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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 20, 2022 11:00am-11:30am AST

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guy is old, mom moved up. what can i still? what did the law stick? yeah. and others in northern nigeria have watched helplessly as a business struggle and becomes dissipated growth. making technology has changed over time, but not at this di pete's income. and that's the say that some of the products and competence, the dumping of chemically treated fabrics. yeah. like in most african market is a major source of concern for local producers. there is widespread consent here, but so even the few kits that remain will also have to close bringing an end to more than 500 years history. ah. at least 15 people killed in an attack on a hotel in the somali capital market issue. chabad claims responsibility.
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ah, hello, i'm emily, i gwen this is al jazeera alive from jo house to coming up. the french president's office says moscow has agreed to allow un inspectors inside of russian control nuclear plant in ukraine. moscow's former attorney general is arrested in connection with the disappearance of 43 students in 2014 and un way allowing taliban officials to travel abroad by is because the security council can agree on whether it should continue ah to the program. we begin in somalia, where media is say at least 15 people have been killed in an ongoing attack on a hotel in the capital market. tissue witnesses say they were at least 3 explosions
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before the attack is stoned. the building more than a dozen people have been injured. the hotel is used by somali government officials, shavanne has claimed responsibility. let's bring in hussain mohammed who is a freelance reporter. he's at a police court and outside the hyatt hotel in mogadishu and joined me now on the phone. the same, thanks so much for being on the program. what's the same like way you describe what you're witnessing? thank you. i don't know if this is a site i could be if i so i hope to get to the side of the school when it's time to.
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8 not to the. 1 lot of the students because what more do you know about the victim when they go to the office now. 5 people don't
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know how many people are going to people. what is that? all right, well, we appreciate the hussein mohammed a freelance reporter live for us in mogadishu. thank you. the rushes president vladimir putin has a grade to allow inspectors from the un atomic watchdog into a nuclear plant. and that parisha in ukraine. that's according to the office of the french president during the phone call with put in on friday, a menu on the chrome spoke about risks at the power plant. their fees of a disaster, europe's largest nuclear facility as moscow and keep trade blame from nearby shelling the international atomic energy agency says it's ready to send to team and upon spain under russian control. since march, it's operated though, by ukrainian staff and guarded by russian forces. it's been shelled repeatedly.
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the un secretary general has been expressing concern about the safety of that facility. and tony good terrors made the comments while he visited ukraine's port city of odessa. to check on grain shipments. it's out of a deal between moscow and cave broken by turkey and the un last month. the agreement allows exports from 3 ukrainian ports. global food supplies are running short partly because of the wall. jackie says 2 more ships have departed ukraine, bringing the total number of vessels to leave the black sea port to 27 still in ukraine, and for those in regions closest to the fighting hospitals in the western city of levine are lifeline. most of the injured being treated there are brought in from the east, but those hospitals are struggling to cope with the volume and nature of the injuries as to raise a bow report with to escaping the war in east in
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ukraine. some of the injured arrived here in live, even on the western side of the country to get much needed medical help. mean esvito lost her leg, doing an attack on her village in the harris on region. east i'm world leader who will? i was together with my children. they went inside and i was outside and this happened . i couldn't called to my daughter in law, there were no windows and doors. everything was destroyed. fighting continues in eastern ukraine as rush as military pushes to try to secure control over the dumbass region. but many civilians are paying the price. people here arrive with wounds that are infected with shrapnel, clothing, among other things. some of the wounds are weak sold. doctors here tell us that they're desperate to get more antibiotics and other medical supplies for treat. those who are injured will into your doctors,
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like james henderson are helping his birthday can or same injuries. he's using his annual leave from the national health service in the united kingdom, to carry out reconstructive surgeries, but maybe civilians with harbor, warranties, have land, mines, gunshots, shuttle and blast injuries are reconstructive to it's very difficult to do in this environment. but we are managing, you know, essentially the equipment they've got here is about 2nd world war era. and so we are using kind of techniques that you would have been used in those in those times with 70 percent of face and do not survive a limb injury. and that's why training doctors with new techniques is crucial relation. doctor nap had each says he has been working nonstop since we started. we are fighting with the country and don't surprise the children, the woman, the all man and the military. the strike,
