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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 2, 2022 7:00pm-7:31pm AST

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sierra talked to al jazeera, we also do you believe that women of afghanistan was somehow abandoned by the international community? we listen, we have a huge price for the rural. i'm going to terrorism as going on in some money. we meet with global news makers. i'm talk about the stories that matter on al jazeera . a 3rd of the country is under water. more than 33000000 are suffering from hunger, disease, and displacement. the word stories about children who are drinking from the same water with their dead cattle will float al jazeera questions. the climate change play a role in the deadly downfall climate change is here to stay with the full report pakistan. the great deluge on al jazeera who ah
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2. ready brazil holds its most divisive presidential election with for the president looted to silver running against current leader, jail from our ah, 11 o'clock this is out is her life and her also coming up in denise in authorities revise the death toll from a football stadium stampede. to 125, a shared political system under divided ethnic background pause, nunes voting, in the most important elections since 1995 peace agreement. after more than a 130 years remains of dozens of indigenous. the zealanders are brought home from austria. we find out how they got through so polls have open in brazil in elections. why be seen as the most important since
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restoration of democracy in the 1980s? around a 156000000 people are eligible to cast their ballots. that is the largest number in brazil's history. the 2 front runners have cast their votes for president loose, nasty little silver, has been polling ahead of the incumbent jaya ball scenario by double digits. i before usually go, i couldn't won't, because i was a victim of a lie. now i'm here warding that the recognition of my full freedom and with the possibility of once again being the president of this country. obama, what matters is the voice of the people. what matters is that clean elections and about problems made the best one of us. will you recognize the result of the election? let's go live to latin america, edited it in you when it's our palo. that's where lulu's headquarters on how it is feeling. well, as you can see behind me,
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voters continued to pour in to the this happens to be the largest holding station in all of brazil in the largest state and in the largest city. this has the largest number of electorate of brazil. it's been a battle ground for all of the candidates, but particularly low and jade both. so nato, who are here campaigning, as or as late as yesterday. actually here for the votes, people are enthusiastic, it's going very peacefully. we have seen some people wearing red shirts as an indication that they plan to vote for or that they have already voted for that see others wearing the yellow and green colors of the brazilian flag which symbolize the candidacy of giant bowls. so narrow, but pretty, pretty peaceful. i would say calm up until now now in other parts of the country does not always that way. so, so far more difficult for some people to go to vote. there have been reports for neighborhoods. they allowed, so so called here,
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or in rural towns where the public transportation has been made more difficult. some accused the government of trying to put obstacles in the way of poor people so that they can go to vote. but when ruler the voted earlier today, he seemed extremely optimistic as you heard just a short while ago. he was almost a emotional about the fact that 4 years ago he had been in prison and hadn't been allowed to vote. this is the 6 time that he actually is running for president, so that makes them probably the most. it has the most experience of any candidate in this country or probably the world he won twice already. this would be his 3rd attempt at the presidency. should he win and tables so not all was more subdued. he didn't look quite doesn't use the asked the probably nick, because of what you say he is lagging behind significantly in the polls. luther turns a little more of what's at stake in this election. everyone
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you speak to tells you that what's that think is the future of democracy in this country. but how they define it is very, very different. supported both for not or say that they feel just country will be or towards communism more towards something. but his whale or cuban style socialism, they are also very much against what both. so nato calls, gender ideology. in other words, those who believe in very, very conservative family values who are against abortion, who are against gender diversity. also, people who are not particularly sensitive about the needs of the very poor, they tend to support paul. so nato, as opposed to the supporters of luna who are for example, concerned about climate change about the environment, about gender diversity, who support gay movements, feminism, all those things. so they're very different then finally, you have most are not questioning brazil's institutions the electoral board,
