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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 20, 2022 12:00pm-12:31pm AST

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come will come, a lot of these are confusing time and making sense of it all might be asking a little much it does make you wonder though what garcia marquez, kind of funny and wolf would have made of the fake news phenomenon. today. the blending of fact and fiction meant to confuse, rather than in, for you've been watching a special edition of our program on journalism from off the beaten track. we'll see you next time. here at the listening post. oh i at least 15 people killed in an attack on a hotel in the somali capital mogadishu. elisha bab, claims,
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responsibility ah hello, i am emily angry. this is al jazeera live from doha. also coming up south africa zulu community is crowning and new king. after months of dispute about who should lay the nation's largest ethnic group, mexico's former attorney general is arrested in connection with the disappearance of 43 students in 2014. and a crucial dialogue gets underway in chad, but will it bring an end to decades of conflict? we're live in the capitol. ah. hello and welcome to the program. we begin in somalia, where local media is reporting at least 15 people have been killed in an attack that still happening this hour in the capital. mogadishu witnesses say there were
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at least 3 explosions before. attack is stormed a popular hotel, more than a dozen people have been injured. the hotel is used by somali government officials, al chabad has claimed responsibility. hussein mohammed is a freelance reporter in mogadishu and has the latest. i found you to go look at it. i think that is a fund if you have several policy on a particular. 8 5 so we already knew that several people including the owner of talk to people this i'll tell is that a lot of muslim waited 5 on sunday. so we know that. 1 love it. so it was one
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last tonight so that, that was the top of that. so we, we don't know at the moment how much of the selling agent at all but it is outside the fact that some of the money part of the country and he's coming. 5 go from the shop and you know somebody, president before that he's government will pay out. i'll see if i get it for me that there will eliminate the group. 8 8 the same time i was about. 4 shop lead me that he will top of the government. 5 it out. 5 much for the last 3 months i included. 4 i thought that happen i.
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1 1 will fax, again it to the government on the so i'm out of the, the russian president vladimir putin has agreed to allow inspectors from the un atomic watchdog into a nuclear plant at zappa ratio in ukraine. that's according to the office of the french president, during a phone call with put in on friday, emanuel microns spoke about risks at the power plant. there were fees of a disaster. europe's largest nuclear facility as moscow and cave tried blame for nearby shelling. the international atomic energy agency says it's ready to send a team. and the plant under ration control since march bought it's operated by ukrainian stuff and got it by russian forces. it's been shells repeatedly.
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paul ingram is a senior research associate at cambridge university center for the study of ex distension risk. he says there's good reason to be worried about the safety of the plant. those 2 key areas of concern, one is the reactor itself, which is well protected with concrete term protection around it. this is designed for impacts from civil act, croft and the like and, and the shell is unlikely to penetrate that to any significant degree. having said that, damage to that, to that protection, could be quite serious in the sense that continue with the continued damage could, could compromise the, the safety of the rate of the reactor and lead to a leak, which would have significant impacts locally, not necessarily across europe we're not really talking about turnover type
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situation, but there are more vulnerable parts of the site, including the spent fuel, palms and, and the supply of power and electricity. and, and if there is a hit, then we could see a chain reaction. i mean, in the sense of a cascade of problems which could lead to failure if the plant so there is a real significant risk in a situation where the work is there under huge stress. and where in the folk of war it's very difficult to maintain control. so i think it's very important for both sides to see the seriousness of this situation and we're halt offensive at attacks that could compromise this, this power plant. the un secretary general has also been expressing concern about the safety of the facility. and tony good terrors made the comments while he visited ukraine for the city of odessa. to check on grind shipments. it's part of
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a deal between moscow and cave broken by turkey and the un last month. the agreement allows exports from 3 ukrainian ports. global food supplies are running short partly because of the war. jackie says 2 more ships have departed ukraine, bringing the total number of vessels to leave the black sea ports to $27.00. still in ukraine, in regions closest to the fighting hospitals in the western city of lavell are lifeline. most of the injured being traded in levine, var brought in from the east. but those hospitals is struggling to cope with the volume and nature of the injuries. as to raise about reports with to escaping the war in east in ukraine. some of the injured arrived here in live, even on the western side of the country to get much needed medical help. mean esvito lost her leg doing an attack on her village in the house on region. mr.
