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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 9, 2022 8:00am-8:31am AST

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they are also helping with the environment problems in the amazon because they are consumers. i teach kids about the oceans are facing today. i've been working in earnest, trying to find ways to get this language up to get one to wait, do as the ocean. why and what are you going to do to keep out of the sort of language that keeps the red blood women, right? they have one, several back over there, fight for equality and got them. eric, i was told the thing that was texting women. we made a challenge in the region, i will not being pro life. i want to sleep. we don't have read them in study. these are about 2 weeks now, 3 days, journey to a shelter. we wish them to grow. so one destroys our country. someone needs to rebuild ah,
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boy, we were on the front line in the east, in ukraine, where in one of the towns where russian forces have had to flee as keeps counter offensive wishes a heads. ah hello, i'm emily anglin. this is al jazeera, alive from jo. how sir, coming up rallies at held across the us to demand women's rights and urge people to guard next month's midterm elections is riley forces kill full palestinian teenagers in 24 hours in the occupied west bank. and the u. s government is still assessing the damage up to hurricane and we look at why it could be the most expensive storm to ever hit the state of florida. ah,
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bottom to the program, we begin the in ukraine where the battle in the east is intensifying as keeps forces try to advance in the loo hands. question. thousands of russian troops have retreated from the area in recent days, leaving behind major destruction. charles stratford drove to the front line village of tor scare a warning view as may find some images in his report. disturbing bomb craters, destruction, and the obliterated remains of people's lives. the closer you get to the new east in front, the more dead russian soldiers you find. the valleys of shells and rockets crush back and forth.
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elisa brooks and soldiers little the road. from where they would dug him just a couple of days ago. the ukrainian army now shell them in the town of camina where they fled, stretch near value at an an us. it's been terrible. there's been no life with our neighbors left. and the russian soldiers took over their houses. but when they left, they were running, panicking on the straight russian military uniforms in abandoned homes. the soldiers common did now empty bother detritus they left behind. the surrounding forests have been pulverized by exploding shells. tanks, apc's, and all manner of bones out vehicles. line the road ukrainian rocket launchers moved to positions ahead while while or she didn't, we were sitting in our basement for 3 to 4 days. chests arriving. they were so much
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selling and then they fled into the forests. we crossed the partly destroyed bridge, which is near collapse. the smashed school bus is empty. bar 2 dead russian soldiers hanging at its sides. the bars of swarming flies, the only sound the terrifying explosions battle can slip. i me to wants to be safe again. how can you use an elderly woman appears at her gate that she describes the russian literary young lady? yes, they were moving everywhere, driving on the road, lots of vehicles, but i'm afraid to speak about it. she says i have it at least. oh, she doesn't even flinch when a shell explodes close by. oh yes, and i couldn't. when the russians gave us humanitarian aid, she continues. there were about $700.00 of us. that many left for the russian side,
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just before the ukrainian army, liberated the village. we slowly move up the road, careful to avoid the unexploded bombs and shrapnel that is ripped through more vehicles and bodies. only hill barrels of incoming shells. land close by is many tent shelling here in the last few minutes is a few soldiers behind me that are running towards this village off the village has been completely destroyed in this area as ukrainian forces push forward along this road towards the town. for me know what the little, what you the most is boy we will, we can hear a drone overhead got got, got, go. now, you don't want your cause destroyed chauffeur, replied ukrainian soldiers as the wrong boy until stratford al jazeera, tortured east of ukraine, and russia says, road and route traffic has resumed on
