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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 4, 2022 4:00pm-5:01pm AST

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some warnings out for the winter would islands and that's thanks to a system that's developing as it works its way further. west is also going to bring some heavy rain to the likes of venezuela. and as we move to south america, coastal storms continue to plague, columbia, and ecuador across the amazon base. and we got a mix of scattered showers and storms. but for brazil, it's 3 that east coast that sees a more fierce fun the storms. places like rio de janeiro, they will however, be some improvement as that system works its way further out to see that's not the case. however, for power. why we all going to see things cool down as a wet weather bubbles around here over the next few days, but for the likes of one or saras in argentina, we look at the 3 day. it is going to get warm up with sunny spells on friday, that sure weather update to with sponsored by catalyst. ah,
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this is al jazeera, ah, hello, i'm adrian said again. this is, these are live from doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. russia's parliament ratifies moscow's claimed annexation of 4 regions of ukraine as its military faces setbacks on the front line . the scars of battle bodies lined the streets of the recently retaken ukrainian town of lema south korea. the us launch fighter jets conducting precision bombing drills after a north korean missile and an energy revolution. how kenya is harnessing the power of steam to lift millions of people out of poverty of count greenhouse gases, and is for ukraine, eyes up a joint bid to be well cup post. their said to team up with spain and portugal for
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the time and in 2030 the upper house of russia's polymers is approved. moscow's claimed annexation of 4 regions in ukraine. the legislation will go to the kremlin for a final stamp of approval by president vladimir putin that you laura's being pushed through despite the you entered western allies saying that it's illegal. wisco lived out of moscow. algiers mohammed vow is there for us. so the upper house of parliament has ratified that these annexations. it goes to president putin. next. then what mohammed yes, adrian, after the stamp of approval by press, the president put in this becomes a constitutional amendment for russia. now to have more than what to choose to have in terms of regions and republics, it will be up from $85.00 to $89.00 regions actually. but on paper it looks
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very easy. even though there are even on paper, still some problems, they haven't yet even delineated the border for on the partition for done yet. can . logan could said the board that would be the same before the conflict started in 2014, before 4 on. and so they basically said it is going to be up for negotiations and consultations with local communities. so that situation is left open day or even defense minister the sorry, the foreign minister yesterday told the the m p 's that this is not going to be the last time they put off on something like this. and when he was asked if there was something between the line, he said no, i'm clear about this. so, i mean, there is this likelihood that russia is probably intending to next more lines we don't aware about ease or maybe it is just, it has to do with her on as
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a partnership. that happens when, when the country is facing lot uphill battle in terms of, you know, the fighting that is going on. those defeats, the russian army has received. and that criticism it has, it is receiving here on the highest level, people who are very close to president blood to me, to put in talking about the competence of the generals who are leading about operation. i have a rush, us defense ministry is given minister, others given an update on the the compulsory mobilization. what do they have to say? yes sir. mister shows good talking to some just some military leaders to day and tried to give some or he gave some clarifications because there has been a lot of confusion over the last couple of weeks about the, the new cost scription or procedure, particularly for mobilization. those 300000 people, mistakes were committed and the highest command in the country
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a acknowledged that there were mistakes and they had to be correct to. so he gave those clarification saying that there is a difference between what is called mobilization and what is called compulsory military service. mobilization is going on and he talked about 200000 people who have already been deployed and being trained in 80 centers. some of them even at the front line as we speak yet with regards to compulsory service. that's a routine procedure that russia has been doing twice a year, about a 120000 people conscripted in those 2 in those 2 phases. and he said, those people are not concerned, they're not going going to be sent to the front lights. i'll deserves mabel bow live in moscow. thanks my heart will. the annexation formerly incorporates here san zapora, year on ask, and luanne sky into the russian federation. it's based on the results of referendums that were held over a week ago. let's bring in puzzle falcon, how're,
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who's a defense and military on the list is also a columnist at the borg ozetta. he judged alive from moscow. the same question to you powerful about these annexations washers house of parliament has as approved it . it now goes to president putin decided off then what loaded becomes the. busy log the land and that means that these directories, though their borders are not just kind of fuzzy. no one really knows that in particular where they are on the ground will become part. so the russian federation, which means that there can be no compromise. there can be no tradeoff of territory for peace. this is already russian sake return tree in the so that actually means at most likely there is no prospect right now of any kind of a meaningful peaceful negotiations at all. it's going to be decided on the battlefield. oh wow,
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that's total victory or total defeat. the so president and fortune has put his nation and himself into a situation where he has burned his chips and there is no retreating right now. so he is, the possibility is here that he's setting himself up for a full because as you say that these borders are, they are fuzzy at the moment of that because ukraine is making inroads into that formerly ukranian territory. it's the territory that russia now claims to of annexed bo. this happened in many times actually in world history, when, during a war of one country and next ponce of the other country and then eventually lost them russia. and next he in the provinces of coyote go, he said, that's actually right now ukraine question, ukraine from the austro hungarian empire during the 1st world war,
