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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 24, 2022 10:00pm-10:31pm AST

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6 months since russia's invasion ukraine monks his independence day with defiance and a pledge to fight on. and speaking of the un ukraine's president accuses moscow of nuclear blackmail in its occupation of the zapper reach a power plant. ah une barker, this is al jazeera alive from london, also coming up, inching closer to reviving the iran nuclear deal to ron considers a response from the u. s. as israel warned western nations to block it, and a month long see saw disrupted as fighting a ropes between government forces and troops from to cray. ah, 6 months of war and ukraine has flattened towns and cities kill thousands of people or force millions to flee as ukrainians mark this grim milestone on
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a day. that is also a celebration of independence. president, florida, may zalinski has told the united nations the world depends on ukrainian sovereignty . in his defiant address, zalinski vow to fight russia's invasion without compromise. he says at least 15 people were killed in a rush, an attack on a railway station near the denise pro. there have been warnings of russian attacks to coincide with independence day, which marks 31 years since ukraine separated from the soviet union, announcing a new $3000000000.00 ministry, a package u. s. president joe biden said ukrainians had inspired the world. but the cost of the invasion continue to rise, is estimated. it will take $750000000000.00 to repair the damage across ukraine. and while secrecy surrounds the price tag for russia's invasion, estimate suggests that could start at around $1000000000.00 per day. for now though ukrainians were remembering the human costs of the war and honoring the lives lost, theresa bo begins are coverage from keith. was new my father and son
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walking to pay tribute to those killed in the war. both of them were injured in the fight against russia, attended, entangle, says he's getting ready to go back to the front once he has recovered so far, this is not a celebration with this. his memory celebration will be after the victory when everyone returns home, alive and fallen. we have many losses now. it's independence day ukraine. but there are no celebrations this year because of the war. it may have been 31 years of independence from soviet rule, but the fight for freedom people say, is more alive than ever. this past takes months, thousands of people have been killed and injured. millions have been displaced. this is a memorial fight. ought to remember those who have been killed in this conflict. there's also this book that you can see here where people can come and write their own personal story of loss. they have been coming year steadily all day.
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remembering those they have lost it's, it's a big concern because i see la play says the war has cost extensive damage, especially in southern and eastern ukraine, where the fighting is ongoing. seen all around ukraine as a result of this conflict, a tremendous amount of suffering of physical suffering, of also mental suffering. a population that is traumatized. we see, you know, critical infrastructure damaged or destroyed, including water infrastructure, also health facilities, also educational facilities. some really basic goods are very hard to come by, including food, including water, presidency landscape, reaffirmed his call to recover the territories occupied by russia. he walked through the centre of kiera, accompanied by british prime minister maurice johnson. hundreds of destroyed russian tanks were put on display on the street, an open act of defiance to russia. zelinski had sat moscow with planning
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a series of cruel attacks on independence day. se brown put on my board if the enemy thought we would greet them with flowers and champagne will receive reeds molotov cocktails instead of them. they waited for innovation, but got explosions. the occupy believed you could parade through the centre of our capital of know what you could witnesses parade to day on krisha cheeks treats can get me approved the enemy equipment can only appear in the center of key if looking like this, but, and destroyed dork ah, on wednesday, air raid sirens sounded all day across the country. i reminder of the imminent threat, but people in keep remain on the streets. many say they've been afraid for too long . this year, the marking of independence has a different meaning. people say they're still fighting for it and the only option they have against russian aggression right now is to win the war. that is, i will,
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i jesse dec eve or european leaders have sent messages of solidarity to the ukrainian people. many pledged more military support for ukraine's army also, as russian troops continued to launch attacks. the dean barbara has more singing the national anthem in belgium. but this, of course, is ukraine's unfair parts of a coordinated effort by europe to send a renewed message of solidarity. lucila vaughan de leon was wearing the colors of ukraine's flag as she joined other leaders in addressing the ukrainian population. we can never match the sacrifices you are making every day, but we can and we will stand by your side, deformed wireless when data and the finding the sovereignty and independence of ukraine is defending the stability of our world. we have invited from the, from we will continue delivering weapons from all that how it says to antea craft systems, month after month. the britain's prime minister,
