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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 19, 2022 10:00pm-10:30pm AST

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street on al jazeera, new voice is heating up the airway. lot of chinese listeners. we can't really hear what they really think in their own country shifting power of a case. the rise of citizen journalism has changed everything. how do you happen? it happened on social media and the undeniable impact of the mainstream narrative australians went to the pole with those images front of mine is a water very much came forth out in the media as well as on the battlefield there listening post. dissect the media on al jazeera, unprompted a done interrupted discussions from our london broadcast center on al jazeera. ah no country immune from the walls changing climate ages longest river shrinks as china experiences
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a record breaking heat wave. ah, hello i, marianna massey and london, you're watching al jazeera, also coming up on the program on a visit to the ukrainian port. odessa you and she says a nuclear plant on the russian control must be demilitarised, confined to their homes, isolated from work life. many women in rural afghanistan a year since man took control and in gen, update from apple after major security flaws had discovered which could allow hackers to take control of devices. ah, hello and welcome to the program. from where i called braking heat waves to severe flood warnings, climate crisis is intensifying with extreme weather,
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causing havoc from the americas in europe, across africa and asia. in china, a change in climate there is triggered the longest heat waves since records began forcing water levels in asia as longest river, the young sea to shrink. millions of livelihoods are at stake as a result of this. and so is the supply of food and drinking water. patrick fuck begins our coverage with his report from chung ching, one of the hardest hit regions. ah, it's fame for being one of china's furnace cities with the longest summer's in hottest temperatures. but in the last couple of months, the heat in the southwestern city of cha ching has been oppressive even by its own standards. mercury levels have frequently topped 40 degrees celsius and had an old time record high of 45 degrees. earlier this week, paula: yes. what is hell?
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i'm melting. many tourists come to cha ching, to marvel at its sites. jarling river might be what's most i catching now. it's a major tributary that meets the yancey further south. and it's dried up so much people can walk half way across it. again, i'm definitely worried it could effect residence and those that need to use the water for classes of warned the dry spell could last well into september. authorities have begun discharging water from the 3 gorges dam to replenish the yanks in its offshoots. but normal floes could still be months away. here in the city, people are cooling off wherever possible. this library converted out of an old air raid shelter has become a poplar hang out. a breeze circulates through the funnel shaped space, making it an ideal hideaway who is when it's especially hot, more people come. but elsewhere, it's hard to escape the effects of this heat wave and the drive that's come with it
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. a short drive south of the city is long gin village with insufficient irrigation crops here a dying. well, this here shows pretty clearly why crops are struggling. the water for this field behind us has receded about 20 meters away from the crops and what's been left behind is just this bone dry layer of mud report say more than 350000 people in rural chunking are suffering because of a shorter journey supplies, many of them like one man, we spoke to our elderly and can't do much to fix the problem. they said there was a more irrigation systems, you have to buy pipes and machine. you said you have to spend the money and it's not worth it because the stuff was already dried and died. what's the point of watering if it's already dead? and with many scientists saying hot a days as a result of global warming are here to stay. days here for the people of launching could be numbered pantry, falk al jazeera cha ching china. elsewhere extreme dry weather is causing
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problems in mexico or severe drought. as the northern city of monterey. $5000000.00 residents are running out of water and relying on water tankers. areas, reservoirs, lakes and dams have dropped to critical levels. the lanyard, mckinsey rainfall has been below the annual average since 2015. march saw no rain for all for the 1st time since records began. so it's a very serious situation that you've been in the put allow while you're on the bus . if you are fighting over the water, the trucks arrive and people don't respect the line, is chaos in our neighborhood. it's sad or what can we do? we need a miracle, or correspondent lannie or apollo, joins us now from mexico city. how wide spread are water shortages in the country and how people coping miriam,
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the drought conditions and extreme, he conditions here in mexico. the word being used to describe them is historic. in some parts of the country, specifically the north eastern parts of the country, states like she was like noble on these are some of the dry conditions. this part of the country is seen in the last 30 years. in specifically, in the case of the city of monterey, of the capital city of neville, they own it's a city of 5000000 people. it's one of the most important industrial cities in the country. this is where the crisis is. perhaps most acute there have been reigns in that part of the country in recent days in recent weeks. but it simply has not been enough. the rainy season that we're supposed to start there in may, it just simply never came. and the problem is far more widespread. than just these 2 states, or mexico with estimated that as much as 65 percent of mexico's national territory is being affected by moderate to severe drought conditions. just last month, the month of july, mexico's president and the rest. manuel lopez over issued
