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as the un security council meets over cheese days, north korean missile launch 2 more fired from pyongyang. ah, i'm carry johnson. mrs. al jazeera where like from do are also coming up. the opec plus group agrees to cut oil production to boost prices. the u. s. says it will damage the global economy. president vladimir putin, formerly signs the annexation of more parts of ukraine, but keeps forces continue to make ground in the regions checkmate, for cheetos, in chess, accusations of less than, honest play rock, the chess world. ah, south korea's joint chiefs of staff and japan's coast guard say north korea has
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fired at 2 more ballistic missiles towards the east coast. a longer range weapon was launched by pon yang. 2 days ago, you are sent ne, these flagship aircraft carrier is heading for the sea of japan for training with the south korean military. she's days nuclear capable, ballistic miss r 5 by north korea, was a 1st to fly over japan in 5 years. united nations security council met on wednesday for the us condemned north korea. the dpr k has enjoyed blanket protection from 2 members of this council. these 2 members have gone out of their way to justify the t dpr, kay's repeated provocations and block every attempt to update the sanctions regime . in short, 2 permanent members of the security council have enabled kim young on when north korea has issued a statement in response,
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it says that democratic people's republic of korea strongly condemned the u. s. for unwanted li, referring to the un security council. what it describes as just counter action measures. so joint military drills carried out by the u. s. and south korea statement continues to say that the u. s. is posing a serious threat to the stability of the situation on the korean peninsula. which means bass has more in this from the united nations. yes, not the 1st time. we've seen this happen when there has been a security council meeting in new york. north korea does not normally attend the security council when it's being talked about. it doesn't send its ambassador, it ignores the meeting. but also a number of occasions they've actually wall that security council's been meeting have fired off a missile at the news from the security council meeting is that ambassador thomas greenfield and those around her. and you can see the japanese and the south korean ambassador are to one side of her as well as other members of the security council
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. they're all in agreement of where things are and the need for tough action against north korea. but that is not the overall view of the security council and ambassador thomas greenfield. when she spoke in the counsel singled out 2 countries, she said that we're enabling north korea, that we're protecting north korea in her words. now she didn't name those 2 countries, but i can tell you it's obvious from speaking to diplomat. she was referring to, to permanent members of the security council, china and russia at that. do not want to pursue any more sanctions against at north courier at this time. in fact, both of those countries were critical of the u. s. they were critical of south korea. they were critical of japan, the recent military drills. they said that all of what was happening was not just the response, a response to all the fault of north korea. it was because of a confrontation and mistrust is going on between north korea and the united states . it's pretty clear,
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even though things are getting tensor and tensor on the korean peninsula, the security council on this issue. and, and it's also obviously on other issues with ukraine. but on this issue hopelessly divided. the white house has criticized the opec, plus oil producers decision to sharply cut out, but calling it a short sighted move that will hurt the global economy. the opec plus group, which includes russia and saudi arabia when reduce production by $2000000.00 barrels a day from the vendor prices have dropped in the last 3 months. so affairs of a global recession. saudi arabia's energy minister abdul as is vince ah, man that says the output cuts are necessary. our priority now is stabilizing market . now we could be accused of wanting to or influenced market in a negative way, as everybody's blog, if we will. and others will see how we conduct our self in the months to come
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or dominate cane has been monitoring the meeting from berlin. what is informing the decision that has been taken is the concern at the price of oil and the way it stands now compared to where it was just 23 months ago when it was 25 percent higher than it is currently and very much the sense coming from the countries making these decisions, that was what was uppermost in their mind. stability, but also an eye on those prices. but remember also that the united states government, which does not take part in, in these meetings, had said that it did not want to see output cut. so clearly there is to a certain extent, some idea idea of a collision course between these 2 attitudes. but from vienna, a very clear steer, a cut coming in november and to 1000000 barrels a day being cut. there is a lag time as it were between the announcements of either a rise,
