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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 3, 2022 12:00pm-12:31pm AST

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the commonwealth still something that king charles well take on inside story on al jazeera little is more distressing for a woman than a month 20 pregnancy going horribly wrong. aside from then being punished, boy el salvador 5th devotion both has seen women incarcerated for years. some say their only crime was a devastating stillberg, an empowering story of one woman's struggle that ignited a movement. miscarriage, of justice. a witness documentary on al jazeera, the u. s. is call with of impress to people over the world. this has been going on for a number of hours with a gap in use of the whole story from an international perspective to try to claim your global audience how this could impact your life. this is an important part of the world, and i'll just see this very good that bringing the news to the world from here. ah,
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a dramatic, you turn, the u. k. government goes back on tax cuts as it announces changes to its many budget. ah, i'm told me to try this is al jazeera alive from dive ha. also coming up, students clash with security forces as on risk, sparked by the death of a woman detained by morality. police continues and israeli ride leaves to palestinian stay in the occupied wis. bank 16 others have been arrested and ukrainian forces retake a key town and an eerie the kremlin is just climbed. is now part of the russian federation. ah,
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the british government is making a dramatic you turn on it's many budget that was announced just 10 days ago, chancellor quasi quite tang is reversing his proposed scrapping of the top right of income tax. the announcement of billions of dollars of unfunded tax cuts, st. financial markets into a spin with the pound, reaching rickard, lowe's against the dollar o pool bryn and joins us now from birmingham enter. only yesterday, the prime minister was trusted. they were absolutely committed to scrapping the top techs right. so at what's changed? well if you listen to kwasic caught ng the chancellor who's been doing the morning round to all media interviews. today we have lessons and we how we get it is the quote that he's put forward both on his social media. and in those interviews, interestingly as well though, he says it was the prime minister who decided not to proceed with the rate. now,
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that is indicative indicative of the, of the differences that there are currently between the 2 top jobs in this political, in this country. politically that the, the chancellor and the prime minister because just yesterday on sunday it was the prime minister who said the 40, the abolition of the 45 pence rate was the chancellor's idea. and now the chancellor is saying, well, it's the prime minister's idea to get rid of it. so the 2 of them clearly are thoughts with each other. and the impact of that has been significant. i mean, you can probably hear the strains of the benny hill theme tunes a protest to who haunts these gatherings with his, with his p a system. but i suppose it's never more appropriate than today that this kind of slapstick comedy that sir has been going on as far as the conservative party goes. the conservative party is saying it was a distraction that it was overshadowing the other measures in that many budgets things such as reducing by one pence in the pound. the tax rate for the vast majority of people who pay basic rate. ah,
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but there is no doubt at all that this is a screeching you turn. it is brought down criticism from all sides for from opposition party. at least quotes such as humiliated wounded, weakened, have been levelled against the government this morning. and on these annual gatherings, which are usually kind of triumphant convivial affairs, it's absolutely clear that the conservative governments of the u. k is, is on the back foot. okay, poor britain for us from birmingham. thank you. students have fought iranian security forces and the capital to run during major demonstrations after the death of masa. meaning, the 22 year old died after being detained by a runs so called morality police, for violating rules on hid. scarves, videos posted on social media, show a crowd of people dispersing and shouting on a street outside the university of russell soda is life for us. and to run and
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wrestle, can you tell us more about the clashes at the university there while the clashes, particularly in the shed, is universe to of technologies as they started last night. and after the clashes between the security forces and the universe, students, university students as shit, if university dozens of their students have been arrested. so right after that the university has announced that it's suspended is in person classes and moved to online. so it did, the classes are going to be held virtually until a further if further notice should of university of technology is one of the leading scientific universities in iran. it's regarded as a top university and the best students of iraq, every year, most to that university is famous, which is engineering, faculties and every year, tons of its graduates go to the that the western countries, primarily at that, primarily to the it, did you ask? and it's not only sure if university of technology so now the,
