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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 8, 2022 10:00pm-10:31pm AST

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that there is not enough for everyone, but they are still the lucky ones here across the way where the road has been completely washed away, or people cut off from other villages as the trucks begin to empty, panic returns and people jumped the queue once again, making sure, the weakest in the crowd, women, children, the sick and elderly don't get pushed to the back of the was often requires force lena to moment if they trends and sit in a msp dolah with addition is challenged by fermentation and cultural tradition. hollywood thing on i was just using ah,
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a crucial road and rail bridge linking crimea to russia, party reopens after it's damaged by a powerful explosion. this is more shelling, cost power to ukraine's upper region nuclear plant, forcing it to switch to emergency generators, to avoid a meltdown. ah, hello, i'm sorry, i'm noisy in london, you're watching alger 0 also coming up on the program. israeli forces kill for palestinian teenagers in just 24 hours in the occupied was ah, grief stricken families gather at temples in thailand, offering candles, toys and prayers. with a 37 people killed in a gun and knife attack,
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most of them young children. female students, protested iran's president, visit the university intertwined with the ongoing on rest, over the death of mass army. ah, russia is saying that road and rail traffic is resumed on a vital bridge that was damaged by a large explosion. part of the bridge connecting crimea to mainland russia collapsed after a blast. early on saturday. moscow says at least 3 people were killed, and president latimer portion is ordered additional security for this. so let's show you then where the explosion took place and why it's so important. the areas shown in red are currently under the control of russian forces and there, separatist allies, the coach bridge links russia and crimea, and is
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a critical route supplying moscow's troops in southern ukraine and the naval pacific seller stop or a bridge is widely seen as a symbol of the russian annexation of crimea in 2014. now ukraine is not directly claimed responsibility, but the attack comes as its forces push ahead with their counter offensive in the east and the south. marvell begins our coverage now from moscow. this was the moment caught on amateur video cameras. at 607 am local time in crimea, purportedly showing a cargo track exploding on the motorway parallel to the catch bridge. the blast was so huge. flames, as the breeze crossed to the other lane and reached a fuel cargo train that was passing by russia. the government was quick to respond . the speaker of the state duma describe the incident other terrorist attack and an act of war or russian president vladimir putin has ordered an investigation
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committee be set up to find out who is behind it and how it happened. that the most realistic is to explanations. one would be a laser guided on or at least $125.00 kilos. and the other possibility would be sabotaged from special forces from part of the fence. you're seeing an extension of the conflict the ukrainians are now bringing the fight into the rear areas of the supply of russian forces. the kurtz bridge, also called the crimea bridge, is one of russia's most vital supply lines. and it's only land linked with the crimean peninsula. it was opened by floods me to put in in 2018, 4 years after russia next the climate territory from ukraine. the explosion caused 2 sections of the bridge to collapse, and several trained carriages caught fire traffic on the entire bridge came to
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a standstill. the seafaring arts under the bridge was not effected, but this will likely pose several challenges for russia's capabilities to supply its troops. and other administrative operations in crimea. the curtain bridge is less than 300 kilometers away from the nearest bottom flights in steps on. and here in mainland russia, no one seems to doubt to the issue that is directly linked to the war and ukraine. and every finger of accusation is pointed at the keith hammered vod under zeal. moscow and re challenge has been following ukraine's reaction from the capital case . while there has been a lot of insinuation from ukrainian officials, but no explicit confirmation that it was ukraine, that was behind this we've heard earlier in the day from ms. harlow portfolio, who is one of the main advisors to president landscape who said quite austin daily
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. that this bridge crime in bridge was basically just the beginning. everything illegal must be destroyed. everything stolen must be returned to ukraine. everything occupied by russia must be expelled, but later on in the day, he changed his tone at a little bit and actually suggested that the explosion was the result of in fighting between the russian ministry of defense, the f s. b and mercenary groups. he said that the truck that blew up on the bridge had come from the russian side of the bridge. and that suggested that the origin of the explosion was russia or ushers, announced a new commander in charge of his forces fighting in ukraine. the appointment of air force general sergey sort of kin as the 3rd at senior military appointment in the space of a week. russian forces are faced a series of defeats in ukraine in recent weeks until now. moscow and not confirmed