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world, we will need to do it will will. i was together with my children. they went inside and i was outside and this happened. i couldn't call to my daughter in law, there were no windows and doors. everything was destroyed. fighting continues in eastern ukraine as rush as military pushes to try to secure control over the dumbass region. but many civilians are paying the price. people here arrive with wounds that are infected with shrapnel, clothing, among other things, some of the wounds are weak sold. doctors here tell us that they're desperate to get more antibiotics and other medical supplies for treat. those who are injured will into your doctors like james henderson are helping his birth. he can, you know, same injuries. he's using his annual leave from the national health service in the united kingdom, to carry out reconstructive surgeries, but mainly civilians with horrible war injuries. have land mines gunshots,
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shuttle and blast injuries are reconstructive to it's very difficult to do in this environment. but we are managing, you know, essentially the equipment they've got here is about 2nd road rule era. and so we are using kind of techniques that you would have been used in those in those times with 70 percent of patients do not survive a limb when during and that's why training doctors with new techniques is crucial at relation. doctor nap had each says he has been working nonstop since we started . we're fighting with the country and had done the brain, the children, the woman, the all man and the military. this dry, the civilian and infrastructure to the school they destroyed more than 300 hospitals in the, in the center of ukraine. it's been almost 6 months since the war began. and those
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were being treated here are grateful to get a 2nd chance. they said, well, i'll just see that live eve, ukraine, south africa zulu kingdom is crowning a new monarch after months of internal division. mister zulu, the son of the late king of good wills, the will, a teeny, is set to take over as leader of the nation's largest ethnic group. the ceremony is taking place, despite opposition from a small group of the royal family. thousands of zulus are expected to attend, but only a few minutes. the sacred ritual that traditionally makes the coronation. for more on this, let's bring in for made a miller, who is in a non going my and the connection is a little bit shaky. so we'll try and do our best to hear from you what's happening way where you are for me to actually struggling to hear you right now. we've had a large group of, i'm a boots or to, to worry is come through heading towards the secret crawl and that we, much of the ceremony today will take place. and what's also happened in the last 24
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hours with the new king vc zulu cause will it take me on perform some rituals within that sacred crawl? i think the high, the beginning of is being shipped off the zulu nation, and this goes all the way back to shaka, zulu, in the early 19 hundreds. now, many of the people attending today, of course, are from the pseudo nation. we saw a marble to a warriors, we also see a number of maids and they're all here to show it to the new king that now the kingship really and the suspension to the see to hasn't been without some controversy in that they has been the other members of the royal family fighting for that c. and there has been some contestation, but it's also important to note that throughout the ascension to the throne and this is now the 9th king of the civil nation. there have been a number of contests around just to the rightful king is given the amount people
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we're senior today, we're expecting more than 30000. it seems, at least as a new does the backing of the pseudo nation despite 2 of his brothers saying that they are the rightful king. and we've seen that play out in recent days, both within the court and within the royal family. some of the members of the royal family saying they're not supporting the c zulu, but i think people yell will say something differently. we also have a number of maidens, more of them coming through towards that call and entering that process for mrs. luna, with at the beginning of he's on the phone, we lost the day. all right, we're going to leave it there because we've just lost the connection, but we certainly appreciate that report from may to mila life for us. then. all right, still ahead on al jazeera, you in way allowing taliban officials to travel abroad expires because the security
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council can agree on whether it should continue and record breaking months and rains in pakistan have killed hundreds of people and left 1000 homeless. ah ah. finally, some good news to deliver for new zealand. hi there. so the heaviest of the rain is now over. sure. still a bit more rain to go in some areas around. it has been bay picked up more than a meter of rain over the span of a few days. and this is a tropical air mass as well. and we certainly felt it's the other day. awkward, set a temperature record for the month of august, off to us straightly we go largely fine and dry. no surprise there for the sum of the year. but here's another cold front getting point to swoop in to the southeast