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a vital bridge that connects crimea to mainland russia. it was damaged by a large explosion early on saturday. moscow says at least 3 paper would killed, and president vladimir putin has ordered additional security that show you where the explosion took place in white signifigant the areas shown in red or under the control of russian forces, and they separate as to allies. the coach bridge is the supply route supplying moscow's troops in southern ukraine and the naval port of savannah to palm. ukraine has not claimed responsibility, but the tack comes as its forces push ahead with a counter offensive in the east and south mohammed val reports from moscow. this was the moment caught on amateur video cameras. at 607 am local time in crimea, purportedly showing a cargo track exploding on the motorway parallel to the catch bridge. the blast was
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so huge. flames as the breeze crossed to the other lane and reached a fuel cargo train that was passing by russia. the government was quick to respond . the speaker of the state duma describe the incident as a terrorist attack and an act of war or russian. president vladimir putin has ordered the investigation committee, be set up to find out who is behind it and how it happened. the most realistic is to explanations. one would be a laser guided on or at least a $125.00 kilos. and the other possibility would be sabotaged from special forces from part defense. we are seeing an extension of the conflict the ukrainians are now bringing the fight into the rear areas of the supply of russian forces. the kurtz bridge, also called the crimea bridge, is one of russia's most vital supply lines. and it's only land link with the
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crimean peninsula. it was opened by law, me to put in in 2018, 4 years after russia and next the climate territory from ukraine. the explosion caused 2 sections of the bridge to collapse and several trained carriages caught fire traffic on the entire bridge came to a standstill. the sea ferrying arch under the bridge was not effected, but this will likely pose several challenges for rushes capabilities to supply its troops. and other administrative operations in crimea. the catch bridge is less than 300 kilometers away from the nearest bottom flights in steps on. and here in mainland russia, no one seems to doubt the student is directly linked to the war and ukraine. and every finger of accusation is pointed at keith hammered vaughan on the zillow. moscow,
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south korea and japan say north korea has 5 to short range ballistic missiles. the 7th such weapons test in recent days. factory is military coded, a serious provocation, that hums pace. the launch came hours after us and south korea completed a new round of naval drills off the korean peninsula as a cost. it's a day of action they calling the women's wave marches have been held in the us in support of reproductive rights. it comes 6 months after the supreme court ended federal protection allowing women to have an abortion organizes a calling on people to vote for politicians who back those rides. next month, mid term elections. she have pretends he reports from washington, dc. yeah, this wasn't just a margin support of the right to an abortion. this was specifically focused on mobilizing turner for the upcoming mid term elections, to defeat those who support the rolling back of female reproductive health care.
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with the chums, our power, our votes, you know that this is a very anti democratic initiative. we know that this is something that the american people do not support. and so we're here to make sure that folks have the opportunity to make their voices start and then make their votes heard on november 8th. since the supreme court overturned the constitutional right to an abortion in june, the issue is because of a focus on mid term races across the country. of the u. s. congress, state governorships and state legislatures. i attracted from what had been seen as potentially willing platform for the republicans to focus on the economy. crime and jo buttons, personal on popularity as president, the post address those issues do still dominate voters concerns. but the democrats sends a big opportunity to mobilize their most disillusion divisions, a handful of counter protests and showed up at the rally to who argue that the whole debate was based on
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a misunderstanding. and there is no statement of abortion in either direction in the us. and so they return, this is the state. and so we think it's a lot of misinformation but that's precisely why abortion rights activists say, it's so important to get out the vote locally. since june republican govern state to state have restricted access to. in addition, joe biden says congress could codify the right to an abortion into federal law. if the democrats had a few more votes and congress, that's the promise multiple democratic presidents have not kept in the past. not long ago, it seemed like a real possibility that the democrats would be completely wiped out in these midterms because of inflation. and joe biden's low popularity ratings. but now the democrats hope of republican overreach on abortion, will lead the democratic base round swing voters to vote democrat. despite their disappointment, and what they've achieved since taking control of congress on the presidency.
