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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 26, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm AST

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oh, production wise, i agree to receive early childhood education with aah! asked strikes in ethiopia,
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buildings damaged reports of injuries and the good. i am capital mckelly. ah. hello john, i'm adrian and again this is l 0 alive from dough also coming up. really a 1000 people die in pakistan on millions more displaced because of record monsoon ramos. it is beyond the capacity of any one administration or government do. i'd be happy to date and i know that you and manage that. if you envision a steep rise in energy prices in the u. k, as people struggle with the cost of living crisis, plus, ah, the sound of nationalistic pride, how russia's invasion is spot ukrainian serve up in the russian speaking city of odessa. ah,
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we begin in ethiopia, when as strike a cit, the city of michaela, the capital of the northern region of to grey, the city has been at the center a conflict that began. bolden 2 years ago. local media, blame the central government for the strike. several buildings were damaged, there were reports of injuries, it comes a day after the u. n's wolf food program said that it's so perishable operations in mckelly of suffered a major setback. in a tweet, executive director, david beesley said to glad authorities stole 570000 liters of fuel for w. f. p. operations in to gripe millions will stop if we do not have fuel to deliver food. this is out bridges and disgraceful. we demand the return of this fuel. now, all the fighting into grove began in november 2025 minutes to abby ahmed ordered a military offensive against the to gripe people's liberation front. in response to
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attacks on federal army basis, the group says that it was unfairly targeted. since then, the u. n. has condemned both sides after they were accused of committing war crimes . to date, more than 2600000 people have been displaced because of the violence. samuel got a true as an independent journalist and georgia now from ethiopia. is a capital addis ababa? sorry, leaving before this latest fighting, the un was warning about the widespread need for food aid in to cry. half the population is on the verge of famine. what's the latest? the latest, as the air strike happened just after noon ethiopian time, just before a 10 g m. and it happened year, the mckelly inside mccully and near our playground our where we can confirm that 4 people have died, including 2 children. this is an area where a fireman is becoming its reality. the u. n. has been wanting for more than
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a year that their region are far to gray, is in need or for food aid. they've been asking for some kind of corridor to be able to deliver food to those that really needed the children government has been saying that it's a t p a left that's preventing them from really delivering food and the other side is blaming the other side. so this a conflict that began are almost to your signal is really affecting us. you mentioned milan so far, ethiopians, especially children, are there has been some kind of talk to try to bring this to aside and, and are sorry. the conflict really affects millions of video bents, but again, it doesn't seem to stop by this air strike that happened today. more is ex, later to come. the children government has been warning the the residents so far to great to stay away from potentially targeted areas where the government feels as a aiding the t p left, which the government declare as declared as
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a terrorist organization. when you say the recalls to establish a corridor to get aid in where, where would that corridor come from? sue donna, i presume? and it was awesome. i mean, how far was the one that was being used, but in recent weeks or their world food program? wi fi has been using, i'm her, are them herrera, aside to try to deliver aid. as you mentioned, w p. now, sans accusing the t p a left of for stealing it's fuel that they used to deliver this food aid. i'm but the t p left is saying that they had bought them, they had given them fuel back in january and they had taken what really belongs to them. so in an iraq, our firm, you know, different sides of the story was different versions. it really has become difficult even for us to verify some of this information. but what they could tell you is the suffering that's been happening and not just into gray. and our foreign m horror is
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really, really having an impact in this country, or for 150000000 people. independent journalist, samuel, get at your reporting live there from addis ababa in ethiopia, civilities. months of record monsoon rains in pakistan, a devastated large parts of the country. the government says that it's causing a humanitarian disaster of epic proportions. more than 900 people have been killed since june. most of them in baluchistan and eastern punjab provinces were entire villages are submerged. one estimate says that there's been 5 times more rain than the seasonal average water born diseases such as cholera spreading at health care resources are stretched thin. millions of families have lost their homes, crops, and livestock. the government is providing assistance with food and basic services, but it's been overwhelmed by the scale of the devastation. now does he resembles ravi has been out in some of those affected areas and reports now from squan city
