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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 17, 2022 11:00am-11:31am AST

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[000:00:00;00] ah ah this primary election is over, but now the real work begins. donald trump's most defined critic, liz cheney loses the republican primary race in wyoming to a candidates endorsed by the former president. ah,
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i'm sammy's a dan. this is al jazeera live from dough hall, so coming up north korea fires to cruise missiles a day off to south korea, and the u. s. begin joint military drills. you're standing on the sure after the fact. i was steering the ship in the middle of the tempest under fire, australia's former prime minister. the scot morrison blames the pandemic for holding secret ministry positions and a wave of drug related violence wreaks havoc across multiple states and mexico. ah, one of donald trump's most prominent republican critics has lost her reelection bid in the u. s. state of wyoming. ms. chaney has been scathing of the former president for last year's attack on the capsule and has led a congressional investigation. no, she lost the primary vote to
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a trump backed candidate who contests this year's mid term elections. rob routes, reports from wyoming, as expected, wyoming representative, liz cheney lost her bid to remain in congress by a wide margin. chaney became former president donald trump's republican nemesis. as vice chair of the january 6th committee in a forceful concession speech, chaney once again castigated the former president, 2 years ago, i won this primary with 73 percent of the vote. i could easily have done the same again. the path was clear, but it would have required that i go along with president trump's lie about the 2020 election. it would have required that i enable his ongoing efforts to unravel our democratic system and attack the foundations of our republic. that was a path i could not and would not take chinese opponent, lawyer harriet hagaman,
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was endorsed by trump, who's very popular in wyoming, from congratulated hagaman and called cheney spiteful. obviously, we're all very grateful to president trump, who recognizes that wyoming hill has only one congressional representative. and we have to make it count is janie became one of the best known members of congress this year. as the vice chair of the congressional investigation into the events surrounding the insurrection of january 6th, 2021. as well as the various schemes and falsehoods, trump and his associates hatched as he attempted to remain in office after losing the election. but that didn't go over well with wyoming voters, 70 percent of whom voted for trump over joe biden, in 2020. despite her defeat, many people in wyoming and in washington, dc expect cheney to run for president in 2024, using her reputation as a defender of democracy who stood up to trump. when other republicans failed to do
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so. ever janie did nothing to dispel those expectations in her concession speech. this primary election is over, but now the real work begins. janie's loss does not mean that she will leave her post as vice chair of the january 6th committee, which will remain active at least until january of next year. she has announced that hearings will resume in september and says that witnesses continue to come forward, and new evidence is pouring in. rob reynolds al jazeera jackson, wyoming. australia is former prime minister scott morrison has admitted he secretly swore himself in to 5 different ministerial post. during the pandemic is facing a barrage of criticism over the move and for failing to disclose it to the public. morrison says it was of safeguard in case he needed to make decisions quickly during the pandemic of his opponent,
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say he trashed australia's democratic system. did the prime minister take any additional payment for any of these things? of course not. is the same color. yes and up up the problem is that both are and to the extent that the of course have failed to my colleagues. now i, i didn't despise issues of your colleagues. i didn't disclose it to them because i didn't think it was in the interest of the best operations. the government during across the 1st rule of power grab club is don't talk about power grab club and scott morrison broke that real to die. scott morrison was divisive. he was defensive. he was passive aggressive, and of course he was self serving. so at least he was true to himself to die. what we saw was all of his characters on full display. fly me, everyone else not accepting any responsibility. south korea's defense
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ministry says north korea as 5 to cruise missiles. they were. busy launched into the west sea from on john south po gan province. sol says it's analyzing dancer to learn more about the launch with the help of the u. s. military. and it comes just a day after solar and washington started 4 days of joint drills in preparation for a training exercise later this month. rob mcbride joins us now from sol, so the timing is quite sensitive. what sort of message is the north sending? it does seem to be a quite a significant the timing of this at least more so than the type of missiles that were launch. these are said to have been to cruise missiles fired westwards into the sea that separates the korean peninsula from china. these would be the 1st cruise missiles launch since january, but since the start of this year there has been a flurry of other miss. i'll activity from north korea in particular,