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the civilian and infrastructure to the school they destroyed more than $300.00 hospitals in the, in the center of ukraine. it's been almost 6 months since the war began. and those who are being treated here are grateful to get a 2nd chance of bringing theresa by now, who is in odessa. theresa, how will the health care is to be impacted if the fighting continued? russia continues to attack ukraine on the eastern side of the country. where i tell every missile strikes rockets and many things, then this is having a huge impact not only on holders, but also on the civilian population and hospitals right up the front line where the front nice. okay. now, in eastern ro crania, are struggling to cope with the amount of people that are being injured. at this point, we've heard, for example, that dr. there for to amputate, i mean,
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instead of trying to repair it, i'm, that's why the government have sets. hospice will way system to start extracting evacuating those who have been injured towards the worst part of the country. a safer area where hospitals are receiving them and treating them among other things . but feel bare in those say for areas where you could see and the reports we made, doctors are also struggling and they're asking for more antibiotics and other types of medical supplies. yes, certainly it was an interesting report that teresa, as i mentioned before, that moscow has agreed to allow the nuclear watchdog into this apparition plans when we see visit by inspect it. well if somebody says a major concern for the international law shuttle covert part of the country back in march, they set up a face where the nuclear power plant isn't fighting. and shelling has been ongoing there. there's lot of concern about some type of damage could have happened and now
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there's web press him loving me to putting during our conversation with french president and one micron. they both agree to be important for the i a to visit the plan could to guarantee the safety of the plans is working right now with this being handled in a way by ukrainian that technicians, but they're closely watched by russian soldiers. and this is also a concern. what we will know right now is that the i e, a has said that they're ready to inspect the area. but the big debate right now is how is that going to happen initially? russia wanted the mission of expert to go through russia while ukraine, i'm international community, once the experts visit the area through very canyon side of the country, which would mean crossing the front line. so now it's a matter of when and how this is going to be done, but everyone here seems to agree that this inspection needs to happen as soon as possible. we certainly be watching with bated breath, appreciate the update theresa bar line front in odessa. moving on now and mexico
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is former attorney general. i have marie or has been arrested as part of an investigation into the disappearance of 43 students. in 2014, maria led the original inquiry, which was highly criticized. he's accused of being involved in torture and forced disappearance, as well as obstruction of justice. there was international outrage when the students disappeared. i easy go in the southwest and city of a guam. on friday, mexico's president repeated his promise to punish those responsible for the student's disappearance. i yes. see, of course the case is not closed. the commission's report has been released and the prosecutor's office will continue to work on it. that it was her lover that uncovering the truth, strengthens institutions and punishes those responsible. elisa nicaragua have arrested a catholic bishop known for his criticism of president daniel ortega, lender alvarez is being detained at home at his home rather in the capital. managua
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. as a latin america editor, lucy newman reports as part of a wider government crackdown on dissent among members of the clergy. for the last 16 days, nick wrong was police and prevented much the gallop as bishop landel. albert is from leaving his residence, not even to preside over mass 0, but i always the road in front of our diocese is closed and blocked by the national police long. oh, but that was not the end of it. before dawn, friday, police raided the bishop's residence, detained, laid priests and staff, and put bishop alba this under house arrest. in a statement, the police call did quote, in operation to recover normality for citizens and families of martha guided by accusing bishop orlando. albert is of repeated acts of destabilization and provocations. oh, with the vast majority of government opponents in prison or in exile, nicaragua,
