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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 9, 2022 1:00am-1:31am AST

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how did we get so much raw? the quizzical look. us politics, the bottom line. a 3rd of the country is under water. more than 33000000 suffering from hunger disease and displacement. the word stories about children were drinking from the same water with their dead kathy will float al jazeera questions. the climate change play a role in the deadly down react to someone being a 150. when we did that with this kind of in going to sink any place the full report pakistan, the great deluge on al jazeera o l g. a with samuel ah
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was you the most is when we will go to battle intensifies as ukraine's army tries to advance in their la hon, screeching with the russians, leaving mass devastation as they retreat. we report from the front line and a crucial road and rail bridge linking crimea to the russian mainland partner reopens after it's damaged by a powerful explosion. ah, hello, i'm mary. i'm demise in london. you're watching al jazeera, also coming up on the program. as early forces killed for palestinian teenagers in just 24 hours in the occupied west bank. ah. and grief stricken families gathered temples in thailand, offering candles, toys and prayers for the 37 people killed and have gone a knife attack. most of them young children.
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ah, we begin this our new crime where the battle is intensifying as ukrainian forces try to regain territory in little hans screeching, thousands of russian troops have retreated there in recent days, and the level of destruction in villages and forests in the area is shocking. agidir's, charles strafford went to the frontline village of dorski and a warning that you might find some of the images in his report. disturbing bomb craters, destruction, and the obliterated remains of people's lives. the closer you get to the new eastern front, the more dead russian soldiers you find. the bullies of shells and rockets crash back and forth.
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elisa russian soldiers little the road. from where they were dug in just a couple of days ago. the ukranian army, now shell them in the town of camina, where they fled fresh new value at an an us. it's been terrible. there's been no life with our neighbors left. and the russian soldiers took over their houses. but when they left, they were running, panicking on the straight russian military uniforms in abandoned homes. the soldiers common did now empty bother detritus they left behind. the surrounding forests have been pulverized by exploding shells. tanks, apc's, and all manner of bones out vehicles lying the road ukrainian rocket launchers
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moved to positions ahead. wondered what waller she did. we were sitting in our basement for 3 to 4 days. chest surviving. they were so much selling and then they fled into the forests. we crossed the polly destroyed bridge, which is near collapse. the smashed school bus is empty. bar 2 dead russian soldiers hanging at its sides. the bars of swarming flies, the only sound of the terrifying explosions battle as opposed to wanted to say if it didn't, how can use an elderly woman appears at her gate? occlusal, she describes the rush of the 3 young lady. yes, they were moving everywhere. driving on the road, lots of vehicles, but i'm afraid to speak about it. she says i have it ever used. oh, she doesn't even flinch when a show explodes close more. no, yes,
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no good on them. or when the russians gave us humanitarian age, you can see music. there were about $700.00. know many little of the russian side from that just before the ukrainian army, liberated village, who slowly move up the road, careful to avoid the unexploded bombs and shrapnel that is moving a barrel of eager, michelle's land close. as many tents shelling here in the last few minutes, as a few soldiers behind me that are running towards this village of the village has been completely destroyed in this area as ukrainian forces push forward along this road towards the town of camina. with the little white you got, my little boy, will you? we can only read our own overhead. got got, got, go. now, if you don't want your cause destroyed shelter. terrified ukrainian soldiers as
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they run by all stratford al jazeera, tortured east of ukraine. rushers announced a new commander in charge of its forces fighting in ukraine. the appointment of air force general sergey sir of the can is the 3rd senior military appointment in the space of a week. russian forces effaced a series of defeats and your kind recently, until now moscow now confirmed openly that any one was in overall military command of what it, so referring to is its special military operation in ukraine. russia saying that road and rail traffic is resumed on a vital bridge that was damaged by lodge explosion. part of the patch connecting crimea to mainland russia, collapse after blast alley on saturday. moscow says at least 3 people were killed and president putin has ordered additional security. so let's just show you where the explosion took place and why it's significant. well, the area is shown in red car on the control of russian forces in this that purchased allies. the cut bridge links russia and crimea, and is
