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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 14, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm AST

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the people with people in power investigate, exposed it and questions they used them to be used of our around the globe. on al jazeera, we a generation of scared people, but very ambitious, very united, very puts it and i'm very good that option. you might be competing more right now, but it's known for long. you will soon feel the same. his we feel every day from peter hong kong, then uganda, 3 women grapple with the impact of the front line activists fear future children on a j 0. ah dozens killed in a blaze inside a church in egypt, and the fire is being blamed on an electrical faults.
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ah, you're watching l 0 live from a headquarters in del time, getting obligated also coming up. at least one killed in armenia is. capital is a block that a firework storage building ripped through a busy market. others are trapped under the rubble critical cargo got set to leave . ukraine un ship is being filled with grain balance for drought effected estoppel . i'm bernard smith, in southwest france, where the countries longest drought and living memory is leaving rivers dangerously low. ah, hello, at least 41. people are dead and dozens injured. following a fire at a church in jesus egypt, 2nd largest city. the blaze was inside the elbow, se fain church around 5000 worshippers were in live causing
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a stampede. the fire is being blamed on an electrical fault. zane bus robbie has more dozens dead, and dozens injured. after a fire caused a stampede among worshippers at a coptic christian church in the egyptian city of diesel, the the incident happened as thousands gathered for morning most at the abusive theme. church were not very, i saw people jumping from the upper floor, suffocation suffocation. all of them did so many did, and there are children. we didn't know how to get to them. we didn't know who some this is or whose door to that is. how is this possible? jesus sits at the southern edge of the greater cairo area. one of the most densely populated places in the world. dilapidated infrastructure means accidental fires are common, made more likely, due to the record high temperatures across the region. some of the fire and booster fin church thought to have been caused by a faulty air conditioner. but not to go up. we started to see from the outside that
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the smoke was getting bigger and people were wanting to jump from the upper floor of the building of the church to the next one. then we went inside and found the children and we started to take the bodies out. in the aftermath of the incident, the president of the father of cc announced the mobilization of quote, all states services to ensure that all measures are taken. the prosecutor's office has also opened an investigation. where can i conveyed the president's condolences and my condolences to the religious leaders of the church, the families of the dead and injured people? we need them to know that we're standing with them and standing by them. some of the injured were firefighters, the blaze blocked in exit trapping churchgoers and causing the stampede. according to witnesses, most of those killed were children zane basra. avi algebra. either loki is a journalist based in cairo. he explains how the layout of the church contributed
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to the whole district called embed by one of the most popular and then the nation dance districts in greater cairo, it is known to have a general average socio economic background. this is a sunday service, and of course it means that the church is usually at its full capacity, that this is their prayer service all over the weekend. therefore, the numbers there is quite significant in the biggest number ever all over the reach. finally, the church itself because of the district dentist. church is not a common structure church, it's not a big facility. wetback you area land that many entries and exit points. it's more or less like a residential building in terms of its design and therefore the exits and entries to that building are not so many. and because,
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according to the health ministry, the fire that was parked by one of the a c, air conditioning devices in the 2nd floor, there was huge smoke and most people could not get out. and menu been by because a supposition from the smoke rather rather from the flames itself. an explosion at a market and armenia is capital. your yvonne has killed at least one person more than 20 others have been injured. the blast occurred in a building at this, or malo market where fireworks were being stored by do everything shattered in the 2nd. there are warehouses, technical rooms. it's like fireworks, fireworks, fireworks. everything happen in one minute. people could not get out of the store. maria, this is yana a journalist base in your yvonne and has the latest on the explosion. there has been no official announcement about the exact cause. we know that there was a firework, steptoe right beside the middle market,