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an output or a cut in output, and then the effect that it has on the price of oil. and then once that effect is known as the trading side of things, then there is the lag between that rise all cut in prices in trading. and the way it reaches the pumps where people get their oil, whether it's gasoline, petrol, whatever. and that is the question now in 3 weeks time. say so some analysts though will be this lag will be over. people will know what, what sort of effect it will have. but given the fact that there will be fewer barrels of oil being pumped than logic suggests that the price of oil will go up. and that suggests that the price of fuel at the pumps will go up also, or might $100.00 joins as live now from washington, d. c. and dec. mike, what's the reaction been from the why task? toward this while the reaction has been one of quietly contained to fury,
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the national security advisor making very clear that the opinion of the white house is that saudi arabia, as a member of opec class, is fighting with russia in this. this is seen as almost a bit trail by saudi arabia and its role within opec. these decisions has been decided that described as short sighted, but there's also been a voice from congress, which is not in session at the moment. however, senator chris murphy close to a close ally off president biden, saying that one of the reasons why the us maintain this relationship with saudi arabia despite delegations of human rights abuses, despite the ongoing war and yemen was because it would rely on saudi arabia as an ally, president biden went and visited saudi arabia in july to buttress the relationship between the 2 countries, which had been through a rocky period. but now you, but to us, senator saying that all of this was political capital wasted. given the fact that
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saudi arabia now backing russia against the united states, at least, that is how it is viewed. so certainly there's going to be an impact on the relations between the u. s. and saudi arabia, in the weeks and months to come. and my politically, how does this affect president binding all this is one of the things that's intensifying the theory of the biden administration. midterm elections are happening in a few weeks time in november. one of the major issues in that election is the price of gas. now, president biden has been fighting very hard to reduce the gas price at the pumps at which was at an all time high. a few months ago, he has succeeded largely by injecting at parts of the strategic gas reserve into the u. s. economy bringing down the gas price, but all along president biden has been trying to balance the need to lower gas
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prices with a view to that midterm election along with the need to continue a punitive sanctions against a major oil exporter russia. so that is the kind of tightrope that he's been walking a tightrope that has not been left in tatters by the opec decision. and we're on the a price of oil. and the whole issue now is rebounding within the united states. it could have the result of increasing the gas prices just before those mid term elections. and this is something that could be politically damaging both to president biden and his party in those elections might hannah live 1st there in washington, dc. thank you. patients president vladimir putin has signed into law, the annexation of 4 ukrainian regions. it comes a week after referendums at the u. n. chief, condemned as illegal, but the cremeans control over those areas has weakened ukraine's military making
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gains in areas russia. now claims oscar is quoting up $300000.00 reserve troops to add to its forces in warn you crank. well, there's been that widespread criticism of the draft in russia in response foods in said the mobilization decree is being amended. you the so universally, the defense ministry has reported that a number of categories of our citizens do not need to be drafted as part of the mobilization effort. however, the relevant changes to the legal framework were not made in time. so the draft increased submitted to the defense ministry and the government came out in a way that did not represent the viewpoint of the defense ministry itself. so we have had to make adjustments to this document accordingly. i've already issued a decree to day, and it has been signed which makes these very adjustments. or some european countries have closed their borders to russian tourists. but others are offering people who refused to fight in the ukraine or a chance to apply for asylum. more than 60000 russians entered the
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e. u. in the week after president vladimir putin announced a partial mobilization set, vasa reports from berlin. constantine douglas crossed the border from st. petersburg to finland. 2 days after vladimir put into mobilization order. just before the country decided to stop russians with doris fees as from entering, we personally whenever supported this. now what's our garment is good. it was mccullough's ish was like, i know ah, push for us. ideally, we want her to go to nathan lance. because her that were people like absolute few comfortable because of sanctions had been difficult for russians to enter the european union. hundreds of thousands have gone to georgia. turkey or carfax done. the german government offered russians who don't want to fight in ukraine. the option of applying for asylum. if you would have to join