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shebra times the al jazeera washington. the economy, climate change, crime and immigration will also be on vote. his minds next month's ballot is crucial for president joe biden and his democratic party. as alan fisher explained in a month's time, the american public will go to the polls for the midterm elections. for many, this is a referendum and jo biden's part 2 years in the white house and it's supposed to be believed. it won't be good news for the democrats. what remains clear is that american politics is still incredibly devices. so what's at stake? well, in the house of representatives, everything, $435.00 congressional districts, some are solidly republican, some are solidly democrat, but there are a few that can be flipped. and the republicans know that a net gain of just 5 seats will give them control of the chamber. that would mean nancy pelosi is no longer the speaker. pushing through the presence agenda. she
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would be replaced by a republican, almost certainly kevin mccarthy in the senate, 35 of the $100.00 seats set up for grabs, but only 10 of those are thought to be competitive. at the moment, both sites have 50 seats with tiebreaker decided by the casting vote of the democratic vice president. now both sides know that a net gain of just one will give them control of the chamber. traditionally, the president's party doesn't do well and mid terms. donald trump last 40 house seats. barack obama last 63 in his 1st mid term. so what are the key issues for voters? first, there's inflation. the cost of everything seems to be going up and not just the basic cost of food, stuff and wages aren't rising at the same level. the economy as most people's number one consent. there's also the cost of filling up your vehicle. it's expensive and with opec and anything production cut, it's going to get more expensive justice people are going to the fall. so it's all
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bad news for democrats, right. well, not necessarily. the supreme court's decision to overhaul abortion rights in the united states has led to more women and democrats registering to vote. they believe the only way to protect abortion is that the ballot box and the democrats also see the poles that suggest americans want to restrict access to some weapons. and the believe that the only way to do that is to give them a majority in the mid term elections. if the polls are to be believed, then the republicans could well when the house and just fall short in the senate. but we've learned one thing over the last 6 years. it is that american politics is highly unpredictable. still, head on al jazeera, a mass email is held in pickiness vasa. the $27.00 soldiers killed during an attack on a convoy of trunks delivering supplies and dances, matching germany's capital. i vis, skyrocketing utilizes my landline. the government ah,
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with the breeze around the gulf is more of an onshore than the last shows, is quite humid from dubai. around the darn up to bahrain, east and saturday. maybe not so much in kuwait, but there's nothing much else going on. temperatures are back where they should be, but they've certainly been high in iraq and the opposite in turkey, with cold air coming out across the black sea, we've seen rain drop in temperature in the capital already. a change in wind direction means to be rather nicer in istanbul with the sunlight that wind is weakening dancer, the g and the rain is spreading across even into northern iraq. now the rest of iraq has been quite hot. baghdad at 40 down to was passed around then beyond into q 8. 40 is too hard to tell me about 4 or 5 degrees above average. so that heat has
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returned. but where you get a cloud and rain base to it, then you tend to lose it, but even that's going by monday. so attempt is a lot really dropping in baghdad as an example. now down to what africa, the rains as you know, quite wide spread their long window of this time the year still causing flooding in nigeria, the heavy rains still around nigeria and then down towards the coast and reaching into angola. if you leave a wet part has been very hot recently and the door of south africa and in bought swallows, temperature is still high in botswana capital. ah, the british political party, we did lay the party, is a criminal conspiracy against his members. newly obtained documents reveal members silenced, suspended, and for mike on, this is unbelievable. free speech was shut down an exclusive
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investigation. the laid the files on al jazeera. ah ah ah hello, you're watching 0. i'm emily angry. he's a reminder of our top stories this hour. the battle and can ukraine is intensifying as its forces tried to advance, and the new greek and thousands of russian troops have retreated in recent days, leaving behind the major destruction. meanwhile, russia says road and ral traffic has resumed on a vital bridge that can ex crime me to mainland russia. it was damaged by
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a large explosion. early on the saturday, moscow days at least 3 people were killed and prisoners let him in, and has ordered additional security and marches have been held in several us cities demanding women thrive. demonstrations denounced the supreme court decision to overturn the federal rights when abortion organized the paper to vote for politicians who support abortion rights. in next month selection, a funeral has been held for a 17 year old palestinian boy killed by his rally forces during a ride in the jeanine refugee camp. israeli soldiers have killed for palestinian teenagers in the occupied west bank in just 24 hours as needed if for him lost for words. friends of 17 year old mattie le dad. we remember her young man gone too soon. is really force, has killed mattie with a bullet to the chest late on friday. that was after confrontations in his home