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who is in cave on wednesday, promised ukraine every possible military economic and humanitarian support, including new drones or us v's. today, i can tell you that more artillery artillery a more ammunition is on its way and a 2000 you avi's. johnson's not being seen at 10 downing street for a while. he's been holiday before leaving office next month, but there's no missing the symbolism of the flowers outside across europe. then we've seen ostentatious displays of support for ukraine. but as the war drags on the international communities, appetite for continuing its military support to the key of government could be severely tested since february, many european nations, including the u. k. france and germany have provided weapons and training directly to the ukrainian army. but last month, europe 6 lodges, countries offered ukraine, no new bilateral, military commitment. for the 1st time since russia invaded the struggle to cushion the public from storing energy price rises and knock on from the conflict. could
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make it harder for political leaders to justify more spending on ukraine. now as we see gas prices rise even further, likely to push your up into a recession. this winter we have elections coming up in particular in italy that are going to be quite significant. and we're some of the right, but not all of them are, are more friendly towards the regime. and i think the real focus needs to be understanding that there is the economic war going on simultaneously for now. the words and gestures of support showed no sign of drawing up the ukrainians might be tempted to wonder is how long will be outside world, make sure their country can resist on the battlefield, the deem bob al jazeera london, half a world away, new york city, the united nations has been weighing in the security council held an open session to discuss the war. both ukrainian president and russia's ambassador to the united nations had a chance to address the meeting. soleski used that moment to call attention to
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a possible nuclear catastrophe. of the russian hill is upper asia power plant. what's happening right now is that russia has put the world on the brink of a radiation catastrophe. its effect that the russian military has turned the territory of the largest nuclear power plant in europe. does a parisian nuclear power plant into a war zone on us will through zable, newport news. our former western partners instead of condemning their ukrainian mentees are supplying them with more and more new types of weapons which reach areas which keep could not previously reach them and doing this, they are becoming accomplishes in crimes against a civilian population was when you are christians, louise, i live at the you and the new york her. so chris, in the u. n. and turkey help brokerage deal to get more grain out of ukraine in the past. what are the chances they can help to ease tensions around this upper region? nuclear plant while the u. n. has
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certainly been attempting to lower the temperature, focus on the humanitarian impact of the conflict, whether it's the ukrainians who have been disrupted by the fighting, are forced to leave their homes or the i impact on the international markets in terms of food, not leaving ukraine and they're continuing to focus on the humanitarian impact and what can be done to alleviate that with the black sea grain initiative. and also trying to get a team of i. e, a. inspectors into the country to address concerns about the nuclear power plant and both sides. russia and ukraine have accused each other of shelling. the united nation says that's why it's so important to get the inspectors inside of there. but i think this points to an increasingly polarized international community
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. we've heard the un warning about global divisions in the, in the united nations deepening. we heard african members of the security council warning about a return to the cold war era. i and i, this, the un acknowledging that at this stage, there's no end in sight to this conflict. and again, hence that is their focus on the humanitarian aspect and trying to help lower the temperatures, whether it's at zapper, asia or a surrounding food distribution occurs. and it was a pretty bleak assessment from the u. m. like the general antonio terrors wasn't it? did he show any, any sign of hope or did anyone else so any indication of a way out of his comfort? yeah, i again it, it, it really comes down to this deepening divide in the secretary general warning, but that actually it could get worse. he said the only way to lower the
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temperatures are intent to fix the situation globally. is to come to a peace agreement. but he and other un officials have said at this stage, there is no end in sight that there is, ah, not only an ongoing difficulty and getting food to market, but fertilizer has yet to leave russia. and while right now, there's enough food to go around. it's a problem of distribution next year. it might be an issue of their being, not enough food, unless there is more. i'd done to address that issue. and i think that's why we heard from president zalinski, the comment that it's on the territory of ukraine, that the world's future is going to be decided. okay, chris hm. so let me live with you in a new you will many things that we mentioned earlier. you, as president joe biden has announced to nearly $3000000000.00 ministry,