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and just up until about 1520 minutes ago fireworks were still going off. the smoke is still blazing. they're trying to douse it, but at the moment we don't have any official information as to the exact cause. the minister of emergency situations is on the ground as our dozens and dozens of fire trucks. at the moment. it is a very busy market. we do know that a 3 story building 3 walls have collapsed and now the, the main building itself is in danger of completely collapsing. we don't have any information as anybody has been pulled out of the rubble at the moment or how many people are actually trapped. but as you could see from the images that there was tremendous smoke and thus people just running for cover as other smaller buildings around the main market role. so collapsing, it's been utter shocked. this is the 1st time in my memory that such an explosion
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such a tragedy has happened in the capital city. everybody is glued to social media networks and to the news to try and find out what's happening. so just from my balcony, you can see the smoke. there are people who are saying that in the city center you could smell plastic and the smell of smoke when i'm a little bit higher up from the city center. so yeah, it's very disconcerting and very worrying, obviously a shooting an occupied east. jerusalem early on sunday morning has injured 8 people, including a baby police say a suspect has turned himself in and confessed to the attack. natasha of a name reports the calm of the old city and the middle of the night shifted to the chaos of an attack on sunday. police say a man ambushed a bus in a parking lot. you're the western wall at about 1 30 in the morning to be below
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tight, i see 40 toys i was bleeding. the driver says he tried to pull away, but was unable to because the wheelchair ramp was lowered, employed him of a machine. 2 of the wounded are in a serious condition. a pregnant woman in her thirties with an abdominal injury is still in the operating, grew a very complex injury and a man in his sixties with injuries to the neck and had also a gunshot wound and is now in the intensive care unit. a 6 hour manhunt followed police cordoned off the area, set up checkpoints to search people and cars and rated homes in still won. the palestinian neighborhood has previously been the site of violent protests against illegal demolitions of homes, with allegations that the israelis are pushing out families. police say a 24 year old palestinian man eventually turned himself in and confessed,
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came into barb forgivable. did this is alone attacker, a resident of the city with a criminal record must. there is one conclusion from this event, as from the previous events, whether holmes, the citizens of israel, will have nowhere to run. who will hunt them down? and we will deal with them with full force of the long amass which controls the gaza strip. and the armed grew palestinian islamic. she had praised the attack saying it's a continuation of palestinian resistance to the israeli occupation. the attack happened one week after egypt negotiated a ceasefire between israel and the islamic jihad. on august 5th, he has really military lodged a 3 day operation against the group in gaza, killing nearly 50 palestinians, including 17 children. there have been concerns the ceasefire would collapse because his lemke had is lobbying for the release of 2 prisoners is really interim
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prime minister. yeah, your la pete promised to restore calm and security to jerusalem. sunday's attack is a reminder that it's virtually impossible to ensure that it will last natasha named el de zira, occupied east jerusalem. grain is being loaded onto the 1st united nations charter and vessel and the port of pic, denise in ukraine. this will be the 1st shipment of food aid for drought affected east africa since russia's invasion in february, more than 16 merchant vessels of left ukraine in the past 2 weeks after a deal was brokered between keys and moscow. more than 400000 tons of produce have left ukraine import since august 1st, the u. n. food price index shows global price has dropped 8.6 percent between june and july. the un chartered ship will depart for djibouti in the coming days, carrying more than $23000.00 tons of weeds. this shipment and w. d will say more about it is the 1st that will help many shipments to come to
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countries that are suffering great difficulties there at least 5 who are already in famine like conditions in another 20 that are on the what we call the watch list for famine so these shipments are going to be hugely important to those population . france is experiencing its dry a summer since records began. most of the country is now facing water restrictions . crops are withering, wild fires are raging and rivers are running dry. furnace meant reports from to lose. i was originally shami. i've never seen the river as low as this stefan marty tells me. he's a fisheries officer. in a normal year, the level of the garon here would be above our heads. the river cuts through to lose its the cities life blood providing drinking water, irrigating farmland, and cooling a nuclear plant. stefan has had to take fish out of the river and put them into special tanks because the water is too warm. they going to give us some fair to put it here with i am,
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it's complicated. everything is connected. there will be less snow in the mountains . the glaciers will melt sooner. this year there has been much less snow, so less water in the mountain lakes. so pumping of the lakes is lower to keep the water longer. over 3 weeks, 40 percent of the water held in reserve in hydro electric dams, in the pyrenees mountains has been released into the koran to keep it flowing. just heat waves in europe are increasing at a faster rate than almost anywhere else on the planet. and global warming increases the likelihood of drought drying out soils and vegetation. laven firewall ha minimum. so sometimes you make up a little pumpkin easily after morsel. we need 60 millimeters of rainfall to be able to replant the soil. crystal carpentier tells me that the forecast is for 3 millimeters this week. it's not enough. no. the corn harvest across france is expected to be 18 and a half percent lower this year than last. there's already a global shortage because of the war in ukraine. even the sunflower of turned away