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at the center of the protest in iran is the university student started to protest on saturday. they continued to do this sunday and to they also, the protest are also are still taking out a taken place there. so these are the largest education institutions in iran, in the largest cities as well. so students are simply protesting that the cracked on their asking security forces also to leave the detained, detained france in the, in the id in ended last 2 weeks since the beginning of the protest. hundreds of people, including tons of the, the students who were leading the process had been arrested by the security forces yesterday, the prism of the universe to of, to run and on the month of october at university that said that be arrested or detained. students have been released by the security forces and hand over to their families. it was a gesture to calm down distribution here. however, it seems that it didn't work. and now at the moment,
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there are still ongoing protest in the university of of, of care. masha in, in, in shiraz, and also in ispa. okay, crystal, said, earth intern for us. thank you. the killing of to palestinians during a ride by israeli forces has sparked outrage in the occupied whist bank. 16 other fell estonians were arrested overnight. rides were carried out in the jealous on refugee camp north of ramallah. israel says that soldiers opened fire after palestinians tried to brand them with the car, will need it. abraham is at the jealous own refugee camp, just north of from allah. we are standing here in front of the dallas all in refugee camp. where is ready, forces have shot to have a car that had 3 palestinians later it announced that after the arrested the car with the palestinians, that 2 of them were killed. and the 3rd was injured, palestinians here would tell you that usually when palestinians conduct rhyming
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attacks, they're usually one person one car. and they think that israel is using the rhyming allegations as a way to justify it. extrajudicial killing palestinians say that israel is trying to control palestinians to instill fear in them. specifically that there is a growing sentiment of a poor thing, military attacks against israeli soldiers and legal israeli settlers living here in the occupied west bank. this is part of the reality palestinians are living under. this is these really separation wall? it separates a palestinian lance from other past the near land. behind this wall, there is an illegal is really 2nd and usually circulars carmen attack. california's just as happened late sunday night, palestinians say that this has been a very 10th year, very difficult to europe for them. $109.00 palestinians just in the occupied west
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bank itself were killed by israeli forces including al jazeera as shitty. a barclay ukraine's president says his forces are making more progress and the counter offensive against russia. ballade amanda lensky says to settlements have been liberated in the southern region. her 1st song, he also says a strategic town has also been cleared of russian forces. li man is located in one of the 4 regions recently climbed by russia. charles stratford reports from nearby sphere to husk. the ukrainian army is repositioning close to the front line town of lee man. in the dawn at screeching of east in ukraine. president putin says, this is now part of russia, but the ukrainian army is back in control of 2 weeks of heavy fighting. everywhere
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you look, devastation is nearly complete, burnt out russian and ukrainian military vehicles. and home after home destroyed russian soldiers were forced to retreat from this area, but the ukraine in army says they are prepared for a counter attack. and one, even using as russian president vladimir putin has implied the nuclear archer, he would enter so course this is also possible on liberated territories. so we don't key patching together that we keep them dispersed to ensure maximum safety of our personnel. but it does not affect the performance of their task. some of its spirals have been damaged by the shilling, but this 16th century russian orthodox monastery remains relatively unscathed. the level of destruction here proved just how fierce the fighting has been. in recent weeks, this russian orthodox monastery has been
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a place of pilgrimage for centuries. but now the ukrainian soldiers here tell us they fear that priests inside sheltering what they describe as russian collaborators. the bridge to the monastery over the soviet ski donates river has been blown up on both sides. unlike most of the population of the village, the priests are still here. overhead. now taco bell, i'm for my to this monastery comes under the moscow patriarch, which from the start has been destroying ukraine from the inside. therefore, we see all these monks as russian agents. so there's a very high chance they've been hiding collaborators. and some of the few people who stayed and survived the fighting, a sheltering in the basement of another damage nearby church. because their homes have been destroyed. glued miller's husband passed away in may. her children fled to halt give when the fighting started. i know you don't,