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catholic church has become a thorn in the side of president. daniel ortega and his wife reciting moody. you'll who is the vice president of the presidential couple accused, the bishop of instigating dissent. ever since they gave refuge to anti government protesters during widespread demonstrations in 2018 human rights organizations are again raising their voice and demanding the release of those arbitrarily detained. the secretary general is very concerned by the severe closure of democratic and civic space in nicaragua and recent actions against civil society organizations, including those of the catholic church. reports of arrayed against the residence of the catholic bishop of martha golfer only heightened these concerns. ah bishop alba, this is the 4th priest to be put under house arrest in as many months preferring little cody. this is incredible repression against the church and repression against catholic people. we remain here praying to the virgin mary. shortly after
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the bishop's arrest, a group of latin american and european statesman called on pope frances to break his silence and speak out forcibly against what they call ortega's chrissa cushion of the catholic church. you see a newman al jazeera, still a head on al jazeera. we look at whether achieving stability in chad is possible. as the military leadership prepares to hotel with rebels. and the future remains uncertain for afghan women with the taliban restrictions and a batted economy, taking their tongue. ah, the journey has begun. the faithful world copies on its way to catherine book, your travel package to the i there, hope your weekends going well. here's the weather. details on saturday, red weather alerts in play for that southeast corner of germany. storms here could
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dump anywhere from 80 to a 100 millimeters of rain over a short period of time. so flash flooding seems possible those storms also pressing into the balkans and that's going to flush out the heat. and where this rain could be used is north of valencia. we got this wild fire burning here crews are trying to get the upper hand in o smoke is also drifting into valencia. so some dangerous conditions there was been at $33.00 degrees, will squeeze out one more night, stay before those temperatures start to fall off. and for turkey, some showers in the forecast tribes on 26th, a number for you and off to the north west. we go still some showers hanging around the islands of ireland and britain, and then we've got this run of rain at for stockholm and particularly northern areas. some pretty good bursts of rain. they're blanketed in rain across senegal, the gambia, sierra leone, and liberia. as we dipped toward the south, a vigorous weather system is generating powerful winds for these turn cape province . and quasi lunar. busy toll so i think for the eastern cape,
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providence will see those when guest 90 kilometers per hour and for durban. this winds will whip up to 70 clicks per hour on saturday. that sure weather up the fight for now. i saw official airline of the journey. new voice, the heating up, the airway. lot of chinese listeners. we can't really hear what i really think in their own country shifting paleface, the rise of citizen journalism has changed everything. how do you happen? it happened on social media and the undeniable impact of the mainstream narrative. australians went to the pole with those images front of mine is a wall. it's very much game ports out in the media as low as on the battlefield. they're listening post. dissect the media on al jazeera, a the
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hello are you watching out 0? i'm emily, angling. he's a reminder about top stories this. our health officials in the money is say at least 15 people i've been killed in an attack. gonna hotel in mogadishu when it's and say they with 3 explosions before gunman stones, the building shabba has claimed responsibility rushes president has agreed to allow inspectors from the un nuclear watchdog into the declaration plans in ukraine. that's according to the french president shelling near the facility has right of a nuclear disaster. and mexico for my attorney general a have zeus. maria has been arrested as pop investigation into the disappearance of 43 students in 2014. he's accused of torture for disappearance. and obstruction of justice a un security council waiver allowing afghan
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taliban officials to travel abroad has expired. senior members of the group have been subject to a travel band since 2011. but 13 taliban officials have been granted and exemptions . so that could attend pay stalks some security council members wanted it removed since the group took power by force last year. they could vote again on monday own and amended way them christian salumi has moved from the un headquarters in your sanctions against the taliban, including travel restrictions have long been a thorny issue for the security council. they were 1st imposed back in 1999. related to the groups sheltering of al qaeda. the council made exceptions in 2019 to allow some members to travel outside of the country for peace talks. but since the group took control of afghanistan last year, some council members have argued the waiver should be conditional on the taliban respect for human rights, particularly the rights of women and girls. the un stepping spokesperson for the