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from the scorching sun where there is access to water. there isn't enough to go around. crystal says she'll lose more than 30 percent of a crop this year. soon. apostrophes among gold. if we don't get enough water in this region, there will be no viable agriculture. even today, the cattle farmers here have no grass on their fields. to day we own a land where it's crucial to develop irrigation. if only to be able to achieve minimum profitability. francis, worst route, since records began in 1958 has affected so many aspects of how people live here. i think we really we reward or not. we rely, train the end of the cake, and we reward because there is not in a photo fall for the foot. in july rainfall across france was down 84 percent compared to normal. according to the french weather service. the summer isn't over yet. bernard smith,
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al jazeera to lose southwest france. more than 2000 homes along the tie me and mar border had been submerged by flash floods. heavy rains from tropical depression, mulan caused the breach at a damn and me and maurice shan states. relief workers waited through flooded streets to distribute food, to people who are stranded. no casualties have been reported. are you asking? rational delegation has arrived in taiwan as military tensions continue between the island and china. the visit will last 2 days as the group of 5 meet with senior taiwan leaders. beijing claims taiwan as its own territory and has been holding military drills around taiwan. china as use the word games to express its anger at this month's visit to taipei by us. how speaker nancy pelosi. donald trump is under pressure follow reports. his lawyer signed the statement in june, confirming all classified material have been returned from the former us presidents,
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florida home. that's according to the new york times. the statement could be at odds with this week. seizure of 11 sets of classified documents from marin logo, mishandling, or sharing top secret information critical to national security is a violation of america's espionage act. trump says he had declassified all papers he took from the white house while in office still ahead on al jazeera, faster than me, and more demand, more than 5 words from the international community, as they risked their lives to oppose the gentle families of 10 miners trapped in a flooded coal mine in mexico, make desperate please to already to do more to help them. ah,
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it's still raining in bucharest on and there is more to come have one. here's the details on mondays, so he's still for a sin province, baluchistan providence. same goes for punjab as well. look at that down port in the hor, and then we've got more activity once again coming from western areas of india. the prediction for buckets time was above average monsoon rains for the month of august, and so far it is delivering. now for india, the states must pradesh and chatted. scar this where we've got the heaviest downpours as is activity moves toward the west. and then where there is no rain falling in the sun's out that allows the temperature and janai to shoot up to $36.00 degrees. also, high temperature is across the yangtze river valley. so shanghai, yep. i think you're going to do it on monday. get up to 40 degrees once again. tropical storm has raced away from tokyo. there it is right there. the remnants of it mostly con conditions. 34 degrees, but then we've got this slug of rain across the korean peninsula,
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pouring into northern sections of hon. you so more rain for flight hit areas of sol . we also had flooding in northern, in central horseshoe, where more than half a 1000000 people were displaced from their homes in temper tokyo. now that the sun's back outs, we've got more days above 35 degrees. ok, got to run the new voices, heating up the airway. lot of chinese listener can really hear what they really think in their own country. shifting power, vacate the rise of citizens. journalism has changed everything. how do you happen? it's happened on social media and the undeniable impact of the mainstream narrative fairly quickly. the whole with those images front of my award very much going forward in the media on the battlefield. the listening post dissect the media on al jazeera. oh,
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the me again, the story on al jazeera, at least 41 people had been killed in a fire inside a church in the jefferson city of jesus. health of cairo, blaze broke out as around $5000.00 worshippers were inside the same church. pausing a stampede. an explosion at a market and armenian capital, your yvonne has killed at least one person. more than 20 others were injured. the blast occurred in a building at a market where fireworks were being stored. and man suspected of opening fire on people on vehicles that occupied east jerusalem has handed himself over to police. 8 people were injured in the attack on sunday morning. a man is believed to have