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corner of the country. so we'll go in for a closer look, but this day forward on monday is that rain dances in south australia, victoria and tasmania, and it's gonna kick back your temperatures just a little bit in the days to come. now the southwest monsoon is steering heavy rain into not only myanmar but also thailand on sunday. and those storms that we had in the korean peninsula moved into japan, but was that activity is starting to fizzle out on sunday. but we do have a clutch of showers in storms once again closing in on beijing. so that's gonna lower your temperatures. speaking of lower temperatures, they've also fallen off in shanghai is $35.00 degrees, but still high humidity there. so feeling in the forty's, that's it for me, i'll catch up with you next hour. ah! on gallery recalls, rose drawing up and cropped porch to cook drought, was europe's cost of living crisis. walter,
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delaying the global recovery of youth employment, whilst care of the tale bombs fix up got his dad's economic crisis a year after they took power counseling, but cost on the al jazeera. we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter what we can use in current for that matter to you, lou. ah ah, hello. are you watching al jazeera? i'm emily anglin. he is a reminder of your top stories. the salam health officials in somalia say at least 15 people have been killed in an attack on a hotel in mogadishu. witnesses, i? there were 3 explosions, bubble gum and stormed the building. i'll chabad has claimed responsibility. said
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africa zulu kingdom is crowning. a new monarch after months of succession, squabbles, misery zulu, the son of the late king of goodwill cell with teeny is said to be recognized as the leader of the country's largest ethnic group. and russia's president has agreed to allow inspectors from the un nuclear watchdog into the zappa ratio planting ukraine. that's according to the french president. shelling near the facility has raised fees of a nuclear disaster. chad's military leadership is due to discuss a timeline for national elections with the rebels, the opposition parties and civil society groups. last week, the parties signed to pay agreement in joe ha, paving the wife, and ago she ations it's hope to talk. so bring an end to decades of conflict, but the 2 largest rebel verbs boycotting, along with one coalition. if political and civil society groups, the negotiations come off 2 decades of unrest since independence from france in
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1916, the debbie family has been empowered since 1919 as president interested, be governed for 30 years. he was killed on the battlefield in 2021 and succeeded by his son mohammed. chad military has been an ally of france, security interests in the region. it's deployed troops to neighboring countries, baffling, armed groups in this to help chad is reaching resources, but consistently ranks bottom, neither bottom rather all the u. n. human development index. it has one of the lowest life expectancies and education levels. let's bring in hip morgan who joins me live now from n jemina he bought what's expected on the 1st day of these talks. well, people here will be expecting speeches from the head of the african union. permission must have 15 who is attending the event?
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they're also expecting to hear from a cutter, preventative, the cutter delegation that is arrived to attend the event. now, of course, this was all preceded by a peace agreement time in that country, capital doha, last week, mediated by a potter. but there will also be a speech from the head of the military transitional military council. mohammed addressed their b. now they will be discussing a lot of issues throughout the period of this dialogue. starting today, they will be deciding on the agenda on the committees that will be formed to discuss the issues such as the constitution, the disarmament of arm groups that have signed the fees deal in the other capital. doha, but more importantly they'll be discussing about the issue of elections and whether the arm group to the find the deal are eligible to be running for a candidate for president c. r, when elections are held. and if the current head of the transitional military council, who's bahama degrees, debbie and also the president is allowed to rerun again after had already extended the transition period. so lots of issues expect it to be discussed today. and in
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the coming weeks starting with committees form to try to tackle the issues one by one and he but what about the groups that have boycotted these talks? oh, yes, yes indeed. now we spoke to the i head of the organizing committee about the fact that there are several groups, including the main armed opposition groups, the front for change and punk words, which is by quoted signing the agreement. and these facts. calling the committee basically a government body. now the head of the organizing committee says bad at the door is still open for the are groups that have boycotted the tags and up to refuse to sign an agreement to join the talks and to join the allow calling. it's an exclusive dialogue, not just one between arm groups and the government, but one that includes civil society, labor unions and several other groups as well. now many sides, many people here in chad say that this is an opportunity for the country to get up once again that they want to see the dialogue result in an improvement in the countries politics and stability. but it's going to take at least 3 weeks for those