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which is going to define ultimately who wins the selection, the supreme court, the congress. and that certainly makes some people very, very nervous. because even though there have been very, there's been a lot of diversity and can that it's in the past in this country. the brazilians democratic institutions have never been question like this before. or at least back with you is the day goes on. that thanks very much, the fact a vigil has been held for the 125 people killed. 3 has done paid at a football match in indonesia. oh. ringback yeah, yes, hundreds gathered in the capital to count to remember the victims. the president jacob data has ordered a review security beef as president has called a stamp aid, a tragedy beyond comprehension for target. and because this report o, the stampede happened in the city of milan and east java province after
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a match between home team arena f. c. and the arrival, sir, by the chaos began after supporters from the losing side, a ream, f c, invaded the pitch. police responded by firing tear gas, which caused fans to flee for the exits. for years ago, many of our friends lost their lives because of officers who did not humanize us with very disappointed with the treatment because many lives were lost. faith is rules, banned the use of tear gas by stewards or police football matches. is jarvis police chief defended the crowd control measures used by his offices are available. i am not them. it was a feeling of disappointment that prompted supporters to go down to the field to ask the place why they lost the game. that's when the security team moved in. so fans went get on to the field or interact with the players. during that process, t, a guess was fired because there was anarchy. please estimate 3000 fans
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stormed the pitch indonesian president joker, which odo has ordered an investigation into the incident with those. but i got body . i have specially requested the police chief investigates and get to the bottom of this case. furthermore, i have also ordered the indonesian football association to temporarily hold legal. one matches until evaluations and improvements and safety procedures. i've been completed by can proceed. 42000 people attended the sell out match all a ream, f. c supporters, sir, by fans weren't allowed to buy tickets because of the risk of violence. i think at this moment fif, i should step up not by bending innovation with bull, but working together, guiding our football association with the right security measures east of as provincial government says it will give 600 and $50.00 in compensation to the families of the victims and promises lessons will be learned. so
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a tragedy like this doesn't happen again, a toria gate and be algae 0. it's enough from jessica washington who has more months out of hospital in my life. this is the cipher unwell hospital in my lung, so victims were sent here to be treated. and also those who were killed in the stamp work were said here, their bodies were identified by their families, that processes identification of those 125 victims has now been complete. we had a short while ago from authorities confirming that indeed 125 people were killed in this incident, at least that he, for them killed at the stadium itself. we've also begun to get a clear picture of some of the victims. well, we don't know the names, we don't know the ages of all of them, but from what we've heard from local authorities, one of them included a 4 year old child. and many of the victims were teenagers. this is of course a tragedy, not just for this community of my long,
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not just for football in indonesia, but indeed for the whole country. and there is shock that such an incident could happen while of course, violent incident, that football matches, and indonesia have happened in the past. the league. he does have a bit of a check in history and tons of violent games. we've never seen anything like this. and of course, an incident like this such a serious such a tragic incident, raises important question, noting of course, the context that violence and fan hooliganism is a longstanding problem here in indonesia. but asking questions indeed about how the situation escalated to the point that 125 people lost their lives. and many people, including human rights groups like amnesty international, a calling for accountability and asking for the into an investigation into police conduct to be thoroughly conducted and not just the investigation, but to ensure that those responsible for the decision making that resulted in this dangerous environment. at the stadium, to be held accountable voters in bose,
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the governor costing the ballots. the poll is widely seen as the most important since the end of the bosnian war in 1095. nearly 3400000 people are eligible to choose members of the collective presidency. the countries governing system is one of the most complicated in the world. the dayton peace accords ended the postman war in 1995 and established a system of ethnic quotas. within many levels of government, the agreement names bosnia has a governance at 3 main ethnic groups, plus the tax credits and serves as the countries constituent people. it also split the nation into to so called entities, the federation of bosnia herzegovina, republican subscribe. the federation is predominately buzz me. i can cry. 12 public subscribers is both entities have their own prime ministers in parliament, the link through week central government to try parties, presidency made up of one was the one set, one crew it you share a 4 year term rotated every 8 months. was his main house of parliament use. this is