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the germany in the 2nd world war 2 different territories from different countries. so this happens, but this is not really, i believe, a very smart mo, but this most likely if bread and boots in town, not only his nation, but also his and crime one another. i officials that there won't be no turning back the all talk about compromise should. it will be now considered as a treason because this is russian territory and we should do own we work for full victory and there's no option, no other option at all. i'm paula paula. what about these hints we heard about the that possibly being further areas that might be in line for rushes annexation, or was that somehow lost in translation? and they were actually talking about the areas that russia has claimed to have annexed? well, there is a kind of the problem of the city of zappa rogia, which is the rad, their big city. i think it's about 7, the pre war population,
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something about 7, the 100000. that's the capital of the borrower's year o blast, which was right now became part of rush. i mean, what was the bid but the capital bin and it's under in ukrainian hands. and there wasn't even foremost leaking no referendum, and that part of as a barrage yeah. awesome. so most likely they're saying that may be the further on when russia may have cat may capture, then safety, it may be, become part of russia, maybe not. so this is a kind of a, i'm b u at the west. also there could be, there's also some parts of the that net screen that they're under ukrainian control . and again, that is not clear watts going to happen. they're most likely it's, well, it's clear is going to be more war happening. that's a clear thing. good still to how many thanks and aid for being with us once again. thank you. russian forces have been struggling to hold ukrainian regions that they
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wanted to annex, as you heard in the south. keeps forces made a major breakthrough near cal san that's just days of the re took the city of my man in the east as were a challenge. reports now from keith. this is probably not what moscow's politicians envisage when they think of russian control dead russian soldiers in the streets. the ukrainian flag flying in recaptured, the man thought it's the reality of a war that's not going moscow's way to him is not only that on tuesday rushes up, a house unanimously ratified the annexation of 4 ukrainian regions. but russia's grip on them. his tenuous at best and weakening so any of those of south to day, the offensive movement of our army and own a lot of defenders continued. now newly liberated settlements in several regions. v as fighting continues in many areas on the front, but, but the prospect of these hostilities is obvious. more and more que buyers are
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trying to escape the enemy army suffering more and more losses. and there is a growing understanding there. russia made a mistake by starting the war against ukraine. winter is not far off, but after her home and lemon was hit, 85 year old valentina cooks on an open fire and lives in a basement. yes, i just it. i was standing in the hall about 5 meters way. when it boomed. i was thrown back. god forbid, i can't hear. well, what you did not yet. though a victory for ukraine retaking the man came with costs. a soldier lies in the shattered remains of a petrol station and his comrades begin the process of sending him home. although young, we fight for our land for our children, so that our people can live better. but all this comes at a very high price. in the southern hassan region, another ukranian breakthrough is racking up rapid successes. he cranes high command
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is aware the window for big territorial gains may be closing as autumn set syn, battlefield conditions will get muddy and slow, and rushes poorly defended positions will be better manned with mobilized soldiers or italians out 0 here moving further south and update. now from al jazeera hotter abdel homemade who's in creevy re there, the front line, the sudden offensive had been announced since the summer. and then ukraine took everyone by surprise by advancing swiftly through the hockey region in the north east of the country. and it was believed actually that, that happens so quickly simply because the russians had read the blow, their forces from the north east to the her son region, to reinforce the defensive lines there. but then over the past few days, the ukrainian army picked up momentum and managed to break through some of the
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russian defensive lines in the north of the have sewn region. now the military is not giving much details. president zelinski talked about only 2 villages being liberated, but on social media, there is evidence of the ukrainian soldiers arriving in various towns and villages and hoisting the ukrainian flag. the same scenario happened in the north east of the country. now, the russian appointed administration in her sewn in the occupied part has said that the ukrainians have advanced along the nipper river. in the hall. sun region had said that the russian forces had found themselves in a position of being forced to retreat further south. it, if you crave managers to really take her so, and it will be a huge loss for the russians, because that region is needed to protect the crimea peninsula, that russia has
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a next back in 2014. and it also takes away from russia, a land access to that been in solar. so just a few days after president vladimir putin has announced the annexation of 4 regions here in ukraine, including her son. he has lost some of the annex land here with that. he's out from al serra still to come on the program more. thank holdups, in lebanon, us frustrated customers to mod access to their own savings fear for future, and became faso after it's 2nd military coup. it 8 months and how the philadelphia phillies ended an 11 year wait for the playoff. santa house that in the sport a little later. ah, a north korean missile launch was prompted strong condemnation from japan, the u. s. and south korea. it's pure young's longest range missile yet on the 1st
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to fly over the country since 2017. it responds south korea conducted air drills with the u. s. air force. it's carried out what it calls, a precision bombing drill, and japan of the u. s. also holding joint military exercises, i'll to say was robert bride reports now from sol. this is a major escalation and follows a prolonged period of increased missile testing by north korea. the intermediate range missile flew over northern japan, prompting a warning for people there to take cover. it landed in the pacific ocean and brought this response from japan's prime minister. because on the firing which hold a recent series of launches by north korea is a reckless act, and i strongly condemn it. it's 5 years since the north last fired missiles over the top of japan when relations were at them most tense in decades. burger, gwinnett, g, q a, b, it threatens the peace and security of the region. it is