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docs to finish. and until then people say they'll be waiting to see how the talks go. indeed, thank you very much for bringing us up to speed a been morgan line for us in and jemina mexico. as for my attorney general hi zeus, maria has been arrested as part of an investigation into the killing of 43 students back in 2014. he's accused of being involved in the torture enforced disappearances, as well as obstruction of justice, victoria gate and be report hey, says maria, let the original inquiry into the disappearance of 43 students. prosecutors say he covered up. what really happened? mexico's president andras manuel lopez abra door says those responsible must face justice or year fee. of course the case is not closed or the commission's report has been released and the prosecutor's office will continue to work on it. that one of her lover uncovering the truth, strengthens institutions and punishes those responsible. he got the ira,
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went out. the group of students went missing 6 years ago while traveling by bus 2, a demonstration marino's report in 2015 concluded they were detained by corrupt police officers and handed over to a drug cartel, which mistook them for members of a rival gang. it said the cartel killed the students and burned their remains at a rubbish dump. but the families, independent investigators and the un high commissioner for human rights rejected the findings. on thursday a day before maria's arrest mexico, my senior human rights official, referred to a high level cover up gallon sample issue that was wanting to, to assist of young. as the disappearance of the 43 students constitutes a state crime, federal and state authorities of the highest level when negligent and altered faxed to establish a false conclusion of what happened. 06 is own. these families are still waiting for answers only the remains of 3 young men have
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been identified. marino's arrest is renewed hopes of finally finding out what happened. victoria gate and be al jazeera, still in mexico and extremely dry weather is creating a crisis in no than stains. millions of people are running out of water and relying on tank is reservoirs and dams have also dropped to critical levels. man, my rapid reports from mexico city extreme drought conditions persist in northern mexico. the city of monterey home to some 5000000 people has been particularly hard hit. when the moses stay, but in the put allow ayana's papacy, people are fighting over the water. the trucks arrive and people don't respect the line as chaos in our neighborhood is sad, but what can we do? we need a miracle. these are the driest conditions. the region has seen in 30 years with recorded rainfall levels far below average for in, during a recent visit to monterey, mexico's president under this manuel lopez over to lord promised to continue to
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provide emergency government assistance. you'll go game. i believe this situation will help lead everyone towards participating in the conservation of water so that we will be more conscious about the importance of his wydell resource at k. experts say as much as 65 percent of mexico's territory is currently experiencing moderate to severe drought conditions they attributed in part to this year's unseasonable la . nina, weather pattern, which has pushed rain and cooler temperatures, further north extreme heat and a lack of rain are also reeking habit. across the border in the united states propping action from officials, they're growing drought crisis is fueled by the impacts of climate change, including extreme heat, low precipitation in turn, severe drought conditions that perpetuate the climate crisis. by increasing wildfire risk, affecting crop yields and ultimately disrupting our ecosystem. and the climate as
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a whole. us states like arizona and nevada have already been asked to cut back what they take from the drought stricken colorado river, which supplies water to some 40000000 people across 7 u. s. states and to communities in northwestern mexico, less water from the colorado river is also raising longer term concerns in both the us and mexico over potential food shortages. if action is not taken to address the crisis. monroe apollo al jazeera mexico city. pakistan's prime minister chavez sharif has visited areas affected by reco, breaking months and rainfall. hundreds of people have died and may more have been forced from their hinds as harry faucet reports. this crisis is lost in weeks, and it's not over yet. the worst monsoon rains in 30 years inundating vast areas of land and hitting pakistan's poorest province baluchistan the hottest. hundreds of