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town of al mazda al, gotta be between past indians and his really soldiers. when local said they were trying to fend off an attack by israeli settlers, a loyal and compassionate friend is how his neighbor adam leaded to where the members maddie minutes after he was laid to rest. okay, lemme for learning how young he used to dream of having a good future. he's someone who loved life and going out. he was going to be too soon. palestinians say not only is there no accountability for these killings, but the violence against them is being used as an electoral tactic had of elections and november, palestinian say is really politicians hoped to get more vote by increasing assaults on them. people here say matthews, only paul was trying to defend you from an attack by the women settlers burning into them all the while. and here in the west bank is out of the 114 palestinians killed by his reading forces in the west bank. this year,
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a 3rd were shot in jeannine in the northern west bank. early on saturday, 2 palestinians were killed during confrontations after an israeli reed in the genie and refugee camp about some of our lives and the injuries were focused on the upper body parts. one of them was a direct boat to the head and the other was to the next. the 2 men arrived at the hospital in their hearts abdulla, we couldn't resuscitate, learn enough night. and daily rates have recently been met with armed confrontations in the place. israel called the wasps nest. military analyst estimate there are hundreds of on palestinians inside the janine refugee camp. last week, these ready ministry approved the use of drones, poor, targeted assassinations, as palestinians use of gunfire increases largely unarmed in the face of a violent military occupation. palestinian say they can only rely on themselves. recent polls suggest the palestinian support for an armed uprising against israel
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at 48 percent. the odds of achieving peace are low, but standing still, the young hearsay is no longer an option. b that but he elijah's eda, the occupied with bank and his wiley soldier was killed and 2 and the paypal wounded in an attack and a military checkpoint in occupied east jerusalem. please say a palestinian gum, an open fire on the area at the shoe of fat refugee camp. security forces are searching the attack that a mass funeral has been held and became a fast. so for $27.00 soldiers killed in an attack. there among the $37.00 who died at last month after an ambush on a convoy taking food to the north. he attack triggered at last week's coo, led by military late abraham. draw right now, the new self appointed president, as nicholas ha reports regina far so his morning it's dead in the
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barracks. an eerie silence. only broken by the names of soldiers. all killed by i sold fighters while protecting a humanitarian convoy in the north last month. it was when attacked too many for military leader. he brought him, tore, angered by another humiliating defeat, he staged to cool last friday, becoming burkina faso, his newest leader. the aftermath of the attack was captured on mobile phone. hundreds of trucks burned. they were transporting wheat and rice to g boat, a town of 350000 people in the north besieged by i. so since february, where people are dying of hunger truck driver, abdulla hub suargo survived the attack. he still in shock cancelled out from them. hearing the attack, we noticed our soldiers were no match. they were weaker. the iso fighters were stronger than us. whatever dare to phase them were killed on the spot. 2000000 people are on the move, fleeing the violence in the north hollow,
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terrorist tell us or to leave our village. i was so just that and meant to protect us and not able to kill them on the terrorist. they have come to which a war. there will be no survivors in the capital walker do. people are taking matters in their own hands, collecting food and clothes, they will hand over to the military, which plans to air drop help for the besieged city of g bo on with our operator loudly ard. i think they, if offended, gone, we heard that the army sent 70 tons of supplies, considering how densely populated g boat is 70 tons is nothing. it's not enough. we need to do more. it is a war burkina. faso cannot afford to lose, explains try to diplomats and a visiting delegation from the west african regional body echoes. the army has lost control of nearly half of the country. face with setbacks, commanding officers appeared divided on which military strategy to adopt the young
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captain. we'll have to rebuild trust in the ranks command, altar and battle hardened officers, many of whom are frustrated and unite a fragmented army that has suffered too many losses on the battle front. nicholas hot al jazeera protests have been held across iran against the government's handling of the death of massa and maney while she was in police custody. if you should say, at least one husband was killed, but offices were not involved. president abraham re fi faced demonstrations as he visited to a women's army university in tehran. earlier on saturday. a wave of public unrest has hit a run since him in his death last month. meanwhile, a group of hackers, his interrupted iranian state television briefly on saturday with anti regime messages. the iranian news program was broadcasting in appearance by ron supreme, later,