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a serious challenge for the entire international community. and there's been similar condemnation from south korea. north korea fire the medium long range missile with a range of 4000 kilometers over japan. as i sat on armed forces, they looked over 1st. such reckless nuclear provocation will face a decisive response from our military and our allies and the international community. already facing the toughest sanctions and largely shunned by the international community. the north seems undeterred with north korea leader kim jong run declaring last month that he's country is now officially a nuclear armed power and testing. longer range missiles seems to send that message to the world. yeah, i think one way to read these pets pretty frequently is that there's sort of a demand for attention. north korea doesn't like being understood as the fail. korea where the weird korea have a real one compared to south. this launch comes as the us and it's south korean and
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japanese allies wrap up navy drills led by the ronald reagan. the 1st exercise by an american aircraft carrier to korean waters in 5 years. and with warnings from south korean intelligence officials that the north could soon conduct its 1st nuclear test since 2017 robert bride al jazeera. so north korea has fired several missiles this year, including ballistic cruise and hypersonic missiles. but tuesday is launch by far, is the most significant. it flew more than 4500 kilometers before falling into the pacific ocean in january, north korea 5 the croissant 12, which is capable of reaching the u. s. territory of guam. let's get the reaction from the u. s. our white house correspondent, kimberly alcott joins us live. what is the white house saying about this? kimberly there is no question that the white house is viewing this as
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a dangerous and reckless decision on the part of north korea's calling this destabilizing and also saying that this shows a blatant disregard for not only un security council resolutions, but also international safety norms. now what we know is that shortly after this launch was conducted that the national security advisor jake sullivan, as well as the secretary of state antony blake and held calls with their only japanese counterparts, but also counterparts in south korea. and what we understand is that that is when that robust response was discussed in terms of that coordination that took place shortly after that launch, in terms of the practicing in the yellow sea, that joint exercise that was targeting, in terms of that joint military exercise. and we can expect that there will be similar actions in the future. the message that is being sent is one that the
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united states says that it is reaffirming its iron clad commitment to the defense of both japan as well as the republic of korea. now, what we should tell you is that this is certainly being viewed as a worrying sign of escalation here in the united states. one that is likely to be brought up and discussed the president of the united states as well as the vice president will be meeting for their daily brief, in the oval office very shortly as well as having a lunch. and we also know that the goal of the united states is to work with its partners and allies to really limit north korea's ballistic missile program. and that is one that is the goal is to do this in conjunction with partners and allies . so this is something that will be discuss further, we know, and we're expecting that we will likely get an update on this at the white house press secretaries daily briefing that is due in the coming hours of so whitehouse correspond. kimberly, how could reporting live there from washington? monday, thanks kimberly. to banks up and held up in lebanon as frustrated customers try to
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access their savings. this video is from one of the incident since a tour in the east raids on branches. my clients have taken place across the country during the last month. lebanon is dealing with a financial crisis. banks of imposed strict limits on withdrawals. al jazeera xena hodder report south from beirut. there have been more bank holes up across the country, really an incidents in eastern living on another incident in the south of the country. these are depositors who are angry. who is savings really have been trapped and bangs since late 2019. and these incidents continue to happen despite type of security measures. if you can see where other bands enable, people are no longer allowed to enter bank branches only one by one they, they're using atm machine transactions are now being done through
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a t. m. machines. of course, each bank has their own procedures put in place security measures after there was a wave of bank hold up. last month. even yesterday, there was another incident in the southern suburbs of baby toby's incidents continue to happen. when you talk to people who are standing outside banks, you really feel the frustration. a lot of people here are either civil servants, some or even army personnel, interior, internal security personnel who are coming here to get their salaries, their monthly wages. so this is, this is a financial crisis that has really hurt the population. there is anger towards a towards bank. they blame banks for imposing illegal capital controls because the capital controls have not been formalized by parliament. but at the same time, banks will argue and say that we have no other choice but to impose these capital controls. because the state is not giving us back to money because what happened
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here was that bank lend money to the states which is really being blamed for misusing the money for, for corruption, for decades that nearly bankrupt state cannot pay the banks back. and bank say they don't have enough money to get them to get for the people. it's believed a $100000000000.00 and deposits are trapped and banks and banks have approximately $20000000000.00. that is why they're giving these monthly withdrawals. turkey and lippy libya have 1st signed a joint deal to jointly, explorer oil and gas, and libby as met a rate mediterranean war says it happened during a visit to the north african nation by turkish foreign and defense ministers. it's unclear though, whether the agreement is part of a maritime border agreement that they signed in 2019 took it in. libby as claims angered greece, cyprus, and egypt. the u. s. says that they would impose further measures against iranian officials, responsible for cracked on protests. demonstrations had been held for days over the