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a war in which you would have to commit to crimes against humanity, and you don't want that and you leave and you would be highly punished then also that is the ground for protection in europe. as a whole, x not only in germany, europe is divided on how to treat the many thousands of russians who are leaving the country. now to run the risk of being sent to you, great to fight. some countries like germany and france, see their departure as an opportunity to we can put in finland and the baltic state say they're worried about security. mark holeman called left russia at the start of the war last february, and applied for asylum in germany. he wants europe against offering russians asylum, in part because germany is now housing more than 1000000 ukrainian refugees. the problem is that most of them a few pro russian people and what they will do, they will fight with the cranium. they will fight with the europeans, but those who come, they need to go through a very,
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very strict process of distinguishing who you are. constantine understands the concerns but appeals to europe, who let the russians enter. i would think that if europe would allow this, it will be, and she to look for russia and maybe put in origin and it will impact how soon this war will and trying to come up with a unified response. the european commission sat claims for asylum must be considered on a case by case basis, that called on airlines and border agents to thoroughly check. all russians wanting to travel to europe steadfast and al jazeera berlin, ukrainian forces have found the bombed out buildings destroyed, the vehicles and dead bodies spread across the recently re taken the city of nyman . the town in the dawn, the region was a footy re taken on saturday after months of occupation by pro russian forces. the
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city's police chief says, just 7000 people remain in the city, which was wont home to 22000 authorities say they have evidence of russian troops beating and abusing civilians during the occupation. we've been speaking to formal ukrainian, president petra per shanker, for his reaction on the latest developments in his country. he says most goes claimed unexcused of the for ukraine regions will not be a repeat of what happened in premier in 2014. just completely big difference for the distance we can pass for the last the 8 years. because in the year 2014, we don't have it on any year. 2014. we don't have a global coalition for supporting the green in year 2014. dont have his faith of god weapons. and with that situation, definitely, i am confident you gray, real whim, but the piece would be connected with our big 30 said
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a head on al jazeera, more problems for lebanese banks, member of parliament stages, a citizen and demanding access to her own savings, to pay for surgery on the un, the game said die warning and ask the international community for help. a somalia places family ah, the anticipation is rising and so is the atmosphere. you read the width of my cattle. it weighs heavy, rain warnings in northern india. however, once years with details on thursday, this includes for the production or con in india, could see anywhere from about a $100.00 to $200.00 millimeters of rain, but really widespread rain from the north rate down through to the south. so some of this is out of season rain, as we would expect. our monsoon range to clear north to south at this time this year off we go to japan. temperatures have been lowered here in tokyo,
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20 degrees and showers. the brown and same goes for china's the yangtze river valleys, some pouring rain here from wharton right through to china. so that's certainly putting a cap on temperatures and further toward the south. it says help flush out some of that heat that we've had toward the southeast corner, some spots as of late hitting about 40 to 41 degrees. so this will certainly freshen up the atmospheric chunk ching at 16 degrees. but you can still see high temperatures from grey lane to hong kong, hong kong could very well hit 30 on thursday. now, se asia, there's been some flooding northern western sumatra, but i think the problems thought will be southern module rate across java. and that western side of borneo on thursday, and we'll lend this weather report in pakistan where it's a dry day in karachi with a high of 34 degrees. that's it to west sponsored by catch all away. as more people admit to suffering from anxiety and depression, today,
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al jazeera well meets women using art and dance therapy to address their problems. or sensors are the date to the word. and if we are not changing our sense, we lose. you trust me that you can do it? i'm sure you are 90. are under the colors of healing on al jazeera. oh, the me thousands in mind of our top story this how the white house has criticized the opec sauce oil producers decision to cut the output calling it's a short sighted move that will hurt the global economy. the opec group will reduce