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a critical root supply, moscow's trips and southern ukraine. i'm the naval portion of a stapo. the bridge is widely seen as a symbol of the russian annexation of crime. near in 2014. ukraine is not directly claimed responsibility bought. the attack does come as it forces pushing with that counter offensive in the east and the south. mama vall reports now from the russian capital moscow. this was the moment quote on ometer video camera. at 607 am local time in crimea, purportedly showing a cargo track exploding on the motorway parallel to the catch bridge. the blast was so huge. flames and the breeze crossed to the other lane and reached a fuel cargo train that was passing by russia. the government was quick to respond . the speaker of the state duma described the incident as a terrorist attack and an active on russia. president logic footing has ordered the
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investigation committee be set up to find out who is behind it and how it happened . so the most realistic is to explanations. one would be a laser guided on or at least a $125.00 kilos. and the other possibility would be sabotaged from special forces from part of the fence. we are seeing an extension of the conflict the ukrainians are now bringing the fight into the rear areas of the supply of russian forces. the catch bridge, also called the crimea bridge, is one of russia's most vital supply lines. and it's only land linked with the crimean peninsula. it was opened by law of me to put in 2018, 4 years after russia next the climate territory from ukraine. the explosion caused 2 sections of the bridge to collapse and several trained carriages caught fire
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traffic on the entire bridge came to a standstill. the seafaring obs under the bridge was not effected, but this will likely post several challenges for russia capabilities to supply its troops. and other administrative operations in crimea. the catch bridge is less than 300 kilometers away from the nearest bottom flights in steps on. and here in mainland russia, no one seems to doubt the incident is directly linked to the war and ukraine. and every finger of accusation is pointed at keith. 100 fun underhill moscow. equating present rhodium is landscape reference to bridge attack in his night a address, but offered no indication that his forces were responsible. doing another good enough with the fellow today was a good and mostly sunny day and now country. unfortunately, it was cloudy and crimea, although it was still warm, but however the clouds ukrainians know what to do,
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and i know that our future is sunny. this is a future without invaders on old out here at traits in particular in crimea. mark galliard, his drag chair of my can talents, limited russia focus, political risk consultancy firm, and author of putin's, was from chechnya to ukraine. he says, the perception inside russia, about how putin is waging this war has changed. it's quite interesting to put in is now being assailed from all sides because there has long been choice, a liberal critique of the war that says, this is an unjust war. we shouldn't be involved. then there's also a nationalist critique. maybe didn't have a problem with the idea of teaching ukraine lesson, the thank the it, but does have a problem with just how amateurishly incompetent plea in prosecuting, clearly that the british disaster will speak to that. and thirdly, you have what you might think it was a bronze from the response which roll trying people. well,
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they're willing to believe some of the propaganda because it didn't really affect them. but now with business decision to mobilize the reserves, every single family now runs the risk of finding one, you know, a brother, husband do some being dragged off the front line that clearly has trained the tenor of russian discussion and just dipping into rational social media in the light is clear how, how substantially things are changing. people worried, people don't know where to go in. they don't really know exactly what's going on. well, they didn't know is that despite or claims is absolute. these not going to ukraine's upper region. nuclear plant has lost its loss from any external power source off to renewed shelling overnight. the winds, atomic watch talks, as the facility is now relying on emergency diesel generators, which each have enough fuel for at least 10 days. moscow and kiva blamed each other for strikes at the plant, which is held by russian forces,
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but operated by ukrainian staff to react as a shut down. but it still needs external power for cooling to avoid a nuclear meltdown. the un is calling for protection zone around the plant, which is europe's largest nuclear power site. ah, south korea in japan are saying that north korea is fi too short range, ballistic missiles, the 7th such weapons test in recent days. south korea's military called the most serious provocation, that harms piece came just hours after the u. s. and south korea wrapped up a new round of naval drills off. the quin peninsulas east coast will obviously will stay across that story for you, but to also been following developments in the palestinian territories today. funerals been held for a 17 year old palestinian boy killed by israeli forces during a raid in the janine refugee camp is rarely soldiers of killed for palestinian