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death of masa, a meaning in police custody last month. the 22 year old died off to being arrested for violating rules on the head, scarves that spring in. yes, been, i mean, zach, he has an international attorney focusing on geopolitical issues in the countries of the middle east and north africa. she wants to start live from washington. good to have you with us. are these sanctions targeted though they are going to make any difference? i will say that these sanctions are router more symbolic and they are effective. there's already and very comprehensive sanctions averaging against iranian government comprehensive almost in every capacity, not just against the government, but against the people of iran. in addition, there are secondary sanctions against people who have nothing to do with the last. i need them doing business or working with people in iran. so these extra steps,
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the sanctions that are coming forward. i definitely symbolic and demonstrate sort of emotional or, or, you know, and the support and chris, emotional support, our support and principal with the people that are run by. in fact, they will not necessarily make a difference. a bronze supreme leader yesterday said that muscle me, these death left him hot, broken, but he said the us and israel a fueling the unrest. what do you make of that? i think he has 2 approaches and 2 in a 2 pronged way. number one, there's a very brutal crack down happening in the streets, but also because they're threatening the iranian regimes sort of facing an existential threat. they have to demonstrate some sort of empathy in the family of masa and the, and the fallen protesters. in addition, it's very as sort of start of mains, mainstream mainstay from the iranian government to blame outside forces. b, b,
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a is really government and the us government are a sort of a that constant scape goat for people in for the government of iran. but the reality is, outside interference had proven to be quite no, negligible. it's the iranian government who, when a protest takes place, they are the ones who are arming those groups who work in their favorites. then when talking you have a malicious lebanon in iraq, you're running iranian government does already protesters in places where it has interest. and we're not seeing that level of support outside support for protesters on the ground in iran or so we talked about sanctions as a little hang ringing, going on in the international community and strong woods a about what's going on in iran right now. but, but what else could, should the international community be doing right now? i think one of the main complaints and main grievances of the protesters that we're seeing is that the media coverage and the last person quite negligible at best and
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at worst a little bit misleading. there was recently an article in new york times, you know, dubbing this protest a protest about the economy more, you know, children and kids are, there are out in the streets chanting, wet and then my read on and, you know, the western sort of calling the say a fight about inflation and unemployment. i think that's very disheartening. triggered people to feels like the west is very quick to show iranian people, burning american flags and chanting sort of extremist clothes. but when they're in the streets fighting for their lives, they're not getting the coverage in beacons or so i would say the 1st thing would be the western media coverage should probably take a shift and look at like more accurately what's happening on the ground. and iran could still, she has been many section teacher being with us. yes. but i mean, exactly the in washington. thank you. a delegation from west africa regional blog
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echo was, is indicating faufau to meet the country's new leaders. com house returned to the capitol following a qu, there on friday, deposed, shown to lead up pull. henri amoeba has left for a name for neighbouring togo, many a wondering whether the new john to can deliver on his promise to provide security . i'll just here as nicholas hark reports, sergeant little goose up is a parody of brick enough us is military june, must be removal by movement after taking power in a qu in january, colonel de me by went on national television and said his goal was to bring peace to the people. last friday he was toppled by captain ibrahim tory. he too, went on national tv, promising security for the people was only the one in this sketch. sergeant little luther says one, he took power to give the people peanuts and vacations to whose in brianna are no laughing matter, but a coup with an a qu 8 months apart. feels like a joke, says,
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comedian says you may oh go without committee. our country will go up in flames. we use him as a weapon, whatever their reason, this school is not good for the country. the west african body echo all says between his latest, who is a setback for democracy. they're sending a delegation to meet with trial rate in order to restore civilian rule. but torres says he has more pressing concerns, like regaining control of the country's northern regions where arm groups linked to isis and al qaeda control, large swath of land brim. i knew a resonant from the ton of wound they fled to the capital to find safety money from 10 to 15. keener fact, so has never been in such a bad state. even places that were peace live now in a state of fear and uncertainty. in the face of uncertainty, supporters of the qu blamed friend, they believe the former colonial power and military partner has failed burkina its
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forces. russia presents itself as an alternative. molly and the central african republic have hired russian mercenaries from the wagner's group fight armed route, africa is suffering from this kind of, of short balancing where the western power and russia are competing in our, our total in this fight for influence, democracy has taken a backseat soldiers are making promises. people have bertina foster, have heard before. nicholas monitoring developer sat from senegal in that darker he's with us now live nick ben. protests against this echo was delegation. why? well, there's been a delegation that before when there was a coup in january at this one is led by former president of the share issue food he's help with 2 other senior officials, the foreign minister of going to be an official from gambia. and it feels like
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mission impossible, their aim is to try to get the new crew leader to restore, to restore to a civilian rule in burkina faso. but it doesn't seem like it's going to happen anytime soon. torres main priority is to restore peace and security in brookings. foster in the country where 40 percent of the territory is outside of the control of the government. so his focus is security, but you know could have happened before in virginia. so since independence there been 15, cruise in democracy almost feels the exception not the norm. the context in which the school is happening though, is different. the geo political context before only france, the former colonial power had sway over what happened in bertino fast. so now there are new players, russia stepping in just this morning, let me push. i was talking with a neighboring country molly with more military trade between molly and russia.