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shot a pedestrians and passengers on the bus and in a car pakistan is marking 75 years of independence in karachi. a ceremony is being held at the memorial for the countries founder mohammed outage and no british colonial rule ended in 1947 with the partition of india and formation of pakistan. come hider is in the hall with more across the country. the more as you can see behind me, this is a monument dedicated to budget, don norman, and me know, budget don or the location 19 are pretty tired. margie, all india muslim league bought the whole resolution bridge for a separate day for the muslims of the continent. of god died raj, monumental development in 1947, the country became an independent nation and 75 years. it's quite
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a long time the country are celebrating the diamond jibley. and this is a country where the majority population under $30.00 catastrophe ward. but it has remained brazilian and of course everybody across budget started using their board. you know, i forget the political and other different mog independence day. so let's take a closer look at events leading up to the formation of pakistan. in june, 1947. during increasing sectarian violence, britain announced a plan for the partition of india. on august the 14th 1947 pakistan, celebrated its independence. largely muslim state was made up of what was been east and west pakistan, separated by more than 1500 kilometers of indian territory. the next day, the partition of india became official. 15000000 people were forced to move as the country splits. about 2000000 people died and the secretary and violence that came
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with the migration within months of independence, india and pakistan were at war in kashmir. 75 years on it remains a disputed region. the sean sullivan dean is director of the center for a regional and global connectivity thing about lob he says the 75 years after partition focus on the one relations with india is going to be difficult. and while there is plenty of reason to celebrate and you know, people should be on the streets cheering and jubilant. i think for me personally, this is also very much a time for introspection, for august, and especially for the ruling political and military elite. and sort of asked ourselves why is that after 75 years boxed on still remains very squarely, myers and multi faceted economic, political, social, existential crises. so we've almost always for the 75 years of our history, you have have this almost always hostile neighbor and
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a lot of domestic policies have also centered around countering mitigating and working against india and a lot of different ways to be perfectly blunt. if we were to sort of strip all of this away and really look at it from an economic perspective, india, pakistan really should be the ideal trade part. it's a massive market, but with the situation where it stands right now, the global geo political shifts, the u. s. strategy in the in the pacific as well as the current power center in india. that is very hard line along certain issues as well as the political instability and the inability for a little actors and bug fun because any kind of reconciliation. the party of kenya's, deputy president william retail has won the governorship of the capital, nairobi johnson chicago, a former senator for the capital gain control of east africa as wealthy a city. but the result of the race for the presidency have yet to be announced.
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better and opposition leader rylon and ritual are neck and neck. come m a ration are being held in sierra leone to remember those who died in a mudslide 5 years ago. mud slides and flooding struck the capitol free town after days of torrential rains in august 2017. more than a 1100 people died and 1000 lost their homes. after the recent joining us from pentagon, that's just outside of free town in sierra leone. so 5 years on what's life like for survivors. and the reason it's difficult for many survivors, many of them are still homeless. many of them are still jobless and compound issues, certainly, and is going through a very difficult trace economic, difficult to get on my face and it's live unemployment, just high and public is rising among the population. we're talking about a country where the poverty rate is above 50 percent. so for survivors who i yet to recover for the why yet to get accommodation,
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why yet to find closure to the disaster 2017. it's difficult. a lot of them say life has become more difficult then i will though some have been relocated and moved in with family members, but a lot of them are still suffering very so have lessons been learned so disaster 5 years ago. darin, it's very, very hot situation. if i move out of frame now out of the picture, the company will append to the he'll be behind us. and what you see that i new settlements actually coming up and this is not only in pentagon area, it's all across the city, all on the hill sites on either one of the hills and mountains surrounding the capital city. and these what's ca, what? 10 disaster in the future, they said it's not about if, but when another disaster will strike. if you look at the hillside,