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teenagers in the west bank in 24 hours as needed. abraham reports lost for words, friends of 17 year old mattie le dad. we remember her young man gone too soon is really force has killed mattie with a bullet to the chest late on friday. that was after confrontations in his home town of al mazda al, that'd be ye. between past indians and his really soldiers, when local said they were trying to fend off an attack by israel settlers, a loyal and compassionate friend is how his neighbor adam le dad, where he members, maddie minutes after he was li to rest. ok, i live in here. he used to dream of having a good future. he's someone who love life and going out. he was gone. read too soon, palestinians say not only is there no accountability for these killings, but the violence against them is being used as an electoral tactic had of elections in november, palestinian say is ready. politicians hoped to get more votes by increasing
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assaults on them. people here say matthews, only paul was trying to defend me from an attack by the women settlers and what is turning into them all the while. and the year in the west bank is out of the $114.00 palestinians killed by his ready forces in the west bank this year. a 3rd were shot in jeannine in the northern west bank. early on saturday, 2 palestinians were killed during confrontations after an israeli reed in the jean refugee camp. los lobos council of rav lives and the injuries were focused on the upper body parts. one of them was a direct boat to the head and the other was to the next. the 2 men arrived at the hospital in their hearts thought to look, we couldn't resuscitate them. night and daily rates have recently been met with armed confrontations in the place. israel called the wasps nest. military analyst estimate there are hundreds of on palestinians inside the janine refugee
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camp. last week, these really military approved the use of drew's port targeted assassinations as palestinians use of gunfire increases largely unarmed in the face of a violent military occupation. palestinian said they can only rely on themselves. recent polls suggest the palestinians support for an armed uprising against israel at 48 per cent. the odds of achieving peace are low, but standing still, the young hearsay is no longer an option neither, but he al jazeera the occupied westbank funerals have been l for some of the $37.00 victims of a gun, a knife attack in thailand which started at a daycare center, grief stricken relatives gathered at temples, offering candles, toys and prayers for the victims. most were children, aged between 2 and 5 years old. thursday's attack was one of the worst in thailand's history. the attack was
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a 34 year old former police sergeant just appeared in court on a drugs charge, but he say went home and killed himself and his family shortly after the attack in a long while, ample province. not monday. oh, on the day of the incident, i didn't give him a call. i normally do that every morning. it was raining that day and i was in a hurry to go to work. so i didn't call him. i didn't get to say a word to him. every morning i would call him and he would say, i'm going to school now mom. i didn't get to talk to him. god, lucy followed her paw on. look how god looked. i ha, i feel saddened and was shocked to learn the news because i'm also a student. the children are still so innocent. i thought that the day care center should have been a safe place all in. but then this happened slat for you on the program. ah, female students, protested iran, present it. now you know that the ron and the on going on rest,
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triggered by the death of my son, mimi and the turkish parliament debates and media law that could see people jail for one to 3 years of misleading information. ah, it's rained again heavily in new south wales including in sydney, and that's cause yet more flooding. his seeds be never ending that he's going off shore from new south wales during sunday. still telling back through the queens and coast and into the interior is fairly dry, the immediate future in western australia. but the next system is winding in slowly might give a few shouts as fondles as perth. but the rain is crossing the testbed cross will be felt in south found a new zealand having had a record breaking cold friday. look at these temperatures from monday,
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robin to low twenty's once again, just drawing in a bit of tropical air which adds to the rain threat. i have to say in south ireland, if in recent flooding in central java and in this area java through borneo, back through southern thailand, i think where the potential really big thunderstorms are likely in the next day or 2. and we've had, as, you know, out of season heavy rain in northern india and nepal. there are places in central and western nepal reporting something like 2 to 6 times their monthly average rainfall in the last 2 or 3 days. this got to have been flooding there, and this is the forecast for sunday. and monday, the potential again for heavy rain out of season is still there. ah, ah, a star striker in the top italian li. what the voted to the working class of his