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molly, that was, that used to be a close ally to france, but has moved away from, from france. the same thing is happening. it seems in burkina faso, where we're seeing the new leadership looking at more russian military support instead of friends. so there's a change in the way that international actors are, are, are, are influencing burkina faso caught in the middle of this, of course of the people of agreed for us or 2000000 people displaced thousands of people killed areas in the north where the government has completely lost control, lots ways of land that are in control of arm groups linked to iso. an old kite us, the security security and security is the main issue here for the new leadership in bertina fossil officers in the close hoc reporting live the from dock of senegal, mcmurry, sexual date were of the midway point in the stairs. and let's go to whether updates from kara hello there was thought in south asian as the monsoon continues. it's
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retreat within clear skies across much of pakistan and the north west of india. but that's going to change. we have got some heavy rain to come creeping in from the north east and easton areas. that's thanks to an area of low pressure that's putting father in land, bringing some very heavy rain to the likes of nepal. we're likely to see flooding here. we've also got amber warnings out for kind and who to production. some of that rain is going to move into new delhi over the next 3 days with thunder showers on friday. it is going to feel cooler here. rain intensifies along. that's east coast looking much dryer, however, in carola just a few showers here and there. and some of the more fierce thunderstorms, kicking off in sri lanka and wet weather affecting the modi's, now was moved to east asia. we seen wet weather move in from the north, this band of rain knocking temperatures down as it pulls its way further south to the likes of wu, han and shanghai. it did the same to the korean peninsula, working its way across japan. and it's going to continue to bring some rain to
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tokyo as well as more central and eastern areas of china. if you showers well in the south. but hong kong coming in at 30 degrees celsius, still rather warm. carmody thank still to come on. the new south, while an influx of russians into georgia, has become a political problem for the government. the. the 2022 nobel prize for physics has gone to a pioneering trio, who worked with the tiniest elements. and i'll universe a test for liverpool in the champions league. santa looks ahead to the group gave said about 20 minutes. ah frank assessments. if the united states should, we felt that you're running a good program was there to build a nuclear weapon. they would have signed a deal by now informed opinions. i believe that armenia agenda should have
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bilateral negotiations. we've been calling that for many times. critical debate is the commonwealth now still something that king charles will take home in depth analysis of the data global headlines inside story on al jazeera. examining today's headlines, we cannot live in the good is getting this hot, like the titanic heading for the iceberg. setting the discussion, the fall of afghanistan is going to stay with every single asking for the rest of their life. sharing personal stories with the global audience. it's about our body is that it is about, oh, right, programs that open your eyes to an alternative view of them. well, today on al jazeera, ah
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ah, hello, adrian finnegan here rideau. how about the diesel? from al jazeera, the headlines, a north korean missile launches prompted strong condemnation from japan. the u. s. and south korea. it's p on gangs longest range miss out yet, on the 1st to fly over japan since 2017. the been to ball burning, holdups in lebanon. those frustrated customers try to access the savings level is facing a financial crisis. of banks have imposed strict limits for the tools of the upper house of russia's parliament, as approved moscow's claimed annexation of full regions. and you crave the you out of western allies, say the move is illegal. it will now go to president vladimir putin for final rest of the kitchen. a major influx of russians into georgia has become a political problem for it's government. al jazeera zimmer on car report start from
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tbilisi. it's empty now, but in recent days, george's parliament has seen a serious rift opened up between the government and the opposition. and this little agreement on anything related to russia. the govern says that since september 21, a 115000 russians of arrived, the opposition says the figures closer to 500000 of that and opposition politicians see that as a national security threat, a lot of georgia. i think that that because of this government and this government is kind of anti western government and i kind of feel gambling with my shine, puts in. so i mean, rush on influx is definitely a huge threat for that. there are the parliament's, the ruling at georgia dream path. it keeps up it's election vouch of having a good relationship with russia and joining the european union. the country wants to become a bridge, if you will, between the european union and russia. the vice chair,
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the foreign relations committee says strengthening ties with russia is now a big ask. relations are bad tense and a dangerous for georgia because we don't have diplomatic relations. and russia represents an existential threat to georgia's independence, territorial integrity with the country in the very early stages of his bid. thank you, membership. many feel that this is the time to press a more forceful membership of nato in european union is the most important in order to protect the george and civil and he and territorial integrity and the security. but the problem is that it's because of the war in ukraine. it is unlikely that georgia will get another membership anytime soon. but as far as the new membership, i think georgia has quite good chances. their memories of the 2008 with russia still fresh head. the graves of dead soldiers are still well tended. the image is