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in sind province. driving into interior stand villages, communities all across this province remain almost completely water logged as we were driving up, people had blocked the roads with rocks. these were just regular folks. poverty stricken really struggling, just asking for any sort of help asking for any sort of money. this is a very, very, a struggling part of the country. and as you can see, people live here in very basic conditions. most of these houses are all muddy and brick dwellings, very basic foundation. and so when the water comes rushing through and when these areas become so water log, you don't even need very strong currents for the water to slowly eat away at the foundations of these buildings. that are eventually knocked over just dissolving in a way into the water that is still here and, and more is coming. this struggle here is very, very acute in this still the worst effected place in terms of the humanitarian need in terms of damage to infrastructure. people need shelter,
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the government has asked for 1000000 tense, and that's just the initial ask to house people in the interim period before a permanent solution to this crisis can be found which may not be forthcoming before things get worse. we've seen images from the north of the country and swap. the valley of more strong currents coming down from rains and glacial melts. more strong currents washing away buildings tearing through hillsides, tearing through villages up there. and all that water is headed down to the south of the country, and it's headed this way so there may be more struggle ahead for community living here in san then in religious non profits in the south park. and neighboring afghanistan floods are impacting several provinces. the northeastern pan sheer province, the latest to be hit by heavy rain crops and several homes have been destroyed. on thursday, the tunnel about announced that 182 people had died across the country. millions of households in the u. k. a bracing for an 80 percent rise in the energy bills from
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october, on average. that'll need an increase from around 2300 dollars year to $4100.00 . the surgeon, food, fuel and energy costs has been blamed on the war in ukraine and the pandemic. i'll just here's where he challenges in east london, where he's been speaking to small business owners. there been amber warning lights screaming away on the, on the dashboard of the u. k. is economic activity some time now. i think at the moment and now they have this announcement has been made those all blinking of the stairs read. this is a looming emergency. there are many, many households around the u. k who this winter are not just going to be finding things very, very tough. they're actually gonna be plunged into destitution there. some research on at the university of york, which suggests that by january of 2023 more than well, about 2 thirds of households in england and wales are going to be officially
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classified as in fuel poverty. that means that once they've covered their fuel costs, the money that they have left to spend will put them beneath the poverty line. that's an extraordinary prediction and gives you an indication of how bad things are likely to get in the, in the next few months. because prices are going to carry going up. this isn't, this is not the end of the energy fuel rises. we can talk now to a much it he is the baker, who, along with her cousin, runs this bakery. no, gill bakes. it is london. so give us an idea about what this kind of thing means for people. are you running small businesses? i mean it means that we had to think about what, how the increases would affect our running a business. as you can imagine, ovens cause you quite low at electricity. so when we were thinking about where we were going to get our new kitchen, we had to think is there is other bills included. what's that going to look like?
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but also, even if they are included what happens when the lease runs out, we need to renew and we will, we will start. we were frankly told by land that his very kind that it would increase, of course, because bill and electricity bills are very not. so we're not looking for the january conversation. we are very nervous about it. but you know, you think, especially when you consider our packaging and the cost of food that we, you know, for our bakes have gone up as well. not just as you know, i feeling it or feeling across the board. we're feeling and we feel of our employees as well. we want to make sure that we're paying a decent wage at the same time, but we're assume want to make at our doorstep, open competitors in, in i industry have closed and, and we're watching and guy and it's not, you know, you think less competition, but actually you know, it's just a sign of the fact that it's really hard time to be a small business anywhere and with costs of everything going up and now thinking in what, what those implications will be. honestly, it's a scary time for everyone. more than 100000 u. k. postal workers have gone on strike in