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home town and its club footballing legend attic canton r. introduce his christiano le code as a one of a kind suit the snow equally adored by his plans for his social values as his many goals against italy's footballing elite football rebels on our visit. lou ah, welcome back. a main stories now. battles are intensifying as ukrainian forces work to regain territory and the hon screeching. the governor is announced this week that de occupation was underway. thousands of russian troops of retreated in recent
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days, leaving behind devastated villages. traffic was resumed on a crucial bridge connecting crimea to russia that was damaged by large explosion. part of the bridge collapsed after a blast. early on saturday, moscow's vowed a strong respons. president putin is ordered additional security. and a funeral has been held for a 17 year old palestinian boy killed by israeli forces during a raid in the janine refugee camp. officials say that tis righty. soldiers have killed 4 teenagers in the occupied west bank and 24 hours or thousands of gathered and became a facet capital. earlier for the funeral, 27 soldiers. they were killed in an ambush late last month on a supply convoy taking much heated food to the north of the country. we attack sparks last week's crew led by abraham tara, the country's new self appointed president. as nicholas huck reports raquira far so his morning it's dead. the barracks an eerie silence. only broken by the names
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of soldiers. all killed by isolate fighters while protecting a humanitarian convoy in the north. last month. it was when attacked too many for military leader brian tore, angered by another humiliating defeat, he staged to cool last friday, becoming brooklyn or fossil. his newest leader. the aftermath of the attack was captured on mobile phone. hundreds of trucks burned. they were transporting wheat and rice to g boat, a town of 350000 people in the north, besieged by iso since february, where people are dying of hunger truck driver. abdulla hub swadell go survived the attack. he still in shock proffered opportunity. i during the attack, we noticed our soldiers were no match, they were weaker. the iso fighters were stronger than us. whoever dare to phase them were killed on the spot. 2000000 people are on the move, fleeing the violence in the north opened up terrorist. tell us to leave our village
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. i was so just that and meant to protect us and not able to kill them under terrorist. i have come to which a war there will be no survivors in the capital walker do. people are taking matters in their own hands, collecting food and clothes, they will hand over to the military. which plans to air drop help for the besieged city of g bo and with our flicker latterly ard, i think they, if offended, gone, we heard that the army sent 70 tons of supplies, considering how densely populated g book is 70 tons is nothing if it's not enough, we need to do morning. it is a war burkina. faso cannot afford to lose, explains try to diplomats and a visiting delegation from the west african regional body across the army has lost control of nearly half of the country face with setbacks, commanding officers appear divided on which military strategy to adopt. the young
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captain will have to rebuild trust in the ranks command, older and battle hardened officers, many of whom are frustrated and unite a fragmented army that has suffered too many losses on the battle front. nicholas hot al jazeera multiple protests have taken place across iran against the government's handling of the death of a 22 year old women in police custody. last month. iran's present rame racy faced demonstrations outside a women's only university into hon. early on saturday. the country has been struggling with a wave of public unrest, triggered by the death of mass armine, who was detained for wearing inappropriate attire. rights groups, a 150 people thought to have been killed. the security forces cracked down on protests or so sir has worn out from tower on up the quite 3. they probably call the, in iran on saturday. the put the spot across the country once again in the largest
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cities in iran, they were widespread demonstrations being held in iran for the 1st time. the demonstration spread around grand bazaar. and one of the police had also was sat on fire. this is quite significant because graham bazaar inter run is an important business hob and any disruption in the business could further detail create the older, the struggling economy in the, in the country. so among the put that were held on saturday, those in could some province where, particularly while they were report to several people have been killed by the security forces. however, the security forces are seeing that only one person have been killed and that's the pro tours are, are responsible for that killing. and if the deport, as were not on the, on the 3 in the university is also there were widespread been held. and today, the president of iran, ibrahim re see, has listed one of them that work out, and the enemies thought they could follow their vicious desires inside the