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coming from ukraine are familiar. and a reminder of the russian georgian wall that's often described as the 1st european war of the 21st century before the war in ukraine. russia had no problem with the country wanting to join you. but to day, what russia, thanks, or when the you will allow them to join the club is unknown. it seems that george's dream of being a bridge between russia and europe is further away than ever. m. ron con, our desert tbilisi. the 2022 nobel prize for physics has been jointly awarded to 3 people along aspect. john f klauser and anton zailynn got the announcement was made in stockholm. just a short while ago. the trio being recognized for that pioneering work in quantum information science out as he was pull, reese was on the ceremony in stockholm, experts in the field of physics often trying divine who's going to win this prize every year by looking at who's been cited to the most times by that pays who's won
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some non nobel prize is some sort of so called feed a prizes. we're expecting maybe the theme this year to be light, how light is bent and manipulated to make things invisible or how light is converted into electricity. but the nobel committee have bamboozled de bouquets, yet again in choosing alan aspect, john f. clowes, and anton xhylia for their experiments with entangled photons in the field of quantum mechanics, quantum information, maybe not one for the lay person. but fortunately we have mohammed's boron and hare professor of quantum information on quantum optics at the university of stockholm, mohammad, you are talking to me about this being a quantum resident revolution. and this can be used in preventing hacking. and that nations are racing to harness this technology one more. can you tell us about the
4:40 pm
the pin year war bodybuilder gloria today is simply clothing the debate between nibs or and, and find a book, no description of quantum mechanics. and then today, this opinion experiment have been useful for what is called today. the 2nd quantum revolution that include quantum encryption, quantum computers, quantum imaging, and 2 quantum sensi. and that's the work. what is to really use for appear in your work. know what is called disgruntled the commodities and how is that being used in the world of hacking and who's trying to really harness this technology? good, the technology use with today for encryption is bathed in, assuming that the quantum computers are more powerful or cooper. i'm not the most smart enough to, to break these codes. but using now this wanted to wanted to in quantum technologies use bases a lot of nature. no for that, no of nate are not allowed you to ha quoted of quantum encryptions. that's today.
4:41 pm
yes is not basin and assuming something about about disposal of super mommy gordon from the university of stuck on thank you very much. i know by week continues chemistry at tomorrow. then we got literature the pace prize in oslo. and then back here for economics. what might be interesting is to see if any more women are handed out prizes this week at just to give an example for this price of the 3 men given the price to day, only for women have been given the physics price since it was a begun in $19.00 i one for recent stokum. i think i understood that scientists say that an energy revolution is taking place in east africa, geothermal, steam in the great rift valley, as being harvested of the projects. experts say that it could lift millions of people out of poverty and cop greenhouse gas emissions of zeros. captain sawyer reports out from the or carry a power plant blasts of immense heat dot dozens of
4:42 pm
vents in the great rift valley. the steam is so hot, you can boil an egg in it to appreciate the power of this heat. there is no, we're better to look the north west of kenya's capital nairobi. this energy is coming from the off and it's essentially limitless. anom wonky is exploring for new geothermal drill sites for the can't cheese electricity generating company. it is producing $962.00 megawatts of power, but could do a great deal more, santi, se harnessing geothermal power for electricity is simple. their theme from the ground is on a channel of him, of steam lines and the steam lines and up in up our place. and that steam, of course, it is separated where the liquid face ice,
4:43 pm
the can injected back into the ground. and the steam dry steam is thick into a power plant, and ron sets out by generating electricity can yet derives most of its energy from clean sources. it has some of the world's largest geothermal wealth and plants. it is also the largest producer of wind and geothermal energy on the continent. i think africa stands out now as a viable option to bring about the change so that africa will make the, the necessary contribution to greeny, the environment. and that's why you find major economies having an interest in, in kenya's, basically. and in africa, basically to her in vos, the effects of what is happening elsewhere. you can, francis karaoke was recently connected to the greed through a rural electrification program. so subtle m longer now we have light,
4:44 pm
we also have fewer cases of tuft at night, but there are still people in darkness. we need to light up the entire village. no . in most parts, people are now enjoying the benefits of renewable energy. many kenyans are connected to the national green, while others have installed us system. the government says it wants to ensure every home has electricity in the next 10 years. the idea is and its schools is not just to live top the country, but the whole continent. katherine sawyer al jazeera, all carrier in the rift valley in indonesia, the chief of police, and several senior officers have been sucked after a stampede of a football stadium and investigations on the waves. the incident on saturday, but left 125 people dead, including 32 children. jessica washington reports now from milan. ah,
4:45 pm
with andy hardy on to thought this football match would be a safe outing for his family. he says they were already getting ready to go home. when police fight t guess the chaos of darkness and smoke, they were split up. young. i begin, and i tired. cagle. i knew i needed to save my baby. am i still in from the stance, asking people below to catch him? then i jumped down to get him up. my wife told me to keep him safe without her then i went back to look for my wife and 2 daughters. i found my daughter's bodies at midnight, and my wife's body an hour and a half later, with her about done bella liked edward. he says their bodies were blew from suffocating. this is one of the gates of can do 200 stadium. now the site if emotional impromptu vigils through m o e c u again another day they sing until we meet again.