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schools and thousands of homes have been destroyed here. across pakistan, hundreds of people have died and hundreds of thousands have been displaced. struggling to reach some kind of safety to find some kind of shelter we lakaya does lot our take lots have taken everything from us. man. we were only able to save our kids and few lifestyle cannot be. we are in dire need of help as early as possible . and again, we lost everything in the floods and left empty handed. we don't have food, shelter, or even clean drinking water. many of us are suffering from diarrhea and other gastro diseases. while the government is not doing anything for us, any criticism of the government extends beyond the immediate response and back through previous governments, plans to update infrastructure and resilience repeatedly not implemented, leaving people exposed to monsoon flooding every year. this year's enormous rainfalls particularly devastating pakistan's prime minister,
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has repeatedly visited hearted areas this flooding season, insisting his administration is doing on it. can't appreciate the sancho joe acorda the 30 year reco. it's a monsoon range has been broken. they see it's a few 100 times more than normal in the lot justin, that's brought miseries to people's lives. that both federal and provincial governments are committed to helping these poor people to the utmost on. pakistan has been ranked the 8th most exposed country in the world to the risks of climate change, oblique window on the future to the newly leaving and displaced, contemplating how and where to rebuild their lives. hurry faucet, al jazeera, a un security council waiver allowing afghan taliban officials to travel abroad has expired. senior members of the group have been subject to a travel band since 2011, but 13 taliban officials have been granted an exemption so that i could attend pay stokes. some security council members wanted it removed since the route to pow bye
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for the last team. they could vote again on monday on an amended way them christian salome has more from the un headquarters in, you know, sanctions against the taliban, including travel restrictions have long been a thorny issue for the security council. they were 1st imposed back in 1999 related to the groups sheltering of al qaeda. the council made exceptions in 2019 to allow some members to travel outside of the country for peace talks. but since the group took control of afghanistan last year, some council members have argued the waiver should be conditional on the taliban respect for human rights, particularly the rights of women and girls. the un deputy spokesperson for the secretary general summed up the dilemma. some of the members of the council appointed to the benefits of allowing them to go about a travel for diplomatic work, including for example, to doha. and you will have seen what the contribution of the, of the process ad doha has,
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has made in terms of the wider dealings with balaban. at the same time, we've clearly expressed our concerns about the dollar, bonds own records and, and their failure in, in recent months to uphold out there stated commitments to maintain the status quo on human rights. including in particular, the rights of women and girls, china and back by russia, has argued that the waivers are as necessary as ever given the dire economic situation that afghanistan finds itself in. but diplomats tell us that other countries have been pushing back led by ireland. they want to re impose travel restrictions, at least in part the government of montenegro has lost a no confidence vote after the prime minister signed a controversial agreement with the serbian orthodox church. it includes regulations for hundreds of churches, monasteries, and other properties, the churches, raul and soviet influence have been divisive issues since montenegro separated from
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its name back in 2006. apple has issued an emergency update for a big security floor, and its software is, hey, company says hackers could save for control or phones, tablets, and computers. it's urging anyone who could be the target of spying, such as activist. so channel s to install the security patches as soon as possible . paddy calhane has been speaking with apple uses in washington dc. most people with smartphones are used to get in the occasional reminder that it's time to update your software. but if you have anything that starts with an eye or has an apple on it, you're going to want to listen this time. apple has announced that they have found a flaw in their system, which basically can allow hackers to take over your smartphone, your i pad, your mac, and basically you lose control of it. but everyone we talked, you said they hadn't heard about the problem. there's an average of $6000.00 data breaches every day. most people aren't very great about keeping
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all their software up to date. so glitches data breaches all these things are actually not that uncommon. i had shower with my i phone, which is very user friendly, which is why i have it in the 1st place. so going to an android is just too much a batch. all you gotta do is update it within alabama. it's all good. now apple says they have fixed this law and you're gonna want to make sure the updating system you're running is $15.00. alarmingly apple says they are aware of reports that this wall has already been exploited. ah, hello, are you watching out here? these are the top stories, this our health officials in somali and say at least 15 people have been killed in an attack on a hotel in mogadishu. when it's is a there with 3.


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