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university. unaware that our students and professors were awake and would not allow the enemy's false dreams to come true. in iran, the general understanding among the officials is that the recent developments in iran are a part of international conspiracy against iran. they believe that this protest where engineers, emperor walked by the forum public. and they said that iranians, how full of there's plot against iran, however, that the most patients that took place on saturday saw that this protests are still far away from dine down. hackers interrupted iranian stay tv briefing on saturday tissue or picture of mass on me and 3 teenage girls killed in the unrest which follows had death. the cook had the slogan, women, life freedom as well as of us, the blood of our youth is on your hands. across the united states, thousands of people are marching for reproductive rights in a day of action owners. the women's wave abortion as emerged as
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a critical issue out of next month's mid terms. in june, the supreme court overturned the landmark roe v wade case which guarantee the right to terminate a pregnancy organizes of the much as i have been to encourage people to vote for politicians who back the right to choose. mike hannah has more now from washington . o criminal gathering and marches across the nation. here in d. c, this is part of what is being billed as a woman's wave. the major motivating factor in this is the supreme court decision to overturn roe v wade. but there's something else going on as well. that is not seen as the only attack on democracy of the attacks that are being taking place is restricting the rights of people to vote. so what we're seeing here is an anger, but at the same time, an attempt to persuade people to get to the polls at the midterm elections in november. let me to sauces made it,
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ma'am. if i could ask you why you're marching here today. then and people are trying to take away my power at how important is it as well to use this angle to go to the polls in november. it's the most important thing i think i will ever do in my life and continue to do every single day. just because i have sisters. i have friends, i have people who need this and it just, it's so unfair and just, no i, i will be there and so many people will be there and it's going to happen. it has to eventually it will, i will and i will be in every single time. ok. thank you very much indeed ma'am. well, that is a majority sentiment that you are hearing among these thousands of people rough just about the woman's right to reproduce. but it's also about broader democratic issues. deep concern about an attack on democracy within the whole nation. it's so turkish parliament is debating a controversial media bill proposed by the government intended to combat this
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information. there are concerns, it's going to be used to crank down further on journalists and sense of freedom of expression. sam castillo new has more on this. now from istanbul, news images, they can almost and you to research it is a vocal critique of turkey as economic policies which have resulted in soaring inflation and collapsing currency. the capital markets forward suit him for his predictions on the rapid slide of the turkish lira. the name media bill, i guess the some formation which some called censorship law concerns 10 says talk more golly, i know that we were the little the goal is not to inside public outrage, but to warn about the risks of wrong policy. even if the government changes, i'll keep criticise on the one that we think they're trying to suppress voices by pushing for this law before the election has been a real table. last may by present for just type are dogs are 40 and his nationalist l eyes calls for one to 3 years in prison for citizens who intentionally spread
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what the government considers misleading information. it also requires social media platforms to remote content that's deemed false and share account details with authorities. but it will allow news websites to receive public advertising revenue and issue pret skarts. i sincerely who runs the multilingual digital platform of a pro government news outlet please. some regulation is necessary because it is that because that is journalist, we have to keep up with all the developments and social media. journalism is a fast paced, admirer, and if you're not part of that environment before behind opposition parties have tried to block the bill, but are unlikely to succeed. the governing party holds the majority in parliament. what journalists have protested against the bill saying is the government attempt to sense or freedom of expression and restrict independent media? since the definition of falseness is what it is up to, the prosecutors to define what false news is. in this case,
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the system will have an active complaint mechanism is basis to verify is the authority itself, which mine use is already about. if the authority denies the new story becomes false news. the proposed law, which has been on the way for more than a year, comes a head of a presidential election scheduled for next year with neighborhood. and some of the old found it was once known as barbara, the birthplace of early turkish journalism. a lot of changed since then. digital and social media now play a big role in how we get our news. but may turkish media south no fear if the bill is passed. it could be used as a word, as journalists seen after total al jazeera, the sample just enough time to tell you about sat there week. when people around the well take partner competition to find the fattest bet in the alaskan park thousands june into a live stream.


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