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ballistic missiles, either short range or longer range. ballistic missiles, the kinds of weapons which are banned under un security council resolutions. now in contrast, a cruise missiles are not banned but their launch this wednesday does coincide with a news conference given by humans took you all the president of south korea to mark his 100 days in office. now he is a conservative. he takes a far tougher line with north korea than his liberal predecessor. and in fact, during the news conference, he outlined his approach to north korea saying he does not believe in cosmetic style summit meetings with his north korean counterparts. he wants to see any dialogue based on far more substantial progress. and in particular, he wants to see a sincere attempt by north korea or at d nuclear eyes ation. so this does seem to be a message from north korea in his direction, but it also coincides this week with the start of these drills between us and south
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korean and military personnel. a head of much larger scale military joint military exercises, which are scheduled to start next week. now these are the kinds of our war games, which always seemed to antagonize and infuriate north korea. so this would seem to be an expression of their early displeasure ahead of those. thanks so much from a ride there. now the you and new special envoy for me and mar is on a rad visit to meet with officials from the military genta. nor leon hayes on visit is expected to focus on the deteriorating situation in the country, but she hasn't said whether she'll meet without the lead on time. so she been sentenced to prison. so far, diplomatic efforts by the un and regional block a z and have failed to resolve the crisis in me and my men, mazda hanging refugees in bangladesh of all the un high commissioner for human rights for protection. mitchell bachelor spent tuesday meeting with residents of
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one of the world's biggest refugee camps, conveyed chandry explains august 25th, march 5 years since nearly 740000 mostly muslim rominger fled to bangladesh from me on the market flight, triggered by a military crackdown and widespread atrocities un investigators and the u. s. have called it a genocide. bachelors spoke to rowing a woman, your leaders and religious representatives. and the cox was our refugee can. we told her that what we were not able to do, and meanwhile, we were able to do here. but we won't return to our home. she assured us that the you and is working hard, and that soon will be able to start the repatriation process. this is the 1st time a you and high commissioner for human rights has visited bangladesh and the courts of borrowing our reputation since the post was established. 29 years ago, bangladesh as foreign minister, arch bachelor, to engage with me and mar,
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and insured the repatriation of forcibly displace ringo. booking glacial un high commissioner has shown much concern about the ringo and un has appreciate all our help. they also want bangladesh continued to help the ringo and said they will stand beside us on this line. jumping wand, refugee presented a letter to the un high commissioner on behalf of all of down the gun. unless i vote, we escaped to banga dish due to atrocity committed against us. women were raped and burned to death. there are still some rowena was confiscated, land is not returned despite promise is made after me and my government accepts all of our rights and demands only then we will return bachelor toll refugees. those forcibly displace would be repatriated under un supervision and voluntarily and diplomatic efforts. were under way to make that happen, but many here, wonder how long that will take and whether me and mars government will ever accept
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their demands. and which audrey, i'll just eda dhaka kenya's opposition leader alo, dingo has called the presidential election results now and void that came a day after his arrival. william router was declared the winner. the dramatic developments of raised fears that east africa's richest country might descend into violence. catherine sawyer reports from nairobi. ah bry loading a thief, he won't accept the result of kenya's presidential election. he came 2nd with 48 percent of the vote with her as the 10 by then deputy president william who taught with 15.7 percent. but he called the final poly, a travesty. that can plunge the country into a legal crisis to where he blamed the chair of the electoral commission are full. let him, katy or viewing as the mirror is clear. the triggers announcement was that you were getting
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a mile and voice that'd be the bigger than other medieval. got you murder and void among the crush bear quarter law. in our view, there's no legal and bodily declared winner. nora, president elect. oh calles broke out at a tallying center when some people tried to stop the process for out of 7 commissioners walked out in protests. they say the commissions chairman declared resolved that they had not fully agreed on. they also said the total percentage of the for presidential candidates did not add up. we concluded that the process that went into generation of form 34 c, which he used to declare results of the presidential election was