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a package for ukraine. kimberly hallett has more from the white house. not only is this the largest single package of security assistance, but it really signals a shift in terms of how the united states is supplying ukraine moving forward. because initially, the security packages has been really short term supplies in the united states was utilizing what they had on had the pentagon was really giving to ukraine. what could we should quickly and what was in stock? in other words, it was for the immediate needs weapons lead ammunition that the pentagon have on hand for the short term, but now the focus is on the medium and the long term. so the supplies will be utilized through the department of defense, long term contracts. so what we can expect that much of this will be air defense systems, our systems and munitions radar that will really allow for ukraine to really
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combat rushes tags. it is helicopters and really what this also signals is a shift in terms of us support. and the fact that this means that not only will the united states be supplying these weapons, but also that the united states will have a presence. this is really something that the u. s. president has said all along with the united states is in this for the long haul. what this means is that really the united states will have a true presence in europe for the foreseeable future. are i still to come on out to 0, thailand's prime minister, suspended from duty while the court considers his length of time. yeah. plus attempts wait for results and i'm going out to close the full presidential election . ah,
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let's go with your weather report for europe in africa. thank you so much for joining in. so we've got a steady stream of rain stretching from scandinavia right into the island of britain through france and iberia. so let's go in for a closer look. break it down region by region, some heavier pulses of rain moving through the southeast of england on thursday, pushing into western areas of norway. and you got some showers in storms around the coats, a tan peninsula that's moving east into paris. so look at what it does here, temperature you go from 33 down to 26 on saturday, but full on sunshine. and that's exactly where you should be for this time of the year. some showers and thunderstorms also seemed likely around slovenia, as we look into serbia, kosovo, down into greece and turkey. some of those could be severe as wall rain is falling across the top end of spain here. so this going to help with some of the wild fires burning their cooler air filters into lisbon with the hive 26 degrees. i think we're going to power up some thunderstorms and it's stumble with the height of 30
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thunderstorms. not too far away from athens as wall, and off to africa, we go, run of rain pushes away from n jemina into northern nigeria, and a weather maker comes crashing into the western cape province. rain and wind could see those winds up to 90 kilometers per hour. ah! does the count down to the fever woke up 2022 approaches. every continent is turning its eyes to keta. we have a way to school to the venture in the world. won't be the only thing capturing everyone's attention beyond football. immerse yourself in internationally renowned entertainment. capital has everything you'd want in the destination. in fact, it's the obvious choice for the fee. the will come 2022. so why go anywhere else lou?
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ah, i'm under the top stories here on al jazeera. it's 6 months since russia invaded ukraine, which marks the milestone on its independence day. president, florida lensky has told the united nations the world depends on ukrainian sovereignty. u. s. president joe biden has announced a new $3000000000.00 military aid package biden praise ukrainians for inspiring the world. u. s. officials awarding a fresh attacks in the coming days. israel says it can't accept a revival of the 2015 nuclear deal with iran warning. it will be used to destabilize the, well, it follows accusations from iran, nuclear chief, that israel has been waging what he calls psychological warfare to sabotage, returned to the agreement. iran has denied us media reports that it has dropped
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some of its key demands under the deal iran agree to limit his nuclear program in return for the easing of international sanctions. let's recap what's been happening since the breakdown of the 2015 nuclear deal, which took years of negotiations in 2018 the u. s. under then president donald trump, unilaterally abandoned the accord, imposing her sanctions on iran. just 3 years after the landmark agreement took effects. within months to ron began ramping up its nuclear activities, but as always denied, its pursuing nuclear weapons, hopes were renewed agreement have been back on the table since joe biden was elected u. s. president in 2020. he immediately declared his intention to revive the deal. in april last year, diplomat reconvened in vienna from negotiations. it's taken 16 months for the you to submit its final tax, but iran is sticking by its key demands to also jabari is following developments