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but them we are not leaving because this is our land, our mother lands, we are even prepared to live in a dog out. if it means we can stay near another homeless family descend the stairs into the church crypt where they sleep. the ukrainian village lies in ruins on land . vladimir putin says is now part of russia and has vowed to take full control of by any means. cha, stratford al jazeera. she has a history, eastern, new grain with more on the ukraine war will live in moscow and cave. let's speak 1st. so we're challenge to is in the ukrainian capital that we're just how much ground have ukrainian force has been able to retake in the light of offensive here with the counter offensive continues or in the region that charles was reporting from there. the strategic town nerve li man is now we know under
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he currently control the russians have retreated eastwards and they are now trying to set up new lines of defense in the town of crimean are the ukrainians are continuing to push or they have taken tours and they are now trying to stop the russians from digging in too deep a christina and, and keep the pressure on them really. but actually, today, a lot of the attention has focused away from the east of ukraine and turn south because as another counselor offensive, which is being quite successful for the ukrainians in the hats on region. now, the, the hassle region at the moment it's splits ah, for the russians. they have a control of course on city and surrounding areas on the west bank of that near river. but the main body of their forces are on the east bank of the deep river are
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the main parts of curse on region. now for several weeks the ukrainians have been trying to isolate the, the, the russians on the, the west bank of the nepa river. in cash on city and ceramic that and they've been chipping away them for a while. but in the last few hours, they into a broken through some weak defense of lines in the north of the territory that the russians control there and actually pushed down along the riverbank and take back significant amounts of land. now we don't know exactly how much it's very fluid the, the ukrainian prime minister for president followed them is the lengthy, it's been quite tightened about it and he's saying that's to settlements. and now back on the credit control can gasket and merely beaca. but actually it looks like the credit of taking much more than that. we'll have to wait and see how this pans out over the coming days. but yeah, the cranes, a jubilant, the russian military bloggers are despondent. they are saying that they're on the
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back foot. that's in danger of russian lines collapsing. happy more strikes over night as well as strikes on the gradient. cities neat pro with his separation was hit. we don't know quite what the casualties or the damage is done there at the moment that's being assessed right now. okay, we're a challenge for us in key. thank you. on the 100 vall joins us now from moscow and mama, the duma is said to ratify the annexation of the 4 ukrainian regions by russia. so what does that mean? does this make it official right? tom dot means a lot for russia because it's not just a formality. yes, in a way it is a formality because it's healed and it's no doubt that the duma was fine on this one vote unanimously on the 3 cheese after they had been proven
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compatible with fashion constitution by the constitution court during the last couple of days. no doubt about that, but it means a lot for russia because it means a change. a fundamental change in the rush and constitution for constitutional laws will be born out of this, of this situation. each one of those 4 entities for your cleaning region is, will have its constitutional law, amending the ration constitution. and adding that entity into the us federation, which raises the number of russian republics, federal republics and entities into at 809 instead of 85. it also means a lot for, for russia in the future because it means it cannot our production constitution. there is no way any piece of russian land can be given or can be compromised about. so these entities, these republics, these territories,
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up until now have been ukrainian, are now going to be, according to russians to be russian territory. and russia doesn't talk until unless they change the constitution. they don't have the right. nobody including me put in himself the president has the right to give up any piece of that land because that's a violation of the federal law of russian. it came home involved in moscow. thank you. the war and ukraine wide, heavy over elections and bulgaria on sunday. sophia was once one of moscow's key allies, but it took a hard line after the invasion. russia cut off its guests and energy process of sword is the 4th election and just 2 years. and you're simmons is in sophia and so i asked him if it feels like groundhog day there. it certainly does analissa calling it fragmented politics. the people are just so frustrated. many, just having voted on the politicians,
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it frying to get some sort of coalition government together, but it has to be said, the party with most votes is blamed for years of corruption. this is how things played out. no clear winner, no surprise. instability is the result in this election. boy co boris of center, right party one most votes. if he manages to get a coalition together, he says policy would remain pro european. oh got it. that other brother, al guerria needs to be very clear fin and precise on where it belongs in the european union, and nato carol, pet cauthen center is succeeded. boris offers prime minister. but his popularity waned. partly because of his hard line on russia and his messaging didn't get the support he needed. they're making a choice between her, our politics of transition, where corruption was part of the brand. we bulgaria, or i knew completely reformed,