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a state of emergency which allows the federal government to release some resources to provide water to some of the worst drought stricken parts of the country. that announcement of an emergency of a state of emergency also allows the federal government to order bottling companies like coca cola heineken, some of the other national big companies here in mexico to reduce the amount of water that they're using to reduce the extraction. specifically in the northern part of the country where which is being the most significantly impacted by this drought. and just one last thing, miriam, here is the extreme. he conditions not only here in mexico, but in the united states and mexico just last month. july was the hottest month recorded in mexico since 1953. so these extreme, he conditions certainly are doing anything to help alleviate the situation here. right, so we see the water shortages are affecting millions of people in the city of monterey . and you say this is, these are really historic drought like conditions. what now,
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how is the water supply or the shortage in the southwestern us, affecting northern mexico. miriam, when you can, when you begin to take a look at the scale of, of the situation the, the sort of measures that are being taken on the other side of the border in the united states. you really get a sense of the scale of this crisis. talking about the colorado river, for example, a river that provides drinking water to 40000000 residents across separate different states. in states like arizona and nevada residence have already been forced to cut back on how much water they're taking from the river. and that's 40000000 people before the river crosses the border into mexico. words supplies water to communities here as well. it's expected that mexico will be taking in 7 percent less water from the colorado river. come january of 2023. the same will be true for several states along along the colorado river in the united states. so as
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you can imagine, there's a lot of concern over what less water for this region. what kind of implications that we'll have. one of the biggest concerns is over the potential for a food crisis that could result as, as, as the ongoing, the persistent drought continues. and as this water crisis persists in many parts of mexico and the south western part of the united states. thank you very much. money rock below joining us from mexico city. well, and other developments sedans, seeing the rains have been lashing parts the country since ne flooding varies, killed thousands of people and destroyed thousands of homes. united nation says more than 130000 people have been affected. hey, some a wheat has this exclusive report now from a village and one of the worst regions. the had the he thought he had what, hello, we be. hello. we are reporting from will tell, are we village of al monica local province?
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it is one of the most ravaged villages by the torrential, rain and flash floods its homes more than $300.00 families. as you can see, the entire village is inundated by water from all directions. as we walk through, we saw many of the houses, partly or totally damaged, due to rising water levels. residents of the village have lost all my school depositions from property to food stocks, and one of the only thing left is their castle. the village is totally deserted, as most of the local residents had fled for their lives. some have tried to salvage what they can from their homes, residents who have evacuated to nearby villages and now facing di conditions. they need shelter, food and medicine. nearby farming lands were also flooded, and that's ruined the harvest. these floods the unprecedented, especially in this part of sudan as floods have devoured all of what local residents have by ascending and so it's message to the international community and all human relief agencies asking them to quickly bring help to this catastrophic
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situation or the receding danny of river is revealing thousands of world war to ship rags. river levels are at the lowest in almost a century because of the worst drought to europe in years exposed. german worship sunk during world war 2, b as river port town of over 20 vessels are peking. above the water line officers from nazi germany, the black sea fleet, abandoned them as they retreated from advancing soviet forces be estimate it will cost around $30000000.00 to salvage the house and dispose of the explosives on board. ah, ah, the un secretary general until a good terrorist is in ukraine, southern port city of odessa to review the shipments of grain. a cargo is being exported under a deal broke by turkey and the un last month. it's allowed for the resumption of
