i warn him already. if you go to england with a dutch mentality in a dutch where you're not going to make it, you know what you have now. last 7 straight to wait games and the league not since 960, if they conceded 6 goals in the 1st 2 games of the season. and it doesn't get any easier on paper. they faced liverpool next. the folks out his era in thought contrast, the united manchester city continued their strong stopped the season. that offending champions made it straight, wins that a very comfortable photo victory over almost under fell fight. and kevin drawing on the sheets in cities 1st time game of the season. around daisies that left it in the off season and continue to impress our new club off know the school. twice in
1:54 pm
the 40 went over left the city, granite jacket, and gabrielle mot metal. the other 2 also have also american in games with the campaign in spain. golf lane, i was able to play some of the new signings including rob 11 dorski, but they failed to school document season when they go, let's try again. why? if i also had such a thread called a place to italian champions, ac milan again this hydrophone they 40 when they say the size, the level half time. but milan got a couple of goes off the right to take the 3 point brumley. you call he scored less than 2 minutes into his theory. our sense to help in that we let the strike move back to the club online from chelsea that j equalize before then give them free one for the 95th minutes. you want the final school and there was an extraordinary finish to this game in the 2nd tier of english football. queens thought ranges were heading for the fates. when pops that go keepers benny dang to
1:55 pm
score an equalizer in the 92nd minutes to rescue points to his side tennis. now inform about number one is mona, how will return to the top 10 after reaching the final in toronto, the remaining a became a shaky, starts to beach american jessica in 3 sets. the tucson grandson champion will play beatrice, had a maya and sunday final. she continued her dream run by a becoming full of our number one carolina pisca. earlier in the tournament. part of my feet is the current top rank. i'm feelin pig champion this week she will say became the 1st brazilian to reach the quarter finals of a w t. a 1000 developed and the men filament and mom, trill islands high, but we'll catch reach to 2nd masters final. he beat the highest remaining seed at casper root from norway. is the full time this week as much as has gone to the 3 set. well catch now faces the problem to renew for the title, the 31 year old finance reaching the final remarks. $1000.00 event for the 1st time,
1:56 pm
after getting done, new research could become the 1st unseated champion for 20 years. one of the was to yes, so my korea making a really good research that if i leave alone on to the final invoice. and now this week, i don't know why, but what's, what's on video. but, you know, it's very important to you kind of much. also when you play in government, they need to be doing the fight in the rug. the championship new zealand ended a 3 match losing straight by defeating south africa. and johanna book. the blacks were beaten by the wild champions last week, but they bounced back at a thought going full rise in the 12 point victory next up in face argentina in 2 weeks. and the p ms head into that match
1:57 pm
high on confidence after recording that when over austria, they crush the wallabies. 48 to 70, and a coach by former affordable michael argentina claiming victory and the championship since 2020. i'm to add salt into the waynesville street, his most famous rock bands acdc with played in the stadium off of the games. we celebrate the when alice finished with some stunning pictures from the cliff diving world series. the best in the sports were in the norwegian capital on like 5 som defending champion england from australia extended her lead at the top of the standings. she beat nearest 5 or more confident of canada. at 95 mens champion gary hunt, bounce back from a pole showing last time out to clean his 1st and as the season. nailing every one of his dives from the platforms on the roof of the city. right. pictures that that is what you'll support for now. i'll have another updates a little bit later given. all right, we'll see you later on gem,
1:58 pm
i thank you so much. and before we go, just returning to the breaking news out of egypt, these are the live pictures where a fire inside a caustic church has killed dozens of people. officials are saying, at least 41 people were killed at the abuse athene church in the capitol, cairo. at least 50 others have been injured. what we understand is that $5000.00 worshippers were set to be inside. at the time and fire fighting vehicles were dispatched to the scene, and ambulances have been ferrying the injured to a nearby hospitals. more on that story right here on al jazeera, at the top of the hour. bye bye. ah ah.
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a 3 year investigation into the pro gun lobby. he's been in a really guy whitfield. secrets me want to point put messaging out there will get people out. race get of man connections. some don't want to exposed many in legacy media. love mass shootings, dock with my al jazeera investigations. how to send a mexico on al jazeera who from the shoulders of the read a major course. but enjoyed this team, a theme of climate change to the peaks of the himalayas where water conservation looks like this. falling solutions to find the world's most precious resource in the next episode of ath right, we look at what is being done december 4th i, i'll just just look at the flying a flag. but in the occupied westbank,
2:00 pm
we think the palestinian flag could get you shot or arrested after the also ports of the 900 ninety's between the palestine division organization and israel. the bottom of the palestinian flag was but on the ground it's becoming much harder to express any type of support for the palestinian call. one day there are no palestinian flags. the next best to reach are filled with. it's a really like to your net by young men. we're not even born when these really government for the or the palestinian flag in ah dozens killed in a blaze inside the church in egypt the far is being blamed on an electrical.


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