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transparent, growing bulgaria. it was only last year that anti corruption protest brought down bristles government after mobile a decade in power. his administration faced a 120 allegations of corruption from an e. u prosecutor. despite this for a soft core support stayed intact, mainly among older voters. many of them living outside of the capital promotion she dylan, she's very confident he's a well qualified politician. she communicates very well and he takes advice from the experts. but university lecturer galena, pinta cova, is skeptical about how there can be a fully functioning government. most of the half of the toner history, which it might form a government, but it won't last for long. the last few elections show that it's nearly impossible to have a stable coalition government. and so what next negotiations to try to get a coalition government formed parties with different ideologies,
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trying to come together. it could include a nationalist pro russian party, but there's no guarantee it will all succeed. and that could be another general election. now the actual turn out figures are below 40 percent. that's the lowest figure. since this political crisis started one aspect which might just have an effect overseas voters, this is the poorest country in the european union. many people have gone overseas for work and they get a vote, millions of them. now, the early projection suggest that those votes are going in favor of parties other than a bar resolve. so that could have an effect on the margin of the lot of the way effectively, but a lot of talking to go on and it's quite possible that there will be stagnation right away across the board.
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an inconclusive 1st round of presidential elections and brazil brings 3 more weeks of uncertainty. the poll hasn't gone as predicted with 99.9 percent of the bell. it's counted. this is how it's looking. louise and osceola da silva has only managed a slight slate with 48.4 percent of the vote. president j a boston r has 143.2 percent. a run off will be held on october. the 30th allen america editor, lucy newman reports from sal. paula, i'm with the selection is a nail biter fans and supporters of left his presidential candidate lease enough to let the siever are worried. polls had predicted that the former president would defeat the courage right wing president james bull, so narrow by a double digit margin. his lead instead, just 5 percentage points. yet lula remained
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a beat insisting he was certain to win the presidential run off on october 30th. gregory, where they could've been, i've never won an election in the 1st round of one them all in the 2nd round, all of them here in the runoff. what's important is the change to think thoroughly on what you propose to society and build a network of alliances. ah, hundreds of supporters gathered on polyester avenue to cautiously celebrate the result. luna supported here are sounding up beat optimistic that they will win in the ronald goodwin. this incident ruin is that the bulls were wrong and, and also not cannot be underestimated. miserable sonata is not contesting the results. as he had suggested he might. instead, he had reason to celebrate his political party has become the number one force in congress. what he believes that his 2nd term is now only 28 days away. oh said to
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me, i recognized that many people feel their standard of living is full. and now we will show them with greater emphasis that we recognize are spending power has diminished, but also show that our economy is recovering well as a muslim, this already divisive election could become even more divisive the coming weeks present. both fernando is really questioning the capacity of the electoral, joseph, and of the electro electronic system to work properly. and so to give him what he believes that the only acceptable result that he does. his victory brazilians now face another 3 weeks of tense campaigning in election, in which the outcome is even more uncertain than before. lucy and human al jazeera, so brazil, the president of indonesia is a rumor football club, says he's ready to take full responsibility. after 125 people were killed in a stampede following a match on saturday. people have been paying tribute outside the stadium where one
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of the world's worth disasters unfolded into the security minutes. this is an independent team will investigate what happened and who is to blame? who owns if there is jessica washington is outside the stadium and my leg. well, the investigation is underway. and part of that, of course, on looking at the state of the country stadium in milan, where we are now. and i just want to give you a sense of what that looks like right now. because in the daylight, you really get a sense of how this tragedy unfolded. you can see this ventilation area has been appears to have been smashed by spectators, as they tried their best to leave the stadium. once gas was fired and this metal door over here, you can see how it's been sent out of shape because people were really running for their lives. that's what spectators have been telling us that police side. but many of the exits were shot. and so they didn't even have the opportunity to try to