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secretary general summed up the dilemma. some of the members of the council appointed to the benefits of allowing them to go about a travel for diplomatic work, including for example, to the doha, you will have seen what the contribution of the, of the process ad doha has as made in terms of the wider dealings with balaban at the same time, we've clearly expressed our concerns about the dollar, bonds own records and, and their failure in, in recent months to, to uphold out their stated commitments to maintain the status quo on human rights. including in particular, the rights of women and girls, china back by russia, has argued that the waivers are as necessary as ever given the dire economic situation that afghanistan finds itself in. but diplomats tell us that other countries have been pushing back led by ireland. they want to re impose travel restrictions, at least in part it's been
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a year since the taliban seized control of afghanistan and many women is still banned from working on getting an education in cities. women are allowed to move around. but in rural areas, strict rules and cultural practices here many at home as m as in j reports from campbell thrift is business is nearly come to hold. earning a living from making traditional clothes in hand to cross is no longer an option. since many small businesses have gone bankrupt, in addition to sanctions and frozen assets, the thought abounds reversal of women's participation in society has further hindered the flow of age to understand fresh. they're struggling to keep up morale for her 7 children whose education has suffered for years. first, because of the pandemic. and then the taliban take over and they answer that gay. it's been one year that they have been promising and haven't done any thing. we haven't seen any results, girls can't go to schools and women can go to their jobs. women in cities
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complained of harsh restrictions from face feels to women's attire and suspension of many public jobs. the balaban government says it is implementing islamic law. the ministry of. 5 vice and virtue has replaced them in a city of veterans affairs. there are some them in who have been appointed by the taliban, who don't think it's just tokenism can on amazon. and amazon saying that women can't go around the city or do their jobs freely, isn't to accurate. i still have female staff working at this hospital, female doctor, the doing their jobs as in the previous government. besides, doctors, other female personnel are also working in some government departments. 3 quarters of, of bonds live outside the cities and most of rural iowa. nathan is traditionally conservative, not severe. the dollar bonds biggest support base comes from nila for is a teacher. and despite her brothers being unemployed in this government, she supports the taliban. i'll she says the majority of women in of law nathan beer,
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what she calls the her job in their own way. and that's enough, gone tradition. well, to fall upon, drool. what is most women from lancaster look at you and hear you and think that you've been brainwashed, and this is not what most women of understand want. h deleon should not meet on our way. you know, we aren't brainwashed. i teach the koran. islam is given rights to women like inheritance, education to become a professor and anything they want to be. if we go without the he job, it's against the crohn. and if we are muslims, we should follow the crime. thought about officials of in accused of using excessive force, men women protest. they in turn one room into organized protest after seeking permission. and they also site safety and security concern. but to achieve that, most women of venison will have to trust the taliban. and that's unlikely, while most schools for teenage girls remain closed and promises to uphold women's
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rights, are not put into action from a job down to 0 double chance military ladyship is due to disgusted timeline from national elections with rebels. a week ago, the party signed a pace agreement in doha paving the way the negotiations, its hope. the national dialogue will bring an end to decades of conflict. have been morgan reports from an germanium. after years as a rebel hussein anymore hygiene is back in the chatting capital in germain. i'm a member of the armed group national conquered movement. his faction was one of more than 40, which recently signed a peace agreement with the government national. we sought through the negotiations that lasted for 5 months. the best option for us as a political group is peace. there is no better option. the conflict has been going on for a long time. in many people have been affected. the deal between chad's military
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government and the armed groups find in arthritis capital doha, have led to talk on the countries political future. this scheduled to start on saturday after years of turmoil, a crisis effect worth. and last year, when mohammed reese, debbie took power after the death of his father defying the constitution. the talks are set to law for up to 3 weeks. among the issues to be discussed are the constitution and it's timeline for a national election. while many groups are expected to take part in the dialogue, others have rejected it, including the main arm group front for change and conquered, which fought in the battle against the government last year that's killed then president it re say be. the government says it hope those not taking part in the talks will join soon. 5 if i for the modem, owner in this is the 1st time we're having an inclusive dialogue that includes political parties and civil societies. and where the groups are not there for one on one agreement, the doha agreement, paid the way for this, the door is still open to those who have not signed to join the talks. the world.