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ukraine's grain exports from 3 ports. several ships including the un charted aid vassal band for ethiopia, have left since then to raise a bows in odessa with more now. over 500000 tons of grain have already been exported from here since a landmark deal was truck between russia and ukraine with the help of the united nations and turkey last month. and this is the place where, until tanya would terrace a visit to guarantee and to monitor how this whole process is going. he said that access to food and fertilizers must be guaranteed access to russian fertilizers, but also to train and for he says that's much more needs to be done. and that he hoped that the amount of food that he's being exported from ukraine will increase from $3000000.00 tons a month to around $5000000.00 tons a month. another issue of major concern that's happening here is the situation around the nuclear power plant of
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a sub or do you show back in march. russia took over that area, established a military base, and there's been lots of fighting and shelling going on around that area. there's a lot of concern that the plant could be damage and that's why the international community has been demanding that international monitors are able to visit. that part of the country. also ukrainian state nuclear company announced that russia was getting ready to unhook the plant from ukraine's grid, and tanya would carry denounces, and this is what he had to say. what is true is that if he did, he said eyes, as we propose the plant, the problem will be sold. and obviously, the electricity from the 40 year is ukrainian electricity. and it's necessary, especially during the winter ford of ukrainian people. and these principle must be fully respected. so there's been a big debate about how vis
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a by international inspectors should happen, why russia saying that it should happen to russian. so the ukrainians at the united nations are thing that it could happen through ukraine, even though it could mean going through the front lines during a telephone conversation between french president minute microphone and russia. president value me to put in be agreed of the need for a v inspector to visit the plan and even a freshman of love. you me to be said that he was going to reconsider whether you would agree or not that could change his mind and that the inspectors would go through ukraine. meanwhile, at least for explosions were posted. now russian air base north of stapo and crimea on thursday night moscow says the bloss cause no damage but warm, that it marks an escalation and the conflicts have been several explosions and fires, military bases and weapons step pose in the russian annexed region. in the past few
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weeks, russia is blamed at least one of those on sand, the toes, russia annex crimea, from ukraine in 2014. now they've been several explosions in the somali capital market issue with witnesses saying that there was 3 blas at an intersection in the city center. a short time later attack a storm, the hotel in the same area, no word yet on casualties. but of course we're bringing more information when we get it not was still had for you on the program. we're looking at record floods that are forced entire communities from their homes on new zealand, south highland i'm bobby mcmillan, you, delaware football players are facing an uncertain future off to feed our band, india for violating its rules. ah.
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hi there, good to be with you. well, we're keeping tabs on that. they were a sign of storms that we saw through corsica, northern italy, hand into southern portions of germany. let's remember it was a year ago we saw devastating flooding western areas of germany that cause tens of billions of dollars of damage. and now that line of storms pushing into the balkans or should it's going to do this is a full out cold front. you go from 29, down to just 17 degrees on monday a few days ago. you're about $35.00, almost a drop of 20 degrees within a few days off to iberia. things looking pretty good, but temperatures on the way down for lisbon, so we'll squeeze out one more nice day and for the other side of the mediterranean, looking good. looking nicosia? 40 degrees we got some showers for turkey is ne, bike c coast. still in the forecast on saturday, rain for the islands of ireland and britain, some scattered showers. look at that intense band of rain just toward the north of stock home on saturday and off to africa we go still cross set golf of guinea
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corridor. that's where we've got our storms bubbling up there, but further toward the south, a quite potent weather makers gonna whip up those winds for the eastern cape coastline. i think wind gusts seemed likely of about 90 kilometers per hour and port elizabeth on saturday. that sher update bye for now. take care. ah, which site is winning keyless or control? what does a new forever mean for america and nato? as long as americans keep consuming? prices are going to keep going up. why didn't joe biden see inflation coming? how did we get so much wrong? the quizzical look us, pull it the bottom line and diverse range of stories from across the globe. from the perspective of on networks journalist on al jazeera lou
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blue. ah, welcome back and look at night stories. now, china is in the grip of a record breaking heat wave lasted more than 2 months and is the longest since meteorological records began. tribute trees of the young say river a drying up crops, a dying and the livelihoods of many people are on the immediate frat extreme. dry weather is also causing problems in mexico, where a severe drought has hit the northern city of monterey. $5000000.00 people are running out of water and relying on water tankers. 40 say the situation that is desperate. and the ones are tra, journal entry terraces and ukraine, southern for city of odessa. to review the shipments of grain. several ships