4:46 pm
dr. golfing, 3 of our friends died. we came here together as a group, but not all of us made it home, sorta and happy shoes. and passes are scattered throughout the stadium. ne indication of how people panicked and rushed to the exits. as gas filled, the stadium, spectators tried to flee, but some told out 0 they were trapped. survivors said some of the gates will locks keeping manella keener. i was so confused, i couldn't see my sister or friends, every one was scattered. my mr. was on the stairs. she had had a seizure during the chaos. robbers stadium. you can see writing on the walls, graffiti from frustrated survivors, and the loved ones of those who were caught up in this attack. this sign here. police is your hus, evil police. you killed my brother. people are calling for accountability and it seems those calls won't stop until they are satisfied that the investigation will
4:47 pm
be thought the gate to the field and stands will reopened for investigators to collect evidence. and he says he hopes the investigation will lead to accountability. now, with most of his family gone his days a quieter and lonelier being either where i really don't know what to do. i want to try my best to take care of my boy. i want, but i can't do it like his mother. i go to them, he says he worries about the day, his son will ask him, what happened to their family? jessica washington out a 0 milan. violence is broken out in puerto prince with protest since demanding the resignation of haiti's prime minister audio own room. people frustrated over a lack of fuel and widespread glaring violence that's paralyzed the capital for weeks. many businesses have been forced to shut down of high living costs, driving many deeper into poverty. at least at 15 inmates of been killed during
4:48 pm
a prison riot, and central equitable it happened in the city of lot of congo states. governor says the violence is now under control and the injured prisoners have been taken to hospital. will them $400.00 inmates have been killed in schools? prisons in the last year and a half, the president claims violence on gangs and the drug trade. he was president joe biden, and the 1st lady visited the u. s. territory of puerto rico on monday, promising much needed aid for island again recovering from a hurricane. al jazeera patty cohen as the latest the people of puerto rico still hadn't recovered from hurricane maria, which hit 5 years ago. now, once again, dealing with wide ranging damage, you as president joe biden, and jill biden travelled there monday. he said, to send a message. this u. s. territory will not be forgotten that maria congress approved billions of dollars for puerto rico. much of it not having gotten here initially, we're going to make sure you get every single dollar promise. i'm determined our
4:49 pm
puerto rico bill faster than in the past, and stronger and better prepared for the future. he was referring to former president donald trump, who withheld almost $20000000000.00 with aid meant for the island and biden said, in addition to emergency aid, he will also be sending an additional $60000000000.00 to help strengthen the infrastructure against future storms. and in the state of florida, the destruction is still coming to light in large parts of the state. everything seems out of place. boats on land, cars in water houses simply missing the floors are ruined. the walls are down. the ceilings of all dropped down the water lows above the roof, a whole things. this is everything we could sell it our lives. there are new questions about why people in the hardest hit county were not told to evacuate until a day before the storm hit. local officials or defending their actions. we did what we had to do at the exact same time,
4:50 pm
i would have changed anything. and i know being in those meetings from the very minute the storm was very unpredictable. searches are still under way with 1900 people rescued so far. but as the death toll reaches 100 officials say that number is likely to rise. patty calhane al jazeera australia as allows to plan to ensure that no more plants and animals go extinct. 30 percent of the countries land mass is being set aside for conservation. australia is home to many unique species, including the caller on top of us with numbers of declining, extreme weather events pushed some animals to the brink of extinction. still to come here on that he is out of 49, has proved too good. again for one of the biggest rivals in the nfl center here in just a few months. ah, it's time for a memorable holiday with pegasus. it's time for turkey. set sail for new
4:51 pm
discoveries, enjoy. have new experiences. hit the shops, make wonderful memories. travel to turkey with pegasus, and with direct whites to istanbul and try to book your ticket now for a memorable holiday. c y p g. s. for our best prices. lou. ah elegant talk to sport his seller. thank you very much, adrian. while could ukraine be staging the mans? woke up in 2030 president. zalinski has given permission for his country to become
4:52 pm
part of the joint. a hosting bid already in place between spain and portugal. ukraine, miss down clarification for this year's tormentor and the playoff. it's understood one of the groups and the 1st phase in 2030 would be held in the country. the torment host will be chosen at the p for congress. in 2 years time, england legend david beckon believes the cuts are well, couple produce a higher quality of football to previous. yes, he spoke to out there. so hell malik. and doha, about the benefits of the 1st mid season tournament. he will be on one of the most recognizable faces in sport, a veteran player of 3 well cops. former england captain david beckham, is an ambassador for guitar 2022. he was one of the big names attending a football conference posted by guitar aspire academy, a center of sporting excellence that's produced many katara players who will appear in this year's finals with the world cup kicks off in november for the 1st
4:53 pm
time. and beckham says many players will benefit from the timing to walk up being, you know, the players, you know, to come in mid season. you know, i know i went into world cup so i was lucky enough to play free world cups. and i know that i went into each one of those will come playing probably $50.00 to $60.00 games in the seasons. players coming into this world couple this season, so they're going to be arriving fresh, excited energies going to be at the top level. so i think what you're going to see on the pitch, he's probably like no of welcome beckham told me he's also envious of the compact nature of could talk 2022. it's the dream full fans. it's a dream to place because you know impossible. cups, again, you know, we've had to travel to do that kind of thing. so it's not easy to recover off the