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a system a portion of representation. a 28 members directly elected by voters in the federation and the remaining 14 are elected by the republicans. epsco. a bag is in, sorry. ivan has more on the elections. this is a very complicated system and the people that we've been speaking to, many of them are fed up with the system. they don't feel like it works. they feel like that the shadow of boys always a cast over this country and they look toral system that so the young people are leaving this country in droves. they have a real problem with a brain drain. but there are many people that hope that this will work because no one has really offered a viable alternative in sarajevo. here the atmosphere has been cheerful, but we actually speak to people, they are concerned. the situation is tense because of what's been taking place over the last year or so with the separatist, served them making some very provocative statements about leaving state institutions and potentially separating from the country. the problem is that from
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the federation of bosnia, the separate entity you get to bosnia president and a correct president. and there's a real likelihood that if you get a secretary scratch president that could cause real problems. why? because 2 out of the 3 presidents with the separatist. so what happens to this fragile system and people are worried about another conflict breaking out, but also the real, real concern around russian influence in the republic services are we spoke to one nato official who told us that russian influence is spreads deep in the republic of service go and there's real concern now that if you guess temperatures cried president, that that could spell trouble for this entire country. and the political process still ahead here and al jazeera ukraine. retakes, a key supply help from russian forces in keys. biggest gains is counter offensive
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last month and why it's getting harder for people to enjoy the c at one of denmark's most popular tutors. ah, says the patient is rising. with my cattle aways. well, it remains unsurprising anyway, throughout se, asia areas of concern, maybe our, where the monsoon is coming south, it's enhancing the rain in me and mom, some parts of thailand. in fact, most of sumatra and western java look pretty well is a daily showers, but big ones. so flash flooding seems quite like the same is true western bornea. maybe a little less wet. if you go a bit further east, but there's not much in it, to be honest, then there's the gap of the still existing hot weather, south of the yangtze. and in that line of cloud ranges, dropped temperatures in the northern part of china. and the korean potentially you
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can see for we'll hand down to just north of hong kong, we're about 10 degrees above and we've set new records. this won't last, but it will take the next 2 or 3 days for the what you might call the winter front to finally come south and not attempt it back to normal in the korean plants are in japan. and indeed, in china, it's a slow process, but it's inevitable. and this is it happening as for the receding monsoon, when they received, they often produce big circulations. alba here on the re b and c. now we talked about the bay bengal savage addition, wes, be har, west bang goal and bangladesh will be the focus of heavy rain for the next couple of days for the rest of india. pretty dry. ah, the weather sponsored by cattle and i was in south korea military service is compulsory. ah, but some refused to take part one at 18 weeks, those dodging the draft on al jazeera
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ah, allow government lounges iraq where ever you, i know, ah, ah, the me get you what, you know, your mind about top stories. this individual has been held in denise here after 125 people were killed during this time period. a much against the support of the losing side invaded the pitch because the crowd, fleets, awards brazilians of 800. what is seen is one of the most diverse elections in the
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country's history form a candidate loose industrialism silva as we pulling ahead of income and job boston by double digit voters in both the governor casting the ballot. the vote is why the government displaced important since the end of the war and 9095. maybe 3400000 people eligible to choose members of the collective presidency. voting also went away in bulgaria and its 4th parliamentary election in 18 month opinion polls show the vote is unlikely to break it long. standing political deadlock, 3 time prime minister, but he bought his office conservative party to win most votes, but no nough to form a governing coalition. arising energy prices in the war and ukraine, a key issues and pro russia parties are expected to gain ground. well, russian forces of pulled out of these strategically important eastern ukrainian city of lee, man. it's part of the russian claim region of the next. the man served as
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a gist x and transport for russian forces. charles stratford. it's in its fear to hurst close to lima, the level of destruction here is shocking. i visited this town many times over the last 8 years. you should be a place of pilgrimage people visiting the neighbor monastery. a big tourism, a cultural hub now is completely destroyed. the ukrainian military essay that they are still hunting. what they describe is the last remnants of russian forces nearby and towards the town of lee man where military operations continue. they also say that they are afraid that there are what they describe as russian collaborators working in these towns and villages. they say that the whole area is peppered with mines and i e days. and they recognize that there is a strong possibility of a russian counter offensive to try and retake areas like this. one danish