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openly that anyone was in overall military command of what it's still referring to as it special military operation in ukraine. meanwhile, the zap region, nuclear plant, has lost its last remaining external power source after renewed shelling overnight for you ends atomic watchdogs as the facility is now relying on emergency diesel generators, which each have enough fuel for at least 10 days. moscow and kiva blame each other for strikes at the plant, which is being held by russian forces, but operated by ukrainian staff. it's reactors are shut down, but it still needs external power for cooling to avoid a nuclear meltdown. the un is calling for protection zone around the plant, which is europe's largest nuclear power site, or not gallia t, as a director of my act, intelligence limited, or russia focused political risk consultancy firm. and the author of cushions was from chechnya to ukraine. he joins us live now from christina,
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in kosovo. can i start by asking you about the coach bridge attack by saying that traffic has resumed? obviously we've seen images of it, but how important is it for russia to down play the attack? i mean, it's pretty crucial because let's be honest, all though they have been able to move a train in the few vehicles across the bridge. it's clear there's no way that they will actually be able to step up to the kind of flow that they used to be. and the thing is either they have to admit that somehow the ukrainians were able to carry out its very daring attack. or they have to admit that they have a domestic terrorist problem of the scale, which is actually willing to carry out a similar truck coming. so either either way, it's quite clear, but in the public pronouncements they're presenting, this is no big deal. but on the other hand, we can see that there's massive effort going on behind the scenes in both coach area and also in moscow. try and look at what happened and what they can do about
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it in the future. how quickly they're going to be able to repair this. well, the rail section probably quite quickly. i mean, although it looked very impressive. the pyrotechnics when it was 47 wagon loans of oil co fire. nonetheless, it looks like the damage hasn't been too extensive. the roadway is another matter if they're going to be moving heavy trucks or indeed military vehicles along where they need to do more than just a jury. rick. thing was he who knows for sure, but the engineers and the the commentary. apps have been saying it's a month to 2 months is probably the kind of times that we're talking about. there is always a strong rush and military presence in the area. how was such an important strategic location? how is actually it was video location with crucial supply lines expose to attack like this? well, this is the thing. i mean, in theory,
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it was exceedingly heavily protected. there were ships, submarines, and even specially trained dolphins to protect it from any attack by sea. there was a constant closer patrol as well as anti aircraft, and indeed anti missile defenses on both ends. and furthermore, the, the bridge was meant to be controlled and regular patrol by police as well as soldiers. so they, they had basically rather vain, gloriously claim that this, this bridge was, was impossible to attack the fact that such a frankly, relative would be simplistic approach as driving a truck bomb on the middle detonating. it could be done demonstrates, i think 2 things. one is the fundamental weakness that we've seen with russian procedures. and the 2nd thing is the fact that the ukrainians, if we, if it was them which you know, that is there, the likely answer have demonstrated a considerable skill for identifying the loopholes within russian systems. and
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exploiting them to the fullest. was he now this rash in moscow trying a point commanders into a certain post it how much is this her prestige set of personal humiliation for the president who himself, openness, bridge if he is again 2018. yes, there's no way of getting around that. this was in so many h hooton's bridge and he's the one who had pushed for it being built so quickly as a symbolic connection. all crimea with the russian mainland. he's the one that drove the 1st orange truck across the bridge to open it formerly. and now he's the one who are getting after his 70 birthday is now how to deal with the off to this is, this is one of the problems that he faces. he is so heavily associated with so firstly, with the annexation of crimea and now with the war and ukraine that each of the particular high profile reversals cannot help but redound against him. he will look
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for escape goats. he will blame war kinds of other people. but ultimately, that you can only do that for so long. what you think of the perception inside russia about the way in which the russian army has been waging this war? it's quite interesting that to put in is now being assailed from all sides. because you, there has long been chose a liberal critique of the war that says, this is an unjust war. we shouldn't be involved. then this also a nationalist critique that maybe didn't have a problem with the idea or teaching ukraine a lesson as they see it. but does have a problem with just how amateurishly incompetent lee, it's being prosecuted. and clearly that the, the british disaster will score suite to that. and thirdly, you have what you might think it was a grass roots response which wrong time people were. they're willing to believe some of the propaganda because it didn't really affect them. but now with business