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a pit and incapable of eileen our ownership. and confidence had to tackle, but being as political coalition says, it's compiling a list of electoral mile practices that went against the law rayleigh dinger and his supporters say they will go to court. they have raised concerns about the integrity of the presidential tale. they also say they have enough evidence to support their case members, so they hope they have 7 days to file a petition or the supreme court to the judges will then sit within 14 days to make a decision. catherine saw al jazeera nairobi will still ahead on al jazeera campaigning begins in brazil, i had of a deeply polarizing presidential election. we outline how candidates the faring 2 months out. and the passenger train drives through a wild fire in spain,
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leading to multiple injury. ah. the journey has begun the before world copy is on its way to a catholic group. your travel package today. hi there. thank you for joining in. so we had been warning about flash flooding across the islands of ireland and britain . it's happen. so here's the proof. this is a new ross, a couple hours toward the south, west of dublin, ponding and pooling there on the roads. and i think we're going to see a repeat on wednesday with these bursts of rain, but a problem spot toward the southeast of england. i think that's where we'll see some flash flooding, also flash flooding in paris as well. now that same time we've got this. wildfire burning and central portugal, 1200 firefighters trying to tame the flames. here and i'll tell you what the smoke from this wildfire drifting 400 kilometers toward the east, madrid. you can see it pop up there on our satellite. much lower temperatures here
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for iberia. but where we have high temperatures is the baltic states through poland into the balkans, including serbia, where there are weather alerts in play for just how high these temperatures are the beauty of a day and is sample 31 degrees. some showers for turkey's ne bike seacoast, and europe gone up to 40 degrees once again. batch of some heavy rain leaving southern bali, pushing into senegal in the gambia. same goes for sierra leone, i think we'll see some flooding here. land off in the western cape of south africa, whether front pushing in. so it's going to be white and wendy on wednesday. that's it. we'll see soon, bye. for now. i saw official airline of the journey. both jen and use in the police violently discussing protest this. these are sort of a foot tens of thousands of people troy to lee cobble inspired to program making. welcome to generation chains and rifle. it's broadcasting white people do not want
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black children in the schools. we have to fight for algebra english proud recipient, the new york festivals broadcast, or if the year award for the 6 year running, ah ah, you're watching out just 0 time to recap on headlines on a dog traumas most prominent republican adversaries is lost to reelection bid in the state of wyoming, this chinese said she would do whatever it takes to deny the former president. the 2nd term south korea's defense ministry says north korea 5 to cruise missiles. early on wednesday,
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they were launched into the west sea from on sean south john gun providence. australia's former prime minister scott morrison has admitted he secretly swore himself into 5 different ministerial posts during the pandemic. he's facing a barrage of criticism over the move and of fighting to disclose it to the public. now the european union, and you say there's studying iran's response to a proposal to save a 2015 nuclear deal to her on center apply on monday through what the e. u is called. it's final submission iran previously called on the us to show flexibility to resolve issues. washington is said it's ready to quickly see the deal to restore the pact on the basis of the you proposals. us president joe biden is signed into law of $430000000000.00 climate health and tax bill. finally said the inflation reduction act tackles climate change and reduces deficit by
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having the wealthy pay more taxes. it's a key legislative victory for the democrats. president jordan reports from washington d. c. a celebration at the white house on tuesday. as u. s. president joe biden signed into law, the inflation reduction act is not just about today. it's about to mar, it's about delivering progress and prosperity to american families. the law cuts medicine costs were seniors and extends health care subsidies. there's also a new 15 percent corporate income tax, the biggest expense fighting climate change. $385000000000.00 and new funding and tax credits to cut carbon emissions and develop clean energy industries. to expand the use of solar panels and heat pumps. and to make electric vehicles, a common sight, electric vehicle permissions in the new val are,