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authority say they can now begin inspecting the damage nord stream pipelines. after they stop spewing gas, it's still unclear what caused the pipelines to start leaking close to the danish. i did a bornhold long played a strategic role between the west and russia. as to the veteran reports was ships lay docked in the harbor of the tourist island of bourne home. one of denmark's main holiday destinations find itself the scene of mysterious attacks. not far from the damage, nor trimmed gas pipelines, people on the islands field of war and ukraine is nearing their homes. conflicts house moved closer and it's more real this week than it was last week because there's something very, very strange going on. 20 kilometers away from our coast. the not 3 pipelines have been at the center of an energy war between russia and europe and the for leaks of expose. the vulnerability of europe's gas supply, after insisting it was sabotaged. european leader has called so security to be
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stepped up for newsome has actually, i said, if we had told ourselves a week ago that there would be explosions at the north stream $1.00 and $2.00 pipelines would probably have thought. huh. but that's what turned that into a reality. and therefore, the critical infrastructure to become a matter of general concern. born home lives on the eastern edge of denmark and has long been of strategic importance to both nato and russia. russia claims that before soviet troops left the island after world war 2, it was agreed. foreign troops would never be stationed here, alone home find his house in a delicate position, became clear earlier this year when the deployment of american weapons systems was tested here during military drills. russia immediately issued a strong warning. now with the damage northridge pipelines on its doorstep, the islands find itself again at the heart of an international conflict. during the cold war,
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yan scott hope was father born home defense force. he thinks the west should show its presence here, although he's not worried about any threat from russian forces. i think it is a good there that americans, british german troops come to the island and make exercises so. so they do, they learn is a part of the market and it's, it's so far and they so, but stationed here on, on the pony base, i don't think it's necessary. you ought to be worried that the russians would be concerned about or they were, they were low for sure. make it all fuss about it. but i don't think that that it will make any difference. experts say the hundreds of millions of cubic meters of gas that have spilled into the sea are causing a lot more damage to the global climate and the local environment. but these islanders are undeterred and go on with their daily business, enjoying the sea. even with the cool october weather steadfast and al jazeera
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unborn home in denmark, the u. k. prime minister is admitted, she could have been better prepared the public in the financial markets for her new economic plan. this trust was speaking to the b, b. c. you know, it's been her many budget cause the pound to plummet to record lows against the dollar. i do want to say to people by, on the sound that worries about what has happened this week. and i do, i do stand by the package we announced. and i stand by the, by the fact that we announced it quickly because we had to walk by do, accept, we should have laid the ground better. do accept your accept. i have learned from that. i have learned from lots and i will make sure that in future we do a better job of lagging the ground. because if i says president pull already to me, but has agreed to conditionally resign enough to speaking with religious and traditional leaders at the new military leader, abraham troy has accept to the resignation in order to avoid further violence. for
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the very latest. let's go to new khaki. it's falling the story from dr. incentive goals. and nick, tell us what more we know about the latest development. well, the new leader of burkina faso, the young captain, captain bram, tara, went to the national television station. there was a statement read out announcing that he is now then you president of burkina faso. just a few days ago he was still a captain on the front line, fighting arm groups, 2 groups linked to al qaeda and iso. and now he's at the helm of a country facing an insurgency of arm groups according to to, to local media, president, former president. but all he dummy, bob resigned under certain conditions. some of the conditions that he mentioned, he wanted that the, the pursuit of military operations on the ground, he wanted to ensure that the forces loyal to him would not be sidelined with. with
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the new arrival of president ibrahim char ray. and also he wanted the pursuit of the national reconciliation and the respect of the pledges med made to echo off the west african body, the regional body, the but anybody government had pledged that they would be returned to civilian rule and elections by 2024. but before that, nick, there's a lot of work ahead for colonel ibrahim tory, to try to form a government of national unity to try to rebuild trust in the military. that seems to be divided. and as i mentioned, facing arm groups in the north of the country, the town of jo, town of 200000 people, is under siege by armed groups and fighters linked to al qaeda. they haven't gone, they've gone without food and water for several months now. and so there's this urgent need to try to bring back security to the country. nick. all right, thanks. thanks very much for that update. nick out there in duck to yemen,