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the years of conflict have taken a toll on civilians. bushera met is a survivor of fighting between government and rebel groups in the capital in 2008 power like and i started to help them out of them. but he and we couldn't walk on the street. there were bodies everywhere, a soldier. so rebels are innocent, people, we had to flee to a town far away, where we struggled with food and water because there are too many of us and the much, i hope the stocks bring civility. he, the barber with nearly half the population, living in poverty and hundreds of 1000 still displaced many others, also share the same hopes, even if some have refused to join the process for peace. hip morgan, alta theera in camino pakistan's prime minister, she by she rave, has visited areas affected by reco breaking monsoon rainfall. hundreds of people have died and many have been forced to flay their homes. are a force it has moved. this crisis is lost in weeks and it's not over yet. the worst
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monsoon rains in 30 years inundating vast areas of land and hitting pakistan's poorest province baluchistan the hottest hundreds of schools and thousands of homes have been destroyed here across pakistan. hundreds of people have died and hundreds of thousands have been displaced, struggling to reach some kind of safety to find some kind of shelter. we like a off. that's what our take. lots have taken everything from us. man. we were only able to save our kids and few life. so can i, we are in dire need of help as early as possible 905. and again i have argued that we lost everything in the floods and left empty handed. we don't have food, shelter, or even clean drinking water. many of us are suffering from diarrhea and other gastro diseases. while the government is not doing anything for us. any criticism of the government extends beyond the immediate response and back through previous governments, plans to update infrastructure and resilience repeatedly not implemented, leaving people exposed to monsoon flooding every year is years. enormous rainfalls,
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particularly devastating. pakistan's prime minister has repeatedly visited hearted areas this flooding season, insisting his administration is doing all it can't appreciate the salgado accorda the 30 year. reco monsoon range has been broken. they see it's a few 100 times more than normal and a lot. justin, that's brought miseries to people's lives that both federal and provincial governments are committed to helping these poor people to their utmost. pakistan has been ranked the 8th most exposed country in the world to the risks of climate change, oblique window on the future to the newly grieving and displaced, contemplating how and where to rebuild their lives. every faucet, al jazeera to mexico, now where extremely dry weather is creating a crisis. in northern stains, millions of people are running out of water and relying on tank is reservoirs and
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dams have also dropped to critical levels. and my rapid reports from mexico city extreme drought conditions persist in northern mexico. the city of monterey home to some 5000000 people has been particularly hard hit. when the moses stay, belinda put allow ayana's papacy. people are fighting over the water, the trucks arrive and people don't respect the line as chaos in our neighborhood is sad, but what can we do? we need a miracle. these are the driest conditions. the region has seen in 30 years with recorded rainfall levels far below average for in, during a recent visit to monterey, mexico's president under this manuel lopez over at other promised to continue to provide emergency government assistance. you'll go game. i believe this situation will help lead everyone towards participating in the conservation of water so that we will be more conscious about the importance of is vital resource at k. experts
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say as much as 65 percent of mexico's territory is currently experiencing moderate to severe drought conditions. the attributed in part to this year's unseasonable la, nina weather pattern, which has pushed rain and cooler temperatures. further north extreme heat and a lack of rain are also reeking habit across the border in the united states, prompting action from officials, they're growing drought crisis is fueled by the impacts of climate change, including extreme heat, low precipitation in turn, severe drought conditions that perpetuate the climate crisis by increasing wildfire risk affecting crop yields and ultimately disrupting our ecosystem. and the climate as a whole. us states like arizona and nevada have already been asked to cut back what they take from the drought stricken colorado river, which supplies water to some 40000000 people across 7 us states and to communities
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in northwestern mexico, less water from the colorado river is also raising longer term concerns in both the us and mexico over potential food shortages. if action is not taken to address the crisis. monroe's up below al jazeera mexico city. the government of montenegro has lost her confidence vote after the prime minister signed a controversial agreement with the serbian orthodox church. it includes regulations, the hundreds of churches, monasteries, and other properties. the churches roland service, influence have been divisive issues. and once in a group separated from its neighbor in 2006 finish prime minister, santa marine says she's taken a drug test after a video emerged of her partying with friends. the footage prompted calls from both political allies and opponents to take a voluntary test. for the 6 year old maureen, it says she's never used illegal substances and could have performed.


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