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from roms capital. as iran gets closer to reaching some kind of an agreement with the united states and the european powers, israel opposition becomes louder and louder according to the foreign ministry spokesperson here in to her on that the united states government has officially responded to the suggestions that the radians had around that final tax put forth by that p 5 plus one. a few days ago, the united states government has passed on what they believe to be their answers, to the e. u coordinator. that is joseph brown day. joseph ro has, in turn, given that a response from the american government to the reigning officials who are now studying what the americans have come back with and will respond in due time. this is what we've been waiting for over the past few days since the radians also responded to a text that was, according to officials in vienna, a final text about iran coming back into for compliance along with the united
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states. under the 2015 nuclear deal, i think you'll be very, very telling in the next few hours and few days, what are the united states has come back with and what the iranians will respond as far as we understand one of the main sticking points about coming back to that nuclear deal for iran has been some kind of a guarantee that we're looking for in terms of if, when there is a new administration in washington. if the next president decides to do the same thing that donald trump it, then they would have to pay some kind of a penalty to the iranians ah, has been renewed fighting between ethiopian government forces and troops, and the northern region of decry ending a months long cease fire is government says its army shot down a plane carrying weapons, some to cray, which entered ethiopian as space from neighboring sea down rebel forces into cray say the government stalemate is
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a blatant lie. and sedans military has not responded to the claim. the unrest is a major blow to hope, so peace talks between ethiopia, government, and the cray people's liberation front. this is the latest and a long running war which started in november 2020 prime minister abbey ahmed ordered a military offensive against the tpr laugh in response to elijah tax on army base is the group says it was unfairly targeted. since then, the u. n. has condemned both sides after they were accused of committing war crimes . the conflict as displace more than 2600000 people. and years of drought of impacted food supplies, leaving millions malnourished. some you'll get a chew as a journalist in the capital, addis ababa. he has more than humanitarian impact, the conflict is having the u. n. through the world food organization w p r program is saying that up to 50 percent of the population and ted gray are a seeing extreme shortage of food. and it's all, it's also happening,
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and i'm high enough far, where millions of ethiopians have been in need of some kind of support. the u. n. has been asking for some kind of corridor to be able to deliver some of this food aid that's been coming from abroad. the ukraine there was supposed to be a shipment of a grain coming teeth yorba, but w. p has removed some of it. start from the somali region, fearing that a conflict of fire, not just integrity, but in other parts of, for the country is really affecting its oppression. but they took themselves insisting if your bill would be in a position to feed itself within a year, even to export to are they never, never in countries. so the information we're getting from all sides really contradict each other. thailand's constitutional corn has a splendid time. prime minister prime channel char, from official duty, general proof has led the country since 2014. when he sees power and
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a military coup, the court is wearing up of his reach. the maximum limit of 8 years in office is deficient could emboldened the countries anti government protest movement that has been calling for price to step down. tony chang reports from bangkok. if a week is a long time in politics, than it is, is in lifetime. as journalists gathered outside, that was the verdict of finance constitutional court on wednesday, as it suspended prime minister prior to not putting a review of his term. deborah pro came to parent after leading a military coup in 2014 o'clock while the peace and order maintenance command, which includes drawer, ty, army, royalty, air forces, royalty, navy, and national police. here by analysis that it is necessary to take control of the governing of the country. he's been in charge ever since. a new constitution promoted by the army and passed in 2017 limits prime ministerial terms to 8 years
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appeared that expired at midnight on tuesday. supporters, however, argued private term only began after general elections in 2019. the constitutional court is expected to make a final decision within a month. the inter and prime ministers pro with one to one who previously been 2nd in command. he's also a former general and is considered by many to have been one of the main architects of the 2014 coo general private remains in the cabinet because he holds another position minister of defense. the suspension will relieve concerns, the banker could once again be disrupted by anti government protests. since the decision was handed down the situation, the government house is calm. considerably an hour ago. these ra a police were wearing full body armor and carrying shot guns. now there justin soft caps, but no one is stepping down. the protest as may have won this battle,