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decision to mobilize the reserves, every single family now runs the risk of finding one, you know, a, a brother, a husband, a son being dragged off the front line. that clearly has changed the tenor of russian discussion and just dipping into russian social media. and the light is clear how, how substantially things are changing. people are worried. people don't know where things are going, they don't really know exactly what's going on. but what they do know is that despite cushions, claims is absolutely not going to thank you very much like gallia for chinese. they're from christina. ah, funeralish min hell for 17 year old palestinian boy killed by israeli forces. jane arrayed in the jeanine refugee camp is re soldiers have killed, at least for palestinian teenagers in the occupied west bank in just 24 hours. as
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near the embrun reports lost for words friends of 17 year old mattie le dad. we remember young man gone too soon. oh, it's really forces killed mattie with a bullet to the chest late on friday. that was after confrontations in his home town of al mazda, that'd be between past indians and his really soldiers. when local said they were trying to fend off an attack by israeli settlers, a loyal and compassionate friend is how his neighbor adam leaded to where the members maddie minutes after he was li to rest. ok, i live in hell. he used to dream of having a good future. he someone who loved life and going out, he was gone. we too soon, palestinians say not only is there no accountability for these killings, but the violence against them is being used as an electoral tactic had of elections in november of palestinian say is really politicians hoped to get more votes by increasing assaults on them. people here say matthew,
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only paul was trying to defend you from an attack by the way, the settlers, he's one of 3. palestinian been killed. why is really bored when he for our and, and what is turning into them all the way in the year in the west bank this out out of the 114 palestinians killed by his ready forces in the west bank this year. a 3rd were shot in jeannine in the northern west bank. early on saturday, 2 palestinians were killed during confrontations after an israeli reed in the jean refugee camps of our council of lives and the injuries were focused on the upper body parts. one of them was a direct boat to the head and the other was to the neck. the 2 men arrived at the hospital in their hearts stopped all we couldn't resuscitate them. night and daily rates have recently been met with armed confrontations in the place. israel called the wasps nest. military analyst estimate there are hundreds of on palestinians
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inside the janine refugee camp. last week, these ready military approved the use of drones, poor, targeted assassinations, as palestinians use of gunfire increases largely unarmed in the face of a violent military occupation. palestinians say they can only rely on themselves. recent polls suggest the palestinian support for an armed uprising against israel at 48 percent. the odds of achieving peace are low, but standing still, the young hearsay is no longer an option. neither but he elijah's eda. the occupied westbank or funerals have been held for some the 37 victims of a gun and knife attack in thailand, which began at a day care center, grief stricken relatives gown that had temples, offering candles, toys and prayers for the victims. most were children aged between 2 and 5 years old . those days attack was one of the worst in thailand's history. the attacker was
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a 34 year old former police sergeant who just appeared in court on a drugs charge. but he said he went home and killed himself and his family shortly after the attack and on while ample province on monday. oh, on the day of the incident, i didn't give him a call. i normally do that every morning. it was raining that day and i was in a hurry to go to work. so i didn't call him. i didn't get to say a word to him. every morning i would call him and he would say, i'm going to school now mom. i didn't get to talk to him. god lucid fellow, ha, ha, bon, look how god looked. i ha, i feel saddened and was shocked to learn the news because i'm also a student. the children are still so innocent. i thought that the day care center should have been a safe place online. but then this happened watching out his air. i live from london most. yeah. hasn't turned out across the us. dirani from
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ocean winds or a day of action known as women's ways and fields this year. devastating drought and spain will drive up all in olive oil prices around a ah, as a cult friend walking across europe is this thing here doesn't look very active. and despite his cold looking spikes, he's not dropped him, she's very much just a couple degrees. i think that allowed the sunshine to come through afterwards. but where that cold air meets the warmest waters in the west and met it will produce significant thunderstorms. the corsica, sardinia, french riviera, and possibly the italian house. the potential for flooding exists the same story for the eastern black sea where rain like fall in turkey or median ga,