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ayatollah ali carmenela. the activists screened images of massa and maney and tre, teenage girls killed in the unrest which followed her death slogan such as woman, life freedom. as well as the verse, the blood of our youth is on your hands were written. there been protests against arising energy prices in germany. thousands of people gathered in berlin for the demonstration organized by the far right, a f day party. the group of anti or our group of nan antique nancy demonstrators held counter protests. active is say, the government's policies over the war in ukraine have led to an energy crisis and is stagnant economy. dominic came, has more from burling in calling the demonstration on saturday. the eye of the day has in mind that $4000.00 people would come join their movement on the streets of berlin to highlight what they considered to be the worst excesses of the government
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his policy to do with the energy crisis and the war and ukraine in the event police say that as many as 10000 people turned up and marched with the de members, is also worth making. the point that the police say around 1400 people turned up to counter demonstrations against the movement of the i have to, i had called to go through the streets of the capital city. the stated aim of the party was against the energy crisis solutions being proffered by the german government. whose interesting to point out that the movement called itself on land, asked in german, our country 1st. and yet the flags that many of those people were carrying with german and russian flags is also worth making. one clear point. the day says it represents a grass roots feeling in german society. that opposes the german government's policy. and yet very recent opinion polls suggest an overwhelming majority of
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germans support the government's energy crisis policy and it's policy visa v. ukraine. even if it means rising gas and electricity costs us in reviewing a request from haiti for international security support, it's asked for a special lines to armed force after wakes, yvonne and protests gangs have blockaded a main port, angry that the prime minister ended fuel subsidies are real on race, since these country is at risk of the humanitarian crisis, as it faces a shortage of water fuel and basic goods is also dealing with another color outbreak. dan ford served as us special envoy for hazy last year, and he says a military intervention could come at a high cost for haitian career risk is, is very high for an international flores, dr. ariel and read the fact of prime minister who is anointed by the international
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community after president moore uses a fascination a year ago, has been seen as illegitimate by the age people. he has not done one thing for them as we began so as a result there protesting natalie fuel services in the us international imposition government over the past several back. and my concern is if you send a military force in currently to go after the games taken a warning, the fighting, the people have you who do not want to military intervention right now until they have the space to come up with their own socio political solution. his proud florida as well as north and south carolina are assessing the damage to hearken and early estimates put the cost between $30.00 to $100000000000.00,
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which could make it one of the costly storms to every hit. the u. s. christian salumi has this report from new york tallying up the losses from hurricane ian has only just begun. our roof is in the back of the house. for these retirees, seeing the damage to their homes and neighborhood was overwhelming. there's no words for it. it's like holy cow, what a mess the south west coast of florida took the brunt of wind and storm surge, but the impact of the heavy rainfall was felt further inland and up the united states. eastern coast. experts say whether storms is on impact of climate change. the majority of the cost as well as the lives lost as a result of hurricanes and tropical cyclones comes from flooding. it comes from storm surge. it comes from the rainfall. one of the costliest storms in u. s. history superstore miss sandy wasn't even a hurricane by the time it got here in new york. and yet here's where it did the
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most damage. $82000000000.00 in flooding and infrastructure costs. some early estimates for hurricane in are approaching that. more than 40000 utility workers were dispatched to florida alone to help restore power. water mains and roads have also suffered extensive damage. not to mention bridges. the governor said 800 of them were in need of assessment. president biden declared a disaster in florida paving the way for federal assistance for infrastructure as well as individuals. it means the federal government to provide individual assistance of $37900.00 for home repairs. another $37900.00 for loss property for everything from the automobile to a loss. wedding right with several health care facilities damaged and forced to evacuate health impacts and related costs will take years to fully understand.


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