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production by 2000000 barrels a day from november. russia's president planet has signed into law of the annexation of for ukraine in regions. a case forces had been making games and areas russian now came to control. as an agent says, he hopes the situation the front 9 was soon in his favor life. north korea has 5 to more ballistic missiles of the un security council met to discuss the launch of another non range weapon on tuesday. the japan don't young says the launch didn't respond to us and south korean military exercises renewed tensions in korea have helped focus attention on the demilitarized cent, running 250 kilometers across the korean peninsula. the d m said acts as a buffer between the 2 sides that are still technically a war source that would be drawn for visitors from the bride. took
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a minute regarded tool into the area. the truce village japan, mon john, where the signing of the armistice ended the korean war nearly 70 years ago. it's a good barometer of the current mood on the korean peninsula. when we visited 3 years ago, border guards and tourists were clearly visible on the north korean side to day, no one as the north has virtually cut itself off from the outside world. since the start of the pandemic, even more recently they were, i've not even seen them come out of the building with the demarcation line that leaders stepped across a midsummer diplomacy hoax 3 years ago. now weeds grow on the northern side of it and in 2019 the military dispensed with their weapons and helmets. in a further sign of improving relations with the hopes, soldiers from both sides of the line would be able to mingle freely to day. that still hasn't happened where they were never able to come to an agreement on that. so that did not one of developing all the only signs of life on the northern side
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farm workers in distant fields. but on the southern side with restrictions because of the pandemic and the fear of swine flu being lifted, this border area is accessible once more, as one of the world's most heavily fortified borders. the dmc continues to fascinate and people are expected to come back once more in large numbers, just as relations across this divide into a new and unpredictable phase. for some that the attraction of such a hot border, new hiking trails have been created. a new observation post has been opened for visitors to peer into the north. a new attractions like this cable car offers rides into previously restricted areas. once you've signed an agreement to stick by the rules, a ride to spend time in the middle of the mine fields on a tense border, that current developments seem to ensure will keep up the tension levels. rob
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mcbride, al jazeera on the demilitarized zone, and m p and lebanon has become the latest person to show up at her bank and demand her own money. countries, economic crisis is forced banks to put strict limits on withdrawals. then a 100 reports from barrett. they opened fire at bank branches. others managed to get inside. some were armed, lebanon has seen a wave of hold ups in recent weeks by depositors, angry and desperate to get their savings. in formal capital controls have been imposed by banks since the economy began to collapse 3 years ago. i'm just, they're demanding their rights. they have to give it to them for it should not be wasted. people are repressed, isn't it enough? it is enough. the depositors union have declared war against the banks. they're promising to continue to support people in their attempts to forcibly retrieve
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their savings. the economic and financial meltdown has stripped the local currency of its value and cause inflation. i need my money, i need to do and then i can not beg my for my money because i have a one year old. my husband, the banking association, says the state and the central bank should be blamed for the crisis since banks lent money to the state which hasn't returned it, but many see it differently, especially because of the close connection between the political and business elite, including the banking sector must have the pin number. did you want the banks are responsible to get our money back. let him sell their assets to properties. they have, let them get the money from their board of directors. there's anger at the central bank as well for indirectly endorsing bank restrictions through circulars that devalue deposits when they are withdrawn. the world bank says lebanon's authority
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is operated a giant ponzi scheme and misuse and miss spent people savings over the past 30 years. and despite the worsening crisis, they haven't come up with a recovery plan or accept to incur any of the financial losses among those demanding their deposits independent. first time m p. 's. cynthia, is that a z? or who said she needed money for a surgery? it's a story that is heard time and time again from an increasingly desperate population center there else rosita, beirut. at least 5 people have died and thousands more have been forced to move after flooding in dana. torrential rains hits the north of the country, causing dams in ghana and neighboring, but kinda fussy to overflow. local media reported that schools and hospitals in some areas had to close. many homes are still in the winter. within 3 hours that the hopefully it was like it. and if and say the room 4 bedroom,