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are phase and based on income. and so they are really designed to make electric vehicles more affordable for people who might not otherwise be able to buy them west virginia, senator joe mansion had held up passage of the law until it included funding for the oil and gas industry. he said he would do it again, and i think this is a great american bill. now someone benefits from him. that's why i can't figure out why my republican friends are doubling down against them when they're so much good for so many people. it's my help. so many doesn't make any sense to me at all. and the bill as amended is past republicans who didn't vote for the bill, criticised it on social media. quote, democrats robbed americans last year by spending our economy into record inflation this year. their solution is to do it a 2nd time. back of the white house, joe biden delivered some of his own partisan criticism. every single republican congress voted against lord prescription drug presence against lori healthcare
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court, against the fair attack system. every single republican, every single one voted against tackling the commer crisis against lauren, our energy cost against creating good paying job. a recognition partisanship isn't over, even though the white house says this is a day for all americans. rosalind jordan, elder sarah washington. campaigning has officially begun for brazil's bitterly contested presidential election in october, presidential jail. both sonata held his 1st campaign event in the city where he was stabbed in 2018. he seeking a 2nd term. opinion polls show his leftist rival, former president louise in our seo looted the silver as a 12 percent leads. he campaigned outside an auto plant in the state of south palo, where he 1st rose to prominence as a union leader campaigning underway. some brazilians worried about the potential for political violence. monica,
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on the care of reports from rio de janeiro transgender council woman benny bitty, arly, has received more than 20 death threats since she was elected 2 years ago. she was forced to leave brazil for safety reasons. and only returned after being promised special protection. that did not happen. no thing and i have done nothing. i have no security, only a body guard the all the still fears for her life, but has decided to run for re edition nearest state legislator in october selections. i've lost local pastors. these elections are not only about ideals and votes. they're also challenged to remain alive. we've seen people being killed because they're on one side or the other. the political polarization is very strong for so has a history of political violence, but since 2018 when the last presidential elections were held, there are growing concerns that verbal and written death threats may be actually
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carried out. in july, a supporter of present shape also matters. shut down marcella. honda, a member of the leftist workers party founded by former president lucy now soon. mueller. the silver la la is both so matters main rival in october's presidential election and is heading the pose. valgy for hi. she was running for congress and is a close friend of boston. adel. it says all candidates are taking security measures seriously with him. i said he remembers the day bull sonata was stout during the 2018 campaign. no. and joseph one, i both scenarios wearing a bullet proof vest, but that's not enough. he will always ignore protocol to talk to the people. the senior ball so matter was stamped and elected council woman marielli, ford uncle, inactive ist of black, and gay rights was executed. the crime was never solved at
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a statue in her name has been inaugurated during the past 3 years. political violence in brazil has tripled. somewhat familiar, renewed brazilian politics has always been polarized, but since 2018 we've had president j or ballston arrow openly disseminating hatred . now, the president has done this. that's led to an increase in political violence. what results federal police has been training an extra 300 agents to protect candidates during october's elections. but in brazil, fear it's not enough. money can not give on jazeera re edition ero and thorough prosecutors are expanding a corruption investigation involving president federal castillo. the looking at allegations of corruption obstruction of justice and receiving bribes. because thea says it's both political persecution and racism. marianna sanchez has more now from lima. with just when you renew office president mid august,
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the you is now facing 6 criminal inquiries and the federal investigations are getting closer and closer to home. a sister in laws suspected of awarding government contracts to friends, turned herself in a nephew, suspect of receiving bribes, is a fugitive, and one of castillo stop allies. her former transport minister in charge of the government's largest budget is nowhere to be found as to use as the media is trying to portray his family as corrupt. his defense lawyer has requested, the judiciary stopped the press from publishing any information regarding the president's case. as the or says, he's a victim of racism, prisoners, i will go as they will. they are against this government because i come from the countryside. it's totally racist. i do not speak like them or sit at their opulent tables because i walk with the people. ah, 70 percent of peruvians now think he's guilty,