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where the 6 month un mediated truce has expired. the london fighting has been the longest in the wall, yet many fare renewed violence will wipe out any game to be made. the united nations is pushing for an extension, but warring sides, blame each other for allowing the deal to reach an impasse. millions have been displaced. most of these rely on humanitarian aid. lebanon's, parliament speaker says the us broke a proposal to solve a maritime borders dispute with israel is a positive step, but must be studied before a final replies given. this comes a day after the u. s. submitted the draft to the lebanese president as but our leader that's run israel. i called it a very important step on saturday. adding the coming days will be crucial. but israel's prime minister has back the proposal saying it will safeguard the country, security and commercial interests. the opposition is criticizing. my love for savoy couple, i believe, and more than 10 years israel has been trying to achieve his feel. the security of
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the north will be strengthened, the career rig will be activated and produce, guess the money will go into the coffer of this country, and energy dependence will be secured. this is a deal that strengthens israel, security and israel's economy. we have no opposition to an additional lebanese gas field being developed from which we would of course receive the royalties due on such fields. would we can live in these dependency on iran, restrain hezbollah, and bring regional stability. but often musician yale appeared, has shamefully acquiesced to the thrall as threats by giving his blood a sovereign territory belonging to the state of israel, containing a giant gas tank that belongs to you, the citizens of israel. he does this without deliberation in connecticut and without a public referendum left. he does not have a mandate to give an enemy country sovereign territories and sovereign property which belonged to all of us. if this illegal hijacking passes, we will not be bound on november. first, we will return to israel
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a strong and experienced leadership that maintain security for all of us. john engine has more not from western than this summer, israeli prime minister. yay! your la pete said they were going to go ahead and drill without an agreement with lebanon that god has beloved worn that they were going to send missile to the site . in fact, they sent 3 drones there. the israelis shot down those drones with that point, it looked like there was a conflict. so there has been progress. there is an obstacle here, and that is that netanyahu lecount party is claiming, because the american moderator had to draw a line between those 2 countries in disputed territorial waters. that in the view of le cood, that means israel is seeding territory. and you can't do that under israeli law without a plebiscite, a vote of 2 thirds of the kinetic 80 out of a $120.00 votes. so if the liquid party takes that next step and brings us to the
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high court in israel, that could delay the process, the private company that wants to drill their wants to do so within the next month in october, you're the p wants to do it before the november 1st election because that's a big victory for his party. however, if netanyahu is able to delay this, than lockheed can portray netanyahu is blocking a deal with major economic gains for israel. so it's unclear whether there's, we'll go through in the next month. but it does appear to be a lot closer than it was this summer, and rating. the american imprisoned in iran for 7 years has been released temporarily. c, mac democracy was convicted on charges of espionage and has been freed from toronto . evan prison for week with the possibility of an extension is 85 year old father back in months he served a sentence. a similar charges him was released in 2018. the father has been allowed to leave the country for medical treat. the ancestral remains of 64 indigenous new zealanders have been welcomed home in an emotional ceremony. wellington they were
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stolen in the 1900 century and taken to australia. the return comes off the decades of negotiations and wayne, hey, report now from toronto. oh, more than a 130 years ancestral remains were welcomed back home to new zealand. a traditional multi welcome greeted them as they were carried into to papa the national museum in the capital. wellington! it's a great day because it long last awaits is. does it come from the remains, including skulls, are of indigenous, mouldy and body already. most were taken by austrian taxidermist, engraver alba, and reyes russia between 187718. 89. if we think about all the wrong deals, it was not only writing that everybody knows about, but very, very many other people who did it. not only anthropologist, scientists in general last week,
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delegation zealand travel to austria for the handover, which came after 77 years of negotiation between the 2 governments. a ceremony was held at the museum of natural history in vienna, whither remains had been kept. we deeply disrespectful of your things. we cannot upon what we can do here is to change needless commons. in 2003 new zealand began a program to repatriate skeletal remains more than 600 have since been returned. but it's believed there are hundreds more still overseas. you see there to neither you motion, rather artist, as we're taking out of taking l stolen out of grain. caves are heat up to what he top who means a sacred place. and excerpts from russia diary show, he knew that what he was do.


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