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but they haven't won the war. this i looked at him and on the court only suspended general private. but he has to get out. it's the same with the deputy prime minister in charge. they're all the same week in my hand and i am glad outman law your mail. i am not okay with your birthday because i want price to leave to politics altogether. i don't want him to come back to office with an election shed yield to take place within the next 12 months. the opposition has drawn 1st blood. but in taking on a government that by generals it faces a formidable foe, toni chang, l to zera, bangkok. on thursday wrangler refugees who among the 5th anniversary of the mass exodus from man mar, fleeing violent persecution in their homeland. hundreds of thousands of people from the countries, mostly minority cross the border into bangladesh. to escape a violent military crackdown in 2017. now, nearly a 1000000 hunger live in one of the world's largest refugee camps in cox's bazaar,
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bangladesh is pushing for their recreation, but the united nation says it's still too dangerous. tanveer trout re has more from one of the main wrangler cam seemed cox's bazaar. 5 years on a 1000000 rep is living and the largest refugee camp in cox says, bazaar, when you walk in the straits and talk to the wrong guys, you can sense the frustration and sense of hopelessness. most know they are going back to me on my anytime soon, many of the rowing refugees respond to that, increase the restriction in the cam, those barbara all around the need permission to move around. there's also gang violence within the time between drawing our gangs. there's also killing of many of the camp leaders in recent months, as well as in the last couple of years. there's also periodic incidents of fire across the come. many doing us tried to flee the camp and head toward southeast asia. for better life on the process, hundreds of died. more than 50 percent of the total joy hang on. refugees are
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children. when he walked across the campus, you said children everywhere. this is one of the major concern for the growing up families. they want education for their children. there is no formal education school, there's only informal school run by the unicef and other agencies, all the home based close or shut down by the government. this is one of their main concern right now, nearly 1200000 home community or on the refugee camps. now they're also frustrated, but with the government it's also finding, it's difficult to manage the camp 5 years on that is no tangible movement. there's been a lot of visit by diplomats you and represent. but nothing concrete or tangible happened so far. there has been 2 fail repatriation process. many bilateral talks between me and moran, bangladesh, the bank, the government blames man mar for rigging on his promises. not making any effort to take back the rowing as to their homeland in ra kind. despite all the diplomatic effort bangers as gunman feels, the wall community has not putting an pressure on me and mark to take back their
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refugees to their homeland bullets. so being counted and, and goal is most closely full presidential election since the countries independence in 1975, the m p l a party has ruled the oil rich southern african nation for nearly 50 years, but it's facing its strongest ever challenge fuel by growing discontent a high levels of poverty and unemployment. the result is not expected for several days. stephanie deca has more. this could be the 1st step towards major change. but the 1st time in 47 years, opposition party. nita stanza, strong chance to contest the ruling and pill, a party as govern durango lessons in dependence and portugal in 1975. but i'm with them, graham. we expect a big day and i believe and colon people will look at it as a celebration because it is a democracy. many people say democracy does not exist in color, but the effects of democracy will be seen as all and garland head to the polls as
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president row maria su cost his vote early on wednesday, surrounded by tight security. as did opposition leader back to clusters union voters are electing a new parliament and president to titus race and was 1st multi party elections in 1992. and why is that an increase in the disillusioned youth fed up by not seeing and go las petro dollars improve their lives? is right. youngest people, we need more change. we, you know, bridge that we need more bad luck was doing it to be president of on gola, i believe without doing really change to this country. the country is africa, the 2nd largest producer, but levels of poverty remain high. i think that's definitely contributions to a sense of disillusionment with the ruling party. the other thing is that when president the answer took over in 2017, there was a kind of renewed optimism in the country that perhaps he would open up the great
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civil society space that he was whole local elections. that perhaps the board was proto, macroeconomic stability. that might start to trickle down, but of course, that hasn't entirely happened. some of that has been a lack of political will. other things have been just global shocks, but this is really contributed to this overall feeling of delusion. and this is, this is what you could potentially see the emperor late and not fair as well as it has had previous connections. dampier lays been accused by human rights groups of corruption in clamping down on descent rights. groups have also expressed concern about the transparency of his elections. the votes will all be counted through a new centralized system in the capitol due to a recent change in the electoral law, pushed through by the ruling and palais results are not expected for a few days. stephanie decker or j 0. ah.


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