4:54 pm
game. so yes, i would love to have like, predicting a winner, however, isn't something that the manchester united legend is prepared to commit to their own. no easy groups involve tuesdays big tournaments all in late. and no, they're all noisy game. so i believe that there will be some surprises to predict it. you know, i'm not very good at things is always great to see the host nation do well. so i think, you know, that's our goal. very good young team that has been together for a long time. so be good to see the hopes through well for, for the country for the region. katara 2022 begins in less than 50 days and david beckham is looking forward to a great tournament. what is the chauffeur now? is that this wilcox will be quite unlike any other in history. so hale malik, i'll jessina go home jamie's legal chance on tuesday after the international break at for the 3rd round of group matches last year that have been finalized that
4:55 pm
livable host ranges in an old british clash at anfield or yoga clubs team. i have only one once in their last 4 games. the manager admits his team are not at their best, but says he squad are experienced enough to solve problems tony 2 years ago, that is very similar situation for different reasons. lou murphey m los are full, different arts and a half, all of them pretty much and i had to find solutions and we lost our game completely . nobody could recognize anymore which was more the same shorts but couldn't react as quick as people would wish. and but we found a way out because we worked on it, and that's what we'll do this time into milan over the last italian team to lift the trophy. that was 12 years ago. they host barcelona, looking to rediscover their form, asked her back to back to feats in the syria by munich are also in this group and enters coach to know is picking up points in their home. games will be crucial. ca,
4:56 pm
dental dimensional to the top gutter brush, it must be an opportunity. we know how important this much is qualification for the next round is still open. knowing that we having the same group by munich in barcelona. but we are in july and we will troy with all our weapons and strengths. the president of us focus has a report finding of use and misconduct is systemic. and the national women's soccer league is heartbreaking, and deeply troubling investigation was launched. last yeah, the allegations were made against north carolina cards had co to pull wiley, which he denies us soccer says it will immediately implement that reforms to more than 200 people gave evidence by the washington is a former and w s l s. she says, who findings are sad and shocking? unfortunately, the system that is is broken, it's flawed and it's bad, but it becomes the norm that players just learn to expect it and to take it and not
4:57 pm
be like they, as women as girls can speak up. and so personally, i know myself, that's partly why i set the way the game and many others that might have done the same. but it's something that there's not that support a resources of people that you can turn to that are going to listen and actually take action, meaningful action to help resolve it. so you find a lot of people to silence within the system. and so there are people that cover for each other. there are people that don't have the comment to speak up and all of that continues the cycle for generation after generation and baseball of the philadelphia phillies all celebrating the 1st sparta and major the playoffs in 11 years. 3 now went over the houston astros on monday for care of their place. schwab are going to home, runs to take his career total, $299.00. on the 3, please remain in the team from the phillies at last post season. one. that was more than 600 games go and the nfl, the san francisco 49 is
4:58 pm
a good and got the best of one of their biggest rivals. the l. a rums e 49 us is scored 3 touchdowns. you highlight from div who, sam? well, why did receive a going on an unstoppable long run through the roms at defense it to convert a 57 yard touchdown that finish 24 to 9 was the 49. a 7 straight regular season winds over there in states, rivals the result, needs them with 2 winds and to the seats and this campaign unit. and that's how you spell for me, aiden. somebody, thanks to deep say again, tomorrow, that's it. from the news, i will take a few minutes to regroup, and i'll be back in just a moment with all phrase news. so you ah, jumping to the stream when no topic is off the table. i don't think that anybody
4:59 pm
should be borne to privilege to the president of the day. we are the subjects of the royal family, plus one person's opinion. but what's yours? amplify your voice. the judicial system in mexico is incredibly weak and it is not just corruption where a global audience becomes a global community. those scariest part of this moment in my country is this toys for more weapons. the st. oh, now jazeera of football from spain traded, battling opponents on the pick up fighting fascism at home and abroad. footballing legend at a canton introduces the name though in the battle. a warrior who used his beloved dame to help himself and others survived the horrors of a matching concentration. football rebels on al jazeera when the news breaks, it's not just personal property, but also an infrastructure that now leaves fixing from power lines to water me.
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when people need to be heard and the story told, they would get punished if they spoke ukrainian. i'm afraid i won't be able to return home with exclusive interviews. an in depth report south african penguins, 11850 al jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you more award winning documentary and lives. a 3rd of the country is under water. more than 33000000 are suffering from hunger, disease, and displacement. you heard stories about children who are drinking from the same water with a dead catalyst float. al jazeera questions, the climate change play a role in the deadly downfall climate change is here to stay with the full report pakistan. the great deluge on al jazeera, who, oh.


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