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a pay dispute that could cause major disruption for customers. the union is to modeling higher wages that reflect the rising cost of living. employees are stopping work for 4 days over the next 2 weeks. a drug company, but donna is suing pfizer and bio and tech accusing them of copying its technology to make the corona virus vaccine. the us from says it's rivals cubic 19 shot. it fringes on paper, so that filed several years ago. but donna and pfizer biotech vaccines are both based on m r n a technology which ladonna claims as so, m a renee uses the genetic code to fight the virus 3 years into the grown of ours pandemic, most countries of east restrictions, but the world health organization chief warns it's far from over tad ross. i'm gonna give it a year's us says that a 1000000 people have died because of coven. 19 this year alone. he's now urging all governments to speed up vaccinations. we cannot say we're learning to leave
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with cove 19. when 1000000 people have died with coffee, 19 this year alone. when we are a 2 and a half years into the pandemic, and have all the tools necessary to prevent this does once again, we ask all governments to strings in their efforts to vaccinate on health workers, older people, and others of the highest risk on the way to 70 percent vaccine coverage for the whole population. so come here on out to sarah denied access to formal education. we'll take a look at what the future holds for hundreds of thousands of ringo children in refugee camps of bangladesh. and california approves a plan to scrap the sale of new cars running on fossil fuels. ah,
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while we've had record rainfall for parts of pakistan syn province. so far this monsoon season look at this rainfall amounts closing in on 2 meters over the last few months. and of course, there is still another month to go out of this wet weather has leaked into afghanistan. this is about 80 kilometers away from cobble. and we know the debts hold now right across the country has reached more than a 180. but here's the good news. those brains, both for afghanistan and pakistan, are starting to peter out on saturday. take you to india. it's really that southern slice here. we're seeing those monsoon rains, pick up for karnataka care la into tamil nadu. but i want to take you around the bay. i've been goal because remnants leftovers of what was the tropical storm sliding out of me and more into the far northeast of india. we do have weather alerts in play here for just how much rain we'll see about a 100 to 200 millimeters off to china now in some relief for the eastern yangtze
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river valley, the showers and storms long with the wind has knocked back the temperature in shanghai to below 30 for a day time high for the 1st time in a long time. still locked into that heat though for chung chain with the high of 42 degrees and rain for japan's main island of han shoe butts are in the sunshine in tokyo with a high of 33 grace. that's it. that's all i'll say, sir. ah. as the count down to the fever, woke up 2022 approaches. every continent is turning its eyes to keta. we have a feeling, the greatest sporting events in the world won't be the only thing capturing everyone's attention beyond football. immerse yourself in internationally renowned entertainment art and culture. cattle has everything you'd want in the destination . in fact, it's the obvious choice for the 5th a will come 2022. so why go anywhere else?
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lou? ah, hello again. this is l 0. let's remind you of the made years to south and asked like, has hit the regional capital to cry and all that a few p up local media. it's blaming beat central government. the of sarcoma kelly, several buildings were damaged and there were reports of injuries recalled monsoon down poles have affected more than 30000000 people across pakistan. villages of submerged homes have been washed away, will interest on foot job and sin provinces, modem, 900 people have died since june. millions of the u. k. will see at 80 percent rise and the energy bills from october are on average. so it'll be that increased
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for around $2300.00 a year to more than $4000.00. the ukraine rule has caused a global price hike washes invasion to see the rise of nationalism among ukrainians from supposed to parents in places like odessa, where attempts are now being made to distance the city from its rush and influences, al jazeera slays a bo reports from a desk good, an opera bout ukrainians leaving unto oppression. oh, it's also a love story whose characters are constantly fighting to return to their land. it's been staged in this as opera house. the conductor says the place now more symbolic than ever. as his country's fighting a russian invasion, nurse's anxious cousin we're working in difficult conditions. everything we do is aimed at winning this or every one is in their place. my son is on the front line.