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quite possibly. the temps already dropped in anchorage on wood back in the wind is easy in this damn bull, and indeed, through the eastern met the picture. if i take you a day ahead, moves the rain all through italy introduces more for spain and portugal, but the sun is out for the most part, the near wintry whether the time the weather is restricted, reach the found off the british charles to norway and maybe to denmark has been heavy rain again in nigeria been a wet season is more flooding as a result of the south of the capital. i would like to say this rain is coming to an end and temporarily might to this particular batch is moving on westwards towards togo, bending and gonna. but i can't say that's the end there is more developing. and again, it's quite a long way north. ah ah ah
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ah no ah, i'll come back and look at the main stories we are following now, and traffic has resumed on a crucial bridge connecting crimea to russia that was damaged by lodge explosion. part of that bridge collapse after a blast early on saturday, moscow's vowed a strong response on president putin has ordered additional security. a funeral has
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been how for a 17 year old palestinian boy kil buys writing forces during a raid in the janine refugee camp policy and official says ready soldiers have killed at least 3 teenagers in the occupied by bank in just 24 hours. grieving relatives of attended ceremonies for some of the 37 victims of a gun, a knife attack in thailand, which began at a day care center. most were children aged between 2 and 5 years old. i just took a quick bit of news then about north korea. japan's defense ministry is saying that north korea has fired at to ballistic missiles. it's the 7th such weapons test in recent days. sole has also reported that these late latest launches have taken place. it comes out of the u. s. in south korea, wrapped up a new round of naval drills of the korean peninsula as east coast. multiple protests have been taking place across iran against the government's handling of
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the death of a $22.00 or a woman in police custody last month around president abraham racy faced demonstrations outside of women's only university and got run early on saturday. countries been struggling with a wave of public unrest over the death of master armine, who was detained for wearing inappropriate attire. rights groups, a 150 people, the thought to have been killed as security forces cracked down on protests or so. so there has more on this now from terror on up the quite 3. they probably call the, in iran on saturday. the put a spot across the country once again in the largest cities in iran. there were widespread demonstrations being held into iran for the 1st time. the demonstration spread around grand bazaar and one of the police had also was sat on fire. this is quite significant because grand bizarre inter run is an important business hub and any disruption in the business could further create the older,
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the struggling economy in the, in the country. so among the put as that were held on saturday, those in could some progress. we're particularly violent, they were reported, several people have been killed by the security forces. however, the security forces are seeing that only one person have been killed and that the pro tours are, are responsible for that killing. and if the deport, as were not on the, on the reef in the university is also there were widespread being held. and today, the president of iran, ibrahim racy, has listed one of them. but i want to get it. and the enemy thought they could follow their vicious desires inside the university. unaware that our students and professors were awake and would not allow the enemy's false dreams to come true. in iran, the general understanding among the officials is that the recent developments in iran are a part of international conspiracy against iran. they believe that this protest where engineers, emperor walked by the foreign public. and they said that iranians,
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how full of this plot against iran. however, the demonstrations that took place on saturday showed that this protest are still far away from dined down casee last thousands of people marching for reproductive rights head of the mid term elections. today, an action known as the women's wife portion has emerged as a critical issue out of next month, many times in june, the supreme court of a ton, the landmark roe v wade case, which guaranteed the right to terminate the pregnancy organizes of the much as i think to encourage people to vote for politicians who back the right cheers. mike hanner is following this now. he joins us from washington. what have you been seeing now, mike? well the march has ended here just underneath the capital seen by many as a symbol of american democracy. and democracy is largely what this march was all about. there are still some scattered people here carrying on the demonstration,