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including the un chartered aid vessel bound for ethiopia of left ukraine's court. since the united nations and turkey pro could a deal in all the news floods in new zealand are forced hundreds of people to leave the arms. the city of nelson has been the hardest hit for the evacuations were issued on friday after $75.00 centimeters of rain fell in the space of 3 days, catching lopez how diane has more it could take years to repair the damage caused by these france days of heavy rain have better parts of new zealand fell. finally, some areas in the city of nelson are unrecognizable. on the ground, the destruction is extensive. roads are blocked, and officials have closed schools. in fire communities have been for settled their home with some declared unsafe or simply uninhabitable, is basically just caught us. and then we saw the roading stretchable property. so
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it just, yeah, led to property. it's about 815 i said to missouri, i came this morning to us as a situation it's pretty about city officials warn, there is no timeline for when people will be allowed to go back home. we will be taking a prudent approach and i'll make no excuse for that. i would rather we take the, the property and lives of people as opposed to allowing people back. and i cannot unfortunately guarantee that people will be in the houses again today. nearby towns have also registered record levels of rain. what we experienced this was probably the most increase in water flow in a river and we're saying 100 years more rainfall is expected along with warnings with more damage. katia, a little bit of a young a year off to the taliban takeover of afghanistan.
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women in the country are struggling for that right outside the education and how sectors are on many jobs available. women are able to move around freely in cities, but in rural areas, strict rules and cultural practices are keeping many at home. so women, job aid reports now from compo, thrift is businesses nearly come to hold funding a living from making traditional clothes and hand to cross is no longer an option. since many small businesses have gone bankrupt, in addition to sanctions and frozen assets, the thought of bombs reversal of women's participation in society has further hindered the floor of age to have one son. freshly struggling to keep up morale for her 7 children whose education has suffered for years. first, because of the pandemic, and then the taliban take over any answer to their care. it's been one year that they have been promising and haven't done anything. we haven't seen any results,
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girls can't go to schools and women can go to their jobs. women in cities complain of harsh restrictions from face feels to remedy that tire and suspension of many public jobs. the balaban government says it is implementing islamic law. the ministry of vice and virtue has replaced them in a city of women's affairs. there are some them in who's been appointed by the founder, been who don't think it's just open. it came on amazon and amazon saying that women can't go around the city or do their jobs freely, isn't to accurate. i still have female staff working at this hospital, female doctor, the doing their jobs as in the previous government. besides, doctors, other female personnel are also working in some government department. 3 quarters of bonds live outside the cities and most of rural iowa. nathan is traditionally conservative. that's where the dollar bonds biggest support base comes from. nita for is a teacher and despite her brothers being unemployed in this government,
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she supports the taliban. she says the majority of women in a blond nathan beer, what she calls the her job in their own way. and that's enough gone tradition. well, to fall upon, drool, wouldn't most women from avalon to stand, look at you and hear you and think that you've been brainwashed. and this is not what most women of afghanistan want. each that he had that bad dalliance should an army pan our you know, we aren't brain washed. i teach the corona. islam has given rights to women like inheritance, education to become a professor and anything they want to be a harder if we go without the he job, it's against the crime. and if we are muslims, should follow their chron. balaban officials have been accused of using excessive force when women protest, they in turn want remedy organized, protest after seeking permission. and the also aside safety and security is concerned. but to achieve that, most women of our nathan will have to trust the taliban. and that's unlikely,
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while more schools were teenage girls remain closed and promises to uphold women's rights are not put into action from a job without the 0 gobble. followers of iraqi leader, mac tundra sander have gathered for friday prize in baghdad screen zone. the holding steadfast in a 3 week long protest outside the parliament refusing to allow politicians into that building 10 months after a general election. iraq still has no government because of disagreements on forming a coalition. madame de widen bigler who on that demands. as you can see right behind to be the so the supporters continue, they're sitting, you can see the tents that have been set up. 3 weeks ago, the demonstration in front of the parliament taken control of the parliament premises, all the courtyards him for to the parliament. it occupied by so the supporters for 3 weeks now. they say they're not planning to leave the area until the parliament