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while this, i was also known as the pearl of the black sea under the russian empire, around 80 percent of the population speaks russian. and many thought that vladimir puddings invasion would be widely welcomed here. but that was not the case. many people believe. so if you speak russian, you want to go to russia. you're willa wait for, i shall army here. now. oh, this is mainly a russians vacant city, but it's ukrainian city. ah, and that supported by a sense of nationalism on the streets since the war began. ukrainian flags have been proudly displayed, defining an identity that has only become stronger in the past months. the russian invasion has many people here in odessa, rethinking their history. this is the statue of catherine, the great, the russian empress. and now there is an online petition to demolish the statue and
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replace it with something else. dozens of volunteers have come together at this n d o to make military camouflage nets from textiles and old clothes. it seems that washes attacks has given many people here, a common goal, helping defend their country in any way they can push it can all matter with or like say go and chatting affairs. he supports called to remove all russian symbolism from the city, because it could make put him believe or this that belongs to russia. we don't want to see russian empire. and russian emperors lot is russian. russian presidents, nobody, russian here. we finished with this empire. we're not part of these inquiry anymore for decades. and finally, the whole world to realize it. and i think that even putting realize to the operating odessa, provide an escape from the reality of the russian invasion. although air raid
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sirens remind everyone of the threats they face. ah, but it's also a reassurance of ukraine's identity and a fight for freedom that has been re ignited by the war as a feeder or the ukraine. a palestinian man has been on hunger strike since march has seen his mother and children for the 1st time in months. 40 year old cleo walk day is a member of the palestinian islamic jihad group. he's been detained without charged by is where the authority since december. he's being treated in a hospital near televi. if the doctor say his condition is critical in a deal negotiated by egypt while they were supposed to be released this month. leave they live? yes. even stay as you are my beloved son. you are a hero. oh no. yeah. it is free. them only free them. yeah, it is free. them that he wants to play with
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when i had those are my daughters, my flesh and blood to love of my life. for their own sake, and for the same of my homeland and all free and honest men worldwide, and giving up on my body that all my flesh fade away, i let my body litter away to the cause of freedom and dignity. i aid agencies a warning. the door hanger, children, living in refugee camps in bangladesh could become a last generation. they've been there for 5 years and haven't had much of a formal education. a military crackdown in miramar forced hundreds of thousands of mainly muslim ringer to shelter in the neighboring country. al jazeera is tanveer, chandry has more now from cox's bazaar over 400000 rou, hang a children who should be at school. instead, leave in the congested refugee camp of cox's bazaar. they've already missed years of formal education. now the informal classroom inside the camps are been shut down
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. doll tardies calling them illegal with north kirby is a teacher who is to run one of them before it was forced to close. ang rising as if it is our responsibility to raise the children with proper education so that they build a better community. so we have to educate our children in whatever possible ways we can, but whether at home or in learning centers, 12 year olds. so my captain aspires to be a doctor. she attends plus at, at pharma learning center and takes out her big lessons to when young man, i want to be a doctor as they are hardly any fema physicians among through india community. it is mostly dominated by male doctors who take care of health care issues, banned from learning the bungler language and with no prospect of formally recognized medication inside the camp. many are turning to religious schools known as mother asa delane. thank god, that was messed up. it makes a big difference, having an education and not having it that i put a lot of thought and idea into how to educate these children, for them to become
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a doctor, a teacher, or religious scholar, under the current circumstance to them around $30000.00 ro hang our children are been born every year in the camp, according to bangladesh, officials over 50 percent of the total growing our effigy population. our children providing education is the biggest challenge facing the community. now. the un and its partners are offering formal education based on the me and mar curriculum from kindergarten to grade 9. they're currently around $3200.00 learning centers, but they're not formal ecker dated schools. starting from december last year, the children are learning based on the national kitty column off my and mom taught out there are $300000.00, showed that and they are enrolled in the school, out of at school for about 100. 40000 of them shifted from the previous get a column to the column of man, more kitty column. why that he meaning it says the process is ongoing. hundreds of