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the hill itself, you'll see that most of the trees are gone. so what the company is trying to do, especially when i go, we will motor me what the government was trying to do was to report. but yeah, so that at least there will be some for us to cover and also make this all a bit stronger. so that we can see the disasters we've seen in the last sort of in 2017. but unfortunately, deforestation is still going on at a very fast pace. so this is a very, very difficult thing. and enforcement of regulation. the government has only on ban logging and also it's floating the forest here in freetown and other sensitive areas. unfortunately, this has not been obeyed by members of the public enforcement of building regulations are still a big problem. people go on set up shop or set up businesses or set up houses without the approval of authority. some of the later they try to find some paperwork or get some people done. so as to legitimize that, that, that, that the buildings. so this is,
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this is been going on for very long time. a lot of experts. yeah. environmentally. say the government must, must, are tough on this to stop this from happening again. all right, thank you so much, man. entities, reporting from sierra leone protestors. me and mar, want the military and tell it to be held accountable under international law for executing political activists. 3 weeks ago, the called commas democratically elected former leader accent c g is expected to testify in court this week. tony chang reports the another flash smith protesting against the recent executions on the streets of young gun mas biggest city. the court, they risk being jailed was the demonstrate to say the executions have made their opposition to military rule, even stronger. and one day the generals will face justice. blow your mind anything it's gone, we should hold the photo to, to leaders and the military accountable for what they have done, no exception for anything. that's what people strongly belief now for the families
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of the executed men. the anguish continues. these pro military protest has came to denounce german, you known as co, jimmy outside his house. after his execution, his wife seemed with him in his family video and fled the home. but she told l. desert from a hidden location of the international community must do more than just condemning the execution. i'd like to emphasize the importance of impact in diplomacy. not just talking about a topic in diplomacy, condemnation, and urging do not work, especially in the case of our country. mamma, while there was much condemnation of the executions at a recent meeting of southeast asian foreign ministers, there was little talk of measures against me among military. others are taking a more proactive approach. i will chris gunner's new co jimmy when he was a student activist and it worked with him after his release from prison. now he's
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trying to bring a criminal case against the gender in the turkish judicial system. so the gender can run, but they can't hide. there will be accountability against them just as there was against the war criminals in the balkans. it took years and years from a loss, a bitch and character managed to end up in the hague. but they did up and they did end up in the hague. we imap house accountability cases, criminal cases against the john to all around the world at the international court of justice in the hague man. mars already in the door. in late july, the court dismissed objections saying that a case brought by the gambia for genocide against the ringer, ethnic minority can proceed. although the trial may take years, the wheels of justice are in motion. tony chang al jazeera, the agents for authors, some undersea says he is no longer on a ventilator and is on the long road to recovery. a man accused of stabbing him has been identified as 24 year old had the mater. he's pleaded not guilty to attempted
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murder. rusty was stabbed while speaking at a literary event in new york state on friday. relatives of 10 miners trapped in a flooded coal mine in mexico, of urge authorities to do more to find them. rescue workers of pumped water out of the shaft, but haven't been able to enter victoria gate and be report. the 10 miners have been trapped under ground for almost 2 weeks. they were digging for colon co wheeler, in mexico, when a tunnel wall collapsed and the shaft was flooded. rescue workers have been pumping water out of the mine. families are frustrated at how long it's taking it out in the north and not a must work day and night. they shouldn't stop, but they do because the pumps get blocked. if the men are alive, they must be desperate. it's too much. that is why we're speaking out because we want help. more than 300 soldiers and other emergency services personnel including
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6 military, scuba divers, have joined the effort. rescue work as a hopeful will to levels may soon be low enough to enter at least one of the flooded shafts. cortisol is that the middle of the rescuers have assessed the conditions under ground. they have gone down a significant part of the shaft, but they have not reached the bottom yet. mexico's main co producing region has seen a series of fatal mining accidents over the years. the worst was impassively conscious in 2006, killing 65 people. only 2 of the bodies were retrieved. yeoman william, mom, elder, i won't leave here until my brother is found. i don't want the same thing to happen as in past. i the controls. my cousin was trapped then they never got him out. so many accident like this happened in the mines and the government does nothing. hearing go. wheeler 5 mine is we're able to escape, but no contacts be made with the men left behind. all their families can do now is hope they're found alive, victoria gate and be al jazeera.


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