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be dissolved and eliot actions be held. in fact, they have gone further demanding that no govern the form of before early elections be conducted. but that is on the other hand, as you know, that that's one top demand of the rival political block. the premium parliamentary block known as the frame with the coordination framework that demanded forming a transitional government, a head over head of early elections. now they have just finished the friday prayers as you know that every friday. so the supporters gather in some cases that are joined by some other supporters from other cities. and providence is especially from the central and southern iraq. and during friday, prayers preachers usually speak politics. once again, reiterating saw those demands, once again,
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mobilizing their supporters and deb, again holding on to their demands, the parliament be dissolved, elliot actions being held. apple uses with the i phone 6 s or later models have being asked to update their phone software as soon as possible because of security flaws. attack giant as hackers could sees full control of its phones, tablets, computers, other devices affected include new model, i, pads, and macs running on mac, o. s. monterey, and above. apple technicians have sent out an emergency software update. robert pritchard, as the cybersecurity advisor and director of the site of cyber capacity unit, he says apple users need to take the matter seriously is in fact he's always to run abilities and they are so called 0 days, which in cybersecurity job on means that they were being used by somebody for meshes, purpose, apple, apple fan dice, back to after the fact apple,
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apple of that it seriously. they have an extra b competent security team. so if they say serious, i'm sure they're right. there's actually quite a vigorous classification progress process. you know, these kind of exploits people in high risk groups should update promptly, but i would encourage you to do that anyway. it's just a practice because it's cross platform sites or is your, your i phone your i pad your mac. if you are to a malicious website or somebody sent you a link to a malicious website, this appears to be at least from my reading of it attack it could potentially take care of your device effective. we could have potentially install their own software on your advice. and from there they can do largely, whatever they want, such as get your contact information, potentially copy or e mails, let kind of thing get all the kind of sensitive information that would be useful to an attacker. it's quite likely and again, i'm speculated, but it's quite likely that these floors have been used relatively sparingly and they're probably nation states now. it could be nation states out will thing they
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do to companies like the n s o groups who have a reputation to talk to mobile devices. and now there are other companies in that space as well. but as that, as a black market gray market backs full, this kind of from debility that it was from scott to think would probably set quite a lot of money. so i would imagine it would be limited to very well resource groups, at least as part of that monday, finland's prime minister santa marines, has she's taken a drugs test out video and lab, showing her partying with friends. video led to calls from her political allies and opponents to take a voluntary test. buddy, 6 year old, marian says she's never used illegal drugs and could have performed agencies on the night of the party if necessary. test results are expected within a week. meanwhile and me basil, up below, i have nothing to hide. i have not used drugs and therefore i have no problem taking tests. i do find it pretty strange that this is something that is being demanded of me. now indian football as a dealing with the fallout from the fif is move to ban the country club and
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national teams have been bought from competing internationally with india. also losing its right to stage global events. avi michelle has more in this now from you delhi the punch you has been training for 3 years. his goal to plato, india, but fee, fast bad may change that as it a man dream is that world cobra. but because although covers or small organized where people also regard blair because of the people been but i whole golden rule to do something and i've lived a band. but oh, but bill then reagan blue. oh, nice little boy. like ios ellen, all the lease fever has suspended the federation that manages would borlin. india trouble began when its former president stayed on. after his tenure ended, the supreme court replaced him and appointed a committee to manage the football body. fever has called it under the influence from 3rd parties, which constitutes a serious violation. offered statutes, fee,
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fast as a to will reverse the ban. if the committee is disbanded and control is handed back to the federation, the supreme court is hearing the matter and has asked the government to get involved. new delhi, the biggest priority is retaining hosting rights. the under 17 women's world cup is scheduled to take place in october. in didn't players have also been banned from international matches? when go clim carola arrived in his biggest on for the ation women's club championship. they were told they couldn't play. it is very humiliating for the in data for falling for the need of india. and this is not the way we should go ahead. the band has prompted concerns about the future of the game in india. obviously if you're not recognizing us, why would you would you want to be the for the phone since? right. so that's a huge get to where we'd have met to north of us, but it's giving up for not taking ups.


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