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thousands of ringo children are desperate to study, but are at risk are missing out on crucial years of learning to no fault of their own country children. i'll just ada cox's bizarre bangladesh. india has restricted the export of wheat flour and a bid to slow the rising cost of food. the government bound the export of wheat itself in may as a heat wave curtailed output and created shortages out as he was pumping the val reports from new delhi. there have been growing concerns about food inflation. now the government has restricted export of wheat flour. it says this will address price rise and insure food security. there has been an increase in demand internationally in the us. exports of wheat flour have gone up 4 times since law still russia and ukraine are the was largest exporters of wheat. the war there has cut off supply and raise prices internationally. obviously on the regular dean's la
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you oh good. so lately was for that a little deal in our homes of missy. those are increasing day by day or visit. won't be a good for them. it was funny. business scoot over me loss. you were, it's a loss for our business. the purchasing part of our customer has gone down to spending less money to be. it's not like incomes have risen. so business has suffered with me. and it's been like this since the pandemic started alone. a good, the government is also concerned about its own stocks. millions of people in india get food like drains and flaw to welfare schemes. earlier the government had restricted export of sugar and wheat. now food inflation has e slightly but still remains very high. millions of people in india are struggling to afford basic necessities of 2 years of talks and international efforts to improve protection of our oceans, awaiting the outcome of a un conference ending later on friday. unlike other records, the u. when's global ocean treaty would be a legally binding document? i don't 0,
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stephanie decker reports on what's at stake oceans cover around 70 percent of our planet. and under the waves, a ballet of marine life, a magical gliding world that works in perfect symbiosis. but the reality is far from perfect over fishing, deep sea mining and suffocating tons of plastic pollution. but a few of the reasons we are killing this underwater world. we certainly appreciate that we live on a blue planet. the ocean connects us all. sadly, we have taken the ocean for granted. and buffet we face was, i would gall a notion emergency. we must turned the tides. but that tide is proving hard to turn. the united nations has been trying for 10 years to pass a treaty to protect the high seas or international waters. a strong treaty would mean 30 percent of our oceans would be protected by 2030,
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signed to say this is the absolute minimum needed to protect the oceans. and talks are once again taking place in new york to find a deal. but activists are not hopeful. the negotiations are really hanging by a thread because we have not seen politicians come good on. that promise is to secure a strong global ation treaty of the last few weeks in new york. we really seen at the countries that call themselves the high ambition coalition really become the no ambition coalition at you know, countries and glazing, the us, and canada, scientists of war. and that it is now or never when it comes to changing our ways. in order to prevent our planet from further heating and driving multiple species on land and at sea to extinction. imagine never again seeing scenes like these. the du gong or see cow gathering off the coast of cat are in huge numbers. many end up dead as a result of getting caught up in fishing nets,
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known as by catch one of the main reasons why they are endangered tatters. water is also serve as a stopping point for migratory whale sharks. hosting one of the largest aggregations in the world. i swam with them for previous report of mine, a dental giants, or inspiring to watch them feed, feeling like a tiny, insignificant, yet privilege guest in their world. oh, our oceans feed, us, sustain us, give us life. they host such a diversity of perfection and beauty. it shouldn't be hard to understand and to implement the urgent need to protect them. stephanie decker, al jazeera katara. california is said to burn sales of new cars powered by fossil fuels. it marks a major step of the u. s. states battle against climate change. the move could pave the way for similar measures in other states, speeding up the transition to electric or hybrid vehicles. rob reynolds reports
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from los angeles. in what may be a huge boost to the electric car industry, california, the largest state in the us will ban sales of traditional internal combustion engine vehicles. from 2035 will be the 1st jurisdiction in the world to require all new cars to be sold to be alternative fuel cars. and here's why it's significant. besides being a game changer in terms of our climate and our energy leadership, it's a game changer. and another respect that the car manufacturers themselves are celebrating and embracing, including toyota to day, not just board and g m. california is often a leader in the us and more than a dozen states usually follow it's auto emission standards that may help create uniformity. within the complex electric car market,
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automakers will have to gradually phase in alternative fuel vehicles in their new fleets. beginning with 35 percent of all new cars in 2026, but it won't necessarily be easy. electric cars are expensive and the network of charging stations will need to be vastly expanded. i think the 3 largest challenges for adoption are, 1st of all, affordability availability, as well as infrastructure. from the affordability standpoint, e v 's are typically more expensive and we definitely don't want to put low income buyers out of the market. electric vehicles will be required to get 240 kilometers on a single charge. some californians concerned about global warming are right behind the decision. i agree if anything is gonna reduce things like buyers and enter natural disasters, i think why not.


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