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carrying on the protest on the face of it. what this was about was protest against the supreme court decision to reverse roe v wade. and certainly that was the focus of many people within the march. the right for women's to own the own reproductive rights. however, with that as well. busy there's another surge of energy using this as a fulcrum to drive people to the elections, the midterm elections that occur in november. the scene as a very important part of this rally and all of the march is taking place across the united states to day. president biden has said that he has done what he can in terms of restoring roe v wade. and it is now up to the people of america to take action, to go to the polls in november and vote for those who support reproductive rights, who fight for those who support a woman's right to choose what she wants to do with her body. but there's also an
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overarching situation here that we've heard from numbers of the marches that it's not just about agenda, not just about woman's right to choose. it's also about a broad base attack on democracy itself with the united states. many here seeing a tax on the right to vote many here seeing the country going back to the past when there wouldn't be the right to vote, was not a guarantee. neither was the woman's right to choose. so the multi faceted series of elements being protested in this and many other marches around the united states . how, what's likely to happen in mid town? many issues, again, 10 to time and the result of those election for how prominently will this feature well, it's a multi faceted situation where you've got, for example, the economy will play a major role issues like the price of gas. all of these factors always figure prominently in any election, particularly in mid term elections,
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which is often seen as a judgment of the current administration. but the eradication of roe v wade certainly produced an energizing effect among many within this country. and many who may not have gone to the poles may now choose to do so to had their se about returning roe v. wade as part of this country's system of law along with other democratic rights, which many believe are under attack. the way they can establish that is at the polls in november. thank you very much. mike conner, in washington. europe's worst route in hundreds of years is threatening the world's supply of olive oil. spain is the world's biggest producer, accounting for more than 2 fifths of global supply. last year. grease city and portugal are also major suppliers, o 4 experience extreme high temperatures this summer, causing stress vegetation. many farmers estimate their harvest will fall by around
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40 percent because of the extraordinary weather conditions. retail prices for olive oil across your rows by 14 percent in the july, and it's 5th. i'll rise even more in the coming months. produces a combination of weather supply chain bottlenecks and soaring energy costs. of course, an unprecedented squeeze or a force reports now from the province of hen in southern spain. autumn in southern spain. the time when the olives turn green and plump ahead of the harvest, the province of high end is become a virtual monoculture. more than 60000000 olive trees producing more than a world olive oil. this year's harvest is projected to be down massively chica has spent his life working these groves. he says this summer's drought, which scientists have called the worst for 500 years as that some trees baron, some with a much reduced number of usable olives into the being directly into
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this is the main source of income, especially for people from the high in the area right, without olives, than construction. what goes down with him and a bit of everything else over the last. if people don't have incomes, they don't spend all of trees. a famously hardy able to survive extremes of heat and cold and keep producing their fruit. the fact that these trees so stressed after this years drought and heat wave is a worrying sign for this region that rely so heavily on them. here is the climate change greatly disrupt spain's olive oil production line. the country provide nearly half of the entire global supply. agriculture already places, huge demands on limited water resources. industry leaders. this summer's shock could point towards a future. not too far away doing it unless you've got everything indicates that what used to happen occasionally is becoming something structural. this unfortunately means average temperatures will volume with higher peaks as well and
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very little rain. and when it does rain, it's going to be to mention one already along with other vegetable oils. price is going up, although produces, say not by enough to compensate for this year's kilometers. tavis a little bit. they, there is green gold, oil, vegetables, everything has gone up because of the inflation when also now with the small production of all the vote, it all has an impact. when it comes to rising prices in the fields, the work goes on, the aim to salvage, as much as possible. if this is harvest, the forecast is for more dry weather in the coming weeks. and while that's a worry, the real fear is what will happen to this arid farmland in the coming years? are you force it? i'll just euro southern spain warn everything. why algy, their adult calm this plenty of the analysis and that takes you behind headlines which i will have a recap of in a moment.


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