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i bundled everything. so i had to look for a sofa and also get, at least to see was my mom's a my parents. everyone is out of their house. the u. n is wanting that somalia is facing famine as it suffers the worst drought in living memory. my italian chief martin griffiths is quoting on the international community to deliver aid immediately. hash and i'll borrow ports. it's been a prolonged drought in somalia. some of its regions haven't seen rain into years desperate for food, water, and grazing for their cattle. thousands of people are fleeing their homes, walking long distances under the scorching sun where hammered. i my dear year and his family left their coastal city. the 60 year old says he had to walk more than a 1000 kilometers to get to this desolate camp, hoping to get food and shelter. cool little by the national half
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a dozen 100. if you walked some distance out of here, you will see lots of bones, lots of animal bones piled up on the top of each other. from all the corners, the sight of these wounds will shock you to get it, not only here, but toward the region. somalia is one of the poorest countries in the world battered by decades of violence, war and political instability. this drought could be its worst yet. the un thies, the crisis could be similar to the 2011 famine, which killed more than a quarter of a 1000000 people. half of them children thousands have died so far. man attrition is killing children every day because those are the people from 4 days ago and came away in the chair was not even a like a salesman. and that was a bit of cautious when he taking that route has hit it started on put on medication,
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and that's where the at least the because his own cannot improvement. the situation is critical. aid workers sometimes take the limited resources from the hungry to treat those who are starving. so molly's blame the russian invasion of ukraine for depleting, international aid, the used to receive every year and for soaring food prices. because we're not always in the house. there were between crane a russia has worse and destination of oil and wheat, which are not available. we bring the food out away from mogadishu and the prices have skyrocketed since our land is dry and unproductive. the most desperate live in central and southern parts of somalia. under the control of a chabad, the un blames the armed group for contributing to the 2011 famine, by deliberately blocking of burning a deliveries on targeting aid workers. for the time being and until aid arrives,
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hundreds of thousands will have to deal on their own. with cholera mondor tuition on starvation hash about butter al jazeera, i will be the leader of ethiopia to go. i region has given a conditional welcome for peace talks and ethiopian government. they planned to take place in south africa statement by to brian leader to betsy on. every michael to the african union says that to grey, is it ready to send this negotiating team to south africa? or once clarification on whether other parties will be invited as participants, observers, or guarantors? he asked for clarity on what rose international unity would play. and what arrangements are being made for his delegations, travel and security? the rescue operation has been launched in southern greece after a boat carrying up to a 100 migrants hit rocks and sank in high winds. the great coast guard says its own vessels, private boats and rescue helicopter involved in the operation. official said,
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thousands of people have been rescued so far, but gave no other details on those missing, which was often used by people smugglers. listen to bypass grease and land in italy . now to the cheating scandalous rocks, the world of chess. investigation by chest dot com found that grandmaster hans neiman has likely cheated over a 100 times naming beat well champion madness carson. last month. when the pair had a rematch of 9 council withdrew off the just one move suggesting his rival had cheated. what niemen did or didn't do it has been the focus just players and fans ever since. well, kenneth w reagan is an international trust master. he says the chest dot com investigation only found evidence of online cheating. they say early on that they do not have. busy evidence of cheating and over the board chests, which most have taken to back my own findings and statements. because hands need
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man is not the only player of his rank that has been sanctioned retreating, an online chat, and that is extremely concert. they are in 2 different things. separate that's needed for that. i mean, it does mark hands me. mom in some sense, distinguishes them, but you still need to separate process to justify making an accusation over the or gate. i see no evidence. i've been cheated over the for. ready online turn, since august 2020, at least from the data that i have a 2nd. there is a matter of jurisdiction. online platforms which have purview over their subscribers and the day which has purview over in person chess. and there were discussions of cross jurisdictional measures, but those matters were not and so respective those and the applicable sporting.


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