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frustrated than nearly all former precedents are involved in corruption. peruvians marched in support of the public prosecutor leading the probes. estie use allies said the investigations are politically motivated. right now. 3 and i firmly reject the claims and insinuations that the public prosecutor's office is part of an alleged political plan. oh, an opinion pulls his 24 percent of peruvians think he's innocent and continued to support the 52 year old former rural teacher and farmer as the uses he is cooperating with prosecutors in each investigation. but every time he goes to testify before them, he asserts his right to remain silent and says, not another word, abdominal as you get a little them into. if he has taken the absurd decision of not making his judicial situation clear, a politician cannot simply remain silent before a prosecutor. a politician must be accountable, transparent,
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and castillo is the least transparent leader in our history of in the home. believe it was a glad out of the steel has survived to impeachment attempts at now, former allies are testifying against him in the face of so many investigations and precedent for a sitting precedent. his days enough may be numbered mariana sanchez. i'll just see that in a do, the mexican government will ask 2 companies from germany and the u. s. to help rescue miners have been trapped on the ground for almost 2 weeks. the 10 miners were digging for. busy coal, when a tunnel wall collapsed and the mine shaft flooded, rescue workers haven't been able to send teams inside staying in mexico, where the president is facing criticism. after a series of cartel related violence. attacks by criminal groups have left at least 11 people bed vehicles on fire,
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and dozens of businesses burned across 4 states. by no other powder reports from mexico city. violence appears to be on the rise in mexico. attacks against businesses in states like halley's school and gonna want to live with okay, a rampage that left at least 9 dead in soothe waters. and a wave of violence in the city of tiquana all in the span of a week has left many wondering what exactly is going on. we know so far is that would be how is, is a series of unrelated bands that have been very close to each other within, within a single week. um, those are each one of those has a different logic. each one of those has ease and different trigger the attacks of spur, the mexican government to deploy national guard troops to states like baja, california, mexico's president and the discipline will lopez over to the lord acknowledged the
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violence, but says it has been blown out of proportion by his political opponents, it thank you to those k i go i really, everyone relaxed there is govern ability. yet there is stability at the same time. those name changed my adversaries. the conservative to magnify things and carry out sensationalist. journalism, violence and vandalism from criminal militias in mexico are not a new phenomenon. because security analysts say there are rarely any consequences. impurities rent, grueling is the gauges are, are few and far between and, and they are what and you don't have a strong you know, how strong investigated capabilities that can increase the likelihood that anyone who bought this event will be, will be bash. mexico's government has not announced any new plans to change the
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country's security strategy. the policy seems instead to be to intensify the existing one with increased military style policing in regions where cartels operate. while experts in mexico say, these latest instances of cartel related violence don't appear to be connected. the picture that's emerging is of a country where despite more boots on the ground, security forces are still losing ground to criminal organizations. manuel up a low al jazeera mexico city. a heat wave is sweeping california with temperatures in some places soaring to more than 39 degrees celsius. several heat advisories, and warnings have been issued. parts of the west in the united states are in the grip of a 23 year drought of worst on right, cause it's led to water restrictions and devastating wildfires. in europe, wildfires in the spanish region of valencia continued to burn out of control
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despite the efforts of hundreds of firefighters. 3 people were badly injured when a passenger train drove through one of the blazes more than a 1000 people in the some province about a country have been evacuated. in portugal, a massive wildfire which was brought under control last week is blazing again. more than 1200 firefighters dousing the flames inside the unesco designated nature park been burning for more than a week, tearing through 15000 heck as of land. german film director a waltz gang peterson has died at the age of 8. he won his film, das boot about the german u boat during world war 2 earns 6 oscar nominations. he went on to direct the string of hollywood blockbusters, including in the line of fire, starring clint eastwood and air force. one with harrison ford peterson died at his


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