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escape, and that's how the pilots began and, and people lost their lives as, as the sam paid happened. you can see here people have been leaving tributes throughout the weekend and today as well, flowers and candles. the community really just in shock it at what has happened, what is unfolded, and of course as cold for an adequate and thorough investigation. that investigation still very much underway, but we understand that police are looking in particular at 18 officers who had some involvement in firing the gas, but the community here is so angry and they are calling for answers. and you can see signs like this, scattered through all the stadium. my brother was killed i, we need a thorough investigation and there is so much anger here and so much despair. just the shock that many of the victims, of course, were young, young men, young women, as families even you can see their shoes scattered around and even passes. people were fleeing for their lives. and really just you can see dozens of shoes
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throughout the stadium. and he had this sign, particularly powerful policy jahan evil police. you killed my brother and so people are looking for answers. they're looking for accountability and if remains to be seen, whether they will ever get that in milan. this is a community in morning and shock. 17 year old we dad went to a football match. his family never expected that he wouldn't make it home. the game turned to tragedy up to police fired tear gas at spectators, apparently to control fans who entered the field after the match ended. people panicked triggering a stampede as they rushed to the gates. re hands elani survived, but his friend didn't. but please through target to the lower part of the stadium, i saw children dying in front of my eyes. people were scattering around and panic trying to escape. but the exits were locked, so they were piling up, their hundreds were injured in the chaos. witnesses paint a rhythmic picture. army,
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some work on disregard. so tomorrow as people ran towards the exit, it was light. and then the lights dimmed in the stadium. it was dark people were pushing each other and even stepping over each other, trying to get out of the pool. this is the waiting area of a cycle on while hospital in milan, one of the hospitals close to the stadium. most of the people waiting here are parents waiting anxiously for updates on their children. 17 year old refiner, dewey of freon shaw is in the intensive care unit. oh, i was stay, hang up waiting for him. it was so late and he hadn't come home. everyone else in our neighbourhood who had been to the match, had started to come home. where was my son? and she worries about his son. she pondered why? he ended up in hospital in the 1st place. why did police gas them? there were many children up there, and mothers too. now you see who the victims are. many of them are just young boys,
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like my son dione, to speak to patrice mother, he's also waiting for an update from the i see you do need to know why her face was swollen on the bones and her neck dislocated. she's unconscious. ah, indonesia, president has asked for an investigation, and human rights groups are calling for answers and accountability, criticizing police for using t against in a confined space. for now, many of the parents who spoke to $1.00 to 0 said the only question on their mind is whether their child will make it through. jessica washington al jazeera milan was still ahead on al jazeera. the sea is no bell season kicks off from an announcements of the prize for medicine will be live in stockholm. ah
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hello there. it's been very wet across the south east asia region in particular for indo china. thanks to the remnants, all the weather system that of what their way towards thailand causing flooding in the north while the rain continues to fall heaviest. here, over the next few days, stretching down the monday peninsula towards malaysia and indonesia and heavy falls expected for western areas of borneo on choose day. and for the philippines, a mix of storms, showers, but also some sunshine. and we had down on that to australia. we've had pre season rain sweep across more central air is and the bite southern areas of australia seen that very wet weather on choose day. and we could see possible flooding come wednesday for parts of new south wales. and queensland has the heavy rain rolls its way further east. now that has been some improvement for perth, but the wet weather is moving back in knocking the temperature down. if we have a look at the 3 day, some cloudy skies coming in on thursday, it is going to feel
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a lot cooler here. as it is a for the south island in new zealand, it's going to be very chilly with some spring snow expected to move in by the time we get to choose day, look at that temperature job from cold weather ahead. that should weather update. ah, combining alls and technology to challenge soviet era methodologies through making, creating and performing timing, a generation of children into the trailblazers of tomorrow. after school armenia, part of the rebel education series on al jazeera of football from spain freighted battling opponents.


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